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					All students participate in instrumental music. Please return this form as soon as possible.

Please print legibly. All information will be kept strictly confidential. Child’s School (circle one): " Grand View" Meadows" Pacific" Pennekamp" Robinson

4th Grade Instrumental Music Class Registration

Student Name: _____________________________________________________________________ Classroom Teacher: ________________________________________! Room #: ______________

Parent name(s): _____________________________________________________________________ E-mail address (please print very clearly): ____________________________________________________________________________________
Please note: Almost all communication is done by e-mail.

Where can the music teachers most easily reach a parent during the school day? Parent: __________________________! Daytime Phone: _____________________________

Consent given to allow use of photo of child on music class website (names are never used): ! Circle:! ! Yes ! No Please list student’s food allergies. ________________________________________________ Does your child have an IEP, 504, or other special needs? If so please describe. ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Instrument Selection

Mark instrument selection. Choose from either band or strings.
! String Instruments (Ms. Cavallaro) _____ Violin! _____ Viola! ! ! _____ Cello _____ Bass Band Instruments (Miss Johnson) ! _____ Clarinet* _____ Trumpet! _____ Baritone (Euphonium) _____ Flute!


All new string parents and students should attend the parent meeting Wed., September 16 MB Middle School Multipurpose Room 5:00 p.m. - Grand View, Robinson, Meadows 6:30 p.m. - Pennekamp and Pacific Students needing larger instruments:
Come to MBMS Multipurpose Room, Wed., Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m.

_____ Saxophone*! _____ Trombone!

_____ Percussion (Bell Kit) *Please see attached “Reed Service Information”
The following instruments are taught in school band but should be selected only if the student will also be taking weekly private lessons with an outside teacher:

_____ Oboe! _____ French horn

Please rent an instrument at a local store (see next page for details). Students wishing to try some band instruments can stop by Pacific School Room 25 on Sept. 15 anytime between 3:00-8:00 p.m. Students will be able to try out their top three choices. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee

yy Band Classes Begin Soon! yy
All fourth graders learn a band or string instrument! Beginners welcome!
Band class meets 45 minutes each week during the school day. No academic time is missed by students who participate in the program.

e What instruments can my child play? Band instruments include flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium (baritone), and percussion.* Two special instruments, French horn and oboe, are also taught in school band; students choosing French horn and oboe should also enroll in weekly lessons with a private teacher. e How do I know which instrument is best for my child? Helpful information about choosing instruments can be found on the Miss Johnson’s band website: Please give consideration to all of the instruments, especially the less common ones such as trombone, euphonium (baritone), French horn, and oboe. Students who were in recorders last year tried the band instruments during our recorder class, and string players should give serious consideration to remaining on the same instrument this year. Everyone is welcome in band, however, and students needing help choosing an instrument can come to Pacific School Room 25 on September 15 between 3:00-8:00 p.m. If your child wishes to try out a few band instruments, drop in at your convenience and plan on staying 15-45 minutes. Our local music stores can also assist with instrument selection. Additionally, Miss Johnson will be available immediately after school on the following dates to assist students in choosing instruments: e When do band classes begin? Band classes begin on the following dates during the school day: GV Fri., 9/18; PK Mon., 9/21; RB Tues., 9/22; ME Wed., 9/23; PA Thurs., 9/24. Students should have their instruments and supplies to the first band class. Please see attached regarding extra opportunities for getting started. e Where can we purchase/rent band instruments and supplies? Local music dealers include Dietz Bros. on Sepulveda, Allegro Music on MB Blvd.(Redondo), and Marshall Music on Van Ness Ave. (Torrance). Please get your child’s instrument from a music dealer! Please avoid the instruments sold by discount and department stores and some websites. These instruments are poor quality and should not be used by beginners. There are a limited number of school-owned instruments for student use. These are reserved for families with financial constraints. Please contact Miss Johnson: e How do we sign up? Please fill out the attached registration form and return it to the office or to your child’s teacher. Miss Johnson can be reached via e-mail at e What does my student need for band class?
• Instrument • Wire music stand (for home use) • Essential Elements 2000 Book 1 (instrument-specific) • A two-pocket folder and a pencil • Instrument Care Kit (opt’l but highly recommended)

Students are encouraged to select the instrument they are most excited about, but please note that all percussion students will spend the first half of the year working on the bells/xylophone, not necessarily snare drum.

Fourth Grade Strings Class!
What is Fourth Grade Strings Class?
In Fourth Grade Strings Class, your son or daughter will receive a standards based music education on a string instrument. In third grade, students can choose between the violin, viola, or cello. Students that played a string instrument in third grade may have the opportunity to switch to the string bass in fourth grade if they’d like. Please contact me if your child is interested in this opportunity. Fourth Grade String Class will build on the curriculum that was introduced to the students in third grade. It will also prepare students to participate in the Manhattan Beach Middle School Orchestra Program in the future.

Who should play a string instrument?
Students that learned to play a string instrument in third grade should consider continuing on the same instrument in fourth grade. The longer a student studies and practices an instrument, the more satisfying playing that instrument will become. Sometimes the lure of trying something new is strong for young students. If your son or daughter had an enjoyable experience on a string instrument in third grade, talk with your child about the benefits of sticking to something and achieving an even higher level of success! Students that did not play a string instrument in third grade because they are new to the district or decided to play recorder last year are still welcome to try a string instrument. I do ask that students new to strings catch up on the curriculum that was introduced in third grade by attending a mandatory beginning string class that will be o!ered after school on Thursdays at Pacific Elementary from 3:15 until 4:15. The class will begin on September 24 and conclude November 18. Students will be expected to attend all sessions and practice the skills introduced at home.

Rental Night!!!
Wednesday, September 16 at Manhattan Beach Middle School in the Multipurpose Room Grand View, Meadows, and Robinson- 5:00 PM Pacific and Pennekamp- 6:30 PM All Students Returning to String Class for instrument trade in- 7:30 **If you are unable to attend during your assigned time, feel free to come at a di!erent time
Students returning to String Class: Kids at this age growing so fast! Some students may need to trade their instrument in for a new size. Rental Night is a great opportunity to families to trade their instrument in from last year for a larger size. I will be checking the size of students’ instruments during the first weeks of music class, so be sure to ask your son or daughter if I have recommended that they get a larger instrument for this school year. Students that are new to String Class: This is a good opportunity for students and families to become acquainted with the string program and purchase the necessary class materials. Local music vendors will be available on Rental Night to sell and rent out instruments and supplies. "

When does music class start?

Students will have music class once a week for the entire school year beginning on September 11. Since we only have class one time a week, we have a limited amount of instructional time for music. Please help your son or daughter get the most out of music class by reminding him or her to bring a music instrument and supplies on the assigned music day. Each elementary school in the district has music on a di!erent day. See below to find out when your child will have music: Monday- Pennekamp Tuesday- Robinson Wednesday- Meadows Thursday- Pacific Friday- Grand View If your child is interested in joining string class, please indicate what instrument he or she would like to play on the attached music class application and return this document to his or her music teacher as soon as possible. Please email strings teacher, Ms. Cavallaro, with any questions or concerns:

Reed Service
for Clarinet and Alto Saxophone
BUY YOUR REEDS THROUGH MISS JOHNSON! To enroll please return this form and check by October 1. Student!s Name___________________________________ Student!s School/Teacher ___________________________ Students who play clarinet and alto saxophone must always have reeds for their instruments. Students generally use 2-3 reeds per month. Reeds can be purchased at local music stores, but for your convenience, Miss Johnson offers an optional reed service to save you time and effort. The reed service prices are lower than retail. If you sign up for the reed service, your student will receive a few reeds at the beginning of each month during band class. To sign up, please check the appropriate instrument below and enclose a check to MBUSD for the indicated amount. This form can be given to your child!s teacher or dropped off in the office. ____ Clarinets: $50.00. Reeds will be distributed over the course of the school year. 23 reeds total. ____ Alto saxophone: $65.00. Reeds will be distributed over the course of the school year. 23 reeds total This service is optional. If you choose not to sign up for the reed service, please make sure your child has 3 working reeds in the instrument case at all times. Please purchase the brand Rico Royal and the size #2!s. Fifth grade clarinets should get #2.5!s.
reed reed

Getting Started 2009 Bonus Band Session
Because the band students meet all together during the school day, starting out can be difficult. To help every student get a great start on the instrument, Miss Johnson is offering Getting Started Bonus Band Sessions.

These are optional, but your child will get a great start on the instrument by attending one session:
Saturday, September 19 at Pacific School Room 25: 8:00-8:45 am ! Flutes 9:00-9:45 am ! Clarinets 10:00-10:45 am ! Saxophones 11:00-11:45 am ! Trumpets and Euphoniums 1:00-1:45 pm ! Trombones 2:00-2:30 pm! Percussion Tuesday, September 22 at Pacific School Room 25: 3:15-4:00 ! Flutes 4:15-5:00 ! Clarinets 5:15-6:00 ! Saxophones Thursday, September 24 at Pacific School Room 25: 3:15-4:00 ! Trumpets and Euphoniums 4:15-5:00 ! Trombones 5:15-5:45 ! Percussion Students should bring all the items they would bring to regular band class including instrument, music book, folder, and pencil. There is no need to RSVP or sign up; however, since there are no sign-ups, Miss Johnson would appreciate it if you would walk your child all the way to the door of Pacific Room 25. If your child is unable to attend one of these sessions, please watch the “Getting Started” segment on the DVD that can be found in the Essential Elements 2000 book cover. Watching this 15 minute video clip with your child will be very helpful. Questions: Please contact Miss Johnson at

Please note: There are not bonus sessions for French horn or oboe players because they should be enrolled in private lessons.

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