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					Coffee Machine TASMAN S - BARISTA
(Information Text VS. 08.2009) The Tasman S - Barista is a bean-to-cup coffee machine for the production of coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and other specialties – up to 20 different products are programmable. Each product will be freshly ground and brewed by pressing the corresponding product key. The grinder settings of the two grinders can be adjusted individually. Both grinders can be used independently or simultaneously for each coffee product. Furthermore, there is the option to use a pre-ground coffee through the upper coffee chute. The coffee grounds are collected in an integrated waste container (up to 80 portions) with the option of an under counter collection system. Standard equipment: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Electronic control panel and graphic display Programming by chip card Integrated accounting system Self-service mode Separate hot water dispenser Separate steam dispenser Actively heated brewing unit Stainless steel boiler for coffee water Stainless steel boiler for steam/hot water Rotary pump Two precision grinders Two bean containers (1.3 kg each) with controlled filling quantity Coffee chute for pre-ground coffee Height-adjustable dual coffee spout (up to 200 mm) Integrated milk frother with a dual spout for the production of two milk products simultaneously 10 product options for speciality coffees, steam or hot water as single or double product Electronically controlled waste bin for up to 80 portions Prepared for the connection to standard existing validation systems (optional interface)

BARISTA steam: An integrated temperature control guarantees that the milk is not heated over the optimal milk foam temperature. An optical display informs the operator about the optimal temperature and guarantees consequently high quality of the milk foam. Of course, coffee products can be prepared at the same time with the Barista function. Also it is still possible to use the approved Cappuccinatore function.
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Optional: o o o o o Under counter waste coffee collection Lockable bean containers Self-service machines Self-service display with individual names Various panel colour options produced to a specific RAL number

Accessories: o o o o 6 litres milk refrigerator, temperature adjustable, with external thermometer Cup Warmer with two heated shelves and a capacity of 100 cups Choco Modul for hot chocolate Water filtration systems (7° German hardness and higher)

Technical data: Brewing group Grinders Pre-ground coffee chute Cappuccinatore Hot water dispenser/steam dispenser Theoretical maximum of cups per hour Width (mm) Height (mm) Height with bean containers (mm) Depth (mm) Net weight (kg) Size of coffee boiler (litres) Size of steam boiler (litres) Power (kW) Standard operating voltage (V) 1 2 1 1 1/1 240 352 683 824 579 53 1 1.8 4.6 – 16 A 400 V-3+N - 50/60 Hz

Cleaning: The integrated automatic rinsing and cleaning programs for the brewing unit and the milk system can be set with or without alarm as desired. A cleaning alarm can be programmed either in relation to the time or in relation to the coffee quantity. An additional option is to block use of the machine if the cleaning has not been carried out within a time frame of 1 to 180 minutes after the alarm. The daily cleaning of the machine takes 10 minutes and is essential for maintaining an optimal hygiene, a constant coffee quality and the correct function of the coffee machine.


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Cash systems: The coffee machine is equipped with an integrated chip card/cash system which can be used either in debit or credit mode. All products have individual counters. There is also a main counter for daily counting (counter A) and weekly/monthly counting (counter B). The reset of the counters is protected and only possible by using the owner chip card. Alternately the coffee machine can be connected to standard existing validation systems (coin changer, register-system) by using interfaces (CSI/CCI, MDB). Product settings: During the installation of the coffee machine the technician programs the settings of all products by using a chip card. The following parameters can be adjusted individually for each product: o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Product name for each key Alphabet function for individual product names Pre-ground coffee chute operation is optional Optional grinder settings (1, 2 or both) Grinding time in seconds for each grinder The pump operation is optional Water quantity in ml. Water bypass quantity in ml. Pre-infusion time in seconds and quantity Steamed milk before coffee Frothed milk before coffee Delay between milk and coffee Steamed milk after coffee Frothed milk after coffee Second product level for 10 more products and/or double function Repeat operation up to 9 times Product price

All settings can be stored on a memory card which can be installed on any MACCHIAVALLEY machine. The memory card has the capacity to store four complete setting files.


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Article No.: 12 801 00 - MACCHIAVALLEY TASMAN S - BARISTA Delivery includes installation, programming and 1 year full warranty (on-site) within Germany and Austria. © 2004-2009 MACCHIAVALLEY GmbH
The manufacturer reserves the right to change without prior notice the specifications of the equipment illustrated in this publication; the manufacturer declines all responsibility for any errors due to printing and/or typing errors contained in this publication. All instructions, drawings, tables and information contained in this publication are reserved and may not be reproduced entirely or in part or be communicated to a third party without written authorisation from the manufacturer who holds exclusive rights.

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