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2008 a n n ua l R e p o R t

The Year in Review


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Highlights of Our 2008 In-House Programming Ways to Give A Salute to Niki Sideris The Tree of Life Balance Sheet 2008 Donor List Acknowledgements



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R onald M c d onald H ouse of n ew Y oRk , I nc . provides a temporary “home-away-from-home” for pediatric cancer patients and their families. The House is a supportive and caring environment which encourages and nurtures the development of child-to-child and parent-to-parent support systems. Ronald McDonald House of New York, Inc. is the largest facility of its type in the world.

p HotogRapHs in this Annual Report were contributed by the following individuals: Clifton Bazar, Neville Bean, Richard DeWitt, Bruce Dimpflmaier, The Hartung Family, NYPD 19th Precinct, Jerry Ruotolo, Niki Sideris

Cover: Casey Bardowell, Middletown, NY

caRol toscano Writer/Editor d av I d c . p a c e Design Director, DPACE Design

Ronald McDonald House of New York by Artist Barnaby Ruhe Commissioned for the House’s 30th Anniversary Celebration, November 2008

2 0 0 8: T H E Y E A R I N R E v I E W

Dear Friends, In many ways, 2008 was the best of times and the worst of times. With the global economy crumbling, investment banks dissolving and unemployment rising, Ronald McDonald House of New York braced for the worst while trusting that if we remained steadfast to our mission of caring for pediatric cancer patients and their families, we would, somehow, get through these difficult times. So, in the most prudent and thoughtful ways, and with the continued support of staff, volunteers and our extended communities, our 30th Anniversary year proved to be a great success and a celebration of the children and families who’ve come through our doors and will continue to do so for as long as pediatric cancer threatens the future of children all over the world. The highlight of the year was, of course, our 30th Anniversary and paying tribute to the House’s many milestones and accomplishments all while honoring the children and families we serve, our staff and volunteers and the New York communities who have so selflessly been by our side for the duration. In November, we threw a party to celebrate, not just to remember the past but also to pledge our dedication to all of those children and families who will surely need us in the years ahead. Our communities pitched in and donated the food, flowers and the many services needed for any successful event. Those donations significantly impacted our ability to celebrate properly and the credit goes to all of the groups and individuals who came out in support of us and our long history in New York City. And while 2008 was infused with the spirit of our 30th Anniversary, it was, in many ways, an inaugural year for us. In the midst of being especially grateful for our many long-time supporters – the restaurants who feed our families, the religious institutions who provide spiritual care as well as home-cooked meals, the corporations and local sports teams who’ve adopted us and have remained so loyal across the decades, our neighborhood police, fire and sanitation departments and all of the individuals and volunteers who swoop in on a daily basis to assist us – we began to think about ways in which to expand and grow into the future. Unfortunately, in the middle of our quest for growth and expansion, the financial crisis reared its head and threatened to limit our possibilities. Always mindful of the notion that our children cannot wait for a better economy to get better, our supporters showed us they would not be deterred by any crises. For example, in June, our volunteers raised over $150,000 at their annual fundraiser, Helping One Child at a Time, to support their weekly programs. Jef Campion, the event Chairperson, explained it this way: “No means nothing to me. If you say no, I’ll be back in a few days. I’ll keep coming back until you say yes.” Of the funds raised, over $60,000 was attributed to raffle ticket sales – the equivalent of each of our 250 core volunteers selling, astonishingly, about 240 raffle tickets apiece. Concern for our children and families, as well as

Griffin Schager, Virginia Beach, V A

Chairman of the Board Stanley Shopkorn and President & CEO Bill Sullivan with the House’s 30th Anniversary Mayoral Proclamation


2 0 0 8: T H E Y E A R I N R E v I E W

Coleman and Caden Larson, Callender, IA

our desire to reduce our carbon footprint, evolved into in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with His Holiness a Green Initiative, beginning with the intention of rePope Benedict XvI during the Papal visit to New ducing the children’s exposure to harmful products and York City. More than 40 of our children received inchemicals and evaluating our overall impact on the envidividual blessings from the Pontiff. In addition, two ronment. We continue to introduce green-based products of our children – Andrea Saavedra and Dylan Hartung including cleaning supplies for our daily House mainte– attended a special healing service with the Pope at nance and whenever possible, St. Joseph’s Seminary in ask for in-kind donations of Yonkers. With them went green items such as laundry the prayers and petitions detergents and biodegradfor the healing of all of able diapers. We’ve replaced our children. all of the standard incandesIn June, when we were cent light bulbs, throughout in dire need of a new vehicle the property, with compact to transport our families to fluorescent lamps and the and from our partner hosmagnetic ballasts with elecpitals, the members of the tric ballasts. The existing Associated Builders and fixtures were rewired by inOwners of Greater New house staff and we now use York reached into their energy efficient T8 tubes. own pockets and donated An additional benefit from two new wheelchair accesthe elimination of incandessible vans, thus significantcent lamps is the reduction ly impacting our ability to transport our families in in load on the HvAC system resulting in less electricity a safe, clean and comfortconsumed. We’ve also reable manner. On June 11th, duced our water consumpwe dedicated the lobby of tion and have negotiated the House in the name of (and locked-in) cost-saving Countess Moira in honor of rates on fuel to ensure sava $1 million gift The Countings over a longer period of ess Moira Charitable Fountime. And while cost is al- Dylan Hartung (Skye, Australia) receives a blessing from His Holiness Pope dation made to the House. ways of great importance In October, we orgaBenedict XVI during the Pontiff’s visit to New York in 2008 to us, how responsibly we nized our first annual Ronutilize our resources is also a major concern. In what ald McDonald House Block Party, an all-volunteer event we affectionately refer to as Operation Share the Wealth, that raised more than $12,000 for the House. With the we’ve been able to share surplus goods and supplies with participation of the NYPD and the FDNY, we focused our partner organizations reciprocally. on education and safety as well as entertainment and activities and a chance to meet the therapy dogs that In April, we established the first annual Hope Awards to recognize four individuals who go above participate in the award-winning Angel on a Leash proand beyond to create Hope in the lives of children and gram. The community response was overwhelming and families battling pediatric cancer. The 2008 recipients despite tentative weather conditions, a huge success. were Jef Campion, Phyllis Hahn, Stephen Petrillo Our 25,000th family – Louis, Leslie and Griffin and Niki Sideris, with a special Hope Award presented Schager – spent 10 months with us in 2008 and in Deto President Emeritus vivian Harris. April was also cember, journeyed back home to virginia Beach with a the month our children and families had the onceremarkable “NED” classification (No Evidence of


2 0 0 8: T H E Y E A R I N R E v I E W

The 2008 Hope Award Recipients

Disease). And finally, on December 30th, we were selected to ring the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange, a most fitting way to end our 30th Anniversary year. What we’ve learned over the past year is that our blessings are many and we’ll continue to be grateful for the support we’ve amassed and the outpouring of love for our children and families. In some ways, the current economy has the awesome power to help us reprioritize those things that are most important: health, family and service to others. In bracing for the worst, we realized that it is during these times of uncertainty, the true spirit of generosity, resourcefulness and stewardship shines to light our way through difficult times. Of that we are certain. With sincere appreciation, Stanley B. Shopkorn Chairman of the Board

William T. Sullivan President & Chief Executive Officer
Elizabeth Van der Meer, Midlothian, V A


HIgHlIgHts of ouR 2008 In-House pRogRaMMIng

Justin Gaudineer, Odessa, FL

At Ronald McDonald House of New York, we focus on aiding children and families undergoing treatment for pediatric cancer by providing temporary housing while they live in New York City near many of the most advanced cancer treatment centers in the world. We take seriously our responsibility to provide refuge for these families in a place that is not just a house but a home. Aside from dealing with the brutal physical nature of cancer, families are confronted with the psychological aspects of having to leave their homes and extended family members, friends, support systems and everyday routines. This is in addition to grappling with complicated cancertreatment protocols, dealing with insurance matters, work and financial concerns and the fear that inevitably accompanies any cancer diagnosis. Siblings are thrust into readjusting to new schools in a new city far from home, often times, not knowing anyone. Many suffer from isolation and the anxiety of having a sick brother or sister who suddenly becomes the main focus in a cancer-stricken family. Pediatric cancer affects every aspect of family life and every member of the family accordingly. We view the family as a unit, and maintaining that unit is vital to the well being of each member of every family. In the current economy, many families are now confronted with the fear of losing their jobs, benefits and insurance, and possibly, their homes, all while caring for their sick child. Life without cancer is hard enough, but with cancer, and under current economic conditions, the complexities are immeasurable. In 2008, we implemented the Strategic Planning Initiative that updated our 2005 Medical Demand Study as part of the overall assessment for the needs of children and families with cancer in New York City and reported those findings to the Board of Directors at their October meeting. Keeping all of those findings in mind along with feedback from our guests, staff and volunteers, we constantly strive to change with the times, and wherever possible, address both the essential and the evolving needs of our families. Thanks to our donors and supporters at all levels, and to thoughtful, careful financial administration, we’ve managed to develop and increase our high-quality programming for the benefit of all the families as well as for our staff and volunteers. In 2008, the Department of Family Support provided psychological, social and spiritual care for patients, families and staff at Ronald McDonald House of New York, assisting a total of 8,528 people. We expanded our team of professionally trained volunteers to include three clinical chaplains, two social workers, a women’s fitness trainer and a life coach who participates on a weekly basis providing health and wellness programs for our female caregivers. We’ve expanded our reach to include a new support group that addresses the specific needs of Spanish speaking moms and female caregivers. For the second year, we partnered with the Junior League and our own House Operations Department to hold our annual Mom’s Spa Night on Mother’s Day weekend.

Our weekly family support programs include a caregiver’s support group, new guest orientation, women’s wellness, interfaith prayer services and a Hope and Healing Mass with the “Sacrament of the Sick.” We continue to serve as liaison with partner hospitals and other social service providers such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of New York, Angel Flights North East, local dentists, doctors, pediatricians and outpatient psychiatric care providers. To offer a continuum of care and support for patients and family members in need, we also coordinate clothing and food donations. To assist our staff and volunteers with the emotional and psychological rigors of supporting pediatric cancer patients and their families, we have developed, in conjunction with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a customized pediatric cancer immersion program and a monthly support group. One of our most popular programs is the Angel On A Leash Therapy Dog Program, which grew this year to 13 certified teams with a total of 16 therapy dogs qualified to participate. Studies are showing that the “therapeutic touch” these dogs provide makes the children happier and better able to deal with the emotional effects of cancer treatment. Our teams visited with a total of 2,630 patients, staff and family members in 2008. Mutual of America honored us with a nationally recognized award for community service and partnership with the Westminster Kennel Club creating the Ronald McDonald House Angel On A Leash Therapy Dog Program.

Therapy dogs Teigh and Belle receive instructions from Dr. Tew, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Isabella Santos, Charlotte, NC

“Play” has also been shown to be therapeutic. A variety of clinical studies show that the act of play improves the quality of life for children and the siblings of children living with cancer. Play provides the opportunity to test skills in a normal childlike setting from simple tasks such as coloring or drawing to participation in one of our many programs designed around the unique needs of our children. Weekday activities are carefully planned between the hours of 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. volunteer teams provide various weeknight activities after 6:00 PM. Activities offer a distraction from the day-to-day routines by providing opportunities to be social with friends, staff and volunteers in an emotionally positive environment. The playroom and its programs help both the children and parents find refuge and relief from exhausting, painful and time-consuming cancer treatments. Programs such as ESL (English as a Second Language) help our nonEnglish speaking guests empower themselves to communicate more beneficially with their child’s doctors and other health care providers. Tutors are available to assist siblings with schoolwork. The educators administer formal and informal planned instruction and, in May, one of our students

read his autobiography at the 2008 Ronald McDonald House of New York Gala. We provide a computer room and programs for guests – not just for games but to learn new skills such as video editing and movie making for personal video diaries – another way to communicate with the world they’ve left behind. Through various grants, foundations, private donations and gifts, we are able to support our children and families with a wealth of activities to replenish the spirit. Christine Taylor, a certified teacher and cancer survivor, has developed an exciting and energizing educational program called “Weird Science.” Projects have included building a roller coaster, magnetic worm races, volcanoes, and rockets across the room. ”It’s a challenge,” she says. “These kids are dealing with pain, chemotherapy, radiation and exhaustion. If a project can make them squeal with delight, it can motivate any child, anywhere.” Because her projects have had such a huge impact on the children, Christine has expanded her reach and is creating a book to help support not just our House but other Ronald McDonald Houses as well. We also believe in the power of music therapy with two special programs. Donna Lanning, also known as

“DJ Donna” enterMartial Mothers tains our families and Fighter Fawith music and songs thers is a place in the Computer where parents and Room by creating caregivers can let one-of-a-kind music go and regain conmixes for the chiltrol. Camp Ronald dren. Dr. Sherrie Maricle, Director McDonald enjoyed of Education for its second year in the New York Pops, 2008 with great along with her staff, success thanks to teaches basic musithe generous supcal creative writing port, contributions and urban percusand gifts from our sion techniques friends. During the to our children in months of July and the playroom each August, children week. The children living at Ronald Guests enjoy the June 2008 Volunteer Fundraiser at One Little West 12th Street learn to compose and McDonald House of perform original pieces. Creative expression through muNew York enjoyed exciting camp activities including kayasic gives unique voices a chance to be heard and appreciated king on the Hudson River, trapeze school, arts and crafts, by others. It also provides a safe outlet for emotional ventdrama, dance, water games, sports and outings. We expect ing and may help the children process difficult times and to continue this magical program in the years ahead. transitions as well as celebrate happy times and successes. Of course, none of what we do would be possible In April 2008, our children performed on the great stage without our award-winning volunteers, known collectively as at Carnegie Hall with a 30-piece orchestra Queen’s We Will Team Ronald McDonald. Thanks to our volunteer Division, Rock You in front of nearly 3,000 patrons. This “Salute to programs and activities for 2008 saw a big increase in quality Children” was part of the New York Pops’ Gala Performance. and quantity. In 2008, our volunteers raised over $150,000 to Kids Kicking Cancer is an award-winning martial support their year-round evening programs, to date the largarts training program for children with cancer and blood est fundraising effort for Team Ronald McDonald. Our voldiseases. Instructors Angela Babin and Robin Hardbattle unteers are trained and supported throughout the year with are senior black belts, martial arts healing specialists and orientations, in-services and team meetings. We are working highly trained health professionals. Children are empowto create a team of special event and community outreach ered by demonstrating their physical power. The “Breath volunteers in 2009. In November of each year, we celebrate Break” teaches children how to more actively take control the amazing work of our volunteers at our Annual volunteer of their healing by creating inner calm. Kids Kicking Cancer Recognition Dinner and each April, award four individuals has received the nation’s highest honor in community pubThe Hope Award which recognizes those who go above and lic health: The Robert Wood Johnson Community Health beyond to create Hope in the lives of children and families Leadership Award for empowering sick children beyond the battling pediatric cancer. It is with thanks to our volunteers pain, fear, anger and stress of disease. The program is open along with community participation for making what could to both patients and siblings. have been a most austere December 2008 one of the most Martial Mothers and Fighter Fathers is a spin off joyous and festive in our 30-year history. of Kids Kicking Cancer and is in its infancy stage waiting These are just some of the highlights of our extenfor future funding. Angela Babin contends that “Martial sive programming throughout the year. With this Annual arts are a perfect way to reach these parents and give them Report, we recognize our many private donors, corporations, a place to put the fear, anger and frustration their lives have community groups, individuals, staff and volunteers. It is given them. Martial Mothers and Fighter Fathers supports with gratitude that we acknowledge and say thank you for the parents and caregivers of the children. The class focuses your efforts on behalf of our mission and look forward to on stretching, relaxation and quieting the mind to experiyour continued support in the difficult year(s) ahead. ence a physical release through martial arts activities like kicking and punching a heavy bag and moving the body in traditional fighting sequences. Parents learn how to arm Special thanks to Nelida Barreto, Winifred Cudjoe, Cherilyn themselves with physical catharsis, the joy of movement Frei, Maija Judelson and Ralph W Vogel for their assistance . and the feeling of camaraderie while training as a group.” in completing this feature.



w aY s t o g I
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f t s

Ronald McDonald House of New York supports its mission and programs not only through cash contributions but by the generosity of “in-kind” donations from individuals, corporations, schools and community groups. In-kind donations take on many forms and range in scope from simple gifts of soap and toothpaste to toys, airline miles, household items, postage, contributions of printing, shipping and other necessary services or entertainment opportunities for our children and families. In-kind gifts allow us to focus our budget dollars on the most critical, day-to-day needs of the children and families undergoing pediatric cancer treatment – needs such as transportation to and from our cancer treatment centers and the extensive overhead of housing 84 families each night in spite of the current economic crisis and the rapidly rising cost of living. Below is a sampling of the many ways you can give to the House and support its mission: Bulk Donations: If you, your community group or company would like to share bulk donations of new goods, seasonal surplus merchandise or other large-scale contributions, please contact Wini Cudjoe, Director of House Operations, at 212.639.0400 or visit and help us provide some of the comforts of home to the 84 families living with us each day. We welcome your help in providing items such as shower curtains, gift cards and food items (many other items to choose from!). Donate Your Airline Miles: As many of you know, most of the major airlines have now made it possible to donate your frequent flyer miles to recognized 501 ( c ) 3 organizations such as Ronald McDonald House of New York. When you donate your miles to us, you help support and maintain the programs of the House. To donate your miles to Ronald McDonald House of New York, please contact your airline’s frequent flyer program manager. For other questions regarding your donation of miles to the House, please contact Joseph Guidetti, Chief Financial Officer, at 212.639.0900 or Third-Party Fundraising: As your company plans its philanthropic activities for 2009, please consider organizing a “Third-Party Fundraiser” to benefit Ronald McDonald House of New York. Your company’s employees can help make a difference in the lives of children battling pediatric cancer by organizing events such as golf outings, dances and block parties throughout the year. These caring, humanitarian efforts promote teamwork and camaraderie amongst co-workers, vendors and the community all while raising major funds for an important cause. If you are interested in arranging a Third-Party Fundraiser to benefit Ronald McDonald House of New York, please contact Karen Kirk, Director of Special Events, at 212.639.0130 or Giving the United Way: Do you participate in the United Way, Combined Federal Campaign, CUNY Campaign for voluntary Charitable Giving, Municipal Combined Campaign or NYS Employees Federal Appeal at work? Please consider “donor designating” a gift to Ronald McDonald House of New York. This is a great way to make a gift that won’t dra-

matically impact cash flow but would be a generous way to help us continue the work we do. The following codes can be used: Tri-State United Way #003447; NYC Combined Federal Campaign #11277; CUNY Campaign for voluntary Charitable Giving or Combined Municipal Campaign #0610. You will also find our Agency Code in the campaign material provided to you. Ronald McDonald House of New York is a registered 501 ( c ) 3 organization. For more information on Giving the United Way, please contact Patrick Lenz, Director of Major Gifts, at 212.639.0600 or House Seats: Give our families a break from the rigors of cancer treatment by offering them a night out. Donate your unused tickets for sporting events, theatre, museums or other special events to the House for use by our children and families. For more information on how to donate tickets to the House Seats Program, please contact Fordham Murdy, Program Manager, at 212.639.0181 or Es
tat E




a n n I n G


You can help tomorrow’s families by making a bequest in your Will or Estate Plan. Help us provide a comfortable home-away-from-home filled with love, stability, respite and Hope for all of the families who will need us in the years to come. Please consider one of the following ways to remember us in your Will or Estate Plan: Charitable Bequest: A gift in your Will is the simplest way to remember our House in your Estate Plan. There is no lifetime cost and your estate may qualify for a charitable deduction. Life Insurance: A life insurance policy you no longer need makes an excellent gift to the House. You may either designate the House as a beneficiary or grant us ownership of the policy. Retirement and Pension Plans: Ronald McDonald House of New York can be the beneficiary (or partial beneficiary) of your IRA, other retirement plan or pension plan. By using percentages that add up to 100%, you have the ability to name the House as a recipient of funds from these plans after providing for your loved ones. Life Income Gifts: There are several varieties of charitable trusts that pay lifetime income to you alone, or to you and a loved one. At your passing, what remains is a gift to the House. If you have already included us in your Will or Estate Plan, please let us know. We’d like to thank you and welcome you into our vivian Harris Society. During her 26-year tenure as our founding President, vivian nurtured our families and inspired staff. She was a tireless and gracious leader with uncommon vision. The members of our vivian Harris Society embody vivian’s triumphant spirit by recognizing the House in their long-term plans. For more information on Planned Giving programs or the vivian Harris Society, please contact Patrick Lenz, Director of Major Gifts, at 212.639.0600 or








Katie Kline, Jonesboro, IN


a sa

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d e R I s

Above: Niki Sideris with Vivian Harris at the first House on East 86th Street Facing Page: (Top) Niki Sideris at the First Annual Hope Awards in 2008; (Bottom, left to right) John A. Catsimatidis, Chairman & CEO, Red Apple Companies, Niki Sideris, President William T. Sullivan, Margo Catsimatidis, Steve Tzolis

Years before the current House on East 73rd Street was built or the Greek Division became an official Division of Ronald McDonald House of New York, Niki Sideris already had amassed thousands of volunteer hours and had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of pediatric cancer patients and their families, an enormous accomplishment considering the tough economic times of the 1970s and early 1980s. Having noted that fact, it suddenly becomes evident that despite those hard times, the first House on East 86th Street managed, somehow, to open its doors in 1978, a testament to the will of Founder vivian Harris and the tremendous support and commitment over the years from people like Niki Sideris. Particularly Niki Sideris. But, to tell Niki’s story properly, one would have to go back in time, long before a Ronald McDonald House in New York was on anyone’s radar. Niki began a career as a volunteer Philanthropist soon after her marriage to a doctor in New York City and years before even the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia had been conceived. She’d joined a women’s philanthropy group through her church and began volunteering at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and New York Hospital. Because she spoke both Greek and French, Niki offered European families translation services to help them navigate the complicated medical system. Through her work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Niki eventually became acquainted with President Emeritus vivian Harris, whom Niki still thinks of as a visionary. vivian was so impressed by the work Niki was doing, she extended an invitation for Niki to join her at The Children’s Oncology Society of New York (which later became, officially, Ronald McDonald House of New York). “vivian is a beautiful and wonderful person,” Niki says, “So I said yes.” To Niki, it was the right thing to do. In addition to assisting families with translation services, Niki immediately began fundraising efforts on behalf of the House. She recalled her experience, years earlier, with a Greek mother at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center who spoke no English and was afraid to go out. “All this woman could do was sit by her child’s bedside in fear,” Niki explained. In Niki’s eyes, it was an unacceptable way for a mother to live while suffering through her child’s illness. But, it was an important revelation for Niki and the catalyst to keep working for the benefit of all the families who needed help. She focused her time and energy on fundraising in the Greek Community, both domestically and abroad. According to Niki, the Greek Division of Ronald McDonald House of New York has become one of the most respected charities in the Greek community. “Even the poorest people in the Greek community are willing to give me a single dollar,” she explains. “They respect the cause. I’ve had the same community following me for over 25 years.” In 1989, Niki accepted the official honor of the Chairmanship of the Greek Division. When the current House on East 73rd Street was still in the planning stages, she had already raised $300,000. Around the same time, Niki raised an additional $250,000 to pay for the Board Conference Room at the East 73rd Street location, now dedicated in honor of the Greek Division.

It seems that the current economic crisis mimics that point in time when the first House opened its doors in 1978. But, despite the current global economy, Niki remains steadfast in her mission and commitment to the House. In 2008, the Greek Division, under Niki’s leadership, raised over $250,000 through two annual fundraisers – the Greek Division Walk-a-Thon and the Greek Division Holiday Party – as well as additional generosity from the Greek community. 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of Niki’s affiliation with Ronald McDonald House of New York and 20 years as Chairman of The Greek Division. In those years, Niki has raised, incredibly, in excess of $4 million in support of the House and all of its operations. “Niki is one of those extraordinary individuals who has great progressive ideas,” says President Bill Sullivan. “The reason she has been so successful is her ability to turn ideas into action. She’s an inspiration to all of us here at Ronald McDonald House.” In 2008, Niki became an inaugural recipient of the

first Ronald McDonald House of New York Hope Awards, an honor that recognizes four individuals, each year, who create Hope in the lives of children and families battling pediatric cancer. “I love the children,” Niki says. “All of them. I don’t separate them in any way. I tell my supporters that whatever they give goes to everyone because cancer doesn’t have a color or religion or nationality – it’s all the same.” In March 2009, the Greek-American newspaper, The National Herald, named Niki “Woman of the Month” calling her “the symbol of humanitarianism and philanthropy.”





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Recently, visitors to Ronald McDonald House of New York have noticed a modern Lucite wall sculpture adorning one of the walls of the House’s lobby. This beautiful wall hanging, entitled The Tree of Life, is a vibrant symbol of Hope and strength and provides us with a fitting way to honor, recognize or memorialize a Loved One. With each leaf that is added to the tree, it continues to grow and sustain the House. The financial support generated by The Tree of Life enables the House to offer more than simply a place to sleep when families come to New York City to receive treatment for their child’s cancer diagnosis. Like a tree, the House provides shelter, has many branches of support and gives us strength in times of turmoil. Our House is a Home, a place with family and friends who are there when you need them. Each leaf is engraved with a message as well as the name of the person you are honoring and may be purchased for $2,500. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to offer services to families arriving today, tomorrow and in years to come. Memorialize a Loved One by purchasing a leaf on The Tree of Life in their name. For more information on how to honor your Loved One, please contact Patrick Lenz, Director of Major Gifts, at 212.639.0600 or


l a n c e


e e t

coMpaRatIve suMMaRY Balance sHeet deceMBeR 31, 2007 and deceMBeR 31, 2008


UNAUDITED DEC. 31, 2008 $ 24,964 92,751 35,151,116 1,200,000 420,706 $36,889,537 $ 228,238 592,460 28,113,993 127,154 $65,951,382 $ 483,674 10,100,000 55,367,708


The December 31, 2008 balances are an unaudited representation of Management
Andrea Saavedra, San Antonio, TX


Ronald McDonald House of New York, Inc. gratefully acknowledges its many donors, volunteers and community groups for their generosity and support in 2008. Ronald McDonald House of New York, Inc. is locally owned and operated by an independent, non-profit corporation and is entirely dependent upon support from individuals, businesses, foundations and community groups. We thank all those who have supported us from January 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008. If we have erred or omitted anyone, we apologize and ask that you contact Michael Ballew, Development Officer, at 212.639.0209 or so that we may correct our records.
$100,000 and Above American International Group Judy & John Angelo Associated Builders and Owners of Greater New York, Inc. Association of New York, TriState- McDonald’s Owner Operators Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc. BlackRock Inc. Cablevision Systems Corporation Carnegie Corporation of New York Children’s Happy Faces The Countess Moira Charitable Foundation CSC Holdings, Inc. Cuttone & Co., Inc. Deloitte & Touche LLP James Dimon Barbara & Norman Eig Estate of Esther Stern Lori & Laurence Fink Goldman Sachs & Co. Hilltop Park Associates LLP HSBC Bank USA Sonia & Paul T. Jones, II JPMorgan Chase & Co. Rebecca & Sacha Lainovic Elaine & Kenneth Langone Lehman Brothers Merrill Lynch & Co. Morgan Stanley & Co. Naddisy Foundation Paoli, Inc. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Tracy & Stanley B. Shopkorn The Bloomberg Family Foundation, Inc. The Greek Division The Skirball Foundation The Wachovia Foundation Weber Shandwick Worldwide $50,000-99,999 Jenna & Milton Berlinski Mr. Scott A. Bommer Business Traveler Magazine CBS Corporation Citigroup Coca-Cola Company Deutsche Bank Amy & Harris Diamond Fiona & Stanley Druckenmiller Fund Estate of Arthur A. Daneri Fares Foundation Melissa & Casey Gard Anita & Michael Hegarty Kerry & James Jacobson Barbara & Theodore Janulis JCF Flowers & Co. LLC Michael Kerr M & R Management Co., Inc. Knight Equity Markets, L.P . Janet & James MacGilvray Macy’s, Inc. Marsh Inc. Maverick Capital Management, LLC Metroplex New York Football Giants New York Rangers Pfizer Inc RBC Capital Markets Société Générale Syde Hurdus Foundation, Inc. varquin Enterprises Inc. Wachovia Foundation Matching Wedge Foundation Yonkers Fire Department Zurich Financial Services $25,000-49,999 American General Assurance Company AOL LLC Bank of America Sol & Margaret Berger Foundation Bissel Bloomberg L.P . BNP Paribas North America, Inc. James J. Burke Credit Suisse Douglas Day Karen & Jerry de St. Paer Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP Guy Carpenter & Company, Inc. ITG Hoenig Mr. Robert Karofsky KPMG Peat Marwick LLP Lorie & Charles Levy Tina & Terry Lundgren Manhattan Department of Sanitation East 8 Marquis Jet Massey Knakal Realty Services, Inc. Maynard, Cooper & Gayle McKinsey & Company, Inc. Mellon Financial Corporation Mr. Michael D. Melnick Debra Michiels Mizuho Mutual of America Life Insurance Company NAEIR Neuman’s Catering New York Athletic Club New York Community Trust New York Stock Exchange, Inc. Gene Nifenecker RBC Capital Markets RBS Greenwich Capital Linda & Michael Roemer May & Samuel Rudin Family Foundation Mr. Arthur J. Samberg Nancy & Alan D. Schwartz Maria & George Simeone Simpson Thacher & Bartlett Solar Smart US Arnold Sollar Elaine Sollar Eisen Kristin & Clifford A. Sterling Stonington Partners, Inc. Dr. Furqan Tejani The Bank of TokyoMitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. The Coughlan Group Inc. The Niki and Joe Gregory Charitable Foundation The Schaeffer Family Foundation The Guy M. Stewart Cancer Fund The David Wright Foundation valentine J. Taubner Time Warner Inc. Tony’s Di Napoli, Inc. Touradji Capital Management, LP viacom International Inc. $20,000-24,999 Central Synagogue Chelsea Morrison Foundation Dallas BBQ Peter Dartley Charitable Trust Farina & Associates, Inc. Flood Catering, Inc. Mr. Tom Hauspurg Heller Family Foundation Interior Structures Inc. Interpublic Group of Companies Laurence W. Levine Foundation, Inc. The New York Athletic Club Ms. Jolly Nierenberg Quigley’s Limousine Service, Inc. Rao’s Mr. Howard Rubin Tata Consultancy Services The Company $15,000-19,999 Balm Foundation CRC Insurance Services

Taylor and Carin Smith, Shirley, NY


Jodi & Bruce Dimpflmaier Blair W. Effron Finnegan’s Wake Pub & Restaurant Patricia Heggeman & Michael Coughlan Henry Nias Foundation, Inc. ING Group Mr. James A. Jacobson New York City Fire Department – Engine 44 New York City Police Department – 19th Precinct New York City Police Department – 20th Precinct Ms. Rosalie Pataro, L.P .C. Public Sector Campaign The Sandra Atlas Bass & Edythe & Sol Atlas Fund, Inc. The Sollar Foundation Wachovia Corporation $10,000-14,999 Aden & Anais Andrew and Dolores H. Aymes Maxine & Jerome Belson BlueMan Bluewater Communications Group LLC BNY Mellon Bowne & Co., Inc. Mr. Benjamin Bram Brian Trematore Plumbing & Heating Inc. Calyon Mr. Jef Campion Cantor Fitzgerald Securities Mr. Robert B. Catell Clifford Chance US LLP CMGRP, Inc. Credit Suisse First Boston Crisdel Group, Inc. The Damial Foundation Discovery The Walt Disney Company, Inc. DLA Piper US LLP Doubledown Media, LLC DuBose and Dorothy Heward Memorial Fund The William C. & vivian M. Eiff Foundation Eli’s vinegar Factory Frankie’s Carnival Mr. Joseph D. Gahtan Mr. Robert Grubert Ms. Jane A. Heap Hercules Corp. Highbridge Capital Management, LLC Hugoton Foundation Instinet Integrated HvAC Systems & Services Inc.

J. Ira & Nicki Harris Foundation Peter T. Jun Kathleen & Rocco Maggiotto Wieden Kennedy Kevin P Deane Jr. . Memorial Foundation Knight Capital Group Inc. Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP Ms. Leslie Lake Linea Architects, P .C. Loews Hotels Lindenmeyer Munroe Stacy & Timothy J. Mahoney Manhattan Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Martin Thomas Contracting Corp. Mr. Terence S. Meehan Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Metroplex Harriman Corp. Elissa Meyers, Shelly & Nina Friedman Missy Smith Foundation Moore Charitable Foundation Navy Federal Credit Union NBC Universal Susan Neisloss The Neisloss Family Foundation, Inc. Newman’s Catering O’Melveny & Meyers Princeton Information Ltd. Raiff Foundation Red Apple Companies Mr. Brad Reiss Mr. E. John Rosenwald, Jr. Mr. Henry Schachar Mr. Barry Schwartz Mrs. Niki Sideris Mrs. Marilyn Simons & Mr. James Simons Skanska USA Building, Inc. SMBC Global Foundation, Inc. Star Bright Floral Design State Street Foundation Steiner Sports Memorabilia Sullivan & Cromwell William T. Sullivan Susquehanna International Foundation Group, LLP Mr. Leonard Tannenbaum The Benjamin Jacobson & Sons Foundation The Heler Family Foundation The James T. Lee Foundation, Inc. The Luckow Family Foundation, Inc. The New York Pops The Raymond Debbane Family Foundation

The Situs Companies The Starker Family Foundation The Swedish Institute Thomas H. Lee Management Company, LLC verizon Communications Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Foundation Ms. Carol Welsh Westgate Capital Management LLC Jason Wu $7,500-9,999 19th Precinct Club Arnold Worldwide Terry & Denis Bovin Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp. Century Management Services II, Inc. Cititickets Inc. Globe Tax Services Incorporated Colgate-Palmolive Company Crump Group, Inc. Mr. Robert L. Harteveldt Melissa & Carney Hawks J.T. Magen & Company, Inc. The Katzenberger Foundation Liberty Mutual Insurance Mr. Tom F. Marano Midhattan Woodworking Corp. Karen & Robert A. Olstein Paradigm Management Services, LLC Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Mr. Michael Pickett RAM Capital Resources Mr. Jack Rudin Mr. Stephen A. Schwarzman Signature Construction Group, Inc. Ms. Elaine Smithline Christine Spinelli St. Stephen of Hungary Roman Catholic Church Nancy & Mark Taylor Temple Emanu-El Ladies Auxiliary Tindel Windows Travelers vFA-32 WJB Capital Group, Inc. XL Insurance $5,000-7,499 ActiveNetwork Mr. David Alcaro Mr. Anthony Anagnostakis Morten Andersen Arnold & Porter LLP Baker Botts

Bank of America Matching Gift Foundation Bank of America, N. A. Belzberg Technologies (USA) Inc. Margot & Jeremiah Bogert Robert Boykoff Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation, Inc. Monsignor Harry J. Byrne Anne and Les Carter Mr. Dan Chapman Ryan Chisholm Anthony Ciccone Enterprises, LLC Compass Moving and Storage LLC Computer Associates International Inc. Mr. Gerard Coughin Mr. James J. Cramer Danish American Society Inc. Eduardo S. De La Cruz Ms. Florence De Lavalette Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Jean & Cornelius Dorans Durnan Group, Inc. DZ Bank Estate of Julia H. Witt Estate of Wilma Schwartz Mr. Robert B. Fagenson Mr. Jonas Fajgenbaum Mr. Nijad Fares Fidessa Corporation Finneran Family Foundation Mr. Hugh Fox Freeman & Co., LLC The Friars Club Fulvio & Associates, LLP Nelson and Molly Gaertner Garden of Dreams Mr. Michael R. Gelband Generoso Pope Foundation Judy & Rod Gilbert Goldman Sachs Gives Ms. Karen Green Karen Greene Hamilton Executions, L.L.C. Helmar Foundation Hess Companies Mindy & David B. Higger Mr. Franklin Hobbs Hospitality Sales & Marketing Assn. Intl. Mr. Darren Jacobs Anita & Jay W. Kaufman Keller, O’Reilly & Watson, P .C. Koroseal Mr. John Kovitch Betty and Robert E. LaBlanc The Bernard and Muriel Lauren Foundation

Lazard Capital Markets Candace Leeds The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc. Litwin Foundation, Inc. Mr. Frank Livoti Robert R. Lyons David M. Manookian Frederick Kane Marek Matt’s Helpers Ms. Mary Mescher Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation, Inc. Milbank Foundation for Rehabilitation Monterey Fund Inc. Mr. James Mooney Motion Picture Club Mr. Andrew Nawn NCB Arlene & Jay Neveloff Sheila & Joel Newman Josephine & Frank Pellegrino Mr. Robert A. Pellicone Pennysaver News Mrs. Catherine Perna Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program Pierpont Mechanical Corp. victoria & Charles E. Rappold Mrs. & Mr. victoria Rappold Mr. Robert Reynolds Richard J. Fasenmyer Foundation Mr. John J. Rohs May & Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc. Jerry Ruotolo Donna & Peter Samaha Mr. Michael Schaftel Schottenfeld Group LLC Barry F. Schwartz Mr. & Mrs. Scott Silverman Mr. Kenneth Sojka Giovanna & Luigi Solimeo Brighid & Alfred G. Souza Mr. Thomas M. Spaun, Jr. Audrey & Richard Stadin Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen Foundation, Inc. John P Tavlarios . The Antonietta and John Lauto Family Fund The Bank of New York Mellon The Bloomingdale’s Fund of the Federated Department Stores The David Wright Foundation The Knippenberg Foundation

The Silver Family Foundation Laura & Chris Theodoros Tisch Foundation Inc. Lawton Tootle Tuft Family Foundation Tully Travel & Tours, Inc. The vortex Group, LLC WG Trading Company Limited Partnership Wacky Wendy Woodland Foundation $2,500-4,999 352 Restaurant Corp Ms. Beth C. Adams After-School Art, Inc. Amos Alter Eric and Annette Altmann Ares Operations, LLC August General Construction, Inc. Bargold Storage Systems, LLC Ricardo & Susan S. Barragan Benjamin Shapiro Realty LLC David Biase Bridgewater Associates, Inc. Capell, Barnett & Matalon, LLP Ms. Anne Caruso Casa Luca Foundation Inc. Century Elevator Maintenance Corp. Clinic - IT Mr. David Cohen Coinmach Corporation Colavita USA LLC Mr. Dean W. Colley Commerce Bank Common Cents New York, Inc. DNA Contracting & Waterproofing LLC Alice J. Drucker Efficient Combustion & Cooling Corp. Euraupair International, Inc. Every Supply Co., Inc. Mr. & Ms. Peter Ferriso Fisher Travel Enterprises Alison Flynn Frank & Roslyn Grobman Foundation Gabelli Funds, Inc. Gallet Dreyer & Berkey, LLP Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Gantcher Mrs. Elissa Ganz & Mr. Joshua Alpert Madhu Garg Gerson Lehrman Group Mr. Joshua L. Goldman William Golodner Grainger Industrial Supply Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, Inc.

Matin Guiry Joseph Hecht Fred Herman HUB International Northeast Limited IBM Employee Services Center Ms. Diana H. Imhof Jacqueline Harris Hochberg Foundation John L. McHugh Foundation Roland Karlen Mr. & Ms. John J. Kelly Kings FDR Tolerance Foundation Christopher T. Kraus Josh Kuriloff Lautman, Maska, Neill & Company Legg Mason, Inc. Jennifer Leibeskind LON, LLC William Lopez Mr. Lee Lowenstein Marks Paneth & Shron LLP Marsicano Foundation Mr. Richard H. Martin Justin A. Maynard McDonald’s USA LLC Mr. George McFadden Meadows Office Supply Co., Inc. Mr. William A. Monness NYC College Assistants Local 2054 D.C. 37 ASCME Christopher O’Connor Mrs. Gabrielle R. Palitz Mr. & Mrs. Michael Palitz Carolyn & William C. Patterson Mr. Nicholas Patti, Jr. The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation Pearlgreen Corporation Pennisi, Daniels & Norelli, LLP Mr. Richard R. Perna Mr. John M. Philo Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Quinn & Feiner The Lawrence and Illana Raia Foundation Inc. The vidda Foundation Mr. Lewis S. Ranieri Mr. John E. Reeves, Jr. Grace & Daniel Reinhardt REMCO Maintenance LLC Ressler/Gertz Family Foundation Mr. Louis A. Riccio Mr. Peter C. Richardson Robert Hollweg Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Mr. Randolph Rose Rudy Saviano, Inc.

Mr. Thomas B. Ruggieri Mr. Ned Sadaka Mara & Ricky Sandler Charles P Scheeler . Barbara A. Serpe Service Directions Inc. Ms. Mary Sheridan Shorelione Custom Properties, LLC Ms. Amanda Silverman Skyline Restoration Inc. Sony BMG Music Entertainment Mr. Edward Sorkin Sotheby’s Mr. Harrison W. Sterling Mr. David G. Stern Mr. Rodney Stilwell Todd Szerszen Mr. Howard B. Teig Ms. Fern Tessler The Colley Group The New York Community Trust Mr. & Mrs. James Thomas Tradition Financial Services Mrs. Doris Truxal United States Information Systems, Inc. United Way Special Distribution Account Mr. Jaime Urrea vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Warrior Hockey Club, Inc. Ms. Pam Weinstein Ms. Kate R. Whitney $1,000-2,499 1-800-Flowers Andrew B. Lisa Abramson Accenture Action Abstract Inc. Mr. David R. Adler ADT Security Services Mr. Authur Ainsberg Al-lectric Electrical Contracting, Inc. Mr. Mark E. Almeida The Alpert Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Alpert Alps Management Inc. Angel on a Leash Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Antovel-Gelberg The vidda Foundation Painting & Wallpapering Mrs. Audrey Aronson Mr. Daniel Aronson Josh and Jackie Astrof Mr. Robert Austin AWR Group, Inc. Mr. Robert Ax



Babesta, LLC Mr. Franz Bacon Mr. Mike Balsamo Mrs. Bernice (Bunny) Barb Barclay Investments, Inc. Ms. Patrizia Barone Bass & Associates, P .C. Alexamdra Bautista Regina Beer Mr. Norman S. Benzaquen Mr. Arthur Berndt & Ms. Rosemary Santoli Mr. Christopher Beyer Mr. Gerald Blitstein Blue Raddish Group Mr. Jerome Blumberg Bollinger Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Bonacci Mr. Brian Boyle Dr. Mary Brady & Dr. Paul Russo Mr. John K. Braniff Ms. Helen Braun Ms. Edna L. Breecker Bridges & Lavin Architects Mr. Robert Brivio Alan and Linda Buckwalter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Buell, Jr. Mr. Todd C. Builione Mr. Tim Bunt C & I Mechanical Maintenance Corp. Café Luka Candyland Ms. Louise A. Cangialosi Mr. Raymond Carreau Mr. Edward Cashman CB Richard Ellis Central Park Carriages Mr. Frank Cerisano Mr. Harry Chapman, Jr. Mr. Kwok-Ming Cheng Christian Legal Society Ryan Claffey Steven Claffey Mr. Jerome and Linda J. Clair Jack Clein Ms. Elinor W. Cohen Mr. Frederick Cohen Mr. Rodney S. Cohen Mr. Bruce D. Colley Mr. Bryan O. Colley Mark & Amy Colm Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Colvin Constellation New Energy Mr. John Cook Corcoran Group Real Estate Crawford & Company Mr. Alberto Cribiore Crowell & Moring LLP Mr. Michael S. Curtis Carson Daly Mr. Enrico D’Angelo Mr. & Mrs. Michael Daniel

Mr. Philip I. Dauber Delizia Pizza Mrs. Michelle J. DeLong Mr. Richard de Long Delta Capital Management, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Deutsch Mr. David Diamond Mr. Andrew B. Dinnhaupt Direct Edge ECN LLC Domino’s Mr. Edward B. Donohue Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Dugan, Jr. Linda C. Dunham Dunham’s Food Service Mr. Robert A. Dunn, Jr. Joseph Dussich DynaServ Industries DZ Bank Mr. & Mrs. Craig Effron Eisen Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David Eisman Mr. Jerry Eisner Douglas Elliman Elmwood School Eltech Industries, Inc. Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP Energy Watch Inc. Elizabeth & Joseph Engle ePromos Promotional Products, Inc. Barbara and Gerald Essig Charitable Fund Estate of John E. Gorman Estate of Mary Brown Power Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Estreich & Company, Inc. Donald J. Fager & Associates Mr. David Farbstein Michael & Beth Fascitelli Fein Foundation Michael & Stephanie Ferdman Fiduciary Trust Co. International Finne Building & Investment Inc. Ms. Hope Fischer Mr. Andrew J. Flinn Mrs. Craig Flynn Mr. John Folkerts Ms. Jane Forgione Ms. Frances Freedman Mr. Hugh J. Freund Ms. Shirley Fried Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Friedwald The Lawrence & Anne Frisman Foundation Edward J. Fritz Fujitsu Computer Systems Corp. Mr. & Mrs. Hemlata and Kanti Gala Kenneth Gamble

Mrs. Annette Geddes Mr. Gerald Geddes Craig Geraghty Mr. & Mrs. Scott Gerber Scott Gerham Gilsanz Murray Steficek, LLP Give With Liberty The Glickenhaus Foundation Mr. Seth Glickenhaus Dr. Sandra P Gluck . Go Pro Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. Bonnie Gold Goldens Bridge Hounds Incorporated The Goodnews Church The Goldie-Anna Charitable Trust Ms. Hope Goldstein Mrs. Martin Goldstein Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gordon Ms. Barbara F. Gottesman Ms. Jane M. Gould Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grano Mr. Michael A. Gray Elizabeth Greason Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company Green Depot LLC Mr. James F. Grond Mr. William Grossman Mr. Leo Guthart H.B. Mattlin Middle School Hard Rock Cafe Ms. Ellen R. Harris Tammy Harrison Ms. Marianne Hayden Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Haynes Hearmuff Inc. Dorothy Herman Mr. Paul K. Herzan Mr. John Hicks Robert & Jane Hines Mr. Craig Horowitz Ms. Ann C. Howard Ms. Linda Huett Hullin Metz & Co. LLC Mr. Gary Illiano Michael H. Hurle Infinity Mechanical, Inc. Anthony Insinga International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 15,15A,15B Ms. Anita Iodice Isseks Bros, Inc. Ms. Laura Jacobi Alan L. and Barbara S. Jacobs Philanthropic Fund Mr. Gregory W. Jacobs Mr. Benjamin R. Jacobson Janklow Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Michael Jeffries Jersey City Public Schools

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Johnston Mrs. Christina Jones Jordan Cooper & Assoc. Inc. Mr. Patrick Joyce Mr. Joseph Kahl Bradley Katsuyama Ms. Michelle Monet Katz Mr. Felix Kaufman Kelley Drye & Warren LLP Ms. Kendra M. Kenny Kew Forest Maintenance Supply Co., Inc. Gregory Kleva Ms. Judy Kloner Mr. Richard Krainin Mr. Jeremy Kramer Kravet Inc. Mr. Peter Kreatsoulars Mr. & Mrs. Barry Kringstein Mr. Joseph R. Krist Concetta & Ronald Kristan Mr. William P Krivoshik . Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Lacey Ms. Evelyn Langbert Langdon Ford Financial Inc. Walter Larken Mr. Nicholas LaPorte, Jr. Larry Feinberg Family Foundation Robert B. Leaska Lee Stahl & Toby Stahl-Maranga Charitable Foundation Mr. John P Leib . Mr. Frank Leitner Mr. James Leonard Mr. Stephen Lessing Tobias Levkovich Arron Levy Mr. Bruce Levy Ms. Brenda S. Lewis Mr. Clifford H. Lewisohn Jennifer Liebeskind Lilker Associates Consulting Engineers, P .C. Mr. Kurt D. Locher Mr. Walter J. Luby Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Luddy, CFA Mr. Peter J. Lyon James A. Macdonald Foundation Michael MacDougall Ms. Donna Madafferi Madison Sport Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Magarro Magna-Dry Carpet Cleaners, Inc. Mr. John J. Maiolini, III Inderdeep Malik Malkin Fund, Inc. Laura Jean & Mark Mallow Ms. Judith Mandrakos Mr. James Manfredonia

Manhattan Demolition Co. Marc & Jennifer Lipsachultz Charitable Trust Marcum & Kliegman LLP Mr. Anthony Martignetti Mr. Frank Martorana Mauro Revocable Trust MBF Clearing Corp. Mr. Lowell McAdam Mark McCann John and Kerry McCoy Mr. Timothy McDougald Mr. John F. McGillicuddy Mr. John J. McKenna McShane Enterprises Inc. Mr. Christopher M. Meeks Harold and Marilyn Melcher Foundation Mendes & Mount, LLP Merck Partnership For Giving Mr. Matthew v Merola . Metropolitan Building Managers of NY Mr. & Ms. Fred Meyer Ms. Marie Meyer Sid and Lea Michael Middle Bay Charitable Foundation Mr. Edward Midgley Midland Elevator Co. Inc. Mr. George Mikes Ms. Helene Miller Millie viqueira and Steve Miller Fund Evelyn E. Milman Ms. Mildred Mironov MMC Energy, Inc. Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co. Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Guido Mosca Mr. Richard J. Mullarkey Corinne Mulvey Julianne Mulvey Ms. Jane S. Murray Ms. Donna Musto Ms. Maria Nardini Natalie Bruno Squassi Ms. Catherine Nathan National Philanthropic NBA Ms. Cindy E. Nelson New York Boiler, Inc. New York City Transit Authority New York Plumbing & Heating Corp. New York Security Systems, Inc. Mr. Robert M. Newman, Jr. Thomas S. Niemeier Mr. Scott Norby

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Notine, III NYC Photobooth Inc. NYM Worldgroup Inc. Leslie & Christopher O’Gorman Michael Onorato Open Systems Technologies Mr. Lawrence H. Oshin P Stone, Inc. .E. Mr. Adam J. Palmer Jessica Pantzer Panwy Foundation, Inc Mr. Andrew S. Parets Park Avenue Charitable Fund Mr. Williams C. Patterson Ms. Leslie S. Perkins Peter M. Sacerdote Foundation Peter R. & Cynthia K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. Brian Petix Elizabeth S. Philo Mr. Eric Philo Phoenix Beverages Pierce Mattie Public Relations Ms. Carole Pittelman Plaza Construction Corporation Poka Dotts the Clown Mr. & Mrs. Leonard S. Polaner Mrs. Ann Poll William Poll Mr. Richard Portogallo Portware, LLC Mr. Dennis B. Poster Mr. Malcolm K. Price Mr. Ryan Price Project Sunshine Property & Portfolio Research, Inc. Property Resources Corp. Prosthodontic and Implant Associates, P .C. Raich Ende Malter & Co. LLP Mr. Gerald H. Ranzal Aaron R. Rausen, M.D. RCG Information Technology, Inc. Real Media Ms. Nina Reeves Mr. Andreas Regenauer Regional Appraisal Assoc. Inc. Grace & Dan Reinhardt Karen & Louis Riccio Ridge Abstract Corp. Bernadette and James Riordan Rita & Henry/Kaplan Foundation Mr. Earl G. Rix Robert & Gail Edelstein Foundation Ms. Deborah A. Roberts Mrs. Fleurette Roberts Ms. Linda G. Robinson

Anthony and valerie Rodriguez Rogan Brothers Sanitation, Inc. Kathleen & Charles E. Rogers Miss Lisa Ronis Brett & Debra Rosen Cathy and Mike Rosen Michael Rosen Rosendale Ms. Cathy Ross Lesse Ms. Anne Ross Rotary Foundation of New York Rowan Family Foundation, Inc. Paul Russo Ruth’s Chris Steak House Mr. Daniel L. Sachs Mr. Eugene Sala Santa’s Cupboard Savage Services Corporation Stephen Scherr Schindler Elevator Corporation Jeffrey & Cari B. Schnipper Seeds Of Love Shepard Industries, LLC Mr. Martin Sherlock & Ms. Christine Spinelli Dena and William Sherwood Ms. Allison Siegel Mark Siegel Mr. Steven Siegel Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Siegel David Simkins Mr. Steve Simon Situs Companies SLCE Architects Mr. James Smith Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Sobecki Mr. & Mrs. David M. Solomon Ms. Leilei Song Sorin Capital Management LLC Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Spillane Mr. Daniel G. Spina Spitball Productions, LLC Standard Americas, Inc. Starbucks Coffee Starr Stein Robert Steinberg Ms. Barbara Steiner Stelle Architects, PLLC Mr. Clifford A. Sterling Mr. & Mrs. Martin A. Stoll Storis Inc. Strategic Construction Corp. Margo & Seymour Stricker Mr. Guy Struve Stupell Foundation Mr. John S. Sturges Stuyvesant Fuel Service Corp. Mr. Timothy M. Sullivan Mr. John K. Sweeney Ms. Theresa Sweeney Gene Sykes

T.M. Bier & Associates, Inc. Ms. Margaretta Taylor Mr. Jason Temerowski John A. Thaler The Alexander Fischbein Foundation The Box Butler The Colton Family Foundation, Inc. The Community YMCA The David P & Tracey L. . Gerber Family Foundation The Donald and Barbara Zucker Family Foundation The Fred Stein Family Foundation The George A. Long Foundation The Joan Perkowski Cashin Foundation The Jules Podell Foundation The Kurr Foundation, Inc. The Manhattan Resident Managers Foundation Inc. Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner LLP Grant Thorton TLC Companies Lawton Tootle Mr. Gregory Triandis Trinity Place Mr. & Mrs. Steven Tugentman Turner Broadcasting System Inc. UC Painting Company, Inc. Mr. James F. Ulrich Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association Joseph valentine Emily J. & Damian J. valentino velis Associates, Inc. Ms. Meredith vieira Mrs. Mary J. visco Mr. Ralph vogel Kathryn & Frank volino Wacky Wendy Ms. Gail Wallach Ms. Lisa Walsh J. David Wargo Ms. Carole Wasser Weitz & Luxenberg PC West Rac Contracting Corp. Katherine S. Westra Mr. Robert Wilen Winston & Strawn Mr. Kurt J. Wolfgruber Mr. Richard Wood Your Furniture Designers, Inc. Arthur Yu Mr. Andrew Zeyer Mr. Joe Zicherman David Zoll Tom Zschach



$500-999 312 West 58th Street Rest Corp. 2004 Trust A & L Sales, Inc. AAA Farm Corp. Mr. Ernest Abrahamson Mrs. Danielle Abrutyn Debbie Ackerman Mr. Gregory Adams ADE Systems, Inc. Aetna Giving Campaign AFSCME Local 768 Health Services Employees Mr. Michael Ainslie Ms. Kim Albano Robert Allen & Co. Harold and Ruth Allen Foundation Allstate Restoration Corp., Contractors and Engineers Ms. Josephine G. Anagnos Mr. Eric Andersen Mr. David Andreotta Anoloplis Ms. Lorraine Antoniello Ari Group Inc. Averick Foundation, Inc. AXA Foundation Matching Babesta Sir Joseph J. Bailey Mr. Stephen Barker Ms. Barbara T. Bartlett Sloan Bay Restoration Corp. Marc Bean Karin & Henry Becker, Jr. Michaela M. Beitzel Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP Bella Miller Charitable Gift Foundaton Mr. Henry M. Bergtraum Jill Bernstein Mr. S. Bernstein Mr. Jonathan Beyman Stacey L. Bilotto Mr. Christopher A. Blackman Mr. Mace Blickman Blue Woods Management Group Mr. Eric Blumencranz Ms. Linda Bohan Ms. Jo Etta Bokser Carol and James Bolger Mark B. Borteck Mr. Donald Boyle Ms. Roxanne Brandt Mrs. Margaret Brenner Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown Mr. Peter M. Brunell Bryan Cave LLP Mr. & Mrs. Harry Buckel Mr. Michael Bulger Ms. Rosemary K. Burke

Ms. Donna J. Burniston Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Burns Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Butrie Ms. Mildred Buydos Mr. & Mrs. Carl Cadwallader Mr. Scott P Callahan . Louis A. Campuzano Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Candella, Sr. Mrs. Mary Capaldi Monsignor Robert Capaldi Capin & Associates Inc. Mr. Joseph Caracappa Sue and Jerry Carter Mr. John Cassara Michael Castine Sophia Cavalluzzi Thomas Cavalluzzi Mr. Robert Cavaluzzi & Ms. Allison Jacques James Cavanagh CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchange Incorporated Centennial Elevator Industries, Inc. Mr. Richard Chadakoff Mr. Garland J. Chapman Roberta Chevlowe Mr. Michael Ching Mr. & Mrs. Scott Chisholm John Churchill Chutemaster/3M Cia Bella Cine Magnetics, Inc. Levi and Susan Citarella Citgo Petroleum Corporation Matching Program City Year CJ Claffey Harry L. Clark Mr. Stuart Clarke Ms. Betsy Cleveland Coffee Distributing Corp. Cohen Specialists, LLC Mr. Eli Cohen Mr. Ronald Cole Mr. Julien Collot Mr. Jeffrey Collura Mr. & Mrs. David Condo Sean M. Connelly, Esquire Continuum Dynamics, Inc. Dr. Russell Cornell Mr. Peter Costa Edward T. Cote, JR. Kenneth A. Cowin, CFA Matt Crakes Cranbrook Centennial Mr. John B. Cregan Kathleen B. Cuddahy Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. Cyber M@rketing Services, LLC Mr. Arthur E. D. D’Angelo Mrs. Cynthia Dabrowski Ms. Susan Dacks

Daniels & Norelli, P .C. James A. David Miss Barbara Davis Mr. Michael Davis Mr. Rutger De Quay Ms. Kathleen Decker Mr. John R. Denaro Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Desanctis Mr. Eric Diamond Mr. & Mrs. Robert DiClemente George M. Ditchian Millard W. Dixon Ms. Alexandra Don Mr. & Mrs. John F. Donahue Mr. & Ms. Jeffrey Dorman Ms. Pamela Dorman Mr. Bob Downes Margaret Downes Ms. Elizabeth Ducat Joseph and Patricia Dugan Ms. Kelly Dunne Mr. & Mrs. David A. Dworsky East River Liquor Len Eidlen Mark Eisler Frederic B. & Jennifer M. Eisman Ms. Carole Eisner Energy Solutions International Mr. Christopher Engel Enterprise Parking Systems Epiphany Mar Thoma Church Mr. David A. Epstein Esco Stationery Co., Inc. Evan Azriliant, Esq. Evan M. Temkin DMD Every Supply Fabco Consulting, Inc. Mrs. Marisa Falbo Jeff Fastov Mr. Charles J. Fausner Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fechter Mr. Lee Feinberg Jess Feldman Mr. Thomas A. Fenniman Ms. Anne Ferrara Ekaterina Fields Jeff Fields Mr. Bram Fierstein Financial Sec. Assurance, Inc. Finnestra Mr. & Mrs. Martin Fischer Fleetwood Lock & Alarm Co., Inc. Ms. Jeanne Forster Francky L’Official Paris Freeland & Associates, Inc. Mrs. Fran Freeman Mr. Bert Freidus Ms. Barbara Friedman Ben Friedman Zoe Friedman Mr. Michael Friedson Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Fromkin

FSA Financial Sec. Assurance, Inc. Gannett Mr. and Mr. Brill Garrett Mr. James T. Garvey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Buzzy Geduld Ms. Adele Geller Gen Re Yousef George Scott Gerber Perry Gershon Judy and David A. Gibbs Mr. Paul Gillen Ms. Lucille Gladstone Ms. Cathy Glaser GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Emma Glennon Global Consultants, Inc. Global Impact Neal Gold Ms. Nora K. Gold Ms. Cindy Golden Ms. Pamela Goldman Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gordon Mrs. & Mr. Joan and Donald Gordon Mr. Michael Gordon Richard Gordon Gould Investors Gramercy Capital Corp. Grand Mechanical Corp. Mr. Clay Graubard Mr. & Mrs. Edward Greason Mr. Edward Greenberg Greenlight Capital Inc. Stephen K. Grevelis Mr. Joseph J. Grieco Mr. Kenneth A. Griffin Ms. Barbara Griper Michael B. Grodio Mr. Timothy C. Grogan Mr. Laurence Groo George P Grunebaum . Mr. Joseph Guidetti and Mr. Robb Perry Mr. Aflalo S. Guimaraes Mr. Thomas P Gybel . Ms. Lynn Hamlin Hanover Direct Inc. Harold A. Schwartz Foundation Inc. Mr. Robert H. Harrison, Jr. Silvia Harven Ms. Nancy Hayward HCL Mrs. Lesley Heller Ms. Joyce W. Hensley Carole & Henry Herschaft Ms. Nicola M. Heryet Hibernia Provident Society Mr. William Hillegass Lisa M. & Donald Himpele Hi-Rise Laundry Ms. Babette S. Hollister

Holy Name Society of N.Y .D. .P Mr. Jonathan A. Horowitz James and Tera Howe Jr. Patricia B. Hubbard Imperial Parking Systems Inc. Integrated Security Services, Inc. International Blind Contractors, Ltd. Mr. Joseph Ippolito Islip Teachers Association Ms. Jane M. Iwanowski J. Weinstein Foundation Inc. Ms. Patricia Jack Jacobowitz Chesed Fund JAD Corporation of America Jefferies & Company, Inc. Brendan Johnson Jones Apparel Group Mrs. Dorothy P Jordan . K.I. of New York, Inc. Mr. Kenneth M. Kahn Ms. Peggy Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kahn John & Felicia Kantor Mrs. Patti Katz Ms. Kathy Kemple Kendall Carter Revocable Mr. John Kessler Mr. Samuel Ketive Kevin Davis Insurance Services Miss Louise M. Keyser Margaret & Anthony King Ms. Janet Kireker Mr. Joel Kirschbaum James D. Klein Kleinman & Weinshank, LLP Mr. Richard Kleinman Mr. John Kosich Ms. Evangeline Koskovolis Mr. George Kouvaras KPMG Dr. Padmanabha Krishnan Ms. Jill Kupferberg La Costa Ms. Josephine Lagana Ms. Cecily Lang Mr. Joseph Langley Mr. David Langlois Langsam Property Services Corp Amanda Lanning George B. Lathrop Thomas and Anna Lee Andrea A. Lefkovits Ms. Betty G. Leitner Patrick Lenz Mr. Justin Lepone Mr. David Lester Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leventhal Lawrence J. Levine

Mr. Martin Levine Mr. Neil Levine Ms. Rita Levy Ms. Marjorie Riche Lewis Mr. Jeffrey Liddle Lester and Judith Lieberman Mr. & Mrs. John D. Lipscomb Annette LiPuma Kaitlyn LiPuma Mr. Stephen J. Lis Geoff Lloyd London Manhattan Corp. Mr. Bernard Loredo Macedos Construction, LLC Mr. Frank Macinnis Magician Mark Mitton Mr. Riccardo Mancuso Marbro Enterprises, Ltd. Mr. Anthony Marinello Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Marks Marriott Marquis Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. Mr. Julien Mason Mr. Michael D. Mayo Michael L. & Dr. Jacqueline Mayo Ms. Joan McCarthy Heather McDonald Ms. Kimberly M. McGeever McGraw-Hill Companies Employee Giving Campaign Mr. Harry P McKasson . Stephen & Anita McKenna MCR Restaurant Corp Annie Mcveigh Colin Mcveigh Dr. Faith A. Menken Mr. Joseph Merante Ms. Patricia Merrill Metal Lathers & Reinforcing Iron Workers Elef Metaxatos Scott and Mary Meyer MF Global Michael Laub Co. LLC Ms. virginia Michaels Don and Patricia Miller Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Miller Mr. Steven A. Mills Mr. William Miner Ms. Allison D. Mintz Mr. Peeyush Misra Dr. Dean C. Mitchell, M.D. Ms. Mary B. Moore Ms. Elizabeth Morgan Mr. Stephen Moss Markos Moya Patricia & James L. Mueller Ms. Theresa Mullan Ms. Michelle Murphy Ms. Shirley v Nelkin . NOB Hill Capital Management, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Noll Mr. Ronald D. Noll Ms. Ruth Norek Harold S. & Amy Novikoff NYC Meat Packing District Mr. Michael T. Obalde Ms. Marie O’Brien Mr. Ciaran T. O’Kelly John J. Okray Ms. Maureen M. O’Leary Mr. Michael Oleksiak Mr. Angel Olmeta Mr. William Oppenheim Brian & Kimberly Orcutt Scott R. Ornstein Ms. Lillian Otranto Ms. Barbara Pacifico Park Avenue Synagogue Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Parks Ms. Dorothy Peart Mr. Matthew Persanis Petra Capital Management LLC Mr. George Petras Reverend Joseph A. Pfaff Mr. Stephen Picerno Mr. Edward Pincover Ann Pinkerton Trust Foundation Ms. Shea Pinson Placido Azteca Planet Press, Inc. Plumbers Local Union #1 Mr. Charles Polizzi Mr. Joseph Polizzotto Mr. Leon Pollack Preferred Healthmate, Inc. Prestige & Group Sales Box Office Priore Electrical Corp Public School 126, Manhattan Pumping Solutions Inc. Mr. Henry M. Quincannon, JR. Liam Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Ramesdorfer RAND Engineering & Architecture, PC Mr. Stephen Ravosa RCL Agencies, Inc. Red Door Mr. Monte Redman Debra and Stephens Reed Ronald Reede Ms. Theresa Regis & Damond A. Yearns, POA Alison Reid Reiken Construction Management, Inc. Mr. Patrick Reilly Mr. Marc Reiner Ms. Ellen Reinheimer & Mr. Barry Lovell Mrs. Joan Ricci

Richard E. Riegel III Jeanne Riegel Ms. Susan Rizzo vincent Mr. William Roark Ms. Linda Gosden Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rodman The Malvin & Greta Roesch Foundation Michael Rogak Mr. Gerald J. Ronayne Mr. Clifford Rooke Ms. Madeline F. Rose Ms. Amy Rosen Leonard and Suzanne Rosenfeld Ms. Dana B. Rosenthal Mr. Mark Rosenthal Mr. Richard J. Rudden Mrs. Elia Russo Mr. Gregory Russo Mr. John B. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Elias and Elizabeth Sacks Mr. & Mrs. Ron Safir Fadi Saibi Saint Paul Parish Center Samuel Adams The Boston Beer Company Samuel’s of Rhinebeck, Inc. Mr. John Samuelson James Scagliola Ms. Mary Schaeffer Mr. Michael B. Schiff Robin & Arrien Schiltkamp Ms. Ruth Schlossberg Jeremy Schneider Mrs. Elaine Schott Mr. Eric Schultz Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Schussler Mrs. Justine Schussler Mr. David O. Schwartz Max & Gail Schwartz Ms. Lois Schwartzberg Marc Sevastopoulo Mr. Sheldon Shane Mr. Harold S. Shapero Mr. Gary Shapiro Ms. Nancy L. Shenker Mr. Christopher Sherlock Sherman & Gordon, P .C. Ms. Josephine Siciliano Carl Siegel Mr. M. Bernard Siegel Sierra Consulting Group Siff Charitable Foundation Ms. Nicole A. Slavitt Mr. Adam Sloan Ms. Janice K. Smith Mr. Bruce Smolka Ms. Ellen Smoller Michael & Carol Snyder Solitaire Creations Inc. Ms. Mary J. Soriano Mr. John Spicer



Robert and Mariellen Spina Mr. Christopher Squassi St. Paul’s RC Church Ms. Anne E. Stabile Joan Stagg Ms. Helen J. Stagias Ms. Karen Stasiak Mr. Paul Steinberg Roger W. Stephens Ms. Bonnie Stern Lee Stettner Andrea M. Stranglen Stuart S. Applebaum Giving Foundation Michael & Lori J. Sundsted Andrew B. Suzman Mark F. Swank Mr. & Mrs. Allen Swerdlick Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Karen Sywolski Leslie Szivos Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Talbot Hilda M. Taveras Ms. Sara Taylor Teddimatts, Inc. Terrapin Capital Holdings, LLC The Bussino Foundation The Chazen Foundation The Coliseum Bar & Restaurant The Crisp Family Foundation The David & Sondra Mack Foundation, Inc. The Haber Foundation The Journal News The Kandell Fund The Moody’s Foundation The Opus Foundation The Residents of 132 E. 35th St. Murray Hill House The Sakalis Family Ms. Arlene Thomashow Kent Thompson Tiffany & Co. Todd Harris Co., Inc. Wanda Tom Torin Associates, Inc. Carol E. Toscano Ms. Linda J. Tricarico Mr. vassilios Tsafos Tuchman, Korngold, Weiss, Lippman & Gelles, LLP Mr. Michael Tuohy Turn 2 Foundation, Inc. Uniformed Fire Officers Assoc. United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America United Way of New York City John Urban Ms. Johanna Utrecht Mr. Joseph valesio Ms. Amy and Jeff verschleiser vFA-211 Officers Mess

victor Herbert Foundation Mrs. Thomas P villata . Hannah and Michael vincent viniar Family Foundation Gloria vitolo Ms. Judith vogel Ernest and Lesa vogliano, Jr. Ms. Ourania vokolos-Zias Mr. Robert M. vorsanger Scanet Walden Scarlet Walden Mr. Justin Walder James E. & Deborah C. Walker Lou and Allison Wallach Ms. Carol Walter Ms. Jeanne M. Ward Ms. Renee Ward Mr. George Warren Watts in Westchester Corp. Jordyn Waye Dr. Michael Weiner Mr. Andrew Weinrich Mr. Mark B. Weisburger Mr. Michael A. Weisburger Mr. Peter A. Wiener & Mrs. Lisa B. Carroll Mr. Gregory Wierzbowski Mrs. Joanne M. Williams Margaret M. Windrem Winston Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Joel Wojnilower Mr. Adam Wolfson WRA Properties, Inc. Mr. Joseph L. Yasgur Mr. Steven Yedvarb Albert E. Yorio Young Chefs Academy Mr. Andrew J. Zacharia Andrew Zapletal Mr. Orren Zipper Ms. Donna Zlocki $250-499 1st Financial Bank USA 77 Ideas, Inc. A & J Cianciulli. Inc. A.M. Property Holding Corp. A.P .O.W. Towing Mrs. Rose Aalto ABD Associates LLP Dr. Graciela Abelin-Sas Mr. Ross Abelow Mr. John Ackerson Mark M. Adams AFSCME / Local 1930 Nadine Agree Rufano Anne & Garth Ainslie T. Alimaras All Strings Attached Inc. Amanda Allen American Scaffold & Equipment Corp. American Sugar Refining, Inc. Reverend Charles Amstein

Brian H. Anderson Mr. John Anderson Andrew Romano Attorney at Law Mrs. Carol B. Annacone Nate Appleby Sam Appleby Mrs. Susan Appleby Aretsky’s Petroon Arista Air Conditioning Corp Mr. & Ms. Luigi Arlia Ms. Joan Arslinian Ms. Terri Lee Asiel Asset Staffing, Inc. Astoria Federal Savings Atwell Detergents LLC Cory Azriliant Mr. Sidney W. Azriliant Mr. Theodore B. Baba Mr. Jeffrey Bacidore Mr. Dennis Baer Mr. Roy P Bahrenburg . Mr. Charles Baker Ms. Natalie Ballen Ms. Myra Barcan Jaede A. Barg Ms. Maryann Barone Mr. Mitchell Barry Basonas Construction Corp. Ms. Dianne W. Batten Mr. Robert A. Baumler Ms. Lynn B. Bayard Mr. Douglas Beale Mr. George Becker Ms. Patricia Begley Ms. Janet M. Belden Ms. Gina Bellino Ms. Susan Benedict Bergen Anesthesia Associates Mr. Alberto Bergeret Bergers Wholesale Meats, Inc. Ms. Henrietta Berko Ms. Madaleine Berley Mr. & Mrs. William F. Berliner Dr. Ellin Berman Ms. Sheila Bernard Bernini Construction Corp. Bissel, Inc. Ms. Karen Bitetto Mr. Lewis Black Mr. Richard Block Mr. & Mrs. William Blohm Melvyn H. Blum Mr. & Mrs. Bruce and Diane Bobbins Mr. Stephen Bodiford Mr. George H. Bodine Mrs. Roberto Bonetti Lee C. Boody Ms. Carol Boswell Braverman & Associates, P .C. Bread Market Mr. William Brennan Frances and Leo D. Bretter

Ms. Bernadette Brida Mr. Jeffrey Brodsky Patrick Brown Mr. George L. Buchman Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bukzin Mr. Michael Burke Mr. James J. Burns Brian D. Burton Ms. Elizabeth Busovsky Mr. & Mrs. Fredric B. Byrnes L. Byrnes C. Trans World Inc. Ms. Enid Cabrera Mr. Robert Cahill Mr. Bartton Caiet Robert & Ellen Calinoff Mr. Robert Camilleri Mr. Joel Cardillo Mr. Joseph Carillo Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Carlino Ms. Anne Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Brian Carroll Mr. John J. Caruso Ms. Beatrice C. Cassidy Ms. Millie Cassidy Cassin & Cassin, LLP Ms. Maureen Caulfield Ms. Kim Cavaliere CC Controlled Combustion CCN Designs Inc. Cement & Concrete Workers Union, Local 18A Central Plumbing Specialties Briget and Charles Chamness Lance Chantiles-Wertz Mr. Howard Charnas Chenoa Information Services, Inc. Chilmark Foundation, Inc. Mr. Rafael Chireno Chris Soukas Furs, Inc. Church of Saint Rita Ms. Sacheen Cicero Ms. Stephanie E. Cioffi Coffee Grinder, Inc. Ms. Beth Cohen Simon Cohen Ms. Anne Colao Ms. Carol Collins Tristan Connors Ms. Jane Conover Mr. Frank M. Conte Ms. Florence Conway Mr. Robert Cook Ms. Alyse Cooper Katherine Corbet Ms. Julie Corcoran Mrs. Joanne Cordano Mr. Joseph Costa Mr. & Mrs. Jim Costello Brendan Coughlin Nancy Coughlin Ms. Fay Dawes Couyoumjan Mr. vacilios Crokos

Mrs. Wini Cudjoe Gerard` Cunningham Mrs. Edera Curcio Ms. Janice Cuttingham Ms. Edith Dackow Mr. James Dale Alexandra Daly Mr. Arthur Daly Mr. George Daly Ms. Patricia Danner Mr. Devin M. Darcangelo Datacom Technology Group Mrs. Laurily Davi David Bowler Wine David Kleinberg Design Assoc. Mr. Morton Davidman Ms. Nancy Davies Mr. Brian L. Davis Lucy De Lotbiniere Mr. Edward De Santis Mr. John Deangelo Deborah Anne Gentile Inc. Ms. Barbara Deichman Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse Mr. Jon Del Giorno Ms. Toni Del vecchio Mr. Patrict Delince Michael DeMarco Ms. Sandra DeMaria Mr. Edward DeSantis Deutsch Charitable Foundation Ms. Patricia Deweger Ms. Marianne Dewitt Ms. Joan F. Di Bari & Ms. Maria M. Di Bari Mr. & Mrs. John Dibari Ms. Joann Digulla Ms. Marilyn P Dinklemeyer . Mr. Timothy Dinneny Direct Management Corporation Robert Diubaldo Ms. Regina Dolan Don Bosco Columbiettes Mr. William J. Donahue Mr. Eugene E. Donnelly Mr. Thomas Donovan Dorian General Contracting, Inc. Mrs. Mary Dovico Maya Drzewicki Ms. Isabel B. Drzewiecki D’s Exterminating Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Dugan Mr. Peter Dunlop & Mrs. Diane Dunlop Mr. Patrick v Dunne . Stephen Duplantis Ms. Florence Durso Marian Earnest East Midtown Association

Eastside Floor Supplies, LTD Eden Environmental, Inc. Ms. Harriet M. Einhorn Ms. Patricia Eitner Ms. valerie Elias Elite Floor Services, Inc. Yaacov Y. Elkus Empire Metal Finishing, Inc. Empire Post vF W Mr. Alan S. Englander Envirolite Systems, Inc. Epiphany Community Nursery School Gary Epstein Mr. Dave H. Evans Executech Interiors Corp. Expressway Music Inc. Mr. Paul Fagan Mrs. Bertram F. Fagenson William Fallon Mrs. Phyllis M. Farrar Mr. John P Faughnan . Sean A. Faughnan Mr. Douglas Fenniman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Ferland Ms. Amy Fink Mr. Steven Finkel Fire Station #3 Fund Mr. William Fischer Judith Fishman Flag Waterproofing & Restoration Co. Erick Flanagan Mr. Harold H. Flegenheimer Mr. Charles Fleming Mr. Joseph H. Flom Mr. James P Flynn . Mr. John Flynn Mr. & Mrs. David Foley Teddy Foley Ms. Eunice Forman Leonard and Bernice Forman Ms. Barbara Franko Hank Freid Mr. Dennis Freiwald Mr. Luca Fresiello Dr. Alan Friedman Mrs. Ann Friedman Ms. Ellen Friedman Joshua Friedman Ms. Laura M. Fulmer GAF Painting dba PAF Painting Mr. David Gagliardotto Mrs. Rhonda R. Gale Gavin Galiardo Luke Galiardo Blake & Linda Gall Ms. Lorraine Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gambino Mr. Anthony Garafalo Mr. Joseph B. Gaynor Mr. Richard Geller Mr. Mark Geraghty

Mr. Alfred Gerosa Logan Gershon Jeffrey S. Gerson Mr. John Giampolo The Gibble Family Ms. Nancy Gibbs Joann Giffuni Wellner Mr. vincent Q. Giffuni Ms. Barbara Giordano Donna J. Giuliano Gladstein Development Group, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Gary Glaser Ms. Joy Glass Mr. & Mrs. Mark Godridge Nick Godridge Mrs. Audrey Goldberg Ms. Diana Golden Mr. Jay Goldman Jolie Goldring Mr. Howard Goldstein Mr. Davin Z. Goldsztajn Leticia R. Gonzales Mr. Gerard Goode Goodwin Sports Management Deirdre Gordon Dinah Gordon Mr. Edward Gordon Ms. Helene Gordon Mrs. & Mr. Gorman Barbara J. Gorman Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gorman Ms. Cheryl Gould Mr. Robert Gould Mrs. Steven Gould Ms. Linda Grabkowski Gramatan Gourmet Foods LLC Grand Central Zocalo Restaurant Mr. John Grant Ms. Cecilia Grasso Ms. Christine Graziano Mr. John Greco Mr. Marc S. Greenberg Ms. Susan Greenberg Mr. & Mrs. Nick Greisen Mr. John R. Grey Mr. vito Grisanti Ms. Catherine Grynuk Ram P Gupta . Mr. Peter Guyett Gym Source Bruce D. Haber, D.D.S. Mr. Barry Haberman Ms. Phyllis Haberman Mr. & Mrs. Jack Habert Mr. Jeffrey M. Habib & Ms. Jessica L. Lowrey Jennifer Hadiaris Adam R. Hagfors Ms. Mary Hamilton Frank K. & Kristine K. Harder Mrs. Kristine K. Harder Mrs. Lillian S. Hardy

Mrs. Kim Harrelson Ms. Barbara Harris Daniel Harrison Mr. Lowell Harwood Ms. Margaret A. Hauck Mr. Albert Hayes Bethany Heaney Cole Heddings Ms. vivian Hedges William Hefferman Edward Lee Heflin Hellman Electric Corporation Mr. Alan D. Herman Sally F. Hernandez Lilly Hershey-Webb Mr. Michael Herts Mr. Gary S. Hett Ms. Cathy Higgins Kathlyn Hodge Mr. Edward A. Hoffman Howard Belfer Inc. Mr. Michael A. Hurle Mr. Gene Hurst Zoe M. Hutchinson I BUSS Uniform Company Mr. George Imbriale Mr. Mark R. Imowitz Mr. John Imperatore Information Methods Incorporated InSys Consulting Services, Inc. International Union of Operating Engineers Mrs. & Mr. Jacobs Anthony Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Jacobs Mr. Stephen Jacobs Mr. Herbert Jacoby Jefferies & Company, Inc. Mr. Jeffrey Jewett Mrs. Birgitte Jobson Mrs. Darlene N. Jody Mr. Steve Joffe John Dewey High School John Mackey Insurance Brokerage Inc. R. B. Jones Robert Josephberg, M.D. Ms. Carol Kanarek Mr. Bernee Kapili Mr. & Mrs. Gene Kaplan Mr. Sol Kaplowitz Ms. vivian W. Kardaras Mr. Gary R. Karter Todd Kata Ms. Elaine L. Katz Mr. David Katzen Mrs. Robert Kaufman Christina Kelerchian Ms. Joyce A. Keller Mr. John Kelly Mr. John J. Kelly Ms. Karen L. Kennedy Mr. John Kenworthy



Bobby C. Kim Kimber MFG., Inc. Mr. Rick King Mr. John Kingsley Mr. Andrew Kirschner Mr. Richard A. Klein The Kletz Family Kell Klopp KMPG Community Giving Campaign Ms. Barbara D. Knox Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Koenig Mr. Edgar R. Koerner Andrew Kohut Mr. Michael T. Kohut Mrs. Daryl Koroluk Mr. Gary S. Koryte Mrs. Steven Kosann Ms. Esther Koven Kraft Foods Matching Gift Ms. Rae Krelitz Ms. Rita Kronovet Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Kubernat Mr. Edward P Kujawa . Mr. David Kuperberg Agnes Ladanyi Frank Laezza Juan & Maria Lago Ms. Mary L. Lambert Ms. Lynda M. LaMonte Mr. Reid Lawton Lazard Capital Markets LLC Mr. Paul Le Noble Samson B. Leavitt Mr. M. Lebworth Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lechleitner Mrs. Bettye J. Lee Ms. Sharon Lee Mrs. & Mr. Julie and Paul Leff Ms. Hillary Leibowitz Ms. Eletheria Lelakis Lemie & Wolff, Inc. Ms. Livia Lengyel Mr. Justin Lepone Mr. Jonathan Levy Mrs. Susan Levy Ms. Debra Lewis Mr. Richard T. Lewis Ms. Martha Likidis Ms. Wen Ling Ms. Susan Link Mr. Barry Lipsitz Mr. Roy A. Lipson Mr. Michael Lisa Ms. Debra Litman Local 147 Tunnel Workers Mr. Daniel Loeffler London Cleaners Corp Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Elizabeth D. Lowrie Sarah Lucin Lucky’s Real Tomatoes Mr. Patrick J. Lynch

Mr. Andrew MacDonald Mr. Michael J. Mandel Baylen Manocha Mr. Joseph Marin Dr. Frank A. Marotta Mr. Richard Marrero Mr. and Mrs. Bernardino Martinez Mr. Michael A. Martzahl Susan J. Matula and Jeffrey Osterman Ms. Immacolata Mazzone Mr. Thomas McAdam Kristen McAdams Mr. William J. McAdams Mr. & Mrs. James McBurney Richard F. Mc Carthy Mr. Patrick McClymont Mr. & Mrs. Paul McDermott Mr. Richard McDonald Kasey McDonough McFar Construction, Ltd. Hugh and Barbara McGovern Noel McGovern McGraw-Hill Inc. Mr. Michael McInerney Ms. Judith McLane Kerry McMahon Ms. Maryalice McNamara Naomi McNeil Mr. David C. Mcvey Dr. Mary T. Mcvicar MDC Productions, Inc. Mr. John J. Meehan, III Ms. Dayna Mendez Mr. Edward Mermelstein Metro 53 Metro 92 Partners Metro Fuel Oil Corp Ms. Janice Metzler Michael King Inc. Mr. George Michinard Midtown Preservation, P .C. Ms. Janet Miedema Mr. & Mrs. Herb S. Milich Millennium Protective Services, Inc. Mr. Earl Miller Ms. Nicole Miller Ms. Barbara Miltenberger Ms. Sara Minsteris Wendy Mitzner Mr. Louis R. Mohn Mr. Christopher Monaco Mrs. Fanny Mondelli Ms. Ina Moore Mrs. Linda and David Morel Miss Clare B. Morrison Mr. & Mrs. William G. Morton Adin Moses Ms. Jean Moy Mr. Glenn Muleucis Mr. Harry Munzing Maryann & Thomas Murphy, Jr.

Courtney Murphy Mr. John Murphy Ms. Kathleen Murphy Ms. Mary Ann Murphy Mr. Joseph W. Myles Mr. Charlotte Nad Ms. Karen A. Nassauer Nelson Organizations, Inc. Alexis Nerestant Carmen O. Neu, M.D. Ms. Donna Neuman Ms. Bridget Neville New York Bagels Deli & Cafe Inc. Mrs. Linda N. Newman Mr. Robert S. Newton Carole M. Nick Mr. Augustine J. Nigro Ms. Diane Nixon Ms. Kathryn R. Norton Mr. Stephen Novis Kevin C. O’Brien O’Connel Construction Inc. Daniel and America O’Connell Mr. Raymond v O’Connor, Sr. . Joseph O’Donnell Phoeke S. Ohl OnBoard LLC O’Neil Langan Architects, PC OppenheimerFunds Tim Oravec Mr. Gerald Orlinick Ms. Sybil Oster Mariah D. Pagan Dr. Sotiris Pagdadis Ms. Doris Palazzo Palmer Avenue Lizzie’s LLC Mrs. Stella Panteliodes Mr. James Papp Ms. Janet Pappas Michele Paretti Park East Synagogue Congregation Zichron Ephraim Mr. & Mrs. Adam and Lee Parker Mr. Edward J. Parker Ms. Jenita Lee Parson Ms. Mona Pasternack Patras Trucking Corp. Paul Dyeing Company Mr. Robert Peck Ms. Madeline Pena Pepsi Co Foundation Mr. Claudio Perfetto Michael H. Peskowitz Ms. Donna A. Petagine Mr. Michael J. Petro Mr. Ed Petrosky Mr. Joseph F. Peyronnin Mr. Richard D. Piazza Pilot Products Inc. Mr. Raymond G. Pitek, Jr. Nick Pjetrovic

Mr. Steven Henry Placek Matthew Plevener Joseph Poccio Mr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Porzecanski Ms. Donna Potorti Ms. Karen Powell Precision Wood Windows and Doors Inc. Precision Construction Contracting, Inc. Mrs. Dana Price Project E LLC PTA of PS 193 Queens Ralph and Ann Pucci Ms. Saveria M. Pugni Quilters of Color Network of New York Quinn & Co. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Quinn R H Consultants & Associates Inc. R.A. Cohen & Associates, Inc. Ms. Audrey Rabsatt Raines International Inc. Mr. William T. Rainey, Jr. Mr. Henry Ramallo Mr. Richard Ranft Ranger Supply Co., Inc. Sydney R. Raniere Mr. Alfred Rastelli Dr. Jennifer Ratner Christine Raymond Renato and Maria Reali Mr. Kevin Reilly Ms. Maxine Reiss Mr. Robert C. Remhild Angelo Restaino Emma Restrick Julie Rhew Mr. Kevin D. Ribakove Mr. Donald Riker Mr. Jessie Rinaldo Riverside Medical Group PLLC Nicholas Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Roccosalvo Mr. Myles Rodnick Alexandra Rodriguez Mr. Carlos A. Rodriguez Ms. Eileen Rogers Cynthia Root Ms. Gloria Rorro Mr. Rudolph Rosenbaum D. K. Ross Mr. John S. Rothschild Mr. Richard Rothschild Ms. Andrea Rothstein RSM McGaldrey Inc. Ms. Regina M. Rubenstein Mr. Joseph G. Rumpolo Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Ruyle S & R Management Inc. S & W Painting, Inc. SAB Capital

S.E.A. Market Corporation Mr. Anthony Sacco Mrs. Patricia G. Salisbury Salomon & Appleman, Ltd. Mr. Allen Sauler Ms. Mary Sayers Ms. Kaylan Scagliola Ms. Ann Schaefer Mrs. Karen J. Schlesinger & Mr. Gary H. Yablon Ms. Karen and Susan Schmitt Mrs. Judith Schneider Mr. Kennth Schulman John L. Schulz Schwab Charitable Fund Ms. Paula B. Schwartzberg Mr. Robert Schweizer Ms. Cathy M. Schwartz Robert and Anne Schwertfeger Ms. Carolyn Scott Mr. & Mrs. Frank Scott Ms. Jeanne M. Scungio Mr. Donald Seeley Ms. Judy C. Seiff SEIU Local 32BJ Ms. Barbara Seixas The Maryam and Hervey Seley Foundation Mrs. Roberta Selzer Dawn and William Sessa Joseph J. Shaheen Ms. Ellen Shain Mr. Paul Shapiro Mr. John E. Sharko Mr. Dennis Sheehan Mrs. Janet Sheiner Ms. Mary Sheridan Mr. Bernard Sherman Mr. David Sherman Mr. and Mrs. David Sherman Mr. Michael P Sherman . Mr. & Mrs. Joel Shiff Ms. Joan Shigekawa Dave Sholtis & Family Mr. & Mrs. Marc Siegel Mr. & Mrs. Randy Silverman Mr. Steve Simon Mr. Frank P Siragusa . Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sisti Ms. Heidi Slimm Kenneth N. Small, D.D.S., P .C. Dondrie Smith Ms. Dorothy L. Smith Mr. Jeffrey A. Smith Michael and Carol Smith Mr. Andrew W. Snorton Sofrito Restaurant Kyle Solomon Ms. Lucy Soovajian Mrs. Susan Spaeth Mr. Bud Spellman Ms. Mary K. Spengler Philip C. Spinelli

Mr. Brian Stagnitti Caitlin Stammen Ms. Mary Stephens Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Stevinson Mrs. Dianne Stillman Stone Solutions Inc. Ms. Sue Strosahl Ms. Ann M. Subach Kerry J. Sulkowicz, M.D. Ms. Madeline Sullivan Swede Farms Ms. Cathymarie C. Sweeney Ms. Sylvia D. Sznajder Mr. Andrew M. Tabor Ms. Ariana Tadler Ms. Shelly Talan Mrs. Joan Tammany TAP Connected to the Community Giving Campaign Ms. Christine Tapfar Ms. Tina Tapinekis Ms. Donna Tavoso Mr. Richard J. Tegtmeier Mr. Evan M. Temkin The Hideaway Tavern, Inc. The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp The Rockefeller Foundation The Rust Family Foundation The Urstadt Conservation Foundation The Winston Preparatory School Mrs. Mary Ann Thomas Richard and Karen Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Thompson, Sr. Mr. Donald Tick Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts Ms. Catherine Tombari Mr. David Traitel Ms. virginia Travers Mr. Larry Travis Ms. Elizabeth Trebus Trel Restaurant, Inc. Mary Trezza Tropham Foundation Inc. Ms. Mary P Tully . Mr. Peter Tuozzolo United Brotherhood of Carpenters Ms. Christina valcarcel Ms. Heidi valgoi Arielle van den Ende van Dyke Family Foundation Peter and Georgia van Dyke Mrs. Gertrude van Name Lindsey M. vandoros Mr. Lorenzo T. vanore vantage Group, Inc. Mr. James varco vericlaim, Inc.

Mr. Michel vernhes Paul R. vigue vision Lacrosse Andrew vogel Mr. James volonakis Christian volpe Mr. Richard volpe Mrs. Jane von Ost Alphonse vota, Jr. & Arlene Fileccia Ms. Alicia vredjian Mrs. Margaret Wagner Ms. Kathy C. Wall Mr. Daniel L. Wallace Ms. Ann Walsh Ms. Susan C. Waltman Mrs. Joan Warburg Mr. Philip W. Warner Dr. Azra T. Wasti Lisa Watson Weeden & Co. Mark A. Weiner Mr. & Mrs. William Weininger Ms. Inez Weinstein Mr. Michael Weinstock Mr. Michael Werner Arthur J. Wichman, CFA Mr. Sol Wieder Ms. Kay J. Wight Ms. Lisa Wilf Mr. Gregg Willinger Ms. Bessie Wilson Ms. Margaret L. Wilson Ms. Gwenn S. Winkhaus Wirrlin & Chasen Family Women’s Auxiliary of Congregation Emanuel Ms. Cynthia Wong WPG Solutions, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David Young Ottilie F. Young Tallulah Young Mr. John M. Zak Mr. Jerry Zakrzewski Mr. Leonard Zangas Zaskorski & Notaro Architects Saida Zerovali Ms. Dorothy Zondag Mr. John Zurell

paRtneR HospItals
Bellevue Hospital Center Beth Israel Medical Center NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Hospital for Special Surgery Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Institute Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Montefiore Medical Center Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center The Mt. Sinai Medical Center The New York-Presbyterian/ Weill Cornell Medical Center NYU Langone Medical Center Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine St. vincent’s Hospital Manhattan St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center



William T. Sullivan President & Chief Executive Officer Winifred Cudjoe Director of House Operations Joseph Guidetti Chief Financial Officer Richard H. Martin Director of Development Ralph W. vogel Director of Human Resources, volunteers & Programs Daniel Badillo Evening Manager Michael Ballew Development Officer Nelida Barreto Director of Programs Peter L. Samaha Vice President George Simeone Vice President/Finance Committee Chair Shelly S. Friedman, Esq. Secretary Rick Richardson Treasurer Mel Farrell Building Engineer Cherilyn Frei Director of Family Support Suzanna C. Houston Assistant to the President & Office Manager Karen Kirk Director of Special Events Patrick Lenz Director of Major Gifts Fordham Murdy Program Manager Jim Rooney Evening Manager Niki Sideris Chairman, Greek Division Helen Stafford volunteer Manager Stephen Yarri Controller

Stanley B. Shopkorn Chairman of the Board Randel A. Falco Vice Chairman vivian Harris President Emeritus William T. Sullivan President & Chief Executive Officer Richard J. O’Reilly, MD Vice President

John M. Angelo Steven J. Bensinger Milton R. Berlinski Terry Bovin Bruce D. Colley Jerry de St. Paer Harris Diamond James E. Fitzgerald Casey Gard Judy Gilbert Joseph R. Gromek James A. Jacobson Theodore P Janulis . Robert E. La Blanc Sacha Lainovic Kenneth G. Langone Candace Leeds Tina Lundgren James P MacGilvray . Timothy J. Mahoney, Jr. Rocco J. Maggiotto Edward J. Malloy Joel Newman Frank Pellegrino Aaron R. Rausen, MD Michael E. Roemer Clifford A. Sterling

This Annual Report, through contributions, in-kind gifts and donated services, was printed at no cost to Ronald McDonald House of New York, Inc. on “Mohawk Windpower” Options recycled 80-lb text/100-lb cover.

Special thanks to Bowne Business Communications, Bowne & Co., Inc., Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc. and XPEDX International Paper.

R. Peter Altman, MD Michael J. DeSola, Jr. Barbara Eig Michael. A. Giunta


Michael Hegarty George F. Mikes J. E. Reeves, Jr.

Devin Deschaine, Hudson, FL

Back cover: Mayoral Proclamation, November 2008, in recognition of the House’s 30th Anniversary