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					Unit Standard MM301: Carry out course administration

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Carry out course administration 3 3 Education, Training and Development Adult Learning (Occupation Directed)

This unit standard will be useful for training coordinators, office administrators, trainers, training officers or anyone responsible for course administration. People credited with this unit standard are able to: carry out pre-course arrangements and administration; provide administrative support during courses; and maintain course records. Learning Assumptions: General administration skills, computer literacy and communications at NQF level 3 Range statement: Administrators will be working within the context of established administration processes and procedures, under the supervision or direction of a manager, and in consultation with ETD personnel.

Draft 1 – November 2005


Unit Standard MM301: Carry out course administration

Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria specific outcome 1: Carry out pre-course arrangements and administration assessment criteria 1.1 1.2 Course administration requirements are confirmed with relevant ETD practitioners and/or written instructions. Pre-course arrangements are completed within agreed time-frames and are recorded in line with organisational requirements. Range: course nominations and bookings; provision of course information; pre-course assessments, bookings for venue; catering; travel and accommodation; as applicable. Arrangements cater for special needs. Learning resources are confirmed to be sufficient and ready for the course. Venue access and layout is arranged to meet course requirements. Financial arrangements are made according to organisational procedures.

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specific outcome 2: Provide administrative support during courses assessment criteria 2.1 2.2 2.3 Administrative support provided during the course ensures records are accurate and current. Learner queries concerning administrative and/or logistical arrangements are dealt with effectively and efficiently, and in line with organisational procedures. Support provided to the ETD practitioners and managers contributes towards the smooth and efficient running of the course.

specific outcome 3: Maintain course records assessment criteria 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 Course results are captured and maintained as per organisational requirements. Records are current and accurate. Confidentiality of records is maintained, while ensuring ease of access to designated users. Evaluation data is captured and distributed to designated personnel. Records meet the quality assurance requirements of the relevant quality assurance body. Certificates, where applicable, are issued safely, and timeously.

Draft 1 – November 2005


Unit Standard MM301: Carry out course administration

ACCREDITATION AND MODERATION OPTIONS: 1. Assessors for this unit standard must be registered with the relevant ETQA. 2. Providers of learning towards this unit standard must be accredited through the relevant ETQA by SAQA. 3. Moderation of assessment will be overseen by the relevant ETQA according to the moderation guidelines in the relevant qualification and the agreed ETQA procedures NOTES: 1. Critical Cross Field Outcomes: This unit standard promotes, in particular, the following critical cross-field outcomes: • Identify and solve problems regarding specific course requirements. • Work effectively with others liaising and negotiating dates and venues. • Organise oneself and one`s activities to collect and collate information on venues and caterers. • Communicate effectively using assertive telephone techniques and negotiating skills. • Use science and technology to communicate course details (e-mail, fax and telephone). Embedded Knowledge: The following knowledge is embedded within the unit standard, and will be assessed directly or implicitly through assessment of the specific outcomes in terms of the assessment criteria: • Use and understanding of directories for telephone, venue and conference centres, restaurants, car rental, travel and accommodation • Telephone techniques • Use of technology: photocopier, e-mail, fax machines, website for research.


Draft 1 – November 2005


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