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									VIV GORDON POPS THE CORK TO 21 YEARS OF SUCCESS Crack open the Champers because we’re celebrating our 21st birthday this month. That’s ‘3 Cheers’ to twenty-one years of service excellence as premier niche placement agency in the advertising, marketing and publishing industries in Cape Town; and ‘Chin-Chin’ to twenty-one years of leading the way for our candidates and clients alike. Our notable list of clients and candidates are fiercely loyal, returning for advice, inspiration and new opportunities. We believe that this loyalty is a testament to the dedication and passion for excellence that the team at Viv Gordon Placements (VGP) puts into every job. Viv Gordon Placements boasts an impressive track record and in our twenty-one years we’ve touched the lives of thousands of candidates by helping find more than just a job, we’ve helped guide them on their career paths. The time spent with each and every candidate, understanding their goals and ambitions is, in part, the secret to our success; coupled with our remarkable network of agencies and media affiliates, VGP is extremely well-connected and is in a position to get results that delight both candidate and employer. We’re in the people business and VGP believes that every move our candidates take has to be relevant and be able to provide them with the experience and expertise that they require in order to be at the ultimate top of their game. Viv Gordon, founder of VGP explains, “A company’s success lies in its employees and we act as custodians of our client’s businesses by understanding what it takes to make a good match. It is not about collecting and distributing CVs; we need to match personalities, styles and abilities. We see it as our responsibility to place top quality talented people with not only the relevant skills but someone who will blend in with the culture and team they’ll be working with.” VGP is more than just a recruitment service, our reputation and longevity are testimonials to our attention, care, professionalism and know-how. VGP offers honest advice and a crack team of experts, working tirelessly to place the best candidate for each position. We don’t like to baffle you with lingo about what we can do; we’d rather fill positions with passionate people. The proof is, after all, in the pudding. Twenty-one years in a notoriously fickle industry is indeed something to celebrate so please join us in raising our glasses to the sparkling and bubbly team at VGP. Here’s to another twenty-one years of continued success!

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