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How to Become a General Contractor
A general contractor is an individual or group that is contracted to execute the
construction or renovation of a building or structure. General contractors manage
all aspects of a project from inception to completion, including what methods and
materials are needed. Managing and following the contract documents, including
the budget, plans and specifications, are also the responsibility of general
contractors. Additionally, general contractors are responsible for supplying all the
equipment, material, labor and services required to complete the project.

Steps for How to Become a General Contractor

      Earning a bachelor's degree: While a specific degree is not required to
       work as a general contractor, most employers prefer candidates with a
       bachelor's degree in construction management, civil engineering or a
       related field. Training or certification programs that teach drafting and
       building science are an alternative.
      Completing an internship or apprenticeship: For those interested in
       how to become a general contractor, gaining practical experience in
       construction is highly important. Certain situations may allow intern or
       apprentice programs to be completed in conjunction with training or
       educational classes.
      Gaining extensive trade experience: Developing skills specific to such
       trades as carpentry, masonry and plumbing are integral parts of being a
       competent general contractor. This step will also help aspiring general
       contractors gain exposure to fast-paced construction environments so that
       they can learn to work well under pressure and manage projects.
      Working in supervisory role: After developing skills as a contractor, it's
       necessary to develop skills as a leader. Obtaining experience as a
       supervisor will help general contractors think strategically and develop
       effective decision-making skills.
      Becoming licensed in applicable state: While different states have
       different requirements for general contractors, most require licensure. The
       process for obtaining a general contractor license typically entails passing
       an exam.

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