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(as of 10/12/09)

FALL 2009 (Sep 29, 2009-Jan 24, 2010)

Registering for a class for the full semester is the most cost effective way to go and ensures you a place in the class. If you miss a class, no problem! Make-up classes in any genre within the same semester can be arranged by calling 212.415.5553. Single class cards can be used to try a class and applied to full registration.

TO REGISTER visit www.92Y.org/harkness or call 212.415.5500 or visit the Box Office in person.

For maximum flexibility, to try different classes, or to start in the middle of a semester, class cards are the way to go. Cards are not valid for social dance classes. 10- and single class cards are not valid for Dance for Life classes that require full semester registration. Cards are not transferable or refundable. Class schedule subject to change.

DANCE TO THE MAX! $1000/Year; $500/Semester

10-CLASS (valid for 3 months) $150 / $120 (with pro I.D.*)

SINGLE CLASS $16 / $13 (with pro I.D.*)

*Professional I.D. includes union cards from Actors Equity, AGMA, SAG or SSDC or a current performance program or postcard showing your name.

TIME 10-11:30am 10-11:30am 11:30am-1pm 11:30am-1pm 1:15-2:45pm 5-6pm 6-7pm CLASS Adv. Jazz Funk Beg. Ballet Beg. Jazz Funk Flamenco (Open Level) Beg. Afro-Caribbean Beg. Middle Eastern Int. Middle Eastern CLASS Beg. Ballet Workout Beg. Jazz Funk Beg. Afro-Caribbean Beg. Modern Int. Ballet CLASS Adv. Beg. Jazz Funk Intro. to Ballet for Abs. Beginners Isadora Duncan Technique CLASS Middle Eastern (Open Level) World Dance Workout♥ Ballet for the Older Body♥ Alexander Technique♥ Dance Therapy & Exercise For People with Mvt. Disorders♥ Beg. Tap Beg. Hip-Hop Int. Tap Social Dance ClassesΩ CLASS Modern for the Older Dancer♥ Int. Modern Alexander Technique♥ Beg. Flamenco Int. Jazz Funk CLASS Heart & Soul♥ Beg. Jazz Funk Body Alignment & Fitness♥ Fluid Belly Dance Social Dance ClassesΩ CLASS Beg. Hip-Hop Beg. Tap Adv. Beg. Tap Modern (Open Level) Adv. Int. Ballet with Pointe Ballet Fusion INSTRUCTOR Sal Pernice Jose Traba Sal Pernice JoDe Romano Carolyn Webb Zenaide Zenaide INSTRUCTOR Susan Rosenbaum Sal Pernice Dana Manno Susan Cherniak Susan Rosenbaum INSTRUCTOR Sal Pernice Susan Rosenbaum Jeanne Bresciani INSTRUCTOR Elsa Leandros Elsa Leandros Jean Volpe Jenna Zabala Dr. Miriam Berger Corrie Cooper Kevin “TECH” Bradford Corrie Cooper Sandra Cameron Faculty INSTRUCTOR Naomi Goldberg Haas Jessica Nicoll Jane Tomkiewicz JoDe Romano Sal Pernice INSTRUCTOR Mary Copeland Sal Pernice Marilyn Baker Blanca Sandra Cameron Faculty INSTRUCTOR Akira Armstrong Julie Rubin Julie Rubin McLean/ Reynolds Caridad Martinez Jose Traba STUDIO BH BL BH BL LDS LDS LDS STUDIO BL BL BH LDS BL STUDIO BH BL LDS STUDIO BL BL BL LDS BL S297 BL S297 S297/LDS STUDIO BL BH S104 BL LDS STUDIO BL BL S297 LDS S297 STUDIO BH LDS BL BH BL BL SEMESTER COST $180 $180 $180 $180 $180/$90 Starting on Nov 15 $180 $180 SEMESTER COST $180 $180 $180/$110 Starting on Nov 9 $180 $180 SEMESTER COST $200 $200 $200 SEMESTER COST $180 $180 $180/$110 Starting on Nov 11 $200 $180 $190 $190/$110 Starting on Nov 11 $190 $55/$70 SEMESTER COST $155 $155 $200 $155 $170 SEMESTER COST $170 $170 $180 $180 $55/$70 SEMESTER COST $170 $170 $170 $170 $85 Class starts Nov 14 $170/$85Starting on Nov 14

TIME 9:30-10:45am 11am-12:30pm 6-7:30pm 6:15-7:30pm 6:30-8pm

TIME 6-7:30pm 6:30-8pm 6:30-8pm

TIME 9-10am 10-11am 12-1:15pm 12:30-1:45pm 1:30-2:30pm 6-7pm 6:30-8pm 7-8pm 8-9:30pm

TIME 12:30-2pm 6-7:30pm 6:30-7:45pm 6:30-8pm 6:30-8pm

TIME 9-10am 10-11:30am 11:30am-12:30pm 6-7:30pm 8-9:30pm

TIME 10:30am-12pm 11am-12pm 12-1pm 12-1:30pm 12:30-2:30pm 2:30-4:30pm

LDS: Lower Dance Studio, Basement

BH: Buttenwieser Hall, 2nd Floor North S297: 2nd Floor South

BL: Buttenwieser Lounge, 2nd Floor North S104: 1st Floor South

♥ Dance for Life class. Full semester registration required. Single class cards may be used during the first week of the semester to try a class and then applied to full registration. Make-up classes
available in other Dance for Life classes. Discounts apply when taking more than one Dance for Life class. Call 212.415.5553 for details.

Ω Social Dance classes include Basic Six Ballroom; Argentine Tango; Swing, Jitterbug & Lindy; and Salsa. Classes meet for 3 or 4 sessions. Check www.92Y.org/harkness for a full schedule.
92nd Street Y ♦ School of the Arts ♦ Harkness Dance Center ♦ 1395 Lexington Ave at 92nd Street ♦ NY, NY 10128 ♦ www.92Y.org/harkness ♦ (P) 212.415.5552 ♦ (F) 212.415.5549 An agency of UJA-Federation ♦ The 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Center receives funding from the Harkness Foundation for Dance; Jody and John Arnhold; the Mertz Gilmore Foundation; public funds from by the National Endowment for the Arts as part of American Masterpieces: Three Centuries of Artistic Genius; the New York State Council on the Arts; and other generous supporters

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