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					Smart Transportation: Electric Bikes

Arnav Gupta
Brad Larson

Jimmy Shedlick
John Reynolds

• Provide Transportation from SmartHome to West Campus • Easy to use for a wide variety of riders • Transportation should be time and energy efficient • Provide plans for a potential solar-powered charging station

• Distance from SmartHome to Pratt is 2.0 miles • Average daily travel distance = 7.0 miles • Maximum daily travel distance = 10.0 miles

Electric Bike Conversion Kits
Standard Equipment Includes: Wheel and Motor 3 X 12V/12ah battery pack Speed Controller Throttle

Rack for holding batteries
All necessary wiring Total Weight (including battery pack) = 54 lbs.

Phoenix Cruiser Wilderness Energy

Optional 48V/40amp battery pack – lasts for 810 miles of unassisted riding or 24 miles of assisted riding More Power – can reach speeds of up to 30 mph PRICE = $923

Standard 36V/35amp battery pack – lasts for average 15 miles of assisted riding (pedaling is required to start motor) Maximum speed 20 mph PRICE = $400

Factors: Brushed vs. Brushless Motors
• Higher efficiency – No friction from brushes • Lower maintenance – No brushes to replace • Better heat dissipation – Internals closed, protected from dirt • Lower noise • Minimally higher cost

Bike: Trek 7.2 FX
• Crossover bike: Smooth on road & path • Upright position of rider maximizes stability • Easily Adjustable for multiple riders • 26” wheel – higher top speed • Steel Fork • Recommended by Geoff Martin at The Bicycle Chain • Cost: $459.99

Solar Power
Parts needed to be ordered: • solar panels • charge controller (with meter) • batter terminal • mounting hardware • output wiring kit • controller to battery wire with fuses • weather-proof housing – creating this will require some manual work once the parts are in hand The Solar Power Plant will be located at SmartHome as a central location as well as overnight charging station

Sealed Lead Acid Lithium Ion (Li(SLA) Ion)
Charge Time 4-6 Hours 8-9 Hours

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
6-7 Hours

Range 12 miles

15 miles

15 miles

Weight 18 lbs.

12 lbs.

7 lbs.

Price $90 (36V)

$500 (37V)

$400 (39.6V)

Significant Progress
• In 4 Weeks we hope to have accomplished:
– Conversion of the Electric Bike – Ordered parts for the solar power station – Have more specific information about the solar charging station, and if it is feasible to construct

• After that we aim to:
– – – – Tweak the bike for optimum performance Report on our project Construct the Solar Power Station Test usage of the bike with residents of SmartHome

The range on the electric bike kits is more than enough to cover the distance needed by the rider Electric power combined with pedaling should provide an easy but also efficient ride Riders also have the option of cruising without pedaling
The Solar Powering station should provide a cost-efficient and ecofriendly solution to powering the bike SLA batteries are a cheap and efficient alternative to other battery types and can be replaced easily