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LETTER OF FAREWELL 28 February 2007 Dear Old Scholars, especially


LETTER OF FAREWELL 28 February 2007 Dear Old Scholars, especially

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									LETTER OF FAREWELL 28 February 2007 Dear Old Scholars, especially Matric years 1969 – 2006 As you might have heard, my career as a teacher at Hermannsburg is coming to an end in December this year, as I will be retiring from teaching. My 39 years at Hmb have been blessed and fulfilling years and I do not regret having spent my time here. During this time a total of 1015 pupils were in matric in Hmb and many more spent a year or more at Hmb without matriculating here. My wife, Anita and I have been involved in many extra-curricular activities during these years, one of which was to organize the local Sponsored Golf Day, first in Greytown and later on at St, Cathryn’s just round the corner from here. This year we are planning our 10th Golf Day, which will also be my last one. The Golf Day has become a very important fund-raiser for our School, and I am hoping to end my stint as organizer on a high. And this is where you could come in. I have put down R1015 (R1 for every matriculant) towards the fund-raiser and I challenge the matrics of 1969 – 2006 to help boost this cause with a minimum of R10 each. We are aware, that some of these oldscholars have already passed away, and a further number are not on our mailing list and have lost contact with the school. There is a way out of this dilemma. Many of you have contact with your ex class mates and I ask you to come up with ideas to help support our school. Someone told me that he was willing to put down R10 for each member of his class and that he would challenge the other members to do the same. For those of you who live in other countries and have no access to S.A. currency, 10 dollars, pound sterling or euros (no Zim dollars, please) will also do. Anybody who was here before my time or who is not one of the people counted into the number of 1015 because they did not complete their schooling at Hmb, obviously may also participate. Parents of present and past learners are welcome to join as well. Our Golf Day will take place on 6 October at St. Cathryn’s and it would be great to see as many of you, as possible, on that day. I hope to get a positive response from many of you. Please use reference FWG on the deposit slip and fax us a proof of payment. Overseas Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg Deutsche Bank, K€ln Konto Nr: 187155700 BLZ: 37070024 Kind regards, RSA Deutsche Schule Hermannsburg First National Bank, Greytown, Branch code 220131, Acc number 52340017013

J‚rgen Greve

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