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									Content Writing Advice

By Kien Lai

Key Points in Understanding a Google Search
1. Return most relevant results based on search query 2. Relevant title containing keywords 3. Relevant content containing the keywords

This knowledge alone will allow you to better optimize your content writing for search engines.

Guide To Writing Great Content
Content writing structure: • Introduction • Arguments for or against the topic being discussed • Reasons backing up your arguments • Summary Provide facts, references and quotes from authoritative sources to strengthen your position on the topic Write content with your readers in mind and not search engines

Optimizing Content for Search Engines
Basic Content Writing Criteria: 1. Does the content mention that exact phrase with simular variations? 2. Does the content talk about the topic in detail? 3. Is the content about the topic informative and relavant? If the content meets the criteria above then it should organically rank in the search results for the keywords

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