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The Innovation Fund invests in end-stage research where research knowledge can be translated into new and improved products, processes or services that are introduced into economic or social markets. The Innovation Fund has as its focus projects which: Involve technological innovation with a large component being R&D that provides new knowledge Build on existing research, i.e. that are at a stage where a real or potential product, process, or service has been identified and the R&D proposed will enable progress to the prototype stage or equivalent Are in areas that will deliver a significant benefit to South Africa either through: expanding existing commodity sectors or enabling new health, social or infrastructure initiatives that create new opportunities or other benefits for historically disadvantaged groups enabling the migration of existing industries to new added value areas, or create new leveraged industries from existing industries enabling the establishment or significant expansion of new or emerging high R&D intensive industries Involve within a consortium arrangement the appropriate combination of research, business, or NGO partners to achieve the benefit. To summarise, the Innovation Fund invests in novel research ideas with vast potential for commercial success, and seeks technological solutions that will yield significant national

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benefits. In terms of the Technology Advancement Programme, the Innovation Fund assists in the conversion of research ideas into commercially useful end-products by funding items such as equipment, research and development expertise, managerial skills, securing of intellectual property rights and construction of a prototype.

This document presents the guidelines for submission of a full proposal in the Technology Advancement Programme.

Please pay attention to the following requirements for the submission of a Pre-Proposal: • • • • Proposals are to be typed using an Arial font (size 10), full justified with 1.5 line spacing. Section headings may be in Arial size 12 bold font. Number all pages as Page X (page number) of Y (total number of pages). Please keep the project title as brief as possible. The maximum number of pages allowed is 15 (excluding cover page and appendices requested). • Proposals exceeding this limit will be disqualified regardless of the

quality of the proposal. The proposal must be in MSWord or PDF file format only.


1. COVER PAGE The Cover page must contain the following information: • • • • • Project title Contact details of Project Co-ordinator (Title, Name, Surname, Telephone number, Fax number, e-mail address, Postal address) Alternative Contact person (Title, Name, Surname, Telephone number, Fax number, e-mail address, Postal address) Names of Consortium members (if applicable) Call information (either “Open Call” or “Response to Closed Call advertised on xx October 200y”)

2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (1 Page) Provide an executive summary of your proposal.

3. DESCRIPTION OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION (3 Pages) Describe the new product, process or service that will be developed, paying particular attention to your previous research and development. Explain why your technology is novel and innovative paying particular attention to the prior art. Summarise the value proposition.

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4. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POSITION (2 page) List any formal intellectual property (IP) that has been registered e.g. patents, trade-marks, plant breeder’s rights. Append any patent specifications, results of prior art searches or examination reports. Summarise your IP strategy : o o Provide a plan of how IP (both formal and know-how) will be protected Discuss what you expect that could be registered as formal IP during the project, or if none is expected, provide reasons for this.

5. COMMERCIAL POTENTIAL FOR THE INNOVATION (2 Pages) • • • Identify the target market(s) What is the route to market strategy Identify competing technologies, products and indicate how your technology would differentiate or offer competitive advantage. Append a list (titles only) of market studies or related material that supports your claim that there is or will be a market for the technology.

6. PROJECT BUDGET (2 Pages) Ensure that the project budget is complete and clearly indicates the total cost of the project, the portion to be funded by other sources and the funding required from the Innovation Fund. The budget should stipulate the funds required per year of funding. The list of project expenses should be detailed enough to allow evaluators to assess the feasibility of your proposal. Projected costs including but not limited to Marketing,

Securing of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, R&D, Salaries and Equipment , should be accounted for. All the items in the budget must be VAT inclusive. Note that costs for international parties will not be supported by the Fund.

R&D Costs Salaries Equipment Running expenses IP Management Costs Commercialisation Costs

On a per year basis, provide the split of funding to each consortium member and/or subcontracted party.

1 The Innovation Fund is not primarily an equipment fund and preference will be given to projects where equipment infrastructure already exists

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7. OTHER FUNDING (1 page) What other funding applications have been made relating to the scope of this project – provide a summary of scope of funding applied for and outcome/status of application. Provide

8. PROFILES OF PROJECT PARTICIPANTS (0.3 page per participant) (Consortium Members and Sub-Contractors) Information required: • • • • • • • Name Core business Experience/track record Contribution to project Previous funding obtained from the Innovation Fund (Round Number, Project Number, Project Title, Project Status) Name of designated representative, signature and date to verify project involvement If the organisation is a private company, provide: o o o o Registration number, if applicable Number of employees Turnover for last audited financial year Value of assets

9. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES OF KEY PERSONNEL (0.5 pages per sketch) Information required: • • • • • • • Title, Name, Surname Citizenship Qualification Experience Contribution to project Previous funding obtained from the Innovation Fund (Project Number, Project Title, Project Status) Name, Signature and date to verify project involvement

10. MANAGEMENT PLAN (1 Page) This section requires detail on the time that will be spent by various resources on the following list of activities: • • • Project Co-ordination/Management Research and Development Financial reporting

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• • • •

Project reporting Marketing/Commercialisation Product Management Other (please specify)

An organogram illustrating which tasks will be completed by particular resources and the hierarchy of the project team would be useful.

11. SUGGESTED PROJECT EVALUATORS (0.5 Pages) Please suggest names of at least 3 suitably qualified individuals to evaluate your proposal. Of the three, at least one should have a commercial assessment background and the others a technical background. Also indicate if there are any particular persons/organisations that should not gain access to your proposal. Note that the final decision on selection of evaluators rests with the Innovation Fund.

• • • • • • • • •

It is incomplete It exceeds the specified number of pages It requests funds for a feasibility study. It arrives after the closing date (for closed calls only) It is for the establishment of a training centre, computer centre, community centre or related establishments The Intellectual Property Rights will not be retained in South Africa The Project Leader/Lead organisation is not South African or a permanent resident of the country. Non-South African entities are full consortium partners who would be entitled to coown and/or share in the proceeds of commercialising the IP A consortium member that is private company and is not categorised as an SME according to Department of Trade and Industry stipulations. Such a consortium can consider submitting a Missions in Technology (MiTECH) application where the private sector partner must contribute 50% or more of direct costs of the project.

A Pre-Proposal will not be considered if:

Furthermore, the Innovation Fund reserves the right to disqualify an application where members of the consortium are already involved in: an existing Innovation Fund project, or a previously completed IF project which has not been commercialised.



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1. Six hard copies of the Pre-Proposal (single stapled, not bound) and 2 soft copies on CDs should be submitted to: THE PROGRAMME MANAGER: INNOVATION FUND NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION P O BOX 2600 PRETORIA 0001



1. Dr Carol Nonkwelo Programme Manager: Innovation Fund Tel: (012) 481-4145 E-mail:

2. Mrs Christelle Erasmus Secretary: Programme Management Tel: (012) 481-4191 E-mail:

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