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									Hephzibah Ministries Pastor Josh Thursday, 14 August 2008

• Hebrews 1:1 God speaks to us through His Son, and if Christ is in you, you are already qualified to hear the Lords voice. The Father is in the Son and the Son in the Father, for they are one. If the Son is in you, the Father is also in you. If you have the Son in you, you will have the ability to hear Gods voice. Ask the Lord to open your ears so that you can hear His voice loud and clear. • Rev. 2:7,11

The church of God is not the building; the church is you and me. We are the church! As soon as God step in and take over your life, He will give you the ability to hear what He has to say. We should rebuke any spirit to cause us to be deaf to the Lords voice and bin any evil spirit that is preventing us to hear Him clearly. Do not let daily stress, worries, relationship problems, finances, over eating or drinking, anger, impatience, or anything the can come in the way of hearing God’s voice. E.g. when a child cannot speak and the parents go to the doctor. The first thing the doctor will tell the parents is that the child cannot hear. We need to start speaking to the Lord – PRAYING – first, in order for us hear the voice of our Father. God says that the church, you and me, is part of the body of Christ. Therefore we need to be there for one another. Like parts of the body work together to function successfully, we should have compassion with one another, love each other and be affectionate towards one another. We must be able to cry together in sad times and be gad and having joy in the happy times. There must be unity and harmony between the children of God and you must be in unity with yourself before we can come together and experience the word of God. You cannot be a prophet without having discipline in your own life. If God can trust you wit the small things, He will trust you with bigger things.

To try to be like some one else you are blocking yourself from becoming the full person whom God wants you to become. Just think about this for a second. You cannot fall in love with someone you never spoke to or keep on loving someone you never speak to. If there is no communication there is no love and a relationship like this is bound to break easily. COMMUNICATION = LOVE! We should not fail to speak to our creator. We always make a lot of time to speak to people and spend our time on gossiping, we organise dinners, events and gettogethers with friends, but we so often fail to make time to communicate with God. Do you ever have a dinner party just for the Lord Jesus for a change? We need to start spending more time with the Lord. Quality time and Quantity time! Watching God channel is good, but it’s not spending personal time with our Father! When you make time for God you need to make time for Him ALONE. Not time with Him and the TV together. T The more time you spend with God the more time He will spend on you. MAY TIMES THE MEANS OF COMMUNICATION AND THE ECSTASY OF THE PROPHET CAUSED OTHERS TO CALL THEM MADMAN! We are quick to believe everything around us, the TV, newspaper, magazines, movies etc. but we FAIL to BELIEVE that God can speak to us. However God says in the bible that He will not do anything without revealing it to the prophets! Amen! How badly do you want God to speak to you? How far are you willing to go? What sacrifice are you willing to make, to hear the Lords words? E.g. when you phone someone and the repeatedly don’t answer and after leaving a lot of messages they still don’t get back to you and when you finally reach them they don’t talk back to you, you get very upset. In the same way our Jesus wants to reach out to you. He keeps on phoning but we often don’t pick up, we don’t listen, we don’t hear Him on the other side begging us to talk back. However God

never gets upset and turns away like we might do, He keeps on trying until you answer His call. Never think that God cannot hear or understand you, because, God speaks you home language! Just imagine how frustrating it must be for God to want to speak to you but you choose not to hear Him because you refuse to ever talk back – pray! God is looking for someone to communicate to. He wants to establish a relationship with you! How God Speaks • • Hosea 9:7 2 Kings 9:11

When you let out the word of God, there will always be some people who are going to think you are possessed with witchcraft or some demon. But as soon as God tells you to speak His word, He will open doors to defend you in the revelation you brought. God will always defend His own word. Remember to be a prophet is not always easy, it’s a risky business. • Jer. 29:26

Since times of the bible the prophetic word was never a peaceful word to be spoken. Why? Because it brings the truth of God and the devil will throw anything in the way to make the word unbelievable to people. Just like the word of the Lord came to Hosea, it will come to you. Otherwise you will not be speaking prophetic word. Prophetic word is not based on feeling. The word you give is never based on what you feel, it is a definite word that you will hear. Not one prophet in the bible spoke the word of God starting with the sentence, I FEEL THAT…. NO it’s about what God says. Prophetic word is also not a vision, but also a different way in how God can communicate with you. Pray and ask the Lord to send His word to you! • • • • “The word of the Lord came unto me” “Thus says the Lord” “Hear the word of the Lord” “And the Spirit of God entered unto me and He spoke”

Come and enter in us Lord! In the bible no prophet died with honour, because of prophetic word. The bible says that God will ask the blood of a prophet. God is not asking your life, but you must be willing to go through thick and thin with Him. E.g. - Paul’s head was cut off and his last words were, “I finished my Fight”. - Peter on the other hand was crucified upside down. • • • “The Lord spoke unto me” The Spirit entered into him. – Ezekiel 2:2; 3:24 Ezekiel 8:3; 37:1

The Spirit lifted him up and visions came over him. To have a spirit like this you need self-sacrifice. • Dan 8:15; 10:7-10

The visions had an effect on Daniel • The Spirit of God cane on them. o Ezekiel 11:5 o 1 Chronicles 12:48 o 1 Chronicles 24:20 o 2 Peter 1:21 o Isaiah 11:2; 61:1 SYMBOLIC ACTS OF THE PROPHET • • • Jer. 27:2; 28:2 Hosea1:3 – Hosea was commanded to marry a harlot, symbolizing Israel’s unfaithfulness. Like God decided to take in the gentiles. Isaiah 20:1-6 – Isaiah walked naked and barefoot for 3 years, symbolizing that Egypt and Ethiopia were out of the hands of Assyria Come and touch us Lord! AMEN!

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