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Q. How do I increase the               Online marketing services offered by QUBA
number of qualified                    Pay Per Click
customers to my site?                  Pay per click involves biding for relevant keywords against your
                                       competitors on search engines like Google and Yahoo. You pay the
                                       price you bid when your advert is clicked typically bids can range from
A. With a well thought-out             4p to £20 depending on the popularity of the word.

online marketing strategy.             We use state of the art software to ensure that you are biding on the
                                       right keywords, and guarantee that your adverts generate a positive
                                       return on your investment.
At Quba, we have an established
track record of increasing website     We work with a wide variety of clients from diverse sectors including
                                       education, home furnishings, pharmaceuticals, and home improvement.
traffic and revenue for our
customers.                             We ensure a great return on our clients investment. A case in point is
                                       Betta Living who have seen a 85% return on there investment and an
                                       increased in their monthly net sales from £28,000 to £180,024, in under 6
We offer a complete end to end
online marketing service from
strategic planning, though to
ongoing campaign                       Display Advertising / Banner Advertising
management. Each of which is           Display advertising involves placing banners and expandable adverts on
executed with a level of creativity    relevant websites and webpage’s.
and professionalism you would
                                       Our portfolio of sites enables us to reach 59% of all UK internet users, as
expect from an industry-leading        well as target niche audiences with truly innovative campaigns.
digital agency.
                                       We have recently managed display campaigns for Channel 4, Volvo,
                                       Thistle Group Hotels and EMI records. A major campaign our team was
Because every project is unique,       involved with was the launch of a 3d Poker site. The campaign achieved
we offer a multitude of online         over 210,000 downloads in the first 6 months and attracted over 60,000
marketing services that will deliver   ‘real money’ players.
the desired result.

                                       Affiliate Marketing
                                       Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising in which site A agrees to
                                       feature products or services from site B, and site A gets a percentage of
                                       any sales generated for site B. It can also be applied to situations in
                                       which an advertiser may be looking for marketing information, rather
                                       than a cash sale. Popular among start-ups with very small marketing

                                       We can help you develop an effective affiliate programme, which will
                                       expand your reach and revenue.

                                       We are experienced in seeding affiliate campaigns to the relevant
                                       networks. We are well versed in building private affiliate programs with
                                       the top affiliates in the sector our clients occupy.
Natural Search Engine Optimisation /Consultancy (SEO)
SEO is a marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a
search engine once a relevant search is undertaken. A number of factors are important when optimising a website,
including the content and structure of the website's copy and page layout, the HTML meta-tags and the submission

Our team are experienced at optimising websites to ensure they rank highly on search engines, and conform to best
practice guidelines.

SEO projects we have worked on in the past have seen great returns on their initial investment a case in point is a small
designer furniture retailer called nest based in Sheffield. They had asked us to improve their natural rankings. Within a 6
month period we had them ranked on the first page of Google for over 60 key terms and increased there natural
traffic by 29.36% which in turn increased their turnover by 274.87%

Article Marketing / Social Network Marketing
We locate your target audience online and infiltrate the sites they frequent, to subtly promote your brand and services
through friendly conversational posts.

Previous projects in clued our Promotion of TV licences for the BBC where we produced over 800 posts and 100 videos
in the first month. The result was we drove over 17,000 visitors to the site in the first three weeks of the campaign.

E-mail Marketing
Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or
fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could
be considered email marketing.

We have our own e-mail system, Quba Mail, which simplifies the build and delivery of branded professional e-mails.
Our software includes a powerful, yet simple e-mail builder, campaign management tools, as well as providing
detailed reports.

An example of how our system is deployed can be seen at The University of Derby, where they have adopted Quba
Mail to manage their entire e-mail marketing strategy from admissions through to promoting events.

Quba mail is used by most of the faculties in the university, and with the help of our quick deployment templates e-
mails are managed by the universities own admin team.

SMS/MMS / Bluetooth Marketing
We can create and deliver exciting SMS & MMS campaigns, including multiple choice competitions, mobile
download, and SMS voting.

We have deployed SMS and Bluetooth marketing strategies for a wide array of our clients from sectors, including local
collages, bars, nightclubs and estate agents.

A case in point is our work for Gleeson’s Homes; they wanted to keep prospective buyers informed about new
properties and off plot opportunities, so we developed a simple but effective SMS service that sends customers text
messages matching their criteria.

Mobile Web & Mobile Applications
We are pioneering mobile web sites ready for the next generation of Phones, such as the Apple iPhone, as well as
mobile applications for the current crop of mobile phones. Currently we are working on cutting edge mobile dating
and educational apps for mobile

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