MINING AGREEMENTS:                                               13th Symposium of the
                                                                 Mineral Economics
                                                                 Society (MES) of the
       DEAL MAKERS AND DEAL BREAKERS                             Canadian Institute of
                                                                 Mining, Metallurgy and
                      Organized by the Mineral Economics         Petroleum (CIM)
                      Society of CIM, Symposium 2003 will
                      examine mining and exploration agree-       ONTARIO CLUB
                      ments, and provide a forum for partici-
                                                                  COMMERCE COURT SOUTH
                      pants to voice their opinions and net-
                      work with industry professionals and        TORONTO     ONTARIO
                      the financial community. Mining             JANUARY 20, 2003
                      Agreements will feature speakers from
                      top mining companies and leading ex-
                      perts in their fields.

                      MES SYMPOSIUM
                      2003 HIGHLIGHTS

                        Exploration Agreements
                        Joint Ventures
                        Civil Law Jurisdiction

Karl Harries’ new     WHO SHOULD ATTEND                         CONFIRM YOUR
      book on           corporate executives
  agreements and        portfolio managers                      TODAY
                        corporate and                           For more information or to pre-
  royalties will be     investment bankers and                  register, please complete and return
 introduced at this     analysts                                the form on the reverse, visit our
symposium. This         government and NGO                      website at
                        officials                               contact:
book is sponsored
                        lawyers and accountants                  Jane Spooner (416-362-5135)
  by CIM and the        geologists, engineers and other          J.C. St. Amour (416-507-2342)
Mineral Economics       mining professionals
                                                                or e-mail:
                                              MINING AGREEMENTS:
                                                           DEAL MAKERS AND DEAL BREAKERS
                                                                                                   13th Symposium of the
                                                                                                   Mineral Economics
                                                          ONTARIO CLUB
                                                          COMMERCE COURT SOUTH                     Society (MES) of the
                                                          TORONTO     ONTARIO                      Canadian Institute of
                                                          JANUARY 20, 2003                         Mining, Metallurgy and
                                                                                                   Petroleum (CIM)

                                                       Symposium 2003 confirmed sponsors to date include:

                                                       AON Reed Stenhouse
                                                       Natural Resources Canada, Minerals and Metals Sector
Mineral Economics Society                              Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Symposium 2003

                                                       For sponsorship information, please contact Mary Ellen Thorburn at
                                                       416-814-3694 or E-mail at

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  Non-Members                   C$425.00           C$495.00          Price includes 7% GST, binder with presentation papers, lunch, cocktail reception and
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  Students                      C$200.00           C$200.00          J.C. St. Amour at tel: 416-507-2342 or visit for program updates.
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