Running Accessibility Reports in Business Objects by ja2304


									                      Introduction to Running Accessibility Reports in Business Objects

Step 1 – Accessing Business Objects

Open a web browser and enter the following URL address

Step 2 – Login

Ensure that System is set to mis08

Enter your normal university login details

Ensure that Authentication is set to LDAP

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Step 3 – The InfoView

Once you have logged on you will see the InfoView screen which is similar to viewing the Favourites folder in a web browser (or
Windows Explorer). A number of reports have been created that make it possible to view information that has been sorted in to
different groups. These include:

      Individual student information – similar to the old Internal Needs Assessment Report
      Module based information – a list of students and required adjustments
      Adjustments information – a more quantitative report that quickly lets you see how many students require a specific
       adjustment e.g. an adjustable chair; handouts in advance.

In order to maintain confidentiality these have been placed in different sub-folders. You should only be able to view those
folders that contain reports for which you have viewing rights.

These sub-folders can be found in the Public Folders folder. Click on the + symbol to view the Accessibility folder.

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Step 4 – Accessing specific reports

 Click on the + symbol to view
 the sub-folders available to you
 in Accessibility

   Click on the Adjustments sub-
   folder to view the reports available
   to you. In this instance all sub-
   folders are visible. You will only
   be able to view sub-folders for
   which you have viewing rights.

Adjustments 1 – Full reports accessible by Academic Departments, DDS and UG/PG Centres
Adjustments 2 – Partial reports accessible by the Library
Adjustments 3 – Partial reports accessible by other PSD departments e.g. Student Services
Adjustments 4 – Partial reports accessible by Assessments

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Step 5 – Viewing a report

Once you have clicked on a sub-folder, all of the reports held in it should be visible on the right of the screen. To begin running
a report click on the title.

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Step 6 – Selecting the criteria for your report

You will now be offered a number of criteria to help you view the information that you are interested in. For example you could
choose to view:

       All of the adjustments required by an individual student
       All of the adjustments required by students on a specific module
       All of the students that require a particular adjustment e.g. handouts in advance, additional time in exams

Please see separate handouts for more information on using the prompt screen and different reports.

                                                                                                 Once you have selected your
                                                                                                 criteria click Run Query to view
                                                                                                 the report.

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