Millennium Statistical Reports by ja2304


									Millennium Statistical Reports
      Carolina Innovative Users Group Pre-
                October 18, 2006
          Columbia, South Carolina

                Arlene Hanerfeld
   Associate University Librarian for Technical &
                Collection Services
        Randall Library, UNC Wilmington
Millennium Statistical Reports

    Emphasis today
        Bibliographic, item, checkin & order record
    Not included today
        Web Management Reports, most circulation
         statistics, vendor statistics
What are Statistical Reports?

  Customized reports, based on real time
   data, unlike Web Management Reports,
   which don’t allow extensive
   customization or manipulation of data
  Used with Create Lists to create a subset
   of your database, used as the basis of a
   statistical report
Starting points

  Millennium User Manual Page #105586
  CSDirect – look at Innovative staff
   presentations, especially those from IUG
  IUG web site – look for conference
   presentations and clearinghouse
Why use statistical reports?

  Monthly & annual reports
  Accreditation reports & other requests for
   reports about your collection
  Budget planning
  Quality control/database maintenance
Materials Ordered 2005/06
(Order record based on odate & fund)
Materials Received 2005/06
(Order record based on rdate & code1)
Discard Statistics 2005/06
(Item record based on icode2=w & location)
Pcount 2005/06
(Checkin record based on updcnt & pcount)
Materials Cataloged 2005/06
(Order record based on cdate & code1)
Education Accreditation Report

      Description                  Volumes
      LA History of education           1916
      LB1-1139,1705-3640 Theo&pr        9397
      LB1140-1547 Preschool, K-3         527
      LB1555-1602 Elementary Ed.        1558
      LB1603-1695 Secondary Ed.          487
      LC8-1099 Spec.aspects/edu.        1565
      LC1390-6691 Spe.Class.Pers        2291

      Total                            17741
L call #’s by location
           Location                  Volumes

           UNCW A/V 16mm/8mm Films             20
           UNCW A/V Audiocassettes              8
           UNCW A/V Compact Discs              10
           UNCW A/V CD Oversize                 3
           UNCW DVD-Documentary                19
           UNCW A/V Oversize               182
           UNCW A/V Videocassettes         311
           UNCW REF Atlas                       1
           UNCW Microfilm Guides                3
           UNCW Reference                  635
           UNCW Ready Reference                18
           UNCW General Collection       16087
           UNCW Oversize Coll                   6
           UNCW Index Collection           116
Education Checkin Records

    Subscription type                  Number
    Active journal subscriptions            176
    Active non-journal subscriptions            8
    Inactive subscriptions                      67
    Gift subscriptions                          7
    Online full text subscriptions          549
    Total                                   807
Tips for effective reports
    Reports are based on fixed fields, call # fields,
     and payment fields
         Code fixed fields according to reports you want to
        Customize SCAT tables to meet your needs
        Variable length field reports can be generated by
         using Create Lists strategies based on variable
         length fields, then creating a report of fixed fields
         from that list
    Create a calendar of types of reports and how
     often they should be run
    Print System Status reports at regular intervals
Year-end System Status
Create Lists & Statistical Reports

  These functions are very interrelated
  Can do statistical reports without Create
   Lists, but more effective reports are
   created if you begin with a customized
  Statistical Reports run on any list can be
   a good quality control check as “bad
   codes” will be revealed
Bibliographic Record Report

    Not too useful for a consortium unless you
     start with a list limited by location
    Bib list provides title, not volume, counts
    Use for Call # reports if not in a consortium
    Bib record fixed fields contain little information
     unless you want language, country, bib level
     or material type
    Good way to find bad codes that affect
        Locations, Material types, Languages
Item Record Reports

  Call # reports in a consortium
  Counts volumes, the usual requirement
   for IPEDS or accreditation reports
  Can be used for circulation reports
  Reveals bad codes that can affect
   retrieval or checkout periods by revealing
   errors in
        Locations, Call #, Itype errors
Checkin record reports

  Use for pcount/updcnt reports - # of
   issues checked in by format
  Use scodes to generate reports based
   on specific needs
      UNCW uses SCODE 3 to designate
       bind/don’t bind
      UNCW uses SCODE 4 to assign an
       academic department to each subscription
Order record reports
    Acquisition statistics
        Can provide piece count (vols. x copies)
    Cataloging statistics
        “Generic” order records for materials without order
    Detailed reports by fund
        Code3 used for format, i.e. journal, newspaper,
         index, etc.
        Code4 used for academic department
    Use to project costs, especially for serials
“Generic” order record
1 for each month, bib records for each format
Cataloger increments volume field
Types of reports

    Field statistics - Gathers statistics on all fixed-
     length fields in a record
    Periodic reports - Based on date fixed fields
     Cross tabulation reports – Examines 2 fields
    Budget planning – Projects future cost or
     average cost as a separate column in a report
    Collection development – Compares
     expenditures in a time period & projects future costs
     as an entirely separate report, not just a column

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