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									Grade 6 Monthly & Quarterly Reading Assignment 2009-2010

Monthly Reading Log
Each month students are required to read 250 pages. The student will keep a
Reading Log as proof of the reading they have done. Parents will sign the
Reading Log as verification that the students have completed the pages listed on
the Reading Log. Student will write a Reading Response once a quarter on a
book that fits the criteria listed below.

Reading Response
Each quarter the students are responsible for picking a book from the assigned
genre and completing a Reading Response. This book will count towards part of
their 250 page monthly reading requirement. The genres are listed below:

Quarter 1-Fantasy
Quarter 2- Mystery or Science Fiction
Quarter 3-Historical Fiction
Quarter 4- Biography** Please see the section for Biography Book Response for
the questions for the biography

For your Reading Response, pick ONE of the questions below and write a
well-organized and complete response of at least three quarters of a page
to a whole page in response, typed. Make sure you elaborate with your
own commentary, details and examples from the novel, and even quotes
when appropriate to support your arguments

   1. How is the title of the book significant? What do you think the title
      means? How does it relate to the plot of the story? The ending of the

   2. What do you think the author is saying about life, perfect or otherwise, in
      this book? Do you agree with the point(s) of view? Did the book change
      your beliefs or opinions? Explain.

   3. Describe how any of the events in the book remind you of any events in
      your own life or something that has happened in history or something you
      predict may happen.

   4. Why do you think the author ended the book the way he/she did? Would
      a different ending work as well? Why or why not? What ending would you
      think is better?

   5. Explain why you chose this book and what you gained in knowledge,
      beliefs, understandings, insights, or enjoyment from it.
   6. What character would you like to be in this book? Why? What personality
      traits of this character would you like to acquire? Explain.

   7. What is the most significant problem the main character faces? How does
      he/she deal with it? How does he/she solve the problem? How does the
      problem change the character?

   8. Describe the writing style of the author. What techniques does he/she
      use to describe the characters and plot, to create suspense, and to help
      the reader visualize the content? Quote a passage and discuss the
      techniques the author uses.

   9. Choose a passage from the novel that is significant. Analyze its
      significance to the plot (conflict, climax, or resolution), a character’s
      development, or the use of a literary device (foreshadowing, figurative
      language, irony, theme, symbolism)

Biography Book Response
For your biography book report I would like you to answer all the questions
below. The responses to each section should be in paragraph form. Your
response needs to be a minimum of 1 page and should be typed.

Book Title:
This book is about:

   1. Early Life
         a. Describe the early life of the book's subject. Include date of birth,
            family members, education, important events, and so on.

   2. Public Life
        a. Describe the subject's adult life or public life. What work did the
            person do? How did he or she become well known? What were that
            person's most important accomplishments?

   3. In my opinion...
         a. Tell what you think about the book's subject. Do you think that
            person is important? How is the world different because that
            person lived?

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