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Rudy Ray Moore was a comedian and actor who worked primarily in the blaxploitation genre. He often played pimps, comedians, martial arts experts, or some combination thereof. Moore died on October 20, 2008. This document provides a brief profile of Moore.

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									Who is Rudy Ray Moore?
Rudy Ray Moore is a comedian who made his name in the Blaxplotation film genre, often playing a pimp or martial arts expert, most notably in the film Dolemite, where he played a pimp who was good at karate. Moore also played Petey Wheatstraw, a folk character who sold his soul to the devil for a chance at revenge against his killers.

Moore had a long career in the genre and was arguably it’s most known actor. He also recorded a number of comedy albums. Moore died on October 20, 2008 due to complications associated with diabetes.

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