Career Aptitude Test

					                             Career Aptitude Test
"What is a Career Aptitude Test?"
Are you looking for a better career? One that is a good fit. A career that you can be
passionate about. Career testing can help point the way towards a better career.
Aptitude testing is one of three types of career tests.
Aptitude tests are essentially the same as skill tests. They evaluate your ability to perform
specific tasks.
For the purpose of identifying your ideal career, we have found "interest" based career
assessment tests to be much more powerful and accurate than aptitude based systems.
That's what our Career Test <../Career-Test-Career-Search/What-is-a-Career-Test.cfm>
Why? We believe that once you discover the type of work that is a perfect fit for you, you
will be able to learn and develop the skills needed to become successful in that field.
On the other hand, you may have a very strong skill that has nothing to do with the type
of work you really want to do.
One caveat about knowing what your skills are. If you have exceptionally strong skills in
an specific area, you should not over look those gifts. They may be the key to
understanding what your perfect career is.
The best use of a Career Aptitude Test is to help you identify which skills you will need
to develop for your perfect career.
Therefore, we recommend taking a Career Aptitude Test after you have taken our interest
based Career Test <../Career-Test-Career-Search/What-is-a-Career-Test.cfm> and after
you have identified your perfect career.
More About Career Aptitude Tests
A Career Aptitude Test will measure your ability to perform tasks in these areas.:
     Verbal Reasoning - your basic understanding of the written word
     Numerical Reasoning - your basic math test
     Perceptual Ability - seeing similarities in shapes and patterns
     Spatial Ability - can you visualize in 3D
     Technical Ability - can you program that VCR
     Analytical Ability - solving word problems
     Acuity - the ability to do things quickly and accurately
One weakness of the Career Aptitude Test is that it will only show you what you are
capable of today. These tests have no way of knowing how great you will be once you
discover your perfect career and start moving in that direction.
Books that offer Career Aptitude Testing
"Test Your Own Job Aptitude" by Jim Barrett and Geoff Williams
"Career, Aptitude and Selection Tests" by Jim Barrett
"Discover What You're Best At" by Linda Gale
Career Aptitude Test Summary
In conclusion, if you are looking at a Career Aptitude Test as a way to discover the career
that is best for you, we offer this free career advice:
     Build your career around the work you are passionate about. When you are passionate
         about work, you do your best and it is much easier to be successful.
     The key to understanding the type of work that you can be passionate about is
         understanding where your interests lie. That is what our online Career Test
         <../Career-Test-Career-Search/What-is-a-Career-Test.cfm> is designed to show
 It is important to understand your abilities, so a Career Aptitude Test will provide useful
      information. However, your abilities may have nothing to do with the careers are

  passionate about   Is Your Career NOT Satisfying?
              Searching For New Career Direction?
                Is Your Job Wearing You Down?
                      How Do You Like Monday Mornings?
All you have to do is get your career back on track. Sounds simple right?
Even if you have been very successful, it is quite normal to feel the need to change and
improve your career.
Knowing precisely what to change is critical to achieving success and job satisfaction.
However, knowing what to change is sometimes the hardest part.
What exactly do you change to create a more satisfying career?
     The type of work you do
     The company you work for
     The boss you report to
     The coworkers you work with
     The location and the commute
     Employee or self employed
At CareerPlanner we help you understand what to change and we help you discover a
more meaningful and rewarding career.
That is our mission and our purpose in life. We are not satisfied until we are able to help
someone else. It's that simple.
3 Ways To Get Fast Expert Career Advice
We are specialists in helping you identify what's wrong with your career and what you
can do to fix it.
We offer three services to help you put your career back on track:
    Online Career Test

      Career Counseling and Coaching Sessions (via telephone)

      Resume Critique and Review <ResumeReview.cfm>
Why Are We So Good At This?
      We have a lot of experience coaching people - on the job and in stressful
       situations. So we know what works and what does not work.

      We have a tremendous amount of high level experience managing and leading
       people. We are talking CEO level, VP level etc.

      We are very intuitive and we have a unique ability to listen to you and to "see"
       what is not working. People that know us well are amazed at how fast we can
       solve these types of problems.
      Our Career Test and other tools have been designed using this intuition and
       knowledge of careers and how they really work.
Discover The Work You Were Meant To Do
The first step in planning or changing your career is to discover the type of work that you
truly love.
This is precisely what our career test is designed to do.
It will determine what your interests are and then it will show you which types of careers
match your interests. It will also show you which careers you should avoid.
Your interest level is the single most important factor in deciding what type of work you
will enjoy doing. If you are passionate about your work, you will be much more likely to
be succesful and fulfilled.
How Does Our Career Test Work?
There are 180 questions that take about 18 minutes to complete. There are no
advertisements to get in your way like on other online career tests.
You take the test online. Any computer connected to the internet will work just fine.
After completing the test you will receive your Career Test Report which is typically 15
pages long. Don't worry it's very easy reading. It does not contain any advertisements.
There are no extra hidden fees.
The report will reveal your personal "Career Code" also known as your Holland Code.
Your career code is unique to you, however it does change over time. You should re-take
the career test every seven years or after any major life changing event such as losing a
job or a getting divorced.
Your report will contain a list of specific careers and job titles that match your career
code. You can also use your career code to search through our list of over 12,000 careers.
In addition to learning your career code, the report will tell you which types of careers are
a good match for you and which you should avoid.
It will also explain why certain careers are a match. This knowledge will help you make
career decisions and find a career that is both rewarding and satisfying.
How Is Our Career Test Different?
At CareerPlanner, we have a very unique ability to "see" and "visualize" what type of
work you will enjoy and be successful at.
We developed this ability while working in real businesses where in the process of
building teams and companies we interviewed thousands of people, hired hundreds of
those, and then worked with those people day in and day out.
We know what it takes to be successful and how to match people with careers they will
This is not text book stuff. It's been proven.
The technology, tools and methods we use at CareerPlanner is not something you will
find elsewhere.
The Benefits of Knowing Your Career Code?
      Build Confidence in Your New Career Direction
       It takes courage and guts to make a career change. The older you are the harder it
       becomes. Knowing your career code will help you decide on the right career and
       will give you confidence so you can move forward.

      Validate Your Career Ideas
       If you already have an idea for a new career, knowing your career code will help
       validate your ideas. It's better to know now if your idea for a new career is going
       to be a bad fit.

      Get Objective Career Direction
       Your career test report will give you something that is very hard to come by:
       objective, unbiased, and accurate career advice.

      It's Fast
       You can take the Career Test in 18 minutes and have your results within the hour.

      No Risk
       We are here to help people. That is our mission. Thus we offer a 100%, no
       questions asked refund. If our career test does not help you, just send us an email
       or call our toll free number.

Re-discover Your True Passion in Life
Many "Career Changers" tell us that our Career Test reminded them of talents and
interests they had forgotten long ago.
In the push to get through school, get a job, raise a family, and pay the mortgage, many
people set aside their true passions in life.
Then, at some point later in life they find themselves not fulfilled, not satisfied, and
looking for something else. If you find your job is not meaningful or is not rewarding this
will help.
Our career test has the ability to remind you of what you really wanted to do with your
Remembering your true interests allows you to change your life so that it is much more
satisfying and rewarding.
Lack of Career Satisfaction Can Kill You?
Today we spend about 33% of our adult life time working (~ 55 hours per week).
When anything begins to take up 33% of your life it becomes extremely important to your
health and your well being. Don't believe me?
Take sleep for example. It also consumes about 33% of your life time and you know what
happens when you don't get a good nights sleep. The next day you are not quite "all
there." Your performance is off a bit. You feel like a 6 cylinder engine that is only firing
on 3 cylinders.
Quite simply, if your career is not satisfying, it is going to impact your quality of life.
Don't feel guilty because you want a better career. There is simply no point in wasting
your life doing the wrong kind of work. We each have a purpose to fulfill and it's not
healthy to deny or ignore the drive to find our true purpose.
Just a note of caution. There are people who don't care how they spend their time and they
think any job is OK. They also think you should not be so concerned about your career.
Some people are simply wired differently. If you want to discover a more satisfying
career, read on.
What About Your Aptitude and Ability?
Our Career Test will indirectly measure your aptitude however this is not an aptitude test.
We won't test your math skills, your hand-eye coordination,nor your ability for spacial
Ability is far less important than interest.
If you are passionate about a type of work, you will become very good at it. You will
easily find the time to study, practice, learn etc. You will do whatever it takes to succeed.
It's that simple.
The reverse is not true. If you are good at doing something i.e. you have a strong aptitude
for something, it does not mean you will enjoy it nor be successful at it.
It's all about discovering what you are truly interest in.
The Three Biggest Mistakes In Career Testing
1) Most other career tests on the web will force you to answer all the questions. This will
distort your test results and send you down the wrong career path. We allow you to skip
several questions and choices.
Why is this so important?
Let's say they give you a question that asks, "Would you prefer to train elephants, or
parachute off tall buildings?"
If neither of these activities is attractive to you, you will still be forced to pick one and
that will affect your test report. We don't force you to choose.
2) Many career tests are really personality tests in disguise. Personality is not as important
as discovering your interests and your true purpose in life.
However, if you are looking for a personality test, we offer the Myers-Briggs test.
3) Finally, many career tests on the internet are called free, but they are really not. They
let you spend your time taking the test, and then they hit you with a surprise fee to get a
copy of your report. We don't do that. With our test you will pay before taking the test
and there are no extras or hidden fees.
Is The Career Test Accurate & Reliable?
The basic technology behind our Career Test has been in use for over 50 years. However,
in 1998 we released a vastly improved version that incorporates our own special
Since then we have helped thousands of clients around the world. Although we are based
in the US, we have Career Test clients from the UK, Canada, China, India, Singapore,
Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany etc.
Even with our 100% money back guarantee, we hardly ever see requests for a refund.
Read what customers say <Career-Test-Career-Search/Testimonials-1.cfm>, or look at
some customer success stories <Job-Career-Search/Stories-Career-Test-helped-
You are Never Too Old To Take Our Career Test
Who has benefited from our career test?
   Career Changers
      Anyone considering a career change should take this test.

      Those Investing in College or More Education
       If you are going to spend 2 to 8 years in school, now is a good time to make sure
       you are headed in the right direction.

      Too Young / Too Old ?
       Our test takers range in age from 13 to 55+ with even a few folks over 70.

      About 50% are male and 50% are female. No kidding. We didn't make that up.
Building A Better Career - Made Easy
When building a better career, the place to start is with the "type of work" you do.
You want to build your career upon a solid foundation, so getting the type of work right is
top priority.
The CareerPlanner Career Test will help you discover the work that is right for you.
Many of our Career Counseling clients who want to change careers point to the fact that
they no longer enjoy the work they are doing. You need to know your Career Code if you
want to find work that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

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