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					3. Accounts Payable

3.    Accounts Payable
3.1   Month-End Guidance
3.2   Supplier Statement Reconciliation
3.3   Invoice Register (UFS)
3.4   Invoice on Hold Report (UFS)


B     Unapproved Invoice Register CAPSA
C     Invoices on Hold Report (CAPSA)
3. Accounts Payable

3.1 Month –End Guidance
Accounts Payable (AP) describes the procedure for processing supplier invoices and
employee expense claims, and other disbursements processed via the AP module. A
summary of the AP cycle is given as:
Invoice Entry      Coded to an Account        Approval             Payment

Enter Invoice         Matching              Primary and          Payment of
Using the             Invoices to           Secondary            Supplier/
Batching              Purchase              Approval of          Employee by
System                Orders (where         Purchase             Cheque:
                      raised)               Invoices             Finance
                      ~coded directly                            Division
                      to relevant

        Month-End Guidance – Accounts Payable
 Ø Validate all AP invoices for the month (this is ongoing).
 Ø Review supplier statements and check all invoices are secondary approved/or
   current (ie. not due for payment).
 Ø Review employee expense claims/advances to ensure they are up-to-date and
 Ø Review credit card statements to supporting receipts/vouchers and journal
   expenditure from the department suspense account to relevant cost centre.
 Ø Run Invoice Register (CAPSA) report to identify invoices not primary
 Ø Run Invoices on Hold (CAPSA) Report to list invoices placed on hold and then
   action all holds, as necessary.
 Ø Since the upgrade to 11i in December 2004 there should no longer be any
   invoices that are coded to a project which become “unapproved” as a result of
   the AP Tie Back process.

3.2     Supplier Statement Reconciliation
Why this report is useful
The report makes it easier to reconcile entries in UFS with a suppliers’ statement. It is
recommended that you run a query:
· for a particular supplier
· arrange the report into date order
· export the report into Excel
The notes over the page will take you through the process of running the report and
exporting the results into Excel.

How to run this report
To run this report you need to follow the options set out in the box below.

    Navigate à AP Responsibility à Enquiry à Invoices

·    Using the Find Invoices screen enter the suppliers name and the date range that
     you want to find.

You should get a list that looks something like this:
To make the report easier to work with it is recommended that you export the results
into excel. This can be done by clicking on File and selecting the Export option.

·   Whilst the system exports your data from UFS into Excel you may get a ‘bar’
    across the screen telling you how far through the export the system is:

    ·   Once the system finishes exporting your data into excel you should get the
        following screen pop up, click the ‘Open this file from its current location’
        option (as shown below) and click the OK button. (In some cases you may not
        be asked this but your data will appear automatically in excel)
·   You should then get the following window come up. Highlight Excel (Using your
    mouse) and then click OK. Microsoft Excel (version 2000) should open
    automatically and your information should be exported into spreadsheet (this can
    take a few minutes depending on the size of your list).

Once in Excel you can manipulate the data how you want (Move columns, delete
columns etc.). Note: You may need to widen the width of some columns to view all
the information, it will sometimes appear as #####, if you can not see everything
contained in the field. If you want the list in date order highlight the whole sheet, by
clicking your cursor in the top left hand corner of your spreadsheet. Then use Data à
Sort, select Invoice Date and click OK.

This will put your invoices into date order. You can then print this list out to reconcile
with your statements.
         3.3     Invoice Register (UFS)                                     Monthly
         Why this report is useful
         An important part of month-end for Accounts Payable is to ensure that all batches/AP
         invoices to be included in the current month’s accounts have been completed. This
         report will list all invoices that have not been through PRIMARY (i.e. First level)

         How to run this report
         The following parameters should be selected

You can use
this report at
other times to
list all the
for a batch of                                                                                  By changing
invoices, by                                                                                    this to NO
batch name or                                                                                   you will get
processors                                                                                      all invoices.
name.                                                                                           (Ok if you are
                                                                                                report to a
                                                                                                single batch)

           D Please Note: If you are in a Central Department, if you run this report you will
           get every Unapproved AP Invoice across the entire University. The Finance Division
           will produce a separate report on your behalf, showing just your own departments
           entries, this will be sent to you, in order for you to carry out your month-end

                           See Appendix B for an example of this report

         Action points from this report
         · The invoices on the report should be reviewed
         · If the invoice is valid, then approve, so it can be paid.
         · If the invoice is not valid (E.g. it was abandoned through error) it should be
            (See procedure at
3.4      Invoice on Hold Report (UFS)                                       Monthly
Why this report is useful
This report shows all the AP invoices on hold within your department listed by hold
name. These invoices will not be paid until the hold is resolved and/or overridden.

The following are some of the most common holds found on invoices within
Accounts Payable.

  Hold          What does it mean?                How did I get it?                    Over ride?
Credit       Your invoice is on hold         Someone in your department        Yes you can manually over
Note         awaiting a credit note          has manually put this hold on     ride this hold
                                             your invoice
Internal     Internal Trading Invoice        Someone in your department        Yes you can manually over
Dispute      that is being disputed          has manually put this hold on     ride this hold
                                             your invoice
Qty Rec.     The quantity you have been      Maybe you have only part-         Need to receive the goods
             billed for on your invoice      received this order. Or some      on the system if the receipt
             exceeds the quantity you        items have been sent back.        has been overlooked. Get a
             have received on the                                              credit note if goods sent
             system                                                            back or no longer required.
                                                                               You can manually over ride
                                                                               this hold.
Tax          The tax name on your PO is      Either the wrong tax name         You will need to check and
Difference   different to that on your       was entered on the PO or the      amend the invoice
             invoice                         invoice                           distributions. You can
                                                                               manually over ride this
Price        The price of the invoice is     Either the wrong price was        Check with the Buyer
             different or exceeds the        entered onto the PO or the        and/or Supplier. You can
             price that was on the PO        invoice is wrong.                 manually over ride this
Qty Ord.     The quantity that you have      Was the invoice for several       Check with the Buyer.
             been billed for on the          PO’s and only been matched        Match against other PO’s if
             invoice exceeds the             to one? The original PO may       necessary. You can
             quantity that was originally    have been incorrect.              manually over ride this
             ordered.                                                          hold.
Final        There is a Final Match hold     You ticked the Final Match        Contact The Accounts
Matching     on this invoice                 box in the Match screen.          Payable Helpdesk. This
                                                                               hold can not be over ridden.
Secondary    The invoice is awaiting         Someone in your department        Secondary Approve the
Approval     secondary approval              has completed the primary         invoice for payment. This
                                             approval.                         hold can not be over ridden.
Tax          There is a problem with the     It may be that not all of the     Amend the distribution
Variance     tax distribution lines, which   invoice is taxable. Or that the   lines accordingly and then
             do not calculate correctly      tax amount was different on       over ride the hold.
                                             the PO.
Dist         Your invoice distribution       Either the invoice amount         You must amend the
Variance     lines do not total the          has been incorrectly entered      distribution lines so that the
             invoice amount that you         or you have calculated the        invoice amount and the
             have entered.                   distribution lines wrongly.       total of the distribution
                                             The distributions may have        lines are equal. This hold
                                             been wrong on the PO.             can not be over ridden.
         How to run this report

Leave blank
when running
report at year-
end. But can
be used when
running the
report as a
house-                                                                                   If you are a
keeping tool.                                                                            Central
                                                                                         Dept. you
                                                                                         must enter
                                                                                         your Dept
                                                                                         Code in

         Action points from this report
         · All invoices on this report should be investigated.
         · Where the holds are valid and current, efforts should be made to enable the
            invoice to be released from hold.
         · Holds for any other reason are to be released to enable the invoice to be paid or
            the invoice should be cancelled.
         · Once all holds have been released, the report should be ran again to ensure all
            invoices are processed prior to the financial year end.

                        See Appendix C for an example of this report
           Appendix B: Unapproved Invoice Register (CAPSA)
           CAPSA Set of Books                                                                                                                                                                        Report Date: 21-MAY-2005 16:22
                                                                  Unapproved Invoice Register (CAPSA)                                                                                                                             Page:       1

            Currency: GBP                                       Data Entry Person:                       Entered Date From: 01-AUG-04                     Accounting Period:
              Batch: AG/TJH/01/03/05/5                                                                    Entered Date to: 30-APR-05
Headers    Supplier                               Invoice             Invoice               Original           Amount                                        Invoice
wrap       Name                                   Number              Date                 Amount           Remaining Description                             Type
round      -------------------------------------------------------- --------------- --------- ----------------- ----------------- ---------------------    - -------------
over two                Expense                                 Liability                                                                                   Accounting Tax
lines       Type Line Accounting Flex                           Accounting Flex                                Amount Description                                      Date          Type Tax Post
             ---- ---- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ----------------------------------- ---- ---------------                             ---------- ------- --- ----
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This is an AP
           SIGMA-GENOSYS LTD                     229328           05-FEB-05             100.40                         0.00                                     Standard                             Originally                              Tieback
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Invoice. ( its
            Item     4 U.PK.PKAG.MAAB.EZZC.0000                    U.00.0000.0000.VBAA.0000                      (100.40) Adjustment from PA                31-MAY-05                 No
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Tied                      been paid but
            Item     5 U.PK.PKAG.MAAB.EZZC.0000                    U.00.0000.0000.VBAA.0000                       100.40 Adjustment from PA                 31-MAY-05                 No                                                      needs
                                                                                                                                                                                              Ready to be re-                                on UFS)
           SIGMA-GENOSYS LTD                     60488           13-DEC-04                4.84                         4.84               WTA54148              Standard
            Tax      1 U.00.0000.0000.VCBA.0000             U.00.0000.0000.VBAA.0000                               0.72 17.5% Standard              01-APR-05                SR1 No
                                        ----------------- -----------------

                    Total for SIGMA-GENOSYS LTD:                                             105.24                             4.84

   Line Number                                                                                                                             Stands for
                                                                                                                                           Adjustment from
                              Supplier Invoice                            You can tell whether                                             Project
                              Number                                      or not the invoice has                                           Accounting – I.e.
                                                                          been paid by the                                                 AP Tie Back
                                                                          amount remaining
    Appendix C: Invoices on Hold Report (CAPSA)

       CAPSA Set of Books
       Report Date: 17-MAY-2005 13:40

       Page:                  1                  Supplier
                                                 Invoice                          Invoice on Hold Report (CAPSA)
       Department : AG            Finance        Number
                                                                                      Date of Supplier Invoice
       Hold       : Dist Variance
                                                                                                             <------   Functional Currency    ------>
           Batch              Supplier                   Invoice         PO         Invoice            Original            Amount
           Name               Name                       Number          Number     Date                 Amount         Remaining Description
           ------------------ -------------------------------------------------- --------------- ---------- --------- ----------------- -----------------
           AG/CA/09/05/02/3   ABC METAL SERVICES         7777                       09-MAY-05         5,000.00          5,000.00
           AG/CA/09/05/02/2   ADC (SPARES & SERVICE)     4321                       03-APR-05        25,000.00         25,000.00
           AG/CA/09/05/02/1   ALLEN PRESS INC            12345                      09-MAY-05           200.00            200.00
           AG/CA/09/05/02/2   FRAMING TALENT             3214                       01-APR-05        25,000.00         25,000.00

       Hold       : Qty Rec
                                                                                                             <------   Functional Currency    ------>
           Batch              Supplier                   Invoice         PO         Invoice            Original            Amount
           Name               Name                       Number          Number     Date                 Amount         Remaining Description
           ------------------ -------------------------------------------------- --------------- ---------- --------- ----------------- -----------------
    AG/TESTING/TJH     LYRECO             TJH4                          203306              16-MAY-05                                20.00
20.00           Envelopes

       The Report lists the holds by name grouping
                                                                             Purchase Order
       together invoices with the same hold. If there are                                                    Decription of goods that
       three different holds on an invoice it will appear on                                                 was entered on the
       the report three times.                                                                               invoice pulls through

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