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					Employee Community Involvement It is now widely recognised that companies’ contribution to the community must go beyond just philanthropic donations. Employee community involvement (ECI) is the way in which companies can support their employees in playing their part in the Corporate Social Investment programme. ECI is recognised to have benefits for the employee, the community and the business. Internationally involving staff more closely in corporate giving has boosted staff loyalty and faith in their company. Many employees already assist communities in South Africa, often independently of their company’s CSI programmes. Employee Community involvement programmes should be able to address community needs, reflect the skills and interests of employees and bring tangible benefits to the company. Employee involvement programme and in particular volunteering activities can bring a wealth of benefits to the company. • Employees learn new skills when they are exposed to a different environment • Employee morale and loyalty are boosted when staff feel that their employer is taking issues that are important to them seriously • Profile of business is boosted in the community. Employees act as ambassadors, which can lead to the business being perceived as a good employer and more caring. There are many different ways in which employees can become involved in supporting community activities volunteering, fundraising and cash giving being some of the key activities. Ensuring a Programmes Success: • Consult with your employees during the design stage. It is their programme thus their buy-in is essential • Communicate regularly. It is important that staff know how much has been collected, who has benefited, what volunteer opportunities are available. Good communication will maintain interest and excitement about the programme • Get senior management buy-in. this will help ensure that the programme become part of the culture of the company • Measure the impact. By designing a formal programme that is run through a central place will ensure that it is easy to measure the number of hours staff put in, total amounts raised or donated, broader impact upon the community.

Give As You Earn Give As You Earn, CAF Southern Africa’s payroll giving programme, enables employees to give directly from their salary to non-profit organisations of their choice. Give As You Earn is easy to install and simple to run, costs very little to implement and provides an ideal opportunity to support your staff’s generosity. Why Encourage payroll giving • Many of your staff might want to give but don’t know where or how. With a Give As You Earn programme, the company in consolation with staff, can select organisations that reflect ‘causes’ that staff are passionate about. • Many employees are already supporting organisations in their personal capacity. Doing this through Give As You Earn avoids the costly bank charges that go with direct debit donations • Everyone can participate; Give As You Earn enables staff to give small amounts each pay day – as little as R10. • If the company matches staff donations, not only does the money go twice as far, and staff feel good about working for a company that supports causes that are important to them personally. How can CAF Southern Africa help? • Work with the company to advise on the programme that will best suit the company profile • Handle all the administration of the programme. This will include payments to beneficiaries • Advise on communicating the programme to staff, including producing marketing material and organising a launch. Volunteering Programmes There are many different ways in which staff can be supported to engage in volunteering activities. Some of the different ways are: • Matching grants for hours individual staff put into volunteering out of office hours • Time off during working hours: staff can be given up to 4hours off per month to volunteer • Team Challenges: Staff are encourage to form teams and volunteer or fundraise in their own time or during office hours • Volunteer Day: A day a year is set aside to encourage all types of volunteering activity • Awards Programmes: Small grants are given to organisations where staff work in recognition of the particular efforts they have made. This is often accompanied by a special ceremony


Mentoring programme: Staff are matched to a particular school or child and will then work with them over a period

Tax Benefits for Giving Individuals and companies can now give to a much broader range of organisations and receive a tax break for doing so. In July 2000 the Income Tax Legislation in relation to NGOs was amended for the first time in over 40 years. As a result the majority of organisations working for the public good are able to apply for income tax exemption, and the categories of organisations which can receive Section 18A donor deductible status has been extended beyond just educational institutions. The new categories now include: • Support for children’s organisations and the aged • Health care provision for indigent, terminally ill and persons with physical and mental handicaps • HIV/AIDS organisations • Training of unemployed or disabled people • Provision of educare For a fully comprehensive list of eligible activities contact The Non-Profit Partnership on T: 021 425 0386 or e-mail For more information or advice on Employee Community Involvement Programmes contact: Laura Maxwell Stuart Manager, Corporate Services CAF Southern Africa T: 011 229 1136 F: 011 339 1153

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