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									Who is Judith Miller?
Judith Miller is a prominent journalist who has worked for the New York Times newspaper for many years.

What is she known for?
Known for having access to top government officials, Ms. Miller was a part of the Plame affair, also referred to as Plame-gate, in which journalists were given the identity of an undercover CIA operative named Valerie Plame by White House officials in retaliation for Ms. Plame’s husband’s report that there were no WMDs in Iraq when the US invaded. Miller refused to reveal the name of her informant and was jailed for 85 days.

Why is she making news now?
Ms. Miller has signed on as a correspondent for the Fox News network, a network widely regarded as biased toward conservatives, the religious right, and the Republican Party.

More on Judith Miller
DOB: January 2, 1948 Education: MastersDegree from Princeton University Other associations: the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research Awards won: Pulitzer, Emmy Award

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