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									Copper Development Association Africa
Meeting of the members of Copper Development Association Africa held at 53 Rendell Road, Wadeville on 06 October 2005 at 3.00p.m.


Present: John Cross (Chairman CDA),Tubby Boynton-Lee (Dawn), Alan Braithwaite (GCM), Frik Geyser (BESA), Dana Gampel (Strategy Consultant), Gordon Grant (CDA), Herbert Hanke (Palabora), Greg Hoets (CDA), Bob Kempthorne (CDA),Grant Mackintosh (Emanti), Derek Ogilvie (BESA), Johan Olivier (Zamefa), Sue Park (Eye-Q), Dile Seitz (Eye-Q), Ferdi Pistorius (Maksal), Jan Venter (CRM), Mike Wolhuter (PDC), Dave Machet (CTA), Jehoshafat Moshe (CTA), Victor Dladla (CTA), Adele Meintjies (Palabora), Jordan Soko (Zambia), Jones Papo (Mintek), Lesley Cornish (Mintek), Louise Petrick (Mintek), Sally Ciaglia (CDA) Apologies: Frans Lackinger (CCG), Sydney Lazarus (NFM), Ian McCrae (Reclam), Jacob Moatshe (DTI), Sisanda Mtwazi (DTI) Item What Who When 1 Purpose of meeting Due to the number of matters requiring discussion as well as important issues required for Members 06 Oct 05 future planning, management of the CDA convened the meeting. 2 Welcome Welcome extended to Jordan Soko, Johan Olivier, Greg Hoets, Sue Park, Dile Seitz John Cross 06 Oct 05 06 Oct 05 3 Name change of the With effect from October 2005 The Copper Development Association would be known as Directors Association Copper Development Association Africa. This change had become necessary for two main reasons • The ICA regards Copper Development Association Africa as the representative body for the African continent. • Copper Development Association Africa embraces the African continent as a whole 4 Overview of ICA 06 Oct 05 • The ICA membership covered 80% of copper mines and copper fabricators Gordon Grant and CDA initiatives throughout the world • 31 regional offices existed • ICA annual budget approximated US$52k • Each regional office funded by its own membership base plus co funding from ICA • Current ICA President Frank Kane • Technology Director Hal Stillman (ex ABB Worldwide) • 30 years of technological initiatives exist in ICA archives • Although large amounts of money spent by the Association, often little action has taken place • Frank Kane and Hal Stillman visited RSA 2004/2005 with great praise for current initiatives

Copper Development Association Africa
• CDA co-funded by ICA:- 2004 R500k - 2005 R1.3 million - 2005 R2.2 million - 2007 R4.0 million Grant Mackintosh addressed the meeting on the subject of corrosion mitigation, highlighting major aspects. Overhead slides of his presentation would be available on the CDA website as part of Greg Hoets’ member feedback. The ICA is keen to adopt aspects of the work done in SA as a world standard. Greg addressed the meeting and explained the information service which would be provided to members by the CDA website. Important points noted were: • Each member of the CDA would be visited by Greg to ascertain member requirements for the website and other important matters unique to each member • Greg would ensure that emails would be sent out to members advising them of changes to the website. However all members were encouraged to read all topics available on the website • Greg’s aim would be to provide rapid and accurate copper based information vital to all members John Cross recapped on the involvement of the CDA in the Customised Sectorial Programme for metals, of which copper formed a part. Some of the six main strategic issues raised by the CDA with the DTI had been identified in the CSP document. The CDA would focus on those matters which had not been specifically addressed in the CSP.



Corrosion Mitigation

Grant Third week Mackintosh/Greg Oct 05 Hoets Greg Hoets/All Members On-going


Website and membership interaction


Customised Sectorial Programme (CSP)

John Cross/ Sisanda Mtwazi



CDA Strategy and Business plan

Sisanda Mtwazi had apologized for his absence from the meeting. However members were assured by John Cross that effective and meaningful interaction between the CDA and Sisanda had taken place and management held out great hope that the business objectives of the CDA would be acted upon by the DTI. Dana Gampel stated that:Dana Gampel Management • The CSP covered general issues • The six copper issues had been derived from the input by members • A strategic matrix of six streams had been formulated and reworked several times to reach finality • The strategic matrix formed part of the Associated Business Plan compiled by Dana

10 Oct 05

Copper Development Association Africa
together with management of the CDA Copies of this business plan would be made available to all members on Monday 10 October 2005 • This would culminate in a vision for the future • The business plan would be used by the DTI as a pilot project, for presentation to the Minister of Trade and Industries • Grant Mackintosh presented slides which explained the objectives of the AntiMicrobial initiative • The first phase thereof would be funded by the ICA • A conference would be held in July 2006, probably in Zambia. All members would be asked to contribute to the CDA efforts in this matter • Slides available on website in due course Gordon briefly explained this initiative • The Leonardo Power Quality Initiative (LPQI). The ICA had an electrification programme in place which they were keen to introduce into Africa. All their research and documentation will be openly available to the CDA, obviating reinventing the wheel. This initiative will be driven in Africa by the CDA together with Eskom. • Slum electrification. Four countries identified by the ICA for pilot projects – India – Morocco – Philippines – Brazil • Zambian rural electrification initiative. Funding for this project would come via the USAID and ICA who have signed an agreement called the Global Development Alliance (GDA). The scoping of the pilot project was being discussed, but the main target would be to achieve sustainability. • Conference of cable manufacturers to be held in October 2005 in Tokyo. Frank Kane will be addressing delegates to secure their involvement in electrification initiatives. John Cross expressed appreciation for the ongoing input from members and for their attendance at the meeting. In closing he said that one of the main objectives of the CDA was “to drive towards seeing concrete (copper based) benefits for Africa”. Will take place in first quarter of 2006. Date to be advised. •




Anti-Microbial Initiative

Grant July 2006 Mackintosh/Greg On-going Hoets


Rural electrification

Gordon Grant





Next meeting

Gordon Grant

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