Letter to the Au Pair

					Letter to the Au Pair Dear Au Pair We are a family of 5, Jochen (my husband, 40 years old, a doctor), I (Frieda, 36 years old, South African - afrikaansspeaking, housewife), Maike (almost 7), Anneke, (almost 4) and Hannes (2). I was born and bred in South Africa and came to Germany in 1999. Part of the reason that we want an au pair from SA is that I enjoy having a fellow South African in our home and also would want our children to have more contact with the South African culture. Jochen speaks german, I and the au pair English. We really see you as being part of our family and somebody who helps us out with the kids. Jochen has to work a lot, 3 kids and doing the household takes a lot of time, and we decided that an au pair would help us to give our children more quality time with someone (either with the au pair or with us). We would enjoy it if you are a person who enjoys doing lots of stuff with the kids, coloring in, going cycling, playing outside, reading stories, etc. Our prime objective is to get our children to be happy, independent little beings and this is where we want you to help us. This would also naturally mean, that sometimes you would have to help with household chores, because we also enjoy spending time with the kids. I would say that 75% of the time will be spent on the kids, 25% on household chores. We are christians, and it is very important for us that the au pair the works for us also knows and loves the Lord. You will be working 5 days a week, with weekends and evenings off. If we want you to look after the kids in the evenings or weekends, we will obviously discuss it with you in advance and with your consent. You will then either get time off later, or be paid for the hours you have worked over time. You will get 5,5 weeks holiday (of which 3,5 weeks must be taken in March) the rest is up to you. We have an open home, like visitors (also yours, as long as you do not have thousands of them!) Now a bit more about us as a family: Jochen is a well balanced and pragmatical, sporty, interested in many things, a committed husband and father. I would describe myself as a friendly and sporty mother of three, with outgoing personality, who is well adapted to the german lifestyle, loves outdoor activities Maike is a friendly little girl, who loves to play with her friends, but can also play alone really nicely. She is a bit shy and checks things out before she participates. Very caring and easy to get along with. She loves singing and dancing and is more artistic I would say. She enjoys being read to and realtionship oriented Anneke loves being outside and copying her bigger sister. She can be very funny and makes many people smile. She knows what she wants (and what not). She basically does what Maike does. Hannes is very much like Maike. A friendly little guy. Usually happy with himself and with life as such. He speaks very little, but can make very clear what he wants. He loves cars and animals The children are all well behaved and easy to get along with. Obviously they can also throw their tantrums, but I must honestly say that happens very seldom. If they are told to do something, 95% of the times they will do it. They just love cuddles (who does not!?) and really give us and our current au pair, Ilouise lots of joy. I would suggest that you maybe speak to/emial with Ilouise if you would like to know what it is like being in our family. I can tell you a lot of wonderful things, she can tell you if it is all true. Now a bit more info about Keltern – Ellmendingen. It is a nice little wine village in a rural area with 3500 inhabitants. It is 15 minutes drive from the city Pforzheim and 25 minutes drive from Karlsruhe. It lies at the foot of the Black Forest and is known as one of the nicest villages in the area. We have squirrels and dear eating in our garden, so for somebody who loves nature it is almost like paradise. There is an efficient and reliable public transport system. France is less than an hour’s drive away, Switserland and Austria less than 2,5 hour’s drive away. In the village there are sports clubs (dancing,

aerobics etc) and programs for young adults from the different churches. Pforzheim and especially Karlsruhe offer lots for young people. In summary: You might find other families that might pay a bit more, but I honestly believe you will not find another family who will look after you as well as we do and make you feel at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask/email. We are excited to see who will join us next year! Frieda, Jochen, Maike, Anneke & Hannes Hofmann

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