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Designed to work seamlessly for small to medium businesses, Interprise Suite offers an enterprise level of functionality combined with the usability of off-the-shelf accounting products that provides connectivity like no other. With the use of .NET technology that allows unlimited access of users whether connected via LAN or remotely connected thru the Internet, Interprise Suite's accounting module provides benefits to all departments providing real time, company wide information when needed, managing the most comprehensive and up to the minute financial reports in just a few clicks. As the heart of the financial application, the Interprise Suite Accounting Module features the most advanced accounting principles such as a multi-segmented general ledger, extensive transaction history and comprehensive budgeting. Audit trailing gets even simpler. Because the Accounting Module is very easy to set up, even complex accounting schemes become un-complex with Interprise Suite's General Ledger Setup Wizard and virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities.

Interprise Suite Accounting Module Benefits
• Multi-Dimensional General Ledger/Chart of Accounts • General Journal • Unlimited Budgeting capability • Provision for Bad Debts and Write off Routines • Tools and Setup

With Interprise Suite, your accountant gets a multi-dimensional view of your company's financial information. It supports up to 5 levels of General Ledger Segments, so it is easy keep track of expenses for each segment such as offices, departments, accounts, projects and more. Creating the General Ledger is a breeze with the wizard-based setup. Budgets are created and maintained and variances tracked per account in the General Ledger. Because Interprise Suite is fully integrated and can support simultaneous access of unlimited users, all accounting information is stored and updated in real-time. Get the most accurate report containing all transactions of your company, and get a clear view of all your payables and receivables.

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Ability to create custom-made or industry-specific selection of chart of account structures Detailed Account Information Detailed Account Transaction History Wizard-based COA Setup simplifies General Ledger creation and maintenance Segmented GL that support for up to 5 levels Easily keep track of expenses for each segment such as offices/branches, departments, projects, accounts and more Automatically assigns default accounts used in posting Print out a comprehensive COA report Statistical analysis of nominal accounts User-defined accounting periods, either fiscal or calendar year Automatically produce income statements, balance sheet statements, cash flow statements and other trend reports A full range of General Ledger Reports including multisegmented reports

The General Journal is very important for accountants and audit officials. This will provide the complete audit trail for all transactions including who, how, and when they were created. With a completely integrated approach and drill-down capabilities of Interprise Suite's General Journal module, details about these transactions are just one click away. You can even make reversing entries for dealing with accruals and prepayments. The General Journal features: • Complete audit trail • Drill-down to transaction records • Drag and Drop grouping for easier analysis • Support for reversing entries • Support Prior Year Posting • Period and year end processing • Integrated Interprise Word for creating letters and documents • Simple query for posted and unposted journals • Easily create journal entries using journal templates created from previous entries • Setup and process recurring journal entries • Post transactions individually - or in batches

With Interprise Suite's Accounting module, you can do annual budget allocations and expenditure programs that will help expand the value of your financial strength. You can easily monitor and measure actual vs. allocated budgets with percentage variances. You have the option of choosing either a fiscal year or calendar year budgeting to suit your budget allocation needs. Budget reports allows you evaluate the expenses easily. • Setup and maintain budgets for every account necessary • Apply whole budget amount for each account • Copy existing budget details from other accounts • Use incremental values • Import budget details • Budget split tables for seasonal businesses • Edit multiple budgets and accounts simultaneously • Fiscal year or calendar-based budgeting • Track and measure actual versus budgeted with percentage variances • Drag and Drop functionality for easier analysis

The Accounting Module includes wizards designed for the nonaccount type of user to easily process adjusting entries such as accruals and prepayments. Wizards are also provided in making provisions for invoices subject to bad debts. You can choose to write off outstanding amounts also through a wizard. • Filter invoices subject for bad debt provision or write off by overdue date, minimum balance amount, or by customer • Bad debts can be reversed at any time • Write off routine - you can write off a portion or the whole balance amount • Entries generated by the accrual or prepayment wizard can be amended until posted through the batch posting routine

All journal entries made in Interprise Suite are kept in the "Unposted" file and can be amended until posted finally into the General Ledger through the Batch Posting Wizard. A month end routine wizard is provided to help the person responsible to do the tasks he expects to accomplish at the end of an accounting period. The process month end wizard includes options to process pending recurring transactions, revaluate stock and multi-currency transactions, post transactions, and print reports before finally closing the period. If it is the year end, the system will prompt the event and make the necessary adjustments. • Reports are kept (PDF) even if the user chooses not to print them in the month end routine • Perform batch posting • Have UK or EU tools like EC sales report, Intrastat reconciliation and VAT returns • Multi- currency revaluation • Stock revaluation • Review previous batch posts in a batch post history

The Setup menu has options to maintain setup information used for the Accounting Module tasks. Accounting periods, default posting accounts, layouts for financial statements and preferences for accounting analysis are managed through this menu. Minor setup items such as account segments and account sub groups are also maintained here. • Maintain account codes and add new ones as your company grows • Retrospective analysis of debtors and creditors • Maintain account segments and account sub groups • Financial Statement Layout - define your own or copy from financial statement layout templates • Setup and maintain fiscal year/periods • Extend or shorten periods and the journal entries are re-periodized accordingly • Assign default accounts for posting • Set preferences as to where the account analysis would come from

• • User Definable Account Code Segments Easy Generation of Codes and segment

Accounting Routines
• • Journals Taxable or Non Taxable Journal Templates by Percentage or Value Prepayments Routine Accruals Routine Recurring Journal Routine Bad Debt Provision Routine Write-off Routine Multi Currency Revaluation Routine Batch Posting Routine & Log User-definable Financial Statement Layouts Stock Revaluation Routine Based on Costing Methods Budgets to Compare With Actuals

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Month End Routines
• • • • • Month End Wizard Prompts Users to Generate Reports and Post Items Month End Log Period-based Accounting With User-definable periods Audit Trial Enquiry Prior Year Adjustments

Nominal Posting Options
• Cost of Goods Sold Options - Default Accounts by: Customer Item Product Group

• Business Intelligence

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