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Dear Prospective Student, Thank you for your interest in the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development. This sheet will provide all the information that you require to complete your application form. Please read this information sheet carefully and ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities and commitments should you be accepted into the Academy. Program Structure The program will be conducted from 9h00 to 16h00 at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business located adjacent to the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town. You will be required to make yourself available for lectures and learning sessions for the entire year; please note that this is not a part-time or modular program; when you are not attending lectures you will be required to participate in group sessions and self-directed learning. Attendance and participation at all lectures and group sessions is an absolute requirement of the program. Program Dates The Academy program for 2007 is scheduled as follows: Level Foundation Intermediate Advanced Start Date 15th January 23rd April 6th August End Date 6th April 13th July nd 2 November

A detailed program listing lectures dates and times for each level of the 2007 program will be provided upon your registration for the Academy. Program Fees The fees for the 2007 program will be as follows: Level Foundation Intermediate Advanced Fee R1000.00 R1000.00 R500.00

The program fees for each level are payable in full prior to commencement of the first lecture of each level. As the fees for the program are already subsidized, financial assistance will only be available for very special cases. You will have an opportunity to discuss your financial needs during the interview stage (should you be accepted). You will be responsible for all costs associated with commuting daily to and from the Graduate School of Business, food and beverages as desired, and accommodation if applicable. Please note that depending upon where you live the commuting costs could be R100.00 per week. It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to provide for your needs for the duration of the program. Application & Registration Process There are a number of steps that you will need to take to ensure that you have a chance of being accepted for the 2007 Program. Please read these carefully and follow the steps closely. Step 1 - The Application Form: Complete the application form, the essay (see information below regarding the essay), attach a recent passport size photograph of yourself in the space provided and sign and date the last page of the form. Include a certified copy of the front page of your Identity Book as well as a certified copy of your last academic certificate or Senior Certificate. Place all these documents into the envelope provided, attached a postage stamp where indicated and mail the application form. Step 2 – Entrance Test: If your application is completed correctly and received by the due date you will be called upon to write two entrance tests (see information below regarding the entrance tests). Your failure to write the tests will result in your application being rejected. If you are not contacted to write the entrance tests please consider your application as being unsuccessful.

Step 3 – Interview: If you are selected for the short-list for entrance to the program you will be invited for an interview with the Academy Director. Your failure to attend the interview will result in your place on the short-list being offered to another candidate. If you are not contacted for an interview please consider your application as being unsuccessful. You will receive information regarding the interview via telephone. Step 4 – Pre-Registration: If you are offered a place on the 2007 Academy program you will be required to pre-register and pay a non-refundable deposit of R150.00 to hold your place in the class. (The deposit will be applied toward your fees for the Foundation Level.) Please note the following important dates with regard to the application & registration process: Application Form Entrance Test Interview Pre-Registration Application form must be received by this date … Notified to write the entrance tests by this date… Entrance tests will be written on this date … Interviews will be held on one of these dates… Notified of admission to the Academy by this date … Pre-registration will be held on this date … 20 September th 29 September th 7 October th rd 20 – 23 November th 4 December th 14 December

Essay The application form requires you to write an essay in the space provided. The question for the essay is as follows: “Based upon your personal experience, what is one of the biggest issues facing South Africa today? Give a practical example of how you propose to resolve this issue.” Your essay will be assessed as follows: • Your ability to remain in the space provided • Spelling and use of language • Whether the question was answered • Your ability to give a reflection of your personal experience within South Africa • The practicality of your suggested solution • How the solution helps yourself and others. Entrance Tests Please note the following information in the event that you are contacted to write the entrance tests. 1. Contact Details: You must include a cell phone number in your application form as you will be informed via SMS that you should write the tests. 2. Test Date & Times: The test will be held on Saturday 7th October 2006 from 08h00 to 13h00. You will have a short break between the two tests but will have to remain at the venue during that time. 3. Test Venue: The tests will be conducted in the Podium Hall, Cape Town Civic Centre, Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town. The venue is easily accessible from the Cape Town station, bus terminus and taxi rank. 4. What to Bring: You will be required to bring your SA Identity Book to the test; please DO NOT bring anything else, all material required will be provided. 5. What to Prepare: The tests assess your general knowledge; there is no preparation required. Check List Prior to sending your application form to the Academy please uses this checklist to ensure you have complied with all the requirements. Read and understand the financial and time commitments of the program Completed the application form and essay question Included a recent passport size photo of yourself Included a certified copy of the front page of your Identity Document Included a certified copy of your last academic certificate or Senior Certificate Stamped the envelope and mailed all the above documents in the pre-addressed envelope. For questions about the application process please contact the Academy help line at: 079-215-5849

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY APPLICANT DETAILS (Please include a certified copy of the front page of your South African Identity Book with this application)
Family Name: Name by which you are normally known: Title: Nationality: Population indicator: Home Address: Black African Date of Birth: SA ID number: Coloured Asian White First Name(s):

Code: Address to which all correspondence should be sent:

Code: Home Phone: E-mail: Cell:

Family Name: Title: Home Address: First Name(s): SA ID Number:

Code: Home Phone: E-mail: Cell:

Have you read the financial section (program fees) included on the information sheet? Have you discussed your attendance and the financial requirements of the program with your parents? Please give details of how you propose to pay for the program and support yourself for the duration of the program: Yes Yes No No

QUALIFICATIONS (Please include a certified copy of your last academic certificate or Senior Certificate with this application)
School Name: First Language: Fluency in English: Last Grade Passed: Second Language: fluent good average

COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES (Details about your community, social, sport, and religious activities) Activity: Role / Position: Date From: Date To:

Are you currently working? If yes, type of work? Full Time Part Time Casual Seasonal Yes Yes Yes No Voluntary No No

Have you discussed your participation in this program with your employer? Will your employer offer you financial assistance?

S U M M A R Y O F Y O U R P R A C T I C A L W O R K E X P E R I E N C E (Paid and Voluntary)
Organisation: Type of experience: Dates From: Dates To:

I hereby certify that I have provided accurate information in this application. I authorise all persons or entities to provide any relevant information in their possession to the University of Cape Town or its agent for use in considering me for admission or verifying my credentials for admission, and I expressly waive any required notice to me. I understand and agree that any misrepresentation or omission of facts in my application will justify the denial of admission, the cancellation of admission, or expulsion. This application is my own, honest statement to the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development.

Your Signature: Parent/Legal Guardian Signature:

Date: Date:

Please return this form and supporting documents to:

Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development University of Cape Town - GSB Private Bag Rondebosch, 7701 Phone: 079-215-5849 Email: academy@gsb.uct.ac.za Web: www.ackermanacademy.co.za

Passport Size Photograph

E S S A Y / M O T I V A T I O N (Please see the Information Sheet for the essay question)

Please write your essay in the 2 pages provided. DO NOT attach any other sheets. Please write clearly.


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