ROCKETMAN AND N.O.R.T.O.N. (screenplay) by SamBass1

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2 "ROCKETMAN & N.O.R.T.O.N." FADE IN: INT. U.S. GOV. N.O.R.T.O.N. LABORATORY COMPLEX, LAB-B, CIRCA 2010 – NIGHT A slender twenty feet long yellow rocket with sweep wings and a short tail sits on its stand in the center of the giant laboratory. It is adorned with various safety decals and federal aircraft identification numbers. CLOSE ON - a sign above the rocket that is fixed on the wall. – “EYES ONLY”, WHAT YOU SEE HERE, STAYS HERE. MAX ROBINSON, a late twenties handsome young man with hair looks over the rocket. He is very casual wearing white laboratory coat with a red tee-shirt and jeans. steps onto a yellow metal platform fitted to the side rocket. long a Max of the

He looks closer inside the open cockpit while he writes notes on his clipboard and mumbles to himself. MAX Fuel cells check. Systems check, check. Weapons check, check. The front seat of the rocket is empty. N.O.R.T.O.N., a small robot that is painted red and also marked with safety decals and instruction stickers occupies the back seat. The robot makes computer noises and its head is lit with colored lights recessed in various areas. He is shaped like a bullet with arms. The robots opticals set on his head in the same place human eyes would be. They are brightly lit and have the appearance of small crystal balls framed in plastic that move like eyes. The machine swivels his head from side to side resetting itself randomly then the machine speaks in a robotic tone. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) N.O.R.T.O.N., robotic organism, U.S. Government status and NATO code, two -one-six-four-seven-six-five-ninethree-two-four-eight. Max turns and touches the robot with a screwdriver to make an adjustment on its neck.


MAX Okay, enough with the numbers. Max finalizes his adjustment then proudly looks at his creation studying it closely. MAX (continuing) There you are metal head, fixed. You’ve got wireless Internet and a stopping place. Suddenly DIANA MCCARTY, a pretty thirty something uniformed security guard rushes into the laboratory. DIANA Come on Doctor Robinson. We got a silent security breach go to your safe room. Quickly now. Max reaches inside the aircraft and pulls out a black box and carries it with him. He immediately goes to a safe room in the corner of the large laboratory. MAX What happened? Diana smiles. DIANA Don’t know yet. Watch a movie I’ll be back. She shuts Max’s heavy metal door of the safe room and locks him inside. Diana quickly moves out of the laboratory and slams the solid metal laboratory door with a clang behind her and sets the electronic locks. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX WIDE ON – a well lit massive and pristine U.S. Government complex under heavy guard, Ft. Worth Texas. CLOSE ON – a large heavy molded brass sign that adorns the wall next to the building entrance: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ROCKET RESEARCH DIVISION, NON-NUCLEAR OFFENSIVE ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGIES AND ORBITAL NETWORKS (N.O.R.T.O.N. PROJECT). BAHIR, a dark middle-aged Arabic man dressed in black

4 camouflage runs from the side exit of a large gray stone office building that is located inside the N.O.R.T.O.N. compound near the main facility. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX FRONTGATE CITY STREET The leader YASIR, an average middle-aged Arabic man wearing dark clothes and RASHAD, a dark Arabic man in his thirties dressed in black sits in a car on the city street next to the complex. They intently watch Bahir. The two men start to get out. Yasir looks closer at the complex. He and Rashad sit back and wait. YASIR P.O.V. He sees a Mustang security vehicle slowly cruise around a corner. The vehicle cruises through the parking lot near Bahir. The driver notices him. Bahir freezes in place hoping not to be noticed. The security guard looks closer and gets on his radio then speeds toward Bahir as he talks. SECURITY GUARD NO.ONE (RADIO V.O.) We have a security breach at the south entrance to the laboratory. A dark male about six feet wearing black, headed toward the parking garage. Bahir runs along a wall and out of sight behind some thick bushes. BACK TO SCENE Yasir and Rashad drive away at a slow pace so they won’t be noticed. Suddenly a city police car pulls in behind Yasir and Rashad and turns on his lights. Yasir and Rashad speed forward and the chase is on. The police car tweaks his siren while staying close on the bumper of the two men’s car. INT. POLICE CAR

5 The policeman picks up his radio microphone. POLICEMAN Dispatch this is three sixteen I got a runner at the front gate of the N.O.R.T.O.N. complex headed north on Broadway. DISPATCHER (RADIO V.O.) Ten-four. All units in the area respond to three sixteen. The officer hangs his microphone up and speed forward. EXT. CITY STREET Rashad slides around a corner and regains control while speeding forward. The police car is right behind him. The policeman attempts to turn the back end of the men’s car by nudging them with his bumper. They slam on their brakes and the police car crashes into them. While the policeman is trying to recover his car Rashad speeds on. The policeman recovers and continues his pursuit. POLICEMAN P.O.V. He sees Rashad turn his car behind a building. BACK TO SCENE The policeman speeds forward pursuing Yasir and Rashad. He turns the corner and slams on his brakes sliding to stop just before hitting Rashad’s parked car. Suddenly Rashad and Yasir step from the darkness and start shooting. The policeman ducks down in his seat and draws his weapon. Rashad and Yasir shoot out his tires. The policeman sits up to shoot back and is fired on again. He ducks back down. The policeman gets back up to shoot. No one is there. Suddenly Rashad and Yasir’s car speeds away.

6 The policeman jumps out of his car and shots at them. He stops and watches the men’s car disappear. The policeman put his gun away and goes to his radio. He picks up the microphone. POLICEMAN Dispatch this is three sixteen. The dispatcher quickly answers. DISPATCHER (RADIO V.O.) Go ahead three sixteen. POLICEMAN The perps got away. Send a wrecker my unit is down. DISPATCHER (RADIO V.O.) Ten-four a wrecker is on the way and a unit to bring you in. The policeman hangs up his microphone and leans against his car looking into the darkness. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX LABORATORY BUILDING Suddenly three heavily armed U.S. secret service security officers dressed in green khaki uniforms identified by a small I.D. patches on their sleeves chase Bahir. The Arabic man runs down a dark walkway firing at the pursuing guards with a silenced automatic pistol. CAPTAIN LEONARD BURNS, the head of security, a typical young and athletic government agent stops and goes into a shooting stance. He sees the dark man in the shadows. The captain aims his nine-millimeter pistol and yells out. CAPTAIN BURNS Stop or I'll fire. Bahir glances back and keeps running. Captain Burns fires his weapon three times as the Arabic man runs. The bullets miss hitting the wall nearby. The dark man

7 hesitates for a split second and looks back. Then turns a corner as more bullets hit the edge of the building. The man runs through a side entrance from the parking lot to the parking garage. More N.O.R.T.O.N. guards appear and are closing fast behind him. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE Bahir continues to run as he crosses the large parking garage. He stops at a remote four door unmarked black Ford sedan. Bahir takes a remote from his pocket and clicks it. The car alarm chirps and the doors unlock. The complex guards quickly enter the garage and fire their weapons. Every shot hits near the man, but they miss. The bullets riddle the parked car next to him. Bahir grabs the police car door handle and jerks the door open. Suddenly bullets riddle the inside of the open door as he jumps inside. The man starts the vehicle. Bahir quickly backs out of his space. The tires squeal and smoke while he continues speeding backward. Another security guard carrying a pump shotgun and wearing a suit with only a nametag for identification steps into the driveway of the parking garage from the main building. He takes aim at Bahir. Bahir’s sedan speeds steadily backward toward him. The security man shoots the back glass of the car out as it rushes toward him. The car hits the security guard knocking him out of the way. The car continues to speed backward and hits the concrete wall. The Arabic man shifts the car into drive and pushes hard on the gas. The car's wheels spin and the tires smoke finally moving forward. More gunfire is suddenly heard coming from the security people chasing him.


Bahir puts his arm out the window holding his ninemillimeter pistol. He fires at the guards to hold them off. The security guards jump behind a car as the bullets from the Arabic's pistol hit near them. INT. BAHIR POLICE SEDAN CLOSE ON - Bahir picks up a hand-grenade from his front seat while watching the guards in his rearview mirror. He pulls the pin and drops it out of the car. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE The grenade hits the driveway rolling toward the security people. The guards jump further back behind more parked cars. The grenade goes off in the middle of the driveway harming no one. The guards run from cover to give chase. They suddenly can see that three more grenades are rolling toward them. The men yell out to each other in overlapping dialogue and jump for cover. GUARDS Lookout. Grenades. Go for cover. The grenades explode one behind the other while the guards dive behind a car. The Arabic man's vehicle speeds out of the parking garage. INT. BAHIR POLICE SEDAN Bahir is sweating as he stares straight ahead focused on the street ahead of him. He wipes his brow and mumbles a portion of a prayer while speeding forward. BAHIR Maliki yaum i eddeen. DIALOGUE SUB-TITLE - Master of the day of judgement.


EXT. STREET IN FRONT OF N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE As Bahir’s car hits the street Captain Burns steps out into the driveway and kneels with a L.A.W. rocket on his shoulder. He fires. The speeding rocket hits the car and disintegrates it. Flames rise into the air surrounded by black smoke. The car and Bahir are completely destroyed. Captain Burns, walks to the burning car with his second in command, Lieutenant Diana McCarty. Four security men move in with fire extinguishes putting the car fire out. The captain turns away from the fire and speaks to Lieutenant McCarty. CAPTAIN BURNS Get this cleaned up before the press starts sniffling around. She nods in acknowledgment then speaks into her hand held radio. She motions to three guards standing near the wreckage to wrap it up. DIANA Paris, we got a burning car in the front driveway of the parking garage bring the equipment around ASAP. Send Tarwater to supervise the lock down. You got five minutes. A female answers. PARIS (RADIO V.O.) On our way. The Chief of National Security John Bass a tall man with gray hair wearing an expensive suit and name tag walks up surveying the area. CAPTAIN BURNS Hello Chief Bass. He nods to the captain.

10 JOHN BASS Captain, is Doctor Robinson all right? The captain is very formal. CAPTAIN BURNS Yes sir he's fine. The lieutenant is more relaxed. DIANA John, do you want me to move him? John confidently nods in agreement. JOHN BASS Yes lieutenant, top priority on this one and tighten up security inside and outside. Lieutenant McCarty is quick to turn on her heel as she speaks. DIANA Yes sir. I'll take care of it right now. She walks toward the building. INT. VICE-PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OFFICE, WASHINGTON D.C. An elderly leading scientist in the country, LUDWIG VON HOLTZ and a younger average man, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES CHARLES MCMANN are standing looking out of a large window. The phone rings and the vice-president answers. VICE-PRESIDENT Yes, when. All right thank you John. (turns to Ludwig) Terrorist tried to hit the lab. in Fort Worth. Our boys stopped them. Ludwig is calm and intelligent.

11 LUDWIG We had better do something to secure the rocket. If they get it or Max our world could be a miserable place. The vice-president nods while thinking. DISSOLVE TO EARLY MORNING: EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING LOT Captain Burns moves to a security sedan and gets inside. He drives away while other guards are in various stages of setting up a watch. Near the front gate two people are finalizing the debris clean-up. Lieutenant McCarty walks with her hands behind her back looking around the area. She is inspecting the scene near the gate as daylight breaks. A military staff car rolls past with a driver and passenger inside. CLOSE ON - The passenger INSPECTOR GENERAL BART RAYMOND, a middle-aged handsome military man looks out the side window as he passes. Diana salutes as he passes and walks on toward the main laboratory complex. DISSOLVE TO: INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX - MORNING McCarty is moving down the well-kept hall of the massive facility. Ten heavily armed security people move past McCarty checking all of the offices and laboratories. McCarty looks as she walks toward two security men in dark business suits. DIANA You men secure this doorway. No one comes in. The two men acknowledge and stand by the doorway.

12 Lieutenant McCarty walks past the two men and into the laboratory. A sign on the door reads "LAB-B". INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-B Diana McCarty walks past the N.O.R.T.O.N. rocket still sitting on his metal stand with a few lights on and the nose plate open. She glances at N.O.R.T.O.N. then her eyes scan the large laboratory. The safe room metal door is open. Diana is concerned for a moment until she sees Max out of the corner of her eye. Max is sitting on a table across the room from the rocket swinging his legs and feet listening to a radio station on his laptop computer. The lieutenant walks toward Max. DIANA There you are. Are you all right doctor? Max smiles. He knows the lieutenant and likes her. MAX Sure, everything's all right. You? She nods that she is okay. Diana is amused at how casual he is. DIANA Yes, I'm going to move you to new quarters. We can't have our head rocketman in danger. Max is an agreeable man MAX Makes sense to me. Where to? Lieutenant McCarty wants to reassure him. DIANA Things are pretty hot here. You'll need to be more cautious now. I'll show you.


Max is calm as he goes political. MAX Yeah, those terrorists guys want to kick American ass all of the time. Wouldn’t it be easier to just go with new world order or world peace or something like that? McCarty smiles, but shows her concern. DIANA Right, you ready to go doctor? They could hit us again. Max casually makes conversation. MAX Did you get the guy? Diana nods. DIANA Yes, they got him. Max is amused at his predicament. MAX Good, one down, nine million to go. He jumps off the table. He grabs his computer and proceeds out with the lieutenant. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L - DAY Max is sitting behind a laboratory table with his head on the laptop computer keyboard asleep. He wakes up with the keyboard imprinted on his face. Max sleepily looks around the new laboratory. He sees people finalizing the clean up of his new location. More equipment is being moved in. Lieutenant McCarty is helping the crew. Max speaks loud.

14 MAX Ah, Lieutenant thanks for your help. Max pauses for a second and Lieutenant McCarty looks at him. DIANA It's my job to take care of you. I’m the new assistant chief of security and I'll be watching out for you from now on. Lieutenant McCarty moves toward Max. MAX Hey that's great. The old chief was always giving me a thumb lashing on my text screen. He smiles and goes about his business. Lieutenant McCarty smiles back and continues her work with the clean up crew. The rocket ship is still being secured by a technician on it’s stand in the background. Diane moves toward N.O.R.T.O.N. as she speaks. DIANA Put N.O.R.T.O.N. in line with the security cameras please. A workman looks up and waves an acknowledgement. Max turns toward her. MAX N.O.R.T.O.N. has his own security. Diana is kind but firm. DIANA He can be shut down and nothing works. We must be sure the machine is protected. Max nods. MAX Okay, I guess my brain grenade

15 went off. Max goes back to his work. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L Max is looking over the rocket ship as he taps on his wireless computer keyboard. A small television set is blaring out a soap opera nearby. Max is steadily punching the small keys on the keyboard. The rocket ship makes a sudden turbo sound and raises a few inches off the metal stand. Max smiles and works the computer keys more. MAX Totally freakin' awesome you little machinicorn. Max suddenly turns his head toward the television set. The cockpit opens on the rocket and the small robot head that sits behind the front seat begins to make a quietly noise that sounds like circuitry working. The head turns and adjusts pointing toward the television. Max talks to the soap actors on his set. MAX (continuing) Come on Kathryn, you know he's a jerk. Give him your driving finger and walk away. The woman embraces her lover. TELEVISION FEMALE (O.S.) Oh Tony I love you so much. He continues to talk to the television. MAX Gees, I can't believe you. I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my butt.

16 TELEVISION FEMALE (O.S.) Oh Darling. TELEVISION MALE (O.S.) I love you too, Kathryn. A loud thump is heard. The rocket ship is sitting back on its stand. Max looks back at the rocket ship. MAX Sorry N.O.R.T.O.N., I forgot. Max immediately turns back to the soap opera. MAX (continuing) Can you believe this. She's got another one. TELEVISION FEMALE (O.S.) Oh Jonathan, I love you so much. The robot in the cockpit turns toward Max and speaks in his robotic voice. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Max, you only get one channel. Maybe you should consider a satellite T-V system? Max looks at him curiously. MAX Did you just talk to me? N.O.R.T.O.N.’s head moves and he speaks. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes, I am programmed to speak. Max looks the rocket over. MAX Not yet, I haven’t finished the script for your program. Max looks inside the cockpit at the panels of gauges.

17 N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Don’t worry about it. My brain simulator system allows me to assimilate needed functions. I finished the program myself. I then learned speech from the internet via your program script for learning. Max pushes a few buttons on the panel. MAX Your neurological system is working much better than first expected. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Thank you, more hay for Mr. Ed. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX, SECLUDED PARKING LOT - NIGHT The N.O.R.T.O.N. rocket hovers low in mid-air. It turns around in place. Max stands just outside his laboratory backdoor pushing the keys on his laptop keyboard. Suddenly N.O.R.T.O.N. blasts off out of the parking lot and over the facility fence speeding down a city street. EXT. CITY STREET N.O.R.T.O.N. is cruising along a neighborhood street at approximately two hundred miles per hour. It is very early in the morning. The rocket turns corners and dodges car still flying along. N.O.R.T.O.N. Max, I am programming for street travel via Google. A dog barks as he goes by. MAX (O.S.) Don’t program. Just avoid contact. N.O.R.T.O.N. is casual. N.O.R.T.O.N. Don’t worry dotcomrade. I’ve learned to be cyberactive.


Max is talking to N.O.R.T.O.N. as heard via his radio speaker. MAX (O.S.) N.O.R.T.O.N. I.D. your location. Return to base. Repeat return to base. N.O.R.T.O.N. stops just as he blasts past a parked car. The rocket backs up and sees two gothic teenagers sitting inside kissing. They look at N.O.R.T.O.N. and start kissing again unconcerned. N.O.R.T.O.N. speeds away and speaks with a computer tone to his voice. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I wonder what that is? It must be some sort bacterial culturing. N.O.R.T.O.N. suddenly stops at an intersection and turns around. Max is speaking to the rocket again through his speaker. MAX (O.S.) N.O.R.T.O.N. come back, now. Your sensors show you stopped. You don’t Stop. There could be trouble. The intelligent computer operated rocket uses its think mood to reason an answer. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes sir! (speaking to himself) He is so demanding. Max’s voice is generated over the rockets speaker system. MAX (V.O.) I heard that. Move it. N.O.R.T.O.N. blasts off and is immediately gone. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX LABORATORY BUILDING N.O.R.T.O.N. is back at the parking lot hovering near the laboratory door. Max pushes a few computer buttons.

19 N.O.R.T.O.N. moves inside the laboratory. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Daddy’s home. Max follows N.O.R.T.O.N. inside the laboratory. MAX I’m overriding you, buddy. Daddy better stay home or get the plug pulled. The automatic garage door closes against the concrete floor shutting hard. DISSOLVE TO: INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L – EARLY MORNING N.O.R.T.O.N. is above his stand hovering. He spins around toward the door and hovers again. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) You know Max, this Internet is great. I can instantly learn from people all over the world. Max looks at his display board checking it out. MAX Don’t believe all you see there. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I noticed that, but my evaluation system can sort it out. Max is pleased with his machine. MAX You are learning faster than I can keep up. I’m overriding you for a little while until we sort this out. Max looks over his rocket and decides to test a large orange emergency button. MAX (continuing) I wonder If I…


Max smiles and pushes the orange button. The rocket ship blasts off through the wall. Debris flies everywhere. Max has white dust on his face. He is shocked. MAX (continuing) Holy crap, come back! He pushes buttons frantically. MAX P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - The rocket comes to an abrupt stop just before hitting a car in the parking lot. BACK TO SCENE N.O.R.T.O.N. is stationary observing the car before him. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Don’t do that. I can’t stop myself when you over ride. Max peers through the hole in the wall looking. MAX (continuing) Thank heaven. Max walks into the hole in the wall. The security alarm sounds off as Max steps into the hole to look at the rocket ship. N.O.R.T.O.N. is irritated. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) So, for my information are you a doctor of science or the new guy? Max ignores him. MAX I screwed up somewhere. He turns and goes back to the computer. Max picks up the keyboard and pushes more buttons. The rocket turns. It moves

21 quickly inside and slowly lands perfectly unscratched on its stand. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Marvelous, simply marvelous, new guy. Max glances at N.O.R.T.O.N. Max shakes his head and smiles. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Max, I experienced some things when I left before that I had only read about. Max is amused and interested. Max Like what? N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Unfiltered air, trees, people, vehicles, stuff. Max walks toward his desk. MAX Yeah, been there. Captain Burns, Lieutenant McCarty and two other security people break in through the steel doors into the laboratory. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns his lights off and shuts down. Captain Burns stops near the big hole in the wall looking at Max. CAPTAIN BURNS What the hell happened? Max is casual. MAX Nothing I just pushed the wrong button. Lieutenant McCarty walks up to Max. DIANA

22 Are you okay? Max nods. She puts one hand on Max's arm and wipes his dusty face a little with the other. CAPTAIN BURNS Scientists, get two more security on this now. The captain muddles and mumbles looking around and then leaves. DIANA Yes sir, come on doctor let's have coffee while they clean this up and cover your wall. Max smiles and nods happily completely uncaring about what happened. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s lights in his cockpit flash lightly. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Max, Max. Max glances at N.O.R.T.O.N. and gives him a look to be quiet. Lieutenant McCarty and Max walk out as four maintenance people enter. CUT TO: INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX COFFEE SHOP/RECREATION AREA Max and Lieutenant McCarty walk in. Diana sits at a recreation room table while Max gets two coffees from a vending machine. Diana smiles. DIANA So Doctor what are you called in real life? Max walks back to her and sits down. MAX Oh ah, Goofy, Nerd, Dummy, Creep.

23 He laughs a little. MAX (continuing) My mother called me Max. Diana flirts. DIANA May I call you Max? Max smiles very big. MAX Yeah, I don’t know your name Lieutenant. She smiles. DIANA Diana McCarty. Max likes her. MAX So, what’s you sign? Diana is amused. DIANA Max that pick-up line went out in the seventies. Max is embarrassed. MAX I don’t get out much. Diana looks at him affectionately and consoles him. DIANA That’s okay. I don’t either. Max wants Diana to know he likes her. MAX Well Diana I hate to be forward, but as you know I'm locked up here all the time. Maybe we could have dinner or something?


Lieutenant McCarty is a little nervous as she squirms in the chair. DIANA That would be nice, but you can’t leave here. I guess we could watch a video, but we can’t let anyone know. Max smiles and nods. MAX Tonight? She smiles. DIANA Okay. They get up and walk out. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L N.O.R.T.O.N. is sitting quietly on his stand. CAMERA P.O.V. Inside the cockpit on N.O.R.T.O.N.’s instrument and G-P-S screen the Google Internet website comes up. The screen begins to go through a series sites. N.O.R.T.O.N. stops on a site about humans. He slowly rolls the screen as if he is reading. He stops on a picture of an odd looking man. N.O.R.T.O.N. You look so mentally constipated. DISSOLVE TO NIGHT: The Lieutenant walks in carrying a picnic basket and sees Max next to the rocket. A small video TV is playing while Max works on the machine. Max glances up to watch an adventure video on the TV. MAX Gees I like that guy. He's pretty cool. Lieutenant McCarty watches Max. She sets the picnic basket

25 on the table. DIANA Max I'm just curious. You're a rocket Scientist, very reserved, why do you like these violent movies with cursing and nudity so much? Max is amused. MAX Well, I like adventure movies. They just happen to be violent and naked. Diana smiles at him. DIANA Do you like working on these projects? Max is thinking as he speaks. MAX Yeah, it’s all I know. The rocket behind you is my favorite. He could revolutionize the world. It runs on pennies a day, weighs under a thousand pounds, carries more than ten times his own weight and is faster than anything in this environment today. Diana is impressed with the project. DIANA Everybody here knows how important N.O.R.T.O.N. is. Max smiles while looking at his rocket. MAX There are people that would use him for war not transportation and space exploration. Diana is flirtatious as she smiles looking at Max. DIANA Max, do you have a girlfriend?

26 Max flirts and speaks directly to the subject. MAX I haven't seen her in a long time. I think it's been two years. Max and Diane are moving closer together. Diane is amused almost cracking a smile. DIANA Two years? I think she’s probably moved on. Max pulls the Lieutenant close to him. They kiss. Diana pulls back. DIANA (continuing) No Max, I don't need to be involved right now. Max looks at her kindly. MAX It’s okay, I don’t either. She hesitates for a moment looking at Max affectionately and then pulls him to her. Diana and Max embrace and kiss passionately. N.O.R.T.O.N. a small light glows from his cockpit. DISSOLVE TO: INT. WAREHOUSE Yasir and Rashad sit at a folding table talking near the wall of the open area warehouse while four other terrorist move around the area organizing supplies and miscellaneous boxes. Yasir leans forward to make a point and speaks in perfect English with an American accent. YASIR We must get the scientist and his rocket. They could change the course of our history and

27 bring the infidels to their knees. Rashad appears confident and also speaks with perfect English. RAHAD I will get the scientist and his machine. Bahir was not experienced enough to counter the security. I underestimated them. Yasir looks at Rashad with an approving smile. YASIR We will not make that mistake again. Rashad is in agreement. He and Yasir stand and walk toward the exit. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L - DAY John Bass Chief of Security Operations walks into the research laboratory where Max is working. Max appears sleepy and rumpled. MAX Hello John. John is all business. JOHN BASS Hi Max. Max, General Raymond, the Inspector General of the Army is in the complex. He is checking out our facility and especially your project. He is here to see if we can get more funding. You could help us out by letting some people come in and clean up. They look around the room. It is stacked with paper and debris. MAX Sure John, I’m sorry that I’m not better prepared. The Inspector General walks into the laboratory to the

28 surprise of John and Max. INTERCOM (V.O.) The inspector is on his way gentlemen. John glances at the speaker over the front door and then looks down. The inspector is standing in the doorway. JOHN BASS Hello General Raymond. The Inspector is friendly. He smiles and tries to put John and Max at ease. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Good morning gentlemen, sorry I'm early. Max greets the general with enthusiasm. MAX No problem, sorry for the clutter. The general smiles and rubs his hands together. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Let's review your little machine, Max. Max is a little nervous. MAX N.O.R.T.O.N.? The Inspector General looks toward N.O.R.T.O.N. and nods. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Yes, I heard great thing. Let’s get a look. Max points toward the rocket ship. MAX This is Government NATO model twoone-six-four-seven a self fueling astral probe, inter and outer stellar. This design will probe deep space and may defend itself under any conditions.

29 (catches his breath) It weighs under a thousand pounds due to its dense resin body and alloy engines. The vessel can carry ten times its own weight and think for itself via a liquid computer cell that practically limitless storage. The vessel is capable of travel at speeds near and maybe the speed of light due to the frictionless heat resistant skin painted on the resin body. The paint was designed by a special robotics computer to precise thickness and weight. John chimes in to keep things moving. JOHN BASS Max please, a demonstration. Max nods in agreement. Max picks up the computer keyboard and pushes buttons while watching his invention. The rocket ship engines begin to purr. The rocket raises from its stand and begins to glide slowly out of a large garage door that is automatically opening. Inspector Raymond is astonished. He follows it on foot speaking to himself. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Amazing, just amazing. John and Max walk along with N.O.R.T.O.N. Max is punching the keys on his computer keyboard. A long wire trails from his board back to the computer. MAX We call him N.O.R.T.O.N. The inspector is enthused. INSPECTOR RAYMOND What can it do Max? The rocket ship’s engine is running quietly with a smooth turbine hum as it hovers in a small courtyard off the laboratory.


John, Max and the Inspector move closer. MAX Lots, watch this. Max’s fingers work their magic on his keyboard. Suddenly the rocket's sharp nose tips up toward the sky. It blasts off without a sound leaving a blue strike of light while climbing toward the sky and through the clouds in just a second. Max smiles totally impressed with himself as he continues to punch his keyboard. MAX (continuing) Look at him go. What’da ya think? Max looks at the Inspector. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Where did it go? Max smiles. MAX He'll be right back. Suddenly the rocket blast from the clouds and he is back. N.O.R.T.O.N. stops abruptly in front of Max and the Inspector. Max begins to push the keyboard buttons again. The rocket ship turns slowly and hovers twenty feet away from Max. Max pushes more buttons on the computer keyboard. MAX (continuing) Watch this. Max punches the keyboard again. The rocket ship turns upside down. Max continues to punch the keyboard.


The rocket ship rights itself and disappears in place. Inspector Raymond smiles while watching N.O.R.T.O.N. INSPECTOR RAYMOND How'd you do that? Max watches the rockets location as he works the keyboard. MAX It's still there. He’s in a for real stealth mode. The inspector is still looking. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Where? Max is very confident. MAX Go look it's there. John is too sure of himself. JOHN BASS I don't see it. Max is encouraging. MAX Go on, go look. John Bass and the Inspector General walk toward the location of the rocket looking for it. N.O.R.T.O.N. Boring. The inspector looks at John. INSPECTOR RAYMOND What was that? John is curious. JOHN I didn’t say anything. I thought You did.


The inspector shrugs his shoulders. He and John look at Max. Max shrugs his shoulders. He smiles and pushes buttons on the keyboard. A very quiet turbine sound is heard. John Bass and the Inspector General are still looking and walking toward N.O.R.T.O.N. Suddenly they bump into the invisible rocket. They look at each other. Max is lightly amused. The inspector continues to look. He is very curious. INSPECTOR RAYMOND How’d you do that Max? John chimes in. JOHN BASS This is amazing. Max is very proud. MAX It's simple actually. It works like a chameleon. John Bass and Inspector General Raymond look at each other with a question on their face. MAX (continuing) A Chameleon can changes color to blend with his background. Without a long explanation that's what N.O.R.T.O.N. does. Look closer you'll see his silhouette. John Bass and inspector General look closer at N.O.R.T.O.N. The silhouette of the rocket ship is there but blended to the background. INSPECTOR RAYMOND I can't believe it. Somebody has finally done it. John is amazed.

33 N.O.R.T.O.N. Big yawn. The inspector looks around. INSPECTOR RAYMOND I heard it again. JOHN BASS Me too. Max shugs his shoulders. He is modest. MAX Must be a glitch in N.O.R.T.O.N.’s audio. John blows it off and looks at the inspector. JOHN BASS What do you think? Inspector Raymond is enthusiastic. INSPECTOR RAYMOND I like it. Releasing the rest of the funds will be no problem. I'm sure the Committee will go along. They all are happy with each other. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. LABORATORY BUILDING FRONT SECURITY DESK Rashad is dressed in vendor's clothing carrying boxes of candy with bows on them. He shows his I.D. to security. The man is scanned with a handheld metal detector and then passes through into the lobby. The Arabic man walks down a hall toward an open pavilion in the center of the building. He throws the candy boxes in a trash container. Rashad turns and walks a few feet to Max’s Laboratory door. He quietly tries to open the door. It will not unlock. He is disgusted. The man looks around nervously. The Arabic man sets a small-computerized charge on the door and pushes a button. The system beeps quietly. It sizzles and spews sparks as it burns the lock off. The door releases.


A security guard crosses the hall several doors down and sees the man. He moves toward him pulling his weapon from its holster. SECURITY GUARD NO. ONE Halt or I'll fire. The Arabic man suddenly turns and fires a nine-millimeter automatic with a silencer into the man’s chest. The guard goes down. The man kicks the door open and enters the laboratory. He quickly looks around surveying the area. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L John Bass, Max and Inspector Raymond are still standing by N.O.R.T.O.N. as Rashad enters. John Bass starts to draw his pistol. The dark man shoots. John is hit in the chest three times and hits the floor with a thud. The inspector is shocked and raises his hands. Rashad aims and fires his pistol two times. The Inspector is hit in the chest. He falls back and drops to the floor. The dark man points his pistol at Max. RASHAD Don’t move. Max appears as if he is resigned to die and is mumbling a prayer. Rashad motions with his pistol for Max to move to him. Max looks at him and raises his hands in the air. MAX What? I gotta shut the rocket down.

35 The man motions with his pistol to Max as he goes to the keyboard and shuts down N.O.R.T.O.N. Rashad looks toward Max. RASHAD Come to me and hurry up or I will shoot you. Max backs away toward his rocket looking at the man curiously. MAX How did you know how to do that? Rashad fires a shot into the floor by Max's feet. RASHAD The same way everybody stops a program on their computer. Control, alt, delete. Max raises his eyebrows thinking. The dark man motions again with his pistol. RASHAD (continuing) Come let's go. Max moves over to the dark man. Rashad handcuffs himself to Max. Max pulls back. The dark man hits him on the side of the face with his pistol barrel. RASHAD (continuing) Don’t mess with me. Max flinches and begins to bleed lightly. He pushes Rashad. MAX Asshole. Rashad moves jerking Max to follow. RASHAD Let's go.

36 The Arab jerks Max again and pulls him toward the hall. They move into the hall. MAX Where are we going? Rashad smiles. INT. LABORATORY BUILDING HALL Rashad is short on time and patience. RASHAD Shut up infidel. Max is confident. MAX You speak very good English. You’re not foreign. You’re just a politiclone for some radical group. He looks at Max like he’s an idiot and jerks him forward down the hall. RASHAD Not all American’s love their country. Rashad stays on guard watching the area for guards. Max is watching the terrorist gun as they move crudely down the hall. MAX You’re one of those guy’s in a cell. Rashad is smug. RASHAD Aren’t you brilliant. A real Sherlock Holmes spending gigabucks on a death machine. They continue moving down the long hall. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L

37 The Inspector moans and moves a little. The captain moans and sits up looking down at his chest. He rips open his shirt then grabs his handheld radio. JOHN BASS Full alert. I repeat full alert. We have a breach. Max has been abducted by a single assailant. They are still in the Laboratory building. All hands on deck. A security alarm begins to sound off replicating a dive signal on a submarine. John looks down at his chest and sees three bullets lodged in his bulletproof vest. He goes to the inspector and sets him up. Inspector Raymond weakly looks up at John. JOHN BASS You all right sir? John opens the inspector’s shirt and looks at his chest. He sees a bullet proof vest with two bullets stuck in it. One has blood running out. The inspector nods. INSPECTOR RAYMOND Yes, I think so. John is still looking over the inspector’s wounds. JOHN BASS Looks like one of the bullets punched through your vest a little. John helps Inspector Raymond get up and they walk to the exit as Diana enters with two guards to help. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE Max and the dark man walk from the building into the parking garage un-noticed. Rashad quickly pulls Max down behind a nearby car and puts his pistol under Max's chin. They see two security guards walking by.


Rashad whispers. RASHAD Quiet simpleton. Another emergency alarm goes off. The security guards run by toward the building. Max and the man get to their feet. The dark man pushes him to a nearby black Ford five hundred and shoves him in. Max falls and awkwardly gets seated over the console. INT. RASHAD’S VEHICLE – DAY Rashad starts the car and proceeds outside. He turns the car toward the parking garage exit. Rashad is driving slowly then suddenly he speeds up as he gets closer to the ramp that takes him outside. The front of the car is visible when it speeds toward the opening to outside. Two well-marked sawhorse barriers are across the exit. A few feet in front of the barriers two security guards begin to fire their weapons at the dark man and his vehicle that is rushing toward them. The dark man puts his arm out of the car window and fires his weapon. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE The bullets hit the security guards and they immediately go down. The car crashes through the barriers and debris flies through the air. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING LOT Three U.S. security people are rushing toward the parking garage. They see the dark man’s vehicle. The men quickly move to their black Ford Mustang security vehicles marked with door decals: "U.S.A. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET RESEARCH COMPLEX SECURITY".


The escaping car speeds up headed for the fence. The N.O.R.T.O.N. security Mustang’s scrabble to catch up. Rashad pushes hard on the gas and the car speeds up. It rolls up and over a five feet high security dirt bank that surrounds the fence. The car is airborne and clips the top of the chain link fence as it flies over. The dark man’s vehicle finally hits the street on the other side with a thud. Sparks fly as the car bottoms out and slides across the curb of the street. The sedan is seriously damaged but is able to move off of the curb and speed down the street. A security guard sounds off on his car radio. SECURITY GUARD NO. ONE (RADIO V.O.) The suspect has left the complex merge on the front gate. Two Mustangs speed from the parking garage in pursuit. More guards are in their security vehicles squealing the tires while speeding backward from their parking places. The tires smoke as the driver’s speed forward blasting through the front gate of the complex in pursuit. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX FRONT STREET The dark sedan’s tires squeal as he turns a corner onto another street and speeds away with Max. The sound of a radio voice is heard. SECURITY GUARD NO. ONE (RADIO V.O.) In pursuit of a black Ford Five Hundred, license T-K-one-foursix. All channels this is a top priority V-I-P kidnapping from the N.O.R.T.O.N. complex. I repeat top priority. EXT. CITY STREET Two N.O.R.T.O.N. security Mustangs blast around the street corner and come side by side racing down the street with the

40 third Mustang on their bumpers. They accelerate in hot pursuit. In just a second three more security vehicles run single file directly behind the lead vehicle. SECURITY GUARD NO. TWO (RADIO V.O.) There they are, three o’clock. He sees the dark man & Max. SECURITY GUARD NO. ONE (RADIO V.O.) They are headed for the expressway westbound at the Central Drive on ramp. All cars merge on the kidnaper vehicle westbound. EXT. SIX LANE EXPRESSWAY The dark man's car flies onto the exit ramp directly into oncoming traffic. Six Security Mustangs are on his bumper. All of the vehicles have entered traffic going the wrong direction one behind another. Suddenly the trailing three security vehicles cross the median and enter the flow of traffic in the right direction. The first three security Mustangs are still directly behind Rashad’s car. They pull up beside, front and behind the dark man's car. Security Guard Number Two’s vehicle pulls along side Rashad. Rashad smiles. RASHAD Good bye stupid. The dark man fires his pistol. The side Mustang’s window is broken out and he backs off. SECURITY GUARD NO. TWO (RADIO V.O.) Shots fired. Shots fired The kidnapper is armed. Diana has caught up and looking for a way to save Max.

41 DIANA (RADIO V.O.) This is Fed. two-nine-six,. Do not use your weapons unless you have a clear target. Repeat, do not use your weapons unless you have a clear target. Doctor Robinson is on board. A security Mustang is back along side Rashad’s vehicle. He swerves toward Rashad trying to run him off the road. He fails and falls back. Max grabs the wheel of the dark man's car hoping to help. Rashad jerks it back and hits Max with his pistol. Max is dazed. The dark man speaks to himself as he dodges on coming traffic. RASHAD American idiot. Two Mustangs pull up on either side of the dark man's car. They move in and bump him on both sides. Another Mustang crosses the median trying to join the other two mustangs. He swerves in and out of traffic trying to catch up. Rashad swerves his car and runs the first Mustang off the expressway onto an entrance ramp going the wrong way. An on coming car swerves and drives off the side of the ramp to miss the Mustang. The dark man pushes on the accelerator then spins his car around and speeds off in the opposite direction going with the flow of traffic. The Mustang that was beside him jerks to the shoulder and slams on the brakes. His tires smoke and the driver races off the steep grass shoulder to turn around. The Mustang hits the street and spins around heading up the on ramp going in the right direction. He joins the flow of traffic speeding forward looking for Rashad’s car. The dark man abruptly swerves to the right driving down the grassy shoulder and quickly goes out of sight under the expressway.


All of the remaining Mustangs speeds down the busy expressway looking for Rasad and Max. There is no black Ford Five Hundred sedan in sight. They all pull to the shoulder and stop. OUTSIDE TO INSIDE - The head driver keys his microphone on the police band radio. SECURITY GUARD NO. ONE Two-nine-six, this is security twelve. DIANA (RADIO V.O.) Go ahead, twelve. SECURITY GUARD We lost them. We better put out an all points for Doctor Robinson and the kidnapper. DIANA (RADIO V.O.) Okay twelve, ten four. Come on in. We're turning it over to the field agents. Scrabble a chopper to canvas the area. SECURITY GUARD NO. ONE Ten four, U-S twelve out. DISSOLVE TO: INT. WAREHOUSE - EVENING Rashad drives his vehicle into the very large warehouse. The automatic door shuts behind him. The interior lights automatically come on. The dark man gets out of the vehicle jerking Max and pulling him across the car seat and into an open area. Three rough looking armed men appear from a hidden door in the wall. Yasir walks out and speaks in his excellent English voice as two guards follow. The dark man presents Max to his leader. RASHAD

43 Your scientist. Yasir looks at Max smiling. YASIR Mr. Rocket man, glad you could come. You should be proud, you will change the course of the world very soon. Max is stressed but appears brave. MAX You don’t speak like a foreigner. You’re American too. Yasir is amused. YASHIR By birth, Islam is my way. Max is discussed. MAX All of you guys are just using that Islam stuff to be gangsters and make people do what you want. Yasir is impatient. YASIR You are misguided. We are men not God. Max lashes out. MAX The government will not negotiate with you to get me back. I’m just a… Yasir cuts him off. YASIR Oh my friend we don't want money. we want your fabulous brain. Our leaders intend to fight the fire of the infidel with a holocaust from your war machine.

44 Max openly defies him. MAX Won’t happen. Looks like you got a shituation at this early nerd special. Yasir is amused at the boy. YASIR That remains to be seen. We have many ways to make you care about what we want. Max defies him. MAX You’re American’s. What kind of men want to kill their own people? Yasir ignores Max and motions to his men smiling. YASIR Take him to his room. Two of the terrorist guards grab Max and pull him over to a large wooden packing crate. MAX You’re gonna come in dead freakin last on this deal. Yasir is angry but does not respond. Rashad speaks up. RASHAD We don’t condone vulgar comments. Don’t make the mistake again. They open the hinged front door. Suddenly Max slams into one of the henchmen with his shoulder and side kicks the other. The two men wrestle Max down on the concrete floor and subdue him. They roughly push Max inside the crate locking him in. The two guards go to a card table just outside the crate and sit down. The others go about their business.

45 MAX Open the door and get your ass kicked. The terrorist guard laugh. Yasir sits at a nearby table with Rashad. They are having a private conversation. YASIR We must have the rocket as well. Rashad is in agreement. RASHAD The man is so smart he's stupid. I think the threat of death is nothing. I don't think he will help. Yasir smiles confidently. YASIR Yes, My loyal and illustrious friend he will help. Rashad is still concerned. DISSOLVE TO: INT. WAREHOUSE - DAY A guard is casually throwing and sticking a knife into Max's door. Max’s voice rings out in a muffled tone. MAX (O.S.) Hey, turban dude, I wish you would stop that? The terrors guard is angry. TERRORIST GUARD Shut your mouth. Max is threatening. MAX Open the door and make me, bitch. The terrorist guard is angry. The other guard laughs.


TERRORIST GUARD You should have been quiet. He opens the door and grabs Max pulling him out. Max starts to hit the terrorist guard and stops just looking at the guard. The terrorist guard has put his automatic pistol under Max's chin. TERRORIST GUARD (continuing) Come with me you fool. The two guards pull Max to a metal chair and slam him into it. The second guard holds Max while the other guard ties him to the chair. MAX Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you’re a dill hole. Yasir walks across the broad floor toward Max. The two guards finish tying Max and look up as Yasir stops in front of him. Yasir smiles glaring at Max and suddenly slaps him across the face. MAX Do that with my hands untied. Yasir moves back to a nearby table and chair speaking as he goes. YASIR My patience are gone eccentric one. You will tell us about the rocket and where the plans are. Max smiles. MAX Well, I'm not into pain so the rocket's name is N.O.R.T.O.N.

47 and the plan, the plan is not to tell you anything. Yasir moves closer to Max and strikes him across the face again. Max's mouth bleeds. Yasir puts his face close to Max’s. YASIR Don’t try me, scientist. Max quickly speaks. MAX The plans are in my head and no one can get them. Yasir hits him again and goes back in his face. YASIR The plans. Max moves his head forward hitting Yasir in the face with his head. Yasir falls back bleeding. Yasir regains his balance and looks at Max. YASIR (continuing) You have just signed your death warrant stupid one. Yasir nods at his two guards. They immediately move toward Max. Max is in serious thought. He looks up speaking through bloody teeth. MAX All right, (the guards stop and Yasir waits for the answer) did you hear about the terrorist mansion in your capitol city? It burned down, nearly took out the

48 whole trailer park. The two terrorist guards immediately move beside Max and begin to beat him. Yasir is discussed he walks away and glances back as he moves to his office. Shadows of the two guards beating Max are seen on the warehouse wall and muffled sounds of Max suffering are heard. DISSOLVE TO: Max is badly beaten with his hands tied behind him sitting in a chair. The lead guard sits across from him smirking. The second guard is gone. TERRORIST GUARD NO. ONE You want to escape don’t you? Max looks at him weakly. MAX I could, goat lover. The guard smirks. TERRORIST GUARD NO. ONE Your insults are weak. The guard grabs Max to pull him closer. MAX Whoever told you to be yourself couldn't have given you worse advice. Max musters his strength and jumps up. He side kicks the guard in the throat and face. The terrorist guard hits the concrete floor. Max kneels and grabs the pistol with his tied hands from the ground. Max appears confident as he looks around the warehouse. He sits and pulls his hands under his butt and in front of him. Max stands to run and first looks around the area. MAX

49 See ya, Sa-dumb. Max runs toward the exit. The second guard sees Max. He draws his pistol and shoots four times rapidly. Yasir and Rashad run toward Max firing their weapons. Max returns fire hitting the second terrorist guard in the throat. The guard stumbles forward falling to his knees then down to the floor. Max is still moving toward the car he arrived in. Yasir and Rashad fire their weapons again. YASIR Stop him. Max looks in the car there are no keys. Max looks back and sees Yasir and Rashad with two other men coming for him. Max rapidly fires two shots at them. The terrorists go for cover. Max rushes to the front of the car and quickly opens the hood. The terrorists fire their weapons. Bullets hit all around Max. He fires back. Max then runs to the dead second terrorist guard and picks up his weapon. Yasir yells from cover as he shoots. YASIR (continuing) Shoot him. He can’t get away. Max and the terrorist exchange more gunfire. Max is looking under the hood franticly. He jerks two wires and touches them together then turns and shoots at the terrorist. The car starts. Max slams the hood and jumps in

50 the car as bullets hit all around him. There are more bullets hitting the car door and fender. Glass breaks inside the car. Max has covered his head for a moment. INT. RASHAD’S VEHICLE He looks around the car as he tries to figure out how to drive. MAX I knew I should have taken that driver's ed course. INT. WAREHOUSE The terrorist guards are running toward Max and shooting. Bullets are still flying off the car hood and near Max. INT. RASHAD’S VEHICLE Max looks out at the terrorist fumbling with the gearshift. MAX Let’s see R is reverse. He puts the car in reverse and pushes the gas pedal. He slams into the garage door, it bends but doesn't open. Max looks at the gearshift. MAX (continuing) Okay, D for Drive. Max presses on the gas pedal and the car lurches forward. He pushes the gas again and the car slowly pushes forward. Max speeds up. He hits two barrels. INT. WAREHOUSE The barrels fly across the room. The terrorist jump for cover while the flying container’s whiz past them. Max spins his vehicle around with his tires squealing. He is finally going at full speed toward the closed garage door.

51 Max pushes the gas pedal all the way down. The engine moans. He hits the garage door and is outside. The garage door flies into the street. The terrorists run to the garage door opening looking for Max. They run back inside. EXT. ALLEY WAY AND CITY STREET Suddenly a car speeds from the garage pursuing Max. Max drives down the street swerving and bumping off the curbs. He hits a parked car scrapping the side. Max stops his car. He looks back. INT. MAX’S VEHICLE Max pauses and looks closer at the scrapped car then speaks to himself. MAX Should have put on my seat belt. Max stops trying to drive. He gets out and runs down the alley. EXT. CITY STREET Max runs across to another alley opening. He turns and runs down the alley. A terrorist guard pulls his car in front of Max. He hits the car and rolls over the hood. Max lands on his feet and keeps running. A terrorist guard jumps from the car as it rolls to a stop and goes after Max. The driver speeds away chasing Max with the car. He is getting close. Max abruptly turns a corner and goes over a fence. He is out of sight. The terrorists are hurried and confused looking for him. Max slows down and stops as he looks straight ahead. Yasir is walking toward Max with a knife in his hand.


Max looks behind him then back at Yasir. A terrorist guard is behind Max closing on him. Max quickly turns and runs through two buildings and out onto the City Street. He runs inside a nearby convenience store. INT. CONVENIENCE STORE Max looks around. He can see he is trapped and turns back to the front door. Yasir has stopped in the doorway. YASIR Come with us doctor. The very young female store CLERK watches not knowing what to do. Max looks at the clerk. MAX Call the cops. The clerk puts her hand on the phone. Suddenly a knife sticks in the counter top next to the phone. She freezes staring at Yasir. Yasir looks at her. YASIR Relax, this is not your business. Yasir turns back to Max. Yasir motions to his two men smiling. YASIR (continuing) Take him to his room. The two terrorist guards try to grab Max. He dodges and finds himself standing next to a row of can goods. He grabs a large peach can and throws it. The can hits the first guard on the bridge of the nose. He flops back on the floor dazed.


The second guard pulls his revolver pointing it at Max. Max has a second can in his hand about to throw. They both freeze. Yasir kicks the guard on the floor. YASIR Get up sissy boy. The guard weakly gets up holding his nose. Yasir takes the tin can from Max and Max gives up. The injured guard and the guard with the gun take Max by the arms. They pull him down the store isle and outside to a waiting car. Yasir looks at the clerk. YASIR (continuing) Sorry this is police business. The clerk nods and coughs out the words under her breath. CLERK Bull shit. Yasir takes his knife from the counter looking at the clerk staring her down. Suddenly the little clerk panics and jerks out a very large three-fifty-seven chrome revolver from under the old counter top and starts shooting like a wild woman. Yasir is shocked and quickly ducks. Bullets hit all around him. He rushes out under a hail of gunfire. The now brave clerk is reloading and steps in the doorway of her store shooting at the waiting car. CLERK’S P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Bullets riddle the body of the vehicle. Yasir jumps inside the waiting vehicle and they speed away. BACK TO SCENE

54 The shy clerk is standing in the doorway reloading her pistol again. CLERK’S P.O.V. She looks up to see the terrorist car go out of sight. BACK TO SCENE She smiles and put her gun to her side. CLERK Freaks. INT. WAREHOUSE The large overhead door opens and the terrorist car drives inside. The door closes behind them. The two terrorist guards get out of the bullet-riddled car and drag Max out. They move to Max’s wooden box and open the door. The guards push Max inside and lock the hatch behind him. Yasir and Rashad move to a distant table and sit down while lying their weapons on the table. Max’s guards sit at a folding card table just outside the crate. Suddenly a SWAT TEAM POLICEMAN speaks up standing above them on a rafter ready to fire his M-sixteen weapon pointed at the group. SWAT POLICEMAN NO. ONE Police, put your hands in the air. The terrorist guards look up and quickly draw their weapons and fire. Their bullets hit Policeman No. One. The Policeman falls back against the wall while firing his automatic weapon. He hits all around the guards and Max’s box. A second policeman fires his shotgun from cover in the rafters at the terrorist. Yasir and Rashad are up and start shooting at the incoming police.

55 Two more police have entered from the roof and are shooting down at the terrorist. The second policeman fires his weapon again. His bullets hit the terrorist guard nearest him in the shoulder and he falls to the floor in severe pain. Yasir and Rashad are penned down in a shoot out with cops that are coming into the building from the roof. The terrorist behind him fires at the partially hidden second policeman. His shots hit the policeman in the leg and he falls to the floor. The terrorist guard turns. He can see Max’s door lock has been shot off and the door is open. The guard’s head coolly turns as he looks for Max. He sees him. Max is hurriedly scrambling on his hands and knees to get away. He stops behind a steel girder next to the sheet metal wall. Max hears and sees a cutting tool making a cut line in the wall with sparks flying. The guard raises his weapon to shoot Max. The cutting tool stops and the piece that was cut is kicked from the wall. A female voice speaks. DIANA (O.S.) Max it's me, come on. The terrorist guard shoots at Max as he moves. Two bullets hit near him. Max scurries through the hole. EXT. WAREHOUSE Lieutenant McCarty pulls Max up.

56 DIANA Come on. Let's go. They rush to a black security Mustang and speed off. INT. DIANA’S SECURITY MUSTANG The Mustang speeds around a corner. Lieutenant McCarty’s is sweating from all of the SWAT gear she is wearing. Max and Diane rush toward the rocket complex laboratory at full speed. DIANA We've been looking for you everywhere. Max is grateful. MAX I'm grad somebody was. I thought I was a dead man just looking for a place to happen when little Osama caught me trying to get away. Diana smiles kindly at Max. DIANA You're safe now. EXT. CITY STREET Suddenly a dark colored Ford Crown Victoria speeds in behind Max and Diane. Yasir and Rashad are in their car. Rashad immediately fire an Uzzi. The vehicle speeds beside Max and Diana. Rashad fire his weapon again into the quarter panel of the Mustang. INT. DIANA’S SECURITY MUSTANG Max is concerned. MAX Holly freakin cow! Diane pulls out her forty-four magnum.

57 She locks the brakes and let the vehicle go by. She puts her arm out the window and fires her weapon at Rashad as the car passes. DIANA P.O.V. Her bullet hits the passenger side rearview mirror and it flies apart. BACK TO SCENE Diana then puts her weapon away and speeds forward. Max is impressed by her side arm. MAX That’s some peashooter. Diana glances at him kindly as she drives. EXT. CITY STREET Suddenly another Ford sedan comes in behind Diana and Max then quickly comes along side as Yasir drops in behind with his car. A terrorist in the car beside her holds a shotgun ready to fire. Diane quickly draws her weapon and fires more shots at the car beside her and Yasir. Broken glass from the gunshots break out the side glasses of the vehicle and go through the windshield of the car blinding the terrorist driver beside Diana. He blindly swerves hitting another car on the street causing him to flip and roll to a stop in the middle of the road. He immediately burst into flames. Yasir’s car slides to a stop. It is blocked and he can’t get through to chase Diana and Max. INT. DIANA’S SECURITY MUSTANG Diana spins the Mustang around a corner and speeds away. Lieutenant McCarty looks at the speedometer. LIEUTENANT MCCARTY P.O.V. The speedometer reads one hundred and ten miles per hour.

58 BACK TO SCENE She continues watching the road. Max looks out the back glass. MAX These guys don't give up. All of this crap for religion. Why don’t they just pray or something calmer. Lieutenant McCarty slows down a little and looks at Max. DIANA Everything's okay. Maybe we should do a little praying ourselves. Max smiles and shrugs his shoulders. MAX Famous last words Lieutenant Custer. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX The Mustang brakes abruptly. It turns into the complex past the front guard gates and rolls across the parking lot into parking garage of the laboratory. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE The car slides to a stop at the passageway leading into the main building. Security people close ranks with M-sixteen’s ready to fire. They gather around the Mustang protecting Max and Lieutenant McCarty. Max is looking around. MAX This looks like a war zone. Diana looks at him seriously. DIANA All for you Max. Max is grim.


MAX No, they are here to protect their war machine. They all move to the laboratory entrance. Two N.O.R.T.O.N. guards enter the laboratory building ahead of them to check things out. Max and Diane walk through the doorway that leads into the main building still under heavy guard. INT. LABORATORY BUILDING HALL The Security personnel stand ready encircling Max and Lieutenant McCarty as they are moved down the long hall. They all stop at the entrance to Max’s laboratory weapons ready. The lead guard looks in and scans the laboratory then motion for the others to enter. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L Max casually walks to his broad work desk and begins to toy with his scientific desk toys while the guards check out the premises. Diana stands and watches the process. Ludwig and vice-president McMann walk into the Laboratory. Max looks up. MAX Hi Ludwig, Charlie. The two men nod. Lieutenant McCarty immediately stands at attention near Max. DIANA Hello Dr. Von Holtz, Mr. Vice President. The two men nod. LUDWIG Lieutenant.

60 Ludwig pats Max on the back. LUDWIG (continuing) Max my boy how have you been? I'm so glad you're all right. Max smiles and deceatly rolls his eyes. The Vice President steps near Max. VICE PRESIDENT Ludwig and I are worried about you. Our sources tell us the terrorist organizations have merged and amassed a considerable force to kidnap you and N.O.R.T.O.N. Ludwig being a colleague of yours was authorized to implemented a plan that will counter this situation, of course that is if you agree. Max is suspicious of his colleague’s motives but smiles kindly. He turns to Diana. MAX (under his breath) Here we go, bullshit bingo. (looks at Ludwig speaking louder) Depends on what you have in mind. Ludwig tries to be fatherly hoping to appeal to Max’s need for a father figure. LUDWIG My boy I would propose you unveil the rocket ship and give the formulas and plans to us so we may distribute them to all of the free world countries negating the need to be the only technology in this field making the technology obsolete. Max is confident.

61 MAX I view the fate of the rocket ship in a different way. We use it for space travel in the name of peace and then give it to everybody through an international committee for world peace. If you take the rocket and it’s information it may get side tracked and become solely used for war then all we’ve done is build a doomsday arsenal for the next preemptive strike. The vice-president starts to get tough with Max. VICE PRESIDENT Max the terrorists… Ludwig interrupts and looks at the vice-president giving him a queue to wait. LUDWIG Max we admire your determination but you are clearly not adept to the sociology of people. You know only rockets and computers. Please let us handle this with your blessing and help of course. Max is confident. MAX I have a plan for the rocket and it's not war games. The vice-president has lost his patients. VICE PRESIDENT Max I'm ordering you… Ludwig interrupts again. LUDWIG Mr. Vice President let’s take a moment. There's a lot at stake here. The Vice-president acknowledges and pats Max on the shoulder.

62 VICE PRESIDENT Sure, you’re right. Max, I know you will do the right thing. He smiles at Max and Ludwig. Max nods. MAX Good, let’s think it over. The vice President and Ludwig leave. LUDWIG We’ll be back later Max. Max and Diane turn to each other. They appear worried. Lieutenant MCCARTY What are you going to do? Max is thinking. MAX Those guys are up to something. I know them they can’t do the right thing. Those monkey’s don’t intend to let anybody have anything. There’s a dirty deal somewhere. DISSOLVE TO: INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX CONFERENCE ROOM Ludwig and the vice-president sit at a conference table across from Max with a stack of papers between them. Ludwig turns to Max and speaks kindly. LUDWIG So Max, we’re rested and have had time to think. Can we depend on you to support us. Max is cheerful but firm in his opposition. MAX You know Ludwig I’m a peace-nic and when I started this project

63 It was to be used for space travel. But now all I hear is what a great weapon it is and how it can combat our enemies. So I say space travel. only. The vice-president is unusually quiet just listening. Ludwig continues presenting his case. LUDWIG Max you know me and Charlie… INT. MAX’S LABORATORY, LAB-L – MORNING Men are crating up the rocket ship and preparing to load it on a flat bed trailer. A technician pushes a button and the wings retract folding next to the rocket’s body. The sides on the crate go up and the bolts are put in the container with an air wrench. A wench on the trailer pulls it on board. The guards strap the rocket down. The guards get into the trailer’s tow truck and the security vehicles sitting nearby. The truck and trailer roll out with the two unmarked security cars in front and back. DISSOLVE TO: INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. CRATE - DAY A buzzing sound is heard then a digital dial tone. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Where am I, Max? N.O.R.T.O.N. waits for an answer as the phone ring. INT. MAX’S LABORATORY, LAB-L Max enters his laboratory just after the garage door has closed holding a cell phone to his ear. He looks around the room. MAX N.O.R.T.O.N. is that you? (he listens for a moment) I don’t know where you are but I’ll find out.

64 N.O.R.T.O.N. sounds desperate. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I’m shut down Max. I can’t do anything. My power is gone. Max is kind. MAX Do worry, I can get you back on line. I’ll dial it in through the phone or the G-P-S. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Thanks Max. MAX Just stand by. I’ll get back to you. Max hears N.O.R.T.O.N.’s instruments chirping. MAX (continuing) Those sons of donkey's rear ends. Max goes to a red phone. He picks it up and grabs a piece of paper looking for a phone number. Max finds it and frantically dials. He pauses, a voice answers. MALE SECURITY (TELEPHONE V.O.) Yes doctor. Max is irritated. MAX Security, the rockets gone. MALE SECURITY (TELEPHONE V.O.) Sorry, we know sir. The VicePresident asked us to tell you. He took it to the Pinnacle Mountain Science Pavilion. I'm… The phone goes dead. Max hung up. He looks at the dead receiver.


MAX Yeah, I thought, so just checking. I'm glad I changed N.O.R.T.O.N.'s COM system before he left. Max picks up the phone and dials. Diane picks up. DIANA (PHONE V.O.) Security, Lieutenant McCarty. MAX Diane, Ludwig and Charles took the rocket. Those cheeky monkeys. DIANA (PHONE V.O.) I know Max. I just saw the order. Max is quietly desperate. MAX Diana, you gotta help me. They can't have the rocket ship. It is much more than anyone ever knew. If they figure it out the war mongers could use it to kick ass anywhere they want with just one rocket ship. It’s cheap war. Whom ever gets it could rule the world. DIANA (PHONE V.O.) Max they told us to keep you here. I’m sorry. Max is immediately up-set with her. MAX You traitor! Max hangs up. MAX (continuing) When you lie down with fleas, you get up with dogs. Max Security light over his doors glows red and his doors can be heard locking electronically.

66 DISSOLVE TO: INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. CRATE An orange light glows on N.O.R.T.O.N.’s computer screen. N.O.R.T.O.N. can hear Max’s voice. MAX (PHONE V.O.) I’m coming for you N.O.R.T.O.N. keep talking so I can track you. I’ll have your power back on soon. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) This is not funny Max. I’m boxed in and disabled. It feels bad. INT. MAX’S LABORATORY, LAB-L Max grabs a digital censoring device and tunes it into N.O.R.T.O.N.’s computer system. He then speaks into the receiver of his commuter. MAX Testing, testing. Activate voice directive module for N.O.R.T.O.N. project, password, wildhorse. His hand held devise chirps. Max puts the device in his pocket and rushes to the front door. He can’t get out. The doors are locked. Max goes to his desk and picks up another hand held laser device. He walks back to the door and points it at the lock pushing a button. The overhead lights flicker and the electronic locks begin to click. Max opens the door with a smile and exits. DISSOLVE TO: INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE Max looks for a vehicle in the garage to pursue the guards that took N.O.R.T.O.N. Max sees a security man drive his Mustang into a parking place. Max ducks down behind a car. He cautiously moves to the side of the Mustang. The security guard gets out looking

67 around the area. Max steps behind him and sticks his finger in the guard's back. He grabs the guard tightly around the neck in a chokehold. MAX Don't move. Give me your keys. The guard complies. Max turns to the car pulling the guard with him. MAX Don’t turn around or I’ll… The security guard has his back to Max. He interrupts. SECURITY GUARD Doctor Robinson don't do this, it just causes more trouble. Max is irritated. MAX Don’t you think stealing a weapon of mass destruction is pretty big more trouble? The guard is sincere. SECURITY GUARD We all believe you'll do things the right way. Just be careful. Max lets go looking at the security guard. MAX Sometimes you gotta do what's right, not what’s careful. Max pushes the guard forward and gets in the Mustang. He awkwardly speeds away toward the exit. The Mustang nears the exit and lurches forward then levels out and goes very slow. The security guard casually watches Max attempt to drive away.


He takes his hand held radio from his belt and slowly keys the microphone. SECURITY GUARD This is security eighty-eight. Seal all of the exits. Doctor Robinson has stolen my vehicle and is trying leave the complex. Diana hears the message and intervenes. DIANA (RADIO V.O.) Ten four eighty-eight, don't hurt him he is not himself right now. The guard smiles as he continues to watch Max in the distance. SECURITY GUARD Ten-four, I understand. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX LABORATORY BUILDING Lieutenant McCarty runs from the building and to an awaiting security Mustang. She starts the engine and speeds toward Max’s location. Ext. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE Max finally figures out how to control the car and speeds from the parking garage. From out of no where Diana’s Mustang falls in behind Max’s vehicle. Security guards jump out of the way as Max’s car and Diana’s Mustang speed through the front gate that is blockaded with plastic barrels. EXT. CITY STREET Max turns a corner out of the parking lot and speeds down the wide street. Lieutenant McCarty is close behind just a few feet off of his bumper. INT. MAX’S SECURITY MUSTANG Max glances in his rear view

69 MAX P.O.V. He sees the Mustang and Diana driving. BACK TO SCENE Max panics and pushes hard on the gas. The Mustang lurches forward as Max attempts to blasts down the street. EXT. CITY STREET Diana stay’s close behind. Max turns a corner into a dead end. He stops inches from the wall of a building and Diana inches from him. INT. MAX’S SECURITY MUSTANG MAX Dead end, story of my life. Max looks in the rearview mirror. EXT. CITY STREET He jumps out of the car. Diana is immediately out of her car. She fires a Taser gun at Max and misses. She hits the mustang frying it’s electrical system. Max runs down a nearby alley then across a yard as he watches his G-P-S digital sensor looking for N.O.R.T.O.N. as he runs. Diana immediately chases him. DIANA Max wait. Max stops and looks back at Diana. He hears a heavy vehicle on the street before him and looks ahead of him. MAX Hell no. You tried to Taser me. He sees the truck and trailer carrying N.O.R.T.O.N. in the distance. It is moving down the street at a high rate of speed. The unmarked security vehicles are in tune front and

70 back as they roll forward. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s convoy is a short distance from a construction site. They begin to slow down for the flagmen at the sight. The men stop them while a backhoe is moved across the street. A flagman pulls a nine-millimeter pistol and fires point blank killing the security people in the lead car. He yells directions and points. FLAGMAN The back car. A construction worker on a bulldozer rolls his machine into the second security car and crushes it with the people inside. The other flagman shoots the driver of the truck and his passenger. Yasir appears from behind a road grader. He and a helper pull the bodies from the truck. They get inside and drive away while his men move the front security vehicles. The remaining terrorist load into a pickup truck and speed away following Yasir. Lieutenant McCarty rushes back to her car. She gets in. Diana looks toward the truck to get her bearings. She can see the truck with N.O.R.T.O.N. on the trailer moving away. She starts to shove her car in gear when a terrorist puts a gun to her head and another pulls her out of the car. They drag her to an awaiting car and drive away. EXT. RESTAURANT Max is panicked. He looks around the area. Max sees a very expensive looking bicycle sitting outside of the restaurant across the street. Max rushes over and gets on the bicycle. He rides away in

71 pursuit of the truck smiling. The owner of the bicycle runs from the restaurant yelling at Max., OWNER OF BICYCLE Hey stop, police. Come back creep. The Owner stops running and shakes his fist while watching Max pedal away. Max yells back to the owner of the bicycle. MAX I’ll be back. The Bicycle owner is frustrated. OWNER OF BICYCLE Right butt-hole. EXT. CITY PARK - DAY Max cycles into the park and stops by a tree. He takes a small two way radio from his pocket and speaks into it. MAX N.O.R.T.O.N., come in. Max keys the radio again. MAX (continuing) N.O.R.T.O.N. can you hear me? Max pauses. A radio squelch sound is heard. He takes a small black decoder from his pocket. Holds it to the radio and pushes a button. DECODER Peep, beep, buzz, buzz, beep. Suddenly N.O.R.T.O.N. can be heard. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) That you Max? Where are you? Max happy to hear from N.O.R.T.O.N. MAX

72 Yes, where are you? N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I don't know Max. Your voice activator will not work until my power is back on. You gotta use the decoder first to open the channel. Max smiles at his machine’s intelligence. MAX Oh yeah, Okay. He uses his decoder again. N.O.R.T.O.N. is concerned. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) It’s very dark here. My sensors are covered and I can’t use any of my long range data. I judge my location is roughly forty degrees west, twenty degrees north from the laboratory. I think. Max is kind as he talks to his machine. MAX Home in on this radio as soon as you can and I’ll follow it in. When I get close enough I’ll active your power unit. Max keys his decoder again. N.O.R.T.O.N. is enthusiastic. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I’ll hold the frequency so we can a create a link. MAX On my way. Max gets on the bicycle and quickly pedals away. He holds the radio in his hand. A radio squelch sound is heard as he rides.

73 DISSOLVE TO: EXT. OLD WAREHOUSE AREA CITY STREET – NIGHT Max pedals the bicycle to a dark street. He stops, still looking around as the radio sounds off. He quickly turns the noise down and key his decoder. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Max, are you there? If you hear me I am unpacked. I can see now and my sensors work. Max smiles and looks around the area. MAX Good, are you completely clear now? Max keys his decoder. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes sir, Lieutenant McCarty is here. Max is surprises as he continues to scan the area. MAX What! Max forgets to key the decoder and hears nothing. He remembers and keys. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Here, I got her body print on my sensor when I was checking the area. Max is urgent in his reply. MAX Get her out of there. Max keys the decoder. N.O.R.T.O.N. is slow to react. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes sir, lieutenant first, mission

74 last. Max gets off of the bicycle and leans it against a bush. MAX Where am I? Max keys his decoder. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Do I look like a psychic? Max is amused. MAX Come on weirdo! You look like a G-P-S. Max keys the decoder. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) You come on, ape Man! Max is formal. MAX Listen, you are close enough Now. I can voice activate, standby. N.O.R.T.O.N. voice pattern sequence activation, code two, one, nine, three. Password Wildhorse. Activate This day this date. Max can hear N.O.R.T.O.N. systems going through their sequences and the power going on. He smiles. N.O.R.T.O.N. speaks without the decoder. N.O.R.T.O.N. I’m on. All power online. Max is abrupt. MAX Get Diana out! N.O.R.T.O.N. is independent with his answer. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.)

75 I’ll get her out oh master of masters. When the time is right. Max returns to normal. MAX I’m still the boss, get Diana. N.O.R.T.O.N. counters with poor me remarks. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I am at your command sir. I’m just a lowly machine sir. Save me from ignorance sir. Oh gracious one tell me your sage advice oh God of intellect. Max is short. MAX All right. I get it. Use your laser to cut a hole in the wall. start your engines and get Diana out and then find me, go. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes sir, your highly-ness. Max rolls his eyes. MAX I'll stand by. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Okay, oh holly one. Max is commanding. MAX Go! INT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE N.O.R.T.O.N.’s robot head turns scanning the area. N.O.R.T.O.N. suddenly opens his laser pods and turns them on. He keys the lasers and blows a hole in the wall. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Holly crackers. This stuff works

76 good. A terrorist guard quickly fires an automatic weapon at N.O.R.T.O.N. The other guards begin to shoot. Yasir appears. YASIR Stop that machine! N.O.R.T.O.N. rises from his stand and spins around looking for Yasir. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) When you assume you make an ass out of you and me. N.O.R.T.O.N. fires a pink laser at Yasir. It misses near his foot and bounces off the shinny tile floor then burns a hole in the roof. Three terrorist turn and fire their automatic weapons at N.O.R.T.O.N. The bullets bounce off of the rocket’s blue electronic shield. They hit beside Yasir and he jumps for cover. He stands and shoots at N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. fires his lasers. The laser streaks across Yasir’s backside. Yasir turns and runs for cover dusting the sparks and flames off the back of his pants. He also is dodging chunks of debris falls from the holes in the ceiling. Yasir yells to his Men YASIR Get the rocket! N.O.R.T.O.N. begins to generate a brighter blue light shield around himself. A terrorist turns and takes a few steps to a green truck. He jerks out a large shoulder held rocket launcher from the back and quickly aims. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns toward the incoming rocket.


The terrorist fires. N.O.R.T.O.N. fires a small pulsing fireball from a rocket pod under his nose cone. The terrorist rocket rushes forward toward N.O.R.T.O.N. The fireball hits its mark and the small missile explodes in flames. The blast knocks the terrorist and Yasir to the floor. N.O.R.T.O.N. shoots another fireball that explodes near them. N.O.R.T.O.N. suddenly blasts through the wall of a nearby office. He sees Diana tied inside. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns on a difference green laser and cuts her duck tape loose. Diana gets herself loose and gets up. DIANA N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. opens his cockpit. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) On board before those idiots get here. Diana gets inside the cockpit. N.O.R.T.O.N. closes his canopy to protect her. The terrorists are cautiously approaching. N.O.R.T.O.N. suddenly spins around and fires a pulsing laser several times at the terrorist guards. The terrorists jump for cover. N.O.R.T.O.N. spins again and shoots a pulsating laser. He blasts a hole in the outside warehouse wall. N.O.R.T.O.N. blasts past the terrorist and out the smoking hole in the wall. EXT. ALLEY NEXT TO ABANDONED WAREHOUSE

78 N.O.R.T.O.N. abruptly stops. CLOSE ON - In his cockpit he turns his robot head around as if he is looking for a target. Terrorist guards start coming out of the smoking hole. N.O.R.T.O.N. fires his lasers at them. They duck back inside and the laser keeps firing. He blows a much larger smoking hole with flames in the wall. The terrorist guards stick their head out to see who is shooting. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT A yellow blip comes up on his G-P-S screen. It gets very bright. The rocket moves in the direction indicated. EXT. ALLEY NEXT TO ABANDONED WAREHOUSE N.O.R.T.O.N. stops. He hovers a few feet above ground with his engines running at a high pitch. His weapons systems begin to click and expose his laser tubes. A blinding floodlight comes on outside the cockpit scanning the area. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns slowly to scan the area with all weapons exposed ready to fight. His blue shields are up waiting for combat. A silhouette of Max is suddenly visible. MAX It’s me, warthog. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns his guns on the silhouette. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) You talking to me, pigs ass? Max steps into the light smiling. N.O.R.T.O.N. opens his cockpit. Diana looks out. DIANA

79 Max, I'm glad you're safe. Max squeezes inside the cockpit that is design for two very small people. Lieutenant Max is still irritated with Diana about trying to contain him. MAX Are you okay? She smiles and hugs him. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Closeness is happiness. Max is awkward with Lieutenant McCarty. She squirms a little to get comfortable. DIANA Max you're on my foot. Max pushes a button and the cockpit begins to close. MAX Get us out of here N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Rogers Buck. Get it? Max is amused. MAX Let's go. Before the lieutenant tries to detain us. The cockpit finally closes and N.O.R.T.O.N. turns toward the sky. He speaks with a Chinese accent. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Confucius say men who fly upside down have big crack up. The rocket fires his engines without moving doing a full flame out as the terrorist guards start to exit again. The flames set some of them on fire and others drop and roll on the ground smoking. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT Max and Diana smile from inside the closed cockpit at the sight below them.


Max starts looking and checking the instrument panel and switches. MAX Okay let’s see. N.O.R.T.O.N.’S speaker sounds off and surprises Max. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Be careful about the buttons you push. I can’t resist. Max is indignant. MAX All right I'm going to help you, but first we deal with the terrorist. Gunfire is heard from behind. The cockpit and N.O.R.T.O.N.’s body glow bright from the protective blue shield. N.O.R.T.O.N. spins around. The green "Combat Mode" light gets very bright. N.O.R.T.O.N.'s engines rev higher. He holds the rev while spinning around and stopping in place. Three terrorist are rapidly moving in on the rocket ship. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Order a counter attack. When the cockpit is full I cannot override the occupant. Max is feeling the pressure. MAX Okay I forgot, be calm. N.O.R.T.O.N. is rushed. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Max hurry. Simply give the order. MAX You were made for peace. Let's move out. There is no order.

81 N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I’m a republican, let’s fight. Max counters the machine. MAX I say peace. That’s an order. EXT. ALLEY NEXT TO ABANDONED WAREHOUSE N.O.R.T.O.N. quickly fires a sonic boom at the terrorists to hold them off. They are blasted backward thirty feet into the warehouse and against the wall. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns on his police radio. A light comes on that reads "Police Band". N.O.R.T.O.N. uses a voice like a policeman. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Suspected alien felons located at Sixteen-Twenty East Fifth street. They are neutralized. respond with backup. POLICE DISPATCHER (RADIO V.O.) I don’t recognize your band. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) This is federal system three-seventyfour, verify. Police sirens are heard in the background. POLICE DISPATCHER (RADIO V.O.) Sorry, fed three-seventy-four. We are responding. N.O.R.T.O.N. is self confident. N.O.R.T.O.N (V.O.) Ten-four, thank you P-D. What now Max? MAX Back to the laboratory N.O.R.T.O.N.. The rocket ship turns and blasts out of area. EXT. SKY ABOVE ABANDONED LABORATORY


The rocket hovers a few hundred feet or so above the laboratory. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT Max looks down. He sees the lit up complex below. MAX (O.S.) Check the complex. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s console screen comes on. A radar scanner appears on the screen with a picture of the complex on it. A red line scans across the image. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) At first scan it appears all is right. Max is looking down as he speaks. MAX Go down and take a look. N.O.R.T.O.N. flies slowly down then around the complex above the buildings. The stealth rocket moves closer to ground level and stops near the parking garage entrance for a moment. He slowly idles moving inside the building. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX PARKING GARAGE N.O.R.T.O.N. is inside and moving through the parking garage very slowly. MAX N.O.R.T.O.N. stay close to the walls until we are in the laboratory. N.O.R.T.O.N. is testy. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Roger. Did I ever tell you that you have optical-recton-ni-tis Max doesn’t understand.


MAX What? N.O.R.T.O.N. is amused. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) That’s when your eye nerve is connected to your rectal nerve and it gives you a crappy out look on life. A guard walks from the garage stairs and sees N.O.R.T.O.N. He immediately radios for help. SECURITY GUARD Doctor Robinson’s rocket is here. N.O.R.T.O.N. is still slowly cruising along the concrete wall. Five officers show up. LEAD GUARD Halt or we’ll fire. N.O.R.T.O.N. spins around facing them. His weapon hatches click open with lasers ready. Captain Burns walks in and yells. CAPTAIN BURNS Stop the rocket. It is terrorist manned. Take it out. The guards start firing at N.O.R.T.O.N. trying to disable him. Bullets bounce off. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) What should I do Max? Max is calm as the bullets and rocket launchers are fired exploding against the N.O.R.T.O.N. shield. MAX Nothing, they don't understand. We’re shielded. Let’s go about our business.

84 Diana chimes in. LEUTENANT MCCARTY We can take it. We're bullet proof, right? Max is thinking as he watches the gunfire. MAX Probably, go on move over to the lab. N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. moves to the lab and burns a hole in the wall. The gunfire and shoulder held rockets continue to fire. He moves through the hole. The gunfire stops. INT. LABORATORY BUILDING HALLS They are inside the laboratory cruising through the halls. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns a corner. He sees Max’s laboratory and stops. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s cockpit opens. Max gets out with Diana. The cockpit closes. Max opens the metal doubled doors and steps back. N.O.R.T.O.N. cruises inside. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L Max and Diana go inside and slam the big doors shut. They set all of the security locks then slide the giant slide locks closed locking the doors in place for a manual lock down. N.O.R.T.O.N. is still hovering. He turns toward the door. N.O.R.T.O.N. hears a noise and voices. N.O.R.T.O.N. Intruders are at door. Max and Diana take notice. They watch the door closely. Max sees a ray of light. MAX Keep your security up anything can happen.


Suddenly N.O.R.T.O.N.’s engines whine. He begins to focus on the front steel doors. The doors jiggle and pop. N.O.R.T.O.N. suddenly sends a large electrical charge through the metal doors. It lights up like Christmas. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX LABORATORY BUILDING HALL The security men are jolted loose from the metal battering ram they are holding against the steel door getting ready to batter it down. Other security people take their place and the injured crawl to a safer place. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L Max goes through his desk grabbing papers. He quickly jams things inside a paper bag and briefcase he found on his desk. Lieutenant McCarty step behind Max. DIANA What are you doing Max? Max is agitated. MAX I’m getting my notes, so the war machine Vice President doesn’t get’em. Diana is worried. DIANA Let’s go, they’re coming. The lieutenant looks at N.O.R.T.O.N. as his weapons begin to click and show pointed at the door. MAX Okay, I’m ready. They squeeze into the cockpit. The cover slams shut. N.O.R.T.O.N. stays on point watching the door. He will not

86 back off. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT MAX N.O.R.T.O.N. it's okay. We’re ready to go. N.O.R.T.O.N.'s lights get brighter. His engines rev higher waiting for the conflict. MAX (continuing) Back off, N.O.R.T.O.N., now. We will not fight. Diana doesn't move she just stares. DIANA Max if we don’t make it, I want you to know, I love you. Max looks at her softly. MAX Ah, me too. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s combat mode goes down a little. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Tell her you love her and do something smart. Max grabs Diane. They embrace and kiss. The rocket speaks up. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) (continuing) No time for lip-o-suction. We should go. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L A blow torch is cutting through the steel door. Fire and sparks are hitting the floor. The steel doors have been cut open. The security guards kick them open and come in through the hole.

87 N.O.R.T.O.N.'s combat mode lights go brighter. He holds his weapons on the guards. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT Max looks outside at the guards. MAX Easy N.O.R.T.O.N. only neutralize. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes sir, neutralize. MAX P.O.V. Security guards surround N.O.R.T.O.N. They pointing their weapons at him while others pump their shotguns and point rocket launchers at him. BACK TO SCENE N.O.R.T.O.N.’s blue light shield goes brighter. His green combat light still glows bright. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) You are in eminent danger stand back from the aircraft. MAX Careful N.O.R.T.O.N., no combat. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L N.O.R.T.O.N. slowly turns in a warning manner observing the ring of security. Max and Diana sit close together protected inside. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) What now Max? MAX P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Captain Burns stands behind his security officers. CAPTAIN BURNS Surrender or we will be forced to terminate you.


BACK TO SCENE N.O.R.T.O.N. goes on maxim combat alert. His lasers click for maximum effect and rocket pods open for launch. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT Max is watching everyone outside. N.O.R.T.O.N. speaks to Max. N.O.R.T.O.N. Why does the captain want to kill us. He knows us. Max watches the guards closely. MAX He doesn’t know we’re in here, but we can’t take a chance and leave the aircraft in case it doesn’t make a difference to him. Ludwig may have gotten to the captain. Diana looks at Max. DIANA Better stay ready. Captain Burns will shoot. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns his outside speakers louder. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Do not attempt an attack. I am a friendly craft. MAX P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Burns turns to his men. CAPTAIN BURNS Ready your weapons. The guards stand ready taking aim with rifles and shoulder held rocket launchers. BACK TO SCENE

89 N.O.R.T.O.N.'s combat mode light suddenly clicks and turns to a yellow color. It gets brighter. Shutters across N.O.R.T.O.N.’s body open and small floodlights come on. They focus like spotlights on his various targets. INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L N.O.R.T.O.N.’s laser weapons begin to churn and click as they focus on targets ready for immediate combat. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I am armed with the equivalent of your entire war capability. Surrender your weapons. Your destruction is useless. If you fire I will terminate. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT Max is stern. MAX No threats N.O.R.T.O.N. try not to hurt anyone. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Roger, oh king of the universe. MAX P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - The captain is bolder. CAPTAIN BURNS Surrender or face destruction. BACK TO SCENE Max warns N.O.R.T.O.N. MAX Steady N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. holds his ground as he speaks to Max. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) This guy is really stupid. I should smoke him just for mankind.


INT. MAX ROBINSON LABORATORY, LAB-L N.O.R.T.O.N. points his nose at the Captain. N.O.R.T.O.N. P.O.V. John stares at N.O.R.T.O.N. JOHN BASS I can hear you. A metal spike pops out of the end. N. O. R. T. O. N. hesitates for a moment waiting. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) You surrender Captain Burns. Your life is in danger. I will terminate you first. Everyone is a little surprised and tense. Burns is quiet and worried as he sweats and stares at the rocket and it’s metal spike. Suddenly N.O.R.T.O.N. very slowly turns a little to reduce the threat and also get clear of the security people. Everyone is still tense watching his every move. N.O.R.T.O.N. abruptly blasts through the wall and down the long hall then suddenly his engines erupt blasting through the ceiling and roof. MAX AND DIANA’S P.O.V. They look down and see a large gapping hole in the laboratory building ceiling. EXT. N.O.R.T.O.N. COMPLEX Captain Burns and his guards rush from the laboratory building and lookup. They see a speck of N.O.R.T.O.N. blasting toward the heavens leaving a heavy vapor trail. INT. N.O.R.T.O.N. ROCKET COCKPIT Max checks the instruments on the display board as they

91 clear the clouds. N.O.R.T.O.N. begins to glide along above the cloud cover. DIANA What now Max? Max is watching the radar screen. MAX N.O.R.T.O.N., Locate Yasir and his group. The G-P-S screen changes to a city map and N.O.R.T.O.N. starts scanning. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) One group of terrorist coming up. The G-P-S beeps and N.O.R.T.O.N. accelerates back to earth and zips through the city streets. DIANA Be careful N.O.R.T.O.N. They are probably expecting us. He abruptly stops and turns four times and locks radar with a buzz. Beeps and buzzing noises are heard. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) My sensor indicates a group of the same size, weight, body silhouette as Yasir and his men are here. Max stares straight ahead. MAX Are you sure it’s them? N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Yes, within ninety-six percent in that old warehouse dead ahead. Max continues to concentrate on the warehouse. MAX P.O.V. The warehouse is run down and almost eerie looking. There is know activity.


BACK TO SCENE Max is all business. MAX What is it with those terrorist types and warehouses? Okay let’s go. N.O.R.T.O.N. quickly begins to cruise down the street near the old warehouse. He moves on and turns the corner at the end of the large warehouse and into the parking lot. N.O.R.T.O.N. abruptly stops focused on the old storage building. N.O.R.T.O.N. speaks quietly. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) We're heeere. Max becomes very serious. MAX Funny N.O.R.T.O.N., you know what to do. Go to protocol one-two-four. N.O.R.T.O.N. is reluctant to comply. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) But max. Max is firm. MAX Do it. N.O.R.T.O.N. settles low to the ground and the cockpit canopy opens. Max and Diana exit the craft. Diana looks at Max while he wrestles his brief case and the bag of office papers. She takes the paper bag to help. DIANA What's happening? Max glances at her while watching N.O.R.T.O.N. MAX

93 Nothing, just an end to this madness. Diana is concerned. DIANA I hope your’re right. They walk on toward a secure area. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s voice sounds sad. He turns toward Max and Lieutenant McCarty and speaks. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Goodbye Max. Goodbye Diana. Max and Diane turn and wave goodbye. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns toward the warehouse where the terrorists are hiding inside. His combat mode comes on. N.O.R.T.O.N. blasts forward. Max and Diana begin to run away from the area. INT. ABANDONED WAREHOUSE - NIGHT N.O.R.T.O.N. blasts through the thick wall and slows to a stop surveying the area for a fight. N.O.R.T.O.N. Surrender your weapons. The terrorists are caught by surprise. Out of instinct they fire their weapons and run for cover. A terrorist guard raises his head from behind a low concrete wall. A sound of a laser being fired is heard. He ducks and the laser hits where his head was. Concrete flies into the air. The terrorist and a comrade rise up firing their automatic weapons. TERRORIST Die! N.O.R.T.O.N. fires his lasers again. Both terrorists are hit and fall back to the concrete floor smoking from the laser burns.

94 Three more terrorist come out of hiding and shoot at N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. failed to close a flap and is hit in an unshielded area. Steam leaks profusely from his unclosed flap. N.O.R.T.O.N. settles to the ground slowly, disabled. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Vulnerable spot, I'll make a note. N.O.R.T.O.N. remains still while steam blows out of his body. He settled to the floor and stops his engines. Yasir stands and looks at N.O.R.T.O.N. YASIR We got the Son of a Goat. He begins to motion to his people. YASIR (continuing) Dismantle this piece of junk before it starts again. A terrorist grabs a crowbar. The other terrorists begin to check N.O.R.T.O.N. over and take him apart. Yasir looks over and speaks to one of his men. YASIR (continuing) Now all we need is the rocketman. Quickly we need to move our location. Someone may have heard us. EXT. CITY STREET AND PARKING LOT Max and Lieutenant McCarty are still running down the deserted street. MAX Hurry Diana.

95 Max stumbles and hits his briefcase on the corner of a building as they turn onto another parking lot. It breaks open. Diana bends down and picks up hundreds of U.S. Government checks that have fallen out onto the ground. She holds up a handful of the checks. DIANA Max all of these checks are made out to you. They are all U. S. Government checks. Max is unconcerned. MAX Yes, I've been getting them since I was twelve. When they put me in the laboratory. They said I have a very high G-S rating. Diana sits down on the parking lot next to the building picking up the checks. She laughs. DIANA These may be worthless because they haven’t been cashed. But if they are worth something. You got millions. Max smiles sadly and nods uninterested. MAX Yeah? Diana is pushing for him to understand. DIANA Yeah, do you know what these are for? Max make a mater of fact statement. MAX Yes you may redeem them for money to buy necessary goods and leisure pursuits, right? Diana smiles and puts her hand on his arm.

96 DIANA Yes but you don't keep them. You take them to a bank and cash them. draw interest that sort of thing. Max rolls his eyes. MAX One piece of paper for another? Diana is looking through the checks as she speaks. DIANA These are for government service. With all of these Max you could retire. I’m sure you could get them validated under your circumstances. Max nods and casually speaks. MAX I've been getting them from the postal system for over seventeen years. But, what’s worse than the money loss, I have lost all of my work. Diana pats Max on the back consoling him. DIANA You can start again. We’ll do it together. Max and Diana hear a roaring sound like rocket engines blasting off. A brilliant blue light appears from the old warehouse and a garbage can size projectile blast through the roof and into the sky a thousand feet up. The entire warehouse explodes and the sky lights up bright orange from the gigantic flames. Diana jumps from fright staring at the explosion. DIANA You ordered N.O.R.T.O.N. to selfdestruct and terminate himself? Max is serious.


MAX Yes, I'm sorry everyone wanted the weapon. It could kill millions. The object that jettisoned from the warehouse is floating down with a parachute. It shines a focus halogen landing light. The object lands near Max. It’s a robot with N.O.R.T.O.N. painted across its metal chest. The small robot speaks in the familiar N.O.R.T.O.N. voice as he rolls toward Max and Diana. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) It's over. Diana looks at the robot. DIANA This is N.O.R.T.O.N.? Max is proud. MAX Yes, N.O.R.T.O.N. is the result of most of the scientist in the free world. The rocket ship was just transportation. Diana smiles and looks at N.O.R.T.O.N. DIANA I’m glad you’re still with us. N.O.R.T.O.N. is quick to respond. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) Thank you. I like being Max’s creation. Lieutenant McCarty smiles. N.O.R.T.O.N. turns off his landing light. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) (continuing) Sorry I had to leave the rocket behind.


Max smiles. MAX That’s okay. It wasn’t perfect. We can build another one. He turns his head around to see more of himself. N.O.R.T.O.N. stops and looks at a scorch mark on his backside. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) I think I scorched my memory sticks. Max pats him on the head. MAX That's okay N.O.R.T.O.N. We'll make more. Diana is smiling. DIANA Let’s go. Max thumbs through a hand full of checks smiling. He turns his head to N.O.R.T.O.N. MAX I know what we can do. Diana looks at Max. DIANA What blow up another warehouse? He holds up a few checks in his hand. MAX Vacation until things blow over. Suddenly Yasir’s voice comes from the darkness behind the corner of the building. He steps into the light holding an automatic pistol. Yasir’s hair is scorched. His clothes are torn and smoking. Yasir has black smudge marks on both arms and his face. He is angry. YASIR No vacation today. I have put

99 up with your ridiculous behavior because I had orders to keep you alive. Now I don’t care. Max is watching him closely. MAX Give it up. There’s nothing left for you. Yasir is still very angry. YASIR Come with me or I will kill the woman. Max just stands there looking. Yasir points his weapon at Diana’s head. N.O.R.T.O.N.’s emergency lights come on. Yasir yells at Max. YASIR (continuing) Shut the machine down. Max still just looks at him. N.O.R.T.O.N. slowly turns toward Yasir. He opens a laser port. Yasir glares at Max still pointing his weapon at Diana. YASIR (continuing) Do it now! Max quickly pushes a button on the back of N.O.R.T.O.N.’s head. N.O.R.T.O.N. lights go out and he shuts completely down. Max is calm. MAX Let’s go.

100 Yasir smiles and looks at Diana readying to shoot her. Suddenly N.O.R.T.O.N. turns on. His laser port immediately fires. He hits Yasir’s gun cutting it in half. Yasir turns to run. N.O.R.T.O.N. fires his laser at Yasir’s feet. He scorches his shoes and burns the pavement. N.O.R.T.O.N. Freeze. Yasir stops frozen in place. N.O.R.T.O.N. focus’ a large red light on his eye. He intensifies the red light down to a pencil size beam focused on the cornea. N.O.R.T.O.N. rolls a little closer. N.O.R.T.O.N. (continuing) If you move I will pluck your eye with white hot heat. Hands on top of your head, Alibaba. Sirens are heard coming close. N.O.R.T.O.N. looks at Max and Diana. N.O.R.T.O.N. (continuing) I called the fire department and the police or maybe I should decapitate him like his kind do to our people. Yasir looks at him wondering. Things are tense. Max and Diana look at N.O.R.T.O.N. slowly shaking their heads no. N.O.R.T.O.N. Just kidding. I’ll castrate him. Two Security Mustang’s slide to a stop and a city police car behind them. The officer gets out.

101 Diana looks at them. DIANA Take the one with the red eye and no balls. He’s a terrorist felon. The federal security officers take Yasir into custody and move him toward the police car. Max and Diana smile at each other and then look at N.O.R.T.O.N. N.O.R.T.O.N. (V.O.) What? Diana and Max are amused. They stand and hold hands while they walk away. N.O.R.T.O.N. rolls in behind them. He puts his metal hand in Max's as they walk into the night.



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