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§ Group Personal Accident § Income Protection § Asset Insurance by monkey6


§ Group Personal Accident § Income Protection § Asset Insurance

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LSG Insurance Services (An Authorised Financial Service Provider) specialise in providing Insurance Products for the fitness industry. As you will now be entering the fitness industry on a possible part or full time basis you should now consider the following types of Insurance Cover:Professional Indemnity and Public Liability

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Group Personal Accident Income Protection Asset Insurance

As the technical aspects of the insurance cover is complicated, I will briefly summarise as follows: Professional Indemnity It is fast becoming the norm for professionals to be accountable for their actions. With this in mind we at LSG put together a group scheme for both group and personal trainers in the fitness industry as well as health and fitness professionals:

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Insurers will indemnify the insured against their legal liability to pay compensation as a result of any actual or alleged negligent act, error or omission in the performance of the professional duties of the insured undertaken in the course of the business. Includes claimant’s costs, fees and expenses.

Cover can be purchased for R1m – R10m for as little as R390 per annum. The period of insurance is June – July. Public Liability Insurers will indemnify the insured against their liability to pay compensation for and arising out of injury and/or damage.

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Includes claimant’s costs, fees and expenses. The indemnity granted applies only to claims made against the insured during the period of insurance. Means death, bodily injury, illness or disease of or to any person. Means loss of possession or control of or actual damage to tangible property. insured service.


Negligent Advice: Means incorrect or inadequate advice or instruction of a technical nature given in the promotion of the

One might ask why Professional Indemnity insurance cover can not be included under the negligent advice section of a Public Liability policy: Public Liability insurance excludes Negligent advice if such advice or information:

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Is given in exchange for a fee or similar consideration, or Is an essential part of a revenue earning activity of the assured.

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Income Protection Temporary disability is defined as “your inability to continue with your nominated occupation due to an accident or an illness” Should you be unable to continue with your occupation, even briefly, then:

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Who will continue paying your salary? Without your salary, who pays all your bills? Your med aid pays for the events in hospital, how will you pay for your med aid?

Various different periods of cover can be purchased. Protect your most valuable asset – your income. Asset Insurance Please contact Simon Griffiths for more information. Conclusion What is insurance? – Insurance is a business arrangement – by which a large number of people protect themselves against heavy financial losses by distributing the risk of loss throughout the group. Our group scheme is administered carefully and new business is evaluated individually as to protect the fund. The emphasis on training and affiliation of instructors to associations and training facilities is held in high regard. Finally, failure to protect yourself – could result in financial ruin. Our specific insurance packages will give you…… Peace of mind that you are protecting your most valuable asset - you!!!! Policy Wordings Please note that a copy of the master policy wordings are available for inspection on

Thank you for your time and good luck with your future ventures.

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