Landlord Rental Checklist by ja2244


									                    Landlord Rental Checklist

Yard and Parking Area                                                 Interior of Property
□ No accumulation of rubbish               □ WORKING SMOKE DETECTORS ON EACH FLOOR INCLUDING
  and garbage (all 2-4 unit                  BASEMENT; WITHIN 15 FEET OF EACH BEDROOM AND IN
  buildings must have one                    EACH BEDROOM AND STAIRWAY.
  Waste Management green                   □ WORKING CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR WITHIN 15 FEET
                                             OF EVERY BEDROOM.
  toter per unit).
                                           □ Free from rodents and roaches.
□ No overgrown weeds or
                                           □ Handrails/guardrails are required on any flight of stairs
  grass, trees and shrubs
                                             having more than four risers.
  trimmed. (This includes
                                           □ Porches/balconies 30 inches above grade must have
  alleys & parkways.)
□ No illegal exterior storage
                                           □ Windows are operable and will remain open without
  (including commercial,
  disabled and unlicensed
                                           □ Electrical: panel is not over-fused, service is on and
□ Fencing in good condition.
                                           □ Working Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) in
□ Walkways and sidewalks
                                             bathrooms and laundry areas, kitchen and other
  maintained in good
                                             applicable areas.
                                           □ Plumbing: are there leaks, IS WATER ON, does water
□ Garage and storage sheds
                                             have enough pressure, does it drain properly?
  maintained in good
                                           □ Mechanical: is a pressure temperature relief valve on
                                             water heater, is furnace operating properly, do all gas
Exterior of Property                         appliances have a gas shut off?
□ Property address numbers
                                           □ Floors must be structurally sound.
  are clearly displayed. (min.
                                           □ Interior walls need to be in good condition, painted or
□ Gutters and downspouts
                                           □ Ceilings need to be structurally sound and in good
  are complete and secure.
□ No loose bricks on
                                           □ Dwelling unit must be clean, sanitary and fit for human
□ Foundation free of cracks
                                           □ Kitchen must have shelves for storage, working sink,
  and properly mortared.
                                             counter or table for food preparation.
□ Exterior walls, siding or
                                           □ Overcrowding: Bedrooms occupied by 1 person shall
  painting is in good
                                             provide 70 sq. ft. of floor area, (minimum dimension of 7ft).
                                             each bedroom occupied by more than one person
□ Windows are free from
                                             shall contain at least 50 sq. ft. per occupant, and
  breaks or cracks in glass.
                                             each unit can only be occupied by one family, which is
□ Screens are provided and
                                             one or two persons or parents with their children and
  in good condition.
                                             not more than 2 other non related people.
□ Stairway, porch and steps                □ Heat must be provided to tenants from September 1st
  in good condition.                         through May 15th.
□ Doors and locks in working
  order.(Can exit be made from a           Please keep in mind this is just a guide for owners to follow. Please use this as a
   locked door without the use of a key?   check list prior to your initial inspection. There are also items that the inspector
   Are there deadbolts on exterior         will look at, and look for, that are not on this list.
                                           For complete information, you should consult the International Property
□ Adequate lighting in public              Maintenance Code 2003. If you have any questions related to rental
  hall or stairway by electric             inspections please contact the office of Neighborhood Services at
  or natural light.                        815-724-4093.


                                                                                                                October 07

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