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									Dear Parents

Of all the exciting activities on the St Paulus calendar, this one has to be the all-time favourite! For those parents and children who will be joining the activities for the first time, I include a few essential details. Our Spring Day Spring Walk is a compulsory schoolday and it takes place on Friday, 4 September. We have a measured route, which spans the grounds and koppie, which is approximately 2 km. Children get sponsored per kilometer. We also have a cut-off for sponsorship of 12 Rounds which is the equivalent of 24 km. This means that when a child is sponsored, you only pay per km for a maximum of 24 km. You may also give a donation and not an amount per km, but the children do enjoy the challenge of trying to reach 24 km! Children may do more than 24 km, unsponsored, as there are a number of records that they would like to break. Seniors – I wonder who will win the prize for the most kms this year? Last year, we had 7 boys who tied, having done more than 36 km. Girls - who can beat that record? The Grade 7’s also won the class prize in 2008. I wonder if this will be repeated or whether the Grade 6’s, who are Grade 7’s –intraining, will give them a run for their money? Parents are welcome to spend the morning with us, walking with their own children. Any parent who is willing to help the class teachers with recording their children’s laps, should speak to the teacher involved, and any parent who is prepared to assist the PTA with manning one of the points, cutting oranges, handing out pies and refreshments, please make contact with Ilze Venter, PTA Chairlady, or your PTA Class Representative. This is a really enjoyable day and you are invited to be part of the fun!

SPORTS TOURNAMENTS There are a number of children who are ill at present, which did impact on our weekend Soccer Tournament. Thank you to all the boys and girls who participated, and a very special thank you to those boys who ended up playing six games in a row as they doubled up for missing players. We are proud of you! As we have at least 20 players per age-group at practice, Mr Webster enters two teams per agegroup in the Tournaments, but we need all our participants to come to the Tournaments on Saturdays and it is important that you let the coaches know well in advance if your child is un-available, and as soon as possible if a child is ill. It is also very important to arrive on time. If you would like more information please make contact with the Sports Co-Ordinator. Mr Webster on: 0787401992. AFTERNOONS This is just a reminder that children who are on our premises need to be involved in a supervised activity, either on the sportsfields, at a Club, or at Supervised Homework. Any children who are still on the premises after 16:00, need to be in Aftercare. No-one may wait down at the parking lot or on the bottom fields between sessions or after 16:00. Please remind your children that, in the event of your being delayed or late, they should go up to Aftercare, where you will fetch them when you arrive. If you discuss this with them, it will give them peace of mind, as children get very anxious if Mom tells them one thing and then the teachers whose job it is to enforce the rules, send them up from the parking lot or fields. Please, also, let us know in writing, if you permit your child to walk home alone, and if you have given permission for your child to go home with a friend, or to take a lift with an adult other than a parent.

Children on the premises are also required to wear school uniform or sports uniform, and Aftercare children should wear Aftercare shirts. I thank you for your support in this regard as these rules are in place to keep our children safe. GRADE R AND GRADE ONE 2010 As you will be aware, we have requested a payment of R1 000 to secure a place for all those children moving form Grade 00 to Grade R and from Grade R to Grade One. This money will be offset against your January 2010 fees, but we request it as a commitment from you that your child is definitely progressing to the next grade. There are still a number of parents who have not yet paid the R1 000. Please could you pay this as soon as possible. If, by 28 August, we have not received this, we will then offer these places to children on our waiting-list. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to make contact with Margaret in the school office. NOTICE OF WITHDRAWAL The school requires three month’s notice of the intention to withdraw a child, or three month’s fees in lieu of late notice given. If your child is leaving at the end of the year, please notify us in writing by 1 September, so that we have the opportunity to fill the place for 2010 from our waiting list in plenty of time. NB: All letters of withdrawal should be address to the Principal, who will acknowledge receipt of such, in writing. BOARD NOMINATIONS If there is anyone who would like to be considered for a position on the Administrative Board, or who would like to nominate someone for consideration for a position on the Board, please forward nominations, with proposer and seconder, to the school office. The person nominated should sign that he/she is willing to stand. All nominations are forwarded to Sr Kathy Gaylor OP for ratification. GOOD WISHES We wish our First Holy Communicants God’s richest blessings for their special day on Sunday. We also wish our parents, children and staff members participating in the Spar Ladies Challenge this weekend, an enjoyable race. THE WEEK AHEAD Saturday, 22 August Boys and Girls Mini Hockey U/12 and U/13 Hockey League Monday, 24 August Tennis League Tuesday, 25 August Athletics Meeting at Loreto Queenswood Wednesday, 26 August AMESA Maths Round 1 Cricket v LRPS Friday, 28 August Grade 3 Feed-a-Family Scheme ends. Day/night cricket at Tuine A Friendship… The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you ~ Anonymous weren’t very lovable.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. ~ Douglas Pagels

A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they're not so good, and sympathises with your problems when they're not so bad.
~Arnold H. Glasgow

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