Training Records Initiative Notice - Draft by ja3234



TO:                         School of Medicine DFAs and Training Coordinators

FROM:                       David Silberman

SUBJECT:                    Training Records Initiative Notice

DATE:                       March 18, 2009

DISTRIBUTION:               Faculty, Staff, and Students

Dear DFAs and Department Training Coordinators,

To ensure that the School of Medicine is meeting all of its health and safety training
obligations, the Health and Safety Programs Office is participating in a University
initiative using their newly developed, web-based Training Advisor.

The Training Advisor will assist faculty, staff, and students with the identification of
health and safety training they are required to complete. In addition, the Training
Advisor will assist department DFAs and their designated Training Coordinators in
tracking records as personnel complete their training, as well as identifying those whose
                                 1, 2
required training is incomplete.

In support of the initiative, all academic and administrative departments, divisions,
institutes, and centers are asked to adhere to the following due dates.

May 1, 2009                 All faculty, staff, and students must have completed the Training
                            Advisor questionnaire and submitted their questionnaire to the
                            department’s DFA or designated Training Coordinator.
                            Instructions for using and accessing the Training Advisor are at the end
                            of this memo.

June 1, 2009                All faculty, staff, and students must have all courses completed
                            that were identified on the Training Advisor.

For additional training resources, please visit the Health and Safety Programs Office
Training web site at

Thank you in advance for your action in this important initiative,


1.   Providing Health and Safety training and associated record keeping is mandated by California Senate
     Bill 198, the Occupational Injury and Illness Prevention Act. These responsibilities for health and safety
     training and communication apply to all supervisors, both faculty and staff, and to all workplaces,
     including laboratories, classrooms, shops, and offices. Please review Stanford University
     Administrative Guide 25.4 for a summary of responsibilities and requirements.

2.   As specified in Administrative Guide 25.4, supervisors must document health and safety training and
     communications, whether conducted in classroom-style, safety meetings, or one-on-one job safety
     training sessions. Records must be kept of who was trained, who did the training, when the training
     occurred, and what was taught. Documentation should include safety meeting or training session
     agendas, sign-up sheets with signatures of attendees, and copies of any written communications.
     Records of training must be kept for at least one year and be readily available for the Occupational
     Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for inspection. For guidance on records retention, refer to the
     Environmental Health and Safety web site,
  Instructions for Accessing and Using the Stanford University Training Advisor

The form for determining required health and safety courses for individual faculty, staff
and students is located at the following web site:


1. Personnel will enter their SUNet ID and password and the Training Advisor will then
   lead you through a series of yes/no questions about your work.
2. Based on your responses, the Training Advisor will generate a list of health and
   safety training courses for you.
3. It will then ask you to type the SUNet ID or email of your supervisor;
4. The form also allows you to insert an additional email address – please enter your
   Department’s Training Coordinator email address in this field.

The Training Advisor will automatically run a STARS record check and list the
individual’s training and dates of courses previously taken and recorded in STARS

We suggest that everyone print out three copies of this page:

   1. One for your own records,
   2. One for your supervisor, and
   3. One to be provided to your Department’s Training Coordinator.

If there are courses that have not been completed, individuals will need to complete
them by June 1, 2009 – the advisor will provide information on how to register for each

If you have completed a course and the records are not showing, it may be that the
records have not been loaded into STARS - this is more common for courses completed
prior to 2005. If you have documentation of course completion, please provide a copy to
your designated Training Coordinator. Also provide a copy to your supervisor and keep
one for your records.

If you have questions about Health and Safety course completion records not showing
up in your summary, please send an email to Robert Edgar at or
call him at 723-7404.

Thank you for your continued support of our Health & Safety training programs.

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