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					Dear Friends, Wolverine Distributing sells books about the West. Many books are local interest and unavailable through large wholesalers. We provide our customers with fast delivery of undamaged books. We appreciate your patronage and have over 5200 titles in inventory. We reuse packing materials whenever possible. We now have 23 years in service to stores. Annotation of new titles. For your convenience all new titles are identified with a preceding NEW!

usually ship same day as ordered. We'll consider stocking any titles that you're having trouble getting, thereby reducing the number of sources that you have to contact. You may Fax your order to 307-754-2968, phone 800-967-1633, or E-mail Or mail your order to 746 Lane 8½, Powell, Wyoming 82435. Hours are 9AM to 7PM MST, Monday thru Saturday. We welcome walk-in purchasing if you call ahead. SHIPPING. For over twenty years we have absorbed shipping. We have watched as a $5.00 freight bill climbed to $15.50. So in spite of our best efforts we now have to charge something for shipping. We have decided that to minimize this, we will charge 1% of the invoice. That means an invoice of $100.00 will be charged $1.00. This would be in addition to the package delivery charge of $1.50. That means that a book retailing for $10.00 would cost $6.06 with your profit being $3.94. All of the various retail stores are telling us that 6% to 8% is what their freight cost amounts to, so we think this is more than a fair and reasonable charge. DAMAGE. We ship USPO insured or UPS. Save the box and packing. Please file a claim with your local Post Office or UPS. They process & pay claims quickly. NOTE: Prices may change without notice as publishers reprint.

INDIVIDUALS We ask that you patronize your local bookstore or take our catalog to them so they can order for you. However, we realize that in the vastness of the West it is sometimes easier to just order direct. Please order by title. Shipping is cheapest way. Shipping for 1 book is $2.25; 2 are $3.00; 3-4 is $5.00. 5+, we pay shipping. Wyoming folks add 4% sales tax. Personal checks or money orders are accepted. We also process credit cards. Phone-in orders are accepted; call 800-967-1633. SCHOOLS & LIBRARIES Same as above. Use purchase order. Shipping is USPO. Terms are Net 30 days or next board meeting. We do not provide catalog cards. RETAILERS We are a major supplier of Regional (the West) titles and Western history. We have over 5200 titles in inventory. Books that you want, not ones we just happened to carry. We package with care and we know what we have in inventory. We also believe that mid and backlist titles are an important part of this business, and contrary to the majors, when we list them, we have them (exceptions -titles NYP & titles that go OP). REDUCED PRICE TITLES We have some titles that we feel are overpriced, came out in paper, or did not have good publicity. We have marked the price down to a saleable retail price. You are invited to have a “Reduced by Distributor” sale. These books are annotated in the catalog by “reduced to retail at.” STORE TERMS Terms are net 30 days, including your first order if credit is known to be good. Minimum is ten or more. We absorb packaging and handling. Standard discount of 40% applies. All titles are returnable (in marketable condition, no stickers, no sticker glue, no shopworns, and no out-ofprints) if they won't sell for you. Spoils and defects are always returnable. We don't accept returns just to maintain a current A/P status. We 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is your 2009 MASTER CATALOG! It will be in effect until further notice. We will also be posting a JUNE and OCTOBER Supplement to the MASTER CATALOG.

Arts of Diplomacy: Lewis & Clark‟s Indian Collection, by Castle McLaughlin. 8¾x10¾; 384 pp; illus; color plates; index; ISBN: 9780295983615; $40.00 PA. UWAP ♦This fresh examination of the rare and beautiful Native American objects related to the Corps‘ expedition brilliantly challenges the conventional wisdom about Lewis and Clark and places their journey in the context of a complex process of mutual discovery between representatives of very different cultures. Augustus W. Dunbier, Paint for the Love of Color, by Lonnie P. Dunbier & Marcia Kmack. 88 pp; 10x8½; color plates; notes; ISBN: 9781889921099; $24.95 PA. WEP Augustus Dunbier was one of the best-known artists in the Midwest in the early and mid twentieth century. Known as a colorist, his paintings are characterized by assertive, contrasting colors, and bold brushwork. His landscapes are both realistic and capturing of intangibles such as season, temperature, and weather, often painting ―en plein air,‖ out-of-doors. Blackfoot Indian Portraits, a Portfolio of 6 Self-Matted FullColor Prints, by Winold Reiss. 6 pp; 9x12; illus; ISBN: 9780486270883; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦Conveniently packaged in portfolio format, these handsome prints offer a superb gallery of realistic portraits of Indians in authentic dress. A Brush with the West, by Dale Burk. 152 pp; 8¾x11¼; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-133-5; $19.95 HC. MP This is an analysis of the exciting and volatile contemporary Western art world, focusing on the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Note* content is great, but covers are slightly worn. Charles Fritz, the Complete Collection of 100 Paintings Illustrating the Journal of Lewis & Clark, by Charles Fritz. 104 pp; 11x10½; illus; index; ISBN: 9781560374466; $34.95 HC. FCP ♦One of the most frequently asked questions concerns Jefferson‘s failure to send a professional artist with the Corps. Now, thanks to a carefully researched and historically accurate series of paintings by Montana artist Charles Fritz, Americans have the opportunity to see what Lewis & Clark observed, what they looked like, and the people they met on their way to the Pacific. Charles M. Russell, by Peter H. Hassrick. 156 pp; 9x12; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780806131429; $34.95 PA. UOKP Hassrick discusses Russell's work in the context of the artist's experiences in the West and the people who influenced his artistic style. Included are reproductions of a choice selection of Charlie Russell's paintings, drawings, and sculpture, each accompanied by a brief commentary. 102 illustrations, including 52 plates in full color. Charlie Dye: One Helluva Western Painter, by Paul Weaver. 152 pp; 11¼x10; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8227-8038-0; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 PA. WOODB From 1957 until his death in 1973, Charlie Dye produced more than 250 oil paintings depicting his favorite western scenes. This features more than fifty full-color reproductions of Dye's paintings and a lively narrative highlighting his life and works. Desert Dreams: The Art & Life of Maynard Dixon, by Donald J. Hagerty. 322 pp; 11x12¼; color plates; notes; bibliog.; index; ISBN: 9780879058265; $75.00 HC. GS ♦Although he was geographically isolated from the mainstream, Maynard Dixon should be regarded as a pivotal connection between latenineteenth-century and contemporary American art. His work opens the way for the sparse rock, cloud, and desertscapes vocabulary developed by a number of artists, including Georgia O‘Keefe, Conrad Buff, Helen Frankenthaler, and Ed Mell. Edward S. Curtis; the Women, edited by Christopher Cardozo. 128 pp; 10¼x12¼; b/w sepias; ISBN: 9780821228951; $35.00 HC. BULLF ♦Curtis was so good that it appears you are looking at these women through a window as they look back at you. Frederic Remington: 173 Drawings and Illustrations, by Frederic Remington. 140 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 9780486207148; $16.95

 ART & GIFT BOOKS The American West: Out of Myth, into Reality, by Peter H. Hassrick. 176 pp; 11x9; color plates; notes; index; ISBN: 97882507085; $39.95 PA. UWAP Western art of America‘s frontier years, from about 1825 to 1925, has traditionally been perceived as the art most representative of the country‘s cultural and historical essence. Since the 1980s –a century and a half after some of these works were completed- much of western history and art has been reevaluated. Its rosy ambience has been tinged with allegations of sexism, ethnocentrism, imperialism, and economic exploitation. This work explores some of these new insights and perspectives. American West: People, Places, and Ideas, by Suzan Campbell. 160 pp; 10x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 9781889921136; $24.95 PA. WEP Through the linked, sometimes overlapping, themes of people, places, and ideas, art of the West can be viewed in ways not bounded by traditional notions, offering myriad meanings as well as exciting and rewarding new appreciation for America, Americans, and American art. An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West, by Phil & Marian Yoshika-Kovinick. 436 pp; 8¾x11¼; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 9780292790636; $100.00 UTEXP This encyclopedia is a biographical dictionary of some 1,000 women artists of the American West. Each entry features the salient facts of the artist‘s life and career, with attention to her work with Western subject matter. The Art of Frank Howell, by Michael French. 160 pp; 10¾x10¾; color plates; index; ISBN: 9780385322348; Reduced to retail at: $14.99 HC. BDD This stunning overview of Frank Howell's work includes full-color reproductions of almost eighty paintings, many exclusive to this collection, as well as black-and-white photographs of the artist at work. Michael French's account of Howell's personal and professional development, based on extensive interviews, offers intriguing insights into the man behind the work and explores the interrelationship of imagination and technique. In addition, Frank Howell shares his thoughts on many of his paintings, affording a unique glimpse into the mind of this multitalented artist. Art of the North American Indians, the Thaw Collection, ed. by Gilbert T. Vincent, Sherry Brydon, & Ralph T. Coe. 462 pp; 9½x11¾; plates; color plates; bibliog; appendix; ISBN: 9780295978345; $85.00 HC. UWAP The book includes general introductions for each of the eight culture areas as well as 34 regional sections. Superb color photographs by John B. Taylor of 260 objects are accompanied by detailed discussions, and 510 black-and-white photographs of the remaining objects are dispersed throughout the text. Art of the Osage, by Garrick Bailey & Daniel C. Swan. 232 pp; 9x11; color plates; notes; index; ISBN: 9780295983875; $40.00 HC. UWAP ♦This volume draws together more than two centuries worth of Osage art, tracing the patterns of Osage life and culture.


PA. DOVER Most famous of the Western artists, most responsible for our myths about the American West in its untamed days. 4 additional drawings in color on covers. Hillbilly Hollywood: The Origins of Country & Western Style, by Debby Bull. 118 pp; 10½x11; photos; color photos; source notes; ISBN: 9780847822782; $39.95 HC. STMP This features the best of Marty Stuart‘s Nudie and Manuel collection. First Nudie, then Manuel (who worked with Nudie before starting his own clothing label) made THE gaudy western clothes worn by singers and cowboy actors alike, years before Nashville would steal LA‘s thunder. Includes bios on many singers, bands, and cowboy movie actors. Excellent layout and a pleasure to read. Karl Bodmer‟s North American Prints, edited by Brandon K. Ruud. 400 pp; 12¼x12¼; illus; color plates; appendices; ISBN: 9780803213265; $150.00 HC. UNEBP ♦Karl Bodmer‘s North American prints helped shape the European view of Native Americans and the United States in the nineteenth century, and were valued for research and aesthetic purposes in the twentieth. However, the engravings are perhaps less well known today than the magnificent watercolors on which they were based; these have become famous in recent decades through publications such as Karl Bodmer’s America (Joslyn & Nebraska 1984). This companion volume will focus attention once again on one of the most important bodies of Western American imagery ever produced. Karl Bodmer‟s Studio Art, by W. Raymond Wood, Joseph C. Porter & David C. Hunt. 176 pp; 7¼x9¼; maps; photos; illus; color plates; notes; references; index; ISBN: 9780252027567; $45.00 HC. UILP ♦Bodmer‘s stunning watercolors of his 1833-34 expedition up the Missouri River have been known for decades. This goes beyond previous publications to explore the intellectual context of the expedition as well as the prints that accompanied Prince Maximilian‘s 1859 book. It documents for the first time the Newberry Library‘s Bodmer studio collection. L.A. Huffman, Photographer of the American West, by Larry L. Peterson. 308 pp; 12x12; photos; index; ISBN: 9780878425143; $45.00 PA. MP ♦This handsome volume contains over 500 spectacular images of the American West, most of them from the extensive collection of Gene & Beverly Allen. Many of Huffman‘s printed and published collectibles and memorabilia are reproduced here for the first time. Arriving in Fort Keogh, Montana Territory in 1879, ten years before Montana would become a state, frontier photographer L.A. Huffman (1854-1931) would capture the spirit of the American West like no other artist. Lewis & Clark Territory; Contemporary Artists Revisit Place, Race, & Memory, ed. by Rock Hushka. 80 pp; 8½ x11; photos; color plates; notes; bibliog; ISBN: 9780295984049; $21.95 PA. UWAP ♦54 plates feature a wide genre of arts. New Interpretations, by Dale Burk. 208 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-912299-07-X; $14.95 PA. STONEY This profiles a number of Montana artists, their works and their biographies. Out of the West, the Gund Collection of Western Art, by Suzan Campbell, PhD. 144 pp; 11½x10½; illus; photos; ISBN: 9781889921211; $34.95 HC. WEP ♦This portrays the Gund Collection of Western Art, featuring paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures by the most famous masters of art of the American West such as Thomas Moran, Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, Frank Tenney Johnson, and others. In fifty-seven beautifully reproduced full color images, this book brings to life the epic drama of the American West. Remington: 16 Art Stickers, by Frederic Remington. 4x5¾; 4 pp; color stickers; ISBN: 9780486413532; $1.50 PA. DOVER These stickers will add an authentic touch of the Wild West to stationery, notebooks, gift packages, and a host of other flat surfaces. Remington & Russell: The Sid Richardson Collection, by Brian W. Dippie. 224 pp; 10x11½; art plates; bibliog; index; ISBN:

9780292715684; $34.95 PA. UTEXP The most important works of the renowned Sid Richardson collection are included, as well as a lively portrayal of the legendary Texas millionaire who assembled them. Sun Dogs & Eagle Down, the Indian Paintings of Bill Holm, by Steven C. Brown. 208 pp; 10x10; color plates; bibliog; ISBN: 9780295979472; Reduced to retail at: $25.00 HC. UWAP This eagerly awaited book makes available for the first time fortynine full-color reproductions of Bill Holm‘s paintings of traditional Indian scenes, produced from the 1950s to the present. Transforming the Western Image in 20th Century American Art, by Katherine P. Hough & Michael Zakian. 112 pp; 8½x11½; color plates; index; ISBN: 0-295-97195-9; $29.95 PA. UWAP This work is an exhibition in Western art modernism. Treasures of Gilcrease, Selections from the Permanent Collection, by Ann Morand, Kevin Smith, Daniel C. Swan & Sarah Erwin. 200 pp; 9½x13¾; color plates; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780806199566; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦Thomas Gilcrease‘s passion for art and history, his Native American ancestry, and his oil revenues coincided in a rare alignment, and the result was one of America‘s great collections. This book can contain only a tiny fraction of Gilcrease Museum‘s treasures, but still it is a vivid and engaging tour through the collection in the company of the curators who know them best. The West, a Treasury of Art and Literature, ed. by T.H. Watkins and Joan P. Watkins. 384 pp; 10x13¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 9780883637944; $75.00 HC. S&S A powerful collection of stories, memoirs, songs, poems, paintings, and photographs, this book provides a panoramic overview and a glorious celebration of the American region that most reflects our hopes, inspires our vision, and stirs our imagination. The West features over 200 images of western life, landscape, and culture. A magnificent, worthwhile collection. Western Traditions, Contemporary Artists of the American West, by Michael Duty & Suzanne Deats. 278 pp; 11¾x10½; illus; ISBN: 9780974102344; $85.00 HC FFAP ♦This is a lively and informative look at the art of the American West. We invite you into these pages to refresh your memory of the history and importance of this great genre, and to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with the top artists working in the American West art field today.  CARDS –Postcards American Indian Portrait Postcards: 24 Lithographs from McKenney and Hall's "Indian Tribes," by Charles B. King. 9x12; ISBN: 9780486271071; $5.95 PK. DOVER Meticulously detailed full-color reproductions of rare portraits depict American Indians in authentic costumes and regalia. Cow Kids: Children of the Wild West, by Zon International. 30 postcards; 7x5; 9780939549429; $9.00 PC. ZON ♦This collection of historic photos represents children that grew up and lived the western ranch experience and other who dreamed of it. Cowboys: Images of the Old West, by Zon International. 30 pp; 7x5; illus; ISBN: 9780939549375; $9.00 PC. ZON ♦This collection of 30 cowboy postcards is a celebration of Old West photographs. Cowgirls: Women of the Wild West, by Zon International. 30 postcards; 7¼x5; ISBN: 9780939549238; $8.00 PC. ZON A delightful collection of 30 full-color postcards capture the spirit of the girls of the golden west. Gilded Girls, Women Entertainers of the Old West, by Globe Pequot. 42 pp; 7x5; illus; ISBN: 9780762728275; $7.95 PC. GPP ♦These twenty postcards celebrate timeless beauty and the bygone era of the nineteenth-century frontier. Each postcard is yours to treasure, to share, or to send.


Great Paintings of the Old West Postcards, by Rockwell Museum. 9x12; ISBN: 9780486253602; $5.95 PC. DOVER 24 Masterpieces in full color from the Collection of the Rockwell Museum. Greetings from Yellowstone, a Postcard Book, by Homestead Publishing. 20 sets; 6x4; ISBN: 9780943972619; $8.95 PC. HOMEP ♦These twenty hand-colored reproductions depict Yellowstone and Grand Teton‘s enduring treasures. Hang'n Rattle: Western Rodeo, by Barbara Van Cleve. 24 pc; 7x4¾; photos; ISBN: 9780890133040; $8.95 PC. NMP 24 postcards featuring photos of western rodeo, from the book Hard Twist. Indian Arts & Images, by Zon International. 30 postcards, 7x5; 9780939549436; $9.00 PC. ZON ♦This collection of photographs celebrates the art and Heritage of the American Indian. Mountain Wildflowers: A Book of 21 Postcards, by BrownTrout Publ. 21 Postcards; 7x4¾; ISBN: 9781563138201; $7.95 PC. BTP These beautiful cards are suitable for framing or mailing. Paintings of the American West, 24 Full-Color Cards, from the Eiteljorg Museum. 6 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 9780486278193; $4.95 PC. DOVER ♦Features works of Bierstadt, Remington, Russell, Sloan, Henri, Benton, and others. Plains Indians Portraits & Scenes from the Joslyn Art Museum, ed. by David Hunt. 6 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 9780486435732; $5.95 PC. DOVER ♦This superb collection reproduces 24 paintings by Karl Bodmer. Rocky Mountain Trout Flies, a Postcard Book, by David Klausmeyer. 20 pp; 4¾x7; color photos; ISBN: 9780762736164; $7.95 PC. LYONS ♦Anglers travel far and wide to fish the great trout streams and rivers of the Rocky Mountains –with trout flies like the Elk-Hair Caddis, the South Branch Chub, and A.K. Best‘s Green Drake. These twenty postcards detail the recipes for each of these flies. Six Audubon Bird Cards, by John J. Audubon. 6 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 9780486276090; $1.50 PC. DOVER ♦A superb minicollection by America‘s greatest painter of wildlife. Six Bears Postcards, by Lisa Bonforte. 6 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 9780486279169; $1.00 PC. DOVER ♦Included are a gentle koala, a playful panda, a snow-white polar bear, a giant grizzly, an Asiatic black bear, and the fascinating sloth bear. Six Kachina Doll Cards, by the Brooklyn Museum. 6 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 9780486269986; $1.50 PC. DOVER ♦This small collection of photo-postcards illustrates six superb Kachina dolls in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum. Six Old-Time Horses Cards, by Dorothy T. Pope. 6 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 9780486284224; $1.50 PC. DOVER ♦Ideal for sending brief messages to any horse-loving friend or relative. Six Wild Cats Postcards, by Phillip Jones. 6 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 9780486282886; $1.00 PC. DOVER ♦Features a Siberian tiger, Black Panther, lion, leopard, jaguar, and northern lynx. Wild West Show: Posters and Cowboy Advertising Art, by Zon International. 30 postcards. 7x5; 9780-939549443; $9.00 PC. ZON ♦This collection of circa 1890-1930 Wild West show posters and early advertising art have a warmth, charm, and detail that set them apart from other vintage advertising. Wildflowers of Yellowstone and the Rockies, a Postcard Book, by H. Wayne Phillips. 7x4¾; ISBN: 9780762729600; $7.95 PV. GPP ♦Twenty postcards capture the beauty of wildflowers.

Wyoming, a Book of 21 Postcards, BrownTrout Publishers. 7x4¾; ISBN: 9781563138591; $7.95 PC. BTP 21 postcards in full color let you celebrate the beauty of Wyoming with friends and family.  CHILDREN'S BOOKS Dear America Series. Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell 1847, by Kristiana Gregory. 176 pp; 5½x7¾; photos; illus; maps; ISBN: 9780590226516; $10.95 HC. SCHOL A wonderful read! The unaltered diary of thirteen-yearold Hattie Campbell. Ages 9-up. Land of the Buffalo Bones: The Diary of Mary Ann Elizabeth Rodgers, an English Girl in Minnesota, by Marion Dane Bauer. 224 pp; 5½ x7½; ISBN: 9780439220279; $12.95 HC. SCHOL ♦Monday, 8 September…‖We are cursed,‖ Mother Rodgers said. ―God never wanted us to come to this land.‖ I thought of Ozawa and his people, starving because so much of the game had been killed off by and for our people. I thought of the bleached bones that covered the earth. I looked at the bleakness of this house, like a cave carved out of the earth, and at the bleakness of the land, stripped of all that could sustain life. And I looked at the face of my stepmother, her eyes deeply shadowed, her mouth tight to hold back her misery. And I thought, She is right…we are surely cursed. Ages 9-up. ________________________ Famous Figures of the American Frontier Series. Billy the Kid, by Daniel E. Harmon. 64 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; illus; chron; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780791064849; $8.95 PA. CHELH Presents the life of a notorious Western gunman. Ages 10-up. Geronimo, by Bill & Dorcas Thompson. 64 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; illus; chron; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780791064924; $8.95 PA. CHELH Presents the life of one of the last great warrior chiefs of the Apache nation. Ages 10-up. Jesse James, by Barbara Saffer. 64 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; illus; chron; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780791065006; $8.95 PA. CHELH Presents the life of one of the more notorious outlaws of the West. Ages 10-up. From Sea to Shining Sea Series This is a series of state books from Children‘s Press specifically prepared for students in grades 3 to 5. This state-by-state panorama of America‘s past and present helps young readers understand how the development of each state fits into the grand mosaic of America‘s history. Colorado, by Dennis B. Fradin. 64 pp; 7¾x9¼; maps; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780516438061; $5.95 PA. Nebraska, by Dennis B. Fradin. 64 pp; 7¾x9¼; photos; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780516262796; $7.95 PA. Gallopade International Educational Activity Books, by Carole Marsh. Ideal for schools, home-schoolers, tourists, and for just plain learning fun! These books correlate with ALL state learning standards and include maps, books, stickers, games, CD-ROMs. All 50 states are available. Units include: Big State Activity Book. 96 pp; 8½x11; $9.95 PA. Ages 5-10. In inventory: ISBN: 9780793396961 Colorado ISBN: 9780793399406 Idaho ISBN: 9780793399475 Montana ISBN: 9780793399482 Nebraska ISBN: 9780793399529 North Dakota ISBN: 9780793399567 South Dakota ISBN: 9780793399587 Utah ISBN: 9780793399628 Wyoming Let‟s Discover CD-ROM. MAC or WIN compatible; interactive; 5½x5; $14.95. CD. Ages 7-14. In inventory: ISBN: 9780793396092 Colorado ISBN: 9780793399697 Idaho


ISBN: 9780793399765 Montana ISBN: 9780793399772 Nebraska ISBN: 9780793399789 Nevada ISBN: 9780793399819 North Dakota ISBN: 9780793399857 South Dakota ISBN: 9780793399871 Utah ISBN: 9780793399918 Wyoming My First Book About My State. 32 pp; 8½x11; $7.95 PA. Ages 510. In inventory: ISBN: 9780793396030 Colorado ISBN: 9780793398898 Montana ISBN: 9780793398904 Nebraska ISBN: 9780793398942 North Dakota ISBN: 9780793398980 South Dakota ISBN: 9780793399000 Utah ISBN: 9780793399048 Wyoming My First Pocket Guide. 96 pp; 4x6; $6.95 PA. Ages 8-14. In inventory: ISBN: 9780793399185 Montana ISBN: 9780793399277 South Dakota ISBN: 9780793399291 Utah ISBN: 9780793399338 Wyoming State Bingo Games. 36 playing cards; cover-ups; answer mat; reward cards; 9 ways to play; 2-36 players; $12.95 PA. Ages 8-14. In inventory: Biography: ISBN: 9780635002938 Montana ISBN: 9780635003102 Utah ISBN: 9780635003157 Wyoming Geography: ISBN: 9780635002457 Montana ISBN: 9780635002563 Utah ISBN: 9780635002600 Wyoming History: ISBN: 9780635002174 Montana ISBN: 9780635002280 Utah ISBN: 9780635002327 Wyoming State Coloring Book. 32 pp; 8½x11; $3.95 PA. Ages 5-10. In inventory: ISBN: 0-7933-9607-7 Colorado ISBN: 0-7933-9853-3 Idaho ISBN: 0-7933-9860-6 Montana ISBN: 0-7933-9861-4 Nebraska ISBN: 0-7933-9865-7 North Dakota ISBN: 0-7933-9869-X South Dakota ISBN: 0-7933-9871-1 Utah ISBN: 0-7933-9875-4 Wyoming State Game Book Series. Plays like the TV game. $9.95 PA. Ages 8-14. In inventory: Millionaire: ISBN: 0-635-00068-7 Montana ISBN: 0-635-00104-7 Utah ISBN: 0-635-00116-0 Wyoming Survivor: ISBN: 0-635-00547-6 Montana ISBN: 0-635-00548-4 Nebraska ISBN: 0-635-00565-4 Utah ISBN: 0-635-00571-9 Wyoming Wheel of Fortune: ISBN: 0-7933-9668-9 Montana ISBN: 0-635-00004-0 Utah ISBN: 0-635-00016-4 Wyoming State Jeopardy Game. 32 pp; 8½x11; $7.95 PA. Ages 8-14. In inventory: ISBN: 0-7933-9604-2 Colorado ISBN: 0-7933-9802-9 Montana ISBN: 0-7933-9803-7 Nebraska ISBN: 0-7933-9807-X North Dakota ISBN: 0-7933-9811-8 South Dakota ISBN: 0-7933-9813-4 Utah ISBN: 0-7933-9817-7 Wyoming

State Jography (geography) Game. 32 pp; 8½x11; $7.95 PA. Ages 8-14. In inventory: ISBN: 0-7933-9605-0 Colorado ISBN: 0-7933-9831-2 Montana ISBN: 0-7933-9832-0 Nebraska ISBN: 0-7933-9836-3 North Dakota ISBN: 0-7933-9840-1 South Dakota ISBN: 0-7933-9842-8 Utah ISBN: 0-7933-9846-0 Wyoming State Sticker Packs. 36 stickers; hangable; 2x8; $2.50 PA. Ages 6-10. In inventory: ISBN: 0-7933-9720-0 Colorado ISBN: 0-7933-9737-5 Idaho ISBN: 0-7933-9744-8 Montana. $2.99. ISBN: 0-7933-9755-3 Utah ISBN: 0-7933-9759-6 Wyoming Hank the Cowdog Series. Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, has been stealing the hearts of children and cowboys alike ever since John Erickson wrote the first Hank adventure back in 1982. Since then, this lovable mutt has been solving mysterious cases on the ranch. With help from his sidekick, Drover, and plenty of encouragement from Beaulah, the lovely and feisty collie down the road, Hank patrols the back forty conscientiously and still has plenty of time for dozing in the sun. All Hank the Cowdog books have been illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes. Ages 9-up. Published by Viking-Penguin. Book size is 5x7½; illustrated. 1. The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog. 138 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130377-8; $5.99 PA. 2. The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog. 138 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130378-6; $5.99 PA. 3. Hank the Cowdog, It‟s a Dog‟s Life. 138 pp; ISBN: 0-14130379-4; $5.99 PA. 4. Hank the Cowdog, Murder in the Middle Pasture. 132 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130380-8; $5.99 PA. 5. Hank the Cowdog: Faded Love. 142 pp; ISBN: 0-14-1303816; $5.99 PA. 6. Hank the Cowdog, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. 136 pp; ISBN: 014-130382-4; $5.99 PA. 7. Hank the Cowdog, Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob. 136 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130383-2; $4.99 PA. 8. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse. 140 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130384-0; $4.99 PA. 9. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Halloween Ghost. 132 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130385-9; $5.99 PA. 10. Hank the Cowdog, Every Dog Has His Day. 128 pp; ISBN: 014-130386-7; $4.99 PA. 11. Hank the Cowdog, Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest. 132 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130387-5; $5.99 PA. 12. Hank the Cowdog, the Fiddle Playing Fox. 132 pp; ISBN: 014-130388-3; $4.99 PA. 13. Hank the Cowdog, the Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve. 122 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130389-1; $4.99 PA. 14. Hank the Cowdog, and Monkey Business. 144 pp; ISBN: 014-130390-5; $4.99 PA. 15. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the Missing Cat. 112 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130391-3; $4.99 PA.


16. Hank the Cowdog, Lost in the Blinded Blizzard. 108 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130392-1; $4.99 PA. 17. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the Car-Barkaholic Dog. 120 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130393-X; $4.99 PA. 18. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the Hooking Bull. 124 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130394-8; $4.99 PA. 19. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the Midnight Rustler. 132 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130395-6; $4.99 PA. 20. Hank the Cowdog, the Phantom in the Mirror. 124 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130396-4; $4.99 PA. 21. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Vampire Cat. 126 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130397-2; $4.99 PA. 22. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Double Bumblebee Sting. 118 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130398-0; $4.99 PA. 23. Hank the Cowdog, Moonlight Madness. 118 pp; ISBN: 0-14130399-9; $4.99 PA. 24. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the Black-Hooded Hangmans. 126 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130400-6; $4.99 PA. 25. Hank the Cowdog, Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado. 112 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130401-4; $4.99 PA. 26. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Kidnapped Collie, ISBN: 0-14-130402-2; $4.99 PA. 27. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Night Stalking Bone Monster. ISBN: 0-14-130403-0; $4.99 PA. 28. Hank the Cowdog, the Mopwater Files. 126 pp; ISBN: 0-14130404-9; $4.99 PA. 29. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper. 126 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130405-7; $4.99 PA. 30. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Haystack Kitties. 140 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130406-5; $4.99 PA. 31. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Vanishing Fishhook. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130356-5; $4.99 PA. 32. Hank the Cowdog, the Garbage Monster from Outer Space. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130422-7; $4.99 PA. 33. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Measled Cowboy. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130423-5; $4.99 PA. 34. Hank the Cowdog, Slim‟s Good-bye. 160 pp; ISBN: 0-14130677-7; $4.99 PA. 35. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Saddle House Robbery. 160 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130678-5; $4.99 PA. 36. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Raging Rottweiler. 142 pp; ISBN: 0-14-130668-8; $4.99 PA. 37. Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game, by John R. Erickson. 156 pp; ISBN: 0-14-131048-0; $4.99 PA. 38. Hank the Cowdog, the Fling, by John R. Erickson. 132 pp; ISBN: 0-14-131174-6; $4.99 PA. 39. Hank the Cowdog, the Secret Laundry Monster Files. 160 pp; ISBN: 0-14-230076-4; $4.99 PA. 40. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Missing Bird Dog. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-230141-8; $4.99 PA. 41. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Shipwrecked Tree. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-230225-2; $4.99 PA.

42. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Burrowing Robot. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-250063-1; $4.99 PA. 43. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Twisted Kitty. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-240041-6; $4.99 PA. 44. Hank the Cowdog, the Dungeon of Doom. 144 pp; ISBN: 014-240134-X; $4.99 PA. 45. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Falling Sky. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-240296-6; $4.99 PA. 46. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Tricky Trap. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-014-240325-3; $4.99 PA. 47. Hank the Cowdog, the Case of the Tender Cheeping Chickies. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-240553-1; $4.99 PA. 48. Hank the Cowdog, the case of the Monkey Burglar. 144 pp; ISBN: 0-14-240636-8; $5.99 PA. Life Cycles Series introduces young readers to the lives of animals in the wild. 32 pp; 9x8; photos; illus; map; glossary; index; $8.50 PA. HBJ. Ages 6-8. The Bear, by Sabrina Crewe. ISBN: 9780817262303. The Beaver, by Sabrina Crewe. ISBN: 9780817242497. The Salmon, by Sabrina Crewe. ISBN: 0-8172-6234-2. Life in the Old West Childrens Series, by Bobbie Kalman. All 40 pp; 8¼x10¾; photos; illus; index. Some have maps or glossaries where noted. These excellent full-color texts are captivating as well as educational! Ages 8-14. CRABT *Bandannas, Chaps, and Ten-Gallon Hats. Glossary; ISBN: 07787-0105-0; $7.95 PA. *Boomtowns of the West. Glossary; ISBN: 0-679-74148-8; $7.95 PA. *Gold Rush. Glossary; Map; ISBN: 0-7787-0111-5; $7.95 PA. *Homes of the West. 32 pp; 8¼x10½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0106-9; $7.95 PA. *Life of a Miner. 40pp; 8½x10¾; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0109-3; $7.95 PA. *The Railroad. Glossary; ISBN: 0-7787-0108-5; $7.95 PA. *The Wagon Train. 32 pp; 8½x10½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0102-6; $7.95 PA. *Who Settled the West? Glossary; Maps; ISBN: 0-7787-0107-7; $7.95 PA. *Women of the West. Illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-77870112-3; $7.95 PA. Little House on the Prairie Series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ages 8-12. By the Shores of Silver Lake. 304 pp; 5X7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06440005-0; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 5. Pa Ingalls heads west to the unsettled wilderness of the Dakota Territory. When Ma, Mary, Laura, Carrie, and baby Grace join him, they become the first settlers in the town of De Smet. Farmer Boy. 384 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06-440003-4; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 3. While Laura Ingalls grows up in a little house on the western prairie, Almanzo Wilder is living on a big farm in New York State. Almanzo and his brother and sisters work at their chores from dawn to supper most days –no matter what the weather. There is still time for fun, though, especially with the horses, which Almanzo loves more than anything.


The First Four Years. 156 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06-440031-X; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 9. Laura and Almanzo Wilder have just been married! Their life on a small prairie homestead begins with high hopes. But each year seems to bring unexpected disasters – storms, sickness, fire, and unpaid debts. These first four years call for courage, strength, and a great deal of determination. Little House in the Big Woods. 256 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06440001-8; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 1. Wolves and panthers and bears roam the deep Wisconsin woods in the late 1870s. In those same woods, Laura lives with Pa and Ma, and her sisters, Mary and baby Carrie, in a snug little house built of logs. Pa hunts and traps. Ma makes her own cheese and butter. Al night long, the wind howls lonesomely, but Pa plays the fiddle and sings, keeping the family safe and cozy. Little House on the Prairie. 352 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06440002-0; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 2. Pa Ingalls decides to sell the little log house, and the family sets out for Indian country. They travel from Wisconsin to Kansas, and there, finally, Pa builds their little house on the prairie. Little Town on the Prairie. 320 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06440007-7; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 7. The long winter is over. With spring comes socials, parties, and ―Literaries.‖ There is also work to be done. Laura spends many hours each day sewing shirts to help send Mary to a college for the blind. But in the evenings, Laura makes time for a new Caller, Almanzo Wilder. The Long Winter. 352 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06-440006-9; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 6. The first terrible storm comes to the barren prairie in October. Then it snows almost without stopping until April. Snow has reached the rooftops, and no trains can get through with food or coal. The people of De Smet are starving, including Laura‘s family, who wonder how they‘re going to make it through this terrible winter. It is young Almanzo Wilder who finally understands what needs to be done. He must save the town, even if it means risking his own life. On the Banks of Plum Creek. 352 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06440004-3; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 4. Laura‘s family‘s first home in Minnesota is made of sod, but Pa builds a clean new house made of sawed lumber beside Plum Creek. The money for materials will come from their first wheat crop. Then, just before the wheat is ready to harvest, a strange glittering cloud fills the sky, blocking out the sun. Soon millions of grasshoppers cover the field and everything on the farm. In a week‘s time, there is no wheat crop left at all. These Happy Golden Years. 302 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-06440008-5; $6.99 PA. HCP Book 8. Laura is teaching school, and it‘s terrifying! Most of the students are taller than she is, and she must sleep away from home for the first time. Laura is miserable, but the money is needed to keep Mary in a college for the blind. And every Friday –no matter what the weather- Almanzo Wilder arrives to take Laura home to her family for the weekend. Laura and Almanzo are courting, and even though she‘s not yet sixteen, she knows that this is a time for new beginnings. Mustang Mountain Series. Ages 8-12. Brave Horse, by Sharon Siamon. 192 pp; 5¼x7½; ISBN: 1-55285528-7; $6.95 PA. WHICAP ♦Mustang Mountain #6. A phantom horse, a missing friend, a dangerous valley filled with abandoned mine shafts… not exactly what Meg, Becky, and Alison were expecting on vacation at the Mustang Mountain Ranch. Becky was hoping for a peaceful time without her annoying cousin Alison. Alison was supposed to be traveling to Paris with her father. And Meg was planning to meet with Thomas. Soon the girls have to organize a rescue party. But will they be in time? _____________________________ My Folks Series. Pioneer stories taken from letters and diaries that allow readers a glimpse into the personal experiences and feelings of our hardy ancestors. Capper Press' best-selling series! All $6.95 PA. Ages 12-up. My Folks & the Civil War, 176 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-941678-42-3.

My Folks & the Family Farm, 208 pp; ISBN: 0-941678-51-2. My Folks & the Land of Opportunity, 228 pp; ISBN: 0-94167847-4. My Folks & World War II, 224 pp; ISBN: 0-941678-43-1. My Folks Claimed the Plains, 224 pp; ISBN: 0-941678-03-2. ____________________ Our Wild World Series. All 48 pp; 8½x8½; illus; color photos; index; $7.95 PA. CPI These are well-designed, easy-tounderstand books for ages 8-up. Bison, by Cherie Winner. ISBN: 1-55971-775-0. Black Bears, by Kathy Feeney. ISBN: 1-55971-742-4. Cougars, by Patricia Corrigan. ISBN: 1-55971-788-2. Eagles, by Laura Evert. ISBN: 1-55971-777-7. Hawks, by Wayne Lynch. ISBN: 1-55971-886-2. Moose, by Anthony D. Fredericks. ISBN: 1-55971-744-0. Prairie Dogs, by Marybeth Lorbiecki. ISBN: 1-55971-884-6. Whitetail Deer, by Laura Evert. ISBN: 1-55971-743-2. Wild Horses, by Julia Vogel. ISBN: 1-55971-882-X. Wolves, by Laura Evert. ISBN: 1-55971-748-3. ___________________ The Starlight Series. Ages 12-up. Miranda and Starlight, by Janet M. Hill. 168 pp; 5¼x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-9714161-0-9; $12.00 PA. RAVEN Starlight #1. This is a heartwarming story of how a young girl‘s quest for the horse of her dreams teaches her the value of being true to her own ideals. Set in Montana. Starlight Comes Home, by Janet M. Hill. 252 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-9714161-6-8; $12.00 PA. RAVEN ♦Starlight #6. Heartache, triumph, losses, and joy combine with suspense in edge-of-your-seat drama, as you ride with Miranda in this final whirlwind adventure. Now a teen, Miranda discovers there is much more to life than just her horse, but nothing more important than having her black stallion Starlight, safe at home. Starlight Shines for Miranda, by Janet M. Hill. 204 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-9714161-5-X; $12.00 PA. RAVEN ♦Starlight #5. A forced separation between Miranda and Starlight cause both to go ―off their feed,‖ taking a toll on their health. The well-laid plans of Mr. Taylor, the crotchety owner of Shady Hills Horse Ranch, are in jeopardy until Starlight and Miranda are reunited and pitted against the clock to save Mr. Taylor from financial ruin. Starlight, Star Bright, by Janet M. Hill. 192 pp; 5¼x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-9714161-2-5; $12.00 PA. RAVEN ♦Starlight #3. Now at age eleven Miranda is ready to take on more responsibility and make better choices, but is not immune to getting into difficult and dangerous situations. This action-packed novel includes a pack trip to the Rocky Mountains, a fire, trouble at the races, and other breath-taking adventures. Starlight‟s Courage, by Janet M. Hill. 180 pp; 5¼x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-9714161-1-7; $12.00 PA. RAVEN ♦Starlight #2. Miranda Steven‘s adventures with Starlight, an injured two year old stallion, have only begun in Miranda and Starlight. In this exciting sequel, both the girl and the horse are called upon to exhibit loyalty, courage and endurance. Miranda and her friends, Christopher and Laurie, ride Chris‘s horse, Queen in fierce competition against their classmates, unaware that a mad man is out for revenge.


Starlight‟s Shooting Star, by Janet M. Hill. 192 pp; 5¼x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-9714161-3-3; $12.00 PA. RAVEN ♦This is a fourth in a series about the mishaps and adventures of young Miranda Stevens and Starlight, the black stallion she loves and wants to own. Now at age twelve Miranda and her friends learn new lessons from life‘s twists and turns. _______________ Welcome to the World of... (Animals) Series. This delightful series showcases the lives and habitats of many popular and not so popular birds and animals. Bright color photos bring these creatures to life while children are able to learn the fascinating and sometimes little known facts about each species. All by Diane Swanson. Ages 8-12. 32 pp; 8x8; color photos; index; $5.95 PA. WHICAP Welcome to the World of Bats. ISBN: 1-55110-784-8. Welcome to the World of Coyotes. ISBN: 1-55110-258-X. Welcome to the World of Otters. ISBN: 0-55110-520-9. Welcome to the World of Porcupines. ISBN: 1-55110-856-9. Welcome to the World of Rabbits & Hares. ISBN: 1-55285-0242. Welcome to the World of Wild Cats. ISBN: 0-55110-615-9. _______________________ 1000 Games for Smart Kids, translated by Gina Ivasuc. 384 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-59496-001-1; $14.95 PA. TEORA ♦The best preparation for school is learning while playing and having fun. This book will keep both your children and you busy for hours of educational fun! Ages 5-9. 19th Century Girls and Women, by Bobbie Kalman. 36 pp; 8¼x10¾; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-464-9; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book examines various aspects of the lives of girls and women during the nineteenth century, including educational and employment opportunities, clothing, pastimes, and marriage. Ages 6-14. A is for Abigail, an Almanac of Amazing American Women, by Lynne Cheney. 48 pp; 11x11; illus; notes; ISBN: 0-689-85819-1; $16.95 HC. S&S ♦This brings the great women of American history to life for children. Ages 5-up. A is for Arches, a Utah Alphabet, by Becky Hall. 40 pp; 11¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58536-096-1; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦Beginning readers will enjoy the simple rhymes, while older children discover facts about each topic letter n this guided A-Z tour that showcases state symbols and history in an entertaining and educational format. Ages 4-10. Across America, the Story of Lewis & Clark, by Jacqueline Morley. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-531-15342-8; $7.95 PA. FWATTS Sail up the Missouri River with Lewis & Clark to explore the vast, uncharted territory of the U.S. Share the thrills and spills of the explorers as they cross the Rocky Mountains and travel down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. Ages 8-12. The Adventures of Lewis & Clark, by John Bakeless. 192 pp; 5¼x8¼; map; illus; index; ISBN: 0-486-42159-7; $7.95 PA. DOVER In this exciting, action-packed young reader‘s edition, based on the author‘s acclaimed earlier study of the two great American explorers, Historian Bakeless chronicles the daily challenges these men faced. Ages 10-up. The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill: One Sky Above Us, by E. Cody Kimmel. 188 pp; 5¾x8½; map; illus; ISBN: 0-06-440895-7; $5.99 PA. HCP ♦Having settled on the Kansas frontier, young Bill Cody and his family try to make a home for themselves, coexist with their Kickapoo neighbors, and stand up as abolitionists in spite of their neighbors‘ proslavery beliefs. Ages 8-12.

African-Americans in the Old West, by Tom Mcgowen. 32 pp; 7¾x9½; illus; photos; glossary; time-line; index; ISBN: 0-51626348-X; $5.95 PA. CP This describes the important role of freed slaves& other African-Americans in the settlement of the West. Ages 9-11. Airplanes Stickers, by Steven J. Petruccio. 8 pp; 4x5¾; illus; ISBN: 0-486-40083-2; $1.50 PA. DOVER ♦Use these 16 accurately drawn illustrations for classroom assignments or add a high-flying note to lunch boxes, notebooks, and other flat surfaces. Ages 5-10. All Our Relatives, Traditional Native American Thoughts about Nature, compiled & illustrated by Paul Goble. 36 pp; 8½x11¼; illus; references; ISBN: 0-941532-77-1; $15.95 HC. WWIS ♦All Our Relatives is an often-repeated refrain in Lakota ceremonies and prayers: mitakuye oyasin, meaning ―all my relatives‖ or ―we are all related.‖ It is an acknowledgement, central to the cultures of Native American people, that we and all things share in Creation: people, birds, animals, plants, trees, rocks, rivers. Includes 23 traditional stories. Ages 7-12. Amanda Goes West, A Journal of Fashion History Through Paper Dolls, by Betty J. Mills. 20 pp; 9¼x12¼; cutouts; glossary; ISBN: 0-89672-109-4; $6.95 PA. TTUP Relive history through Amanda's journey by wagon train from Tennessee to Texas, where she settles with her parents in 1838. Developed by the curator who assembled the collection from which Amanda's wardrobe is drawn and illustrated in rich, authentic detail, this is the first book of a series that takes Amanda through the year 1890. Ages 8-up. Amanda's New Life, a Journal of Fashion History Through Paper Dolls, by Betty J. Mills. 20 pp; 9¼x12¼; cutouts; glossary; ISBN: 0-89672-112-4; $6.95 PA. TTUP This takes Amanda through marriage, movement to a new frontier, Texas' statehood, motherhood, loneliness, and happy times. Illustrations are original art works by a professional fashion illustrator who incorporates knowledge of construction with her artistic renderings. Ages 8-up. Amanda's Home on the Range, a Journal of Fashion History Through Paper Dolls, by Betty J. Mills. 24 pp; 9¼x12¼; cutouts; glossary; ISBN: 0-89672-122-1; $6.95 PA. TTUP Amanda endears herself even more in the role of grandmother and valiant homesteader. Exquisitely detailed costume cutouts of fashionable clothing during the period 1863-1890 and journal entries, based on various incidents recorded by women who pioneered in Texas, round out this paper doll experience. Ages 8-up. Amazing Colorado: A Collection of Puzzlers, Mazes & Fun, by Jeff Brown. 48 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-87842-487-3; $12.00 PA. MP ♦This is full of fun ways to learn about the Mile-High state. Designed to help fulfill basic education requirements, this is an entertaining and engaging way to introduce children to Colorado‘s birds, trees, fish, famous people, history, and much more. Ages 8up. America, a Patriotic Primer, by Lynne Cheney. 40 pp; 11x11; illus; notes; ISBN: 0-689-85192-8; $16.95 HC. S&S ♦This is a succinct history of the United States, an ABC of the principles on which this country was founded, and a book for children and families to pore over, discuss, and cherish. Ages 4-up. America‟s Mountains, Guide to Plants and Animals, by Marianne D. Wallace. 48 pp; 9x9; maps; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55591-383-0; $15.95 PA. FULC Use the full-color illustrations to identify the plants and animals in six regions: Appalachian Mountains, Northern Rocky Mountains, Southern Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Cascades, and Alaska Mountains. With maps, a list of common scientific names, and additional resources, America’s Mountains is a complete guide to North America‘s mountainous habitats. Ages 8-13. America‟s Prairies and Grasslands, Guide to Plants and Animals, by Marianne D. Wallace. 48 pp; 9x9; maps; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55591-992-8; $11.95 PA. FULC Each


prairie or grassland region –Tallgrass Prairie, Mixed Grass Prairie, Shortgrass Prairie, Palouse Prairie, California Valley Grassland, and Semidesert Grassland- features full-color illustrations which help you identify plants and animals. The ―hard to find‖ sections point out unusual finds such as pocket gophers, vernal pools, and living rock cactus. Ages 8-13. American Family of the Colonial Era Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-24394-X; $5.95 PA. DOVER Paper doll enthusiasts of all ages will delight in these finely rendered figures in typical Colonial raiment. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1890s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-25515-8; $6.95 PA. DOVER  The Gay Nineties, the Gibson Girl look and the ―good old days‖ are recalled in this delightful paper doll collection. Ages 9-up. American Family of 1900-1920 Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-26948-5; $5.95 PA. DOVER  In this book noted paper doll artist Tom Tierney accurately recaptures the multifaceted look of American fashions from the turn of the century through World War I. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1920s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-25825-4; $4.95 PA. DOVER Eleven dolls and 47 meticulously researched and rendered costumes recreate the clothing worn by three generations of an American family of the 1920s. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1930s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-26677-X; $5.95 PA. DOVER After the stock market crash in 1929, the excessive fashions of the early 20th century gave way to simple lines and good design. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1940s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-27336-9; $5.95 PA. DOVER In this new collection for the ―American Family‖ paper doll series, artist Tom Tierney recaptures that wartime ―make do‖ spirit. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1950s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; $5.95 PA. DOVER The family‘s wardrobe includes 31 costumes –ranging from beach wear and comfortable lounging outfits to dress outfits for men and women and elegant formal attire for a family wedding. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1960s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-28334-8; $5.95 PA. DOVER The 1960s saw traditions topple. Among the most noticeable changes were those in the world of fashion. It was a decade of miniskirts, the ―Peacock revolution,‖ Nehru jackets, Carnaby Street fashions, Afro hairdos, panty hose, gypsy looks and Muslim caftans. Ages 9-up. American Family of the 1980s Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 32 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-486-43052-9; $5.95 PA. DOVER ♦This is the decade that introduced MTV, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, and witnessed the demise of the Berlin Wall. It was also a period when t-shirts became canvasses for message art and a new awareness for keeping fit opened the door for sports apparel and jogging suits. With fashion designers exploring a variety of styles, everything was acceptable in the 1980s –from ethnic apparel and cowboy garb to ruffles and flourishes. Ages 5-up. American Grub, Eats for Kids from All Fifty States, by Lynn Kuntz & Jan Fleming. 80 pp; 8x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58685-2604; $7.95 PA. GS ♦Okay, hash-slingers, maybe you don‘t want a cup of joe, two eggs sunny-side-up, and a side slab of bacon at the local diner. Maybe you like your grub home-cooked. Then this is the cookbook for you. Fifty states, fifty recipes. Ages 8-up. American Indian Games, by Jay Miller. 48 pp; 7x8½; map; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-516-26092-8; $6.95 PA. CP

Briefly describes some of the toys and games used by various North American Indian cultures to amuse their children and teach lessons about life. Ages 7-9. American Pioneer Family Paper Dolls, by Tom Tierney. 16 plates; 9¼x12¼; full color cut-outs; ISBN: 0-486-29035-2; $6.95 PA. DOVER Noted paper doll artist Tom Tierney captures the spirit of the mid-19th century pioneer family in this carefully researched and expertly rendered addition to Dover's popular "American Family" series. Ages 6-10. American Sisters 1864: Crossing the Colorado Rockies, by Laurie Lawlor. 224 pp; 5½x7¾; map; ISBN: 0-671-01554-0; $9.00 HC. S&S As the Civil War rages, the Hitchcocks head west to Pike‘s Peak, certain they‘ll find gold. Thirteen-year-old Eda keeps a secret journal as they travel through hostile Ute country and finally find shelter in a broken-down cabin. Edna and her sisters are beginning to settle in when Pa decides the family should return home. Ages 12-up. American Wildflowers Coloring Book, by Paul Kennedy. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-20095-7; $3.95 PA. DOVER Planned coverage of 46 most important wildflowers, from Rickett's collection; instructive as well as entertaining. Color versions on covers. Captions. Ages 6-10. Animals on the Trail with Lewis and Clark, by Dorothy H. Patent. 128 pp; 8¼x10¼; maps; photos; illus; chron; index; ISBN: 0-395-91415-9; $18.00 HC. HMC ♦This examines the rich array of wildlife encountered by Lewis and Clark and the details of their trip, including the help they received from the Shoshone tribe and Sacagawea. Ages 13-up. Annie Oakley, Young Markswoman, by Ellen Wilson. 192 pp; 5¼x7½; illus: ISBN: 0-689-71346-0; $5.99 PA. MACM This is about America's greatest female sharpshooter, who entertained crowds with her abilities as "Little Sure Shot!" For ages 9-14. Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Paper Dolls in Full Color, by Tom Tierney. 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-26728-8; $4.95 PD. DOVER Four dolls (Annie, Buffalo Bill, Frank Butler, Sitting Bull) and 27 authentic full-color costumes. 15 outfits for Annie Oakley. 16 plates. Ages 6-10. Antelope, Bison, Cougar, illus by Daniel San Souci, written by Steven P. Medley. 62 PP; 11x9½; illus, maps; ISBN: 1-93023803-7; $14.95 HC. YOSE Wonderful watercolor paintings and pencil drawings of wild animals in national parks throughout the country, make this one of the best alphabet books I‘ve ever seen. Ages 6-10. Antique Fashion Paper Dolls of the 1890s, by Sylvia D. Sawin. 32 pp; 9x12; illus; ISBN: 0-486-24622-1; $6.95 PA. DOVER The Boston Herald Ladies, one of the most popular newspaper doll sets of all time, featured two dolls and 38 fashionable costumes. This Dover volume faithfully reproduces these in full color. Ages 6-10. Armadillo Rodeo, by Jan Brett. 32 pp; 10½x8¾; illus; ISBN: 0399-22803-9; $16.99 HC. PEN ♦Most armadillos are happy scratching sand and eating, but Bo longs for adventure. And adventure Bo gets, the day Harmony Jean breaks in her brandnew chili-pepper-red boots by the banks of Can Creek. Ages 4-8. Around One Cactus: Owls, Bats and Leaping Rats, by Anthony D. Fredericks. 32 pp; 9x11; illus; notes; ISBN: 1-58469-052-6; $7.95 PA. DAWNP ♦Have you ever seen a Saguaro cactus? It may seem lonely, standing in the dry, dry desert. But actually the Saguaro is a haven for a whole community of creatures –some cute, some creepy, all of them fascinating. Ages 4-10. The Art of Hand Shadows, by Albert Almoznino. 64 pp; 6½x9¼; illus; ISBN: 0-486-41876-6; $5.95 PA. DOVERClear explanations and over 70 illustrations show precisely how to hold your hands in order to make the shadows seem life-like. Ages 6-10.


Audubon's Birds of America Coloring Book, by John J. Audubon. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-23049-X; $3.95 PA. DOVER Rendered for coloring by Paul Kennedy. 46 of Audubon's noted illustrations: red-winged blackbird, cardinal, etc. Original plates reproduced in full color on the covers. Captions. Ages 6-10. Awesome Ospreys, Fishing Birds of the World, by Donna Love. 64 pp; 8½x9; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780878425129; $12.00 PA. MP ♦In this scientific yet light-hearted book, readers will become acquainted with ospreys and their life cycle, from courtship, nesting, and raising young to their yearly migrations. Lovely illustrations bring these birds and their aquatic world to life. Suggested activities for home or classroom give kids the chance to explore what it‘s like to fly, live, and fish like an osprey. Ages 12up. B is for Big Sky Country, a Montana Alphabet, by Sneed B. Collard III. 40 pp; 11¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58536-098-8; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦The simple rhymes and informative text are woven together from A to Z designed to teach children and adults alike about the Treasure State. Ages 4-10. B is for Buckaroo, a Cowboy Alphabet, by Louise D. & Gleaves Whitney. 38 pp; 11¼x10¼; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-58536-139-9; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦Cowpokes and buckaroos of all ages will enjoy this A-Z romp through the facts, feats, and folks of the cowboy way of life. Ages 4-10. Barn Dance! by Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault. 32 pp; 9¾x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-8050-0799-7; $7.95 PA. HHC In an old farmhouse, bathed in the light of a full moon, a young boy creeps to his bedroom window and looks outside. Was that a voice he just heard, or the hooting of an owl? There it is again: Come a little closer... Come a little closer... Listen to the night... There's music in the air... Beckoned by the voice, the boy sneaks downstairs, out the door, and walks toward the barn. As he gets closer he hears the sweet sound of a country fiddler and the rhythmic thumping of dancing feet. But who could possibly be having a barn dance in the middle of the night? Ages 5-9. Bats, Swift Shadows In the Twilight, by Ann C. Cooper. The Wonder Series. 64 pp; 8½x11; illus; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 1879373-52-1; $7.95 PA. RRINE Fact, folktale and fantasy are all a part of people's ideas about bats. In this story & activities book you will see that the truth about bats is more astonishing than any of the stories about them. Ages 8-12. Battle of the Little Big Horn, by Mark Henckel. 32 pp; 7x10¼; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-042-2; $6.95 PA. FALP This is a story of two different peoples -the Indians, struggling to keep their way of life, and the U.S. Army, trying to pave the way for a new way of life in the American West. Ages 8-up. Bees Dance and Whales Sing: The Mysteries of Animal Communication, by Margery Facklam. 48 pp; 9x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-57805-076-6; $6.95 PA. GS Facklam explores the marvels and mysteries of animal communication through a discussion of a wide variety of creatures – from elephants, who rumble to one another infrasonically, to fireflies, which use their ―living lights‖ to send messages to potential mates. Ages 8-11. Beneath the Mask, by Becky Woods. 80 pp; 10½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-883650-19-4; $8.95 PA. ASPGLO Wonderful story about the interaction between other animals and the endangered blackfooted ferret. Ages 6-10. Berries, Nuts and Seeds, by Diane L. Burns. 48 pp; 8½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-573-1; $7.95 PA. CPI This helps young readers find and identify 30 common berries, nuts and seeds. Ages 8-12. Beyond the Ridge, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 9¼x9; illus; ISBN: 0689-71731-8; $6.99 PA. MACM The concept of the long climb of someone who is dying is one that we can understand. You walk gradually and seemingly endlessly, upwards to a distant ridge. The view from the top will simply take your breath away. This is a vision of that land beyond the ridge. Ages 6-up.

The Big Book of Boy Stuff, by Bart King. 304 pp; 6¾x11; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 1-58685-333-3; $19.95 HC. GS ♦This is filled with hours of entertainment for adventure-seeking boys. Learn how to: make lightning; fool your friends with practical jokes; build & launch a water rocket; create a sun tattoo and much, much, more. Ages 814. The Big Burn, by Jeanette Ingold. 302 pp; 4½x7; map; ISBN: 015-204924-X; $6.95 MM. HBJ ♦Jarrett is sixteen –old enough to reject the job his father wants him to take, old enough to court Lizbeth Whitcomb, old enough to join his new friend Seth in the fight against the hundreds of forest fires destroying Idaho and Montana. But the fires are worse than anyone imagined, and the exhausted firefighters are powerless against the advancing flames. When these fires join, they become one vast inferno that threatens everything –and everyone- Jarrett holds dear. Ages 12-up. Big Jinny, the Story of a Grizzly Bear, by Frank B. Linderman. 132 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-8044-0; $15.00 PA. UNEBP ♦Big Jinny‘s story, steeped in nature lore and illustrated with Elizabeth Lochrie‘s lush watercolors leads readers young and old on an enchanting adventure through the wilds of western America even as they learn, with Jinny, how grizzlies really live. Ages 13up. Billy and Blaze, a Boy and His Pony, by C.W. Anderson. 56 pp; 7¼x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71608-7; $5.99 PA. S&S A little boy who loves horses gets a special birthday present. Ages 5-8. Birds in Your Backyard, by Barbara Herkert. 36 pp; 9x11; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-58469-025-9; $8.95 PA. DAWNP ♦Watching birds can be easy and lots of fun, provide a little food and water, and watch them come! Ages 4-10. Birds, Nests and Eggs, by Mel Boring. 48 pp; 8½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-624-X; $7.95 PA. CPI This helps you identify 15 birds. You‘ll also learn how and where they build their homes and all about their young. Ages 8-12. The Black Cowboy Color Book, by Gloria Swain. 20 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-88388-176-4; $2.50 PA. BELL Well put together coloring book of black cowboys, including contemporary heroes such as Leon Coffee. Ages 5-10. Black Storm Comin‟, by Diane L. Wilson. 304 pp; 6¼x9½; map; ISBN: 0-689-87137-6; $16.95 HC. S&S ♦On the morning of September 16, 1860, My Pa shot me. Maybe that‘s what set him to running. And, later, me to galloping. A Pony Express story for ages 13-up. The Blackfeet Indians, by Ann-Marie Hendrickson. 88pp; 7x9¼; photos; map; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7910-4466-1; $9.95 PA. CHELH This studies the Blackfeet from their acquisition of horses to forced assimilation by whites to their current life in Montana and Canada. Ages 10-up. Black Frontiers: A History of African American Heroes in the Old West, by Lillian Schlissel. 80 pp; 10¼x8¼; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-689-83315-6; $7.99 PA. S&S This chronicles the life and times of black men and women who settled the West from 1865 to the early 1900s. Ages 8-12. Black Indians, a Hidden heritage, by William L. Katz. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-689-80901-8; $11.00 PA. S&S Carefully researched and enhanced with rare antique prints & photos, Black Indians reveals a little-known aspect of our past and shatters some myths. Ages 10-up. The Black Soldier, 1492 to the Present, by Catherine Clinton. 124 pp; 7¾x9¼; photos; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 0-395-67722X; $$17.00 HC. HMC Black soldiers have fought and died in the Americas for centuries, and unbroken chain of warriors stretching back nearly five hundred years. Yet their contribution to our nation‘s history has been largely neglected. This is their story. Ages 10-14.


Blaze and the Forest Fire, by C.W. Anderson. 56 pp; 7x9½; illus: ISBN: 0-689-71605-2; $5.99 PA. S&S When Billy and his pony Blaze discover a small forest fire, they ride over a dangerous trail to give the alarm at the nearest farmhouse. Ages 5-8. Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony, by C.W. Anderson. 48 pp; 7x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-81741-X; $5.99 PA. S&S Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony is part of the classic Billy and Blaze series. Sensitive drawings and easy-to-read words capture the warmth and special understanding between a boy and his horse. Little Tommy, Billy's neighbor, has always wished for a pony of his own, and with a little help from Billy and Blaze his wish just might come true! Ages 5-8. Blaze and the Lost Quarry, by C. W. Anderson. 48 pp; 7¼x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71775-X; $6.99 PA. S&S Billy and his pony Blaze discover an abandoned quarry where they perform a brave deed by saving a lost dog from drowning. Ages 5-8. Blaze and the Mountain Lion, by C.W. Anderson. 48 pp; 7¼x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71711-3; $6.99 PA. S&S While riding through the open country near his family's ranch house, Billy and his pony Blaze come across a dangerous mountain lion. Ages 5-8. Blaze and Thunderbolt, by C.W. Anderson. 48 pp; 7¼x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71712-1; $5.99 PA. S&S Billy and his loyal pony Blaze attempt to tame the wild horse Thunderbolt. Ages 5-8. Blaze Finds the Trail, by C.W. Anderson. 48 pp; 7¼x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-83520-5; $5.99 PA. S&S Billy and Blaze have a wonderful ride, but their adventures soon lead them off the trail and deep into the woods. Can Blaze find the trail and get them safely home again? Ages 5-8. Blaze Shows the Way, by C.W. Anderson. 48 pp; 7¼x9¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71776-8; $4.99 PA. S&S Billy and his friend Tommy enter their horses in a pair jumping contest. Ages 5-8. Bluestem, by Frances Arrington. 144 pp; 7¾x5¼; ISBN: 0-39923564-7; $16.99 HC. PEN In this young and heroic story, set on the open prairie in the 1870s, first-time novelist Arrington reveals the pioneer courage of two young sisters who, armed with their love for each other, dare to face a new world alone. Ages 10-14. Bluestem Horizon: A Story of a Tallgrass Prairie, by Evelyn Lee. 28 pp; 8x10; color illus; ISBN: 1-56899-596-2; $6.95 PA. SOUNDP While growing up on the tallgrass prairie, Young Bison and his three companions experience both a tornado which separates them from the herd and a prairie fire brought on by lightning. Ages 8-11. Bold Journey: West with Lewis and Clark, by Charles Bohner. 192 pp; 5x7½; map: ISBN: 0-618-43718-5; $6.95 PA. HMC This is the story of Pvt. Hugh McNeal, one of the young men who went west with Lewis & Clark. Ages 12-up. Bound for Oregon, by Jean Van Leeuwen. 176 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-14-038319-0; $5.99 PA. PEN This is a fictionalized account of the journey made by nine-year-old Mary Ellen Todd and her family from their home in Arkansas westward over the Oregon Trail in 1852. Ages 8-15. A Boy Called Slow, by Joseph Bruchac. 32 pp; 8x10¼; color illus; ISBN: 0-698-11616-X; $5.99 PA. PEN This is the story of a young Lakota boy named Slow due to the slow, deliberate way in which he thought and acted. As the child grew he longed to earn a new name he could be proud of, and worked hard to be able to protect his tribe and prove his bravery. One day the boy was given the opportunity he had been waiting for in a battle against the Crow. He helped win the battle and his father was so proud he gave his son a special name, Sitting Bull. Ages 8-12. Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, by Chief Seattle. 28 pp; 9½x12; illus; ISBN: 0-14-230132-9; $7.99 PA. PEN ♦The great American Indian Chief Seattle spoke these words over a hundred years ago.

His remarkably relevant message of respect for the earth and every creature on it has endured the test of time. Children and parents alike will enjoy the timeless, poignant message presented in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Ages 13-up. Buffalo Bill, Frontier Daredevil, by Augusta Stevenson. 192 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71479-3; $5.99 PA. MACM This is the story of the great scout, Indian fighter and showman for whom Cody, Wyoming is named. For ages 9-14. Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express, by Eleanor Coerr. 64 pp; 6x8¾; color illus; ISBN: 0-06-444220-9; $3.995 PA. HCP An I Can Read Book. Coerr's exciting story, based on the real-life adventures of Buffalo Bill and depicted with dramatic illustrations by Don Bolognese, will have beginning readers racing through the pages -almost as fast as the Pony Express! Ages 4-8. Buffalo Land, by William D. Berry. 48 pp; 10x8; illus; maps; ISBN: 0-938271-01-6; $4.95 PA. PNA With exceptional, in-depth art and factual descriptives, Berry traces the history and migrational lifestyle of the American Bison. All facets are covered, from Indians, Settlers and wolves, to cowbirds, fire, and deerflies, to the eradication and finally the breaking of the Great Plains by the plow. Ages 10-up. Remaindered Price! Buffalo Woman, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 8¼x9; illus; ISBN: 0-68971109-3; $7.99 PA. MACM A young hunter marries a female buffalo in the form of a beautiful maiden, but when his people reject her he must pass several tests before being allowed to join the buffalo nation. Ages 4-9. Bull Rider, by Marilyn Halvorson. 96 pp; 4¼x7; ISBN: 1-55143233-1; $7.95 PA. ORCA ♦Layne is determined to be a bull rider like his father –who was killed by a bull. Ages 12-up. Bull‟s-Eye, a Photobiography of Annie Oakley, by Sue Macy. 64 pp; 9½ x11; index, photos, maps; ISBN: 0-7922-7008-8; $17.95 HC. HGS Macy presents the compelling story of Annie Oakley, both the fact and the myth through fascinating text, extraordinary historical photos, and quotes from Annie herself. Ages 10-up. C is for Centennial, a Colorado Alphabet, by Louise D. Whitney. 38 pp; 11¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58536-058-9; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦Colorado is home to a wide range of natural wonders, from its Rocky Mountain peaks to its sand dunes. Author Whitney gives young readers an A-Z nugget of information with her quick rhymes. Ages 4-10. C is for Cowboy, a Wyoming Alphabet, by Eugene Gagliano. 38 pp; 11¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58536-097-X; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦Catch a glimpse of the wonders, history, and landscapes Wyoming has to offer in this A-Z alphabet journey. Ages 4-10. Cactus Cafe: A Story of the Sonoran Desert, by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld. 29 pp; 8x10; color illus; ISBN: 1-56899-426-5; $6.95 PA. SOUNDP This describes the activities of various animals living in the Sonoran Desert and their dependence on the Saguaro cactus for sustenance. Ages 8-11. Cactus Hotel, by Brenda Guiberson. 32 pp; 9x9; color illus; ISBN: 0-8050-2960-5; $6.95 PA. HHC Multi-award winner! It is another hot day in the desert. Birds and other animals scurry about looking for food. When they get tired, they stop to rest at a giant cactus. It is their hotel in the desert. Ages 3-7. Calamity Jane: Her Life and Her Legend, by Doris Faber. 80 pp; 7½x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-395-86539-5; $8.95 PA. HMC She was a heroine of the Old West: a sharpshooter, a scout for General Custer, and the bride of Wild Bill Hickok. Or was she? Perhaps she was no more than a character in a dime novel, the invention of a writer who never in his life ventured west of Titusville, Pennsylvania. Everyone has heard of Calamity Jane, the legendary figure that started life as a pioneer girl named Martha


Jane Canary. Now Doris Faber sorts out fact from legend to tell the true story of a remarkable American woman. Ages 9-12. Camping for Kids, a Family Camping Guide, by Steven A. & Elizabeth M. Griffin. 88 pp; 8½x8¼; photos; ISBN: 1-55971-228-7; $7.95 PA. NP This covers it all: choosing tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks; planning the trip and the menu; cooking camp chow; getting those pesky campfires lit; outfoxing the bugs and the bears; hiking, canoeing, and even the "boring" stuff like safety and first aid. Ages 10-up. Captain Lewis Explores the Rocky Mountain Front, by R.W. ―Rib‖ Gustafson. 96 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 1931291-28-4; $9.95 PA. STONEY ♦This is a delightful combination of essay and illustration into the very heart of one of the most significant episodes involving the legendary Lewis & Clark Expedition across America in 1805-06. Ages 7-up. Captain‟s Dog, by Roland Smith. 304 pp; 4½x7; map; ISBN: 0-15202696-7; $6.00 PA. HBJ ♦Born the runt of his litter and gambled away to a rusty old riverman, the Newfoundland pup Seaman doesn‘t imagine his life will be marked by any kind of glory –beyond chasing down rats. But when he meets Captain Meriwether Lewis, Seaman finds himself on a path that will make history. Ages 10-up. Cara the Cowgirl Sticker Paper Doll, by Barbara Steadman. 8 pp; 4x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-28705-X; $1.50 PA. DOVER If you long for the wide open spaces of the American West join Cara, our little cowgirl, as she rides the range, sits around the campfire and generally has a fine old time. Ages 5-10. Carcajou: The Wolverine, by Rutherford Montgomery. 284 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-403-6; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP So little is known of the wolverine that even today there is little literature on the subject. But Montgomery studied the animal‘s habits and observed him in his haunts in the Colorado Rockies. He uses that research to weave a thrilling tale of what happens when Carcajou, the unconquerable, tangles with a young Indian trapper and his pet grizzly bear. Ages 12-up. Caves, by Neil Morris. 32 pp; 8x10; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-842-3; $6.95 PA. CRABT This book looks at the natural characteristics of caves, as well as the history and methods of cave exploration. Ages 6-12. Celebrating the Powwow, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x9½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-740-0; $5.95 PA. CRABT This book introduces the peoples, cultures, beliefs, and events that are a part of many powwows. Ages 4-8. Celou Sudden Shout, by Kathleen Duey. 156 pp; 5¼x7¾; ISBN: 0-689-81622-7; $4.50 PA. S&S Celou‘s father is a French fur trapper, gone for a month to sell the year‘s pelts at the rendezvous near Bear Lake. When Celou‘s Shoshone mother and her two younger brothers are kidnapped by Crow warriors, Celou manages to escape from their remote summer camp and ride for help at the main Shoshone camp nearby. Ages 8-12. Charlie‟s Raven, by Jean C. George. 204 pp; 6x8½; illus; ISBN: 0525-47219-3; $15.99 HC. PEN ♦Charlie pulled himself one limb closer to the ravens‘ nest in the lodgepole pine tree. He had to get a baby raven. Singing Bird, his Teton Sioux Indian friend, had told him ravens could cure people. Granddad was ill. Granddad must have a raven to cure him. So Charlie brings home Blue Sky, a baby raven with a big personality. Blue Sky imprints on Charlie and becomes a great friend and a source of amazement to the whole family. Ages 12-up. Cheyenne Again, by Eve Bunting. 32 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0-61819465-7; $5.95 PA. HMC ♦One day Young Bull is at home among his people. The next he is another world –the place the white men call school. Everything familiar and dear to Young Bull has been left behind. He must give up the clothes his mother made, his language, his history. It is only when he reclaims his

memories of home that Young Bull discovers the freedom to be Cheyenne again –on the inside. Ages 9-13. Chicken Soup for Little Souls: The Best Night Out With Dad, by Jack Canfield and Mark V. Hansen. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; color illus; ISBN: 1-55874-508-4; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 HC. HCI Standing in line for tickets to his favorite show, the circus; young Danny meets a little boy named Vincent who has never seen a circus. He starts telling his new friend about all the wonderful acts when he suddenly realizes that little Vincent's father can't afford to buy circus tickets. Danny must decide whether to put his friend's happiness first and give the little boy the tickets, or to use them himself to see the show he enjoys so much. Ages 5-up. Chicken Soup for Little Souls: The Goodness Gorillas, by Jack Canfield and Mark V. Hansen. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; color illus; ISBN: 155874-505-X; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 HCI Jessica and her classmates form a club, the goodness gorillas, whose mission is to perform acts of kindness: at home, in school, and all over the neighborhood. Will kindness win out even for the meanest boy in the class? Ages 5-up. Chicken Soup for Little Souls: The Never Forgotten Doll, by Jack Canfield and Mark V. Hansen. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; color illus; ISBN: 1-55874-507-0; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 HC. HCI Miss Maggie, the best babysitter ever, tells Ellie, "On my eighth birthday, I opened a present I will never forget." The story that follows, about the beautiful china doll Miss Maggie loved and lost on that birthday, fills Ellie with ideas. How better to show Miss Maggie how much she loves her than to find a way to get the precious, never-forgotten doll back into Miss Maggie's arms? This intergenerational story of determination and sacrifice shows little souls everywhere that with the power of love behind them, any goal is within their reach. Ages 5-up. Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul: 101 Stories of Courage Hope and Laughter, by Jack Canfield, Mark Hanson, Patty Hansen, & Irene Dunlap. 432 pp; 5½x8½; cartoons; ISBN: 1-55874-609-9; $12.95 PA. HCI With funny stories about friendship and family, and serious stories about heroic kids and difficult choices, this book will make you laugh, cry, think, and feel good about yourself. Ages 9-up. Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul, by Jack Canfield, Mark & Patty Hansen, & Irene Dunlap. 416 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 155874-800-8; $12.95 PA. HCI The preteen years; a time of physical and emotional changes. This book will show you that you are not alone –no matter what is going on in your life- with stories about school, friendship, laughter, first crushes, tough stuff and more. True stories by real kids, just like you, moving through the exciting years from nine to thirteen, on the way to growing up. Ages 9-13. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul II: 101 More Stories of Life, Love, and Learning, by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, & Kimberly Kirberger. 384 pp; 5½x8½; cartoons; ISBN: 1-55874-6161; $12.95 PA. HCI You asked for more Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul--so here it is! This latest batch focuses on love, friendship and tough stuff, along with some great teen-told tales of learning lessons, making a difference and growing up. These stories will show you that no matter how difficult your situation may seem, you can make it through the tough times; and that no matter how lonely you may feel, you are never alone. Ages 13-up. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III, by Jack Canfield et al. 392 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-55874-761-3; $12.95 PA. HCI This book, even more than the first two volumes in the series, goes deeper into the issues you face every day, and offers you compassion and understanding to help you through the toughest times. Ages 13-up. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Journal, by Jack Canfield et al. 360 pp; 5½x8½; illus; Teen Help Hotlines List; ISBN: 155874-637-4; $12.95 PA. HCI This isn‘t just another ordinary journal. It‘s filled with great poems, cool quotes, inspirational


vignettes, and lots of space where you can write –and where your family and friends can write to you. Ages 13-up. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Letters: Letters of Life, Love and Learning, by Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger. 350 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-55874-804-0; $12.95 PA. HCI These true tales have shown that other teenagers share your worries and fears; that teens can make a difference in the world; and that the teenage years can be among the best –yet most difficult- of your life. Ages 13-up. The Chief‟s Blanket, by Michael Chanin. 32 pp; 8½x11¼; illus; ISBN: 0-915811-78-2; $14.95 HC. NWL ♦Chanin‘s moving story and Howard‘s joyful paintings combine to introduce today‘s children to a largely unknown piece of the history of the American frontier. Between 1820 and 1880, Navajo weavers living in what is now the Four Corners region of the southwest produced a body of art that ranks among the finest aesthetic accomplishments of the nineteenth century. It is against this background that Michael Chanin has woven a tale of love and compassion, of giving and receiving. Ages 4-8. Children of the Wild West, by Russell Freedman. 112 pp; 8¾x9¼; photos; index; ISBN: 0-395-54785-7; $9.95 PA. HMC Here is an unforgettable visit with American young people of the nineteenth-century American West. Ages 10-up. Circle of Wonder, a Native American Christmas Story, by N. Scott Momaday. 42 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-8263-2149-6; $19.95 HC. UNMP ♦Every youngster (and oldster!) will be enthralled by the paintings of Momaday (Kiowa, by way of Jemez) and his tale of a Pueblo Christmas. Ages 5-8. Clamshell Boy, a Makah Legend, by Terri Cohlene. 48 pp; 8x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8167-2361-3; $4.95 PA. TROLL ♦Retells the legend of Clamshell Boy, who rescues a captured group of children from the dreaded wild Basket Woman. Ages 9-13. Classroom Games, by Bobbie Kalman & Heather Levigne. 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-470-3; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book examines classroom games for different subjects, including mathematics, spelling, geography, and history, as well as art and music, played by children in 19th century North America. Ages 6-14. Colonial Home, by Bobbie Kalman & John Crossingham. 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-469-X; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book describes the homes, customs, and habits of seventeenth and eighteenth century North American settlers. Ages 6-14. Color the Wild Rockies: Discover the Great Outdoors, by Mary Pruett. 32 pp; 8½x11¼; illus; ISBN: 0-87108-301-9; $3.95 PA. PRUETT From bobcats and bears to raccoons and rabbits, young locals and visitors alike will enjoy coloring the animals, birds, and butterflies of the Rocky Mountains. Ages 8-11. Color the Wildflowers of the Rockies, by Mary Pruett. 32 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-87108-302-7; $4.95 PA. PRUETT ♦Brief descriptions of appearance and habitat are included to enhance your observations and discoveries of the great, wild Rocky Mountains. Games and quizzes add to the coloring fun. Ages 8-11. The Conquest of the West, ed. by Carter Smith. 96 pp; 7¼x10; photos; illus; maps; resource source; index; ISBN: 0-7613-0151-8; $8.95 PA. MILLB Describes and illustrates the western territorial expansion of the United States, from post-Revolution territorial activities of the former thirteen colonies to the last military clashes in the early 1900s, through a variety of images created during the period. Ages 12 and up. Cooking on a Stick: Campfire Recipes for Kids, by Linda White. 48 pp; 6x8; color illus; ISBN: 0-87905-727-0; $9.95 PA. GS Lots of simple recipes. Whatever you choose, you'll learn how to prepare it on a stick, in a pouch, or on the grill. Simple ingredients

and preparation, thorough safety guidelines, and basic campfire instructions will help make your outings fun ones. Ages 7-11. Counting Coup: Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation and Beyond, by Joseph Medicine Crow. 128 pp; 5½x8½; photos; map; ISBN: 9780792253914; $15.95 HC. NGS ♦This tells the remarkable story of Chief Joseph Medicine Crow completing the five passages that made him a Crow Chief. Ages 13-up. Cowboy Bunnies, by Christine Loomis. 24 pp; 5x6¼; illus; board book; ISBN: 0-399-24182-5; $6.99 PA. PEN ♦Little bunnies spend their day pretending to be cowboys, riding their ponies, mending fences, counting cows, eating cow, and singing cowboy tunes until it is time for bed. Ages 3-8. Cowboy Country, by Ann H. Scott. 40 pp; 8½x10½; illus; ISBN: 0395-76482-3; $6.95 PA. HMC Have you ever been to cowboy country? If not, here's your chance to go. You'll ride into the heart of the buckaroos' territory, the great open spaces where cattle are still roped, branded, and driven by men and women on horseback. You'll join an old cowboy on a pack trip to Devil's Canyon, cook your supper by a stream, and sleep under the stars. You'll hear about the days before barbed wire and pickup trucks, and you'll find out what's happening on ranches today. Ages 8-up. Cowboy in the Making, by Will James. 92 pp; 7¼x9¼; illus; color plates; ISBN: 0-87842-439-3; $15.00 HC. MP Young Billy explores the Montana border country with an old trapper at the turn of the twentieth century. Share Billy‘s excitement as he packs through the mountains on snowshoes, visits the cow camps, and ropes from atop his little black horse. Ages 10-up. Cowboy Stickers, by Steven J. Petruccio. 16 full-color stickers on 4 plates. ISBN: 0-486-40084-0; $1.50 PA. DOVER This sticker book contains 16 peel-and-apply illustrations of cowboys riding, roping, and aiming rifles; a sheriff and a masked desperado; and many more. Use these full-color stickers to add a Western flavor to greeting cards, lockers, notebooks, posters, and other flat surfaces. Ages 5-10. Cowboy Tattoos, by Steven J. Petruccio. 4 pp; 4x5¾; illus; ISBN: 0-486-43028-6; $1.50 PA. DOVER ♦Peel-and-apply a bronco buster, a cowboy riding shotgun on his galloping horse, a member of the cavalry displaying the American flag, and a rodeo rider exhibiting his skills. Ages 4-8. Cowboys & Longhorns, a Portrait of the Long Drive, by Jerry Stanley. 96 pp; 8½x9½; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-37581565-1; $18.95 HC. RH ♦This is the incredible and true story of how longhorns, the notoriously ornery cattle known for horns that could stretch up to eight feet in width, were driven from Texas to Kansas in order to meet the growing appetite for beef. Ages 10-up. Cowboys of the Old West Coloring Book, by David Rickman. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-25001-6; $3.95 PA. DOVER 37 detailed illustrations depict the legendary hero while informative captions describe the fascinating evolution of this symbol of the American spirit. Ages 6-10. Cowboys of the Wild West, by Russell Freedman. 108 pp; 8¾x9¼; map; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-395-54800-4; $9.95 PA. HMC People all over the world like to dress, walk, and talk the way they think American cowboys did in the heyday of the Wild West. What were cowboys really like? Newberry Medalist Russell Freedman provides a vivid look at the proud young men who inspired the legend -the old-time, trail-driving cowboys in the late nineteenth century. Ages 8-up. Cowboys on the Western Trail, the Cattle Drive Adventures of Josh McNabb & Davy Bartlett, by Eric Oatman. 40 pp; 7x9; photos; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-7922-6553-X; $6.99 PA. NGS ♦It is 1877 as 14-year-old Josh McNabb and 13-year-old Davy Bartlett set out to drive 3,000 cattle 800 miles from southern Texas to Ogallala, Nebraska. This brings to life the cowboy adventures of the 1870s against the backdrop of a wild land and a rapidly changing nation. Ages 12-up.


The Crow, by Edith Tarbescu. 64 pp; 8¼x9½; photos; maps; illus; glossary; sources; index; ISBN: 0-531-16470-5; $8.95 PA. FW This book takes readers on a journey back in time to discover the life and history of the Crow Indians –the foods they ate, the weapons they hunted with, and their struggle to preserve their land and the nation. Ages 12-up. Crow and Weasel, by Barry Lopez. 80 pp; 7x9; illus; ISBN: 0-37441613-3; $9.95 PA. FSG Long ago, when people and animals spoke the same language, two young men left their tribe to make an adventurous voyage through the wilderness, into the unknown northland. This fable of self-discovery follows Crow and Weasel as they face unfamiliar perils on a quest for knowledge and wisdom. The two heroes come of age and learn more than they ever could have imagined -about humanity's relationship to the land, the importance of respecting other peoples and giving thanks, and even the very nature of friendship itself. Ages 9-up. Daily Life in a Covered Wagon, by Paul Erickson. 48 pp; 9½x12¾; photos; illus; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-14-0562125; $7.99 PA. PEN This thrilling adventure back in time to the pioneering days of wagon trains uses a unique visual approach, with photographs of real objects from the past in close-up color to bring the period fully alive. This neatly chronicles a day in the life of the Larkin family, from breakfast cooked over a campfire, until the first watch takes up duties for the night. Ages 10-up. Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village 1868, by Michael Bad Hand Terry. 48 pp; 9½x12½; photos; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0395-97499-2; $10.95 PA. HMC This is a fascinating & detailed inside look at the daily life of a Plains Indian family more than 130 years ago. Packed with vivid, cull-color photos that show the family members and the items –from arrows and shields to games and sketchbooks- in their tipi home. Also highlights the duties of each family member including the children- and their roles in the larger, tribal community. Ages 9-up. Dakota Dugout, by Ann Turner. 32 pp; 7x9; illus; ISBN: 0-68971296-0; $5.99 PA. S&S Through a combination of spare, poetic text and expansive illustrations, readers can learn of life on the prairie as the settlers knew it –seen through the eyes of a woman who lived there a century ago. Ages 5-8. Dance of the Crystal Skull, by Norma Lehr. 160 pp; 5¼x7¾; map; ISBN: 0-87358-725-1; $6.95 PA. NOLAP On a trip to New Mexico during her school break, eleven-year-old Kathy Wicklow is the only one to see the vision of a crystal skull hovering in the opening of La Ventana, a window like rock formation. What could this strange apparition mean? Set in a land where the mystical worlds of ancient cultures come together, this gripping mystery will keep readers spellbound from start to finish. Ages 812. Dancing Drum, a Cherokee legend, by Terri Cohlene. 48 pp; 8x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8167-2362-1; $4.95 PA. TROLL ♦Retells the Cherokee legend in which Dancing Drum tries to make Grandmother Sun smile on The People again. Ages 9-13. Death of the Iron Horse, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 10x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71686-9; $7.99 PA. MACM In an act of bravery and defiance against the white men encroaching on their territory in 1867, a group of young Cheyenne braves derail and raid a freight train. Ages 4-9. Deneki, an Alaskan Moose, by William D. Berry. 48 pp; 8x10; illus; maps; ISBN: 0-938271-00-8; $8.95 PA. PNA Berry's acclaimed art enhances his enlightening story of the largest member of the deer family. Through the seasons, from birth to death from predation or hunting, all aspects of the moose's life are covered. Ages 10-up. Desert Giant, the World of the Saguaro Cactus, by Barbara Bash. 30 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-57805-085-5; $6.95 PA. SC ♦This documents the life cycle of this amazing cactus tree and the creatures it helps to support. Ages 9-13.

Desert Sticker Picture, by Jan Sovak. 2 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-48629365-3; $4.95 PA. DOVER ♦Select from 33 full-color stickers depicting a black-tailed prairie dog, jackrabbit, giant kangaroo rat, coyote, striped skunk, Gila monster, burrowing owl, desert tortoise, western rattlesnake, giant desert hairy scorpion and other creatures. Ages 4-8. Desert Voices, by Byrd Baylor & Peter Parnall. 32 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71691-5; $5.95 PA. S&S Shy and beautiful desert inhabitants describe the beauty of their home. Ages 5-8. Deserts, by Neil Morris. 32 pp; 8x10; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-839-3; $6.95 PA. CRABT This book looks at the various aspects of deserts, including natural features, wildlife, and the effect of humans. Ages 6-12. Destination Rocky Mountains, by Jonathan Grupper. 32 pp; 8¾x11¼; photos; map; notes; ISBN: 0-7922-7722-8; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC. NGS Believe it or not, there‘s more to them than mountains alone. The Rockies are wide open prairies. They‘re rolling foothills, forests, rock faces, and tundra. This is a look at all the different animals that live there. Ages 8-up. Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book, by Llyn Hunter. 32 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-25786-X; $3.95 PA. DOVER 28 prehistoric beasts, including the herbivorous Brachiosaurus and "helmeted" Corythosauras -shown in alphabetical order. Background information. Ages 6-10. The Dinosaur Coloring Book, by Anthony Rao. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-24022-3; $3.95 PA. DOVER 45 renderings of dinosaurs, fossil birds, turtles, other creatures of Mesozoic Era. Scientifically accurate. Captions. Ages 6-10. Dinosaur Life Activity Book, by Donald Silver. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-25809-2; $3.95 PA. DOVER Elementary-schoolage children learn about dinosaurs by following the dots, playing hidden word games, working mazes, doing crossword puzzles, more. Ages 5-9. Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Coloring Book, by Vernel Wagner. 64 pp; 8½x11; 29 drawings; glossary; ISBN: 0-94187505-9; $4.00 PA. WOLV Presents an exciting selection of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, with descriptive text that features updated theories of their probable lifestyles. Beginning with "first life" and continuing to the present, animal life is shown as it evolved. Text pages feature outlines that show the size of the animal in relation to man. A glossary and Earth-life chart round out this educational color book. Ages 7-12. Dinosaurs Big & Small, by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld. 40 pp; 9¾x8; illus; ISBN: 0-06-445182-8; $4.99 PA. HCP Some dinosaurs were BIG. How Big? As long as four school buses in a row, as heavy as sixteen elephants. Some dinosaurs were small. How Small? Read and find out. Ages 3-6. Discover American Indian Ways, a Carnegie Activity Book, by Pamela Soeder. 28 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-57098-199-X; $4.95 PA. RRINE Travel with a Cherokee family as they drive from their home outside Seattle to visit grandmom in North Carolina. Young readers are treated to brief stories and clever word puzzles, logic problems, art projects, and games. Ages 8-12. Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? by Carmela L. Coyle. 32 pp; 11x9¼; illus; ISBN: 9780873588287; $15.95 HC. NOLAP ♦Do princesses ride tricycles or climb trees? Do they even have to do chores? A spunky and inquisitive little girl asks her mom all sorts of questions about what it really means to be a princess. Through simple, yet original rhyme, a mother and daughter get to the heart of what it really means to be yourself. Ages 4-9. Dog People: Native Dog Stories, by Joseph Bruchac. 64 pp; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-55591-228-1; $14.95 HC. FULC Acclaimed Abenaki author and storyteller Bruchac offers five touching dog


stories that give new meaning to the phrase "faithful friends." Ages 8-12. The Donner Party, by Scott P. Werther. 48 pp; 6x8½; map; photos; illus; glossary; sources; index; ISBN: 0-516-23486-2; $6.95 PA. CP Presents the story of the ill-fated Donner party, stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the winter of 1846-47. Ages 8-11. Don‟t Tell That to Beasley, by Tara M. Reeves & Christa M. McElveen. 32 pp; 8¾x8¾; illus; ISBN: 1-57856-982-6; $9.99 HC. RH ♦Like some children, buffalo tend to unconsciously follow the crowd. Buffalo aren‘t expected to sing and dance, go to the beach, or play football. But Beasley isn‘t just any buffalo. This lovable, unforgettable bovine really knows how to be himself. He‘s discovered that uniqueness is something to be celebrated – especially for those who take life by the horns, finding the fun in every moment! Ages 4-7. Dream Wolf, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 7¾x10¼; color illus; ISBN: 0689-81506-9; $6.99 PA. S&S When two Plains Indian children become lost, they are cared for and guided safely home by a friendly wolf. Ages 5-8. Early Christmas, by Bobbie Kalman. 64 pp; 8½x11; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-003-1; $8.95 PA. CRABT Early Settler Life series. This covers Christmas festivities and customs of the early American and Canadian settlers. Ages 7-12. Earth & Me Our Family Tree, by J. Patrick Lewis. 36 pp; 9x11; illus; ISBN: 1-58469-030-5; $7.95 PA. DAWNP ♦With the same harmony and rhythm found in patterns of nature Lewis weaves a story of continuity. Readers will learn to appreciate nature‘s grand beauty. Ages 4-10. Earthquakes, by Neil Morris. 32 pp; 8x10; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-844-X; $6.95 PA. CRABT Discusses what an earthquake is, some major earthquakes in history, how quakes impact humans, and the science of measuring and predicting these disasters. Ages 6-12. Endangered Animals, by Lynn M. Stone; 48 pp; 7x8¼; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-516-41724-X; $4.95 PA. CP A New True Book. Discusses various endangered animal species in the world, why and how they became endangered, and what can be done to save them. Ages 5-9. Endangered Wolves, by Bobby Kalman. 40 pp; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780778719007; $6.95 PA. CRABT ♦Encapsulated story of wolves for ages 9-12. Everybody Needs a Rock, by Byrd Baylor. 32 pp; 9¾x8; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71051-8; $5.99 PA. S&S Everybody needs a rock -at least that's the way this particular rock hound feels about it in presenting her own highly individualistic rules for finding just the right rock for you. Ages 4-8. Expedition Yellowstone: A Mountain Adventure, by Sandra C. Robinson. 184 pp; 7x9½; photos; illus; maps; timelines; ISBN: 1911797-25-4; $12.50 PA. RRINE Recognized as "one of the top three Western juvenile books published in the U.S. during the year of 1986 by Western Writers of America, it is the story of Yellowstone. Ages 9-12. Exploring the Frontier, ed. by Carter Smith. 94 pp; 7¼x10; photos; illus; maps; resource guide; index; ISBN: 0-7613-0152-6; $8.95 PA. MILLB Describes and illustrates the exploration of the American frontier from 1774 to the late nineteenth century, through a variety of images created during that period. Ages 12-up. Facing West, a Story of the Oregon Trail, by Kathleen V. Kudlinski. 64 pp; 5x8; illus; ISBN: 0-14-036914-7; $5.99 PA. PEN ♦In the spring of 1845, Ben and his family set out on the 2,000 mile journey west by covered wagon. He and other pioneers must face hunger and thirst, rough weather, angry Indians, and wild animals.

For Ben, however, there is another danger: at any time, he could have a devastating asthma attack. The trail –and the future- hold real terror for him. Does he have the strength to face them? Ages 5-8. The Family of Earth, by Schim Schimmel. 20 pp; 5¼x6¼; illus: board book; ISBN: 1-55971-833-1; $6.95 PA. CPI In soothing language and brilliant artwork, author Schim Schimmel shows us that we are all part of the same family of Earth. Ages 3-6. Famous Native North Americans, by Bobbie Kalman & Mollie Aloian. 40 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-77870471-8; $8.95 PA. CRABTR ♦Profiles Native Americans who made significant differences in the histories of their own nation, and in the history of the United States and Canada, as interpreters, guides, warriors, and peacemakers. Ages 6-12. Far from Home, West by Rail with the Harvey Girls (Paper Dolls), by Lesley Poling-Kempes. 28 pp; 9¼x12¼; cutouts; glossary; ISBN: 0-89672-330-5; $7.95 PA. TTUP This is the first in a three-volume paper dolls series that features the authentic uniforms and fashions of the day worn by the Harvey Girls and are based on the holdings of the Arizona State Capitol Museum. The text, presented as journal entries, details the lives of Mayetta and Christine, two young women working as Harvey Girls in the 1890s in the American West. Ages 8-up. Fishing in a Brook, by Lawson Drinkard. 64 pp; 6x8; illus; diag; ISBN: 0-87905-940-0; $9.95 PA. GS Whether your fishing fantasy be in a brook, bayou, or bay, simply turn the pages & get ready to cast out on your own fishing adventure. Ages 6-up. The Flight of Red Bird: The Life of Zitkala-sa, Re-created by Doreen Rappaport. 208 pp; 5x7¾; photos; glossary; sources; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-14-130465-0; $5.99 PA. PEN Back home on the reservation, short hair is only worn by cowards. But despite Gertrude‘s struggling, the adults at her new school cut off her long braids. Gertrude is forced to become ―civilized‖ –to give up her language and her culture, and to grow up far from the warmth of home. As an adult she renames herself Zitkala-sa, which means ―Red Bird,‖ and fights for justice for Native Americans. Told in her own words from her diary and letters, her story will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of making a difference. Ages 10-up. The Flute Player: An Apache Folktale, Retold & Illus by Michael Lacapa. 48 pp; 10½x9; color illus; ISBN: 0-87358-627-1; $7.95 PA. NOLAP The tripping notes of a wooden flute echo from the steep red walls of a lonely Southwestern canyon. The sounds drift up through the green leaves of the cottonwood trees that line the banks of the rippling canyon stream. But who is playing the flute? Discover the story of the flute player in this centuries old Apache folktale. Ages 6-8. Forest Animals, by Feeney, Fredericks, et al. 192 pp; 8¾x8¾; color photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55971-708-4; $16.95 HC. CPI How does a wolf pack hunt? Why do deer fawns have spots? Where are bear cubs born? When does a bull moose cast its antlers? You‘ll find out the answers to these questions –plus a whole lot more. Ages 10-up. Forest Animals Coloring Book, by Dianne Gaspas. 8¼x11; 48 pp; good illustrations; ISBN: 0-486-41316-0; $3.95 PA. DOVER This entertaining and educational coloring book introduces young nature lovers to more than 45 animals commonly found in the forests of the eastern United States and Canada. Ages 8-12. The Forgotten Heroes: The Story of the Buffalo Soldiers, by Clinton Cox. 192 pp; 5¼x7½; photos; map; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0590-45122-7; $4.50 PA. SCHOL This is the tragic story of the African-American soldiers who had hoped to find a freedom they had never known by joining the army. But, ironically, their military mission was to take freedom away from people who had always known it -Native Americans. Ages 12-up.


Four Wheels West, a Wyoming Number Book, by Eugene Gagliano. Illustrated by Susan Guy. 38 pp; 11x9½; illus; ISBN: 9781585362107; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦This number book details Wyoming‘s landscapes, natures, history, and more. Peruse on and count your way past the oil rigs, bison herds, and horned lizards. Ages 4-8. Frederic Remington, by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. 64 pp; 7½x8¾; photos; illus; further reading; index; ISBN: 0-531-20172-4; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 HC. FWATTS A great book for juveniles about one of the West's great artists and illustrators. Ages 12 and up. Friday, the Arapaho Boy, by Marc Simmons. 56 pp; 8¾x10¾; illus; ISBN: 0-8263-3609-4; $18.95 HC. UNMP ♦This is a true story of a young Arapaho boy‘s life in both his world and that of whites in the nineteenth century. It is an affirmation of the good individuals can do in a difficult situation. Ages 8-up. From Slave to Superstar of the Wild West, the Awesome Story of Jim Beckwourth, by Tom DeMund. 160 pp; 7½x10½; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780978690403; $18.95 HC. LWPC ♦This is a fresh, inspiring, easy-to-read look at the life of James Beckwourth, a much respected black adventurer of the frontier West. Ages 13-up. Frontier Farmer, Kansas Adventures, by Catherine E. Chambers. 32 pp; 8¼x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8167-6334-8; $3.95 PA. TROLL ♦When Matt‘s father dies in 1881, he and his mother decide to stay on their Kansas homestead despite the perils of life n that frontier. Ages 9-13. Frontier Life: Life in America 100 Years Ago, by David Ritchie. 104 pp; 8¼x8¼; photos; illus; further reading; index; ISBN: 0-79102842-9; $14.95 HC. CHELH This volume explores the hazards and problems of life on the frontier, and the forces that brought about the industrialized society of today. Ages 10-up. Fun with Hand Shadows, by Frank Jacobs & Henry Bursill. 64 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 0-486-29176-6; $1.50 PA. DOVER This charming book shows you how to have fun with a pastime that has delighted children and adults for generations: making shadow pictures on the wall with your hands and fingers. Ages 6-10. Fun with Nature, by NorthWord Press, eds. 288 pp; 8¾x8¾; color illus; ISBN: 1-55971-702-5; $16.95 HC. CPI ♦This helps you find out what it looks like, what it eats, and where to find it. Ages 13-up. Fun with Wild West Stencils, by Paul E. Kennedy. 6 pp; 5x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-28207-4; $1.50 PA. DOVER Youngsters will enjoy tracing the familiar outlines of a Texas longhorn, a bucking bronco, a cactus, and three others. Ages 6-10. Games from Long Ago, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x11½; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-521-1; $7.95 PA CRABT This examines the different type of games, including outdoor games, parlor games, and board games, played by children in nineteenthcentury North America. Ages 5-12. The General Store, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x10½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-462-2; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book examines features of nineteenth-century general stores, including merchandise, packaging, communications, and the post office. It also looks at the barter system, the store's place in community life, and the role of the storekeeper. Ages 6-12. Geronimo, Young Warrior, by George E. Stanley. 166 pp; 5x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-689-84455-7; $4.99 PA. S&S This is an excellent story of the young Apache warrior‘s growing-up days. Ages 8-12. The Gift of the Sacred Dog, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0-02-043280-1; $6.99 PA. MACM In response to an Indian boy's prayer for help for his hungry people, the Great Spirit

sends the gift of the Sacred Dogs, horses, which enable the tribe to hunt for buffalo. Ages 4-9. The Gigglesnitcher, by Stephen E. Cosgrove. 44 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-55868-034-9; $12.95 HC. GACP The Gigglesnitcher has stolen all of the Levity Tree's magical giggle blossoms and laughing leaves. The birds have stopped singing, the animals are grumpy and the Muffin Muncher is so upset that his tears are creating a flood in the village! But all ends well when beloved Leo the Lop and Morgan, the great white unicorn, come to the rescue and try to persuade the thief to change his ways. Ages 7-12. The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71696-6; $6.99 PA. MACM Goble's wonderful art is present in this story of a young Native American girl devoted to the care of her tribe's horses and how she eventually becomes one of them to forever run free. Ages 4-9. The Goat in the Rug, by Charles L. Blood & Martin Link. Illus. by Nancy Winslow Parker. 40 pp; 7x10; color illus; ISBN: 0-68971418-1; $6.99 PA. S&S Geraldine, a goat, describes each step as she and her Navajo friend make a rug from Geraldine's hair, from the hair clipping and carding to the dyeing and actual weaving. Ages 8-12. Godey‟s Fashions Paper Dolls 1860-1879, by Ming-Ju Sun. 16 pp; 9x12; color plates; ISBN: 0-486-43424-0; $5.95 PA. DOVER ♦Two dolls, accompanied by sixteen costumes, can be dressed in elegant party and evening dresses of muslin and silk; lavish bridal gowns trimmed with ruffles and lace, and daytime wear accented with appliqué work. Outfits are accompanied by hats and hairstyles of the period. Ages 6-10. Going Along the Emigrant Trails, by Barbara Fifer. 48 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-56037-354-7; $12.95 PA. FCP ♦Imagine that you and your family are heading west in a covered wagon to Oregon country or California. This is what 350,000 Americans did from 1851 to the mid-1860s, when they sold their homes and moved to the western United States. Fifer tells you who these travelers were, where they traveled, and what their lives were like along the way. Ages 8-12. Going Along with Lewis & Clark, by Barbara Fifer. 48 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; maps; ISBN: 1-56037-151-X; $11.95 PA. FCP This puts you right with the Corps of Discovery and helps show what the trip was like for the men, one woman, and the baby who made up the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 1803-1806. Ages 10-up. Going to Yellowstone, by Peter & Connie Roop. 48 pp; 8½x11; map; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-56037-361-X; $12.95 PA. FCP ♦Explores all of Yellowstone‘s geographical features, critters, glaciers, geysers, and fires. Ages 12-up. Going West, by Carol A. Johnson & Elizabeth J. Rieth. 96 pp; 10x10; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 1-885593-38-4; $12.95 PA. IDEALS ♦Journey on a wagon train to settle a frontier town. It‘s wagons, ho as you travel the Oregon Trail, make true-to-life choices, use your ingenuity, and discover the true spirit of the American frontier. Ages 7-14. Going West, by Jean Van Leeuwen. 48 pp; 10½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-14-056096-3; $5.99 PA. PEN This follows a family's emigration by prairie schooner from the East, across the plains to the West. Ages 5-8. Goodbird the Indian: His Story, by Edward Goodbird. 104 pp; 5x7½; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87351-188-3; $8.95 PA. MINHSP In simple and appealing prose Edward Goodbird (1869-1938), a Hidatsa Indian from the Fort Berthoud Reservation in western North Dakota, describes growing up and learning about traditional skills, religious beliefs, and history during a time of tumultuous change. Ages 13-up. The Good Fight: How World War II Was Won, by Stephen E. Ambrose. 98 pp; 10¼x10½; photos; maps; timeline; glossary;


bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-689-84361-5; $19.95 HC. S&S This is a vivid, encapsulated history of WWII told with text, photos, and maps, to insure that our children know the horrific price of the freedom they enjoy today cost the world. Ages 9-up. Grandmother Five Baskets, by Lisa Larrabee. 64 pp; 7x10; illus; map; ISBN: 0-943173-90-6; $9.95 PA. HARBH Anna, a Young Creek Indian, must call upon her own discipline and persistence in carrying out her assigned task of producing the five traditional baskets under the guidance of Grandmother Five Baskets. Ages 8-12. Great Explorations: 100 Creative Play Ideas for Parents and Preschoolers from Playspace, by Amy Nolan. Illus. by Kim Gulino. 272 pp; 9x8; illus; appendix; ISBN: 0-671-52857-2; $12.00 PA. S&S From one of the most popular children's museums in the world comes an activity book that parents and kids alike will love. With simple step-by-step descriptions-using everyday household materials, learn to make everything from homemade playdough to a colorful climbing garden. All the Great Explorations activities emphasize a discovery-based approach to learning, which builds a foundation for the skills a child needs to be successful in school and at home. Also includes a thorough list of the materials needed to get started. Ages 4-up. Great Indian Chiefs Coloring Book, by Bellerophon Books, eds. 48 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-88388-033-4; $4.95 PA. BELL Color & history of the Native American chiefs of major importance, from Hiawatha to Sitting Bull. Ages 6-10. Great Native Americans Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 48 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-486-29607-5; $3.95 PA. DOVER In this carefully researched and accurately rendered coloring book, artist Copeland dramatically portrays 42 outstanding Native Americans who lived between the 17th and 20th centuries. Ages 6-10. The Great Race of the Birds and Animals, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 9x9; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71452-1; $6.99 PA. MACM This is the retelling of the Cheyenne and Sioux myth about the Great Race, a contest called by the Creator to settle the question of whether man or buffalo should have supremacy and thus become the guardians of Creation. Ages 4-9. The Great Yellowstone Grand Teton Glacier Activity Book, by Rising Moon. 56 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-860-6; $7.95 PA. NOLAP ♦These pages are packed with everything from word scrambles to dot-to-dots to crossword puzzles, all featuring the amazing Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Glacier National Parks. Ages 8-12 Gullywasher: El Chaparron Torrencial, by Joyce Rossi. 32 pp; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-87358-728-6; $7.95 PA. NOLAP In his outrageous tale, grandfather Abuelito describes how a thundershower wrinkled his skin, a hummingbird building a nest plucked out his dark hair, and an afternoon snack of corn kernels and chile peppers gave him a round belly. And you‘ll never guess how he explains his bent back! Ages 5-8. Handbook of American Indian Games, by Allan & Paulette Macfarlan. 288 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-486-24837-2; $8.95 PA. DOVER 150 Authentic American Indian games for boys and girls of all ages -running, relay, kicking, throwing, guessing, groupchallenge and other games. 74 illustrations. Ages 6-17. Hawks (for kids), by Sumner Matteson. 48 pp; 8½x8½; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-55971-462-X; $6.95 PA. NP Kids will learn all about hawks -from nesting behavior to how they catch their food to where they go in the winter. They'll also enjoy the fun facts and stories of amazing feats -like how an airplane going 175 miles per hour got passed by a peregrine falcon! Or that between 15,000 and 25,000 hawks can be seen in one day at a place called Hawk Ridge. Over 40 color photos. Ages 8-12. Heading Southwest: Along the Santa Fe Trail, an Activity Book for Children, by William E. & Jan C. Hill. 32 pp; 8½x11, illus; map; diag; ISBN: 0-9636071-1-1; $3.95 PA. TAMB Santa

Fe Trail activity book, with coloring, mazes, connect-the-dots and more. Ages 8-11. Heart of the Wild, by Chet Schwarzkopf. 286 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-407-9; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP This collection of twenty wild animal stories will delight readers of all ages. Each tale shows the point of view of a particular wild animal, describing his natural environment, the characteristics of his species, and recounting his daily pursuits and adventures. Ages 12-up. Heetunka‟s Harvest, a Tale of the Plains Indians, retold by Jennifer B. Jones. 32 pp; 9x12; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-57098-235X; $8.95 PA. RRINE Each autumn, when Heetunka the Bean Mouse gathers earth beans for her underground storehouse, the women from the tipi encampment come to trade with suet or dried corn. One day, a woman decides to ignore the lessons of her grandmothers and takes all of the beans without leaving the Bean Mouse anything in return. When the spirits become angry, she ignores their warnings, and learns a hard lesson about greed and selfishness when her tipi is the only one destroyed by a prairie fire. Ages 6-12. Her Seven Brothers, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0689-71730-X; $6.99 PA. MACM When an Indian girl begins to make clothes beautifully decorated with porcupine quills for seven brothers she has not yet met, her parents believe that unseen powers have spoken to her. The girl knows she must travel to the North Country to find the seven brothers. She comforts her mother by saying "Soon you will see me again with my brothers; everyone will know and love us!" Ages 5-8. “Hey Ranger!” Kids Ask Questions About Yellowstone Park, by Kim Williams Justesen. 48 pp; 11x8½; illus; ISBN: 9780762738465; $9.95 PA. FALP ♦This answers the real questions –some smart, some silly- that kids ask rangers every day. Filled with fascinating facts and ready-to-color illustrations, this fun and educational guide offers hours of entertainment for explorers of all ages. Ages 6-12. Historic North American Forts Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 48 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-486-41036-6; $3.95 PA. DOVER This excellent collection of ready-to-color illustrations of forts and citadels in North America provides authentic images of 44 of these fortifications –from as far south as Puerto Rico to the northernmost reaches of the U.S. and Canada. Ages 6-10. A Historical Album of Colorado, Charles A. Wills. 64 pp; 7¼x9; photos; illus; maps; resource guide; ISBN: 1-56294-858-X; $6.95 PA. MILLB This is a history of Colorado, from its early exploration and settlement to the state today. Ages 12-up. A Historical Album of Nebraska, by Charles A. Wills. 64 pp; 7¼x9; photos; illus; maps; resource guide; index; ISBN: 1-56294852-0; $6.95 PA. MILLB This is a history of Nebraska, from its early exploration and settlement to the state today. Ages 12-up. Hitch, by Jeanette Ingold. 288 pp; 6x8½; ISBN: 0-15-204747-6; $17.00 HC. HBJ ♦For a while there, it seems the Great Depression is going to pass by seventeen-year-old Moss Trawnley: He‘s got a job at an airfield that supports him and his mother back home; a guaranteed spot at a good technical school in the fall; and a promising future with Beatty, a girl he just might be in love with. Then his luck turns, and he‘s left jobless, homeless, and unsure of where he fits in this harsh new world. He ends up signing on for a six-month hitch with president Roosevelt‘s Civilian Conservation Corps –at least he‘ll have food and a roof over his head. But during the course of two seasons of hard outdoor work, Moss gets quite an education about the value of hard work, about caring for others, and about taking responsibility for his own future. Ages 12-up. Holding the Reins, a Ride Through Cowgirl Life, by Marc Talbert. 112 pp; 8½x9¼; photos; ISBN: 0-06-029255-5; $16.99 HC. HCP ♦ Here are cattle-branding, sheep-docking, hay-


baling, cow-milking, horse-feeding, auction-watching, buttermaking, calf-roping, barrel-racing cowgirls! Ages 10-up. Home Crafts, by Bobbie Kalman. 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-86505-505-X; $7.95 PA. CRABT ♦A wide variety of crafts is examined, including spinning and weaving, soap and candle making, and quilting. Ages 6-14. Hooray for Beekeeping! by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x9½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-668-4; $7.95 PA. CRABT This introduces bees and beekeeping, covering such aspects as pollination, the making of honey, and beekeeping equipment and practices. Ages 5-8. Hooray for Dairy Farming, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x9½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-664-1; $7.95 PA. CRABT Presents a good look at life on a dairy farm, describing how the cows are housed, fed, cared for, and milked. Ages 5-8. Hooray for Sheep Farming, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x9½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-669-2; $7.95 PA. CRABT This explains the farming of sheep for wool, covering such aspects as shearing, lambs, sheep dogs, wool processing, farm maintenance, and the proper care of sheep. Ages 5-8. Horse Raid: An Arapaho Camp in the 1800s, by Susan Korman. 32 pp; 8x10; color illus; ISBN: 1-56899-614-4; $5.95 PA. SOUNDP While visiting the Smithsonian Institution‘s Museum of Natural History to see the Native Cultures of the Americas exhibit, Kevin travels back in time to an Arapaho Indian camp in the mid-1800s. Ages 8-11. Horse Thief, by Robert N. Peck. 288 pp; 4¼x6¾; ISBN: 0-06441075-7; $5.99 MM. C12 HCP ♦In 1938, with the help of a doctor and her elderly horse-stealing father, a seventeen-year-old orphan steals thirteen horses from Chickalookee, Florida‘s doomed rodeo and finds a family in the process. Ages 12-up. Horses of the World Coloring Book, by John Green. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-24985-9; $3.95 PA. DOVER 40 beautiful, accurate renderings of favorite breeds: Arabian, Lipizzaner, Appaloosa, mustangs, and more -all ready to color. Captions. Ages 6-10. Horses Stickers, by John Green. 4 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-48640596-6; $5.95 PA. DOVER ♦Green has produced appealing portraits of 28 breeds: pinto, Tennessee walking horse, Appaloosa, Lipizzaner, mustang, Irish draft, quarter horse, Clydesdale, Morgan, Arabian, Missouri foxtrotter, Percheron, and 16 others. Horses are shown full-length and in close-up portraits, with riders astride, and even with foals. Ages 6-10. The Horse's Return to America, by Herman J. Viola. 32 pp; 8x8; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-56899-137-1; $4.95 PA. SOUNDP The last horse died 9,000 years ago. Why, then, are there horses in America today? This tells the story for ages 8-11. How Jackrabbit Got His Very Long Ears, by Heather Irbinskas. 32 pp; 9x11½; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-566-6; $15.95 HC. NOLAP This is a sensitive, original tale that teaches children to listen carefully, to treat others kindly, and to see that they, like Bobcat, Tortoise, Roadrunner, and even Jackrabbit, are all special in their own ways. Ages 5-11. How Marten Got His Spots & Other Kootenai Indian Stories, by the Kootenai Culture Committee.48 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-91729892-6; $8.95 PA. MHSP ♦These Kootenai stories were originally intended to help educate young tribal members about their history and culture. Ages 6-up. How the Morning and Evening Stars Came to Be & Other Assiniboine Indian Stories, by Assiniboine Elders. 44 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-917298-96-9; $9.95 PA. MHSP ♦Three traditional Assiniboine Indian stories –one the story of the creation of the morning and evening stars, the others stories about Inkdomi the trickster- offer a reflection of a sustaining culture, many of whose

members live in northeastern Montana on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap reservations. Ages 6-up. How the Summer Season Came & Other Assiniboine Indian Stories, by Assiniboine Elders. 104 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-91729894-2; $9.95 PA. MHSP ♦These Assiniboine stories were originally intended to help educate young tribal members about their history and culture. Ages 6-up. How to Draw Indian Arts and Crafts, by John Meiczinger. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-8167-1515-7; $3.95 PA. TROLL ♦An easyto-follow basic drawing book. Ages 9-12. How We Crossed the West, the Adventures of Lewis & Clark, by Rosalyn Schanzer. 48 pp; 8¾x10¾; map; color illus; ISBN: 07922-6726-5; $7.95 PA. NGS Through quotes from the travelers' own journals, you'll relive hair-raising adventures and narrow escapes. With Lewis and Clark, you'll meet Sioux chiefs, and travel with the legendary teenager Sacagawea. Ages 8-up. Hurricanes & Tornadoes, by Neil Morris. 32 pp; 8x10; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-843-1; $6.95 PA. CRABT Introduces the different types of hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, cyclones, and waterspouts, their histories, and their effects on property and humans. Ages 6-12. ...If You Lived with the Sioux Indians, by Ann McGovern. 80 pp; 9x7½; color illus; ISBN: 0-590-45162-6; $5.99 PA. SCHOL This book tells you what it was like to live as a Sioux Indian in North and South Dakota during the years 1800 to 1850. Ages 8-12. ...If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon, by Ellen Levine. 80 pp; 9x7½; color illus; map; ISBN: 0-590-45158-8; $5.99 PA. SCHOL This book tells you what it was like to be a pioneer and travel west to Oregon in the 1840s. Ages 8-12. If You're Not from the Prairie..., by David Bouchard. Illus. by Henry Ripplinger. 32 pp; 10¼x9½; color illus; ISBN: 0-689-820356; $6.99 PA. S&S This is a wonderful visual and poetic journey back to those times and the feelings they elicit. A genuine treasure for the mind and the soul. Ages 5-8. I Don‟t See Any Bears Do You? by Theresa Howell. 10 pp; 7x7; illus; board book; ISBN: 0-87358-862-2; $7.95 PA. NOLAP ♦This is a Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier glow-in-the-dark adventure. The glow eyes will thrill little readers whether they‘re in the car, tucked in bed, or in a tent. Ages 3-5. I‟m Sorry, Almira Ann, by Jane Kurtz. 124 pp; 5¼x8; map; illus; ISBN: 0-8050-6094-4; $15.95 HC. HHC Eight-year-old Sarah‘s high spirits help make her family‘s long journey from Missouri to Oregon more bearable, though they do cause both her and her best friend Almira Ann, some problems. Ages 8-12. In a Sacred Manner I Live: Native American Wisdom, ed. by Neil Philip. 96 pp; 6½x10; photos; sources; ISBN: 0-618-60483-9; $8.95 PA. HMC ♦Part of the power of this handsome book comes from the words of Native American men and women, who speak on peace and war, true teachings and false ones, visions of the sacred path and betrayal in certain situations, the changing seasons, and much more. Ages 13-up. In the Barn, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x10½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-463-0; $7.95 PA. CRABT Examines the barn as the center of farm life for early settlers in North America. Ages 6-14. In the Days of the Vaqueros: America‟s First Cowboys, by Russell Freedman. 70 pp; 9½x9½; Bibliog, index, illus; ISBN: 0395-96788-0; Reduced to retail at: $16.00 HC. HMC Freedman tells the fascinating story of the vaqueros in this dramatic account of the first true cowboys, illustrated with evocative period paintings and drawings. Ages 8-12.


In the Saddle with Uncle Bill, by Will James. 204 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-428-8; $14.00 PA. MP This is James‘s second book with Kip, Scootie, and the wily cowboy. Join Kip, Scootie, and Uncle Bill for some wild adventures in the saddle, bareback, and on foot as they follow each other‘s tracks. Ages 8-up. Indian Chiefs Tattoos, by Jan Sovak. 2 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 0-48628992-3; $1.50 PA. DOVER Eight Native American temporary tattoos to place on arms, legs, cheeks and other body parts. Ages 6-10. Indian Tribes of North America Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-26303-7; $3.95 PA. DOVER 38 illustrations of Seminoles, Mohawk, Iroquois, Crow, Cherokee, Huron, other tribes engaged in hunting, dancing, cooking, and other activities. Ages 6-10. Indian Village Sticker Activity Book, by Cathy Beylon. 27 fullcolor stickers on 4 plates; 4x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-29644-X; $1.50 PA. DOVER Travel back in time to visit a traditional North American Indian village with this accurate, colorful activity book. The scenic backdrop provided on the inside front and back covers is a perfect setting for 27 full-color sticker illustrations of the many activities that take place here. Ages 6-10. Insects Coloring Book, by Jan Sovak. 48 pp; 8¼x11; color plates; list of names; ISBN: 0-486-27998-7; $3.95 PA. DOVER Sovak has captured the astonishing diversity of size, shape and coloration in the insect world in precise, carefully researched depictions of 45 species. By coloring these plates, colorists will not only enjoy hours of coloring fun, they'll learn, through informative captions, fascinating facts about the insect life. Ages 6-10. Jack and the Giant: A Story Full of Beans, by Jim Harris. 32 pp; 8¼x12¼; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-680-8; $15.95 HC. NOLAP From the acclaimed illustrator of The Three Javelinas comes this Southwestern ―Jack and the Beanstalk‖ that is so twisted you‘ll be in stitches for days. Ages 5-8. Jake the Cowboy with 21 Stickers, by Robbie Stillerman. 8 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-41633-X; $1.50 PA. DOVER You‘ll find hats, boots, gloves, spurs, a bandanna, and sixteen more stickers. Ages 5-10. Jenny of the Tetons, by Kristiana Gregory. 180 pp; 4½x7; ISBN: 0-15-216770-6; $6.95 PA. HBJ ♦Reissue. Carrie Hill hates Indians. Indians killed her parents. Indians left her wounded and alone. Indians ruined her life. Now, with nowhere else to go, she signs on to help care for the growing family of Beaver Dick Leigh, an adventurous English trapper. To her dismay, Carrie discovers that Beaver Dick‘s wife, Jenny, is a Shoshoni Indian. But as her wounds heal under Jenny‘s gentle care, Carrie begins to respect and love this kind and sensitive woman. Ages 9-up. John James Audubon: Wildlife Artist, by Peter Anderson. 64 pp; 7x8½; photos; illus; further reading; index; ISBN: 0-531-15762-8; $6.95 PA. FWATTS Read about the fascinating life of John James Audubon, an ornithologist, naturalist, and artist famous for his accurate paintings of birds and animals. Ages 9-12. John Muir, My Life with Nature, by Joseph Cornell. 80 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; maps; ISBN: 1-58469-009-7; $8.95 PA. DAWNP Presents the life of naturalist John Muir. Ages 13-up. Julie, Jean C. George. 237 pp. 5½x8½ illus; ISBN: 0-06-0235284; $16.95 HC. HCP This sequel to Julie of the Wolves eloquently captures of interweaving the ways of the old world with the new, ad sings of the beauty of a land where the wolves still run wild and where one young woman‘s determination can make all the difference. Ages 13-up. Julie of the Wolves, by Jean C. George. 192 pp; 5½x8½; Illus; ISBN: 0-06-021943-2; $15.99 HC. HCP Faced with the prospect of a disagreeable arranged marriage or a journey across the barren Alaskan tundra, 13-year-old Miyax chooses the tundra. She finds herself caught between the traditional Eskimo ways and

the modern ways of the whites. Miyax, or Julie as her pen pal Amy calls her, sets out alone to visit Amy in San Francisco, a world far away from Eskimo culture and the frozen land of Alaska. During her long and arduous journey, Miyax comes to appreciate the value of her Eskimo heritage, learns about herself, and wins the friendship of a pack of wolves. After learning the language of the wolves and slowly earning their trust, Julie becomes a member of the pack. Ages 13-up. Julie‟s Wolf Pack, by Jean C. George. 208 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-06-027406-9; $16.95 HC. HCP This third book follows wolf pack leader Kapu, a true and noble wolf of the Arctic tundra. Ages 13-up. Jurassic Dinosaurs Sticker Picture, by Jan Sovak. 2 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-486-29669-5; $5.95 PA. DOVER ♦Choose from 36 fullcolor stocker portraits of Jurassic dinosaurs: Apatosaurus, diplodocus, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, allosaurus and more. Ages 6-10. Kachinas, a Native American Craft Kit, by Catherine Nichols. ISBN: 0-8167-4049-6; $7.95 KIT. TROLL ♦Kachinas are small wooden dolls made in the likeness of Pueblo Indian spirits. Hand carved from the soft roots of the cottonwood tree, they are given as presents to children. Kachinas aren‘t played with as toys; rather, they are treasured as valuable possessions. Ages 6-12. Warning! Choking hazard –Small parts not for children under 3 years. Keepers of Life: Discovering Plants through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children, by Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac. 288 pp; 8¾x11¼; maps; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55591-387-3; $19.95 PA. FULC Using the ancient wisdom of North American Indian stories as the connector, Caduto & Bruchac have built bridges of understanding between people and the natural world -first in Keepers of the earth, then in Keepers of the Animals and Keepers of the Night. Now comes Keepers of Life, which unifies humans, plants and all that lives in the great cycle of coming and going, giving and receiving that is life itself. The span of stories is well grounded in knowledge of science and human cultures. All along its length, supplemental text and activities support it. Ages 9-15. Keepers of the Animals, Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children, by Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac. f88 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55591-386-5; $19.95 PA. FULC This gathering of carefully selected Native American animal stories and related activities for children, ages five through twelve, promotes responsible stewardship toward all animals on Earth, including human beings. Ages 9-15. Keepers of the Earth, Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children, by Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac. 240 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55591-385-7; $19.95 PA. FULC This is a book about living, learning and caring. It features a collection of North American Indian stories and related hands-on activities designed to inspire children -ages five through twelve- help them to feel a part of their surroundings, and facilitate their discovery of the environment. Ages 9-13 Kids Explore America's Japanese American Heritage, by Westridge Young Writers Workshop. 144 pp; 7x9; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56261-155-0; Reduced to retail at: $6.95 PA. JM This lovely book is a kids'-eye view of Japanese American culture and celebrates the many contributions Japanese Americans have made to our country. Ages 10-up. A Kid's Guide to Finding Good Stuff, by Bill Klein. 64 pp; 9¼x10¼; illus; diagrams; ISBN: 0-943173-96-5; Reduced to retail at: $7.95 PA. HARBH A sourcebook of creative scrounging! Helps kids locate free, or almost-free, materials to transform into innovative projects of their own. Ages 8-14. The Lakota Sioux, by Andrew Santella. 48 pp; 7x8½; map; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-516-27323-X; $6.95 PA. CP


Presents a good overview of the Sioux nation from past to present time. Ages 8-10. The Language of Flowers Coloring Book, by John Green. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-43035-9; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦A treat for coloring book fans and flower lovers, these illustrations depict 30 floral beauties, with brief captions describing what the flowers symbolize. Ages 5-up. The Last Bit Bear, a Fable, by Sandra C. de Yonge. 48 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-57098-431-X; $7.95 PA. RRINE ♦This is the story of Clover, the last bear of his kind, and his search for the leaves of the mook tree –the food upon which his life depends. Along the way he makes all kinds of friends, including a trapped wolf, a wisecracking rat, a fish with a smile, and a little boy who holds the key to their survival –access to a national park. Ages 4-8. The Last Rail: The Building of the First Transcontinental Railroad, by Darice Bailer. 32 pp; 8x10; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-56899-363-3; $5.95 PA. SOUNDP While on a field trip to the National Museum of American History, ten-year-old Lucy imagines herself as Andrew Russell, taking a picture of the joining of the Central and Union Pacific Railroads at Promontory Summit, Utah, in 1869. Ages 8-11. The Legend of Jimmy Spoon, by Kristiana Gregory. 208 pp; 5x7½; photo; bibliog; ISBN: 0-15-216776-5; $6.00 PA. HBJ Twelve-year-old Jimmy takes up two Shoshoni boys offer of a horse if he will ride with them to their camp, but when he gets there he finds that he is expected to stay as the son of the Chief's mother! This book was inspired by the memoirs of Charles Wilson, who actually lived with Chief Washakie's tribe as a boy in the mid1800s. Ages 10-15. The Legend of the Bluebonnet, by Tomie DePaola. 32 pp; 8x10; color illus; ISBN: 0-698-11359-4; $6.99 PA. PUT This is a superb retelling of the Comanche Indian legend of how a little girl's sacrifice brought the flower called bluebonnet to Texas. Ages 4-8. The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush, retold & illus. by Tomie DePaola. 40 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0-698-11360-8; $7.99 PA. PUT Little Gopher follows his destiny, as revealed in a Dream-Vision, of becoming an artist for his people and eventually is able to bring the colors of the sunset down to earth. Ages 5-8. The Legend of the White Buffalo Woman, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 9x11; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-7922-6552-1; $7.95 PA. NGS "Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, told my Buffalo People to send me to you today." With these words the beautiful and mysterious White Buffalo Woman offers the Lakota Nation a wonderful gift--the gift of a pipe that gives them hope and a new way to pray to the Great Spirit. In stirring prose, and with some of his most breathtaking images, Goble brings us this most important of Lakota legends about the White Buffalo Woman. All who have been intrigued by Plains Indian culture and all who are curious about the many references to peace pipes in histories of the American West can now better understand the significance of the pipe. Each detail of a beautifully crafted pipe has meaning, and, as you'll see, even the stone a pipe is made of is part of its power. Ages 6-10. Legendary Outlaws and Lawmen of the Old West Coloring Book, by E.L. Reedstrom. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-25995-1; $3.95 PA. DOVER 45 authentic scenes of good guys (Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, others) and bad guys (Billy the Kid, Jesse James, more). Biographical captions. Ages 6-10. Lewis and Clark, by Andrew Santella. 64 pp; 8x9¼; photos; illus; map; glossary; chron; index; ISBN: 0-531-16578-7; $8.95 PA. FWATTS Describes the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 18041806. Ages 10-12. Lewis and Clark, by R. Conrad Stein. 32 pp; 8x9½; photos; illus; maps; ISBN: 0-516-26228-9; $5.95 PA. CP Describes the 1804-1806 Lewis & Clark Expedition, which took the explorers from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean. Ages 8-12.

Lewis & Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President, by Shirley R. Redmond. 48 pp; 6x9; map; illus; ISBN: 0-375-81120-6; $3.99 PA. RH ♦In their exploration of the West, Lewis & Clark discover a prairie dog which they send to President Jefferson for a present. Ages 6-8. Lewis and Clark and the Route to the Pacific, by Seamus Cavan. 136 pp; 7½x9½; maps; illus; bibliog; chron; index; ISBN: 07910-1327-8; $22.95 HC. CHELH An account of the 1804-6 Lewis and Clark expedition that explored the unknown Louisiana Purchase territory and the Pacific Northwest from St. Louis to the mouth of the Columbia. Ages 14-up. The Lewis & Clark Expedition, by Carol A. Johmann. 112 pp; 10x10; illus; index; ISBN: 1-885593-73-2; $12.95 PA. IDEALS ♦Build a replica of a keelboat, carve an Indian dugout canoe, and build a Mandan bullboat; consider how you might have negotiated the Louisiana Purchase; construct a Mandan earth lodge, conduct a land survey; be a naturalist as Lewis was; measure distances by dead reckoning; make a pair of leather moccasins to wear; debate who owns the earth. Ages 8-14. The Lewis & Clark Expedition, by Sanna P. Kiesling. 32 pp; 7x10¼; illus; map; ISBN: 0-937959-60-X; $7.95 PA. FALP Lewis and Clark lived one of the most exciting chapters in American history, and their 1804 expedition shaped America's destiny. Ages 8-12. Lewis and Clark Expedition Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-24557-8; $3.95 PA. DOVER 45 historically accurate, precisely rendered illustrations for coloring recapture highpoints of the expedition. Captions identify action and provide background information. Ages 6-10. Lewis & Clark Opening the American West, by Ellen Rodger. 32 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-77872446-8; $8.95 PA. CRABT ♦Good encapsulated telling of the expedition of the Corps of Discovery for ages 6-14. The Lewis & Clark Trail Then & Now, by Dorothy H. Patent. 60 pp; 9½x11¼; maps; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-525-46912-5; $19.99 HC. PEN ♦Dorothy Patent and photographer William Munoz capture the contrast between the American West then and now in this informative volume, aided by old prints, photographs, and paintings that depict the West before the changes brought about by modern times. Ages 9-up. Lewis & Clark‟s Bittersweet Crossing, by Carol L. MacGregor. 32 pp; 11x9; map; illus; glossary; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 087004-437-0; $16.95 HC. CAXP ♦When Lewis & Clark reached the Rocky Mountains, in what now is Montana and Idaho, they did not realize how difficult it would be to cross those rugged peaks. This is the story of their struggle to conquer the Bitterroot Range and their interactions with the Native Americans who made the crossing possible 200 years ago. Ages 8-up. Life after the Dinosaurs, by Mary O'Neill. 32 pp; 8x10¾; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-8167-1640-4; $3.95 PA. TROLL. Ages 8-12. Life in a Plains Camp, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x10¾; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0461-0; $8.95 PA. CRABT Introduces children to the traditional daily life of the Native people who lived on the Great Plains of North America. Ages 6-12. Life of the Navajo, by Amanda Bishop & Bobbie Kalman. 40 pp; 8½x11; maps; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0468-8; $8.95 PA. CRABTR ♦This gives a brief history of the Dine, and then describes the contemporary life style of the Navajo nation today. Ages 6-12. Life Story: Snake, by Michael Chinery. 32 pp; 7x9; illus; illus; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8167-2107-6; $4.95 PA. TROLL ♦This is an introduction to the physical characteristics, habits, and natural environment of snakes. Ages 8-12.


Literatures of the American Indian, by A. Lavonne B. Ruoff. 112 pp; 7x9¼; photos; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-79100370-1; $7.95 PA. CHELH History and explanation of the songs, stories, and ritual dramas that Indians passed on orally to communicate their tribe's cultural beliefs to every new generation. Ages 14-up. Little Bears are Brown, a Read, Stick & Learn Book, by Andre Boos. 28 pp; 9½x11½; Color illus; reusable stickers; ISBN: 159496-003-8; $6.99 PA. TEORA ♦There are 4 pages with reusable stickers in the middle of this album. On these pages, children will find 75 colored stickers with animals. All they have to do is to watch carefully the color and the shape of these animals and then match the stickers with the drawings shown in gray throughout the book, at the right place. Ages 5-9. Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876, by Brendan January. 32 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; glossary; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59270-028-4; $14.95 HC. FSG ♦Once known as ―Custer‘s Last Stand,‖ this was the last triumph of the Plains Indians over Federal troops. The story of the battle is a gripping and poignant one of how the winners –the Native Americans- became the ultimate losers of everything they held dear as a result of their overwhelming and unanticipated victory, which served only to accelerate the use of military force against them. Ages 10-up. Little Brother Moose, by James Kasperson. 30 pp; 9x10; illus; ISBN: 1-883220-33-5; $7.95 PA. DAWNP Lured by the sights, smells, and sounds of civilization, little brother moose ventures far from home and gets lost in urban adventures. How he finds his way home again is an inspiring example of nature at work. Ages 410. Little Bunny Rabbit Stickers, by Anna Pomaska. 8 pp; 4x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-27639-2; $1.00 PA. DOVER  The beloved tale of a mischievous bunny and his family come to life in this charming set of 24 full-color peel-and-apply stickers. Ages 6-10. Little Dinosaur Stickers, by Anna Pomaska. 8 pp; 4x5¾; ISBN: 0486-25907-2; $1.50 PA. DOVER Youngsters can use these 24 captivating caricatures to add immediate interest to lunch boxes, windows, notebooks, lockers, doors, and mirrors –almost any flat surface. Ages 6-10. Little Firefly, an Algonquian Legend, by Terri Cohlene. 48 pp; 8x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8167-2363-X; $4.95 PA. TROLL ♦Retelling of the Algonquian Indian legend of how a young girl, badly mistreated by her sisters, becomes the bride of the great hunter known as the Invisible One. Ages 9-13. Little Friends in Verse and Photography, by Mike Logan. 32 pp; 9¼x8¼; photos; ISBN: 1-56044-139-9; $7.95 PA. BBP ♦This full-color peek at small animals of the American West will delight and educate young readers ages 4 to 8. Little Indian Girl Paper Doll, by Tom Tierney. 4½x5¾; ISBN: 0486-27004-1; $1.50 PD. DOVER One doll, eight carefully researched costumes of the Hopi, Navajo, Pawnee, Sioux, Apache and Arapaho tribes and the Acoma Pueblo. Ages 6-10. Little Pioneer Girl Paper Doll, by Barbara Steadman. 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-29519-2; $1.50 PD. DOVER Here you will find one doll, and eight unique pioneer outfits. Life on the prairie is always busy. Join Bethany, as she does her chores, studies her lessons, practices embroidery, gathers wildflowers, and more. Ages 6-10. Little Plains Indian Girl Paper Doll, by Kathy Allert. 9 pp; 4½x5½; illus; ISBN: 0-486-28427-1; $1.50 PA. DOVER Eight unique Plains Indian outfits. Ages 6-10. Little Rabbits Have Fur, a Read, Stick & Learn Book, by Andre Boos. 28 pp; 9½x11½; color illus; reusable stickers; ISBN: 159496-002-X; $6.99 PA. TEORA ♦There are 4 pages with

reusable stickers in the middle of this album. On these pages, children will find 75 colored stickers with animals. All they have to do is to watch carefully the color and the shape of these animals and then match the stickers with the drawings shown in gray throughout the book, at the right place. Ages 5-9. Little Southwestern Indian Girl Paper Doll, by Kathy Allert. 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-27927-8; $1.50 PD. DOVER Here you will find Josie, a little Navajo girl. Josie has lots of cousins among the other Indian tribes of the Southwestern United States: Isleta Pueblo; Apache; Zuni Olla; Acoma Pueblo; Hopi and more! Each tribe has given her one of their unique costumes so that she can dress up when she joins them at tribal gatherings. Little Western Girl Paper Doll, by Tom Tierney. 9 pp; 4¼x5¾; color illus; ISBN: 0-486-28803-X; $1.50 PA. DOVER Cute little "western girl" Annie has eight different outfits, all in beautiful color and very authentic. Three of her outfits also feature one of her pets. This little paper doll is sure to bring lots of fun to any child interested in the west. Ages 4-8. Log Cabin Sticker Activity Book, by Marty Noble. 4 pp; 4x5¾; color stickers; ISBN: 0-486-41266-0; $1.50 PA. DOVER On the inside covers you‘ll find a full-color scene of a cozy one-room log cabin. Simply add any or all of the 30 reusable stickers to furnish it. Ages 4-8. Look-See with Uncle Bill, by Will James. 194 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-458-X; $14.00 PA. MP After a dreary winter in the city, Kip and Scootie are primed for action, and their adventures pile up in this fast-paced novel. Ages 12-up. Love Flute, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 8½x9¼; illus; ISBN: 0-68981683-9; $6.99 PA. ISBN: 0-02-736261-2; Reduced to retail at: $6.99 HC. S&S In this legend a gift to a shy young man from the birds and animals helps him to express his love to a beautiful girl. Ages 4-9. Lucretia Ann in the Golden West, by Ruth G. Plowhead. 296 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-409-5; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP Lucretia Ann, her kitty, Benjamin, and her chum Dimmis Greensleave, have finally reached their land o‘ dreams, the Golden West. Ages 12-up. Lucretia Ann on the Oregon Trail, by Ruth G. Plowhead. 256 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-360-9; $10.95 PA. CAXP For mature men and women, emigration to the Oregon Country meant hardships, and called for courage and resourcefulness. For children it meant fun and excitement, but called for no less bravery. This story of a little girl crossing the plains with her family in a covered-wagon train captures the romance and adventure of a child's life on the trail. Set against a true historical background, the book gives an authentic and vivid picture of pioneer days. Ages 12up. Lucretia Ann on the Sagebrush Plains, by Ruth G. Plowhead. 358 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-408-7; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP Here are the further adventures of Lucretia Ann and Benjamin, the tortoise-shell cat, who crossed the plains on the Oregon Trail and made their home in the Golden West by the bank of a rushing stream. Ages 12-up. Lupe: A Wolf Pup‟s First Year, by Rebecca L. Grambo. 48 pp; 8x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55285-611-9; $9.95 PA. WHICAP ♦Join Lupe, a curious newborn wolf pup, as she and her brothers discover Yellowstone Park. Ages 4-8. M is for Majestic, a National Parks Alphabet, by David Domeniconi. 50 pp; 11¼x9¼; map; illus; ISB: 1-58536-138-0; $17.95 HC. SBP ♦Here are our national parks in an alphabet from A to Z, places of beauty and wonder that belong to you and me. Ages 4-10. M is for Montana, by Gayle C. Shirley. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-937959-32-4; $9.95 PA. FALP This full-


color A to Z book is a great learning tool, which introduces youngsters to Montana people and animals. Ages 4-8. The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth, by Joanna Cole. 40 pp; 9x7½; color illus; ISBN: 0-590-40760-0; $4.95 PA. SCHOL Ms. Frizzle takes young readers on a trip exploring inside the earth. Ages 7-up. Make Your Own Teddy Bears, by Doris King. 80 pp; 8½x11; illus; patterns; ISBN: 0-486-24942-5; $6.95 PA. DOVER ♦Teddy Bear fanciers, make your own and enjoy every loving stitch in addition to the delightful finished product! This easy-to-follow, single volume guide is the only book you‘ll need to create a charming one-of-akind collection of everybody‘s favorite stuffed toy. Ages 10-up. Making Teddy Bears, by Joyce Luckin. 120 pp; 8½x11; illus; patterns; ISBN: 0-486-29209-6; $14.95 PA. DOVER ♦If you can thread a needle and push it through cloth, you can make a teddy bear. In this easy-to-follow guide, Joyce Luckin provides complete instructions and full-size patterns for creating 27 huggable little bruins, ranging from 6‖ to 20‖ in length. Ages 10-up. Mary Quequesah‟s Love Story: a Pend d‟Oreille Indian Tale, by Pete Beaverhead. 32 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-917298-71-3; $5.95 PA. MHSP In this, a tale from the buffalo-hunting era of the nineteenth century, Mary Quequesah confronts the difficulties of love. After Mary‘s husband leaves her, a wise old woman dreams of her sorrow and tells her how to win him back. Ages 11-up. Medicine in the American West, by Lucille Davis. 32 pp; 8x9½; map; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-516-25958-X; $5.95 PA. CP Presents the use and improvement of medicines and treatments in the American West during the nineteenth century. Ages 9-11. Meeting Natives with Lewis & Clark, by Barbara Fifer. 56 pp; 8½x11; maps; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-56037-269-9; $12.95 PA. FCP ♦When Lewis & Clark began their Expedition of Discovery in 1803, they carried instructions from President Jefferson to learn about American natives they met along the way. From St. Louis, up the Missouri River, over the Rocky Mountains, all the way to the Pacific Ocean and back again, the Corps of Discovery encountered Indian nations and tribes who were mostly unknown to them. Ages 10-up. Misty of Chincoteague, by Marguerite Henry. 176 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; map; ISBN: 9781416927839; $5.99 PA. S&S The determination of two youngsters to win a Chincoteague pony is greatly increased when the Phantom and her colt are among those rounded up for the yearly auction. Ages 6-9. Moccasin Thunder, American Indian Stories for Today, ed. by Lori M. Carlson. 172 pp; 6x8½; ISBN: 978-0-06-623957-6; $15.99 HC. HCP ♦The ten stories that make up this collection are raw, original, and fresh. Although they are all about American Indians, they are as different from one another as they are from anything you‘ve read before. Ages 12-up. Moccasin Trail, by Eloise J. McGraw. 254 pp; 5¼x7¾; ISBN: 014-032170-5; $5.99 PA. PEN Jim Keath has lived for 6 years as a Crow Indian when he learns that his two younger brothers and a sister are journeying west to take up land. Although Jim finds it difficult to fit in with the family he hasn't seen since childhood, and though they are wary and distrustful of him, Jim feels his duty is at their side. But slowly, as they survive the dangerous trek west, the perils of frontier life, and the kidnapping of their younger brother, Jim and his family realize that the only way to survive is to accept each other and truly reunite the family. Ages 10-up. Moki, by Grace J. Penney. 160 pp; 5x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-14038430-8; $4.99 PA. PEN Moki is tired of watching while the Cheyenne boys her age learn how to fish and hunt, and have adventures. She wants to do something important, too –but how can she, when girls are expected to stay home and take care of their little brothers and sisters? Even though her friends don‘t

understand, Moki has made up her mind- and nothing is going to stand in her way. Ages 10-up. Montana Wildflowers, by Beverly Magley. 32 pp; 7x10; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56044-118-6; $6.95 PA. FALP This book teaches about some of Montana's 2,500 species of flowers and helps children appreciate the blossoms that decorate their state. Ages 8-up. The Moon-eyed Appaloosa, by Bill Gulick. 224 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-87004-421-4; $12.95 PA. CAXP Corporal Burk Langdon thought he was escaping from the doldrums of frontier Army life when he was assigned to take six strange-looking speckled Nez Perce Indian Horses from Fort Boise to Fort Walla Walla. Trooper Langdon‘s dreams of rest and relaxation evaporate when he finds himself in the middle of a deadly conflict involving a wagon train, a Snake Indian war party and a group of Army deserters led by a renegade sergeant. Ages 12-up. Moonshiner‟s Gold, by John R. Erickson. 207 pp; 5½x8 ¾; ISBN: 0-670-03502-5; Reduced to retail at: $11.99 HC. PEN When fourteen-year-old Riley sees smoke coming from a deserted canyon, he and his younger brother go to investigate –and discover moonshiners have set up a still on their property. When Grandpa and the family attempt to outwit the outlaws, they unravel a mysterious web of crime bigger than anything they could have imagined. Ages 12-up. Moontellers: Myths of the Moon from Around the World, by Lynn Moroney. 32 pp; 8¾x11¼; map; color illus; ISBN: 0-87358601-8; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 HC. NOLAP Ask yourself some full moon night, what do you see in the moon? Tell what you see to your family and friends and you‘ll be a Moonteller too. Ages 4-8. More Fun with Nature, by NorthWord Press. 224 pp; 8¾x8¾; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-795-5; $16.95 HC. CPI ♦Includes Berries, Nuts & Seeds; Birds, nests & Eggs; Rocks, Fossils & Arrowheads; Seashells, Crabs & Sea Stars; and Wildflowers, Blooms & Blossoms. Ages 13-up. A Mountain Alphabet, by Margaret Ruurs. Art by Andrew Kiss. 32 pp; 10x9; illus; ISBN: 0-88776-384-7; $8.95 PA. TUNDRA ♦Each painting captures a special mountain mood and invites you to discover intriguing animals, plants, and even the letter of the alphabet hidden in the picture. Ages 4-6. Mountain Animals in Danger, by Gary Turbak. 32 pp; 9x11½; illus; ISBN: 87358-573-9; $14.95 HC. NOLAP This lets children get acquainted with animals that could become extinct. Lawrence Ormsby, the illustrator, gives those endangered animals faces and features that will tug at any reader's heart. Ages 6-9. Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West, by Marguerite Henry. 224 pp; 5x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71601-X; $5.99 PA. S&S Horses were in Annie Bronn's blood. For as long as she could remember, the spirited wild mustangs that roamed throughout the West had fascinated her. So when greedy cattlemen started to round up the mustangs for slaughter, Annie knew it was up to her to save the breed. This true story of Wild Horse Annie's crusade to save the mustangs is inspiring. Ages 8-12. My Favorite Tree: Terrific Trees of North America, by Diane Iverson. 64 pp; 10x10; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-883220-939; Reduced to retail at: $7.95 PA. DAWNP Trees are important in children‘s lives. For many children, trees are play places, dreaming places, budding-scientist places, and escapefrom-the-world places. This book is both informational and inspirational. It is for tree lovers of the 21st century. Ages 4-12. My First Book of Cowboy Songs, by Dolly Moon. 46 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-24311-7; $4.95 PA. DOVER 21 favorites arranged for little hands. "Red River Valley," "My Darling Clementine," 19 more. Illustrated with Remington prints. Ages 6-10.


My First Horse, by Will James. 48 pp; 9½x7; illus; ISBN: 0-87842488-1; $16.00 HC. MP ♦Enter the magical world of childhood where a rocking horse rounds up cattle and toy ponies gather in a homemade corral. Ages 8-up. My Horse Coloring Book, by John Green. 48 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-486-28064-0; $3.95 PA. DOVER This delightful coloring book enables horse lovers to have fun coloring while learning about many aspects of the care and training of horses, as well as basic riding techniques. Ages 6-10. My Little Book of Wood Ducks, by Hope I. Marston. 32 pp. 8½x8½; color illus; ISBN: 1-55971-467-0; $4.95 PA. NP This charming story with endearing illustrations presents the natural life cycle of wood ducks. Ages 8-10. My Name is York, by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. 32 pp; 8¾x11¼; color illus; ISBN: 0-87358-758-8; $7.95 PA. NOLAP When the Lewis and Clark expedition launched its search for a water passage to the Pacific Ocean in 1803, a black slave accompanied them. His name was York an in this beautifully illustrated book, he tells the tale of this remarkable journey. Ages 10-up. My Travels with Capts. Lewis & Clark by George Shannon. A Novel by Kate McMullan. 266 pp; 6x9¼; illus; ISBN: 0-06-008099X; $15.99 HC. HCP ♦Fictionally chronicles the Corps of Discovery diary of Pvt. George Shannon. Ages 10-up. Mystery of Wild Horse Trap, by Marian T. Place. 212 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-411-7; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP Here is a vivid picture of Montana in the 1880s, spiced with murder, robbery, and rustling. A fifteen-year-old boy attempts to solve a mystery to clear his father of robbery charges. Ages 12up. Ages 10-up. Mystic Horse, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 9x11¼; illus; ISBN: 0-06029813-8; $17.99 HC. HCP ♦Goble recounts a stirring legend based on the oral tradition of the Pawnee. Ages 9-up. National Parks Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 64 pp; 8¼x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-27832-8; $3.95 PA. DOVER From the dry deserts of Big Bend National Park in Texas to the icy wilderness of Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska, the wonderful national heritage of America's national parks is yours to color and enjoy in this exciting new coloring book. Ages 6-10. Nations of the Plains, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x10¾; illus; index; glossary; ISBN: 0-7787-0460-2; $7.95 PA. CRABT Introduces children to the customs, languages, and traditional ways of live of several Native nations that lived on the Great Plains of North America. Ages 6-12. Nations of the Southwest, by Bobbie Kalman & Amanda Bishop. 38 pp; 8¼x10¾; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0466-1; $8.95 CRABT ♦Introduces children to the many Native nations of the Southwest region of North America as they lived prior to European contact. Ages 8-14. Native American Animal Stories, told by Joseph Bruchac. 160 pp; 7x10; map; illus; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 1-55591-127-7; $12.95 PA. FULC The Papago Indians of the American Southwest say butterflies were created to gladden the hearts of children and chase thoughts of aging and death. How the Butterflies Came to Be is one of twenty-four Indian tales in this book for ages 5-12. Native American Games and Stories, by James & Joseph Bruchac. 96 pp; 7x9; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55591-979-0; $12.95 PA. FULC Readers are able to pore over intriguing stories, immerse themselves in Native American understandings, and get to play these fun-filled games as they learn how global thought and beliefs can transcend into their own lives. Ages 8-up. Native American Saddlery and Trappings, a History in Paper Dolls, by J.K. Oliver. 32 pp; 9x12; Illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-89672-

493-X; $10.95 PA. TTUP ♦Presents the equine finery of the various tribes of the North American Southwest, plateau, and Great Plains. Ages 11-up. Native American Stories, told by Joseph Bruchac. 160 pp; 7x10; map; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-55591-094-7; $14.95 PA. FULC This is a good collection of myths drawn from the Native cultures of North America. These stories foster an ethic of stewardship by clearly showing that we are entrusted with a very special mission to maintain the natural balance, to take care of our Mother, to be Keepers of the Earth. Ages 5-12. Native Homes, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x10¾; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7787-0463-7; $7.95 PA. CRABT This introduces children to the traditional dwellings built and used by Native nations across North America. Ages 6-12. Native North American Foods & Recipes, by Kathryn Smithyman & Bobbie Kalman. 40 pp; 8½x11; map; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780778704751; $8.95 PA. CRABT ♦Shows how Native Americans grew, hunted, and harvested foods. Ages 9-up. Native North American Wisdom & Gifts, by Niki Walker & Bobbie Kalman. 40 pp; 8½x11; map; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780778704768; $8.95 PA. CRABT ♦Good encapsulation of Native life, values, wisdom and gifts given to the world. Ages 9up. Native Plant Stories, told by Joseph Bruchac. 164 pp; 7x10; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-55591-212-5; $12.95 PA. FULC Parents, teachers and children will delight in these magical stories that promote responsible stewardship toward all living things. These stories draw upon legends from eighteen Native American tribes and illustrate the importance of plant life in Native American traditions. Ages 5-12. Nature‟s Yucky! Gross Stuff that Helps Nature Work, by Lee Ann Landstrom & Karen I. Shragg. 42 pp; 8½x9; illus; ISBN: 087842-474-1; $12.00 PA. MP ♦This uses kids‘ natural fascination with the stinky, the gross, and the icky to help them learn more about wild animals and why critters behave as they do. Ages 5-10. Navajo Code Talkers, America‟s Secret Weapon in World War II, by Nathan Aaseng. 128 pp; 6x9; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780802776272; $8.95 PA. VHPS ♦On the Pacific front during WWII, strange messages were picked up by American and Japanese forces on land and at sea. The messages were totally unintelligible to everyone except a small select group within the Marine Corps: the Navajo code talkers –a group of Navajos communicating in a code based on the Navajo language. This code, the first unbreakable one in U.S. history, was a key reason that the Allies were able to win in the Pacific. Ages 13-up. North American Indian Activity Book, by Winky Adam. 63 pp; 4x6; illus, activities; ISBN: 0-486-29824-8; $1.50 PA. DOVER This entertaining little book invites you to learn all about the tribal life of the first Americans. You can do it by completing crosswords and follow-the-dots puzzles, navigating simple mazes, and engaging in other fun-filled activities. Ages 6-10. North American Indian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls, in Full Color, by Kathy Allert. 16 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-27116-1; $4.95 PA. DOVER This contains a boy and a girl doll, and 31 different full-color outfits accurately recreating the native dress of 19 tribes that span a vast area of the North American Continent. Ages 8-14. North American Indian Design Coloring Book, by Paul Kennedy. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-21125-8; $4.95 PA. DOVER The finest examples from Indian masks, beadwork, pottery, etc. Selected and redrawn for coloring (with identifications). 46 plates. Ages 6-10.


North American Indian Stickers: 24 Pressure-Sensitive Designs, by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh. 4x5¾; 0-486-26821-7; $1.50 PK. DOVER Authentic images of the thunder-bird, lizard, turtle, fish, snake, spider and other creatures associated with Indian lore. Ages 6-10. Old-Time Horses Stickers, by Carol B. Grafton. 8 pp; 4¼x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-27467-5; $1.00 PA. DOVER This pocket-sized potpourri of 25 full-color stickers, steeped in the charm of a bygone age, will especially appeal to animal lovers. Ages 5-10. Old Yeller, by Fred Gipson. 192 pp; 4¼x7; ISBN: 0-06-093547-2; $8.00 PA. HCP  One of Disney's best-loved movies! Set in the Texas wilderness, this is the story of a boy's love for his dog. A One-Room School, by Bobbie Kalman. 32 pp; 8½x10½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-517-3; $7.95 PA. CRABT Story of the early American one-room school. Includes stories and activities. Ages 6-14. One Giant Leap, the Story of Neil Armstrong, by Don Brown. 32 pp; 10x8; illus; ISBN: 0-618-15239-3; $5.95 PA. HMC ♦Discusses the life and accomplishments of astronaut Neil Armstrong from his childhood in Ohio to his famous moon landing. Ages 7-9. The Oregon Trail, by R. Conrad Stein. 32 pp; 8x9½; photos; illus; map; ISBN: 0-516-46674-7; $5.95 PA. CP Story of the Oregon Trail for ages 8-12. Orphan Train Rider, One Boy's True Story, by Andrea Warren. 80 pp; 8¼x9; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-395-91362-4; $8.95 PA. HMC More than 200,000 children rode "orphan trains" in this country between 1854 and 1930. They were part of a "placing out" program created to find homes for children who were orphans or whose parents could not take care of them. Most of the riders came from New York or other large cities in the East. This is one orphan boy's story. Ages 8-14. Our 50 States, a Family Adventure across America, by Lynne Cheney. 74 pp; 10¾x10¾; illus; sources; ISBN: 9780689867170; $18.99 HC. S&S ♦A Scholar of American history, Mrs. Cheney has drawn on a lifetime of study and travel for Our 50 States. Robin Glasser has brought her inimitable wit and exuberance to every illustration. Together they have created a joyful book that reminds us how fortunate we are to call America our home. Ages 8-12. Our Journey West, the Oregon Trail Adventures of Sarah Marshall, by Gare Thompson. 40 pp; 7x9; photos; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-7922-5179-4; $6.99 PA. NGS ♦It is 1852, and 12-yearold Sarah Marshall and her family are on their way west to make a new life farming Oregon‘s fertile land. But the journey will not be easy. Gare Thompson brings to life the adventures and challenges that faced the intrepid pioneers who traveled the Oregon Trail. Ages 8-12. Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids, by Willy Whitefeather. 104 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-943173-47-7; $13.95 PA. RRINE ♦Willy knows that it is the little children who have the toughest time in the outdoors when they get lost or hurt and don‘t know what to do. So he sat down and wrote this book for his grandchildren and for kids everywhere so they could learn how to ―make it back safe.‖ Ages 8-13. Owl‟s Eyes & Seeking a Spirit: Kootenai Indian Stories, by Kootenai Culture Committee. 32 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-91729866-7; $5.95 PA. MHSP These Kootenai Indian stories were recorded by Kootenai elders and illustrated by Kootenai artists from the Flathead Reservation in Western Montana. Ages 9-up. Owls: On Silent Wings, by Ann C. Cooper. 64 pp; 8½x11; illus; bibliog; glossary; ISBN: 1-879373-78-5; $7.95 PA. RRINE This story and activities books takes the young reader into the fascinating world of owls. Ages 8-12.

Owls, (For Kids), by Neal Niemuth. 48 pp; 8½x8½; color illus; photos; ISBN: 1-55971-475-1; $6.95 PA. NP This easy-toread adventure makes learning about owls fun by weaving natural history information throughout the story. Ages 8-12. Pass the Energy, Please! by Barbara S. McKinney. 32 pp; illus; ISBN: 1-58469-002-X; $7.95 PA. DAWNP Everybody is somebody‘s lunch. Each of nature‘s creatures ―passes the energy‖ in its own unique way. In this upbeat rhyming story, the food chain connects herbivores, carnivores, insects and plants together in a fascinating circle of players. Ages 6-12. Paul Bunyan and His Blue Ox, by Patsy Jensen. 32 pp; 6x9; Illus; ISBN: 0-8167-3163-2; $3.50 PA. TROLL ♦Recounts the prodigious feats of Paul Bunyan, the biggest and best lumberjack who ever lived. Ages 6-9. Paul Bunyan Swings His Axe, by Dell J. McCormick. 112 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; map; ISBN: 0-87004-093-6; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 HC. CAXP Here are seventeen of the most interesting and authentic stories of Paul Bunyan's amazing adventures in the North Woods. Ages 8-up. Pecos Bill, the Roughest, Toughest, Best, by Patsy Jensen. 32 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8167-3166-7; $3.50 PA. TROLL ♦Recounts the adventures of the great cowboy, Pecos Bill. Ages 6-9. Pekan the Shadow, by Rutherford Montgomery. 164 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-406-0; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP This is a wildlife story laid in the Rocky Mountains of the West. It is the story of Terry Carter, a fourteen-year-old boy who believes any wild creature, even a killer like the fisher, is entitled to live his life the only way he knows –by hunting. Pekan, the fisher, belongs to the weasel tribe, a brownish black animal weighing twelve pounds or more. Terry must find a way to keep Pekan from raiding his father‘s trapline. Ages 12-up. The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party, by Marian Calabro. 192 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; chron; sources; index; ISBN: 0-39586610-3; 20.00 HC. HMC This historic journey is chronicled here in stark detail and with unique attention to the experiences of the children and teenagers who made up nearly half of the group. Ages 12-up. A Pika's Tail: A Children's Story about Mountain Wildlife, by Sally Plumb. Illus. by Lawrence Ormsby. 40 pp; 11x8½; color illus; ISBN: 0-931895-25-1; $9.95 PA. GTNHA A charming story based on the life cycle of the pika. Follow along through little Beejer's life as he searches for his tail. Beejer is sure that if he calls long enough his tail will come back, along with all the other pika's tails. But he is about to learn an important lesson. Follow along as Beejer finds out that he's just right the way he is - not having a tail may save his life! Ages 8-12. Pioneer Cat, by William H. Hooks. 64 pp; 5x7½; illus; ISBN: 0394-82038-X; $3.99 PA. RH ♦Nine-year-old Kate Purdy is traveling to Oregon by wagon train, and she‘s worried. She isn‘t worried about how long the trip will be or the hardships she‘ll have to suffer. She‘s worried about Snuggs –the pretty little cat she took a shine to in Missouri and decided to bring along for the ride. Kate can‘t bear to give Snuggs up, even though no pets are allowed on the wagon train. So no matter what happens, Kate Purdy is sure of one thing, Snuggs the cat has to stay a secret. Ages 7-10. Pioneer Dictionary, by Bobbie Kalman & Jane Lewis. 32 pp; 8¼x10½; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-86505-420-7; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book is an alphabetical listing of words related to life on the North American Frontier, from ague and bank barn to wheelwright and zoetrope. Ages 6-9. Pioneer Life Sticker Picture, by Marty Noble. 2 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-486-40586-9; $5.95 PA. DOVER ♦What was log cabin life like on the American frontier? This clever sticker picture book, with 50 reusable stickers, provides some of the answers. Ages 6-10.


Pioneer Projects, by Bobbie Kalman. 40 pp; 8½x10¾; photos; illus; diag; index; ISBN: 0-86505-467-3; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book presents instructions for handicrafts and activities in the spirit of the pioneers, including decoupage, hooked rugs, cornhusk dolls, and making a Jacob‘s ladder. Ages 6-12. Pioneer Recipes, by Bobbie Kalman & Lynda Hale. 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; glossary; index, ISBN: 0-86505-468-1; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book presents information on pioneer cookery and instructions for recipes prepared in the spirit of the pioneers, including multicultural dishes, historical methods, and current adaptations. Ages 6-14. A Pioneer Sampler, the Daily Life of a Pioneer Family in 1840, by Barbara Greenwood. 240 pp; 7¾x9¼; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-395-88393-8; $13.00 PA. HMC The Robertsons are a pioneer family living on a backwoods farm in 1840. After a hard winter, welcome signs of spring also mean new chores: making maple syrup, planting crops, and shearing sheep. Weaving together fact and fiction Greenwood tells stories about the Robertsons as she describes the daily tasks of pioneer cooking, slaughtering hogs, and operating a gristmill. Ages 12-up. Places of Power, by Michael DeMunn. 32 pp; 10½x9; illus; ISBN: 1-883220-65-3; $7.95 PA. DAWNP ♦Native people all over the world have always known that our Earth has places of power. These places of power are also places of beauty and of wisdom. When you find Earth‘s places of power, She speaks to the open heart within you. Incomprehensible to the sophisticated, this ancient truth is told so that a child will understand. Ages 5-up. Plains Indians Coloring Book, by David Rickman. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-24470-9; $3.95 PA. DOVER 40 line drawings accurately depict costume & culture of the Plains Indians, Apache, Pawnee, Blackfeet, Crow, etc. Captions. Ages 6-10. Plains Indian Diorama to Cut & Assemble: Full-Color threedimensional Scenes of a Tepee Camp and a Buffalo Hunt, by Matthew Kalmenoff. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-24919-0; $6.95 DIO. DOVER Recreate the lost culture of the Plains Indians with this colorful, educational diorama containing two realistic 3-D scenes. Instructions. Ages 8-14. Plains Indians Punch-Out Panorama, by A.G. Smith. 6 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-27741-0; $6.95 PA. Now children can learn about the colorful nomadic life of the Plains Indians by constructing this easy-to-assemble three-dimensional paper toy. Ages 8-14. Plains Indian Stickers: 24 Full-Color Pressure-Sensitive Designs, by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh. 4 pp; 4x5¾; ISBN: 0486-29040-9; $1.50 PA. DOVER The title describes. (Easy-To-Make) Plains Indian Tepee Village, by A.G. Smith. 12 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-26271-5; $4.95 DIO. DOVER Five decorated tepees; 20 "action figures" of Indians riding horses, cooking, hunting buffalo, dancing, playing lacrosse, more. Ages 814. Plants on the Trail with Lewis & Clark, by Dorothy H. Patent. 112 pp; 8¼x10¼; map; photos; illus; specimen list; index; ISBN: 0618-06776-0; $18.00 HC. HMC ♦This examines the rich array of plant life encountered by Lewis & Clark. Ages 13-up. Pocket Naturalist Activity Book. Rocky Mountain Wildlife Educational Games & Activities for Kids of All Ages, by James Kavanaugh. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-264-2; $6.95 PA. WATP ♦Animal tracks –be an artist –color me –connect-the-dots –crossword –make words – mazes –name match & more. Ages 6-8. Powell's Colorado River Expedition Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-27526-4; $3.95 PA. DOVER

Nearly 40 dramatic illustrations recall John Wesley Powell's epic 19th-century expedition in the valley of the Colorado. Ages 6-10. A Prairie Boy's Winter, by William Kurelek. 48 pp; 8¾x9; color illus; ISBN: 0-395-36609-7; $6.95 PA. HMC Text and twenty color paintings depict the rigors and simple pleasures of the winter on the prairies during the start 1930s. Ages 8-12. Prairie Born, by Dave Bouchard. 28 pp; 10x9; illus; ISBN: 155143-152-1; $6.95 PA. ORCA ♦Explore in verse and image the prairie experience that is so cherished in the memories of countless North Americans. Ages 5-9. Prairie Summer, by Bonnie Geisert. 120 pp; 7¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 0-618-21293-0; $15.00 HC. HMC ♦A young girl demonstrates the maturity gained from experiences growing up with three sisters on a farm in South Dakota. Ages 10-up. Prehistoric Mammals Coloring Book, by Jan Sovak. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-486-26673-7; $3.50 PA. DOVER 41 accurately rendered illustrations depict giraffe-like ancestor of the rhinoceros, large saber-toothed tiger, "woolly mammoth," other prehistoric creatures. Captions. Ages 6-10. Pueblo Village Sticker Picture Book, by Stephen J. Petruccio. 2 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-486-28689-4; $4.50 PA. DOVER ♦Learn all about the traditional culture of the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest with this sticker picture activity book. 38 reusable stickers. Ages 6-10. Putting on a Party, Adventure Parties for Kids, by Lori Bonner. 64 pp; 6x8; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-232-9; $9.95 PA. GS ♦In this book, you‘ll find everything you need to host a high adventure party for any occasion. Mix up some alien slime, munch on Oregon Trail pizza, run a penguin race, or crack open your moon rocks. Includes dozens of ideas for games, prizes, refreshments, party favors, crafts, invitations, decorations, and much, much more. Ages 7-11. Quest for the Eagle Feather, by John Duncklee. 104 pp; 5¼x7¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-657-3; $6.95 PA. NOLAP This is the story of Quiet Water, an Anglo boy found by Indians after being separated from his pioneer parents in a storm. Reared by Tall Deer and Blue-Flower-Blooming to the brink of manhood, Quiet Water must complete a quest in order to take his place in the tribe. Ages 8-12. Rabbits, Squirrels, and Chipmunks, by Mel Boring. 48 pp; 8½x8½; color illus; ISBN: 1-55971-579-0; $7.95 PA. NP This book is a fun, educational guide that identifies 29 different rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. Find out what they eat, where they live, and how you might get to see them. There's also a 7page scrapbook for drawings, notes, or pictures. Ages 8-12. Raccoons (For Kids), by Jeff Fair. 48 pp; 8½x8½; color photos & illus; ISBN: 1-55971-229-5; $6.95 PA. NP There isn't much that author and naturalist Jeff Fair doesn't know about raccoons. He knows they're smart, for example--he figured that out as a child, when his orphaned raccoon learned how to unhook the door to its pen and turn on water faucets in the house. Part personal experience and part education, Fair's story, together with photographs by Alan & Sandy Carey and whimsical illustrations by John McGee, make Raccoons for Kids a rare combination of warmth, learning, and back-to-nature entertainment. Ages 8-12. Rachael Carson, by Francene Sabin. 48 pp; 7x9; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8167-4557-9; $3.95 PA. TROLL ♦Describes the life of the marine biologist and science writer whose book ―Silent Spring‖ changed the way we look at pesticides. Ages 9-13. Red Wolf Country, by Jonathan London. 32 pp; 10½x9; color illus; ISBN: 0-14-056450-0; $5.99 PA. PEN Wary and alert, two red wolves are on the move. Through the snow-covered forest they roam, scrabbling across icy ponds and stepping through soft snow. They are hungry for deer but will settle for a fat squirrel or some


mice, as they look for a den for She-wolf to have her pups. Ages 38. Rediscovery –Ancient Pathways- New Directions, Outdoor Activities Based on Native Traditions, by Thom Henley. 352 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55105-077-3; $19.95 PA. LONEP ♦For nearly twenty years the Rediscovery Program has drawn from the timeless wisdom of native Elders. Youth of all ages and backgrounds are inspired to discover and respect the world within themselves, the cultural worlds between each other, and the natural world around them. Includes over 130 activities. Ages 12up. The Return of the Buffaloes, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 9x11; color illus; diagram; ISBN: 0-7922-6554-8; $7.95 PA. NGS By telling about a time of hardship, Paul Goble dramatizes the central importance of the buffalo to a vibrantly spiritual and artistic Plains Indian culture. He pictures the vastness of the empty plains, the excitement of discovering the Buffalo Woman, and the thundering return of the herd with superb artistry, bringing us a world that must not be forgotten. Ages 5-up. Riding on a Range, by Lawson Drinkard. 64 pp; 6x8; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-036-9; $8.95 PA. GS ♦Here‘s a ten-gallon hat full of ideas to help kids use their imaginations all year long with games, recipes, and activities for western fun. Ages 6-12. Riding With the Pony: The Story of the Pony Express, by William & Jan Hill. 40 pp; 8½x11; activities, illus; ISBN: 0-96360715-4; $4.50 PA. HILH ♦This is a story and activity book for ages 8-11. Rivers and Streams, by Patricia A. Martin. 144 pp; 6x9; illus; maps; charts; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-531-15969-8; $6.95 PA. FWATTS The author presents more than thirty projects and investigations designed to inspire young readers and help them understand how important rivers and streams are to all the life on earth. Ages 13-17. The Road Past Altamont, by Gabrielle Roy, translated by Joyce Marshall. 160 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0-8032-8948-0; Reduced to retail at: $4.95 PA. UNEBP This translated classic takes a sensitive French-Canadian girl, Christine, from childhood innocence to maturity. Four connected stories reveal profound moments during her early years in the vastness of Manitoba. Christine's testament to Grandmother's creative power, her great adventure with an old gentleman at Lake Winnipeg and her clandestine one with a crude family of movers, her journey through time and space with aging mammon -all these characters and events convey Gabrielle Roy's preoccupation with childhood and old age, the passage of time and mystery of change, and the artist's relation to the world. Ages 8-up. Rocks, Fossils and Arrowheads, by Laura Evert. 48 pp; 8½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-786-6; $7.95 PA. CPI This takes you into the fun world of geology, introducing 15 common rocks and minerals, 5 kinds of fossils, and 7 different arrowheads and artifacts. Ages 8-12. Rocky Mountain Rabbit, by Becky Woods. 64 pp; 11x8¾; illus; ISBN: 0-932-433-65-0; $12.95 HC. ASPGLO This is an absorbing story about the life of a rabbit family. Wonderfully illustrated! Ages 6-10. Rocky Mountain Wildlife Coloring Book, by Joanne Luton. 36 pp; 9x12; illus; ISBN: 0-931895-24-3; $3.50 PA. GTNHA A coloring book of familiar Rocky Mountain birds and mammals. Ages 6-10. The Rocky Mountains, by Robert Bullock. 64 pp; 7x9¼; illus; gloss; index; ISBN: 0-943972-18-3; $8.95 PA. HOMEP This is a book for children to explore Rocky Mountain wildlife. Ages 5-10. Rocky Mountains Plants & Animals Coloring Book, by Dot Barlowe. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-43045-6; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦Nature Lovers, environmentalists, and coloring book

fans alike will treasure this collection that provides detailed images of a hawk circling high above a mountain valley, a puma watching its playful cubs, a chipmunk sampling pine nuts, a black bear snagging a rainbow trout, and other creatures in realistic scenes – each accompanied by fascinating, information-packed text. Ages 5-up. Rodeo Coloring Book, by Steven J. Petruccio. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-43330-7; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦Action-packed drawings depict calf ropers going after a speedy target, rodeo clowns doing their important job of distracting a dangerous bull, trick riders, broncobusters, and other exciting rodeo events. Ages 6-10. Rodeo Sticker Picture, by Steven J. Petruccio. 2 full-size sheets with 33 large full-color stickers; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-29603-2; $4.95 PA. DOVER The rodeo comes to life in this exciting activity book. A laminated backdrop, created by artist Steven Petruccio, depicts a canyonland setting with an empty corral in the foreground lined with spectators and a judges' stand. This scene is just waiting to be brought to life with the 33 full-color stickers of the many events of rodeo. Ages 6-9. Rough & Ready Loggers, by A. S. Gintzler. 46 pp; 8¾xll¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-56261-164-X; $12.95 HC. ISBN: 156261-234-4; $4.95 PA. JM During the 1800s, enterprising businessmen began harvesting whole regions of timberland, taking advantage of a cash crop they didn't even have to plant. From the white pine forests of New England and the Great Lakes states to the bald cypress swamps of the South and the great redwood stands in the Northwest, loggers provided the lumber that built a nation. This looks at the lumberjack's life; from his tools and clothing to the tall tales he invented to entertain himself, and examines the effect his work has had on the environment. Ages 12-up. Roughing It on the Oregon Trail, by Diane Stanley. 48 pp; 10x8; maps; illus; ISBN: 0-06-449006-8; $6.99 PA. HCP A TimeTraveling Twins book. In their first exciting historical adventure the Twins head back to 1843 and rough it on a wagon train along the Oregon Trail. Ages 5-10. Rufus, by Rutherford G. Montgomery. 138 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-405-2; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP This is the story of a young bobcat and his struggle to survive in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. On his own for the first time, Rufus must stake out his territory and learn hunting skills. He must obey the laws of the wild that decree that the strong shall survive to maintain the balance of nature. Ages 12-up. Sacajawea, American Pathfinder, by Flora W. Seymour. 192 pp; 5¼x7½; map; illus; ISBN: 0-689-71482-3; $5.99 PA. MACM This is the story of the remarkable Indian woman who guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition up the Missouri river. Ages 9-14. Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis and Clark, by Della Rowland. 96 pp; 5¼x7¾; illus; map; ISBN: 0-440-40215-8; $4.99 PA. BDD As a valued member of the expedition, Sacajawea deserves to be recognized for her remarkable career. Much of what is written about her contains inaccuracies. A better approach is offered here. Ages 9-12. Sacajawea, Her True Story, by Joyce Milton. 48 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-448-42539-4; $3.99 PA. PEN ♦More than 200 years ago explorers went across the Northwest. They were trying to find a route to the Pacific Ocean. With the help of a young girl, the trip was a success. Her name was Sacajawea. Ages 6-8. The Santa Fe Trail, by Judy Alter. 32 pp; 8x9½; illus; photos; maps; glossary; time-line; index; ISBN: 0-516-26396-X; $5.95 PA. CP This presents a history of the trail that became an important commercial route to the southwestern U.S. during the 1800s. Ages 9-11. The Santee Sioux Indians, by Terrance Dolan. 88 pp; 7x9¼; photos; illus; maps; glossary; chronology; index; ISBN: 0-7910-


4453-X; $9.95 PA. CHELH Examines the history and present status of the Santee Sioux Indians, discussing their fight to maintain their native lands under the leadership of Chief Little Crow. Ages 10-up. Saving the Prairie Bandit, by Dorothy H. Patent. 48 pp; 8x9¼; map; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-531-16567-1; $6.95 PA. FWATTS Presents the life cycle of the black-footed ferret and the ongoing efforts to save an endangered species. Ages 9-11. Schoolyard Games, by Bobbie Kalman & Heather Levigne 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-471-1; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book examines the different types of outdoor schoolyard games, including dodgeball, tag, and skipping, as well as recess activities played by children in 19th century North America. Ages 6-14. Seaman, the Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis & Clark, by Gail L. Karwoski. 194 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; ISBN: 1-5614519-08; $8.95 PA. PEACHT In this well-researched and finely written book for young readers the author brings the Lewis and Clark expedition to life through the expedition‘s most unlikely and endearing hero. Ages 12 and up. Searching for Chipeta, the Story of a Ute and Her People, by Vickie L. Krudwig. 128 pp; 7x9; photos; ISBN: 1-55591-466-7; $12.95 PA. FULC ♦This is the story of a strong and wise woman who played a major role in the history of the Ute Indians and the United States in the nineteenth century. She married Ouray, who was appointed chief of the Ute people by the U.S. government, and together they worked tirelessly to promote peace and negotiate on behalf of their people. The Utes were eventually forced out of Colorado, due to many events, including broken treaties by the U.S. government. Chipeta‘s story unveils the real story of the Ute people and how they lost their homelands in Colorado. Ages 12-up. Seasons of the Circle, a Native American Year, by Joseph Bruchac. 32 pp; 8¼x10¼; illus; map; ISBN: 0-8167-7467-6; $15.95 HC. TROLL ♦Illustrations and brief text introduce activities of various Native American people in each month of the year. Ages 913. Shadow Catcher, the Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis, by Laurie Lawlor. 140 pp; 8x10; map; photos; index; ISBN: 0-80328046-7; $18.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This traces Curtis‘s life and work from his boyhood in Wisconsin, through his first photo expedition in Alaska in 1897 and the completion of the North American Indian collection in 1930, to his death in 1952. Ages 13-up. Shanleya‟s Quest, a Botany Adventure for Kids, by Thomas J. Elpel. 32 pp; 8¾x11¼; illus; ISBN: 1-892784-16-5; $12.50 HC. HOPS ♦Readers young and old can have fun learning the patterns to correctly identify more than 45,000 species of plants to their proper families. Ages 9-up. Shep: Our Most Loyal Dog, by Sneed B. Collard III. 32 pp; 9¼ x11¼; color illus; ISBN: 978-1-58536-259-2; $16.95 HC. SBP ♦Shep is the true story of a dog whose devotion became an inspiration to people around the world. In 1936, Shep‘s owner passed away and Shep watched as the man‘s body was placed on a train and shipped east. From that day forward, through snow and rain, Shep met every incoming train in hopes that he would see his Master among the arriving passengers. Shep faithfully watched and waited for more than five years. Even today, people visit Fort Benton, Montana, to stand at the grave of a dog whose actions remind us of the true meaning of loyalty and heart. Ages 4-8. Shooting for the Moon, the Amazing Life & Times of Annie Oakley, by Stephen Krensky. 32 pp; 10x11; illus; ISBN: 0-37436843-0; $17.00 HC. FSG Based on Annie‘s own writings and illustrated with hauntingly expressive oil paintings, this dramatic picture book biography offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of a courageous young girl who became a legend in her own time. Ages 5-8.

Shoshoni Pony, by Carol L. MacGregor. 32 pp; 11x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-431-1; $15.95 HC. CAXP ♦This is the story of how the Shoshoni Indians became the first in the Northwest to get horses and why these animals were so important to the Shoshoni and their culture. Ages 8-up. Sitting Bull, by Lucille R. Penner. 48 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-44840937-2; $3.99 PA. PEN ♦Long ago, a boy called Slow lived in the Old West. He grew up to be one of the greatest Indian chiefs ever –Sitting Bull. You will never forget this true story. Ages 6-8. Sitting Bull, Dakota Boy, by Augusta Stevenson. 192 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-689-80628-0; $5.99 PA. S&S This is a biographical look at the childhood of Sitting Bull, one of the great Sioux warriors to fight against the white man. Ages 8-12. Sleeping in a Sack: Camping Activities for Kids, by Linda White. 64 pp; 6x8; color illus; ISBN: 0-87905-830-7; $10.00 PA. GS With this handbook, you'll find out how to choose a tent, fix a dutch-oven dinner, sing favorite camp songs, identify stars in the night sky, and lots more. So grab your hiking boots--and let's go camping! Ages 10-up. Small Animals of North America Coloring Book, by Elizabeth A. McClelland. 48 pp; 8¼ x 11; illus; ISBN: 978-0-486-24217-0; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦Includes 45 black-and-white illustrations. Ages 69. Smart Survivors, World of Discovery, by Sneed B. Collard III. 32 pp; 8½x½; photos; illus; maps; ISBN: 1-55971-224-4; $9.95 HC. NP Introduces plants and animals that do "smart" things to assure their survival. Includes nudibranches, kangaroo rats, and strangler figs. Ages 8-12. Smoky the Cowhorse, by Will James. 320 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 087842-413-X; $16.00 PA. MP Smoky knows only one way of life: freedom. Living on the open range, he is free to go where he wants and do what he wants. And being a smart colt, he learns what he must in order to survive. He can beat any enemy whether it is a rattlesnake or a hungry wolf. But then he comes across a new enemy, one that walks on two legs and makes funny sounds. Smoky can't beat this enemy like he has all the others. But does he really want to beat it? Or could giving up some of his freedom mean getting something else in return that's even more valuable? Ages 9-up. Soldier Boy, by Brian Burks. 160 pp; 4¼x6¾; ISBN: 0-15-2012192; $6.99 PA. HBJ ♦Johnny ―the kid‖ McBane has made a name for himself in the back rooms of Chicago as the best bare-knuckle boxer in town, but then he refuses to throw a fight and must leave town in a hurry. Flat broke in a strange city, Johnny figures he‘s got nothing to lose by joining the army –where he‘ll make good money and see the West for free. But when Johnny runs out on his crooked fight manager, he doesn‘t know he‘ll end up a private in Custer‘s cavalry, learning how to fight the Sioux Indians –how to fight, this time, for his life. Ages 8-12. Someday Rider, by Ann H. Scott. 32 pp; 8¾x8½; illus; ISBN: 0395-58115-X; $6.95 PA. HMC Kenny longs to be a cowboy like his father and the others, and finally his sympathetic mother teaches him how to ride. Ages 5-8. Southwest Indian Designs Coloring Book, by Dianne Gaspas. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-43042-1; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦A delight for coloring book fans, this expressive collection will also be useful to designers and craftspeople in search of authentic Southwestern tribal art. Ages 5-up. Spirit Animals, by Victoria Covell. 112 pp; 6½x9¼; illus; ISBN: 158469-010-0; $20.95 HC. DAWNP ♦This aids in developing a deeper spiritual relationship and communication with animals. This offers the primal messages embodied by 24 wild animals, suggest how those meanings may apply to your life and includes 24 moving


stories of personal encounters with animals in the wild. Ages 13up. Spotted Bear, a Rocky Mountain Folktale, by Hanneke Ippisch. 48 pp; 8½x9¼; color illus; ISBN: 0-87842-387-7; $15.00 HC. MP Under the full moon of mid-summer night, when the beargrass blooms as it rarely blooms, magical things can happen. And they do in this enchanting tale of how spotted bears get their spots. Ages 8-12. Star Boy, by Paul Goble. 32 pp; 8½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-689-714998; $6.99 PA. MACM This is the story of how the sacred knowledge of the Sun Dance was given to the Blackfoot people. Ages 4-9. Stories of Young Pioneers in Their Own Words, by Violet T. Kimball. 236 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087842-423-7; $14.00 PA. MP Follow the heartaches, hardships, joys, and victories of life on the Emigrant Trail with these young pioneers. Ages 10-15. Stories on Stone, Images from the Ancient Ones, by Jennifer O. Dewey. 30 pp; 10¼x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 0-8263-3024-X; $14.95 HC. UNMP ♦This introduces young readers to the rich history and mystery of rock art in the Southwest. Rock art is a mysterious but readable record of early human history in the Southwest. This striking book will appeal to anyone wanting to share the power of rock art‘s ability to intrigue. Ages 10-up. Storybook Stew: Cooking with Books Kids Love, by Suzanne I. Barchers & Peter J. Rauen. 128 pp; 7x10; illus; appendix; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55591-944-8; $15.95 PA. FULC Ideal for home or classroom use, this unique activity book features forty-five quality children's books that focus on food, each paired with an original recipe. Safety tips, conversion charts, a glossary, and a bibliography complete this tantalizing resource. Ages 6-12. Sweetgrass, by Jan Hudson. 168 pp; 5x7¾; bibliog; 5x7¾; ISBN: 0-698-11763-8; $5.99 PA. PEN Living on the western Canadian prairie in the nineteenth century, Sweetgrass, a fifteenyear-old Blackfoot Indian girl saves her family from a smallpox epidemic and proves her maturity to her father. Ages 10-up. Tales, Trails, and Tommyknockers: Stories from Colorado‟s Past, by Myriam Friggens. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-933472-01-3; $8.95 PA. JOHN Exciting stories from Colorado‘s past. Kit Carson, Chief Ouray and Molly as well as Father Dyer, Colorado‘s most daring skier, and Silver Heels, the angel of Fairplay, are just a few of the unforgettable characters brought to life in this book. Ages 9-up. Taste Berries for Teens: Inspirational Short Stories and Encouragement on Life, Love, Friendship, and Tough Issues, Comp. by Bettie & Jennifer Youngs (Ph.D.). 376 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-55874-669-2; $12.95 PA. HCI Your teen years are a time of turmoil. This book will help make these years bearable by answering many of your questions, by showing you there are lots of other teens going through the same stuff, and by being there when you need it, like a good friend. Ages 13-up. Teen Ink 2: More Voices, More Visions, ed. by Stephanie & John Meyer. 388 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-55874-913-6; $12.95 PA. HCI Hear fresh voices of honest teens speaking out on what it really means to be an adolescent: that first kiss, that fight with a friend, or the loss of a grandparent. Ages 13-up. Teepee Village Sticker Picture, by A.G. Smith. 18¼x12¼ background & 2 full pages of large stickers. 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-48629668-7; $4.95 PA. DOVER Create an accurate and realistic scene of traditional Indian life and culture with this colorful and educational activity book. Included are 34 full-color sticker images you can apply to a realistic background scene revealing treeless plains dotted with coyotes and grazing buffalo and bordered by a meandering river. Ages 7-10.

Ten Little Rabbits, by Virginia Grossman & Sylvia Long. 28 pp; 10x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8118-1057-7; $6.99 PA. CHRON Weaving, fishing, and storytelling are all part of this spirited book that celebrates Native American traditions as it teaches children to count from one to ten. Ideal for storytime or bedtime, this is a book sure to leave children counting rabbits instead of sheep. Ages 3-7. Texas Roundup, Life on the Range, by Catherine E. Chambers. 32 pp; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8167-5039-4; $3.95 PA. TROLL ♦In nineteenth-century Texas, a young boy learns a great deal about life on the range when he is at last allowed to accompany the ranch hands on the spring roundup. Ages 9-13. They Call Me Sacagawea, by Joyce B. Hunsaker. 48 pp; 8½x10; map; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-7627-2580-X; $ 9.95 PA. GPP ♦Learn about this young mother‘s extraordinary travels with the celebrated Corps of Discovery. Ages 12-up. They're Off! The Story of the Pony Express, by Cheryl Harness. 32 pp; 8¾x11¼; color illus; map; bibliog; ISBN: 0-689-85121-9; $6.99 PA. S&S This brings these legendary couriers and their extraordinary race across the country to life with engaging text, dramatic watercolors and maps. Ages 8-12. This is the Place: The Story of the Mormon Trail, an Activity Book for Children, by William E. & Jan C. Hill. 40 pp; 8½x11; illus; map; puzzles; cut-outs; ISBN: 0-9636071-2-X; $4.50 PA. TAMB A Mormon Trail activity book, with coloring, mazes, connect-the-dots and more. Ages 8-11. This Vast Land, a Young Man‟s Journal of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, by Stephen E. Ambrose. 304 pp; 6¼x9¼; map: ISBN: 0-689-86448-5; $17.95 HC. S&S ♦Drawing on his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject, Ambrose creates the fictional diary of nineteen-year-old George Shannon, who was in fact the youngest member of Lewis & Clark‘s Corps of Discovery. He conjures the journey west with stunning clarity, calling on the bravery of Daniel boon, the pragmatic courage of Sacajawea, the overarching, relentless vision of Meriwether Lewis. Ages 13-up. The Thoroughbred Horse, by Gail B. Stewart. 48 pp; 5¾x8½; index; gloss; photos; ISBN: 0-51640245-5; $5.95 PA CP Great way to learn about Thoroughbreds for ages 8-12. The Three Little Javelinas, by Susan Lowell, illus. by Jim Harris. 32 pp; 11x9¼; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-542-9; $15.95 HC. NOLAP Take-off on the three little pigs, in southwestern style. Dressed in cowboy duds and prepared for life in the rugged desert, these characters are more than any coyote bargained for! Ages 3-up. Thunder on the Plains: The Story of the American Buffalo, by Ken Robbins. 34 pp; 10¼x8¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-689-83025-4; $16.99 HC. S&S This is the story of a magnificent and truly American creature: the buffalo. Ages 7-10. To the Frontier: The Adventures of Young Buffalo Bill, by E. Cody Kimmel. 192 pp; 5¾x8½; map; illus; ISBN: 0-06-029117-6; Reduced to retail at $5.99 HC. ISBN: 0-06-440894-9; $5.99 PA. HCP ♦Bill Cody and his family are true pioneers, leaving behind Iowa and everything familiar to venture into the newly established Kansas Territory. Join Buffalo Bill on his first journey as he and his Ma, Pa, and sisters board a covered wagon and blaze a new trail. Ages 8-12. Tools & Gadgets, by Bobbie Kalman. 40 pp; 8½x10¾; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-86505-508-4; $7.95 PA. CRABT Describes tools & gadgets from the past and what they were used for. Ages 6-12. The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit, by Susan Lowell, illus. by Jim Harris. 32 pp; 11x9½; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-586-0; $15.95 HC. NOLAP This tells the story of the tortoise and the hare with a southwestern flair. Irresistible fun for young and old alike! Ages 3up.


Tracks, Scats, and Signs, by Leslie Dendy. 48 pp; 8½x8½; color illus; ISBN: 1-55971-599-5; $7.95 PA. NP Nature is full of hidden clues about the animals that live there. Animal signs are everywhere and this Take-Along Guide will help kids learn all about them. They will find out how to spot and identify common clues that 17 wildlife species leave behind in the woods, in fields and along ponds. Tracks, Scats, and Signs is a fun way to turn everyday walks into exciting mysteries, and make any child a nature detective. Ages 8-12. Travel in the Early Days, by Bobbie Kalman & Kate Calder. 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-472-X; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book introduces readers to transportation used by settlers in North America. Topics include covered wagons, canal boats, steam power, and hazards that early travelers faced. Ages 6-14. Trees, Leaves and Bark, by Diane L. Burns. 48 pp; 8½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-628-2; $7.95 PA. CPI Turn every walk into a learning adventure when you take along this useful and interesting guide to 16 common trees. Ages 8-12. Trekking on a Trail, by Linda White. 64 pp; 6x8; illus; diag; ISBN: 0-87905-941-9; $9.95 PA. GS Complete with recipes, exercises, equipment lists, and activities to do along the way, Trekking on a Trail is the perfect hiking companion. Ages 6-up. Trouble for Lucy, by Carla Stevens. 80 pp; 5¾x9; illus; map; ISBN: 0-89919-523-7; $5.95 PA. HMC The year is 1843 and the Stewart family is immigrating to Oregon by wagon train. And Finn, Lucy's frisky fox terrier, just can't seem to stay out of mischief. One day when the wagons break camp to move on, Finn is nowhere to be found. Lucy knows her father will be angry, but she can't help that. She simply has to sneak away and search for her missing puppy. Ages 8-12. Trout, Trout, Trout (a Fish Chant), by April P. Sayre & Trip Park. 36 pp; 9½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-889-7; $15.95 HC. T&N ♦This humorous romp through a lake will delight children who are fascinated with the underwater world. Ages 5-9. Turquoise Boy, a Navajo Legend, by Terri Cohlene. 48 pp; 7¾x9; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-8167-2360-5; $4.95 PA. TROLL ♦Retelling of a Navajo Indian legend in which Turquoise Boy searches for something that will make the Navajo people‘s lives easier. Ages 9-13. The Turtle Who Went to War & Other Sioux Stories, by Fort Peck Assiniboine & Sioux Tribes. 64 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0917298-95-0; $9.95 PA. MHSP ♦These traditional stories, illustrated by Indian artists, have been handed down for generations among the Sioux. Ages 6-up. Uncle Bill: A Tale of Two Kids and a Cowboy, by Will James. 200 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-380-X; $14.00 PA. MP Tenyear-old Kip and his eleven-year-old sister Scootie travel from the city to spend the summer on a western ranch. They learn to ride, to throw a rope and almost everything else a cowboy needs to know from one of the best and kindest cowboys -old Uncle Bill. Ages 12up. The Valiant Seven, by Netta S. Phelps. 222 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87004-410-9; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. CAXP When Henry and Naomi Sager decided to take their family to the far away Oregon Country, they couldn‘t have dreamed that their seven children would arrive at their destination as orphans –with more tragedy looming on the horizon. Ages 12-up. Victorian Christmas, by Bobbie Kalman & Barbara Bedell. 36 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-86505-460-6; $7.95 PA. CRABT ♦Examines Christmas traditions that began or were revived during the Victorian era, including Christmas trees and decorations, gift giving, caroling, and other less-known customs. Ages 6-14.

Victorian Family Paper Dolls, by Brenda S. Mattox. 28 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-40811-6; $6.95 PA. DOVER Includes 4 dolls and 2 pets on double cover. 38 costumes on 12 plates of lightweight stock. Ages 9-up. Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls from Harper's Bazaar, 18671898, by Theodore Menten. 32 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-234533; $5.95 PA. DOVER Four female dolls with 28 elegant high fashion costumes, printed in full color. The Victorian Home, by Bobbie Kalman. 40 pp; 8½x10¾; photos; illus; index; ISBN; 0-86505-461-4; $7.95 PA. CRABT This book examines the exteriors, interiors, and furnishings of Victorianstyle homes. Ages 6-12. Volcanoes, by Neil Morris. 32 pp; 7¾x9½; illus; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-86505-838-5; $6.95 PA. CRABT This book examines the different kinds of volcanoes and their effects on the earth. Ages 6-12. Wagon Train, by Sydelle Kramer. 48 pp; 6x9; map; illus; ISBN: 0448-41334-5; $3.99 PA. PEN ♦What was it like to go west in a covered wagon? To meet Indians, to cross tall mountains and big rivers, to travel through 2,000 miles of wilderness. Read this and find out. Ages 7-10. Waldo, a Young Wyoming Cowboy, by J.C. Cantle. 128 pp; 7x9½; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-943972-27-2; $12.95 PA. HOMEP Orphaned Waldo is sent to live with relatives on a Wyoming ranch. He learns about cowboy gear, reatas and shoeing horses. Waldo helps capture the cinch-ring artists, goes on an elk hunt, works on a cattle drive to Cheyenne, and meets a Shoshone Indian saves his life. The roundup, cutting, roping, riding the rodeo circuit, and breaking horses, makes Waldo want to live the cowboy life forever. Ages 9-up. Wanted: A Few Bold Riders, by Darice Bailer. 32 pp; 8x10; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-56899-465-6; $6.95 PA. SOUNDP While visiting the Pony Express exhibit at the National Postal Museum, Kevin travels back in time and becomes Warren Upson, a famous rider with a difficult route. Ages 8-11. The Waterfall‟s Gift, by Joanne Ryder & Richard J. Watson. 38 pp; 11x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-57805-113-4; $7.95 PA. SC ♦There is much more here than a simple tale of a girl communing with the outdoors. There is the awakening of all five senses, a remembering of deceased loved ones, a connection to the past, and a hope for the future. Ages 5-9. Weather Detectives, by Mark Eubank. 80 pp; 8x9; illus; ISBN: 158685-412-7; $9.95 PA. GS ♦Follow the adventures of Bryan, Olivia, and Rudy as they narrowly escape a tornado, survive an avalanche, brave freezing rain, and much, much more. You‘ll learn amazing weather facts, safety tips, and how to do fun-filled experiments! Ages 7-12. The West, by Thomas & Virginia Aylesworth. 64 pp; maps; color photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-7910-0548-8; $6.95 PA. CHELH Covers Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. For ages 9-13. (Cut & Assemble) a Western Frontier Town, by Edmund V. Gillon, Jr. 48 pp; 9¼x12¼; ISBN: 0-486-23736-2; $8.95 PA. DOVER Ten authentic full-color buildings on heavy cardboard stock in H-O scale. Sheriff's Office and jail, Saloon, Wells Fargo, Opera House, others. Ages 8-14. Western Pioneers Coloring Book, by Peter F. Copeland. 50 pp; 8¼X11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-29411-0; $3.95 PA. DOVER Wellwritten descriptive captions accompany this excellent selection of 36 ready-to-color illustrations of the westward expansion. Ages 610. Western Ranch Sticker Activity Book, by Cathy Beylon. 17 fullcolor stickers on 4 plates. 4x5¾; ISBN: 0-486-40099-9; $1.50 PA. DOVER Inside this little sticker book, you'll find an authentic


background scene on the inside covers, including a ranchhouse, barn, and corral. To bring the scene to life, just apply 17 full-color sticker illustrations of bronco busters, palomino ponies, steers, and other figures. The reusable stickers make it easy for you to create one exciting Western ranch scene after another. Ages 7-10. What Does the Crow Know? The Mysteries of Animal Intelligence, by Margery Facklam. 48 pp; 9x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-57805-075-8; $6.95 PA. GS Facklam looks at how lions plan a hunt, how crows and ravens solve practical problems, and how guide dogs practice ―intelligent disobedience.‖ A convincing look that animals can think, learn, plan ahead, and teach others. Ages 8-11. What Happened to Patrick‟s Dinosaurs? by Carol Carrick. 32 pp; 7¾x10; illus; ISBN: 0-89919-797-3; $5.95 PA. HMC ♦Fascinated with dinosaurs, Patrick invents an imaginary explanation of why they became extinct. Ages 7-9. What is a Bat? by Bobbie Kalman & Heather Levigne. 40 pp; 8½x9½; color photos; illus; diag; index; ISBN: 0-86505-895-4; $5.95 PA. CRABT This book describes the main types of bats and discusses their physiology, feeding, roosting, reproduction, echolocation abilities, and other behavior. Ages 7-12. Where the Buffaloes Begin, by Olaf Baker. 48 pp; 10x10; illus; ISBN: 0-14-050560-1; $6.99 PA. PEN Gammell provides spectacular scenes of tumbling clouds, of earth churned by flying hooves, of teepees in the early dawn. But most of all he conveys the hulking, surging, rampaging strength of the shaggy buffaloes as they rise out of a shadowy mist, the mist of dream and legend. Ages 5-8. White Bead Ceremony, by Sherrin Watkins. 40 pp; illus; ISBN: 157178-056-4; $9.95 PA. COAK ♦Mary Greyfeather experiences the traditional Shawnee ceremony by which children are given a tribal name. Ages 9-13. Who Pooped in the Park? Glacier National Park, by Gary D. Robson. 48 pp; 9x8 illus; glossary of tracks; ISBN: 1-56037-279-6; $9.95 PA. FCP ♦Come along with Emily, Michael, and their family in Glacier National Park as they find scat and tracks & discover which animal made them! Ages 8-12. Who Pooped in the Park? Grand Teton National Park, by Gary D. Robson. 48 pp; 9x8; illus; glossary of tracks; ISBN: 1-56037280X; $9.95 PA. FCP ♦As above, except adapted to Grand Teton National Park. Ages 8-12. Who Pooped in the Park? Yellowstone National Park, by Gary D. Robson. 48 pp; 9x8; illus; glossary of tracks: ISBN: 1-56037273-7; $9.95 PA. FCP ♦As above, except adapted to Yellowstone National Park. Ages 8-12. Who Was Annie Oakley? by Stephanie Spinner. 112 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-448-42497-5; $4.99 PA. PEN Who was Annie Oakley? A sharpshooting, horseback-riding symbol of the Wild West? An elegant lady who was courted by European aristocrats and admired by queens? A determined and brilliant performer who dazzled audiences the world over? All of the above! Ages 8-11. Who Was Sacagawea? by Dennis & Judith Fradin. 112 pp; 5¼x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-448-42485-1; $4.99 PA. PEN Who was Sacagawea? A sixteen-year-old who made one of the most remarkable journeys in American history? A woman who has mountains in three states named after her? The face on the new U.S. golden dollar coin? All of the above! Ages 8-11. Wigwams, Longhouses & Other Native American Dwellings Coloring Book, by Bruce LaFontaine. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-43327-7; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦Thirty detailed illustrations depict, among other structures, the exterior of a Seminole chickee in Florida, a Mandan earth lodge on the Great Plains, an Iroquois longhouse in upstate New York, a Taos adobe pueblo in the Southwest, a Hopi storage room in Arizona, An Anasazi Cliffside

dwelling at Mesa Verde, Colorado, and an Inuit igloo in the arctic. Ages 6-10. Wild and Free: The Story of a Black-Footed Ferret, by Jo-Ellen Bosson. 32 pp; 8x8; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-56899-197-5; $4.95 PA. SOUNDP A black-footed ferret, bred in captivity and released in the wild, tries to evade her natural enemies while raising her young in abandoned prairie dog burrows. Ages 8-11. Wildflowers, Blooms, and Blossoms, by Diane Burns. 48 pp; 8½x8½; color illus; ISBN: 1-55971-642-8; $7.95 PA. NP This fun, educational guide will help you identify 30 wildflower favorites. With it you will also learn what creatures eat them and where they can be found. Also included are fun activities and a 7-page scrapbook for whatever else you might like to add or collect. Ages 8-12. Wild Horse Winter, by Tetsuya Honda. 40 pp; 11½x8¼; color illus; ISBN: 0-8118-1211-1; $6.95 PA. CHRON The soft paintings combine with the simple text and present a wonderful book for reading aloud or sharing, and bring a vanishing breed to life. Ages 2-8. Wild West Days: Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes, by David C. King. 128 pp; 10½x8½; glossary, illus, diagrams: ISBN: 0-471-23919-4: $12.95 PA. WILEY Absolutely loaded with neat projects from cooking good stuff to making neat things, and liberally filled with historical facts. Ages 8-11. Wild West: Cowboys, American Indians, Pioneers, & Outlaws, by Mike Stotter. 64 pp; 9½x12; photos; illus; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7534-5249-9; $10.95 PA. KINGF Join the Cheyenne on a buffalo hunt. Learn about the dangers facing a cowhand on the trail. Read about the crimes of outrageous outlaws. Ride into a typical frontier town. Ages 8-12. Wild West Sticker Picture, by Steven J. Petruccio. 6 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-486-40376-9; $5.95 PA. DOVER Youngsters can create one action-packed scene after another simply by rearranging the 33 reusable peel-and-apply sticker images on the backdrop. Ages 6-9. The Wildlife Detectives, How Forensic Scientists Fight Crimes Against Nature, by Donna M. Jackson. 48 pp; 11x9; illus; photos; index; ISBN: 0-618-19683-8; $4.95 PA. HMC ♦Describes how the wildlife detectives at the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Ashland, Oregon, analyze clues to catch and convict people responsible for crimes against animals. Ages 9-13. Wildlife of the Mountain West, Vol. 2, by Ray Fetzer, Jr. & Roger Thompson. 64 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-936457-02-3; $2.50 PA. WOLV This book features 29 different critters of the mountain west. Each animal is correctly illustrated in scale with its environment. The text follows six steps in description; body color and marking; size and weight; range and habitat; parenting practices; feeding; depredation, and ending with facts of interest about each animal. Ages 7-10. Will James Cowboy Book, by Will James. 128 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-469-5; $18.00 HC. MP ♦Some of Will James‘s best short stories are collected in this rare volume for children. Ages 10-up. Willy Whitefeather's River Book for Kid's, by Willy Whitefeather. 132 pp; 8x10¼; illus; ISBN: 0-943173-94-9; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. HARBH Story of a thrilling five-day river trip in a canoe. Destination - River Rat's Roost! Along the way, Tina and Dooley learn from their uncle the skills needed to paddle, steer and balance their canoe - skills he had learned, in turn, from Grandfather. By the time they arrive, Tina and Dooley know how to successfully maneuver around or through the rapids and boulders on the river - and on the "river of life" as well. Ages 7-11. Wishing on a Star: Constellation Stories and Stargazing Activities for Kids, by Fran Lee. 64 pp; 6x8; illus; diagrams;


ISBN: 1-58685-029-6; $9.95 PA. GS You‘ll learn how to make a twinkling thaumatrope, fly a starry kite, and act in your own constellation play! Star maps and stargazing tips will help you find the constellations, and cool science facts will help you learn more about the stars. Ages 7-up. Women Writers of the West, Five Chroniclers of the American West, by Julie Danneberg. 96 pp; 7x9; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55591-464-0; $12.95 PA. FULC ♦Meet five notable women driven to write and succeed at a time when ambition in women was viewed as a flaw, not an asset. Features the works of Jessie B. Fremont, Louise Clappe, Mary H. Foote, Helen H. Jackson, and Gertrude Bonnin. Woodland Animals Stickers, by Dianne Gaspas. 8 pp; 4x5¾; illus; ISBN: 0-486-41261-X; $1.50 PA. DOVER ♦Includes 20 fullcolor stickers that are great for illustrating school projects and reports, notebooks, lunch boxes, and other flat surfaces. Ages 510. Woodlands Sticker Picture, by Dianne Gaspas. 2 pp; 9x12; ISBN: 0-486-40817-5; $4.95 PA. DOVER ♦30 full-color reusable stickers of woodland critters can be used to bring a lovely forested area to life. Ages 6-10. Woods and Forests, by Patricia A. Martin. 144 pp; 6xp; photos; illus; charts; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-531-16459-4; $6.95 PA. FWATTS The author presents more than thirty projects and investigations that will help young readers to learn about woods and forests by interacting with the organisms they find there. Along the way, they will come to appreciate the role that various creatures and environmental conditions play in maintaining forest ecosystems. Ages 13-17. Words West, Voices of Young Pioneers, by Ginger Wadsworth. 208 pp; 9x9¾; maps; photos; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 0-61823475-6; 18.00 HC. HMC ♦Here is the moving stories of young pioneers, told in their own words through letters home, diaries, and memoirs. Their writings, presented in a clear and accessible fashion and accompanied by dramatic archival photographs and prints, provide a window into what life on the Western trail was truly like. Ages 12-up. Wounded Knee, by Neil Waldman. 64 pp; 8½x10½; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-689-82559-5; Reduced to retail at: $12.00 HC. S&S This recounts events leading to the massacre at Wounded Knee, concluding with a description of the battle itself. Ages 9-up. Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West, by Dee Brown. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8050-2700-9; $14.95 PA. HHC Battle by battle, massacre by massacre, broken treaty by broken treaty, this is a documented, gripping chronicle of the Indian struggle from 1860 to 1890 against the white man's systematic plunder. Ages 10 and up. The Yankton Sioux, by Herbert T. Hoover. 112 pp; 7x9¼; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7910-0369-8; $7.95 PA. CHELH. Ages 14-up. York: The Slave Who Helped Explore America, by R.W. ―Rib‖ Gustafson. 64 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-912299-93-2; $9.95 PA. STONEY This brings youngsters into the life and times of one of America‘s largely unsung heroes, the slave York, who was the only black member of the legendary Lewis & Clark Expedition. Ages 7-up. York‟s Adventures with Lewis & Clark, an African-American‟s Part in the Great Expedition, by Rhoda Blumberg. 94 pp; 9x11¼; maps; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-06-009111-8; $17.99 HC. HCP ♦Blumberg helps us imagine what life was like for York, Clark‘s slave, who contributed significantly to the expedition‘s success. Ages 8-up. Young Cowboy, by Will James. 78 pp; 9x7; illus; ISBN: 0-87842419-9; $15.00 HC. MP Young Billy Roper grows up on a

ranch and learns about the hard work, skills, and responsibilities required of a cowboy. Includes 31 line drawings and 4 color paintings. Ages 8-up. The Zebra-Riding Cowboy, collected by Angela S. Medearis. 32 pp; 8¼x10¼; illus; chords; ISBN: 0-8050-1712-7; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 HC. HHC This classic about the Zebra Dun contains notes on the text, music for those who want to sing along, and a collection of cowboys whose ethnic diversity gives children an image of the real Old West. Ages 6-10. Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats, by Ann Earle. 32 pp; 9¾x8; illus; ISBN: 0-06-445133-X; $4.99 PA. HCP Bats sleep all day, then zip and zoom through the darkness as they hunt. But bats won‘t hurt you –they hunt at night because that‘s when their favorite insects are easiest to catch. A little brown bat can eat half its weight in insects every night. That‘s a lot of mosquitoes! After learning all about bats you‘re sure to want them around- so we‘ve included plans for building a bat house. Ages 5-9.  COOKBOOKS 98 Ways to Cook Venison, by Eldon R. Cutlip. 116 pp; 5¾x8½; spiral bound; photos; table; index; ISBN: 0-9644922-3-7; $11.95 PA. ELDON The recipes found here take advantage of venison's concentrated flavor by suggesting spice proportions that enhance rather than cover up its exquisite wild taste. The soups and stews are thick and full-bodied. Roasts are seasoned to perfection and cooked in such a way as to produce the best possible flavor and texture for each cut of meat. There's no second guessing which steak to use because each recipe spells out the correct cut for the best results. Also included are selections of cured products, recipes such as ham, pastrami, dried venison, etc. The methods are simple and the formulas effective. Each is designed specifically for venison, which is typically leaner and drier than most domestic meats. 101 More Things to Do with a Cake Mix, by Stephanie Ashcraft. 128 pp; 5½x7½; ISBN: 1-58685-278-7; $9.95 PA. GS ♦From sticky buns to cookie-dough blondies to rocky road pizza, this will start baking wars everywhere. 101 Things to Do with a Cake Mix, by Stephanie Ashcraft. 128 pp; 5½x7½; ISBN: 1-58685-217-5; $9.95 PA. GS ♦From Christmas rainbow poke cake to snickers surprise cookies, this book will make you the talk of the neighborhood get-together. 101 Things to Do with a Slow Cooker, by Stephanie Ashcraft & Janet Eyring. 128 pp; 5½x7¼; ISBN: 1-58685-317-1; $9.95 PA. GS ♦This is a wonderful collection of ―throw-and-go‖ favorites. Quickprep turns delicious here! 500 Wild Game & Fish Recipes, by Galen Winter. 168 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 1-57223-008-8; $14.95 PA. WCP They're all here: from venison burgundy to potted bullheads, pheasant Alexander to muskrat shanks. Five hundred recipes appealing to down-home cooks and discerning gourmands alike. Practical and imaginative ways to marinate, casserole, bake, fry, grill, smoke, can and preserve your favorite fish and game. The All-American Cookbook, compiled by Willow Tree Books. 94 pp; 5½x8½; coil binding; ISBN: 1-885027-15-X; $9.95 PA. APRPR Loaded with great quotes by famous folks and simply delicious recipes from everywhere U.S. The All-American Cowboy Cookbook, Featuring over 300 Recipes from the World‟s Greatest Cowboys, by Ken Beck & Jim Clark. 256 pp; 7½x10¼; photos; index; ISBN: 1-55853-365-6; $16.99 PA. RHILL ♦This is filled to the brim with favorite recipes from the country‘s most famous western stars –from the Silver Screen and television to rodeo heroes and cooks on real working ranches, as well as recipes from some of the best cowboy balladeers ever to lasso a microphone. Loaded with nearly 200 photos and chuck-full of cowboy trivia. The All-New Diabetic Cookbook, by Kitty & Lucian Maynard and Theodore Duncan, M.D. 306 pp; 7½x9¼; photos; index; ISBN: 1-


55853-675-2; $19.95 PA. RHP ♦The 400 delicious recipes in this cookbook are designed to meet the needs of people with diabetes while also satisfying the entire family. Every recipe has been kitchen-tested for taste and carefully selected for its suitability for home cooking. Amazing Venison Recipes, by Jim Zumbo. 232 pp; 6x9; lay-flat binding; photos; index; ISBN: 0-9624025-4-0; $16.95 PA. WVPC Zumbo's long-awaited hunter's surprise! Venison is one of the most healthful, nutritious meals possible. Unlock the mysteries and learn how to prepare the various cuts of meat, from roasts and steaks to specialty dishes. Over 200 recipes are included, but you'll quickly learn how easy it is to create your own dishes using herbs, spices, and marinades. The book places special emphasis on gamey tasting venison, sharing some simple techniques to make any cut of venison a gourmet's delight. American Indian Cooking, Recipes from the Southwest, by Carolyn Niethammer. 224 pp; 8x11; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8375-X; $16.95 PA. UNEBP This handy cookbook is an enjoyable and informative guide to the rich culinary traditions of the American Indians of the Southwest. Featured are 150 authentic fruit, grain, and vegetable recipes –foods that have been prepared by generations of Apaches, Zunis, Navajos, Havasupais, Yavapais, Pimas, and Pueblos. An American Treasury of Heirloom Fruitcakes and Puddings, Vol. 1, by Frances E. Hanson. 88 pp; 6¼x9; index; spiral bound; ISBN: 0-938015-16-8; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. AVALON This is the cook's sourcebook for the goodness of yesterday in every bite of their homemade fruitcake and puddings. An American Treasury of Heirloom Sweets and Sonnets, the Language of Romance, Vol. 2, by Frances E. Hanson. illus; photos; spiral bound; index; ISBN: 0-938015-19-2; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. AVALON An essential book for all that desire sweet romance, gentle courtships and life-time relationships. Over 200 recipes. Arizona Cookbook, by Al & Mildred Fischer. 144 pp; 5½x8½; layflat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-00-0; $6.95 PA. GWP This is a taste of the Old Southwest! Sizzling Indian fry bread, prickly pear marmalade, sourdough biscuits, refried beans, beef jerky, and cactus candy, more. Over 350 recipes. The Art of American Indian Cooking, by Yeffe Kimball & Jean Anderson. 216 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-58574010-1; $14.95 PA. L&B Genuine pre-European era Native American recipes have been adapted for modern kitchens, while still retaining their full flavor. Aunt Bee‟s Mayberry Cookbook, by Ken Beck & Jim Clark. 256 pp; 6½x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55853-098-3; $16.99 PA. RHP ♦With sidebars, Mayberry trivia, photos, and jokes, and almost 300 Mayberry recipes, this is one of the best country cookin‘ helpers on the market! Basque Cooking and Lore, by Darcy Williamson. 184 pp; 6½x9; spiral-bound; illus; index; ISBN: 0-87004-346-3; $14.95 PA. CAXP Cook it up and learn about the Basques as you dine. From gazpacho to olive bread, porrusalda to pork & green pepper pie, these are the best of the best, finely mixed with the lore of the Basque people. Berry Lovers Cookbook: Blueberry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, & other Berry Recipes, Comp. By Lee & Shayne Fischer. 96 pp; 5¾x8½; spiral bound; index; ISBN: 1885590-81-4; $6.95 PA. Over 100 delicious recipes bursting with flavor make this book ―berry‖ wonderful! Best Barbecue Recipes, by Mildred Fischer. 144 pp; 5½x8½; layflat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 9781585810246; $14.95 PA. GWP This is a collection of over 200 taste-tempting recipes. Sauces, rubs, marinades, mops, ribs, wild game, beef, fish and seafood, pork, pit barbecue, chicken, side dishes, kabobs, barbecue contests, barbecue newspapers, cooking tips and more!

Best of Friends, Festive Occasions Cookbook, by Darlene G. Skees. 344 pp; 6x8½; lay-flat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-9619582-X; $15.95 PA. FALP From "Blushing Strawberry Daiquiris" to "Friendly Cowboy Bread" to "Distinguished Tenderloin;" over 300 recipes cover the entire spectrum of preparation and presentation of the festive, fantastic holiday event. Best of Friends, Too Cookbook, by Darlene G. Skees. 352 pp; 6x9; lay-flat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-9619158-1-1; $15.95 PA. FALP Another wonderful collection of tested and proven recipes. This cookbook interest is in using Canola oil, olive oil, LITE products, and egg substitutes where possible. Over 360 recipes. Billy the Kid Cookbook: Recipes and Folklore from Billy the Kid Country, by Lynn Nusom. 112 pp; 5 ¾x8 ½; illus; photos; index; spiral bound; ISBN: 1-885590-32-6; $7.95 PA. GWP This is a fanciful look at recipes and folklore from Billy the Kid country. Huevos Rancheros, Tyrone Steak, Silver City Chorizo, Pecos Posole Soup, Gee-Haw Cocktail, Navajo Fry Bread, Meatballs Diablo, and many more. Bonnie Cooks! Bits & Bobs & Antelope Toes, by Bonnie HyattMurphy. 162 pp; 5½x8½; photos; index; ISBN: 1-931832-03-X; $9.95 PA. RIVB ♦Here are 280 fresh and different recipes from Nibbles to Bits & Bobs, including wonderful breads, soups, salads, entrees, and an irresistible collection of cakes, cookies, pies, and desserts. The Bread Machine Cookbook II, by Donna R. German. 176 pp; 8¼x5¼; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55867-037-8; $8.95 PA. BPEI More delicious recipes. International and holiday breads, coffee breads, pizzas, meat pies and hand pies. MORE! White, cheese, whole grain, fruit, vegetable, spice and herb breads. Instructions for every bread machine, and amounts of ingredients for each machine size. The Bread Machine Cookbook III, by Donna R. German. 192 pp; 8¼x5¼; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55867-048-3; $8.95 PA. BPEI 130 ALL NEW recipes! New nut bread section, section on toppings & spreads, sourdough, spice, herb, coffee cake & dough cycle breads. Section on acceptable substitutes & trouble shooting. More white, whole grain, fruit & vegetable breads. The Bread Machine Cookbook IV, Whole Grains & Natural Sugars, by Donna R. German. 176 pp; 8¼x5¼; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55867-049-1; $8.95 PA. BPEI 130 recipes for breads made with whole grains and natural sweeteners. How whole grain bread baking differs from baking with refined flours. Information about how to mill your own flours. The Bread Machine Cookbook V, Favorite Recipes from 100 Kitchens, by Donna R. German. 176 pp; 8¼x5¼; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55867-093-9; $8.95 PA. BPEI From all over the country, bread machine owners share their favorite recipes, hints and ideas. Bruce Aidells‟ Complete Sausage Book, by Bruce Aidells & Denis Kelly. 336 pp; photos; sources; index; ISBN: 1-58008-159-2; $21.95 PA. TSP Peppered with lively vignettes of a life spent in pursuit of great sausage, cooking tips and ideas for additional recipes, plus sausage lore, Aidells‘ book links up the culinary traditions in America‘s proverbial melting pot. Includes over 100 recipes. Isn‘t it time you experienced the best of the ―wurst?‖ Burrito Lovers Cook Book, by Shayne & Lee Fischer. 96 pp; 6½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-885590-95-4; $6.95 PA. GWP ♦86 flavorful recipes, with a section on sauces, salsas and guacamoles, and how to properly fold a burrito. Burritos! Hot on the Trail of the Little Burro, by David Thomsen & Derek Wilson. 128 pp; 7x7; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-835-8; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. GS Welcome to the complete burrito resource--a celebration of the best taquerias, the best recipes, and even the best way to eat your properly assembled


burrito. Compiled by two burrito addicts, this comprehensive volume will answer all those burning questions about salsa and give carnivores the lowdown on meat. It traces the burrito's enchanting history, describes for novices the required decor of an authentic taqueria, and explores the vibrant culture surrounding today's most entertaining food. Busy People‟s Slow Cooker Cookbook, by Dawn Hall. 256 pp; 7x9¼; illus; index; ISBN: 1-4016-0107-3; $16.99 HC. RHP ♦It‘s all about easy. 7 ingredients or less, easy to prepare, cook, and clean up. Prep-time of 15 to 20 minutes. Lay-flat binding. Cabin Cookin‟, by Rick Black. 176 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 9780811733854; $16.95 PA. STACKP ♦Black shares recipes he‘s developed from years cooking in cabin and camp with a Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet, heavy foil, and grill. Camp Cookbook, Featuring Camp Recipes for Fixing Both at Home and In the Field, by Dale A. Burk. 218 pp; 5¾x8½; lay-flat binding; photos; index; ISBN: 0-912299-52-5; $12.95 PA. STONEY Wherever you undertake trips to the field -hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, hiking, traveling, or a relaxing trip to the cabin- you'll encounter special needs in two ways; first, fixing things at home to take with you on that trip; and two, preparing meals under an extremely-wide range of camp conditions. This cookbook pulls together a variety of recipes intended to meet those needs and conditions. Camp Cooking 100 Years, by Natl. Museum of Forest Service History. 192 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58685-761-4; $9.95 PA. GS ♦More than just a cookbook, this features incredible photos, anecdotes, and recipes highlighting a century of Forest Service heritage. The Candida Directory & Cookbook, the Comprehensive Cookbook to Yeast-Free Living, by Helen Gustafson & Maureen O'Shea. 216 pp; 6x9; charts; appendices; bibliog; recipe index; gen. index; ISBN: 0-89087-714-9; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. TSP Systemic yeast imbalance is more prevalent in firstworld countries than ever before. Candida Albicans in its benign state is always present in our body. But when doctors give antibiotics, or when we eat feedlot critters that have been injected with antibiotics, this in turn kills our antibodies which allow yeast to go wild. Add the sugar which is in every fast food, and most grocery items, and you've got problems. Rampant systemic yeast imbalance will give false symptoms, and since most doctors treat symptoms, and don't look for the cause, if you've got it, you've got problems. This book contains the diagnosis, the natural herb treatments, and the four progressive diets needed to whip the imbalance and get your body in balance. This works for both men and women. This is a must-have book! Cast-Iron Cooking, by A.D. Livingston. 144 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; appendix; ISBN: 1-55821-115-2; $12.95 PA. L&B If you know how, cast iron cooks better than any other utensil, bar-none! This book shows you how to properly season and care for cast iron cookery (which means hot water scouring & never using dish soap) and features over 75 recipes, from johnnycakes to blackened redfish, that will show you just how much great eating you've missed. Cather‟s Kitchens, Foodways in Literature & Life, by Roger & Linda Welsch. 200 pp; 6x9; photo; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9714-9; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Food was an important motif in Cather‘s fiction and in her life as well. This is redolent of Antonia‘s kolaches, of doughnuts and hickory nut cake, mile-high lemon pie, dark brown breads, roasting meats and home-made wine. Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook: 101 Stories With Recipes From the Heart, by Jack Canfield, Mark V. Hansen, & Diana Wentworth. 480 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-55874-354-5; $16.95 PA. HCI In flavor of Chicken Soup for the Soul, here is a collection of heartwarming stories accompanied by mouthwatering recipes. Seasoned with heartfelt blessings, this marvelous book will help you revisit time-honored values and foster the sharing of meaningful conversation--and new recipes--at mealtime.

Chili Lovers' Cookbook, Chili Recipes and Recipes with Chiles, by Al & Mildred Fischer. 130 pp; 5½x8½; lay-flat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-06-X; $9.95 PA. GWP Chili cookoff prize-winning recipes and regional favorites! This is the best of chili cookery, from mild to fiery, with and without beans. Also has a variety of delicious foods made with chile peppers. Chili & Tomato Cookbook, by Jonathan Freestone. 96 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-885027-20-6; $9.95 PA. APRPR ♦Includes almost 75 hands-on recipes for delicious eating! Chorizos in an Iron Skillet, Memories and Recipes from an American Basque Daughter, by Mary A. Davis. 224 pp; 6½x9½; photos; recipes; index; ISBN: 0-87417-445-7; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. UNVP From huge cream puffs filled with heavy cream skimmed from the top of raw milk, to recollections of ringing the iron triangle hanging from a tree branch outside the kitchen door, Ancho Davis offers wonderful details about life and meals on her family‘s Basque ranch. With recipes for everything from Chicken with Chocolate and Dominga‘s Chorizos to Martin Ranch Apricot Pie, these Basque ranch dishes offer a multitude of delicious ideas for down-home cooking. Chuck Wagon Cook Book, by Beth McElfresh. 80 pp; 5¼x8¼; index; ISBN: 0-8040-0042-5; $9.95 PA. OHUP No chuck wagon feed is complete without its basic ingredients of beans, beef, hot biscuits, apple pie and lots of coffee. Included are original recipes for boiled apple dumplings, lima beans baked with steak, and general, everyday useful tips, all from the renowned Western cook, Hi Pockets. Many extras here, like how to create hand lotion, make range remedies, and even candy and ice cream. McElfresh, "Mrs. Scout," served as apprentice cook under Hi Pockets, and was a roundup cook throughout the old west for many years. She resides in Wyoming. Chuck Wagon Cookbook, by B. Byron Price. 302 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3654-5; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦This includes recipes from the ranch and range for today‘s kitchen and is enhanced by folklore, abundant photographs, and letters from cowboys of days gone by. Chuck Wagon Cookin', by Stella Hughes. 184 pp; 6x9; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8165-0432-6; $16.95 PA. UAZP This is a great collection of funny cowcamp cook tales and 112 authentic old-time dutch oven recipes. Hughes has cooked over a lot of fires for a lot of cowboys. This book captures the spirit of all the pot wrestlers who ever stirred a mess of frijoles. Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game, by A.D. Livingston. 168 pp; 5½x8¼; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55821-422-4; $14.95 PA. L&B Livingston combines a lifetime of Southern culinary knowledge with his own love of authentic home smoking and curing techniques. He says, "You can smoke a better fish than you can buy, and you can cure a ham without the use of any chemicals except ordinary salt and good hardwood smoke." Colorado Favorites Cookbook, a Cornucopia of Colorado Cooking, edited by Drew Garrity. 126 pp; 6½x8½; lay-flat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-67-1; $6.95 PA. GWP Over 200 unique recipes and recollections gleaned from the kitchens and campfires of Colorado's homemakers, hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, historians, innkeepers and chefs. Comida Sabrosa: Home-Style Southwestern Cooking, by Irene B. Sanchez & Gloria Sanchez Yund. 162 pp; 8¼x10; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8263-2386-3; $12.95 PA. UNMP The authors, both natives of New Mexico, have gathered their mothers‘ mouthwatering recipes and presented them in a form that will be equally useful to the veteran Southwestern chef and the novice. They demonstrate with instructions and drawings how to roast and peel green chilies and how to string a ristra of red chilies. The Complete Sourdough Cookbook, by Don & Myrtle Holm. 136 pp; 6x9; photos; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-87004-223-8; $12.95 PA. CAXP This is about one of the oldest arts known to


man; the use of a home-made yeast as the basis for all manner of wholesome, healthful, and delicious baked, fried and roasted foods. About fifty years ago, with the introduction of commercial yeast cakes, the art of sourdough cooking began to fade. This volume tells everything folks want to know about this ancient and honorable cookery. These mouth-watering recipes have been tested and adapted to modern kitchen use. Lay-flat binding. Cooking Country with Shotgun Red, by Carlo DiNapoli. 322 pp; 6x9; illus; index; lay-flat GBC binding; ISBN: 0-9627946-8-6; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. HAWK 500 delicious, lowcal, and easy to fix recipes from the Minnesota Wild Man, Shotgun Red. Excellent section of kitchen hints and Red's advice on easy cleanups. Cooking for 1 or 2, by Katherine Greenberg & Barbara Kyte. 176 pp; 8¼x5¼; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55867-089-0; $8.95 PA. BRISP More than 275 delicious recipes and ideas with just the right portions for singles or couples! Wonderful recipes for everything from soup to mouth-watering meat and poultry dishes are presented here in a style seldom found before. Make cooking small meals fun, easy, and mmm, mmm, good! Cooking in Cast Iron, Yesterday‟s Flavors for Today‟s Kitchen, by Mara R. Rogers. 254 pp; 7½x9¼; index; ISBN: 1-55788-367-X; $17.95 PA. PEN This will acquaint you with the benefits, history, care, and use of this rugged and romantic cookware. Plus, more than 150 recipes –from main and side dishes to breads and desserts- demonstrate the versatility of cast iron in today‘s kitchens. Cooking the Dutch Oven Way, 2 ed., by Woody Woodruff. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-7627-0669-4; $12.95 PA. GPP In this edition, Woody offers over 180 recipes to include a new section with recipes for a healthy heart. With a unique temperature control chart and sections on the selection, use, and care for a dutch oven, this cookbook is a valuable resource. Cowboy Cartoon Cookbook, a Chuckwagon Load of Ribtickling Roundup Recipes, by Jim & Sue Willoughby. 128 pp; 5½x8½; lay-flat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-46-9; $6.95 PA. GWP Zesty western recipes, cowboy cartoons and anecdotes. Cowboy artist Jim Willoughby and his wife, Sue, have combined their many talents to produce these tantalizing selections. Saddle up the stove, 'cause you'll be riding the range tonight! Yee-hah! The Cowboy Chuck Wagon Cookbook, by Kelsey Dollar. 104 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-18-4; $9.95 PA. APRPR ♦A load of great recipes featuring good eatin‘ & plain talk from the wide open spaces. Cowboy Cocktails: Boot-Scootin‟ Beverages and Tasty Vittles from the Wild West, by Grady Spears & Brigit L. Binns. 144 pp; 6x8; photos; index; ISBN: 1-58008-077-4; $14.95 PA. TSP With 60 cocktail recipes and twenty appetizer recipes, this book is perfect for entertainers who have a taste for the wild, Wild West. Cowboy Cook Book, Great Recipes from Cowboy Country, by Bruce & Bobbi Fischer. 96 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; comb binding; ISBN: 1-885590-96-2; $7.95 PA. GWP ♦109 western recipes from plain to fancy and all mouth-watering! A Cowboy in the Kitchen: Recipes from Reata and Texas West of the Pecos, by Grady Spears & Robb Walsh. 224 pp; 8½x10½; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58008-004-9; $35.00 HC. TSP This is cowboy cooking like you‘ve never seen it before. Grady takes the basic, authentic recipes that cowboys have been cooking up for over a century, adds his own inspiration, and the results are so good you‘ll want to throw down your hat and holler. Depression Era Recipes, by Patricia R. Wagner. 176 pp; 6x9; illus; index; ISBN: 0-934860-55-6; $9.95 PA. ADVPUB ♦Learn about the Depression Era, how Grandma cooked, and at the same time enjoy simple, basic cooking from over 450 recipes.

Dirty Dining: A Cookbook, and More, for Lovers, by Ginnie S. Bivona. 144 pp; 6½x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55622-258-0; $12.95 PA. SEASPR Here is a cookbook especially for lovers. Dirty Dining is a generous and slightly sensuous collection of interesting and delicious recipes all designed to help couples maintain that special spark so essential to any relationship. Perhaps the ultimate shower gift for new brides and grooms, this cookbook is a must for anyone who wants to keep the flame flickering in a relationship. Dutch Oven Cooking, 4th ed., by John G. Ragsdale. 112 pp; 5x7; illus; index; ISBN: 9781589793521; $8.95 PA. TAYWIL Here's a handy little guide that's bound to be a hit on any camping trip! It shows you how to practice the delicious "art" of Dutch oven cooking. And it's packed with lots of simple recipes for simply great eatin"! Easy Recipes for Wild Game and Fish, by Ferne Holmes. 160 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; index; spiral bound; ISBN: 0-914846-34-5; $9.95 PA. GWP Covers cleaning wild game, big game recipes, small game recipes, wild fowl recipes, fish recipes, and wild game side dishes. 263 recipes. Easy RV Recipes: Easy Recipes for the Traveling Cook! by Ferne Holmes. 128 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-914846-29-9; $9.95 PA. GWP This is the ideal cookbook for easy cooking in motor homes, travel trailers, tent trailers, campers, tents, houseboats, sailboats, and vans. Includes a section on campfire cooking. Over 200 recipes. Eat Our Words, Montana Writers Cookbook, compiled by Montana Center for the Book. 176 pp; 9¾x8½; photos; index; ISBN: 1-56037-341-5; $19.95 PA. FCP ♦Contains 90 recipes on everything from drinks to desserts by authors who are from or who have written about Montana. Extra-Special Crockery Pot Recipes, by Lou S. Pappas. 160 pp; 8¼x5¼; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55867-107-2; $8.95 PA. BRISP New recipes and old favorites for the genie in your kitchen - your crockery pot! This wonderful book includes 120 delicious dishes that cook while you work or play. Everything from fruit desserts, preserves, chutneys, quick breads, cakes and hot beverages; to soups, fish, poultry, red meat, pasta, and casserole dishes are presented in a delicious style with the convenience of crock-pot cooking. Also included are low fat recipes for today's healthconscious cooks. Farmer‟s Wife Cookbook, edited by Martha Engstrom. 224 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; index; ISBN: 0-89658-497-6; $9.95 PA; VOYPR ♦Taken from the Farmer’s Wife Magazine, this showcases more than 400 classic, easy-to-follow farm recipes and meal menus. It also reveals the secrets of making good bread, the art of making salads, how to can for the county fair, and much more. Feasting Free on Wild Edibles, by Bradford Angier. 288 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-81172754-8; $14.95 PA. STACKP ♦This practical guide to North American edible plants explains where to find them, when and how to gather them, and how to prepare them. The Firehouse Cookbook, by Dorothy J. Kite. 224 pp; 6½x9½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-517-21880-1; $8.99 HC. RH One of the first things a rookie learns is that in order to eat at the firehouse, he must learn to cook. None of this may be ―exotic‖, but it is lipsmackin‘ good food, tested in firehouse kitchens throughout the country. Over 150 recipes. The Fish and Game Cookbook, by Sylvia Bashline. 300 pp; 6x9; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58574-011-X; $14.95 PA. LYONS This provides dozens of outstanding dishes, many of which have been neglected by standard cookbooks. Also here are tips and recipes for clay pot cooking, Dutch oven cooking, making jerky and pemmican, and cooking and baking with berries, fruit, wild greens, mushrooms, and wild nuts.


Five-Alarm Cooking, by Erin Allred. 112 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1885027-22-2; $9.95 PA. APRPR ♦Includes almost 90 recipes el‘ scorcho delicio‘! Food Drying, Pickling, and Smoke Curing, by Don & Myrtle Holm. 160 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; appendix; tables; ISBN: 0-87004250-5; $17.95 PA. CAXP Rising prices for supermarket goods make it imperative that homemakers learn how to practice the old time arts of preserving foods. This includes canning, drying, smoking, pickling, freezing, and freeze-drying. In this book, along with a complete section on drying and dehydrating, and on smoking and jerking, the authors have comprehensive instructions on practical pickling. With the annual pickle bill in the U.S. coming to over $500 million, you can save some real money by doing it yourself. Lay-flat coil binding. Food Journal of Lewis & Clark, Recipes for an Expedition, by Mary Gunderson. 166 pp; 7¼x9¼; maps; illus; bibliog; indexes; ISBN: 0-9720391-0-4; $19.95 PA. HISCK ♦Savor the sophisticated cuisine Thomas Jefferson enjoyed. Make Portable Soup for your own adventures. Marvel at Charbonneau‘s boudin blanc, as did Lewis. Discover the Lewis & Clark journey, one bite at a time. Food Men Love, by Margie Lapanja. 240 pp; 6½x9½; index; ISBN: 0-517-21904-2; $8.99 HC. RH From Tom Cruise’s clam linguini to Michael Jordan’s crab sandwich, here are over 90 recipes guaranteed to SATISFY a man! Cover features a four-hamburger double-bacon cheeseburger, quite possibly the world‘s tallest. From My Mother‟s Hands, Remembrances and Recipes from Texas Women, by Susie K. Flatau. 280 pp; 7½x9¼; photos; recipe index; ISBN: 1-55622-786-8; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. REPTEX In a collection of poignant memoirs crafted from interviews with thirty-three notable Texas women, Flatau weaves a tapestry of intimate memories, family photographs and recipes, and profiles of each daughter. Game in Season, the Orvis Cookbook, by Romi Perkins. 240 pp; 8¾x11; illus; index; ISBN: 0-517-16356-X; $15.99 HC. RH Beginning with roast Canada goose for New Year‘s and ending with pheasant pate for a Christmas cocktail party, here is a year‘s worth of fabulous recipes utilizing the fresh fish and game you have hunted and caught yourself. George Foreman's Knock-Out-the-Fat Barbecue and Grilling Cookbook, by George Foreman and Cherie Calbom. 192 pp; 7¼x9¼; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-679-77149-2; $13.95 PA. RH Here are some of the delicious meals you‘ll learn to cook for you and your family: Lean, mean steak fajitas (13 grams of fat). Texas Cowboy BBQ drumsticks (9 grams of fat), the Champ‘s sausage without guilt (2 grams of fat), and much more. Gifts from the Southwest Kitchen, by Judy Walker & Kim MacEachern. 96 pp; 8x8; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-87358-788-X; $9.95 PA. NOLAP Whether you are crafty or not Gifts from the Southwest Kitchen will show you how to create tasty homemade gifts for birthdays, holidays, or any gift giving occasion with little effort and impressive results. Includes recipes. Gingerbread Tracks & Pine Needle Pasta, a Savory Guide to Yellowstone National Park, by Melanie Armstrong. 168 pp; 8½x5½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58979-190-8; $13.95 PA. TTP ♦Since Yellowstone is staffed by park rangers who continually compare the geology of one of the world‘s largest volcanoes to baking a homemade cherry pie, why not write a cookbook that presents other such savory analogies? Informative & fun, this shows readers how to brew homemade geysers and colorful hot springs, stir up a stew found only at Yellowstone, and make the famous huckleberry ice cream that generations of tourists have eaten on the porch of Old Faithful Inn. Good Food for Camp and Trail, by Dorcas S. Miller. 206 pp; 5½x8½; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 0-87108-811-8; $14.95 PA. PRUETT Extensive food lists accompany this complete meal-

planner, nutrition guide and recipe book for outdoor folks who want to enjoy healthful, natural, delicious food on the trail. Gourmet Cooking for Free, by Bradford Angier. 224 pp; 6x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-57223-400-8; $14.95 PA. WCP Believing that no store can supply food as fresh or nutritious as nature‘s own wild bounty, Angier gives unique and delicious recipes for preparing wild game, fish, and wild plants. 300 recipes. Gourmet Gringo: Introducing Gringo-Mex, Traditional Mexican Cooking for the American Kitchen, by Mari Meyers. 224 pp; 7x10; index; ISBN: 1-885590-16-4; $14.95 PA. GWP This runs a wide gamut: fast-food favorites, tempting appetizers, festive dips and salads, one-dish meals and dinner casseroles, spicy entrees, and some thoroughly gringoized foods, as well as the trendy, and sweet innovations, too. Great Firehouse Cooks of Texas, by Ron & Caryl McAdoo. 208 pp; 7½x9¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55622-790-6; $18.95 PA. REPTEX The McAdoos have put together a unique collection of personal stories and recipes for some of the greatest grub to come out of a firehouse kitchen. Great Meals Dutch Oven Style, by Dale Smith. 236 pp; 6x9; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87004-440-0; $17.95 PA. CAXP ♦This presents over 100 tested recipes for beef, poultry, fish and pork, vegetables, soups and chowders, sourdough, bread and rolls, cakes, pies and cobblers, marinades and rubs. Smith also gives tips on cookware seasoning, care and storage. The Great Outdoorsman Cookbook, by Jimmy Holt and Vernon Summerlin. 240 pp; 7x10; index; ISBN: 1-4016-0108-1; $17.99 PA. RHP ♦Outdoors or indoors, enjoy the fish you catch and the game you take with more than 300 recipes from the best outdoor cooks in America. A Gringo‟s Guide to Authentic Mexican Cooking, by Mad Coyote Joe. 144 pp; 9x9; color photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-87358787-1; $16.95 PA. NOLAP This leaves out fast food and goes totally authentic. Mad Coyote Joe will change the way you think about Mexican cooking forever. So use these recipes to slow down and smell the roasting chilies. The Harvey House Cookbook, Memories of Dining Along the Santa Fe Railroad, by George H. Foster & Peter C. Weiglin. 210 pp; 7x9; photos; photos; index; ISBN: 9781589793217; $14.95 PA. TPC ♦Recapture the spirit of the first Western railway excursions with The Harvey house Cookbook. Its 200-plus vintage recipes, numerous period photos, and fascinating Fred Harvey story will take readers back to one of America‘s legendary experiences in the Old West. Healthy Southwestern Cooking, by Bob Wiseman. 178 pp; 6x9; color photos; index; lay-flat binding; ISBN: 0-87358-618-2; $14.95 PA. NOLAP This latest collection of regional cuisine from Wiseman's kitchen presents contemporary recipes like Basquestyle stuffed peppers, and corn and tomato bisques, along with old favorites like enchiladas, burritos, tamales, frijoles, and sopaipillas -all made with less fat, salt, and cholesterol than traditionally prepared dishes. The Healthy Taste of Honey: Recipes, Anecdotes & Lore, by Larry Lonik. 178 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0931715-08-3; $11.95 PA. RKT This covers just about everything known about the positive aspects of honey as opposed to other sweeteners. Includes 200 delicious recipes in a variety of categories. Home Food Dehydrating: Economical "Do-It-Yourself" Methods for Preserving, Storing & Cooking, by Jay & Shirley Bills. 160 pp; tables; ISBN: 0-88290-035-8; $10.98 PA. HORP This valuable book has become a standard text for owners of home dehydrators and is held in high esteem in the food storage industry and by home users everywhere. It presents the basic principles of the dehydrating art with clarity, and provides many


useful tips, a host of valuable suggestions, and dozens of delicious recipes for all types of meals. Hot Cooking, for Those Who Just Can‟t Get It Hot Enough, by Erin Delfoe. 112 pp; 5½8½; ISBN: 1-885027-19-2; $9.95 PA. APRPR ♦Killer recipes! You know you‘re a true lover of spicy food if you would rather permanently damage your internal organs by eating something that was so hot it burned a hole through you and dropped onto the floor rather than admit to your friends that you couldn‘t take it. How to Win a Cowboy‟s Heart, by Kathy L. Wills. 112 pp; 6x7; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58685-192-6; $9.95 PA. GS ♦It‘s been said that there are many ways to a cowboy‘s heart –fast horses, silvermounted spurs, or fancy tall-top books- but the quickest and perhaps easiest route is a home-cooked meal. The Huckleberry Book, by ‗Asta Bowen. 96 pp; 6x9; charts; illus; recipes; ISBN: 0-938314-46-7; $9.95 PA. AGPC Here it is - the final word about the most sought-after wild fruit of the mountain west. Idaho Cookbook, by Janet Walker. 96 pp; 6x8½; spiral binding; ISBN: 1-885590-23-7; $6.95 PA. GWP Features more than 130 recipes from all across the state. Italian Food, Family & Foolishness, by Paul Provenzano & Nash D'Amico, Jr. 174 pp; 6x9; index; lay-flat binding; ISBN: 0-96348399-4; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. TAMB A wonderful Italian collection of sauces, appetizers, antipasto, soups, entrees, wild game, vegetables, desserts, miscellaneous, and humor. Jerky, by A.D. Livingston. 151 pp; 5½ x8¼; ISBN: 1-58574-2481; $14.95 PA. LYONS Livingston tells it all: which cuts of meat to buy; drying methods; where to buy supplies & equipment; how to store jerky; and includes a bunch of mouth-watering recipes. The Joy of Blueberries, Nature‟s Little Blue Powerhouse, by Theresa Millang. 224 pp; 7½x7½; ISBN: 1-59193-012-X; $12.95 PA. ADVP ♦Millang presents a wide array of blueberry recipes from bars to soups to ice cream. More than 200 recipes, so you‘re sure to find one that‘s just right for any occasion. AND, these recipes are adaptable to other fruits as well. Ketchum Cooks: A Centennial Celebration, by Dee Dee McCuskey. 288 pp; 7¼x9¼; illus; charts; lay flat binding; index; sources; ISBN: 0-9651469-0-1; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 HC. KETCHUM Besides a wonderfully diverse recipe collection, this contains an interesting encapsulated history of Ketchum, Idaho. Also has hints from Doobie, including yuck removal hints. Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook: Recipes & Recollections from the Pit Bosses, by Robb Walsh. 262 pp; 7x9¼; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-8118-2961-8; $18.95 PA. CHRON The state‘s top pit bosses explain their methods and philosophies with step-by-step directions for barbecuing ribs, pork loins, briskets, sirloins, and every other cut of meat you can imagine. Plus, legendary barbecue joints across the state are listed in a special guide. Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Cookbook, by Colleen Sloan. 112 pp; 5¾x8½; ISBN: 0-9630279-5-6; $8.95 PA. LCG ♦Includes over 150 cast-iron (or in your oven) cooking recipes. L.L. Bean Game & Fish Cookbook, by Angus Cameron & Judith Jones. 496 pp; 6½x9½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-394-51191-3; $25.95 HC. RH L.L. Bean's long association with the world of hunting and fishing make this a unique and authoritative volume. Here, for the first time, is a big, lusty, comprehensive cookbook that not only embraces an extraordinary range of dishes -almost 500 recipesbut is based on the all-important premise that to cook game successfully, you must know your game. Life's Simple Pleasures: Fine Vegetarian Cooking for Sharing and Celebration, by Karen Mangum, M.S., R.D. 160 pp; 8x10;

color photos; nutrition facts; tables; glossary; index; ISBN: 09651322-5-0; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. HARVEST Reflecting the varied moods and events of the changing seasons, Life's Simple Pleasures presents six complete menus for each of the four seasons- over 140 mouth-watering vegetarian recipes. Add to this more than sixty spectacular color photographs, and you have a cookbook that will be used and shown for years to come. Log Cabin Campfire Cookin', by Colleen Sloan. 116 pp; 6x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-9630279-7-2; $9.95 PA. LCG Sectioned by: Main Dishes & Breakfast; Breads & Vegetables; Desserts & Miscellaneous; Kids Section, Games, and Camping Fun & Gadgets, this is loaded with easy dutch-oven recipes and cooking tips. Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cookbook, by Colleen Sloan. 104 pp; 8½x5½; illus; spiral binding; tables; diagrams; ISBN: 0-9630279-21; $8.95 PA. LCG From start to finish black pot cookin, taste the best, cooked in your own dutch oven. One pot meals, gourmet, breads & desserts, even a section about camp-fire cookin for all ages. Log Cabin Grub Cookbook, by Colleen Sloan. 112 pp; 8½x5½; illus; spiral binding; ISBN: 0-9630279-0-5; $8.95 PA. LCG Over 200 recipes to enjoy wild meats and fish, meats, breads, desserts, veggies, candy, household hints, remedies and cures. Log Cabin Holidays and Traditions Cookbook, by Colleen Sloan. 192 pp; 5½x8½; illus; spiral binding; ISBN: 0-9630279-3-X; $10.95 PA. LCG This have-fun cookbook is chock-full of thruthe-year holiday recipes and the traditions that surround them. Brand new & rarin' to go! Making it Easy: Cajun Cooking, by Chef Arlene Coco. 200 pp; 9¼x7½; ISBN: 1-55622-649-7; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. REPTEX In her mother's kitchen in Baton Rouge, Chef Arlene Coco learned to cook Cajun. Now the secrets of a longtime Louisiana chef are revealed, and among the recipes are family stories of a time when life on the bayou was sweet and simple. The book follows the format of our Making it Easy series, simplifying directions for clear understanding and fast, easy preparation, and is divided into several sections, from simple everyday meals to more elaborate menus for entertaining. Each chapter ends with a grocery list for each recipe. Marinades: Make Ordinary Foods Extraordinary, by Dona Meilach. 174 pp; 8¼x5¼; index; ISBN: 1-55867-119-6; $8.95 PA. BRISP Marinades make everything you cook taste even better! Use these wonderful marinades to enhance the flavor of good foods and add interest to bland foods--make tough foods tender and impart savory tangs to leftovers. Mennonite Cookbook, edited by Whitecap Press. 286 pp; 5¼x8¼; color photos; index; ISBN: 1-55285-473-6; $16.95 PA. WHICAP ♦This includes hundreds of recipes for everything from bread and cakes to main courses and pickles. There are classics such as Borscht and Piroshki as well as butter tarts and Dutch apple pie. Mexican Family Favorites Cookbook, by Maria T. Bermudez. 144 pp; 5½x8½; lay-flat binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-17-5; $6.95 PA. GWP Has more than 250 easy-to-follow homestyle recipes for tacos, tamales, menudo, enchiladas, burros, salsas, frijoles, chile rellenos, carne seca, guacamole, breads and sweet treats! Montana Cookbook, compiled by Janet Walker. 96 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-885590-61-X; $9.95 PA. GWP ♦Includes over 125 savory Montana recipes. Montana Table, Recipes from Chico Hot Springs Resort, by Seabring Davis. 144 pp; 9x11; photos; index; ISBN: 0-7627-25702; $22.95 HC. GPP ♦This offers more than 100 favorite recipes from the acclaimed kitchen of the landmark Chico Hot Springs Resort. Lavish full-color photographs and fascinating tidbits on the


resort‘s long history round out this visual feast of this getaway on the Yellowstone. More than Soup: Bean Cookbook, by Anna Aughenbaugh. 148 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-9625869-0-0; $6.95 PA. STAP Besides being loaded with bean recipes, including Anasazi beans, this cookbook has important bean nutrition information and cooking tips. Also has a food calorie counter, measurements and substitutions list, microwave hints, herbs and spices list, vegetable cooking table and buying guide. Lay-flat binding. Nebraska Cook Book, compiled by Golden West Publishers. 96 pp; 6x8½; index; ISBN: 1-885590-78-4; $6.95 PA. GWP ♦140 delicious recipes & Nebraska trivia compliment this dandy cookbook. Nebraska Pioneer Cookbook, compiled by Kay Graber. 176 pp; 5¼x8½; illus; tables; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5801-1; $7.95 PA. UNEBP Pemmican and pickled plums, sauerkraut and salami of quail, Swedish flatbread and Bohemian kolaches and Danish meat roll, dishes familiar and foods exotic, you'll find them in this cook's tour of Nebraskan cuisine, from the times of Lewis and Clark to the Age of Elegance. The New Elk Hunter's Cookbook, by Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. 248 pp; 6½x9; spiral binding; illus; index; ISBN: 07627-2863-9; $19.95 PA. RMEF Friends of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation share their best recipes, not only for elk, but a huge variety of dishes, including appetizers, soups, breads, salads, vegetables, pasta, beans, birds, game, fish, and desserts in over 275 recipes. New Frontiers in Western Cooking, Recipes, Tips, and Love from the American West, by Greg Patent. 256 pp; 8½x11; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-7627-1035-7; $22.95 PA. GPP World-class fare with a Western flair in more than 125 original recipes –some sophisticated, some simple. The New High Altitude Cookbook, by Beverly M. Anderson & Donna M. Hamilton. 320 pp; 6½x9½; index; ISBN: 0-394-51308-8; $29.95 HC. RH Don't despair if you live at an altitude of 2,500 feet or more above sea level and have encountered failures when using recipes from your favorite cookbooks. In this book you will find everything you need to prepare the delicious dishes you want. Almost 400 master recipes. Extensive section on baking. Convenient charts and helpful general tips. Simple step-by-step instructions. The New Preserves; Pickles, Jams, & Jellies, by Anne V. Nelson. 160 pp; 6x9; illus; indexes; ISBN: 1-59228-824-3; $14.95 PA. LYONS ♦Modern cooks don‘t need to know how to pickle or make jams and jellies. So the recipes here are designed for those who want to learn preserving techniques, those who enjoy the play of bright acids and bold spices in combination with the freshest ingredients. NOLS Cookery, by Claudia Pearson. 160 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2860-9; $12.95 PA. STACKP An updated and expanded edition of a classic guide to backcountry cooking. 190 field-tested recipes with helpful hints, ideas and information on menu and ration planning, packaging, nutrition, fire preparation, stove and fuel use, open-fire cooking, and leave no trace site maintenance. The Official Barbecue and Barbecue Sauce Cookbook, by T.L. Bush. 80 pp; 8½x8½; illus; charts; index; ISBN: 0-88415-593-5; $13.95 PA. TAYWIL This is about more than barbecue. It's about "pitmen" all over the country. The only thing their recipes have in common is that they have nothing in common. So relax and try a new sop, sauce, or marinade from this tasty collection of recipes. Official Tex-Mex Cookbook, by T.L. Bush. 78 pp; 8½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-88415-592-7; $14.95 PA. TAYWIL What‘s Tex? What‘s Mex? What‘s the difference? T.L. Bush, unofficial

ambassador of Texas cooking, explains it in this book of tasty recipes. From avocados to peppers, T.L. tells all about the ingredients & recipes that you can put together for a table full of happy guests. Ogilvie‟s Book for a Cook, edited by Elizabeth Driver. 128 pp; 5¼ x8; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-55285-504-X; $12.95 PA. WHICAP ♦Originally published in 1905, this faithful reproduction includes more than 150 recipes for breads, desserts, soups, salads, main courses, and preserves. Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook, by Don Holm. 112 pp; 6x9; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-87004-133-9; $14.95 PA. CAXP This book goes into the subject thoroughly, first explaining how to build the right kind of fire for the best results with a minimum of time and effort. There are numerous tempting recipes on cooking both wild and domestic critters. Also included are sourdough cooking, sourdough starters, and a section on jerky and pemmican. The Old West Baking Book, by Lon Walters. 184 pp; 6¼x9; photos; illus; spiral bound; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87358-637-9; $14.95 PA. NOLAP This shares the baking secrets of Native Americans, ranch house cooks, chuck wagon chefs, and wagon train homemakers, with over a hundred Old West recipes updated and kitchen tested. Included are dozens of anecdotes and fun facts on how our ancestors were so successful with so little. On the Grill, a Complete Guide to Hot-Smoking & Barbecuing Meat, Fish, & Game, by A.D. Livingston, 208 pp; 7x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55821-806-8; $14.95 PA. LYONS Nothing stokes the culinary fires like food cooked with flame, smoke, and sauce. Beginning with a thorough discussion of the various types of grills, smokers, and accessories, as well as practical information on firebuilding and cooking techniques (even stovetop methods). Livingston then launches into a wide variety of pleasing recipes. The Orvis Cookbook, by Romi Perkins. 294 pp; 8½x11; illus; index; ISBN: 1-59228-345-4; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦With fifty complete meal menus, Perkins brings out the best in good eating, wild game style. Our Texas Heritage: Ethnic Traditions and Recipes, by Dorothy McConachie. 228 pp; 7½x9¼; resources; index to recipes; ISBN: 1-55622-785-X; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. REPTEX When the food of a culture survives, the culture itself continues. This celebrates the culture as well as the cuisine of the variety of groups that settled in Texas between the Civil War and World War II. Each group has its own unique story that contributes to the rich heritage of us all. The Pasta Book: Recipes in the Italian Tradition, by Julia D. Croce. 76 pp; 6¾x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87701-808-1; $5.95 HC. CHRON Here are twenty-eight pasta dishes made both simple and authentic in this small treasury of Italian-inspired recipes dotted with charming watercolors and period art. Pasta Harvest: Delicious Recipes Using Vegetables at Their Seasonal Best, by Janet Fletcher. 168 pp; 8½x8; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8118-0567-0; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. CHRON From an elegant linguine with braised fennel, walnuts, saffron & cream to a deliciously rustic rigatoni with summer tomato sauce or a hearty whole-wheat spaghettini with potatoes, pancetta & arugula, Pasta Harvest serves up a delectable medley of dishes to please every palate. The Pasta Machine Cookbook, by Donna R. German. 176 pp; 8¼x5¼; index; ISBN: 1-55867-081-5; $8.95 PA. BPEI Make delicious gourmet pastas at home -quickly, easily and economically. Over 100 recipes with 15 different grains. Each recipe adapted to both hand-crank and electric extruder pasta machines. Includes gluten-free pastas for wheat-sensitive people. Peach Lovers Cookbook, by Golden West. 96 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-885590-93-8; $6.95 PA. GWP ♦If you love peaches this is for you. Includes over 140 fresh & flavorful peach recipes.


Pearls of Kitchen Wisdom: Tips, Shortcuts, and Recipes from a Country Home, by Deborah S. Tukua. 320 pp; 6x8½; photos; index; ISBN: 1-58574-207-4; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC. LYONS This includes over 400 time and money-saving strategies for cooking, cleaning, canning, dining, decorating, and much more. Quick-n-Easy Mexican Recipes, by Susan K. Bollin. 128 pp; 5½x8½; glossary; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-85-X; $6.95 PA. GWP Now you can make those great tasting Mexican dishes you‘ve always dreamed of preparing, in thirty minutes or less! More than 175 favorite Mexican recipes on traditional items such as tacos, tostadas and enchiladas. Also features easy recipes for salads, soups, breads, desserts and drinks. Has tips for quick preparation and recipes utilizing available ingredients. Range Riders Cookin', by Bob Kerby's Longhorn Studio. 148 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; equivalency chart; terms; index; ISBN: 0-9660523-07; $10.95 PA. BKLS Helpful cooking tips enhance a collection of over 300 delicious western recipes which includes a special wild game section. Recipe Keeper, designed by Dori Wills. 174 pp; 7x9¼; spiral bound; recipe pages; dividers; charts; ISBN: 1-57502-705-4; $8.95 HC. MORB If you're like most cooks, you probably have many favorite recipes that have been saved over the years. They are most likely stored as newspaper clippings, cards, notes tucked into other cookbooks and the like. How many times have you wished for a neat way to organize and preserve those favorite recipes? This book is your answer! Just place the category dividers where you want them and copy your favorite recipes on these movable pages and you're set. You'll have your own personalized cookbook, with everything you need to prepare your favorite meals. Equivalency charts, measurements and substitutions, terms used in cooking, and tips on using herbs and spices, and serving large groups are also included. One section provides space for recording favorite wines, a menu planner, and more! Red Rock Recipes, by Eloise Carleton. 144 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-8358-571-2; $9.95 PA. NOLAP These recipes are from residents and well-known restaurants of Sedona, Arizona, and offer a pleasurable taste of the variety that makes the Southwest unique and wonderfully hospitable. Lots of original recipes. The Rocky Mountain Berry Book, by Bob Krumm. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; glossary; index; recipe index; bibliog; ISBN: 156044-040-6; $12.95 PA. FALP A complete guide to finding, harvesting, and preparing wild berries and fruits in the Rocky Mountain West. Included are 148 recipes and 32 color photos. Krumm combines the information of a field guide and the fun of a cookbook. The Rocky Mountain Wild Foods Cookbook, by Darcy Williamson. 260 pp; 6¾x9; illus; color illus. sheets; bibliog; index; spiral bound; ISBN: 0-87004-367-6; $17.95 PA. CAXP This cookbook is unique in that there are not only the standard "wash it and make a salad" recipes, but Williamson has tied in wild and domestic meat, poultry and fish recipes that include wild foods for an unbeatable, exciting change in menu, guaranteed to be a winner anywhere. The Sacagawea Cookbook with Contemporary Recipes, by Teri Evenson, Lauren Lesmeister, & Jeff Evenson. 192 pp; 7x8½; illus; coil binding; index; ISBN: 0-9701378-1-8; $19.95 PA. WHWAT Loaded with easy recipes and reproductions of original Western art. Includes selected journal entries from William Clark, Meriwether Lewis and others. Salsa, by P.J. Birosik. 140 pp; 7½x7½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-02041641-5; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. MACM Did you know that salsa outsold ketchup last year! Zesty, hot and tangy, loaded with vitamins a & c, salsa is here to stay! This has a great collection of recipes. Includes salsa ingredients & techniques, uncooked salsas, cooked salsas, combination salsas and salsa cocktails.

Salsa Lovers Cook Book, by Susan K. Bollin. 128 pp; 5½x8½; lay-flat binding; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-914846-809; $9.95 PA. GWP Contains more than 180 sensational salsa recipes for appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts. Salsas, by Susan Curtis & Kathi Long. 48 pp; 7½x7¼; photos; index; ISBN: 0-87905-948-6; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 HC. GS This offers a mouthwatering look at a selection of tried-and-true, marvelously edible salsas that serve as appetizers along with fresh tortilla chips and assorted vegetables & fruits. The Santa Fe School of Cooking Cookbook, by Susan Curtis. 176 pp; 8½x10; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-87905-873-0; $19.95 PA. GS Cooking school expertise, in your own home! The expert chefs at the Santa Fe School of Cooking give you everything you need to create your own Southwestern feasts. Sausage: Over 100 Delicious Recipes for Sausages & Sausage Dishes, by A.D. Livingston. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; glossary; further reading; index; ISBN: 1-55821-526-3; $14.95 PA. LYONS Delicious sausages can be made easily and inexpensively in your own kitchen by following the recipes and advice found here. Sausage takes you through the steps of choosing the right equipment and preparing such meats as pork, venison, beef, chicken, and fish to create sausages of many flavors. There is also a section on making deli-style cold cuts. All country cooks, sportsmen in particular, will treasure this down-to-earth sausage cookbook. Sausage & Jerky Handbook ... Everything You Need to Know For Making Smoked Sausage & Jerky at Home, by Eldon R. Cutlip. 114 pp; 5¾x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-9644922-1-0; $11.95 PA. ELDON This is the most complete start-to-finish sausage & jerky handbook you'll ever need. Secrets of Caveman Cooking for the Modern Caveman, by Rick Snider. 100 pp; 5½x8½; illus, index; ISBN: 1-885590-84-9; $6.95 PA. GWP Over 80 recipes for grills & smokers. Secrets of Entertaining: Pamper Your Guests, Your Home, and Yourself, by Gail Greco. 288 pp; 5½x8½; index; ISBN: 0-76270842-5; $14.95 PA. GPP Whether you‘re entertaining for one or a hundred or trying to create romance for that special someone, you‘ll find this book essential to creating the perfect settings. Simply Sensational Mexican Recipes, Comp. by Golden West Publ. 64 pp; 5¾x4¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885590-28-8; $4.95 PA. GWP Included are recipes for breakfast, appetizers, soups, salads, breads, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and beverages. Simply Sensational Salsa Recipes, Comp. by Golden West Publ. 64 pp; 5¾x4¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885590-25-3; $4.95 PA. GWP Includes 54 salsa recipes covering every type of food. Slow Cooking: In Crock-Pot, Slow Cooker, Oven, and MultiCooker, by Joanna White. 160 pp; 8¼x5¼; illus; ISBN: 1-55867252-4; $8.95 PA. BRISP Want a delicious, hot meal waiting for you when you get home after a long day? Slow cooking is for you! Browse through this book to find tempting appetizers, mouthwatering meat and poultry dishes, recipes for delicious sauces, chutneys, and soup recipes that taste like you spent the whole day in the kitchen! The Sonoran Grill, by Mad Coyote Joe. 144 pp; 9x9; ISBN: 087358-759-6; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. NOLAP Here is a collection of more than 130 of the author‘s best recipes, from Cedar Plank-Roasted Fillet of Salmon to Almond Kahlua Flan, which will entice you to give up your conventional oven forever. The Sonoran Grill can turn novice chefs into grilling experts. Southwest Lite, by Bob Wiseman. 128 pp; 7½x9½; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-87358-878-9; $16.95 PA. NOLAP ♦Want to cut back the carbs and turn up the flavor? Searching for ways to reduce sodium in savory snacks? Looking for a low-fat substitute for sour cream? Author Bob Wiseman introduces over 100 recipes


that will help you eat healthier without losing an ounce of flavor that you expect from Southwest cooking. Sowbelly and Sourdough: Original Recipes from the Trail Drives and Cow Camps of the 1800s, by Scott Gregory. 192 pp; 6½x9; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87004-369-2; $16.95 PA. CAXP Using limited ingredients, bean wranglers created mouthwatering vittles for a demanding bunch of cowboys. This is not only filled with authentic chuck wagon cuisine, but with history and the lore of dusty cow camps. Microwave is not spoken in this work! Squash Lovers Cookbook, by Golden West. 96 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-885590-94-6; $6.95 PA. GWP ♦Just about every way to cook squash with over 130 tempting and savory winter & summer squash recipes. Tacos, by Susan Curtis & Daniel Hoyer. 48 pp; 7½x7¼; Photos; index; ISBN: 0-87905-947-8; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 HC. GS Hot and Smoky Shrimp Tacos, Roasted Wild Mushroom Tacos with Queso Fresca, Fire-roasted Corn and Poblano Chile Tacos, and, for dessert, Apple Pie Tacos- these are just a few of the most taste-tempting tacos and accompaniments you‘ll ever put in your mouth. Taste the Good Life! Nebraska Cookbook, by Leafie Mae's Kitchen. 202 pp; 6x8½; illus; calorie counter; veggie time table; index; ISBN: 0-9631249-0-0; $10.95 PA. MORB This is a collection of old and new recipes reflecting the tradition and love of good cooking felt in the heartland of America. The Tex-Max Cookbook, by Rob Walsh. 288 pp; 7¼x9; illus; photos; bibliog index; ISBN: 0-7679-1488-0; $17.95 PA. RH ♦Full of nuggets of Tex-Mex history and unforgettable characters. But it‘s those Tex-Mex flavors that really satisfy the soul. There‘s nothing fancy or fussy here, just a combo platter full of pure comfort. Texas Cook Book, by Shayne K. Fischer. 144 pp; 5½x8½; lay-flay binding; illus; index; ISBN: 0-914846-78-7; $9.95 PA. GWP Over 200 tasty Texas recipes and a side of Texas trivia, too! Chili, barbecue, cowboy, Tex-Mex, stir-fry and many more favorite recipes submitted by Texans make this book a real treat in any state. Learn about Texas traditions and history as you sample the best of Texas! Texas Link to Jerky Making, by Larry Burrier. 64 pp; 5½x8½; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-57168-746-7; $10.95 PA. EAKIN ♦First, grab the nearest large steer… Burrier takes you step-by-step through the jerky making process. Texas Link to Sausage Making, by Larry Burrier. 118 pp; 5½x8½; illus; photos; glossary; ISBN: 1-57168-745-9; $14.95 PA. EAKIN ♦ This is Texas style sausage making, with Old World and modern recipes to create tasty sausages, cold cuts, and lunch meats, as well as superb main dishes. Texas Old-Time Restaurants & Cafes, by Sheryl Smith-Rodgers. 288 pp; 5½x8½; photos; recipe index; ISBN: 1-55622-733-7; $18.95 PA. REPTEX The author scoured the state to find the best of these old-time restaurants and cafes, and then collected some of their tried-and-true Texas recipes. That Perfect Batch, the Hows and Whys of Making Your Own Sausage and Jerky, by Clem Stechelin. 120 pp; 6x8½; photos; spiral bound; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-912299-67-3; $12.95 PA. STONEY This is an easy, yet extensive step-by-step "how-to" book. The Tomato Cookbook, by Yvonne Y. Tarr. 226 pp; 8¼x8¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-517-12267-7; $9.99 HC. RH Featuring separate red tomato and green tomato cookbooks, this includes recipes for tantalizing Hors d'oeuvres, savory soups, hearty main courses, tempting side dishes, super salads, inspired sauces, purees, & dressings, tangy relishes, pickles, & condiments, irresistible cakes, pies, jams, & candies, and tasty juices & drinks.

Top Texas Chefs: Favorite Recipes, by Ginnie S. Bivona. 200 pp; 9¼x7½; ISBN: 1-55622-651-9; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. REPTEX This edition showcases the favorite home cooking recipes of some of the most talented chefs in the state. Each chapter features a story about the chef, his or her life outside the restaurant, hobbies and interests, as well as favorite recipes they use for entertaining in their homes. The recipes are carefully chosen for simplicity and ease of preparation. Directions are clear and concise, and there is a detailed grocery list, itemized by recipe, for each menu. Tortilla Lover's Cook Book: More Than 100 Tantalizing Tortilla Recipes for Appetizers, Main Dishes, Soups, Salads & Deserts, by Bruce & Bobbi Fischer. 96 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; spiral bound; index; ISBN: 1-885590-13-X; $6.95 PA. GWP Included are instructions on making flour and corn tortillas, as well as a section on tantalizing tortillas and tortilla treats. Trail Boss's Cowboy Cookbook, by the Society for Range Management. 336 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-96036926-0; $16.95 PA. FALP This book contains recipes for traditional dishes prepared for cowboys working on the range. Some of these recipes have been handed down in ranch families for generations. With 458 recipes from 24 states and 8 countries, this is not just a meat and potatoes cookbook. With recipes in 31 categories, these authentic rangeland dishes and the historical notes behind them will surprise and satisfy everyone from seasoned gourmets to casual cooks. Lay-flat binding. The Ultimate Chili Cookbook, by W.C. Jameson. 224 pp; 9¼x7½; index; ISBN: 1-55622-652-7; $18.95 PA. REPTEX More than any other food, a big ol' steaming hot bowl of chili is recognized as the premier Western dish. This book explores the long history of chili, along with fascinating folklore. Includes over 135 mouth-watering recipes for this most favored dish. Utah Cookbook, compiled by Bruce & Bobbi Fischer. 96 pp; 6x8½; illus; maps; index; spiral bound; ISBN: 1-885590-37-7; $6.95 PA. GWP Mexican Hat Salsa, Albondigas Soup, Cache Valley Cheese Soufflé, Castle Dale Chocolate Crackles, Peach Fritters, Mule Train Beef Pie, and many more. The Venison Book, by Audrey A. Gorton. 80 pp; 5¼x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-486-42224-0; $4.95 PA. DOVER This concise, entertainingly written cookbook explains how to handle every aspect of preparing venison –from shooting the animal, getting it out of the woods, and skinning, halving, and quartering it; to curing it with salt and smoke, packaging it for the freezer, and eating the last delicious morsel. Venison, Fast & Foolproof Favorites, edited by Henry Sinkus. 144 pp; 7½x10¼; illus; index; ISBN: 1-59543-324-4; $14.95 PA. WCP ♦Sports Afield magazine has published thousands of venison recipes over the last 110 years, and here is a collection of over 100 that were originally submitted to the magazine by its readers. Western Breakfast & Brunch Recipes, by Bruce & Bobbi Fischer. 96 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; spiral; ISBN: 1-885590-40-7; $7.95 PA. GWP ♦Start your day the Western Way with these favorite recipes from Western bed & breakfasts, ranches, Southwestern chefs, and homemakers. Over 300 recipes. What‟s Cooking America, by Linda Stradley & Andra Cook. 444 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 1-56044-792-3; $22.95 PA. FALP Friendly and inviting –bound to be a classic- this offers more than 800 family-tried-and-tasted recipes. This is well organized, with standardized listings of ingredients for no-mistake food preparation. Wheat Montana Cookbook, by Three Forks Books. 190 pp; 6x8; ISBN: 1-56044-994-2; $16.95 PA. FALP Now the folks at Wheat Montana share some of their favorite recipes from the Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli in Three Forks, Montana.


Wild Berries of the West, by Betty B. Derig and Margaret C. Fuller. 235 pp; 5½x8½; photos, illus; recipes; glossary; index; 087842-433-4; $16.00 PA. MP With 185 color photos and 54 recipes, this is a guide to more than 150 berries and fruits of the western United States. Wild Game Cookbook, by Doug & Peggy Kazulak. 64 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55105-066-8; $7.95 PA LONEP Here, finally, is a practical cookbook for wild game. The nearly 120 recipes have been field-tested over an open fire, and reflect the experience of generations of a family committed to careful use of wild game. Wild Harvest Cookbook, by Dan Small & Nancy Frank. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 1-55971-113-2; $14.95 PA. WCP This unique cookbook combines innovative recipes, thoughtful reflections on the outdoor life and stunning wildlife photography by award-winning Daniel J. Cox. Enjoy all this and over 100 favorite dishes. Wild, Wild 1950's Cookies, by Tuda Libby Crews. 48 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-893-5; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. GS Crews recreates the nostalgic ‗50s with delicious designer cookies. Includes 5 templates & order form for 12 cookie cutters. Wilderness Ranger Cookbook: A Collection of Backcountry Recipes by Forest Service Wilderness Rangers, by Falcon Press ed. 112 pp; 5¾x8½; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-0384; $9.95 PA. FALP Great, almost effortless collection of easy recipes grouped into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Includes tips about no-trace camping, historical facts about the wilderness movement, and the complete text of the 1964 Wilderness Act. Worldwide Sourdoughs from Your Bread Machine, by Donna R. German & Ed Wood. 176 pp; 8¼x5¼; sources; index; ISBN: 155867-095-5; $8.95 PA. BPEI Sourdoughs require special timing & technique in the bread machine, and two experts join forces to teach you how. Has nearly 100 recipes, and special directions for every machine. Wyoming Cookbook, Compiled & ed. by Karin Wade. 96 pp; 5¾x8½; illus; spiral binding; contributors; index; ISBN: 1-88559033-4; $6.95 PA. GWP Includes more than 130 lip smackin', palate pleasin', and savory Wyoming recipes!  COWBOYS -Old-Time Cowhands, Rodeo, Ranch Life $10 Horse, $40 Saddle, by Don Rickey, Jr. 152 pp; 10x7; illus; sources; ISBN: 0-8032-8977-4; $19.95 PA. UNEBP This book provides a wealth of information about cowpoke dress, from Stetsons and unfancy dark shirts to boots and underwear. It includes illustrations of the guns, ropes, and saddles that enabled cowboys to do their unromantic work. All in the Day‟s Riding, by Will James. 304 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 087842-391-5; $16.00 PA. MP ♦A variety of writings that tell of the cowboy‘s riggings, the cowboy today, and why the high heels, the big hat and such like, along with experiences in narrow escapes that‘s all in the days riding. The American Cowboy, a Photographic History, ed. by Richard Collins. 128 pp; 10½x11½; photos; ISBN: 1-59228-666-6; $18.95 PA. LYONS ♦In his introduction to this work, Bob Edgar speaks of a ―far-sighted fraternity‖ –the photographers such as Belden, Huffman, Koerner, Smith, and Kendrick- who recorded images of cattle drives, frontier towns, roundup camps, cowboys on the range, chuckwagons and horses and cattle. This book offers an evocative message in photos of ―a dream and a forgetting, a chapter forever closed.‖ The Arbuckle Cafe: Classic Cowboy Stories, by Val FitzPatrick. 256 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-9655961-1-7; $18.95 PA. YCP Anytime a cowboy brewed up a cup of java, the ―Arbuckle Café‖ was open for business. Arbuckle‘s Ariosa coffee was the preferred drink of the

range, and many a waddie warmed himself with the buckaroo brew. Val Fitzpatrick was a cowboy with the famous Two-Bar outfit in northwest Colorado. ―The Arbuckle Café‖ tells what it was really like to be a cowpuncher on one of the West‘s last frontiers. Art of the Western Saddle, by Bill Reynolds. 192 pp; 11½ x14¼; color plates; sources; ISBN: 1-59228-034-x; $50.00 HC. LYONS ♦This is a beautifully rendered celebration and visual feast of the graceful artistry of the Western saddler and his craft. Bill Pickett, Bulldogger; the Biography of a Black Cowboy, by Col. Bailey C. Hanes. 232 pp; 5¼x8; photos; epilogue; bibliog; index; ISBN: 8061-2203-X; $16.95 PA. UOKP This is a complete account of the life of Bill Pickett, the first black to be elected to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Pickett, who spent most of his life working for the Miller brothers 101 Ranch in Oklahoma, is credited as the originator of steer wrestling, one of seven standard events in present-day rodeo, and the sole event whose origin can be traced to a single individual. Biting the Dust, the Wild Ride and Dark Romance of the Rodeo Cowboy and the American West, by Dirk Johnson. 240 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-8032-7624-9; $ 14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Johnson spent a year on the professional rodeo circuit with cowboys, watching them try to hang on to bucking horses and Brahma bulls –and to wives and livelihoods that seemed only one fall away from disappearing. Dirk Johnson takes the reader beyond sentimental visions of the rodeo cowboy and the American West and provides an unforgettable and authentic story of the rodeo today. Bob Kleberg and the King Ranch: A Worldwide Sea of Grass, by John Cypher. 256 pp; 6x9¼; photos; index; ISBN: 0-292-711875; $19.95 PA. UTEXP This combines a biography of Kleberg with the story of the postwar boom years that changed the King Ranch from a Mexican Hacienda into a traditional South Texas cattle ranch and finally into an international corporate agribusiness. Cypher spent 40 years (1948-88) on the King Ranch, most of the time as assistant to the president (Bob Kleberg). Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy: Commentary by NPR's Cowboy Poet & Former Large Animal Veterinarian, by Baxter Black. 288 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-14-027683-1; $14.00 PA. RH This is the complete illustrated collection of Baxey's commentaries that have aired on NPR, and the latest dose of his cowboy wit and humor. Cattle, Symbol of the Great American West, by Jack Goddard. Photography by David R. Stoecklein. 268 pp; 12x12; color photos; ISBN: 1-933192-24-0; $60.00 HC. STOECK ♦This beautiful pictorial essay is a tribute to the very foundation of a cowboy‘s life –working with cattle. Charles Goodnight, Cowman and Plainsman, by J. Evetts Haley. 502 pp; map; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1453-3; $24.95 PA. UOKP Charlie Goodnight rode bareback from Illinois to Texas when he was nine years of age. He was hunting with the Caddo Indians at thirteen, into the cattle business at twenty, guiding the Texas Rangers at twenty-four, blazing cattle trails at forty, and at forty-five dominating nearly twenty million acres of range country. This is his exciting life story. Charles M. Russell, the Life & Legend of America‟s Cowboy Artist, by John Taliaferro. 336 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3495-X; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦Taliaferro reveals the man behind the myth in his multifaceted complexity: extraordinarily gifted, self-effacing, charming, mischievous, and playful, a friend to rough frontier denizens and Hollywood stars alike. Charles M. Russell, the Storyteller‟s Art, by Raphael J. Cristy. 368 pp; 7¼x10¼; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-82633285-4; $27.95 PA. UNMP ♦Russell‘s art is often misinterpreted as mere longing for a fading open-range west, but his writings tell a different story. Christy shows how Russell amused his peers with stories that also delivered sharp observations of Euro-American


suppression of Indians and humorous treatment of wilderness and range issues, plus the emergence of women and urbanization as bewildering agents of change in the modern West. Charreria Mexicana, an Equestrian Folk Tradition, by Kathleen M. Sands. 368 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08165-1346-5; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. UAZP Charreria is a complex tradition of parades, competition, costumes, music, and social events celebrating the Mexican horseman. A uniquely New World celebration that rivals rodeo in its extraordinary levels of sophistication and performance, it offers those of Mexican descent a source of pride in their heritage. This is the first major English-language interpretation of Charreria. Classic Cowboy Stories, Eighteen Extraordinary Tales of the Old West, ed. by Michael McCoy. 352 pp; 4½x7¼; bibliog; ISBN: 1-59228-258-X; $9.95 PA. LYONS ♦Contains eighteen contemporary tales of the Old West. Come an' Get It! The Story of the Old Cowboy Cook, by Ramon F. Adams. 186 pp; 4¾x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-8061-1013-9; $14.95 PA. UOKP This is a real "outdoor cookbook" based on the basic principal of "first kill your steer." There are no fancy condiments and a dutch oven is the fanciest pot in the outfit, but the contents of both book and pot- are flavored with all the dash of the old west. Loaded with fabulous old-time range tales. The Complete Cowboy Reader, Remembering the Open Range, edited by Ted Stone. 264 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-55105115-X; $14.95 PA. LONEP From authentic descriptions of open-range roundups and summer-long cattle drives to tales of trail towns, rustling, and the original cattle barons, this book gathers a history of the cowboy more enduring than myth because it speaks with the authority of the people who were there. The Cowboy: An Unconventional History of Civilization on the Old-Time Cattle Range, by Philip A. Rollins. 434 pp; 6x8½; photos; illus; map; notes; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2936-0; $16.95 PA. UOKP The American cowboy has long been a popular figure in fiction, motion pictures, and studies of the West, but over the years inaccuracies have crept in, distorting the image of the real cowboy. Philip Ashton Rollins, in The Cowboy, sets out to provide a complete, accurate handbook on the everyday life of the cowboy--trailing, herding, branding, round-up, and horsebreaking. He also discusses tools of the trade, including types of saddles, bits, reatas, boots, and spurs. Most vivid is his presentation of the cowboy's personality, code, mores, and amusements. Cowboy: How Hollywood Invented the Wild West, by Holly George-Warren. 224 pp; 9¾x10¼; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-7621-0375-2; $32.95 HC. RD ♦As real cowboy life waned in the West at the end of the nineteenth century, the mythology of the Wild West took over- books, songs, and moving pictures began to blur the lines between the fantasy and reality of cowboy life even further. Meticulously researched and powerfully written by a seasoned entertainment journalist, ―Cowboy‖ shatters the made-in-Hollywood legend and celebrates the genuine frontier pioneers. The Cowboy Boot, by David R. Stoecklein. 168 pp; 10x10; photos; ISBN: 1-931153-26-4; $35.00 HC. STOECK ♦Each pair of boots tells a different story in this new book of photographs. Cowboy Boots, by Tyler Beard. Photos by Jim Arndt. 398 pp; 6x6; color photos; ISBN: 1-58685-522-0; $15.99 PA. GS ♦This is a full-color tribute to America‘s most-recognized icon. Features more than 400 unique and custom-made boots. Cowboy Boot Book, by Tyler Beard, photos by Jim Arndt. 152 pp; 8x11; photos; glossary; sources; ISBN: 0-87905-471-9; $19.95 PA. GS Back in print. This is the ultimate source book for wearers and collectors. It‘s a book for everyone, young or old, that ever wore a pair of cowboy boots –or wished they did.

Cowboy Clothing and Gear: The Complete Hamley Catalog of 1942, by Hamley & Co. 176 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-486-28841-2; $12.95 PA. DOVER For over 100 years, Hamley & Co. of Pendleton, Oregon, has been one of the premier manufacturers of saddles and other leather goods. This complete republication of the now-rare 1942 Hamley catalog provides a fascinating record of the hundreds of items manufactured and sold by the firm: hand-finished, finely tooled saddles, Stetson hats, Levi's, Pendleton shirts, hand-engraved silver spurs, sterling silver buckle sets, hand-stamped belts, cowhide chaps, leather boots, fringed leather boots, fringed leather riding suits for women and many more. Cowboy Culture, a Saga of Five Centuries, by David Dary. 400 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-70060390-5; $14.95 PA. UKANP This work literally bubbles over with tales, stories, and recollections of the most American part of the great American West and gives us a better understanding of that part of the past we have always worshipped. Good source-book. Cowboy Ethics, What Wall Street Can Learn from the Code of the West, by James P. Owen. Photographs by David R. Stoecklein. 96 pp; 11x9½; photos; ISBN: 1-931153-95-7; $25.00 PA. STOECK ♦Having been rocked by one damaging revelation of misbehavior after another, Wall Street is in a state of crisis. Investors are disgusted by the misdeeds of a few and suspicious of the industry at large, and every firm finds its integrity open to question. But imagine what could happen if Wall Street firms looked back to a simpler time when a handshake was enough to seal a deal, and right and wrong were as clear as black and white. In words and images, Cowboy Ethics explores the life and code of the working cowboy as a source of inspiration pointing the industry to a way out of its troubles. The Cowboy Hat Book, by William Reynolds & Ritch Rand. 96 pp; 8½x10¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-659-2; $19.95 PA. GS This is presented both as a collection and as a celebration, not only of fashion and form, but of experience. The authors invite you to celebrate this unique item of clothing that has become a symbol and an icon recognized throughout the world. Cowboy & Gunfighter Collectibles, by Bill Mackin. 186 pp; 8½x11; illus; price guide; index of makers; glossary; ISBN: 087842-244-7; $25.00 PA; MP ♦This is a nearly complete encyclopedia with a price guide and makers index of cowboy and gunfighter gear. The Cowboy at Work: All About His Job and How He Does It, by Fay E. Ward. Foreword by John R. Erickson. 312 pp 7x10; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2051-7; $24.95 PA. UOKP. 276 pp; 6¼x9¼; ISBN: 0-486-42699-8; $16.95 PA. DOVER This book probably ranks as the best ever written about the American cowboy, his life, gear, work habits, and expertise. Ward was an active cowboy for forty years from Alberta, Canada to the Mexican border. He rode broncs at Cheyenne Frontier Days from 1909 to 1922. He was a bronc buster, rough-string rider, cowhand, wrangler and roper. Includes over 600 drawings. The Cowboy Kind, by Darrell Arnold. 136 pp; 9x9; photos, Glossary; ISBN: 0-87842-440-7; $18.00 PA. MP This reveals the heart and soul of the contemporary working cowboy. Arnold has put together more than 120 black-and-white photos and 170 quotes from ranching men and women who speak to such western themes as horses, neighbors, ranch economics, saddlemaking, and family life. A Cowboy of the Pecos, by Patrick Dearen. 272 pp; 5½x8½; photos; map; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55622-528-8; $12.95 PA. REPTEX "The Pecos boys were the most expert cowboys in the world." On the Pecos they had to be, for in frontier times it was a river so treacherous it was known as the "graveyard of the cowman's hopes." A Cowboy of the Pecos is a vivid accounting that skillfully captures the essence of those men who, unlike any other breed of cowhand, rode hell-bent-for-leather across the Pecos. It tells their full story, from the time of the first GoodnightLoving trail drive to the 1920s when cattle trucks and pickups


snatched away the last hope for the cowboy's characteristic and spirited way of life. Supported by vintage photographs, this book will carry readers on a rip-roaring romp through the west. Cowboy Lingo: A Dictionary of the Slack-Jaw Words and Whangdoodle Ways of the American West, by Ramon F. Adams. 272 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-618-08349-9; $11.00 PA. HMC CLASSIC! Here in one volume is the complete guide to cowboy-speak, including sections on the cowboy‘s duties, his riding equipment, the roundup, roping, branding, even square dancing. Cowboy Memories of Montana, by Mark Perrault. 200 pp; 6¼x9½; photos; ISBN: 0-89301-207-6; $24.95 HC. UIDP This is Perrault‘s exhaustive personal recollection of a boyhood spent on his grandfather‘s ranch. He relives the rhythms of cattle ranching from the isolated months of a Montana winter to the verdant pastures of summer when grasses grew high enough to brush the underside of a horse. Perrault seems to have come of age with ranching, and his reminiscences brings a world to life that is as brilliant in its retelling as it must have been when the author first noted the summer sun rising over the mountains. Cowboy Spurs and Their Makers, by Jane Pattie. 192 pp; 8¾x11¼; photos; illus; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 089096-343-6; $39.95 HC. T A&M Cowboy spurs are a pure form of American folk art. Like the cowboy himself, the way spurs developed was molded by their use and the environment of the range, along with a generous dose of individualism and pride. This tells for the first time the fascinating story of this western art and the artisans who have developed it. It also gives collectors, professional historians and westerners a valuable reference for identifying spurs used by riders of Texas and the Southwest. The Cowboy Way: Seasons of a Montana Ranch, by David McCumber. 350 pp; 6½x9½; ISBN: 0-380-78841-1; $14.00 PA. AVON This is an enthralling and intensely personal account of a year spent in open country that expertly weaves past and present into the vibrant and colorful tapestry of a vanishing way of life. Cowboy Wisdom: What the World Can Learn from the Wit & Wisdom of the West, by David W. Stevenson. 92 pp; 10x9½; photos; ISBN: 9781933192659; $25.00 PA. STOECK ♦A wise old cowboy one said, ―If you get to thinkin‘ you‘re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else‘s dog around.‖ That about sums up what this book is all about. Just when you think you have figured it out, some cowboy comes along and puts a simple, plainspoken spin on life that makes you rethink things a bit. Cowboys North and South, by Will James. 224 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-321-4; $14.00 PA. MP Available for the first time in decades, this classic collection is just as fresh and vibrant as it was seventy years ago. Cowboys: Ranch Life along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, by Lawrence Clayton. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 157168-149-3; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. EAKIN This is the story of working cowboys. They work the ranches on the upper reaches of the Brazos River, a land made recognizable by the Marlboro Man commercials filmed on the Lambshead Ranch. An unforgiving land, the Clear Fork country is dry and hot in the summer. In winter it is separated from the North Pole by "three strands of `bob' wire." The cowboys work out of a pickup truck and sometimes are helped at roundup time by a helicopter, but basically they work cattle like their fathers and grandfathers did. The author and his wife know their subject intimately, as they operate their Irwin-Clayton J. Lazy C Ranch on land that has been in their family for more than 100 years. Cowboys: A Vanishing World, by Jon Nicholson. 240 pp; 11x9; photos; ISBN: 0-312-28677-5; $30.00 HC. STMP Nicholson focuses his lens on the men who have adapted cowboy traditions to suit their needs in the modern world. These photographs reveal a world undergoing fundamental and irreversible changes and provide a definitive record of the cowboy as this great icon moves into the twenty-first century.

Cowboys & the Trappings of the Old West, by William Manns & Elizabeth C. Flood. 224 pp; 9¼x11¾; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-939549-13-1; $45.00 HC. ZON This is an exceptional pictorial celebration of the old time buckaroo and his working gear. The history of the craftsmen and the evolution of the gear are lavishly illustrated with over 550 photos. Cowboys and the Wild West, an A-Z Guide from the Chisholm Trail to the Silver Screen, by Don Cusic. 368; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8160-3030-8; $19.95 PA. FOF This covers practically everything associated with the Wild West from the art to the hardware, from the gunfights to the musicals. The Cowboy‟s Own Brand Book, by Duncan Emrich. 48 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-486-28806-4; $3.95 PA. DOVER With this instructive and entertaining book, anyone can learn how to read brands and recognize symbols known to every ranch hand. You'll find out how to distinguish the lazy R from the flying R, the quarter moon from the quarter circle and much more. You'll even learn to design your own brands. Additional chapters explain why branding became an important practice and what brands were commonly used by rustlers. Cowgirls: Women of the American West, by Teresa Jordan. 352 pp; 6x9; photos; bibliog; addendum; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7575-7; $19.95 PA. UNEBP American lore has slighted the cowgirl, although at least one can be found in nearly every ranching community. Like her male counterpart, she rides and ropes, understands land and stock, and confronts the elements. Jordan traveled over 60,000 miles in the American West, talking with more than a hundred authentic cowgirls running ranches and performing in rodeos. This is a classic work about Western cowgirls. Cowgirls: Women of the Wild West, by Elizabeth Clair Flood. 224 pp; 9¼x11¾; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-939549-182; $45.00 HC. ZON Illustrated with more than 450 color photos and historic images, this pays tribute to the life and legacy of pioneer women in the American West, who worked on ranches, performed in Wild West shows, and competed in the rodeo arena. Cowgirls of the Rodeo, Pioneer Professional Athletes, by Mary L. LeCompte. 270 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-252-06874-2; $16.95 PA. UILP Cowgirls of the rodeo were America's first successful professional women athletes. LeCompte explores their lives, travails, and triumphs in this detailed study, explaining the cowgirls' struggle for inclusion, their success competing with men, and their appearances before presidents and royalty. She also writes -as the women spokecandidly about the roles of marriage, divorce, education, and geography in shaping their careers. Cowgirls: 100 Years of Writing the Range, ed. by Thelma Poirier. 296 pp; 5x8; ISBN: 1-55105-117-6; $14.95 PA. LONEP Some cowgirls in this book live quiet lives on the range; others are better known in the rodeo arena. Some are well-known writers, others barely published. From running cattle sales and management companies to last-minute branding and breadmaking, what bonds all of them is the honesty of real cowgirls, who ride and write the western range. Dakota Cowboy, My Life in the Old Days, by Ike Blasingame. 318 pp; 5¼x8; map; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-5015-0; $16.95 PA. UNEBP He rode for the huge Matador Land and Cattle Company. "Warm and flavorful. A one-time Matador cowboy tells his story straight in the old-time language of the cow country." New York Times. Gold Buckle Dreams, the Rodeo Life of Chris LeDoux, by David G. Brown. 244 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-941875-08-3; $11.95 PA. WOLV This is about Chris LeDoux, the 1976 World Champion Bareback Rider. A clean-cut, gentle, quiet and unassuming American cowboy who made a dream come true. And in the process paying the price it takes. On the road, he saw it all; the heartbreaks and camaraderie, the knocks and injuries, inadequate prizes, long dry spells between wins, the help and


advice of veteran rodeo cowboys, the crazy antics, pranks, and practical jokes, and hard-won victories. Showcased are many rodeo and cowboy songs that Chris LeDoux has written and performed as a singer. Chris recorded on the Liberty label. National Best-seller! On March 9, 2005, Chris succumbed to cancer. Garth Brooks tribute song 2005; Good ride, Cowboy! Great Centennial Cattle Drive 96, 1896-1996, by Sherm Ewing & Joyce McElroy. 112 pp; 11x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-9699761-3-5; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. WSGA This photo-essay celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Western (Canada) Stock Growers association, whereupon, in honor of their hundredth, they trailed 1700 horses and 2000 steers from Buffalo, Alberta, 60 miles south to Medicine Hat. 1500 people and over 100 wagons participated. Guts, Legendary Black Rodeo Cowboy Bill Pickett, by Cecil Johnson. 236 pp; 6¼x9¼; bibliog; photo; ISBN: 1-56530-162-5; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC SUMM Legendary cowboy Bill Pickett was a true American pioneer whose rodeo career spanned more than forty years, bridged two centuries, and enthralled millions of spectators, including the British royal family. Ultimately, Pickett became the first black cowboy ever inducted into the National Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. During his illustrious career, Bill Pickett achieved notoriety as the inventor of the rodeo sport, bulldogging. Hell on Horses & Women, by Alice Marriott. 304 pp; 6x9; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8061-2482-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP There has been relatively little factual material on the women of the ranchers. This is the story of Mrs. Cowboy...The bulk of the book is concerned with the ranch women of today, how they live, work, have children, manage houses -and sometimes the ranges when the going gets too tough for the men. Hitched Horsehair: The Complete Guide for Self Learning, by Shoni Maulding. 192 pp; 8½x11; illus; diag; color plates; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-9659624-6-6; $25.95 PA. HITCHT In this, you‘ll learn: the basic steps of hitching; the 6 row diamond which patterns are based on; traditional knots for covering joints and making things look pretty; tips to help you become proficient; how to use graphs; dye your own horsehair; and much, much more. Hobbled Stirrups, by Jane B. Smith. 438 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-87004-454-0; $17.95 PA. CAXP ♦Hobbled Stirrups is a noholds-barred account of one of the few women to ride saddle broncs professionally. One of the most-honest autobiographies you‘ll ever read! Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet, by Baxter Black. 286 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-4000-4943-1; $14.00 PA. RH ♦Baxter takes on everything from ranching, roping, Wrangler jeans, and rodeos to weddings and romance, the love of a good dog, dancing, parenting, cooking up trouble, and talking about the weather. I See by Your Outfit: Historic Cowboy Gear of the Northern Plains, by Tom Lindmier & Steve Mount. 176 pp; 10x8; photos; illus; endnotes; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-931271-33-9; $19.95 PA. HPP Cowboys! We love the legend. But what did they really look like, wear and what equipment did they use for their work? The cowboys featured here are the real thing, in historic photos, with the real gear they used, quite different from the ones in the movies. Idaho Cowboy: A Photographic Portrayal, by David R. Stoecklein. 156 pp; 12¾x10; color photos; ISBN: 0-922029-24-5; $24.95 PA. STOECK Strictly photos; this book is a glimpse at the exclusive image of the Idaho Cowboy, his gear, his horses, and his range. The Lady Rode Bucking Horses, the Story of Fannie Sperry Steele, Woman of the West, by Dee Marvine. 304 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-7627-3133-8; $14.95 PA. GPP ♦Long before rodeo, when bucking horse contests were held at stampedes and roundups, Fannie Steele stepped into the bronco-riding arena – and won. This is the remarkable story of the Montana girl who

became Lady Bucking Horse Champion of the World –twice- and went on to become a western performer and legendary rancher. The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Raising, by Laurence M Lasater. 84 pp; 6x9; photos; bibliog; appendices; ISBN: 0-87404226-7; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. TWP Tom Lasater, a practical cattleman ("If I could breed a cow 50 feet long, I would" he said) who sought to develop bulls and cows that would require the least artificial aid, was the founder of the Beefmaster breed, a three-way cross among the Hereford, Shorthorn, and Brahman, recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a distinct breed in 1954. The Last Cowboy, Leroy Webb: The Personal Story of a Vanishing Cowboy, by Davis L. Ford. 272 pp; 7½x10¼; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-57168-709-2; $32.95 HC. EAKIN ♦This is a true tale of a modern-day, old-time cowboy in the context of the West that was, and is, and will be. Texas-New Mexico cowboy and ranch life at its best. The Last of the Old-Time Cowboys, by Patrick Dearen. 224 pp; 5½x8½; photos; index; ISBN: 1-55622-613-6; $16.95 PA. REPTEX Working cowboys live on as genuine legends that rode through a golden moment in American history. In the 1980s Patrick Dearen went looking for the last of these fading icons. The trail took him to dozens of onetime cowhands in their 80s, 90s, and even 100s whose aged eyes lit up and voices seemed young again as they spoke of their experiences on the trail. Let's Go! Let's Show! Let's Rodeo! The History of Cheyenne Frontier Days, Shirley E. Flynn. 256 pp; 8¾x8½; photos; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-9649269-0-3; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 HC. WIGWAM Wonderfully refreshing, Flynn captures the unique, rowdy, colorful, rich and vibrant history of Wyoming's "Daddy of 'em All!" The Life and Adventures of Nat Love, by Nat Love. 184 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-7955-8; $9.00 PA. UNEBP This is a tale of three lives -a slave boy, a cowboy, and a porterwoven together by the kind of hyperbole that any good lover of storytelling ought to appreciate. Life in the Saddle, by Frank Collinson. ed. & arr. by Mary W. Clarke. 256, 4¾x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-8061-2923-9; $17.95 PA. UOKP Englishman Collinson came to Texas in 1872 at age seventeen to work on a ranch. At age seventy-nine he began writing articles for Ranch Romances about the Old West he knew and loved. He writes of the last tragic days of buffalo hunting of the Plains, clashes of hunters and cowboys with the Plains Indians, the character of trail drives, the definitive nature of violence, particularly at gunpoint. Life on the Texas Range, photos by Erwin E. Smith, text by J. Evetts Haley. 112 pp; 8½x11½; black-and-white photos; ISBN: 0292-77683-7; $19.95 PA. UTEXP First published in 1952, this photographic record of the real work and life of cowboys remains a perennial favorite. 80 black-and-white photos. The Log of a Cowboy, a Narrative of the Old Trail Days, by Andy Adams. 396 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-5000-2; $10.95 PA. UNEBP. ISBN: 0-618-08348-0; $11.00 PA. HMC Unabridged edition. If all other books on trail-driving were destroyed, a reader could still get a just and authentic conception of trail men, trail work, range cattle, cow horses, and the cow country in general from this work. Adams spent twelve years in the saddle in Texas, and began writing when broke after seeing a ludicrous and false depiction for range life and ways. Lone Cowboy: My Life Story, by Will James. 432 pp; 5x9; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-358-3; $16.00 PA. MP First published in 1930, the narrative follows the author's character from boy to cowboy to accomplished artist and writer. In this, the American cowboy is portrayed with a clarity and honesty few authors or illustrators can match.


Making a hand, Growing Up Cowboy in New Mexico, by Max Evans. Photos by Gene Peach. 160 pp; 11¼x10¾; color photos; 089013-476-6; $39.95 HC. MNMP ♦The cowboy embodies the spirit of the West, and the West is intrinsic in the American imagination. Here is the young cowboy in the making. It is a transformation of great beauty, magic, and meaning. Spectacular photography! Man, Beast, Dust –the Story of Rodeo, by Clifford P. Westermeier. 476 pp; 5¼x8; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08032-9843-9; $18.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This colorful and detailed study of rodeo –the exhibition in which the cowboy‘s work became his sport –traces its beginnings from the early fiestas, stampedes, and roundups of the mid-19th-century American West to its development as a full-fledged entertainment spectacle. Montana Hometown Rodeo, by Joanne Berghold. 124 pp; 10¾x9½; photos; ISBN: 0-89013-469-3; $32.50 HC. UNMP ♦Berghold‘s stirring photographs provide an unsentimental view of rodeo contestants and small-town and ranch residents enjoying the wild ride that is the rodeo experience. The Negro Cowboys, by Philip Durham & Everett L. Jones. 288 pp; 5¼x8; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6560-3; $15.95 PA. UNEBP More than five thousand Negro cowboys joined the round-ups and served on the ranch crews in the cattleman era of the West. They rode on the long cattle drives, joined the cavalry, set up small businesses and fought on both sides of the law. Some of them became famous: Jim Beckwourth, the mountain man; Bill Pickett, king of the rodeo; Cherokee Bill, the most dangerous man in Indian Territory; and Nat love, who styled himself "Deadwood Dick." Nudie, the Rodeo Tailor, by Jamie L. Nudie & Mary L. Cabrall. 160 pp; 10¼x9¼; photos; ISBN: 1-58685-381-3; $29.95 HC. GS ♦With hundreds of photos featuring his work, this recounts the life and times of the original Rhinestone Cowboy, Nudie Cohn. Packing Iron: Gunleather of the Frontier West, by Richard C. Rattenbury. 216 pp; 9¼x11¾; photos; illus; endnotes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-939549-08-5; $45.00 HC. ZON Western gunleather is an icon of American Frontier lore. Packing Iron celebrates the artistry and innovation of the craftsmen who designed the gun rigs of the old time cowboys, troopers, lawmen and Hollywood heroes. This unique art form is described and richly illustrated with more than 300 exciting color photographs and nearly 100 rare historic images. Pulling Leather, being the Early Recollections of a Cowboy on the Wyoming Range, 1884-1889, by Reuben B. Mullins. 246 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-931271-10-X; $10.95 PA. HPP Round-ups, trail drives, a lynching, mail order romances, old-time blacksmithing, Indians, the blizzard of 1885-86, Calamity Jane, cattle barons -Mullins experienced the West as it will never be again! His account languished in archival collections until now, 100 years after he rode the open range, and has been favorably compared to "Teddy Blue" Abbott's "We Pointed Them North" and Andy Adams' "The Log of a Cowboy." The Quotable Cowboy, ed. by Kathy Etling. 274 pp; 6x7; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59228-354-3; $9.95 PA. LYONS ♦Cowboys remind us of a time when life was simple, when everything was black and white, and when hope lay upon the horizon like a pale rising sun. We are the heirs to their myth and to their legacy. In this volume, you‘ll find more than four hundred of the best quotations that capture the cowboy spirit. Rain or Shine: A Family Memoir, by Cyra McFadden. 184 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-8241-9; $10.00 PA. UNEBP Cyra Taillon grew up on the rodeo circuit, traveling all over the West with her free-spirited, hell-raising parents. With father, Cy Taillon, a handsome, charming, flashy rodeo announcer who was often more lovable to the public than to his family; and mother, Patricia, a spitfire dancer from Arkansas, Cyra became the family mascot, dressed in cowboy gear and living the rodeo circuit life. The

considerable power of this book and of these lives is burned permanently into the reader's mind. Author McFadden not only portrays and then patches up the quarrels and estrangements that raged between her and her father, she captures the tawdry colors of the Old West and mourns their fading. The Ranch on the Beaver, by Andy Adams. 322 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-5930-1; $12.95 PA. UNEBP The Ranch on the Beaver continues the hide-and-hoof Horatio Alger story of Wells Brothers: The Young Cattle Kings. By 1887 the teenage boys Joel and Dell have weathered several seasons as ranchers in northwest Kansas. As others fail, they persevere, learning all aspects of a rapidly changing operation--from maturing beef to managing, shipping, and selling it. Drawing on firsthand knowledge, the author of Log of a Cowboy offers a realistic and spirited story mixing hard work and fun. Ranch Style, the Artistic Culture and Design of the Real West, by David R. Stoecklein. 144 pp; 9¾x9¾; color photos; ISBN: 1931153-28-0; $35.00 HC. STOECK ♦Take a peek inside the rustic world of ranch style in this delightful book of photographs of ranch details. Ranch Wife, by Jo Jeffers. 304 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-8165-1386-4; $17.95 PA. UAZP When Jo Jeffers was a young girl suffering from asthma, she promised herself, "When I grow up, if I ever do, I shall go to Arizona and be a cowboy." She did both, and Ranch Wife tells the story of her life as wife and partner of a rancher in the high country of northeastern Arizona. Recollections of Charley Russell, by Frank B. Linderman. Illus. by Charley Russell, ed. by H.G. Merriam. 184 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8061-2112-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP Linderman and Russell were close friends and kindred spirits, and Linderman obviously recognized that Russell was not only an enormously talented artist but also a very uncommon man. The recollections are random, and full of nostalgia. Recollections of a Western Ranchman, by Capt. William French. 288 pp; 5½x8½; map; ISBN: 0-944383-08-4; $12.95 PA. HILOP Since its first limited American printing in 1928, Recollections of a Western Ranchman has been largely unavailable and, even when found, affordable only by collectors. Herein is Captain French's original volume in a reader's edition, the story of a man who lived through the wildest years of the New Mexico/Arizona border country to leave us a frontier memoir with a human voice. In the midst of the final astonishing stand of Geronimo and his renegades, French displays a perceptive and balanced admiration for both the soldiers and the Apache tribe. And nobody has written better of Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch than French. Finally, his descriptions of ranch life and the Southwest wilderness are those of a natural raconteur who still held to the facts. Never the hero, though often heroic, French saw it all, with balance, perception, and a droll British wit. Rodeo, by Louise L. Serpa. 88 pp; 9¾x12¾; photos; ISBN: 089381-650-7; $24.95 PA. APER Through Serpa's extraordinary images and informative, anecdotal narrative, in tandem with McMurtry's provocative notes which challenge widely held beliefs about the mythic American West, Rodeo takes readers on an exhilarating ride. In addition to presenting a major American photographer's work for the first time in book form, Rodeo proves conclusively that locking horns can be an art form. Rodeo in America, by Wayne S. Wooden & Gavin Ehringer. 312 pp; 6½x9½; photos; notes; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-7006-0813-3; $24.95 HC. UKANP As we become more and more urbanized, fewer and fewer people have an understanding of rodeo, either as sport or as folk entertainment. This book, containing a wealth of behind-the-scenes information, provides the uninitiated with a sense of what rodeo is really like. Rodeo Legends: 20 Extraordinary Athletes of America‟s Sport, by Gavin Ehringer. 216 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 1-58574-710-6; $17.95 PA. WESH ♦A Western Horseman book, this presents such


greats as Joe Alexander, Clay O‘Brien Cooper, Bruce Ford, Tuff Hedeman, Charmayne James, Bill Linderman, and Fred Whitfield. Rodeo, Behind the Scenes at America‟s Most Exciting Sport, by Lynn Campion. 256 pp; 8¾x11; photos; appendix; ISBN: 158574-665-7; $29.95 HC. ISBN: 1-59228-405-1; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦Here is a richly illustrated look at the people and animals of rodeo, from the rules of competition to the drama and action of each event. It also provides the fascinating behind-thescenes details that the millions of fans who attend rodeos each year can‘t see –such as how the competitors prepare for their events. Rodeo, the Suicide Trail, by H.L. (Lee) Hames. 88 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 1-57510-061-4; $9.95 PA. PHPC ♦Hames writes about the ―old-time‖ rodeos, when they began their great revival in the ‗30s. True descriptives of Leo Cremer, the Beutler brothers, Oral Zumwalt, and many others. A good story told honestly and without ―fluff.‖ Rodeo Queens and the American Dream, by Joan Burbick. 256 pp; 6½x9½; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58648-111-8; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. HCP ♦When you think of rodeo, you probably think of men. Men of the swaggering Marlboro variety. After all, rodeo has always been considered a supremely masculine sport, a rough and tumble display of macho strength and skill. But there‘s another side of rodeo: the world of rodeo queens –part cowgirl and part pageant princess- who wave and smile and keep the dream of the ideal Western cowgirl alive. The Roll Away Saloon, Cowboy Tales of the Arizona Strip, by Rider & Paulsen. 118 pp; 6x9; illus. ISBN: 0-87421-124-7; $12.95 PA. USUP A turn-of-the-century cowboy, Rowland Rider held audiences spellbound with tales of his years on the Arizona Strip. His delightful sense of humor creates an engaging and believable picture of the joys and hardships of cowboy life. You'll enjoy this work, transcribed by his granddaughter. Roughstock: The Toughest Events in Rodeo, by John Annerino. 160 pp; 9x12¼; photos; ISBN: 1-56858-177-7; $45.00 HC. 4W8W From California to Virginia Roughstock documents traditional as well as Native American, African-American, and all-women roughstock rodeos with gritty, action-packed behind-the-chutes photographs, up close, mean and personal. 110 color photos. Saddle & Western Gear Catalog, 1938, by the Visalia Stock Saddle Co. 140 pp; 6½x9; illus; index; ISBN: 0-486-40720-9; $10.95 PA. DOVER Certain to provide a wealth of information for researchers and social historians, this excellent, unaltered republication of the rare 1938 Visalia catalog, with its charming, original foreword, will also serve as a wonderful browsing book for collectors. Saddles of the West, by David R. Stoecklein. 168 pp; 11x11; photos; ISBN: 1-931153-98-1; $35.00 HC. STOECK ♦These photos trace the historic beginnings of the Western saddle and the handiwork of some of the most famous early saddle makers. The images in this collection show off the skilled craftsmanship and creativity that goes into each one. The Secret Life of Cowboys, by Tom Groneberg. 272 pp; 5½x8½; 0-8061-3650-2; $14.95 PA. UOKP ♦Demystifying the image of cowboys as celluloid heroes, this is both a coming-of-age story as stunning as the land itself and a revealing look at America‘s last frontier. Sketches from the Ranch: A Montana Memoir, by Dan Aadland. 270 pp; 7½x9½; illus; ISBN: 0-87605-078-X; $29.95 HC. MACM Dan Aadland and his wife Emily live today on the ranch built by Emily's grandfather. In this book Aadland approaches ranching head on, relating the honest facts of life. He looks to find the common denominator, to look at ranching as one looks at the yellow flower of the prickly pear cactus, acknowledging the spines while admiring the beauty. On the framework of one recent year, the essence of ranching is woven in tales past and present, tragic

and comic. And through it all, a story is told -the story of the narrator's relationship with a remarkable horse- a once-in-a-lifetime horse -a horse, perhaps, too good to be true. Spirit of the West, by David Stoecklein. 252 pp; 12x12; photos; ISBN: 1-931153-07-8; $60.00 HC. STOECK This documents in photographs, the men and women still breathing life into the mythical figure of the cowboy. The Spur: History, Art, Culture, Function, by David. R. Stoecklein. 144 pp; 9¾x9¾; color photos; ISBN: 1-931153-24-8; $35.00 HC. STOECK ♦Stoecklein has gathered an amazing assortment of spurs in this volume as one of his books in a threepart series on cowboy gear. The quality and superb craftsmanship of each pair of spurs is evident in each of these wonderful photographs. Stirrup High, by Walt Coburn. 200 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-80326377-5; $9.95 PA. UNEBP Walt is rather small for age fourteen -only "stirrup high" to his pony Snowflake- when he works on the Circle C and learns a lot from the tough cowboys, and from his own scrapes and falls. His summer vacation from school increases in excitement then Kid Curry and other members of the Wild Bunch loom on the horizon. Stirrup High conveys all the know-how and atmosphere of roughing it on a ranch in 1903. Storm and Stampede on the Chisholm, by Hubert E. Collins. 328 pp; 5¼x8; illus; maps; notes; ISBN: 0-8032-6386-4; $14.95 PA. UNEBP In 1883 young Hubert Collins traveled the Chisholm Trail to a ranch in Indian Territory. For the next fifteen months he lived at the Red Fork Ranch on the banks of the Cimarron River at present-day Dover, Oklahoma. With plenty to learn from rangy cowboys in residence and frontier characters passing through, Hubert enjoyed more adventure than he would ever know again. First published in 1928, Collins recorded his excitement at being exposed to an elemental way of life soon to be gone. Straight West, by Verlyn Klinkenborg. 128 pp; 10x10¼; photos; ISBN: 1-58574-054-3; $29.95 HC. LYONS This is a book of ninety exquisite and moving black-and-white photographs about the deep interior of the American West, a place whose people are defined by their relations to animals and the land. Lindy Smith‘s moving, powerful photographs capture a world that is too little known, a landscape of ranch-work, self-reliance, and hard-won trust, a place as much defined by dogs, sheep, cattle, and horses as by humans. Tales of Canyonlands Cowboys, ed. by Richard F. Negri. 232 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87421-229-4; 17.95 PA. USUP Surviving members of the last generation of these canyonland cowboys have restored contact and hold reunions. Negri interviewed many of these men and women for stories of their early days in the canyon country. A Texas Cowboy or, Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony, by Charles A. Siringo. 224 pp; 5x7¾; ISBN: 0-14043751-7; $12.00 PA. PEN First published in 1885, Siringo‘s chronicle of his life as an itchy-footed boy, cowhand, range detective, and adventurer was one of the classics about the Old West and helped to romanticize the West and its mish of the American cowboy. The Texas Cowboys, Cowboys of the Lone Star State, by Tom B. Saunders, IV. Photos by David Stoecklein. 252 pp; 12x11; photos; map; illus; ISBN: 0-922029-60-1; $60.00 HC. STOECK This is a close-up photographic view of every region in Texas. Included in this collection are breathtaking scenic photos of wildlife and landscapes, and images of horses and cows, ranch buildings, cowboy gear, and the people of Texas. Today, I Baled Some Hay to Feed the Sheep the Coyotes Eat, by Bill Stockton. 144 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-934318-26-3; $7.95 PA. FALP The title tells it all! Bill Stockton, a sheep rancher at Grass Range, Montana, has studied sheep, coyotes, and people for umpteen years. The result is a wonderfully wry view of a sheep


rancher's life. His gutsy philosophy will appeal to everyone from sheepmen to "dudes." The Trail Drivers of Texas, by J. Marvin Hunter. 1120 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-292-73076-4; $29.95 PA. UTEXP For over sixty years, this work has been considered the most monumental single source on the old-time Texas trail drives north to Kansas and beyond. Most of this vast amount material comes from those who lived the life and rode the long miles themselves. Trails Plowed Under, Stories of the Old West, by Charles M. Russell. 252 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-8961-8; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Russell writes easily, telling of Indians and Indian fighters, buffalo hunts, bad men, wolves, wild horses, tough hotels, drinking customs, and hard-riding cowboys. Truly a classic! True Life Wild West Memoir of a Brush-Popping Cow Waddie, by Charley Hester. 162 pp; 5¼x8; map; illus; notes; ISBN: 0-80327346-0; $13.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In his own colorful language, Hester relates stories ranging from high jinks on the trail to a heartstopping surprise encounter with Indians, as well as conflicts with nature in the form of blizzards, cyclones, quicksand, swollen rivers, bad water, prairie fires, and electrical storms. Twenty-Four Years a Cowboy & Ranchman, by Will Hale. 268 pp; 5¼x8½; ISBN: 1-58976-100-6; $14.95 PA. NARRPR ♦Hale‘s narrative depicts his life on the Texas and New Mexico ranges from the time of the Mexican War (1835-36) until the 1880s. His adventure starts when he shoots a fellow young boy in a schoolyard tussle and has to skip town, and he navigates the rest of his life with the same disregard for morality and the law. Twilight of the Tenderfoot, by Diane Ackerman. 208 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 1-55591-468-3; $16.95 PA. FULC ♦As a tenderfoot –and a woman in a man‘s world- Ackerman undergoes an often hilarious initiation: but she is game and spirited, up to the challenges of redhot chilies, Red man chewing tobacco, revved-up horses, snakes dangling from brooms, and tough work well before sunrise. A Vaquero of the Brush Country, the life & Times of John D. Young, by John D. Young & J. Frank Dobie. 318 pp; 5¼x8; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-292-78704-9; $13.95 PA. UTEXP This great classic is the story of John Young, old-time vaquero who was trail driver, hunter of Mexican bandits, horsethief killer, prairie-fire fighter, ranch manager, and other things in the Texas brush range. Vaquero: Genesis of the Texas Cowboy, by Bill Wittliff. 176 pp; 12½x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-292-70557-3; $39.95 HC. UTEXP ♦Wittliff is a gifted photographer and he grew up as a Texas country boy very much aware of ranching and cattle and their history. So when Joe Frantz took him down to show him the big ranch in Coahuila, he knew what he was looking at and what he need to do about it. The results are in this book of traditional vaqueros. Vocabulario Vaquero/Cowboy Talk, a Dictionary of Spanish Terms from the American West, by Robert N. Smead. 232 pp; 5½x8½; illus; sources; ISBN: 0-8061-3631-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦This is the first book to assemble a complete listing of Spanishlanguage terms that pertain to two important activities in the American West –ranching and cowboying- with special reference to American Indian terms that have come through Spanish and were probably known to cowboys and ranchers. Warpath and Cattle Trail, by Hubert E. Collins. 328 pp; 6x9; illus; notes; ISBN: 0-87081-468-0; $17.50 PA. UCOP Here is a middle-aged man's recollection of a year spent with his older brother at Red Fork Ranch, between the Reno and Chisholm trails in Indian Territory. Hubert E. Collins was eleven at the time, and the experience impressed him mightily. He never forgot those wild days; and later, as a New Yorker, when he began his memoir, he contacted survivors as well as independent scholars to confirm the accuracy of his recollections. Collins counted among his friends the Cheyenne chief Little Robe. He spent considerable time with

the Cheyennes, in their lodges and as witness to their ceremonies, including the Sun Dance. In 1928, Collins made a case for Indians as human beings that would not occur in popular culture for another two decades--in fact, Collins repeatedly took Hollywood to task for its portrayal of Indians and "cowboys." We Pointed Them North, by E.C. (Teddy Blue) Abbott & Helena H. Smith. 262 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; photos; map; songs; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1366-9; $19.95 PA. UOKP This is the story of a wild, carefree and happy cowboy, a man who knew 'em all -the harlots and the high rollers, the Cheyenne and Sioux, the cussin' and the cattle. He cowboyed in the 1870's and 1880's, and was known to cowmen from Texas to Alberta as "Teddy Blue." Wells Brothers, the Young Cattle Kings, by Andy Adams. 378 pp; 5¼x8; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-5929-8; $12.95 PA. UNEBP This shows what happens when experienced enterprise meets youthful energy. The boys develop their own ranch on the Beaver, without capital but with honor. But no amount of savvy can entirely prepare them for the risks and cruel winters, rapacious wolf packs, summer droughts, mysterious Texas fever, the shifting circumstances of the cattle trade. The Western Buckle: History, Art, Culture, Function, by David R. Stoecklein. 160 pp; 10x10; photos; ISBN: 1-931153-25-6; $35.00 HC. STOECK ♦The buckles on these pages are beautifully made, ornate, and detailed. And there is often a vivid story behind each western buckle that speaks of the tradition and rich heritage of cowboy life. Western Fences, by David R. Stoecklein. 168 pp; 11x11; photos; ISBN: 1-933192-01-1; $35.00 HC. STOECK ♦Fences across the American West are a symbol of the hard work and perseverance of working cowboys and cowgirls. This depicts the fences that snake across the varying terrain of the West, ranging from simple barbed wire to old wooden panels. Western Shirts, a Classic American Fashion, by Steven E. Weil & G. Daniel DeWeese. 176 pp; 10¾x11¼; color photos; ISBN: 158685-248-5; $39.95 HC. GS ♦Rowdy, rhinestoned, saucy, sturdy, colorful, or plain- Western Shirts will make you want to kick up your spurs in Western Delight as you follow them from practical wear, to costume, to fashion, to art. Working Cowboy: Recollections of Ray Holmes, by Margot Liberty & Barry Head. 288 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3503-4; $16.95 PA. UOKP It's hard to put this book down! Delivered by a horse-and-buggy doctor in 1911 during a blizzard near Hulett, Wyoming, Holmes spent nearly his whole life a'horseback herding cattle and doing other work with livestock. These chapters reveal the hard, rugged life that makes a cowboy a "good hand."  COWBOY POETRY & SONG Beasts in Snow, Poetry of the American West, by Jane E. Wohl. 72 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-931271-79-7; $12.95 PA. HPP ♦Wohl brings us a Western landscape of sunsets during forest fires, silver pines at Antelope Butte, mist on Little Goose Creek, and land that ―hold(s) its breath in the moment before snow.‖ Bitter Creek Junction: Poetry of the American West, by Linda M. Hasselstrom. 72 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-931271-53-3; $12.95 PA. HPP These poems speak out of the western experience, old and new, with an unmistakable voice. Born to this Land, by Red Steagall & Skeeter Hagler. 126 pp; 8¼x10¼; photos; ISBN: 1-89672-492-1; $34.95 HC. TTUP ♦In poetry and photography, this examines traditions passed from generation to generation and explores the impact of cowboying on those who choose it as a way of life. Circle of Light, by Charles Levendosky. 80 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0931271-32-0; $9.95 JACKETED PA. HPP Nature is both setting and metaphor. Here is quietly profound poetry about and for Westerners that offers us universal themes in conversational language.


Cloud Seeding, Poetry of the American West, by Stacy G. Coyle. 72 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-931271-71-1; $12.95 PA. HPP ♦These poems teach us how to read a specific geology and ethnography of America, while at the same time they make us aware of what it means to call a landscape and a region, one‘s home. Cowboy Poetry, a Gathering, ed. & an Intro by Hal Cannon. 216 pp; 4x6½; illus; bibliog; notes; index; ISBN: 9780879052089; $11.95 PA. GS ♦This collection of cowboy poetry spans the range of genre from the earliest cowboy poets to contemporary working cowboys. An all-time national BEST-SELLER! Cowboy Poets & Cowboy Poetry, ed. by David Stanley & Elaine Thatcher. 408 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-252-06836-X; $21.95 PA. UILP This offers the first in-depth examination of a distinctive and community-based tradition rich with larger-than-life heroes, distinctive occupational language, humor, and unblinking encounters with birth, death, nature, and animals. Cowgirl Poetry: 100 Years of Riding‟ and Rhymin‟, ed. by Virginia Bennett. 192 pp; 6¼x6¾; Illus; ISBN: 1-58685-016-4; $10.95 PA. GS Bennett has rounded up classic poems that reflect the spirit of those who have gone before, while contemporary poems show that cowgirls are still ridin‘ tall in the saddle. From Hell to Jackson Hole, a Poetic History of the American West, by Michael L. Johnson. 144 pp; 10x7; photos; illus; sources; ISBN: 0-9653487-7-6; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. BHB This collection of poems, illustrated by works of western art, is a journey through time and the whole sweep of the American West. Git Along, Little Dogies, Songs and Songmakers of the American West, by John I. White. 240 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; chords; discography; index; ISBN: 0-252-06070-9; $14.95 PA. UILP White has included memorable photographs and a host of human interest material illustrating the songs and their writers. Good treatment of a largely neglected and underestimated facet of American culture. How to Mount a Horse, and Other Cowboy Stuff, by D.J. Badger. 112 pp; 5½x8½; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-964966-1-4; $9.95 PA. STONEY This poetry wears its author's constant smile. She paints great pictures with words, and if you enjoy the freedom of Cowboy Poetry you will definitely enjoy D.J. Badger. In the Sidesaddle, Ranch Woman Rhymes, by Gwen Petersen & Jeane Rhodes. 36 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-8300-8229-X; $4.95 PA. SOEP Another collection of good Western poetry worth reading. Covers horses, noon break, snoose juice, a cussin' woman, and more! Learn to Love the Haze, by Robert Roripaugh. 64 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-931271-35-5; $9.95 PA. HPP Wyoming poems dominate the book, rooted in Roripaugh's sensitivity to the land, the weather, the wildlife and the people of the state. Looking in My Mirror Backwards: Reflections at Mid-Life, by Jay Grooters. 120 pp; 8x10; illus; ISBN: 0-9641395-0-2; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. URB With his characterization of "The Urban Rancher", Colorado's Jay Grooters brings his personal poetry into story form. With his quiet humor, he shares his journey of self-realization from past to present and enjoins readers to look inward, discover, grow, and express themselves in a way they never have before. New Cowboy Poetry: A Contemporary Gathering. Ed. & with an intro. by Hal Cannon. 176 pp; 4x6½; illus; biographies; ISBN: 087905-243-0; $10.95 Jacketed PA. GS The eagerly awaited sequel to Cowboy Poetry. It contains prose from some of our bestknown cowboy poets; Waddie Mitchell; Wally McRae; Gwen Petersen, and many others. Poems of twenty-five of today's cowboy poets are shown collected here.

The Oral Tradition of the American West, ed. & intro. by Keith Cunningham. 264 pp; 6¾x10; notes; list of authors & performers; index of titles & first lines; ISBN: 0-87483-124-5; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. AUG There was a time in the West when the recital of stories, often in rhyme, was as natural as speaking. Here are poems, ballads, and prose that tell of adventure, romance, deaths, births, practical jokes, sin, redemption, and the exploits of heroes and dunces. A Ride Through Rhyme and Other Cowboy Poems, by R.P. Smith. 70 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-9633651-2-6; $7.95 PA. OWP Great cowboy poetry from Nebraska's R.P. Smith. He has entertained crowds from Elsmere to Brewster, from Broken Bow to Sumner, fine-tuned from practicing poetry on his wife, his dog, the replacement heifers, and on rare occasions -when he wants a tough audience- his four children. Riding the Northern Range, ed. by Ted Stone. 160 pp; 5½x8½; Illus; ISBN: 1-155105-055-2; $12.95 PA. LONEP From Montana and the Dakotas to the Prairies and British Columbia, this collection captures the heart of a uniquely western culture that the rest of the world only dreams about. It paints a rich, affectionate, honest and sometimes humorous portrait of a place where the Old West means more than history. Shorty‟s Yarns: Western Stories & Poems of Bruce Kiskaddon, ed. by Bill Siems. 200 pp; 6x9; illus; notes; ISBN: 087421-580-3; $19.95 PA. USUP ♦Recently discovered stories of southwestern cowboy life in the 1890-1910 era, written by America‘s premier cowboy poet, Bruce Kiskaddon. Something That a Cowboy Knows, by L.L. Griffin. 104 pp; 8½x9; photos; ISBN: 0-87421-201-4; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. USUP These are photos so intimate they seem to be take almost from inside their subjects. They are so infused with vitality and spirit that they seem able to step right out from the page. Songs of the Wild West, by Alan Axelrod & Dan Fox. 128 pp; 10¾x9½; photos; illus; index (titles & first lines); guitar chords; ISBN: 0-671-74775-4; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC. BBHC Nothing captures the spirit of the Old West better than the jaunty tunes and classic ballads the cowboys and settlers sang, songs richly represented in this visually stunning volume. Panoramic in scope, the 45 songs, coupled with works of art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming chronicle the stirring saga of westward expansion and reflect every facet of life during one of the most exciting periods in our nation's history. Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse, by Katie Lee. 272 pp; 6x9¼; illus; music; notes; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8263-2335-9; $9.95 PA. UNMP First published in 1976, this is a joyous book about cowboy songs and their singers, written in a breezy, conversational style with a freshly unlaundered vocabulary. The text is liberally sprinkled with verses of the songs and there is a separate compendium of songs giving melody and discography and other pertinent information about each. Where the Wind Lives: Poems from the Great Basin, by Linda Hussa. 64 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-87905-607-X; $9.95 PA. GS Hussa is a listener and also a medium. She brings us the land and the lives -plant and animal and human- that play out upon it. Full of the rhythms of love and good hard work, these elegant poems are illuminations of a world we need to understand in order to survive. Wind and the Night Monsters, Stories in Verse from Montana, by Carol Hample. 80 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-235-2; $9.95 PA. FALP This is Hample's heartfelt exploration of the joys and difficulties of everyday ranch life. Great portraits in verse, perfectly rhymed and metered, about her dad and her mom's youth, and of her own experiences in Montana.


 FISHING Orvis Streamside Guides. The guides in this series are a lot like having a personal fly-fishing instructor on 24-hour call. If a subject isn‘t covered here, you probably don‘t need it. Approach and Presentation, by Tom Rosenbauer. 102 pp; 4x6½; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55821-985-4; $16.95 HC. LYONS I know how to cast, I know my knots, and I can tell a dry fly from a wet fly. What next? This pocket guide shows the fly fisher where to cast, why, and what kind of fly to use. It can be studied prior to the fishing trip or used on the water. Fly Casting, by Tom Deck. 144 pp; 4x6½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55821-987-0; $16.95 HC. LYONS This crisp reference guide to fly casting features the Orvis Progressive Casting Method. ______________________ Alpine Angler: A Fly Fisher's Guide to the Western Wilderness, by John Shewey. 80 pp; 8½x11; color photos; illus; charts; ISBN: 1-878175-98-X; Reduced to retail at: $17.95 PA. AMATO Covers only alpine streams & lakes, but covers them extensively and superbly. Probably the best guide available today. Another Lousy Day in Paradise, by John Gierach. 236 pp; 5¾x8¾; illus; ISBN: 0-684-83147-3; $13.00 PA. S&S Whether he's weighing the pleasures of fishing alone (who's around to see you land the big one?}, explaining the finer points of preparing game ("trout caught on dry taste better"}, or recounting the perils of trying to get a fishing rod case past airport security, this is Gierach at his wry and witty best. Blood Knot, by Pete Fromm. 144 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 155821-744-4; Reduced to retail at: $12.00 HC. LYONS In this powerful collection, Fromm lures startling drama from seemingly still surfaces with ten of his finest fishing stories: a wedding in the ice-cold rush of a Montana river symbolizes the promise and fear of marriage, a young "hood" shows his true colors when he takes his girlfriend's little brother out fishing for muskie, and an eightyear-old boy is moved cross-country, away from his father, only to practice knots on the bedpost in anticipation of their reunion and return to the river. In these tales Fromm's characters bond not only to each other, but also to nature and the bittersweet truth of their very existence. The Compleat Angler, by Izaak Walton. 176 pp; 5¼x8¼; ISBN: 0486-43187-8; $5.95 PA. DOVER ♦The classic primer on fishing. The Complete Book of Western Hatches: An Angler's Entomology and Fly Pattern Field Guide, by Rick Hafele & David Hughes. 224 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; color plates; diagrams; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-936608-12-9; Reduced to retail at: $18.95 PA. AMATO Chapters include: Knowing the orders of insects; Mayflies; Stoneflies: Dragonflies & Damselflies; Waterboatmen & Backswimmers; Caddisflies; Alderflies & Dobsonflies; Water Beetles; and True Flies. Cowboy Trout, Western Fishing as if it Matters, by Paul Schullery. 288 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 09721522-7-X; $17.95 PA. MHSP ♦Schullery not only celebrates some of western angling‘s most unforgettable experiences and influential characters, but argues persuasively that fly fishing is a powerful element of western culture for very good reasons. If we observe this impassioned sport carefully, we may find lessons that reach far beyond the pools and riffles of the West‘s magnificent trout streams. It‘s hard to ask more than that of a good fish story. Curtis Creek Manifesto, by Sheridan Anderson. 48 pp; 8½x11; illus; diagrams; ISBN: 0-936608-06-4; $7.95 PA. AMATO Classic! In cartoon style, this is a fully illustrated guide to the strategy, finesse, tactics and paraphernalia of fly fishing. Dances with Trout, by John Gierach. 208 pp; 6x8¾; ISBN: 0-67177920-6; $12.00 PA. S&S In this, Gierach roams the globe in search of good fishing and even better fish stories. He writes about fishing for trout in Alaska, salmon in Scotland, and almost anything

in Texas. He offers perceptive observations about such subjects as ice-fishing, getting lost, fishing at night, and the art of tying flies. Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders: A John Gierach Fly-Fishing Treasury, by John Gierach. 416 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-68486859-8; $14.00 PA. S&S This is the first anthology of Gierach‘s work, a collection that is sure to delight both die-hard fans and new readers alike. Dry Fly Fishing, by Dave Hughes. 56 pp; 8½x11; color photos; diagrams; ISBN: 1-878175-68-8; $15.95 PA. AMATO Chapters include: Song of the Dry Fly; Tackle for Dry Fly Fishing; Dry Fly Selection; Dry Fly Casting; Fishing Dry Flies on Moving Waters; Fishing Dry Flies on Lakes and Ponds; Hatches and Patterns; and Dry Fly Dressings. Loaded with color photos. Even Brook Trout Get the Blues, by John Gierach. 224 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-671-77910-9; $13.00 PA. S&S As only he can, Gierach writes about the hard life of a brook trout in the Rockies; bamboo versus graphite rods; hog holes; secret streams, and poachers; and of course, the sport -or is it a religion? -of fly fishing. Fishing Camps, by Ralph Kylloe. 142 pp; 8½x10; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-188-8; $19.95 PA. GS ♦From fishing camps to fish stories this is a must-have for any reader who is drawn to the romance of fishing. Fishing Colorado, by Ron Baird. 224 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendix; ISBN: 0-7627-1098-5; $15.95 PA. FALP ♦Baird shares his intimate knowledge of more than 100 lakes, rivers, and streams in Colorado where trout, walleye, bass, and other sport fish swim. This book answers the questions every angler asks before fishing new water. Fishing Idaho: An Angler's Guide, by Joe Evancho. 212 pp; 6x9; illus; maps; photos; index; ISBN: 0-9649158-0-4; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. CUTTP This is perhaps the most extensive list of rivers, lakes, streams and puddles to fish in the Gem State. Descriptions contain information for anglers wondering about locations, access, terrain, and fish species. Fishing Montana, by Michael S. Sample. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; ISBN: 1-56044-686-2; $16.95 PA. FALP This handy guidebook goes beyond the scope of most. In addition to general information about fish distribution and access, the author points out the special characteristics that make each river or lake unique. Revised edition. Fishing the Beartooths, by Pat Marcuson. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; index to lakes; ISBN: 1-56044-434-7; $15.95 PA. FALP This guide answers the questions every angler asks before striking out for a high mountain lake. You'll find up-to-date stocking schedules, information on fish abundance, precise location coordinates, elevations, surface area, and maximum depth for each lake; plus clear descriptions of trails, distances, landmarks, terrain, and even availability of firewood -everything you need to plan your next fishing trip. Fishing the Headwaters of the Missouri, by Norman Strung. 176 pp; 6x9; illus; maps; resources; ISBN: 0-87842-123-8; $8.95 PA MP This book has detailed information about the best places to fish with flies, lures and bait; the species and size of the fish you will catch; floating access and egress; float distances and times required; temperature profiles; sources of additional maps; and much, much more. Fishing Wyoming, by Kenneth Graham. 288 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; illus; appendix; ISBN: 1-56044-629-3; $16.95 PA. FALP Seven species of trout swim in the mountain streams, alpine lakes, rivers, and reservoirs of Wyoming. Other species found in the state include kokanee salmon, walleye, and pan-sized bass. From the sagebrush flats to the alpine basins, there are abundant waters to fish. The book includes maps to help locate the sites, black-and-white photos, and descriptions of the 21 gamefish species you'll find in Wyoming.


Fishing Yellowstone National Park, an Angler's Guide to More than 100 Sites, 2nd ed., by Richard Parks. 256 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; sources; ISBN: 0-7627-2285-1; $14.95 PA. FALP This tells the angler where to go -along the roads and off the beaten path- how to get there, which species of fish populate the lakes and streams, and what to tie on the end of the line for the best results. Includes 50 large-scaled maps that show roads, trails, and fishing waters. Float-Tubing the West, by Marv Taylor. 134 pp; 9x11; index; illus; photos; maps; ISBN: 0-9645155-2-0; $12.95 SP. MATAC Wonderfully different way to fish. Includes equipment, tactics, entomology, fly patterns, the lakes, and over 50 flies featured in color plates. Fly Casting, by Frank Amato & Jim Schollmeyer. 48 pp; 8½x11; color photos; diagrams; ISBN: 1-878175-56-4; $14.95 PA. AMATO In full color, this book shows all of the different ways of fly casting. Flyfisher‟s Guide to Colorado, by Marty Bartholomew. 544 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-885105-56-4; $26.95 PA. WILAD Covers rivers, creeks, lakes, & reservoirs. Plus listings for fly shops, accommodations, restaurants, campgrounds, car repair, hospitals, airports, & more. Flyfisher's Guide to Idaho, by Ken Retallic & Rocky Barker. 368 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-885106-30-0; $26.95 PA. WILAD Covers major rivers and streams. Includes over 50 detailed river and lake maps showing river miles, access, boat ramps, campsites, and hatch charts. Plus info on fly shops, outfitters & guides, recommended flies, and much more. Flyfisher‟s Guide to Montana, by Chuck Robbins. 496 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; index; ISBN: 1-932098-22-4; $28.95 PA. WILAD ♦Over 70 maps on the rivers, streams, & lakes, plus stream facts, hatch charts, fly shop listings, and recommended flies for each major fishery, along with hub city info make this book quite the catch. Flyfisher's Guide to Wyoming: Including Grand Teton & Yellowstone NPs 2nd edition, by Ken Retallic. 544 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; charts; maps; index; ISBN: 1-932098-10-0; $28.95 PA. WILAD This guide shows you how to fish the Cowboy State's fabled waters. Its direction is not only for hot-spot fishing opportunities; numerous suggestions are provided on how to get away from the maddening crowds. Follow them, and your reward will be the experience of a lifetime. To aid in planning trips to the best fly-fishing waters, the state is divided into six regions. The unique fishing opportunities in Yellowstone & Grand Teton are treated separately. Included are over 70 detailed river maps showing river miles, access, boat ramps, and campsites, as well as hatch charts, stream facts, and recommended flies. You will also find listings for fly shops, accommodations, restaurants, campgrounds, car repair and rental, hospitals, airports, and more. Fly Fishing for the Compleat Idiot, a No-Nonsense Guide to Fly Casting, by Michael Rutter. 200 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-87842-313-3; $15.00 PA. MP This fully illustrated instructional guide, with its straight talk and irreverent humor, will teach you how to cast, catch fish, and have fun as you master the fine art of fly fishing. Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park: An Angler's Guide, by Todd Hosman. 128 pp; 6x9; illus; diagrams; charts; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87108-876-2; $16.95 PA. PRUETT Whether beginner or veteran, fly fishing enthusiasts will find in this guide concise information on what flies work best in the Park, when and how seasonal changes, runoff, and insect hatches are likely to affect fishing, tips on fly-tying and casting techniques, and a summary of the Park's best streams, creeks, rivers, and lakes. Fly Fishing Montana‟s Missouri River, by Trapper Badovinac. 120 pp; 9¾x9½; maps; color photos; ISBN: 1-56037-249-4; $24.95 HC. FCP ♦ Trapper Badovinac casts a savory tale, sharing his

wisdom, wit, and knowledge about every riffle, island, backwater, and productive spot in the 35 miles of Missouri River north of Helena, Montana‘s Capitol City. Fly Fishing Small Streams, by John Gierach. 160 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-8117-2290-2; $16.95 PA. STACKP ♦Maybe your stature as a fly fisherman isn‘t determined by how big a trout you can catch, but by how small a trout you can catch without being disappointed, and, of course without losing the faith that there‘s a bigger one in there. Fly Fishing the Colorado River: An Angler's Guide, by Al Marlowe. 176 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; charts; tables; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87108-885-1; $15.95 PA. PRUETT Each chapter in this first guide to the mighty waterway covers a section of the river, detailing access points, seasons and hatches, recommended equipment, and suggested fly patterns. Fly Fishing the High Country, by John Gierach. 112 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8117-3172-3; $16.95 PA. STACKP ♦Covers the high lakes, beaver ponds, high streams, the fish, tackle and flies, prospecting, weather, seasons and cycles, and backcountry etiquette. Fly Fishing the Madison, by Craig Mathews & Gary LaFontaine. 160 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-58574507-3; $16.95 PA. LYONS ♦ This will prove invaluable to all fly anglers planning to fish this spectacular waterway. Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes, by Gary LaFontaine. 192 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-9626663-7-8; $14.95 PA. GREYC LaFontaine reveals how, when, and where to fish these waters. The amazing part is that these revelations are often totally at odds with conventional wisdom. This work is guaranteed to become the standard reference on mountain lakes. Fly Fishing the Solitude, Montana, by Trapper Badovinac. 120 pp; 10x9½; maps; color photos; ISBN: 9781931832670; $29.95 HC. RIVB ♦The author uses on-point stories and beautiful color photos to carefully guide the reader into this world of fly-fishing solitude. Fly Fishing the South Platte River, an Angler's Guide, by Roger Hill. 128 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-87108-817-7; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. PRUETT The South Platte is different from other western trout rivers in that its principal aquatic insects are very small. In addition to outlining tactics and strategies developed especially for these insects, Hill discusses the mayflies, caddisflies, and midges that must be imitated to fish the river successfully. Also included are recipes for more than a dozen flies with tying variations specific to the South Platte. Fly Fishing the Yellowstone in the Park, by Bob Jacklin & Gary LaFontaine. 128 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-59228-076-5; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦This book is the next best thing to having Bob and Gary at your side when you fish the Yellowstone in the Park. Fly Tying: Adventures in Fur, Feathers, and Fun, by John F. McKim. 160 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; glossary; appendix; ISBN: 087842-140-8; $18.00 PA. MP This IS a fun book! McKim's drawings are the easiest I've seen to use. In a "next-step" manner McKim begins with Tools and Materials; then enters into Techniques, leaving you accomplished in each step before beginning the next. The Freshwater Fisherman's Bible, 3rd ed., by Vlad Evanoff. 208 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-385-26223-X; $12.00 PA. BDD This latest edition covers more than twenty-seven different species and features information on the latest basic outfits, lures, and natural baits. Information on where to find the major species of freshwater fish, and how to fish them with the greatest success, including changes in fishing techniques, equipment and popularity of different fish. Also covers minor species of freshwater fish.


Go Fish: Fishing Journal, by James Prosek. 146pp; 8x6; illus; ISBN: 1-58479-017-2; $17.95 HC. ABRAMS With full-color drawings of Prosek‘s beloved fish, this journal has blank pages provided to record each fishing trip as to date, time, location, weather, water, rod & reel, fly, fish, and size & weight. Packable. Golden Guide to Fishing, by George Fichter and Phil Francis. ISBN: 1-58238-141-0; $6.95. Guide to Fly Fishing Knots, by Larry V. Notley. 32 pp; 3½x7; illus; ISBN: 1-57188-183-2; $4.95 PA. AMATO ♦A basic streamside guide for fly fishing knots, tippets, and leader formulas. Guide Wars, by John Holt. 192 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-88510643-2; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. WILAD John relates his version of "the good, the bad, and the ugly" in this chronicle of his adventures with an outrageous cast of friends, careening across America on fishing expeditions. John teams up with a new girlfriend, and a bonefish guide who is one of the original old-timers in the Keys and who resents the intrusion of more people and buildings. These stories are filled with fun, fishing, and odd beer. This is John in top form, with one of the funniest, most entertaining books written this decade. Hatch Guide for Lakes: Naturals and Their Imitations for Stillwater Trout Fishing, by Jim Schollmeyer. 162 pp; 4¼x6½; illus; color plates; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-57188-038-0; $21.95 HC. AMATO This is the best all-color guide for insect hatches & fly patterns for North American lakes. Home Waters, Fishing with an Old Friend, by Joseph Monninger. 192 pp; 5¾x8¼; ISBN: 0-8118-2284-2; $22.95 HC. CHRON When the author takes his ailing Golden retriever on a fishing trip through the American West, he experiences more than the pleasures of hiking mountain trails and fly casting for wild trout –he rediscovers the special bond between dog and man that has played such an important role in his life. Idaho Fishing Guide: Hook, Line, & Sinker, by Pete Zimowsky. 72 pp; 8½x11; color illus; maps; ISBN: 1-57188-013-5; Reduced to retail at: $15.95 PA. AMATO This covers every kind and type of fishing for every species Idaho has to offer. Wonderfully illustrated by Patrick Davis. Lee Wulff, by Jack Samson. 240 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-57188-019-4; $34.95 HC. AMATO This is the story of America's greatest fly fisherman and the father of catch-andrelease angling. L.L. Bean Fly-Tying Handbook: Learn to Tie the 10 Most Popular and Successful Fly Patterns, by Dick Talleur. 128 pp; 7x10; color plates; diag; tables; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55821708-8; $18.95 PA. LYONS Talleur gives simple, clear, and practical instruction on how to tie a representative group of the most popular flies. These flies are proven to catch fish in a variety of waters. Little Rivers: Tales of a Woman Angler, by Margot Page. 144 pp; 5x7; illus; ISBN: 0-380-72650-5; $9.00 PA. AVON This is the chronicle of one woman's evolution from reluctant fly-fishing student to devout angler. The Longest Silence, a Life in Fishing, by Thomas McGuane. 280 pp; 5x8; ISBN: 0-679-77757-1; $14.00 PA. RH Both reverent and hilarious, infused with a deep experience of wildlife and the outdoors, this sets the heart pounding for a glimpse of moving water and demonstrates what a life dedicated to sport reveals about life. Mastering the Spring Creeks: A Fly Angler's Guide, by John Shewey. 144 pp; 8½x11; color photos; illus; charts; appendix; further reading; index; ISBN: 1-57188-000-3; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. AMATO Shewey begins with a preface and a prologue: The Spring Creek Defined & a Day on a Spring Creek. Then he gets into it. Section I: Spring Creek Presentation. Section II: Spring Creek Trout Foods and Their Imitations. Section III: The

Famous Western Spring Creeks: An Angler's Guide. Color photos & good illustrations. Montana Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide, by Steve Probasco. 88 pp; 8½x11; map; color photos; color fly pattern chart; ISBN: 157188-165-4; $24.95 PA. AMATO The biggest problem when fishing Montana is where to wet your line. Probasco details more than 50 of Montana‘s premier creeks, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Year-round hatch chart included. Montana Fishing, by Dale Burk. 152 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; tables; ISBN: 0912299-08-8; $5.95 PA. STONEY This is a helpful overview of fishing everywhere in Montana. No Nonsense Guide to Fly Fishing in Colorado, by Jackson Streit. 68 pp; 8¼x11; maps; references; charts; photos; ISBN; 09637256-4-5; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA DMC The no nonsense approach means you won't waste time. In a few moments you'll know how to fly fish the most enjoyable and rewarding waters in Colorado. Detailed, hand-drawn maps annotated by the author show you where to fish and how to get there. North America‟s Greatest Fishing Lodges: More than 250 Hotspots in the US, Canada, & Caribbean Basin, by John Ross & Katie Anders. 336 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; maps; ISBN: 1-57223105-X; $18.95 PA. WCP The title says it all! On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies, by Chuck Robbins. 470 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-93209801-1; $26.95 PA. WILAD ♦This is a guide that will help you successfully plan a trip to prime waters of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. On the Spine of Time: A Flyfisher's Journey among Mountain People, Streams & Trout, by Harry Middleton. 200 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-87108-892-4; $18.00 PA. PRUETT This powerful story of one angler's adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains is a descent into wildness, a meditation on a landscape bathed in greenness and truth, and the discovery of a people found living "on the spine of time." From the solace of mountain streams to the frenetic bustle of Gatlinburg, this memorable journey summons readers to confront the joys and sorrows of life through a new understanding of our place in nature and its process. Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, by Tom Rosenbauer. 256 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-941130-92-4; $17.95 PA. LYONS ♦Here is a complete, down-to-earth, and highly practical introduction to the exciting sport of fly fishing. All the important elements and types of fly fishing are presented: tackle selection, casting, presentation, flies and their special uses; successful techniques on stream, pond, or ocean; tackle, flies, and special methods of fishing for every major gamefish in fresh and saltwater, from bluegill to tarpon. Pattern Book for Carving Fish: 18 Patterns and Instructions for Carving, Texturing and Painting Fresh & Saltwater Game Fish, by Brian E. McGray. 96 pp; 8½x11; illus; diag; ISBN: 1886975-01-9; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. GOOSE In addition to these patterns, expert woodcarving Instructor McGray guides you step-by-step through all the stages involved in creating a realistic fish carving. Everything from carving and texturing, to techniques for painting with a hand brush and with an airbrush. Quite easy to use. Poul Jorgensen's Book of Fly Tying, a Guide to Flies for All Game Fish, by Poul Jorgensen. 262 pp; 9¾x8¼; index; photos; ISBN: 1-55566-002-9; $24.95 PA. JOHN Jorgensen is perhaps America's best known fly tier. His books are treasures, storehouses of his many years of experience as a fly tier and flyfisherman. This long-awaited book joins his other landmark books to create a life work greater than that of any other author of fly tying books. Production Fly Tying, a Collection of Ideas, Notions, Hints, & Variations on the Techniques of Fly Tying, by A.K. Best. 188


pp; 10x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-87108-792-8; Reduced to retail at: $23.95 PA. PRUETT In addition to being the custom fly tier for Orvis, Best sells his flies throughout the U.S. His techniques are the directions that fit in between the tying steps listed in most manuals. Extensive photos. Reading Water, an Illustrated Guide to Hydrodynamics and the Fly, by Darrell Mulch. 64 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 157188-256-1; $15.00 PA. AMATO Understanding water currents and how different flies react to them is at the heart of fly fishing. Darrell Mulch presents his ideas concerning fly types and water dynamics and how you should approach the stream. Reel Deep in Montana‟s Rivers, by John Holt. 176 pp; 6x9; map; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87108-832-0; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 HC. PRUETT "[Reel Deep] is not just another gonzo fly tome; it's more like going fishing with an opinionated and very experienced guide, who knows where and when, and what flies to use. Holt does not mince words. Return to Travers Corners, by Scott Waldie. 288 pp; 6¼x9¼; ISBN: 1-58574-662-2; $22.95 HC. LYONS ♦The simplicity of the rural West beckons from every tale: wisdom, trust, and good deeds; the loyalty of friends, the love of wild places; a respect for all living things- written with a wit that puts it all in perspective. The world would be a better place if we had all spent a spell in Travers Corners. River Journal: Big Hole, by Steve Probasco. 48 pp; 8½x11; color photos; map; river specifics chart; ISBN: 1-57188-006-2; $15.95 PA. AMATO Photo & descriptive river journal, including maps & color plates of flies. River Journal: Green River, by Larry Tullis. 48 pp; 8½x11; color photos; map; charts; ISBN: 1-878175-46-7; $14.95 PA. AMATO Photo & descriptive river journal, including maps & color plates of flies. River Journal: Henry's Fork, by Larry Tullis. 48 pp; color photos; charts; map; ISBN: 1-878175-79-3; $15.95 PA. AMATO Photo & descriptive river journal, including maps & color plates of flies. River Journal: Madison, by John Holt. 48 pp; 8½x11; color photos; map; ISBN: 1-878175-26-2; $14.95 PA. AMATO Photo & descriptive river journal, including maps & color plates of flies. River Journal: Yellowstone Park, Bruce Staples. 48 pp; 8½x11; color photos; maps; bibliog; ISBN: 1-57188-044-5; $15.95 PA. AMATO Photo & descriptive river journal, including maps & color plates of flies. A River Runs Through It, and Other Stories, by Norman Maclean. 232 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-226-50066-7; $12.00 PA. UCP CLASSIC! Wise, witty, wonderful, Maclean spins his tales, casts his flies, fishes the rivers and the woods for what he remembers from his youth in the Rockies. Rivers of the Heart: A Fly-Fishing Memoir, by Steve Raymond. 248 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-55821-700-2; Reduced to retail at: $18.95 HC. LYONS Like a fly box with colorful patterns, these pages hold some of the best and brightest moments of a long flyfishing life. Here is the ecstasy (and occasional agony) of fishing for trout, salmon, and saltwater gamefish- in waters from Canada to the Caribbean, northern Scotland to the South Pacific. Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing, by John Gierach. 240 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-671-68437-X; $13.00 PA. S&S John‘s quest takes us from his quiet home water to Utah's famous Green River, and to unknown creeks throughout the Western states and Canada. Contemplative, evocative, and wry, he shares insights on mayflies and men, fishing and sport, life and love, and the meaning (or meaningless-ness) of it all. Small Fly Adventures in the West: Angling for Larger Trout, by Neale Streeks. 240 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diagrams; tables; charts; index; ISBN: 0-87108-870-3; Reduced to retail at: $16.50 PA.

PRUETT In clear, accessible language, this book explains how and why smaller flies are often more effective at catching more and bigger trout. This work covers all aspects of fishing with small flies. Snake River Country: Flies & Waters, by Bruce Staples. 96 pp; 8½x11; color photos; specifics charts; map; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1878175-08-4; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. AMATO Much of the finest trout fly fishing in the United States is found in the Snake River and its tributaries in eastern Idaho. Staples has written a very informative book about the history of the flies used in this area. Eighty-six are individually shown in full color, with a description of how to tie and fish the fly as well as who originated it and why. (Over 40 different fly tyer-originators included.) With these fly patterns you can fish effectively throughout the entire Rocky Mountain region. About half the book contains explicit fishing information and travel directions about legendary trout streams as the main Snake and its tributaries. Spin Casting Brilliantly, by Michael Rutter & J. Alan Baumgarten. 176 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; tables; index; ISBN: 0-87842416-4; $18.00 PA. MP This teaches you how to choose the right gear –and how to let your metal fly. It divulges tips for fishing streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds successfully. Over a hundred photos & illustrations show techniques like jigging and bump-andtickling. You‘ll soon be catching fish –lots of fish. Standing in a River Waving a Stick, by John Gierach. 238 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-684-86329-4; $13.00 PA. S&S In this, Gierach visits his favorite trout-filled waters, from the Colorado foothills to British Columbia and points between, recounting both memorable fishing spots and memorable fish. Steelhead Savvy: A Master's Guide to Help You Hook More Steelhead, by Jim Bedford. 88 pp; 5½x8½; photos; charts; diagrams; ISBN: 1-878175-94-7 $12.95 PA. AMATO This is a master's guide to help you hook more steelhead. Bedford has caught and released thousands of steelhead in Michigan, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. You can share in his knowledge with this book. Still Life with Brook Trout, by John Gierach. 222 pp; 5¾x8¾; illus; ISBN: 0-7432-2994-0; $23.00 HC. S&S ♦Gierach shows us that fishing begins with a rod and reel but encompasses so much more –a passion shared among friends, and a way of experiencing the natural world that is uncommon these days. Tight Lines, Bright Water: Travels with a Fly Fisherman, by Dave Engerbretson. 202 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; charts; ISBN: 0932722-13-X; $16.95 HC. GREYP Dave not only tells his experiences, he gives timeless advice on trips to take, practical tips on casting and fly tying, humor, fiction, and fishing philosophy. Travers Corners, the Final Chapters, by Scott Waldie. 286 pp; 6¼x9¼; ISBN: 1-59228-574-0; $22.95 HC. LYONS ♦The simplicity of the rural West beckons from every tale: wisdom, trust, and good deeds, the loyalty of friends, the love of wild places, and respect for all living things. Trout: An Illustrated History, by James Prosek. 168 pp; 10x7½; color plates; bibliog; ISBN: 0-679-44453-X; $29.95 HC. RH Having developed a passion for fishing as a boy, Prosek searched in vain for a book that catalogued the trout he had come to treasure. Then he began painting them himself, inspired by John James Audubon's classic bird portraits. This is the dazzlingly beautiful result, with more than seventy original watercolors by a true prodigy -only twenty years old and already considered "a fair bid to become the Audubon of the fishing world." Trout & Salmon Fisherman‟s Bible, by Jim Bashline. 176 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-385-41111-1; $11.00 PA. BDD This is a practical guide to angling for the most challenging game fish in North America. Includes profiles of brook, brown, rainbow, cutthroat, golden, lake, and Sunapee trout; Dolly Varden and Arctic char; Atlantic and Pacific salmon. How to match the tackle to the fish and water; spinning, spincasting, casting, trolling, and fly


fishing. Info on "reading the water," fishing with natural baits, flies, streamers, caring for and cooking trout and salmon, and more. Trout Bum, Fly Fishing as a Way of Life, by John Gierach. 224 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-671-64413-0; $13.00 PA. S&S A great collection of narrative essays about flies, fly rods, float tubes, and just plain fishing. Trout Tales & Other Angling Stories, by Corey Ford, compiled by Laurie Morrow. 188 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-88510616-5; Reduced to retail at: $15.00 HC. WILAD Corey Ford gave the world "The Lower Forty" and was for three decades America's finest sporting writer. Now, from the archives of Corey Ford's literary estate, comes this delightful collection of angling stories, most of them fly fishing. True Love & the Woolly Bugger, by Dave Ames. 204 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-59228-227-X; $14.95 PA. LYONS ♦Ames write about completely unforgettable characters: a laid-back Bahamian fishing guide who stalks ―gourmet‖ food; a tattooed motorcycle-riding, flyfishing beauty who teaches the hero a thing or two; his perverse and driven fishing buddies –who continually push the envelope of sanity and good judgment. Unforgettable Days: Montana Trout Fishing, by Riverbend Publishing. 72 pp; 8½x7¼; color photos; ISBN: 1-931832-17-X; $14.95 HC. RIVB Over a dozen photographers contributed to the sixty-five color photos. With prose and poetry, this is a celebration of Montana trout fishing. The View from Rat Lake, by John Gierach. 208 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-671-67581-8; $12.00 PA. S&S Here are 13 handsome essays filled with Gierach's signature humor. He examines man in nature, nature in man, and the high and low comedy that occasionally overcomes even the best-planned fishing trip. Where the Trout are All as Long as Your Leg, by John Gierach. 96 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-671-75455-6; $10.00 PA. S&S In his earthy, vivid prose, Gierach takes us from a nameless stream on a nameless ranch in Montana to a secret pool off a secret creek where he secretly caught catfish as a five-year-old; from a brook full of rattlesnakes to a private pond -with trout as long as your leg. The magical places he evokes remind us how precious -and precarious- the unspoiled havens of the natural world are. With Rod & Line in Colorado Waters, by L.B. France. 184 pp; 5x7½; illus; ISBN: 0-87108-881-9; $14.95 PA. PRUETT Written over a century ago, this timeless collection of humorous adventure tales captures the pith and verve of outdoor life in the 19th century Rocky Mountain West. Wyoming Blue-Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide, by Greg Thomas. 88 pp; 8½x11; map; color photos; ISBN: 1-87188-164-6; $24.95 PA. AMATO With an abundance of world-famous trout waters located in Yellowstone National Park and scores of undiscovered streams sprinkled within the remainder of its broad, varied borders, Wyoming is safely called a fly fisherman‘s paradise. Greg Thomas takes the reader on a trip around this beautiful state, detailing endless angling possibilities. The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide, by Craig Mathews & Clayton Molinero. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; graphs; index; ISBN: 1-55821-545-X; $16.95 PA. L&B Yellowstone National Park is a major fly-fishing destination. And this is a crisp, convenient, and comprehensive guide to this remarkably rich and diverse fishery. Excellent and useful, it offers greater access, better fishing, and more knowledge to anglers. Yellowstone, Photographs of a Fly-Fishing Landscape, by John Juracek. 70 pp; 9x6½; color plates; ISBN: ISBN: 0-87108916-5; $18.95 PA. PRUETT ♦41 full-color plates present the essence of Yellowstone as a fly-fishing landscape. The Yellowstone River and Its Angling, by Dave Hughes. 96 pp; 8½x11; color photos; fly plates; bibliog; ISBN: 1-878175-22-X;

$19.95 PA. AMATO Hughes captures the essence of fishing the Yellowstone in his introduction. The Yellowstone is a succession of rivers, and each is fished differently. Hughes shows you how with eager prose and stunning photography.  HORSES -Horse Related 101 Horsekeeping Tips, by Jessie Shiers. 192 pp; 5¾x7; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-59228-831-6; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦These are simple strategies for a safer and more efficient stable. 101 Ranch Horse Tips, Techniques for Training the Working Cattle Horse, by Patrick Hooks. 240; 6x7; photos; illus; ISBN: 9781592288786; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦Written by an experienced rancher and horse trainer, this book will show you ways to start a young horse or improve an older one in ways that can apply to performance and enjoyment on or beyond the cattle ranch. 101 Trail Riding Tips, by Dan Aadland. 176 pp; 5¾x7; photos; ISBN: 1-59228-830-8; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦These are helpful hints for backcountry and pleasure riding. American Horses, by Ralph Moody. 126 pp; 5¼x8; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8301-6; $12.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Based on extensive and careful research, this book tells the stories of the origins of the Morgan, the Standardbred, the American Saddle Horse, and the Tennessee Walking Horse as well as their progenitors –Justin Morgan, Messenger, Hamiltonian, Black Hawk, Dutchman, Lady Suffolk, Cockspur, Denmark, Tom Hal, Copperbottom, and Roan Allen- and the breeders and fanciers who recognized their special qualities. The American Mustang Guidebook, by Lisa Dines. 152 pp; 7x10; photos, maps, appendix; ISBN: 1-57223-403-2; $19.95 PA. WCP This is about history, behavior, and state-by-state directions on where to best view America‘s wild horses, and how to adopt and gentle your very own mustang. The American Paint Horse, by Glynn W. Haynes. 368 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2144-0; $24.95 PA. UOKP This is the first comprehensive history of an admirable American breed of horse that has at last come into its own. It is a ready reference for the breeder and a broadly based account for the historian of the equine species. The American Paint Horse, a Photographic Portrayal, by Jennifer F. Meyer. Photos by David Stoecklein & Darrell Dodds. 262 pp; 12x12; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 1-931153-06-X; $60.00 HC. STOECK In this book Stoecklein and Dodds capture the full range of Paint color and personality with their breathtaking images of these beautiful animals at work on ranches and at play with children, giving their all in action-filled competition as well as enjoying quiet time during afternoon trail rides. The American Quarter Horse: An Introduction to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment, by Steven D. Price. 320 pp; 8¼x10¼; photos; color plates; appendix; glossary; ISBN: 1-55821-643-X; $35.00 HC. LYONS AQHA approved. Beginning with a brief history of the breed, this book offers detailed advice on locating and selecting a horse, as well as stabling, feeding, grooming, and otherwise taking responsible care of the animal. Also explained are the American Quarter horse's many uses from informal trail riding to barrel racing, cutting and reining; from western horsemanship to show jumping, dressage, and racing. Indispensable! Arabian Legends, by Marian K. Carpenter. 280 pp; 8x11; photos; diag; references; index; ISBN: 0-911647-48-1; $21.95 PA. WESH Each chapter features a particular horse and includes a story about his or her life, a four-generation pedigree, many photos, and a summary of the horse‘s performance record and sire or production record. Barrel Racing; Training, Tuning, Winning, by Sharon Camarillo. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-06-6; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. Sharon tells what it takes to make a


barrel horse, how to keep him working, and what it takes to win in professional competition. An established winner in the sport, she shares 20 years of experience in working with a succession of horses, and shows how she modifies her style according to the needs of each horse. The Basics of Western Riding, by Charlene Strickland. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; tables; appendices; reference; index; ISBN: 1-58017-030-7; Reduced to retail at: $15.95 PA. STOREY Experience the thrills, challenges, and fun of Western riding! Beginning riders and Western riders of all ages and skill levels will love this complete guide to the exciting world of Western riding. Veteran rider and trainer Charlene Strickland takes you step-bystep through the process of becoming an effective rider, from evaluating a horse to dressing for style and safety. Believe, a Horseman‟s Journey, by Buck Brannaman & William Reynolds. 208 pp; 6x9¼; photos; ISBN: 1-59228-433-7; $27.95 HC. LYONS ♦This continues to chronicle the man‘s efforts as a catalyst and mentor as we meet twelve people with whom he has worked. Big Horses, Good Dogs & Straight Fences, by Mark Rashid. 160 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 9781555663902; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦In this collection of fifteen tales, Rashid takes a nostalgic look at the time in his life when he was just a hard-working horseman on cattle ranches and guest ranches near his home in Estes Park, Colorado. Calf Roping, by Roy Cooper. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0911647-04-X; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. Riding, roping, flanking, tying, the world champion's guide for winning runs. Cooper has "won the world" five times in calf roping and steer busting. Charmayne James on Barrel Racing, the Complete Training & Conditioning Program of the 11-Time World Champion, by Charmayne James with Cheryl Magoteaux. 192 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-911647-76-7; $23.95 PA. WESH ♦In her book Charmayne shares the training techniques and philosophy that made her the most successful barrel racer in history. The Color of Horses by Dr. Ben K. Green, paintings by Darol Dickinson. 127 pp; 9½x10½; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-437-7; $20.00 PA. MP Popular and respected among horse breeders, traders, owners, riders, and admirers, The Color of Horses is a standard reference on race tracks, farms, and ranches worldwide. Come on Seabiscuit, by Ralph Moody. 184 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-8287-7; $11.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Moody recounts the thrilling tale of a plucky horse who refused to quit, a down-on-hisluck jockey who didn‘t let horrendous accidents keep him out of the saddle, and a taciturn trainer who brought out the best in both. During the Great Depression, Seabiscuit captured the hearts of Americans from the streets to the White House, winning more money than any horse at that time and shattering speed records across the country. The Complete Horseshoeing Guide, by Robert F. Wiseman. 304 pp; 4½x7½; photos; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-80612719-8; $19.95 PA. UOKP Here for experts, beginners, and doit-yourself horse owners is all the information necessary to the modern farrier's art of horseshoeing. In this second edition Wiseman describes and illustrates not only basic shoeing techniques but also special shoeing procedures for the American Saddlebred, Quarter Horse, draft horse, parade horse, and race horse, among others. Hoof diseases and defects that cause lameness and sometimes complete disability are clearly defined, with instructions for the corrective shoeing method necessary to each ailment. Includes a special section on metalwork and handmade shoes. The Complete Trail Horse, by Dan Aadland. 306 pp; 6x9; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59228-251-2; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦Written with authority and enthusiasm, this is the first –and the

last- word on ensuring that you and your horses will be prepared for and can therefore enjoy to the fullest your trips through the backcountry and back home. Considering the Horse, by Mark Rashid. 224 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-55566-118-1; $17.50 PA. JOHN If you are about to buy a horse, and definitely if you are about to sell your horse because of problems, or even if you only wish you owned a horse, this will give you a new perspective into the horse's point of view. Cowboys & Buckaroos, Trade Secrets of a North American Icon, by Tim O‘Byrne. 176 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0911647-67-8; $21.95 PA. WESH ♦This serves as the modernday definitive guide to help improve your own cowboy skills, preserve the time-honored tradition of the Cowboy Code and enhance your enjoyment of the ride. Cutting, by Leon Harrel. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-91164715-5; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. This is a guide to the popular sport of cutting cattle, both for competition and ranch work. Leon Harrell has extensive credentials, has won many championships and futurities, and is now a lifetime director and vice-president of the National Cutting Horse Assn. Equestrian Instruction: An Integrated Approach to Teaching & Learning, by Jill Hassler-Scoop. 432 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; tables; resources; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-9632562-6-2; Reduced to retail at: $24.95 PA. MP The ideas and techniques presented here create independent, confident, educated riders on happy, comfortable horses performing optimally to the delight of their inspired instructors. The Faraway Horses, the Adventures and Wisdom of One of America‟s Most Renowned Horsemen, by Buck Brannaman with William Reynolds. 272 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; ISBN: 1-58574-352-6; $29.95 HC. ISBN: 1-58574-863-3; $16.95 PA. LYONS Brannaman is no ordinary horseman. He is demonstrating his skill in turning frightened horses into friends, a way that has more to do with respect and trust than mastery or manhandling. Field Guide to Horses, by Kindrie Grove. 176 pp; 5½x8½; illus, index; ISBN: 1-55105-188-5; $14.95 PA. LONEP This covers in color, 150 breeds & types, including ponies, light horses, draft horses, and other equines. For each breed of horse or other equine: conformation, markings & coloring; origin & evolution; unique characteristics and behavior; gaits and aptitudes. Give Me Mountains for My Horses, Journeys of a Backcountry Horseman, by Tom Reed. 120 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-931832-63-3; $9.95 PA. RIVB ♦Reed has a real affinity for horses and wilderness, and it shows on every page of these true tales about mountain horses and backcountry trips in the Rocky Mountains. A Good Horse is Never a Bad Color, by Mark Rashid. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55566-142-4; $17.50 PA. JOHN In this follow-up to his first book, Considering the Horse, Mark Rashid continues to share his gift for using communication, not force, in working with horses. Mark uses heart-warming and humorous stories to share his techniques of teaching horses by understanding their view of the world. The Hank Wiescamp Story, by Frank Holmes. 208 pp; 8¼x11; photos; diagrams; photo index; ISBN: 0-911647-38-4; $14.95 PA. WESH This is the most comprehensive account ever written about one of the most storied horse breeders of all time. Beginning in the 1920s Wiescamp built an empire around a family of horses so singular in type and coloring that they came to known simply as "Wiescamp horses." His positive impact on all four of the major western horse registries -Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Palomino, and Paint- is indisputable. Health Problems of the Horse, revised, by Robert M. Miller, DVM. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-13-9; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. This is an enlarged and updated version of the book that horsemen have relied on for more than 20 years. Includes an emergency first-aid wall poster.


Helpful Hints for Horsemen, by Kathy Swan & Karen Miller. 128 pp; 8¼x11; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58574-711-4; $15.95 PA. WESH ♦Hundreds of ―Here‘s Hows‖ published in Western Horseman magazine over the last dozen years are conveniently compiled in this handy book. Honest Horses, Wild Horses in the Great Basin, by Paula Morin. 208 pp; 6x9; photos; color section; appendix; bibliog; ISBN: 0-87417-673-5; $24.95 PA. UNEVP ♦This brings us the voices of authentic westerners, people who live intimately with horses and the land, who share their experiences with and love of wild horses, and who understand how precariously all life exists in the arid vastness of the Great Basin. Horsemanship Through Life, by Mark Rashid. 216 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-55566-364-8; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦Combining his trademark storytelling about horses and people, practical advice on horsemanship, and his insightful outlook on life, Mark continues to entertain and educate readers in the captivating tradition of his previous four books. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to truly connect with his or her horse. The Horseman's Bible, revised, by Jack Coggins. 192 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-385-18343-7; $13.95 PA. BDD If you're just starting to ride or if you're interested in knowing more about competitive riding or packing, this is for you. Written by an experienced horseman, this classic guide contains a wealth of information on: caring for horses, the ideal stable, buying a horse, endurance and competitive trail riding, hunting and polo. Good sections on breeds of horses, horse diseases, combined training and driving, breeding horses, packing, horse shows, tack, and riding and jumping. Horses and Horse Sense: The Practical Science of Horse Husbandry, by James "Doc" Blakely. 464 pp; 7x9; photos; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-55622-483-4; $24.95 PA. REPTEX This is one of the few books that addresses the value of horse psychology with practical discussions on memories, instincts, and overcoming fears and dominance, and includes sensible and useful tips for a well-behaved animal. The easy-to-read and easyto-use format, illustrated with over 200 photographs, is both an authoritative guide and ideal reference book for horse owners everywhere. Topics include: Reproduction and genetics; selection of horses; horseshoeing; diseases and disorders; nutritional requirements; breaking and training, and much more. Horses Never Lie: The Heart of Passive Leadership, by Mark Rashid. 186 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-55566-249-8; $16.00 PA. JOHN Rashid breaks new ground by challenging the longstanding belief that a person must become the ―alpha leader‖ in order to work with horses. Horses, Hitches, & Rocky Trails, the "Packer's Bible," by Joe Back. 117 pp; 5¼x9; illus; ISBN: 1-55566-141-6; $10.95 PA. JOHN Loaded with humor and full of "know-how." The classic how-todo-it-right handbook for rangers, outfitters, hunters, and campers. Written by horse wrangler, guide, storyteller, sculptor, artist, and genuinely funny old-time cowboy Joe Back. Horses, Mules, and Ponies, and How to Keep Them, by Henry W. Herbert. 430 pp; 4½x7¼; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58574-147-7; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦This complete guide, originally published in 1859, includes every subject of interest to those who, for pleasure or business, own or use a horse. This offers a vivid portrait of horse-keeping prior to the Civil War, though much of it is still relevant to today‘s breeders and stablemen. Horse Stories: Riding with the Wind, by Gayle Bunney. 224 pp; 5x8; ISBN: 1-55105-124-9; $12.95 PA. LONEP The stories don‘t tell how to buy a horse, how to train a horse, how to handle different temperaments or even how to break a horse to ride. They are soul-touching stories about one woman‘s enduring love for horses.

Imprint Training of the Newborn Colt, by Robert M. Miller, DVM. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-22-8; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. Imprint training is a swift, effective method for permanently shaping a horse's lifetime behavior. Miller has written extensively for Western Horseman Magazine and his love and affection for horses is in every article he's produced. This is a worthwhile guide even for the relatively experienced horse owner. In the Company of Horses, a Year on the Road with Horseman Mark Rashid, by Kathleen Lindley. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 155566-386-9; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦For Kathleen, horsemanship is a practice, an art, a way of life, an abiding passion. If you feel the same way, you‘ll learn alongside her as she spends a year with a master. Just Horses: Living with Horses in America, photos by Denver Bryan, text by Margot Page. 144 pp; 10¼x8¼; full-color photos; ISBN: 1-57233-137-8; $35.00 HC. WCPMore than a portrait of the horse‘s rich heritage, Just Horses is also a heartfelt look at contemporary horses and their admirers. From farm life to the racetrack, from Kentucky pastures to rodeos, this book is for the horse lover in all of us. The Kingdom of the Horse: A Comprehensive Guide to the Horse and the Major Breeds, by Caroline Davis. 224 pp; 9¼x12¼; photos; illus; diag; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87605-037-2; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 MACM Here you will find vivid descriptions of the origins of the horse, its evolution and the physiology of the modern horse. The development of the relationship between humans & horses in war and sport, in myth and legend, and even in art is explained in detail. Famous horses and riders throughout history are showcased. Within these pages you will also find the profiles of 50 breeds of horses from around the world. Legends Vol. 2: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares, by Jim Goodhue, Frank Holmes, Phil Livingston, & Diane Simmons. 192 pp; 8½x11; photos; photo index; references; ISBN: 0-911647-30-9; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book, this profiles more of the horses that have gained fame in the Quarter horse industry. Each chapter profiles a specific horse, and includes a four-generation pedigree, a summary of the horse's performance record and sire or production record, and many photographs, some rare. Legends Vol. 6: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares, ed. by Frank Holmes. 236 pp; 8½x11; photos; photo index; ISBN: 0-911647-73-2; 23.95 PA. WESH ♦profiles Billietta, Caseys Charm, Colonel Freckles, Conclusive, Coy‘s Bonanza, Croton Oil, Doc Quixote, Doc‘s Prescription, Dynamic Deluxe, Flit Bar, Freckles Playboy, Great Pine, Jewels Leo Bars, Major Bonanza, Mr. San Peppy, Okie Leo, Paul A, Peppy San, Speedy Glow, and The Invester. Life Lessons from a Ranch Horse, by Mark Rashid. 170 pp; 6x9; color photos; ISBN: 1-55566-283-8; $16.00 JOHN ♦In his fourth book, the teacher becomes a student when a nondescript horse named Buck steps into his life. In individual chapters, Mark describes six life lessons learned from Buck: be nonconfrontational; plan ahead; be patient; be persistent; be consistent; fix setbacks & move on. The Man Who Listens to Horses, the Story of a Real-Life Horse Whisperer, by Monty Roberts. 300 pp; 6½x9½; photos; ISBN: 0-345-42705-X; $7.99 MM. RH A National Best-seller! Monty Roberts is a real-life horse whisperer -an American original whose gentle training methods reveal the depth of communication possible between man and animal. He can take a wild, high-strung horse that has never before been handled and persuade that horse to accept a bridle, saddle, and rider in thirty minutes. This is a wonderfully appealing must-read! Natural Horse-Man-Ship, by Pat Parelli. 224 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 1-58574-712-2; $17.95 PA. WESH ♦Internationally known


and respected as a horseman and clinician, Pat Parelli has helped thousands of riders understand and communicate with their horses. He offers riders achievable goals and measurable standards, no matter the discipline –English or western- or the activity –competitive of recreational. The Natural Superiority of Mules, by John Hauer. 160 pp; 11¼x10¼; illus; photos; ISBN: 9781592288649; $29.95 HC. LYONS ♦This is a collection of essays, articles, and stories in celebration of all the unique qualities of these remarkable hybrids. Full-color photographs accompanying the articles illustrate the grace, strength, agility, and especially the lovely long ears of these fantastic and fascinating creatures. One Good Horse, by Tom Groneberg. 240 pp; 5¾ x 8¾; ISBN: 978-0-7432-6517-1; $24.00 HC. S&S ♦Groneberg chronicles the early successes and failures of trying to train Blue, earning the animal‘s trust, and saddling him for the first time. The experience is challenging, but ultimately rewarding for Tom. Through his relationship with the animal, he develops a deeper understanding of the land and his community, and of himself. Packin' In on Mules and Horses, by Smoke Elser & Bill Brown. 168 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-87842-127-0; $18.00 PA. MP Whether you're an expert or a dude, this packing system will get you into and out of the back country safely and efficiently. Best of all, you will start to become self-sufficient and resourceful, very important aspects of wilderness travel. Good pictures, illustrations and advice on packing and camping are all told in easy, free-flowing rural Montana style. Practical Western Training, 2nd ed., by Dave Jones. 304 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3443-7; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦Jones explains in clear, easy-to-follow terms the most effective methods for investing in and caring for horses. The book includes sections on how to invest wisely in horses, how to evaluate saddles and other horse gear, breaking the horse to saddle, successful reining, horse handling techniques, roping and cutting, and the secrets of the Jeffrey rope. Problem Solving: Preventing and Solving Common Problems, by Marty Marten. 248 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-58574-7459; $17.95 PA. WESH ♦A Western Horseman book, this is about developing a willing partnership between horse and human. Covers groundwork, riding foundation, trailer-loading, hard-tocatch, barn-sour, spooking, crossing water and bridges, and more. Problem Solving, Vol. 2, by Marty Marten. 232 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-64-3; $17.95 PA. WESH ♦More help with preventing and solving common horse problems such as; halter-breaking; hoof-and-leg handling; trail-riding; difficult-tosaddle; etc. The Quarter Running Horse, by Robert M. Denhardt. 330 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3568-9; $21.95 PA. UOKP ♦This chronicles the history of the quarter horse and its modern racing reputation. Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses, Pat Parelli‟s Journey from Zero to Hero, by Pat Parelli with Kathy Swan. 208 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-75-9; $23.95 PA. WESH ♦Parelli has been able to break through the discipline barrier and touch every aspect of the horse world –English, western, racing, all breeds and activities. It‘s been his passion to share his handlearned knowledge with everyone who seeks excellence with horses. His dream and life‘s work unfold on the pages of this book. Ranch Horsemanship, Traditional Cowboy Methods for the Recreational Rider, by Curt Pate. 220 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-911647-65-1; $21.95 PA. WESH ♦This tells how almost any rider at almost any level of expertise can adapt ranch-horsetraining techniques to help his mount become a safer, more enjoyable ride.

Ride Smart, by Craig Cameron. 224 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-911647-66-X; $21.95 PA. WESH ♦Improve your horsemanship skills on the ground and in the saddle without ever going to one of Craig Cameron‘s clinics. The Riding Experience & Beyond, by Jill K. Hassler-Scoop & Kathy Kelly PhD. 400 pp; 6x9; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 09632562-8-9; $38.50 PA. GUP ♦This is divided into seven sections covering the skills needed to become a successful rider. Each section reveals points related to your personal development as you develop your riding skills. Roofs and Rails: How to Plan & Build Your Ideal Horse Facility, by Gavin Ehringer. 144 pp; 8x11; photos; illus; diagrams; ISBN: 0-911647-31-7; $14.95 PA. WESH In order to research this book, Ehringer took a job as a crewman for a barn-building company. "What surprised me the most about barn building versus other types of construction was the ease and speed of framing and finish work," comments the author. Shy Boy, the Horse That Came in from the Wild, by Monty Roberts. 242 pp; 7¼x9¼; photos; ISBN: 0-06-019433-2; Reduced to retail at: $17.95 HC. ISBN: 0-06-093289-9; $19.95 PA. HCP World-famous horse gentler Monty Roberts reveals the unique rapport with one special horse: a wild mustang. Some Horses, by Thomas McGuane. 192 pp; 5x8; ISBN: 0-37572452-4; $12.95 PA. RH Tom McGuane loves horses. Nowhere is that more evident than in his deft and utterly fascinating essays about some of the more remarkable horses and horsemen he has known. Nine great essays. Starting Colts, by Mike Kevil. 168 pp; 8½x11; photos; drawings; ISBN: 1-58574-850-1; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. No matter what a colt will eventually used for -pleasure, reining, cutting, roping, ranch work, whatever- he's got to have a good foundation. This book covers catching, sacking out, driving, the first thirty days, loading, and much, much more. Starting the Colt, by Mary Twelveponies. 132 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-395-63127-0; $14.00 PA. HMC This wellillustrated guide gives complete information on equipment, control, doubling, cart driving, equipping the colt, gaining his trust, sacking out, training, saddling, ground driving, riding out, and more. Team Penning, by Phil Livingston. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-911647-24-4; $14.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. Topics covered: how to get started; horses best suited for the sport; breeds and types of cattle used; how cattle see and react; strategies in making a run; problems and how to handle them, and how to put on a penning contest. Includes terminology information and a set of basic rules. Team Roping, Fundamentals & Fast Times, by Leo Camarillo. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-00-7; $12.95 PA. WESH A Western Horseman book. This is one of the most popular rodeo sports in North America. Camarillo, PRCA's durable champion, features equipment, heading, heeling, horses, cattle, PRCA rules, and many winning tricks of the sport. Textbook of Horseshoeing for Horseshoers & Veterinarians, by Anton Lungwitz. 216 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-87071026-5; $21.95 PA. OSUP First published in 1884 and translated into English in 1897, this well-illustrated, easy-to-use manual is still probably the best available workbook on the market today. There Are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders, by Mary Twelveponies. 254 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; ISBN: 0-395-33194-3; $14.00 PA. HMC Every common problem in handling horses is covered here, and the solutions offered are not only safe for the beginner to apply but also highly effective. Does your horse lead badly, or resist your cleaning his feet? Is it a battle to load him into the trailer? Does he insist on jogging, bucking, or running away? Good, practical solutions to these and other problems.


Training and Showing the Cutting Horse, by Lynn Campion. 208 pp; 7x9¼; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-58574-184-1; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦In this, Campion draws on her own experience as well as the wisdom of leading trainers and riders. The result is a book that explains what was once available only through word of mouth. Here is tried-and-true advice for both beginning cutters and more experienced riders looking to improve their competitive skills. Training & Showing the Versatility Ranch Horse, by Laren Sellers. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-59228-5554; $22.95 HC. LYONS ♦This book is the definitive helpmate to training and preparing for working ranch horse competition. Unbridled: The Western Horse in Fiction & Nonfiction, by Michael Engelhard. 318pp; 5¼ x9¼; ISBN: 9781592286706; $22.95 HC. LYONS ♦This is an impressive collection of stories by writers who know and love horses. The U.S. Cavalry Horse, by General William H. Carter. 414 pp; 6x8; illus; photos; glossary: ISBN: 1-59228-158-3; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦First published in 1895, this book was intended to be a better handbook of instruction for teaching some of the elementary facts and principles essential to the well-being and efficiency of the mounted branches of the military. A horse is capable of long and valuable service, but only if it is selected carefully and trained and cared for properly. In these pages, General Carter combines theory and practice so that teachers are able to fully understand the necessity of taking care of their steed at all times, whether in war of peace. The Western Horse: A Photographic Anthology, by Buster McLaury. Photos by David Stoecklein. 300 pp; 12x12; photos; ISBN: 0-922029-70-9; $60.00 HC. STOECK This is a lavish photographic tribute to the power, mystique, and grace of the equine. This elegant coffee-table book features Stoecklein‘s best horse photographs, collected over years spent on a quest to capture the spirit of the West on film. Why Horses Do That: A Collection of Curious Equine Behaviors, by Lisa Dines. 96 pp; 8¼x7¼; illus; ISBN: 1-57223707-4; $13.95 HC. WCP ♦Why do horses sleep standing up? Why do horses ―spook‖ at things? Why do horses kick if approached from the rear? These and thirty-six other curious equine behaviors are informatively and light-heartedly answered in this book. Wild Horses, a Spirit Unbroken, by Elwyn H. Edwards. 112 pp; 9x11¼; full color photos; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-89658-516-6; $17.95 PC. VOYPR Wild horses exist in as diverse and hostile locations as the arid deserts of India and the remote sandbanks of Sable Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Combine adaptability and an aggressive instinct for survival with exceptional stamina and sturdiness, and the resulting profile illustrates the divide between wild horses and domestic stock. This book traces their origins and explains how geographic history and crossbreeding have influenced their development and provided the variety of breeds that now exist worldwide. Excellent photography catches many of the breeds and their habitats in vivid color. Win with Bob Avila: Beyond Training; Mentoring from a World Champion Horseman, by Juli S. Thorson. 128 pp; 8½x11¼; photos; ISBN: 0-911647-57-0; $39.95 HC. WESH Got a Horse goal? Let a world champion horseman help you reach it! Shot on location at Bob Avila‘s Oregon ranch and at a famous nearby stallion station, this groundbreaking book takes you into the realm of a World‘s Greatest Horseman titleholder, and is your ticket to new understanding.  HUMOR Patrick F. McManus Books The Bear in the Attic. 240 pp; 5½x8¼; 0-8050-7295-0; $12.00 PA. HHC ♦A bunch of humorous essays loosely wrapped around the three noble sports: hunting, fishing, and camping.

A Fine and Pleasant Misery. 228 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0-80500032-1; $14.00 PA. HHC Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. The Good Samaritan Strikes Again. 222 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 08050-2922-2; $13.00 PA. HHC Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. The Grasshopper Trap. 226 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0-8050-0111-5; $14.00 PA. HHC Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. How I Got This Way, 240 pp; 5¾x8½; ISBN: 0-8050-3482-X; $14.00 PA. HHC One of the treats of this hilarious collection is a two-part autobiographical piece that reveals Pat's tortuous trip along the writer's path. Always the deep thinker, Pat concerns himself this time with situational ethics. Here's an example: While mountain climbing, your partner falls and is left hanging by a rope the one you control. You can either save him or save yourself. Now here's the tricky part: How do you distract your partner as you prepare to cut the rope? Pat also explains the theory of convergence and the use of disinformation (lies) when it comes to explaining one's prowess as a hunter. Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing. 224 pp; 5¾x8¾; ISBN: 0684-84799-x; $14.00 PA. S&S This is the tenth hilarious collection of his adventures, wry observations, and curmudgeonly calls for bigger and bigger fish stories (don't even think about calling them lies). Never Cry "Arp!" and Other Great Adventures. 144 pp; 5¾x8½; ISBN: 0-8050-4662-3; $17.95 HC. HUM Great humor! It is not the fish caught nor the game shot that makes the outdoor life so satisfying but the miseries endured in the course of those endeavors. Never Sniff a Gift Fish. 228 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0-8050-0031-3; $13.00 PA. HHC Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw. 192 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 08050-1340-7; $14.00 PA. HHC A runaway best-seller, now in paperback. Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. Real Ponies Don't Go Oink! 208 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0-8050-21078; $13.00 PA. HHC A runaway best-seller, now in paperback. Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs. 216 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 08050-0912-4; $14.00 PA. HHC Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. They Shoot Canoes Don't They? 228 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0-80500030-5; $13.00 PA. HHC Outdoor humor at its best by America's premier sportsman/humorist. _____________________________ 101 Uses for a Golden, by Denver Bryan. 112 pp; 5¾x5¾; photos; ISBN: 1-57223-211-0; $14.95 HC. WCP Here is a whimsical look at the many roles the Golden in your life can fill. Garbage disposal, car alarm, athlete, border patrol, fishing buddy, and dishwasher…these are just a few of the Golden‘s many hidden talents. 101 Uses for a Horse, edited by Melissa Sovey-Nelson. 112 pp; 6x6; photos; ISBN: 1-57223-710-4; $14.95 HC. WCP ♦In this delightful book, enchanting color photos depict 101 of a horse‘s most useful (although not always obvious) traits. 101 Uses for a Lab, by Dale C. Spartas. 112 pp; 5¾x5¾; photos; ISBN: 1-57223-131-9; $14.95 HC. ACLARK Here is a whimsical look at the many roles the Lab in your life can fill. Garbage disposal, car alarm, athlete, border patrol, fishing buddy,


and dishwasher...these are just a few of the Lab's many hidden talents. Antlers Away, Close Encounters in the Deer Woods, by Bruce Cochran. 96 pp; 9¼x6¼; illus; ISBN: 1-57223-704-X; $12.95 HC. WCP ♦Every deer hunter will recognize himself and his friends in this romp through the whitetail woods with America‘s funniest cartoonist. Book of Farm Chores, by Bob Artley. 96 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-89658-434-8; $12.95 PA. VOYPR ♦This is a delightful look at the farm chores facing a kid. From milking cows to baling hay, Artley presents farm life with just the right amount of whimsy, nostalgia, and wisdom. The Boys at the Bar: Antics of a Vanishing Breed of Cowboys & Hellions, by Sureva Towler. 160 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 9781555663773; $15.00 PA. JOHN ♦Read this book to laugh, to understand, to lament for the West we are losing, and to celebrate what remains. Cheep Thrills, by Bruce Cochran. 96 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 155971-437-9; $5.95 PA. NP This is a light-hearted cartoon look at the adventures, mishaps, and discoveries of bird watching from bird boycotts and spring nesting to squirrel invasions and rare species sightings. Even unfamiliar bird calls, oversize tracks, migration and bird identification. (Just don't trip on your binocular straps while you're laughing!) Chicken Fried Steak for the Soul, for Man Does Not Live by Biscuits Alone, by Roy English. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 087905-884-6; $6.95 PA. GS Need a few grains of Western wisdom? A little rapid-fire advice about bringing out the best in yourself and others? In quick bursts of wit, Roy English provides sudden doses of daily inspiration. Chicken Soup Cartoons for Dads, by Jack Canfield, Mark V. Hansen, & John McPherson. 256 pp; 6¼x6¼; illus; ISBN: 0-75730089-8; $12.95 PA. HCI ♦ Warm your heart and tickle your funny bone with cartoons that celebrate fatherhood. Compleat Waterfouler, a Discourse on Duck Hunting with a Little Goose on the Side, by B.R. "Buck" Peterson. 108 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-55821-391-0; $10.99 PA. L&B Super funny! If you hunt ducks you'll love this book. Buck and his hunting pig Dorothy provide the latest skinny on calling waterfowl, identifying species such as the rare Jemima Puddle Duck, identifying flight patterns of the Flying Blue-Winged Devils, a duck's interpretation of the near-death experience, and measuring trophy ducks using the well-ignored Boom and Crockpot standards system. And, unfortunately, there's more. A Complete Guide to Effective Excuses, by Wayne Allred. 124 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-05-2; $7.95 PA. APRPR Includes dozens of excuses that you can use today! Cow Chips Aren't for Dippin': A Guide to Life in the New Wild West, by Coke Newell. 96 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-736-X; $7.95 PA. GS A humorous & authoritative handbook to all things western worth talking about -the food, attractions, the people, vocabulary, the art of cow tipping, and much, much more. Cowboy Slang, Colorful Cowboy Sayings! by Edgar R. "Frosty" Potter. 128 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-914846-23-X; $6.95 PA. GWP This is lingo of the American West captured in 2,000 phrases and expressions -colorful, humorous, earthy, and raunchy! Includes horse and cattle terms, rodeo talk, bobwire names, and cattle brands. Cowgirl Saddle Pals, by Gladiola Montana. 60 pp; 3¾x4¾; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-001-6; $6.95 HC. GS In traditional Gladiola style –with wit, charm, and good old common sense- Ms. Montana expresses what girlfriends are all about. Share the giggles and tears with a saddle pal.

A Cynic's Guide to Love, by Texas Bix Bender & Gladiola Montana. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-696-7; $6.95 PA. GS Offers a healthy dose of lighthearted cynicism on romance to all love-scorned skeptics. The Disgusted Driver's Handbook: Instructions for Surviving on Roads Infested with Idiots, by Wayne Allred. 104 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-09-5; $6.95 PA. APRPR A hilarious look at actions and reactions to idiot drivers & situations on our highways and freeways. Don‟t Dig for Water Under the Outhouse, and Other Cowboy Commandments, by Texas Bix Bender. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-977-X; $7.95 PA. GS Another super-neat collection of old-time range sayins‘ and words of cow-country wisdom. Don't Squat with Yer Spurs On! A Cowboy's Guide to Life, by Texas Bix Bender. 144 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-470-0; $7.99 PA. GS Super-funny collection of old-time range sayins' and words of cow-country wisdom. NATIONAL BEST-SELLER! Don't Squat with Yer Spurs On! II, by Texas Bix Bender. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-832-3; $6.95 PA. GS Another collection of range witticisms, including the Cowboy Code & other tips for the trail. Don't Throw in the Trowel: Tips and Quips on Gardening, by Texas Bix Bender. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-735-1; $6.95 PA. GS Humorist and garden wizard Texas Bix Bender knows all the best dirt. Enjoy his thought-provoking quips and handy gardening tips. Don't Throw in the Trowel is more than a wheelbarrow full of laughs. It gives sound advice for banishing those bugs, whipping those weeds, and savoring the delectable fruits of your labors. Don't Whiz on a 'Lectric Fence: Grandpa's Country Wisdom, by Roy English. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-755-6; $6.95 PA. GS Whether you're a rural homesteader or an urban dweller, Grandpa's good ol' country wisdom offers 140 country bites of advice, observations, and witticisms. Fine Art of Worrying, the Official Guide for Worry Warts, by Ben Goode. 104 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-21-4; $6.95 PA. APRPR ♦I sure wish this book will sell! What if it doesn‘t? Will it get lost on the shelf? Will the author become emotionally distraught? Will the author‘s family worry that the author will become emotionally distraught? Naah! Fishing Dogs: A Guide to the History, Talents, and Training of the Baildale, the Flounderhounder, the Angler Dog, and Sundry other Breeds of Aquatic Dogs, by Raymond Coppinger. 128 pp; 5x7¼; illus; ISBN: 0-89815-842-7; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 HC. TSP You'll laugh yourself to death learning about these unknown dogs. From the bilge-clearing Monsoon Dog to the shade-casting Floating Mat Dog, to the quilted Tippup (for icefishing) and more, it's a new reprise of non-existent hunting dogs. Fixin' to be Texan, by Helen Bryant. 240 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55622-648-9; $15.95 PA. REPTEX You don't just move here & immediately become a Texan; it takes training. This delightfully witty book takes you through the process of understanding Texas conversation, why and how Texans dress the way they do, why pickups are a fact of life, and how you can acquire the necessary big hair. This fun packed book pokes gentle fun at the Texas mystique. Residents of the state will get a big kick out of Bryant's clever way of identifying Texans predominant characteristics. Newcomers will use it as a tool for understanding the wonderful and sometimes incomprehensible behavior of Texas' fine native population. Friends: Cowboys, Cattle, Horses, Dogs, Cats, and „Coons, by John R. Erickson.176 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 1-57441-145-4; $14.95 PA. UNTP This collection of stories –mostly humorous, occasionally sad, proves that the cowboy still survives with all the


spirit and individuality that has been his trademark for nearly 150 years. Geezerhood, What to Expect from Life Now That You're as Old as Dirt, by Wayne Allred. 96 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-060; $6.95 PA. APRPR Allred examines old age with great humor and lack of dignity and he, in his old age, probably sleeps soundly and irritates other drivers on the road...all at the same time. Get the Net! The Crazed Fly Fisherman's Catalog, by Jack Ohman. 96 pp; 9x6; illus; ISBN: 1-57223-120-3; $9.95 PA. WCP The author of the best-selling Fear of Fly Fishing strikes again with a no-holds-barred look at the techno-madness of modern fly fishing and gadgety equipment. From the spendy $56,000 Virtual reality Trout Stream® to the reasonably-priced Trout Rifle® ("Tricky trout situations become simple matters of gunplay") all levels of income and expertise are covered. Hats and the Cowboys Who Wear Them, by Texas Bix Bender. 96 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-191-8; $6.95 PA. GS ♦Covers all styles of hats and including ―hat‖ etiquette. Horse Sense: Pure & Simple, by Texas Bix Bender. 128 pp; 4¼x6¾; ISBN: 0-87905-886-2; $7.99 PA. GS A zesty collection of simple truths in sayings by the author of Don’t Squat with Yer Spurs On. Horse Tradin', by Ben K. Green, DVM. 320 pp; 6x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-7086-0; $18.95 PA. UNEBP Each of these twenty authentic tales, hilariously funny and prickly as chaparral brush, is a true account of the author's experiences around the corrals, livery stables, and wagon yards of the cattleman's West. Hot Biscuits, Eighteen Stories by Women & Men of the Ranching West, ed. by Max Evans & Candy Moulton. 240 pp; 5½x8¾; ISBN: 0-8263-2889-X; $24.95 HC. UNMP ♦This marvelous collection of stories from the modern ranching west all share a hard edge that is both as starkly realistic and irresistibly engaging as the land itself. How to Cope When You Are Surrounded by Idiots...Or If You Are One, by Wayne Allred. 116 pp; 5¼8½; illus; ISBN: 1-88502703-6; $6.95 PA. APRPR More great humor! Includes (the first ever) How to cope with idiots training course in basic life competency. How to Die in the Outdoors: 100 Interesting Ways, by Buck Tilton M.S. 112 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-57034-019-6; $9.95 PA. ICS Gutted by grizzly. Gobbled by great white. Poisoned by puffer fish. Vaporized by volcano. All out of the ordinary, interesting ways to die. But by showing ways to die, you'll discover ways to avoid the obituary column. How to Humor the Ornery People in Your Life, by Wayne Allred. 104 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-12-5; $6.95 PA. APRPR You just never know when someone around you might be ornery enough to start a civil war. You should take no chances. Don‘t blow it by missing your opportunity to buy this book thereby placing the future of the entire world in jeopardy. You don‘t want that on your conscience. How to Make People Think You‟re Normal, by Wayne Allred. 96 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-14-1; $6.95 PA. APRPR In addition to good, funny stories, this contains every letter necessary for you to write the next great American novel. How to Stay Humble When You‟re Smarter Than Everybody Else, by Ben Goode. 96 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-38-9; $6.95 PA. APRPR ♦Warm? Rich? NOT! Ingratiating, insensitive, swarmy, & funny? YES! How to Survive Hospital Care, or Why They Keep Bedpans In the Freezer, by William C. Anderson. 132 pp; 5x7¼; illus; ISBN: 1887747-00-1; $6.95 PA. LPC Doctors have concluded that

humor plays a vital role in the recovery of hospital patients. Such helpful chapters as "When Not to Grope Your Nurse,' "Never Eat Hospital Food That Crawls," "Never Shake Hands With A Proctologist," and "Should You Have Sex During Surgery" may be just what the doctor ordered. Humor of the American Cowboy, by Stan Hoig. 200 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 9780803273597; $14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Hoig presents an authentic collection of tall tales, anecdotes, yarns, jokes, and humorous incidents of the Old West that not only entertain but also focus attention on a sometimes overlooked phase of cowboy life. If Life Were Fair, Horses Would Ride Half the Time, by Wayne Allred. 102 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-17-6; $6.95 PA. APRPR ♦ Loaded with humor. It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car's Full of Sheep, Tales From the Back Forty, by Roger Pond. 176 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-9617766-1-7; $11.95 PA. PFP It's all here. The sheep killed by statistics, how to load pigs without getting dirty, reviving a drunken fly, and other stories gleaned from the years of hard living and soft barnlots. This is fun reading, even if you haven't felt that hot breath from sheep in the back seat. It‟s Not the End of the Earth, but You Can See It from Here, by Roger Welsch. 244 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0-8032-9808-0; $16.00 PA. UNEBP Small-town life takes on the dignity of history and the currency of the evening news… These are America‘s stories. Twenty-eight tales of the Great Plains. Lab Fever: Living, Loving, and Laughing with America‟s #1 Pet, by Bruce Cochran. 96 pp; 9x6; illus; ISBN: 1-57223-262-5; $9.95 PA. WCP Cartoonist Bruce Cochran humorously depicts the day-to-day home life of Labs and their human companions. Laughing Stock, a Cow's Guide to Life, by Texas Bix Bender. 144 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905-630-4; $6.95 PA. GS This super-funny collection of "moo" wit is dedicated to Elsie, Bossie, Elmer, and all the contented cows everywhere. "What's a metaphor? A place for cows to graze in." "One man's sacred cow is another man's Big Mac." "Cows have their faults, but eating meat isn't one of them." "There are hundreds of uses for cowhide, but the most important is to hold the cow together." And more! The Laughing West, Humorous Western Fiction, Past and Present, an Anthology, ed. by C.L. Sonnichsen. 312 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-8040-0902-3; $14.95 PA. OHUP 21 humorous stories about the West by such authors as: Edward Abbey, Ross Santee, Bill Gulick, Will Henry, Dorothy Pillsbury, and others. Stories from such books as The Rounders, Dirty Dingus Magee, Baja Oklahoma, Little Big Man, and others. A Liar‟s Guide to Fishing, by Ben Goode. 112 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-26-5; $6.95 PA. APRP ♦This takes all professionalism out of fish stories. Now even an amateur can lie. Life in the Goat Lane, by Linda Fink. 144 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-943149-09-6; $7.95 PA. RCH The author knows how to wring a smile out of the most disastrous situations. And goats, you'll discover, are geniuses at doing the unexpected at unexpected times. Linda Fink puts you right in the middle of the life of a goat keeper and she doesn't let you out until she's done with you. Manly Adventures II, and Other Delusions: Sudden Impact, by Tom Wilson. 96 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-88022-31-0; $9.95 PA. REDAPP Women especially will find this entertaining because it hits home and humorously exposes and examines life‘s tender, manly issues. Memories of a Former Kid, by Bob Artley. P6 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-89658-493-3; $12.95 PA. VOYPR ♦This is a nostalgic look at the challenges and charms of growing up on a farm. From chores to farm animals, from machinery to school days, Artley captures the universal pains of adolescence in this classic collection of reminiscences and drawings.


More Wild Camp Tales, by Mike Blakely. 184 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-55622-392-7; $12.95 PA. REPTEX This is a lighthearted look at some of the stories Texans have been "improving" on since their first telling around the glow of a campfire. A continuation of the entertaining collection of Wild Camp Tales, this volume includes the wildest tales ever told. Discover the drawbacks of fire hunting and read about the great Caddo Lake pearl rush, the murderous Mexican hog, and the mule artillery. Mule Trader: Ray Lum's Tales of Horses, Mules and Men, by William R. Ferris. 272 pp; 6x9¼; photos; maps; ISBN: 1-57806086-9; $16.00 PA. UMISSP Ray Lum (1891-1977) was an American original, a one-of-a-kind figure that seems to have stepped full-blooded from the pages of Mark Twain. In this fascinating book he speaks his mind in a colorful folk dialect and tells of the special world in which he presides. He is a riveting talker whose common-sense lessons made him a savvy bargainer and a shrewd businessman. Mules were his main interest. Over several years William Ferris tape recorded many long conversations with Lum. In them Lum gives the ins and outs of livestock auctioneering, cheery memories of rustic Deep South culture, and a philosophy of life that is grounded in good horse sense. Even among the most spellbinding talkers Lum is a standout both for what he has to say and for the way he says it. Preserved in this book are the best of good fortune for everybody. My Dog Was a Redneck But We Got Him Fixed: Tales from the Back Forty, by Roger Pond. 176 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 09617766-4-1; $11.95 PA. PFP A delightful collection of humorous tales from the author of It's Hard to Look Cool When Your Car's Full of Sheep. Never Ask a Man the Size of His Spread, a Cowgirl's Guide to Life, by Gladiola Montana.144 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-87905554-5; $7.95 PA. GS Super-funny collection of range sayins' and words of cow-country wisdom for the ladies. Ode to the Outhouse, by Voyageur Press eds. 108 pp; 5¾x5¾; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-89658-598-0; $14.95 HC. VOYPR ♦Small in size but big in heart, this treasured keepsake of privies pays tribute to the real deal; outdoor plumbing without the plastic, sanitized frills. The Original Roadkill Cookbook, by B.R. "Buck" Peterson, 64 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN 0-89815-200-3; $6.95 PA. TSP This is an outrageous, devastating response to the call of the open road. Featuring: yellow line yummies such as; pavement possum, windshield wabbit, hushed puppies, highway hash, and more. The Outhouse Book: Readin' that's Probably Not Ready for Indoor Plumbing, by Wayne Allred. 112 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-07-9; $6.95 PA. APRPR "The respective values of toilet paper and a dollar bill become equal at the precise moment the 18 healthy bran cookies you ate 5 miles ago completely absorb 32 ounces of pre-hike sports drink." From the preface. The Preacher Joke Book, ed. by Loyal Jones. 112 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87483-087-7; $7.95 PA. AUG This book crosses denominational and ideological lines to focus on the foibles of the pastor, his flock, and the human side of serving God. St. Peter jokes, Jim and Tammy jokes, mock sermons, church bulletin misprints and age-old denominational rivalries are all here in a book clean enough to give to your preacher and funny enough to use in the pulpit. "Hear about Jerry Falwell's accident? He was out walking his pet duck and a motorboat ran over him!" Puncher Pie and Cowboy Lies, by Steve Sederwall. 272 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55622-683-7; $16.95 PA. REPTEX Puncher Pie: Baloney wrapped in a light crust of a lie –cowboy style. The stories in this book are just the ―way they should have happened,‖ maybe not true, but close enough for any cowboy worth his seat at the campfire. Room to Roam: More Tales of a Montana Veterinarian, by R.W. "Rib" Gustafson, D.V.M. 96 pp; photos; illus; map; ISBN: 1-56044497-5; $9.95 PA. FALP The sequel to Under the Chinook

Arch, this features more pithy and humorous tales from the life of a veterinarian whose practice encompasses much of Montana's Two Medicine country. Horse vaccines, Rocky Mountain oysters, and winter underwear come up as targets for Rib's wit. A Roundup of Cowboy Humor, edited by Ted Stone. 192 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-88995-141-1; $14.95 PA. LONEP For nearly a century, writers have been inspired by the rich, ironic, insightful humor of the West. Ted Stone has lassoed a hilarious sampling of the best of these stories and poems. Seasons on the Farm, by Bob Artley. 192 pp; 9x6; illus; ISBN: 089658-609-X; $12.95 PA. VOYPR ♦This is a delightful look at the distinctive four seasons as seen through the eyes of a farm kid. From the first day back at school to Christmas celebrations; from welcoming spring‘s first calf to skinny dipping in the summer heat, Artley presents farm life with just the right amount of whimsy, nostalgia, and wisdom. Sex in the Outdoors: A Humorous Approach to Recreation, by Robert Rose, M.D. & Buck Tilton, M.S. 106 pp; 6x9; illus; appendices; ISBN: 0-934802-86-6; $7.95 PA. ICS Everything you wanted to know about sex in the outdoors, but were afraid to ask. Shingling the Fog & Other Plains Lies, by Roger Welsch. 168 pp; 5¼x8; notes; appendix; motif index; ISBN: 0-8032-9700-9; $10.00 PA. UNEBP This book is a collection of many bits and pieces that, taken as a whole, present a vivid picture of life on the American prairie. Roger Welsch has collected tall tales, lies, and fantabulous descriptions from the Plains states, which constitute a jackpot of pioneer humor; and by making them available in one volume, Welsch has preserved a lively segment of popular culture. Short in the Saddle & Other Wild, Funny Tales of the Outdoors, by Don Laubach & Mark Henckel. 112 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-931832-33-1; $12.95 PA. RIVB ♦Hernandez, the lovelorn used donkey? Mushroom people? Foot races with moose? Big bugs in your bedroll? A PVC tree? Yup, they‘re all true tales. And they‘re all very, very funny. Sit Down, Shut Up, & Hang On! A Bikers Guide to Life, by Penny Powers & Chuck Hays. 126 pp; 4¼x6¾; illus; ISBN: 087905-781-5; $7.95 PA. GS Both Hilarious and insightful, this collection of one-liners relates not only to motorcycling but also more broadly to life. Some More Horse Tradin', by Ben K. Green, DVM. 270 pp; 6x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-7092-5; $16.95 PA. UNEBP From the same corral that produced the widely loved HORSE TRADIN', Green has rounded up fifteen new yarns filled with the ornery yet irresistible "con" that has branded Doc's books as classics of Western Americana. Some Things Are Worse Than Being Older Than Dirt, by Wayne Allred. 100 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-11-7; $6.95 PA. APRPR This is a great guidebook for those who finally have the time to do the things they‘ve always wanted, but who now realize that it takes too much effort. Take the Kids Fishing, They‟re Better Than Worms, by Roger Pond. 176 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-9617766-5-X; $11.95 PA. PFP This book is a bundle of tales from the hinterlands of America, each one collected from Pond‘s Back Forty column, syndicated to newspapers around the country. Texas Wit & Wisdom, by Wallace O. Chariton. 256 pp; 5½x8½; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-55622-257-2; $12.95 PA. REPTEX This is a barrel of laughs crammed into one little ol' book. Inside you find a friendly collection of hundreds of anecdotes, humorous stories, wild tales, and even some surprising wisdom from the often wacky, but always wonderful, world of the Lone Star State. Also included are hilarious illustrations, the Texas bumper sticker hall of fame, famous T-shirt designs, classic and not so classic jokes, and a generous helping of famous quotations.


Things That Go "Baa!" in the Night, Tales From a Country Kid, by Roger Pond. 176 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-9617766-2-5; $11.95 PA. PFP Pond revisits the fields and woods of the back forty, where cows wear kickers, kids hate cameras, and a car full of sheep seems normal. This book will bring chuckles to the most sober, and shameless laughter for the less inhibited. This Dog'll Hunt: An Entertaining Texas Dictionary, by Wallace O. Chariton. 304 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55622-127-4; $15.95 CASS. ISBN: 1-55622-125-8; $12.95 PA. REPTEX This is a useful and entertaining book on the colorful language of Texas. It is a collection of thousands of Texasisms arranged in dictionary format. This Dog‟ll Really Hunt: An Entertaining & Informative Texas Dictionary, by Wallace O. Chariton. 320 pp; 5¼x8½; ISBN: 155622-653-5; $17.95 PA. REPTEX This includes the best of two previous books along with many new additions of useful and amusing information and colorful ―Texasisms.‖ A Treasury of Texas Humor, by Bill Cannon. 200 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-55622-693-4; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. REPTEX A salesman calling on a rancher asked, “If I run across your pasture, can I catch the five o’clock train to Dallas?” “Certainly,” replied the friendly Texan, “and if my bull is in the pasture, you can catch the four-thirty.” Every facet of Texas humor is covered. Uncle Bubba‟s Chicken Wing Fling, by Mitchel Whitington. 232 pp; 5½x8½; illus; recipes; index; ISBN: 1-55622-695-0; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. REPTEX It all started when Uncle Bubba decided to open a chicken wing restaurant in the tiny town of Cut Plug, Texas. He thought it would be easy, but it took a year of Bubbamania before things came together. Uncle Bubba‘s Chicken Wing Fling is a humorous, yet loving look at small-town Texas life. Includes 49 chicken wing recipes. Uncle Charlie's Hunting Shack, by Bruce Cochran. 96 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-57223-019-3; $7.95 PA. WCP Whether he's splashing on "doe-in-heat" for aftershave, boiling his socks in your coffee water or dropping cigar ashes in the pancake batter, you can count on Uncle Charlie to always remain in character. Great cartoons from the author of Buck Fever, Bass Fever, Duck Fever, and Trout Fever. Understanding Women: A Guidebook for Guys who are Often Confused, by Wayne Allred. 102 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1885027-13-3; $6.95 PA. APRPR Another of Wayne (out-tomake-a-buck) Allred‘s hilarious efforts to make a buck. Un-Natural Fauna: A Guide to the People of the American Outdoors, by Carol Poster. 76 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-934802-05X; $7.99 PA. ICS Identify some of the more common species of Homo sapiens you're likely to encounter on excursion into the North American wilderness including Academius urbanus, Pescadoris immobilis, Homo organicus, and the always present Horde orientalis. Much more! When I Am an Old Coot, by Roy English. 144 pp; 4¼x6¾; flip cartoon illus; ISBN: 0-87905-695-9; $7.95 PA. GS Over 140 mischievous witticisms sure to liven things up in our "mature" years. Great gift for aging codgers or free spirits of all persuasions who celebrate life with good humor. Wild Camp Tales, by Mike Blakely. 176 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 155622-383-8; $12.95 PA. REPTEX An entertaining and enlightening collection of stories of earlier Texas and Texans, this anthology includes legends of the Wild Man of the Navidad and the real story--or close enough-- of Roy Bean's bear. Read about the Last Great Herd, what started the Salt Wars, who Buffalo Jones was, and who really buffaloed Bill. The author readily admits that while some of the tales are indeed wild and some may be questionable, each have their origins in some measure of veracity. Wild Cow Tales, by Ben K. Green, DVM. 320 pp; 6x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-7088-7; $16.95 PA. UNEBP In thirteen stories full

of rope burns and brush scratches the author of HORSE TRADIN' tells of the days when he made a specialty of catching wild cows that roundups couldn't corral. Would I Lie to You: A Medley of Famous Fibs, Devious Deceptions, and Barefaced Lies, by Leigh W. Rutledge. 160 pp; ISBN: 0-452-27931-3; $10.95 PA. PEN "I think I lie pretty well." -- O.J. Simpson, 1969. He isn't alone. Movie stars, gangsters, royalty, serial killers, politicians, and their wives have done it. And according to a national poll, so do you--thirteen times a day. This honestly hilarious 100 percent true collection of the funniest, scariest, and most newsworthy whoppers exposes some of the most famous, infamous, and outrageous liars in history. It is the ideal companion for anyone who ever said, "Of course I called you. Didn't you get the message?" Yes, Even You Can Be a Country Person, by Wayne Allred. 132 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885027-04-4; $7.95 PA. APRPR "With boots, a hat and this book- you can fool anyone into believing you're a country person." Great humor, i.e. Dog observers insist there are over 460 things your dog will do only once. These include: falling asleep on the freeway, peeing on an electric fence, and chasing a dangling high-voltage wire. You Might Be a Redneck If…, by Jeff Foxworthy. 80 pp; 7¼x6; illus; ISBN: 1-4016-0195-2; $6.99 PA. RHP ♦Condensed version of the comedy classic that‘s sold over 1,000,000 copies. You Might Be a Redneck if… This is the BIGGEST BOOK You‟ve Ever Read, by Jeff Foxworthy. 320 pp; 8x9; illus; ISBN: 14016-0193-6; $16.99 PA. RHP ♦This is the Monster Truck of Redneck books. You Should Have Been Here Yesterday… A Treasury of the Best Fishing Cartoons, by John Troy. 144 pp; 10x8; illus; ISBN: 1-59228-175-3; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦This marvelous collection contains 150 cartoons –both old and new- by John Troy, one of America‘s most gifted outdoor humorists. They treat all forms of fishing, from dry-fly angling for trout to party-boat fishing in salt water. Hilarious!  HUNTING The Advanced Deer Hunter's Bible, by John Weiss. 192 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-385-42351-9; $12.00 PA. BDD This explores the world of the whitetail deer, its feeding, traveling, and mating habits, and shows how to use this knowledge to refine your hunting skills. Covers the whitetail's senses and how to outwit them; what you can learn from a deer's body language; understanding antler rubs, pellets, tracks, beds, and scrapes; calling, rattling, and decoying; stand hunting, still hunting, and driving; more. The Archer's and Bowhunter's Bible, by H. Lea Lawrence. 192 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; appendices; ISBN: 0-385-42221-0; $12.00 PA. BDD Up-to-date information on choosing the right equipment; longbows, recurve bows, compound bows, arrows, bowsights and accessories. Covers the six steps to accuracy; ethics and bowhunting; tree stands; driving methods; bowhunting organizations, more. The Ben Lilly Legend, by J. Frank Dobie. 256 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 0-292-70728-2; $19.95 PA. UTEXP ♦This brings back to life a great American hunter –the greatest bear hunter in history after Davy Crockett, by his own account and also by the record. Dobie met Lilly and was so struck by this extraordinary man that he collected everything he could find about him. Beyond Fair Chase, the Ethic and Tradition of Hunting, by Jim Posewitz. 128 pp; 4¼x5½; ISBN: 1-56044-283-2; $5.95 PA. FALP This is timely, a tremendous contribution to the contemporary literature on the issue of hunting. It is inspiring and if all hunters would read, understand, and aspire to the ethical ideals put forth in this book, hunting will be a part of the American social landscape for many years to come. 80 book display packs are available.


Boone & Crockett Club Records of North American Caribou and Moose, ed. by Jack & Susan Reneau. 382 pp; 6x8½; photos; tables; ISBN: 0-940864-29-0; $24.95 HC. B&CC This is a book of the Boone & Crockett Club containing tabulations of caribou and moose of North America as compiled from data in the Club‘s Big Game Records Archives. Boone & Crockett Club 25th Big Game Awards 2001-2003, ed. by George A. Bettas, Eldon L. Buckner, & Jack Reneau.702 pp; 7½x9½; photos; ISBN: 0-940864-46-0; $44.95 HC. B&CC ♦This includes over 150 field photos with a special 32-page color section and has 117 award winning trophy stories. Bugling for Elk, a Complete Guide to Early-Season Elk Hunting, by Dwight Schuh. 168 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; appendices; ISBN: 0-912299-03-7; $13.95 PA. STONEY Schuh combines text and photograph to provide a detailed understanding of elk, elk hunting and that most interesting hunting community known as serious elk hunters. Chapters give insights into hunting techniques and tactics that work both in early and regular seasons -and the author has offered special insight into bugling for elk in that magical early season, whether you're hunting anywhere from Arizona to Canada. Calling All Elk, by Jim Zumbo. 200 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 09624025-0-8; $14.95 PA. WVPC This great book is the only one on the subject of elk vocalization. After hunting, studying and photographing elk for 25 years, Jim shares his expertise with the reader. Uniquely differing from similar books, Zumbo's narrative deals with elk hunting throughout the fall instead of just the bugling season. Colter: The True Story of the Best Dog I Ever Had, by Rick Bass. 204 pp; 5x8; ISBN: 0-618-12736-4; $10.95 PA. HMC This interspecies love story vividly captures the essence of canine companionship, and yet, as we‘ve come to expect from Rick Bass, it does far more. The Coyote Hunter, by Don Laubach, Merv Griswold, & Mark Henckel. 120 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 1-58592-043-6; $14.95 PA. FALP This is a complete guide to tactics, equipment and techniques for hunting North America‘s perfect predator. Coyote Hunting: The Complete Book, from Head to Tail, by Phil Simonski. 128 pp; 5½x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-912299-59-2; $12.95 PA. STONEY This is probably the most thorough "How-To-Do-It" book on coyote hunting ever written because in it Author Phil Simonski tells you not only how to outsmart the wily critter in the field, but how to care for its precious pelt once you've taken it. Due to the many years he has put into acquiring, firsthand, the kind of knowledge that sets him apart as an expert on the coyote, Simonski is the ideal person to put together a complete and accurate guide such as this one. The Deer Hunter's Bible, by George Laycock. 168 pp; 7¾x10¼; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-385-19985-6; $12.95 PA. BDD Covers types of deer; how deer live; hunting with rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders, and bow; skillful shooting; field care. Includes sections on hunting and camping equipment; home care of venison; advanced deer hunting; trophy hunting; deer-hunting hazards. Also discusses where deer hunting is best, and the future of deer hunting. Deer Talk, by Don Laubach & Mark Henckel. 216 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-149-6; $14.95 PA. FALP Deer Talk is the definitive text on hunting and calling deer. The system it describes uses common doe sounds and distress calls to help you see more deer and see them up close. It will help you lure deer out of their beds and out of heavy cover. It stops them when they're running and calms them when they're nervous. And, best of all, it works in all seasons. Dog Days, by Art Bernard. 204 pp; 6x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-87004126-6; $5.95 HC. CAXP This book is easy to read and hard to forget. These are stories of hunting dogs, their characters, and their personalities. And in between the lines, in telling of his dogs,

the author discloses something of himself, of his own character as a true Westerner, one who has helped to make the West a distinctive part of our country. The Elk Hunter, by Don Laubach & Mark Henckel. 248 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-937959-78-2; $14.95 PA. FALP This book will teach you the when, where, how, and why of elk movements and the tactics it takes to become an expert yourself. Elk hunting experts are made, not born. Through the course of their lives, they pick up pieces of the puzzle, putting them together until they discover the whole picture and become consistently successful. This book is a compilation of just that. Elk & Elk Hunting, Your Practical Guide to Fundamentals and Fine Points, Hartt Wixom. 288 pp; 7¼x9¼; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8117-3135-9; $19.95 PA. STACKP ♦Now available in paperback, this classic book on hunting the wapiti covers all the essentials and includes plenty of advice, stories, and updated information guaranteed to entertain and educate elk hunters of all stripes. Elk Hunting in the Northern Rockies, by Ed Wolff. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; map; ISBN: 0-912299-18-5; $13.95 PA. STONEY Wolff has compiled a detailed look at elk hunting in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, with emphasis on the characteristics of the species, plus how and where to hunt them. Elk Hunting Secrets: 239 Tips and Tactics from the Membership of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. 175 pp; 4½x7; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-938-1; $9.95 PA. RMEF Been hunting since the Great War? Hung 50 elk on the meat pole in your time? Think you know it all? Think again. This book contains facts and ideas guaranteed to surprise and enlighten even the most experienced elk hunter. Elk Tactics, Advanced Strategy for Hunting and Calling Elk, by Don Laubach & Mark Henckel. 240 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 156044-682-X; $16.95 PA. FALP There's a new breed of elk roaming elk country today. They're smarter. They're more wary. They're tougher to hunt than elk were in the good old days. And if you want to be successful hunting the new elk, you'll need to learn some new tactics. The authors take an in-depth look at the new elk of today and offer practical, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand advice on how to improve your hunting success, whether you hunt elk with a bow and arrow, rifle, or camera. Elk Talk, by Don Laubach & Mark Henckel. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-937959-22-7; $14.95 PA. FALP This is an elk language system; a complete calling system of cow talk, calf talk, and bull talk which lures elk to within rifle, bow, or camera range. It works on all elk. It works in all seasons. And it works in every part of the northern Rockies. It covers strategies, and the habitat and lifestyle of the premier big game animal in North America. Field Care Handbook for the Hunter & Fisherman, by Bill Sager. 172 pp; 6x8½; photos; spiral bound; ISBN: 0-912299-58-4; $12.95 PA. STONEY A comprehensive guidebook on field care for hunters and fisherman that combines the best information and directions available BOTH for the care of trophies and proper techniques for caring for big game meat, small game fish, birds, and waterfowl. Fool Hen Blues, Retrievers & Shotguns and the Birds of the American West, by E. Donnal Thomas, Jr. 188 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885106-14-9; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 HC. WILAD What a wonderful collection of hunting stories, none of them boastful, that expound love of the hunt, the outdoors, and the wonderment of Labradors. Game Days: A Tribute to North American Big Game Hunting, ed. by Chris Dorsey. 176 pp; 10¼x8¼; color photos; ISBN: 157223-013-4; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 HC. WCP Stunning photos and essays capture the true nature of big game hunting.


Good Guns Again, by Stephen Bodio. 184 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; glossary; ISBN: 1-885106-05-X; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 HC. WILAD Good Guns Again is a fortuitous combination of Steve Bodio's youthful enthusiasm and his mature knowledge and reflection. There are a lot of gun writers who know stuff, but damn few who can tell it in literate stories that reach beyond the conventions of mere technicians." -John Barsness. Handling Trophy Game: A Field Guide for Hunters and Anglers, by Brian E. McGray. 80 pp; 5½x8½; illus; diag; index; ISBN: 1-886975-00-0; $9.95 PA. GOOSE This is a plain-andsimple, easy-to-use field guide for handling trophy game, fish, and birds. Heartsblood: Hunting, Spirituality, and Wildness in America, by David Petersen. 288 pp; 6x9; bibliog; ISBN: 1-55566-295-1; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦Petersen draws on philosophy, evolutionary science, biology, and empirical studies to create an engaging and literate work that offers a unique look at hunting, hunters, antihunting, and, in the words of the author, ―life‘s basic truths.‖ High Pressure Elk Hunting: Secrets of Hunting Educated Elk, by Mike Lapinski. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; appendices; ISBN: 0912299-64-9; $14.95 PA. STONEY Mike offers new insights into successful hunting for today's high-pressure elk and explores the secrets of hunting educated elk. How to Get an Easy Elk, by Jim Zumbo. 208 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; appendix; ISBN: 0-9624025-6-7; $17.95 HC. WVPC Yes, there is an easy elk! This book is no gimmick. It includes everything you need to know before heading to elk country. Zumbo shares all his secrets, not only for the novice who is planning his first hunt, but also for the veteran westerner who is no stranger to elk country. A Hunter's Heart: Honest Essays on Blood Sport, coll. by David Petersen. 352 pp; 6¼x9½; ISBN: 0-8050-4423-X; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 HC. HHC This is an important, long-overdue book. Some of America's best contemporary writers explain with intelligence, honesty, and compassion their love for the hunt, and their understanding of the kill, unfolding the complex dimensions and values of blood sport that, properly practiced, serves both hunter and hunted. Hunting Blacktail Deer, by John Higley. 176 pp; 5½x8½; photos; appendix; ISBN: 0-912299-69-X; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. STONEY John Higley has spent decades learning everything possible about the Columbian and Sitka blacktails across their range in the western United States and Canada, as well as Alaska. Now he shares some of the secrets he's learned on his own and also gathered from dozens of sources, including a number of other successful blacktail deer hunters who pursue this species with either rifle or the bow and arrow. As the first book of its kind, this is a book that beginner and expert alike will find helpful. Hunting Open-Country Mule Deer: A Guide for Taking Western Bucks with Rifle and Bow, by Dwight Schuh. 184 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; ISBN: 0912299-22-3; $14.95 PA. STONEY How to: plan a guaranteed hunt, even in new country; scout to find the biggest bucks; spot more bucks than you ever dreamed possible; stalk within spitting distance of bedded and feeding bucks. Hunting the Great Plains, by John Barsness. 176 pp; 6x9; map; photos; index; ISBN: 0-87842-117-3; $6.95 PA. MP This book basically covers all huntable species on the Great Plains of Montana, North & South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and portions of New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Covers over 20 kinds of large and small game, along with the equipment needed. Kicking Up Trouble: Upland Bird Hunting in the West, by John Holt. 192 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; notes; ISBN: 1-885106-02-5; Reduced to retail at: $19.00 HC. WILAD Pure Holt! Upland bird hunting in the west of Montana. And along the way, you'll be treated to Holt's wide-ranging comments on the environment (he loves it),

political correctness (he hates it), and the life he's chosen, one of country and comrades, sunsets and saloons, and always the wild places of the West. The Life of the Hunt, by John Barsness. 192 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-885106-17-3; Reduced to retail at: $19.00 HC. WILAD The Life of the Hunt takes you to those places where the chase T is everything, the kill incidental; where the country and the comrades matter more than the tines on the trophy. In short, Barsness writes of what hunting is when it's at its best. Majestic Mule Deer, the Ultimate Tribute to the Most Popular Game Animal of the West, ed. by Voyageur Press. 160 pp; 8¾x11¼; full color photos; ISBN: 0-89658-413-5; $35.00 HC. ISBN: 0-89658-538-7; $19.95 PA. VOYPR The tales in this exceptional collection of mule deer hunting stories and photos come from a variety of hunters and storytellers. Also included are dozens of stunning images of deer in all seasons and landscapes. Majestic Whitetails, the Ultimate Tribute to North America's Most Popular Game Animal, ed. by Voyageur Press. 160 pp; 8¾x11¼; full color photos; ISBN: 0-89658-337-6; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. ISBN: 0-89658-540-9; $19.95 PA. VOYPR The tales in this exceptional collection of whitetail hunting stories and photos come from a variety of hunters and storytellers. Also included are dozens of stunning images of deer in all seasons and landscapes, along with nostalgic black-and-white hunting photos of yesteryear and photos of hunting collectibles. Memoirs of an Idaho Elk Hunter, by Jens Andersen. 228 pp; 6¼x9¼; color plates; ISBN: 0-912299-78-9; $19.95 HC. STONEY This is a fun book, not an "I am the great one and this is what I did." It's a collection of wonderful hunting stories wrapped around an ever-changing group of hunting buddies and hunts both bad and good. Montana: Land of Giant Rams, Vol. III, by Duncan Gilchrist. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; appendix; ISBN: 1-885929-05-4; $19.95 PA. STONEY In this book you will read the most comprehensive information ever written on field judging of rams. Other chapters explain hunting techniques, and equipment. Mule Deer Strategies, a Handbook of Hunting Techniques, by Walt Prothero. 192 pp; 5¾x9; photos; color photos; index; ISBN: 158574-098-5; $24.95 PA. LYONS In this, Prothero reveals all of the tactics that have helped him become a hugely successful mule deer hunter –from choosing optics and glassing, to picking the right gun, to the six prime methods of hunting: stand hunting, still hunting, driving, brushing, tracking, and rattling. Nimrod‟s Wife, Sisters of the Hunt, by Grace G. Seton. 432 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-8117-3139-1; $16.95 PA. STACKP ♦Old-time stories of track and trail roughing it with her husband Ernest Thompson Seton. North America‟s Greatest Big Game Lodges & Outfitters: More than 250 Hotspots in the United States and Canada, by John Ross & Jay Cassell. 320 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; maps; vital statistics; references; index; ISBN: 1-57223-147-5; $19.95 PA. WCP The title says it all! Pheasants of the Mind: The Hunter's Search for a Mythic Bird, by Datus C. Proper. 180 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; notes; ISBN: 1-88510607-6; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 HC. WILAD This is as wise & funny a book about the equally wise and funny world of pheasants, nature, dogs, guns, & humans as one could hope for. Quest for Dall Rams, by Duncan Gilchrist. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; tables; appendix; bibliog; ISBN: 1-885924-03-8; $19.95 PA. STONEY Chapters cover information on Alaska and provinces with Dall sheep. Learn how to hunt rams from the experts. Includes comprehensive information on field judging of rams. Other chapters explain techniques, equipment and Dall sheep management. Contains an entire photo section of giant rams.


Radical Elk Hunting Strategies: Secrets of Calling Elk in Close, by Mike Lapinski. 164 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; ISBN: 0-912299-42-8; $14.95 PA. STONEY Mike Lapinski is one of the most widely published writers in the elk hunting world. His byline appears frequently in numerous national magazines such as Outdoor Life, Petersen's Hunting, Bowhunter, and others. Radical Elk Hunting Strategies is a natural outgrowth of Mike's intense approach to hunting elk--by knowing the animals so well he can determine the strategy he needs to use at a given time to achieve hunting success. Rifle in Hand: How Wild America Was Saved, by Jim Posewitz. 112 pp; 5½x8½; illus; photos; endnotes; ISBN: 1-931832-41-2; $9.95 PA. RIVB ♦This tells the greatest conservation story of all: why and how hunters saved wildlife and wild lands in North America. Beginning with the greatest hunter-conservationist of all, Theodore Roosevelt, and including conservation giants George Bird Grinnell, Díng Darling, Aldo Leopold, and others, 20th –century hunters overcame market hunting, environmental destruction, financial obstacles, and politics to restore wildlife to today‘s astonishing abundance. Rooster! A Tribute to Pheasant Hunting in North America, by Michael McIntosh, Ron Spomer, and others. 128 pp; 8½x12¼; color photos; ISBN: 1-931832-32-3; $39.95 HC. RIVB ♦Featuring 160 stunning color photos of pheasants, hunters, dogs, guns, and the complete pheasant hunting experience, plus informative essays and hunting tips by a dozen award-winning writers, ROOSTER! is a remarkable book that will be treasured for years by hunters everywhere, and by farmers, families, and friends who live in pheasant country. The Shotgunner's Bible, by George Laycock. 176 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-385-23907-6; $12.00 PA. BDD Laycock covers virtually every type of shotgun, and includes comprehensive information on choosing your ammo, tracking down hunting areas, traps and targets, gauges, sights, barrels, and stocks. He shows how to improve your shooting skills, how to bring home game, mastering reloading, skeet shooting, and maintaining your shotgun. So You Really Want to be a Guide: Guidelines to a Successful Guiding Career, by Dan Cherry. 192 pp; 5½x8½; photos; appendices; ISBN: 0-912299-61-4; $13.95 PA. STONEY Dan Cherry's book dispels the myth of a romantic notion of guiding, quickly honing in on the most common denominators of contemporary guiding--hard work and long hours, just like it's always been. A dozen chapters and close to 80 photographs cover the many aspects of guiding and its unique challenges. An excellent reference for someone considering professional guiding. Solving Elk Hunting Problems, Simple Solutions to the Elk Hunting Riddle, by Mike Lapinski. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 1931291-19-5; $14.95 PA. STONEY ♦This may be Mike‘s best book ever, with chapters that include solving: today‘s educated elk, new and experimental elk hunting methods, peak rut elk calling, early season hunting, a hung up bull, a retreating bull, and more. Successful Big Game Hunting: Secrets of a Big Game HunterGuide, by Duncan Gilchrist. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; ISBN: 0-912299-28-2; $13.95 PA. STONEY Book layout is unique. After chapters on rifle marksmanship, gear, field care, photography, glassing, and trophy rooms, Duncan goes to Short Course chapters on mountain goats, bear, mule deer, whitetail deer, Coues' deer, moose, elk, pronghorn, & caribou. To Heck with Elk Hunting, by Jim Zumbo. Illus. by Boots Reynolds. 192 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-9624025-2-4; $17.95 HC. WVPC This is Zumbo's 12th book, and his third book on elk hunting. He hunts elk with a passion, but he believes that hunting should have both a funny and serious side. He recounts 30 of his hunts, focusing on the lighter, zanier aspects that made them all the more fun to remember. Boots gives the reader plenty of illustrated yuks, too.

To Heck with Moose Hunting, by Jim Zumbo. 208 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-9624025-5-9; $17.95 HC. WVPC This is the newest of Jim's “To Heck” series. You'll read about Jim's hunts around the continent. He includes encounters with moose, of course, but also describes hunting trips for caribou, sheep, antelope, mountain goats, wild buffalo, wild boars, and even an African experience. Training the Hunting Retriever, by Jerome B. Robinson. 256 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55821-936-6; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. LYONS ‖ Owning and working a fine-tuned hunting retriever is one of life‘s greatest joys. Jerry Robinson has spent years picking the brains of the country‘s top hunting retriever experts and he carefully details their proven training techniques in this highly readable book written for people who are serious about hunting with their retrievers‖ –Duncan Barnes, Editor-at-Large, Field & Stream. Unforgettable Days Afield Montana Hunting, by Riverbend Publishing. 64 pp; 8½x7½; color photos; ISBN: 1-931832-16-1; $14.95 HC. RIVB ♦65 full-color photos with selected prose pay tribute to the wonderful variety of hunting in Montana. Western Hunting Guide: A Complete Where-to-Go & How-toDo-It Guide to Western Hunting, by Mike Lapinski. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; ISBN: 0912299-44-4; $14.95 STONEY Inside this book you'll find exactly what you need to know to decide where to go and when to hunt in the western states. Wingshooter's Guide to Idaho: Upland Birds and Waterfowl, by Ken Retallic & Rocky Barker. 368 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-885106-27-0; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. WILAD This is your complete guide on where to hunt, what to hunt. Seventeen Upland Birds plus ducks and geese. Includes bird distribution maps. Tips on hunting, dogs, and equipment. Info on accommodations, vets, restaurants, car repair, hospitals, airports, & outfitters for bird hunting.  INDIAN FIGHTS, INDIAN FIGHTERS, SCOUTS & SOLDIERS The 1862 Army Officer‟s Pocket Companion, a Manual for Staff Officers in the Field, by William P. Craighill. 320 pp; 4x6¼; illus; index; 0-8117-0020-8; $19.95 HC. STACKP ♦One of the army‘s first field manuals, this officer‘s pocket companion gives a concise, complete description of how divisions, corps, and field armies were commanded and operated during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The 1862 U.S. Cavalry Tactics, by Philip St. Geo. Cooke. 350 pp; 4x6¼; illus; ISBN: 0-8117-0114-X; $19.95 HC. STACKP ♦This presents an unequaled description of how the U.S. Cavalry was organized, trained, and fought. Used by both Union and Confederate armies. The 1863 U.S. Infantry Tactics, Infantry of the line, Light Infantry and Riflemen, by the U.S. War Dept. 452 pp; 4x6¼; illus; ISBN: 0-8117-0021-6; $21.95 HC. STACKP ♦This presents an unequaled description of how the U.S. Infantry was organized, trained, and fought during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The 1865 Customs of Service for Non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers, by August V. Kautz. 304 pp; 3¾x5½; illus; tables; index; ISBN: 0-8117-0399-1; $14.95 HC. STACKP This fully describes duties and functions of each rank in garrison and on the field of battle. Covers each branch: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers, Quartermaster, Medical, and Ordnance. Also includes the Articles of War and complete pay tables. The 1865 Customs of Service for Officers of the Army, by August V. Kautz. 390 pp; 3¾x5¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8117-00062; $15.95 HC. STACKP ♦A comprehensive description of, and frank advice for, the performance of all duties that were assigned to commissioned officers from second lieutenant to lieutenant general as practiced during the American Civil War (1861-1865).


America's First -First World War: The French and Indian War 1754-1763, by Timothy J. Todish. 128 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; color illus; map; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943604-11-7; $8.95 PA. EAGVP An excellent illustrated summary of one of the most important eras in the history of North America. The author explains the roles played by the French, the British, and the Indian allies on both sides, and by the Colonials with warranted emphasis on Robert Rogers and his Rangers. The importance of the War to future governmental institutions, and social and economic patterns in North America, is made evident by the author in a style that is both informative and entertaining. The American Indian Wars, by John Tebbel & Keith Jennison. 320 pp; 6½x9½; maps; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-7858-1596-1; $9.99 HC. BSI ♦ After four centuries of nearly continuous warfare, from the fifteenth to twentieth centuries, the Native Americans have been reduced numerically to less than 400,000, with their lands gone and their homes a series of reservations in, for the most part, the western U.S. This book tells the story of their battle against the invaders of their land, and the price they were to pay for their ultimate defeat. The American Indian Wars 1860-90, by Philip Katcher. 48 pp; 7x9½; photos; illus; color section; index; ISBN: 0-85045-049-7; $15.95 PA. OSPREY ♦The wars between ‗whites‘ and Indians, the most famous of which were fought on the great Western plains between 1860 and 1890, were among the most tragic of all conflicts ever fought. Katcher details the armies of both sides, paying particular attention to their organization and uniforms. American Indians in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1866-1945, by John P. Langellier. 72 pp; 7½x10; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-85367408-7; $14.95 PA. STACKP This is an engaging history of American Indians in the service of the AUS. Includes many archival photos. Archaeological Insights into the Custer Battle: An Assessment of the 1984 Field Season, by Douglas D. Scott & Richard A. Fox, Jr. 154 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; maps; ISBN: 08061-2065-7; $19.95 PA. UOKP Following a grassfire, the "dig" resulted in this detailed analysis of the physical evidence remaining from the June, 1876 battle. Archaeological Perspectives on the Battle of the Little Bighorn, by Douglas D. Scott, Richard A. Fox, Jr., Melissa A. Connor, & Dick Harmon. 332 pp; 6¾x10; maps; photos; tables; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3292-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP After a grass fire in 1983 cleared brush and grass from the site of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, archaeologists conducted thorough examinations of the battlefield. During the digs, the authors assembled the most convincing evidence thus far of what really happened on June 25, 1876. Archaeology, History, and Custer's Last Battle, by Richard A. Fox, Jr. 428 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; notes; references; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2998-0; $19.95 PA. UOKP Conclusions from research of Custer's "Last Stand." Through bullets, spent cartridges, and other material data, Fox identifies combat positions and tracks soldiers and Indians across the battlefield. Guided by the history beneath our feet, and listening to the previously ignored Indian testimonies, Fox reveals scenes of panic and collapse and, ultimately, a story of the Custer battle quite different from the fatalistic versions of history. The Arikara Narrative of Custer's Campaign and the Battle of the Little Bighorn, ed. by Orin G. Libby. 230 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3072-5; $14.95 PA. UOKP This work is the result of interviews with nine scouts by Orin G. Libby in 1912. Originally forty strong, the Arikaras scouted in advance of the U.S. Army for Custer and Reno, reporting enemy Indian movements and seeking to capture their horses. Their accounts of the Battle of the Little Big Horn reveal much about why Custer failed -indeed, the Arikaras went into battle believing the Sioux medicine was so strong that defeat was inevitable.

The Arikara War: The First Plains Indian War, 1823, by William R. Nester. 264 pp; 6x9; illus; map; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087842-431-8; $18.00 PA. MP The Arikara ―war‖ of 1823 was hardly a war and not much of a battle, yet its importance lies in the consequences that flowed from a minor clash of arms in profoundly shaping the history of the American West and, indeed, the nation. The Army on the Powder River, by Robert A. Murray. 64 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; ISBN: 0-88342-254-9; $ 5.95 PA. OAP ♦Includes commentaries on the Col. Carrington image; John Portugee Phillips legends; the Wagon Box Fight; the Long Walk of Sgts. Grant and Graham; and the U.S. Army in the aftermath of the Johnson County Invasion. The Battle of the Big Hole, by Aubrey L. Haines. 192 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; endnotes; appendices; index; ISBN: 9780762741489; $12.95 PA. GPP ♦Describing events that occurred six weeks into the famous five-month running battle now known as the Nez Perce War of 1877, The Battle of the Big Hole is a study of the heartbreaking futility of the Indian wars as well as a look at the cultural misunderstandings that helped give rise to those wars. The Battle of the Little Big Horn, by Mari Sandoz. 192 pp; 5¼x8; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9100-0; $12.95 PA. UNEBP The character of the Sioux, personality of Custer, mixed emotions of Custer's men, and the Plains landscape -all emerge with such clarity that the reader is transported in time to that spring of 1876, when the Army of the Plains began its fateful march toward the Yellowstone. The analysis of Custer's motives and political ambitions sheds new light on an old mystery and is hotly disputed by Custer's admirers. Battles and Skirmishes of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877, the Military View, comp. by Jerome A. Greene. 256 pp; 6x8½; maps; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2669-8; $19.95 PA. UOKP This volume offers accounts of the many battles and skirmishes in the Great Sioux War as they were observed by participating officers, enlisted men, scouts, surgeons, and newspaper correspondents. The Black Infantry in the West, 1869-1891, by Arlen L. Fowler. 190 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2883-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP After nearly 200,000 African-American soldiers fought in the Civil War, Congress enacted legislation to authorize regiments of cavalry and infantry for service in the West, The Ninth and Tenth cavalries won fame as "buffalo soldiers" in the Indian wars, nearly overshadowing the critical support role of the Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth infantries. Now Fowler brings to light the story of African-American infantry service from 1869 to 1891 in Texas, Indian Territory, the Dakotas, Montana, and Arizona. The Black Regulars 1866-1898, by William A. Dobak & Thomas D. Phillips. 384 pp; 6½x9½; map; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3340-6; $34.95 HC. UOKP Making up almost ten percent of the army‘s forces, the black regulars helped impose order in the West, from the lower Rio Grande to the northern Rockies. Largely ignored by the country at the time, these men nevertheless helped open a door for black Americans into the nation‘s public life. Blood at Sand Creek: The Massacre Revisited, by Bob Scott. 256 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87004-3617; $8.95 PA. CAXP What really happened at Sand Creek, Colorado? Were the Native American inhabitants of the village hapless victims or aggressive fighters? How did the War Between the States influence hostilities between people groups on the plains? Was Civil War hero Col. John Chivington a ruthless murderer of innocent women and children, or a political scapegoat? Author Scott reaches conclusions that will surprise you. The Bloody Saga of White Rock, by Roy V. Alleman. 160 pp; 6x9; photo; ISBN: 0-941678-50-4; $6.95 PA. CAPPER Takes place in extreme north central Kansas around the White Rock


Valley. Based in part on the diaries of Tom Lovewell's wife Orel, this recalls the trials and tribulations Kansas' first settlers faced while accurately portraying a savage yet noble race of people that was unwilling to surrender its way of life without a fight. Boots and Saddles, or Life in Dakota with General Custer, by Elizabeth B. Custer. 304 pp; 5x7½; map; appendix; ISBN: 0-80611192-5; $16.95 PA. UOKP This is a warmly human, first-hand account of the hardships, disappointments, fun and flattery, joys, and heartaches of women who accompanied their military husbands across the sage, up turbulent rivers, over the badlands of Dakota and into the far reaches of the Western frontier, during the Indian troubles of the mid-1870s. This story concludes with her feelings upon receipt of the knowledge that her husband and his command were massacred at the Little Big Horn. Broadax & Bayonet, the Role of the U.S. Army in the Development of the Northwest, 1815-1860, by Francis P. Prucha. 288 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; map; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5151-3; $12.00 PA. UNEBP Studying the thirteen army posts established in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and northern Illinois, the author demonstrates their importance for Indian and land policy administration, as cash markets for early settlers, and as centers of exploration, road-building, and cultural developments. The Buffalo Soldiers, a Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West, by William H. Leckie. 304 pp; 5¼x8; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780806138404; $19.95 PA. UOKP Negro soldiers who wanted to remain in the U.S. Army after the Civil War were organized into the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry Regiments. Their service in controlling hostile Indians on the Great Plains during the next twenty years was as invaluable as it was unrecognized. The men of these regiments were dubbed "buffalo soldiers" by their Indian foes and were very proud of the title. Revised edition. Captivity of the Oatman Girls, by R.B. Stratton. 312 pp; 5¼x8; map; illus; notes; ISBN: 0-8032-9139-6; $17.95 PA. UNEBP In the spring of 1851, nine members of the Oatman family set out for California on the old Santa Fe Trail. Seventy miles from the California border they were attacked by Indians, who massacred the entire family, except a boy (Lorenzo) mistakenly left for dead, and two girls, Ann and Olive. The girls were taken into captivity, soon to be sold to other Indians further west. This is based on interviews with the girls and describes the massacre, captivity, and search. Captured by the Indians: 15 Firsthand Accounts, 1750-1870, ed. by Frederick Drimmer. 384 pp; 5¼x8½; notes; ISBN: 0-48624901-8; $9.95 PA. DOVER Among the pioneering men and women who pushed westward across America in search of new lands and new lives, a certain number lived through incredible ordeals as captives of the Indians. Those who survived and recorded their stories left a legacy of eyewitness narratives that defy belief. Cavalier in Buckskin: George Armstrong Custer and the Western Military Frontier, revised, by Robert M. Utley. 248 pp; 5¼x8½; maps; photos; sources; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3387-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP No figure in the American West has more powerfully moved the imagination. This probes the mortal and immortal sides of Custer while also characterizing and interpreting the institutional context of both Custer and the frontier army. Succinctly separates the truth from the bull….! Centennial Campaign; the Sioux War of 1876, by John S. Gray. 408 pp; 6x9; maps; tables; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2152-1; $26.95 PA. UOKP This is THE BEST single volume ever published on the Custer Battle and the Sioux War of 1876. It gives a total view of the U.S. Army campaign against the Sioux, including the rounding up of the "winter roamers." Cheyenne Memories of the Custer Fight, Comp. & Ed. by Richard G. Hardorff. 200 pp; 5½x8; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7311-8; $10.00 PA. UNEBP Brave Wolf and twelve other members of his tribe describe the fighting at the Little

Bighorn River that wiped out the command of General George Custer. Cheyennes and Horse Soldiers, the 1857 Expedition and the Battle of Solomon‟s Fork, by William Y. Chalfant. 446 pp; 5¼x8½; illus; maps; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08061-3500-X; $24.95 PA. UOKP ♦In July 1857, the first major battle between the U.S. Army and the Cheyenne Indians took place in present-day northwest Kansas. Resplendent in war finery, the Cheyennes had formed a grand line of battle. But they had never seen sabers before, and when the cavalry charged, they panicked. Chalfant re-creates the human dimensions of a battle that was a clash of cultures as much as a clash of the U.S. cavalry and Cheyenne warriors. Chief Joseph & the Flight of the Nez Perce, by Kent Nerburn. 442 pp; 5¼x8; maps; sources; ISBN: 9780061136085; $15.95 PA. HCP ♦This is a grand saga of a pivotal time in our nation‘s history. Its pages are alive with the presence of Lewis and Clark, General William Tecumseh Sherman, general George Armstrong Custer, and Sitting Bull. Its events brush against the California Gold Rush, the Civil War, the great western pioneer migration, and the building of the telegraph and the transcontinental railroad. But at its center lies a group of men, women, and children fleeing for their lives across the vast American West, and a man Buffalo Bill Cody called the ―greatest Indian America ever produced.‖ Chiefs & Generals, Nine Men Who Shaped the American West, edited by Richard W. Etulain & Glenda Riley. 254 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55591-462-4; $17.95 PA. FULC ♦Of the many famous leaders throughout frontier history, the lives of Red cloud, Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Victorio, O.O. Howard, George Custer, George Crook, Ranald Mackenzie, and Nelson Miles are brought to life in well-researched, enjoyable essays. Children of Grace, the Nez Perce War of 1877, by Bruce Hampton. 412 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08032-7334-7; $19.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In this lucid, clear-eyed, dayby-day chronicle of the Nez Perce and their leaders, their tragedies, and their defeats, and his union of sympathy and objectivity, Hampton has achieved a most accurate account of the 1877 war. The Colored Cadet at West Point, Autobiography of Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper, U.S.A. 380 pp; 5¼x8; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6890-4; $15.00 PA. UNEBP The first AfricanAmerican graduate of West Point, Flipper served four years in the West as a cavalry officer but was court-martialed and dismissed from the service in 1882. He spent the rest of his long and accomplished life trying to clear his name. Conquering the Southern Plains: Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars 1865-1890, ed. by Peter Cozzens. 750 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8117-0019-4; $54.95 HC. STACKP ♦This is a wealth of source material on the Southern Plains and Texas. Cozzens has selected a very complete array of original accounts, giving readers and researchers a window into events as they happened. Crazy Horse and Custer, the Parallel Lives of Two American Warriors, by Stephen E. Ambrose. 544 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-385-47966-2; $16.95 PA. BDD A story of inevitable tragedy, more than the story of Crazy Horse and Custer, who are but symbols of the larger drama played out on the northern Great Plains. The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger, ed. by Thomas R. Buecker and R. Eli Paul. 208 pp; 8½x11¼; photo plates; map; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-933307-01-2; Reduced to retail at: $24.95 HC. NSHS As the Sioux War drew to a close, many Indian bands drifted into the agencies under pressure from pursuing army field commands. Military censuses of agency residents were expanded to include detailed registration of these surrendering bands. From these circumstances the material presented here under the title


The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger came into being. The ledger, prepared under the supervision of two young army lieutenants, contains the administrative statistical record of Indian tribes living at Red Cloud Agency, located near Camp Robinson in Nebraska. The result is the most expansive list seen to date of Indian participants in the dramatic struggles. Here can be found the name of the famed Oglala warrior Crazy Horse and-for the first time-a detailed list of followers, veterans of the Little Bighorn Battle and of the Sioux War of 1876-77. The Custer Album, a Pictorial Biography of General George A. Custer, by Lawrence A. Frost. 192 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2282-X; $24.95 PA. UOKP Was he a martyr or damned? A hero or a fool? This pictorial biography of Custer explores all the facets of the legendary general from his boyhood to West Point, through the Civil War and his earliest battles, to his last stand. More pictures of Custer-related people, places, and artifacts are assembled here than in any other book or museum collection. Custer: Cavalier in Buckskin, by Robert M. Utley. 176 pp; 10¼x13½; photos; illus; maps; sources; index; ISBN: 0-8061-33473; $19.95 HC. UOKP In this magnificently illustrated volume Utley explores the man and the myth, from his modest childhood in Ohio, to brilliant Civil War victories, to death at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Custer & His Commands: From West Point to Little Bighorn, by Kurt H. Cox. 72 pp; 7½x10¼; photos; ISBN: 1-85367-358-7; $16.95 PA. STACKP In addition to a history of Custer‘s life in the military, this has many rare photos of the officer and enlisted uniforms of the day. The Custer Companion, a Comprehensive Guide to the Life of George Armstrong Custer and the Plains Indian Wars, by Thom Hatch. 288 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 08117-0477-7; $29.95 PA. STACKP This will complement and enhance the enjoyment and understanding of every other book pertaining to this stirring era. It also stands alone as a fascinating account of the nineteenth century Western military frontier –and of this country‘s most enigmatic and controversial soldier. The Custer Myth by W.A. Graham. 448 pp; 6¾x10; maps; illus; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2726-2; $19.95. PA. STACKP A fine collection of eye-witness accounts of the Little Big Horn fight and the subsequent debate over exactly what happened and who was to blame. This book is indispensable reading in any effort to study the Custer controversy. The Custer Reader, ed. by Paul A. Hutton. 600 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3465-8; $24.95 PA. UOKP These well-illustrated pages contain just about everything you'd want to know about the impetuous, courageous, but not overly clever Custer. Hutton does a great job of presenting the man and the myth. Custer: A Photographic Biography, by Bill & Jan Moeller. 230 pp; 8½x9; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-483-0; $24.00 PA; MP ♦This captivating full-color volume traces the life of one of American history‘s most controversial figures from his childhood home in Ohio, to the Civil War battlefields and the western prairies of his Indian campaigns, to the Montana ridge where he died. Custer, the Controversial Life of George Armstrong Custer, by Jeffry D. Wert. 462 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-684-83275-5; $20.00 PA. S&S Drawing on recently discovered materials, Wert shows us the man behind the myth: a Civil War hero, doting husband, and career soldier whose frustrations with his role during the Indian wars led him to professional disgrace and personal ruin. Custer, Black Kettle, and the Fight on the Washita, by Charles J. Brill. 336 pp; 5¼x8½; photos; map; appendices; ISBN: 0-80613416-X; $17.95 PA. UOKP ♦Using Cheyenne and Arapaho accounts, Brill tells the story of General George A. Custer‘s winter

campaign on the southern plains in 1868-69, including his attack on Black Kettle‘s village on the snowy banks of the Washita River. Custer's Fall, the Native American Side of the Story, by David H. Miller. 288 pp; 5½x8½; map; illus; sources; ISBN: 0-452-010950; $15.00 PA. PEN This book is about a day and a battle and the people who fought in it. Most of the combatants were American Indians, and the story of the battle from their viewpoint has never before been told. It is a true story, completely factual, and reconstructs the bloodiest twenty-four hours in American frontier history. Custer's Luck, by Edgar I. Stewart. 538 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1632-3; $29.95 PA. UOKP Ah yes, Custer. Stewart takes particular note of the effect on history of Custer's ineptness, recklessness and glory-seeking, and of the superstitions and fatalistic determination of the Sioux & Cheyenne. The Battle of the Little Big Horn is reconstructed largely on Indian eyewitness testimony and climaxes the long-developing tragedy and vacillating policy of the government towards the Indians in that period of time. Vast coverage of a panorama of events that culminated at the Little Big Horn. The Dakota War of 1862, Minnesota‟s Other Civil War, by Kenneth Carley. 122 pp; 7¾x11; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87351-392-4; $14.95 PA. MHSP ♦Hemmed in on a narrow reservation, frustrated by broken treaties, angered by dishonest agents and traders, and nearly starved because of crop failures and late annuity payments, Dakota (Sioux) Indians attacked white settlers living on the Indians former homelands in southwestern Minnesota. More whites were killed in the first few days of the war than at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Dakota casualties have never been counted. A Dispatch to Custer: The Tragedy of Lieutenant Kidder, by Randy Johnson & Nancy Allan. 131 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-399-0; $15.00 PA. MP Kidder‘s last orders: ―You will proceed at once with an escort of ten men of Company ―M‖ 2nd U.S. Cavalry to the forks of the Republican River (in Kansas), where you will deliver to General Custer (sic) the dispatches with which you will be entrusted; should General Custer have left that point you will take his trail and overtake him! After delivering your dispatches return to this post (Ft. Sedgwick). Until you reach General Custer you will travel as rapidly as possible.‖ He never made it! This is the story of the Kidder Massacre. A Dose of Frontier Soldiering: The Memoirs of Corporal E.A. Bode, Frontier Regular Infantry, 1877-1882, ed. by Thomas T. Smith. 252 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08032-6160-8; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Bode, a German immigrant down on his luck, enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1877 and served for five years. More literate than his fellow soldiers, Bode described western flora and fauna, commenting on the American Indians he encountered as well as the slaughter of the buffalo, the hard and lonely life of the cowboy, and towns and settlements he passed through. Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth, by Shirley A. Leckie. 444 pp; 6¼x9½; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3096-2; $16.95 PA. UOKP This explores Mrs. Custer, a very complex woman, and her role in creating the Custer myth. Exceptionally good "life and times" of "Libby" Custer -frontier girl, Civil War bride, Indian wars wife, and Victorian widow. Encyclopedia of Indian Wars: Western Battles & Skirmishes 1850-1890, by Gregory F. Michno. 480 pp; 6x9¼; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; indexes; ISBN: 0-87842-468-7; $28.00 HC. MP ♦After years of research, Michno has created a chronological listing of EVERY significant fight between Indians and the U.S. Army, as well as better-known Indian battles with civilians. Numerous maps, photographs, and tables supplement the text to enhance the reader‘s understanding. Expedition to the Southwest: An 1845 Reconnaissance of Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, & Oklahoma, by Lt. James W.


Abert. 242 pp; 6x9; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5935-2; $10.00 PA. UNEBP Abert set out from Bent‘s Fort to conduct a detailed reconnaissance. He possessed a great eye for detail, providing graphic descriptions of the birds, plants, and animals he encountered as well as clear depictions of the countryside. Moreover, Abert observed in great detail the Kiowas and Comanches who often approached his expedition to see if he and his men were the much hated ―Texans‖ with whom they were at war. Exploring with Custer, the 1874 Black Hills Expedition, by Ernest Grafe & Paul Horsted. 290 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; notes; sources; ISBN: 0-9718053-1-8; $34.95 PA. GVP ♦Join the first military expedition in the Black Hills, brought to life through striking photographs and vivid stories of the adventure. Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars 1865-1890 VOL. 1: The Struggle for Apacheria, by Peter Cozzens. 718 pp; 6½x9½; illus; map; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8117-0572-2; $49.95 HC. STACKP Cozzens has compiled an impressive collection of primary source material that provides firsthand views of the epic struggle for control of Apacheria between 1869-1886. Famous Fighting Units, by Michael A. Hughes. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-882810-82-1; $11.95 PA. SAVAS Includes Forsyth‘s Scouts at the Battle of Beecher Island, African-American Creeks, Cheyenne Dog Soldiers, and Part II of Nations Asunder: Reservation and Eastern Indians During the American Civil War. The Fetterman Massacre, by Dee Brown. 252 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; bibliog; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5730-9; $16.95 PA. UNEBP The Fetterman Massacre occurred on December 21, 1866, at Ft. Phil Kearny, a small outpost in the foothills of Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. The second battle in American history with no survivors, it became the subject of a congressional investigation. It is a true account of Ft. Phil Kearny and the ghastly events that took place. Finding Sand Creek: History, Archaeology, & the 1864 Massacre Site, by Jerome A. Greene & Douglas D. Scott. 272 pp; 5¾x9; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80613623-5; $24.95 HC. UOKP ♦This marks a major turning point in the study of Sand Creek because of the major infusion of new data, including a newly discovered military map and material artifacts recovered through the use of the most current anthropological techniques. Finn Burnett, Frontiersman, by Robert B. David. 396 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2483-2; $17.95 PA. STACKP ♦Burnett was born in Missouri in 1844, and had a long, thrilling career on the upper Plains and northern Rockies, initially battling Indians and later befriending them. His days as an army Sutler at Forts Phil Kearny and C.F. Smith on the ―Bloody Bozeman‖ Trail coincided with the infamous Fetterman Massacre. He later formed a lasting friendship with Washakie, the famous Shoshone chief, and Sacajawea, of Lewis and Clark Fame. First Scalp for Custer: The Skirmish at Warbonnet Creek, Nebraska July 17, 1876, by Paul L. Hedren. 80 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-933307-30-6; $9.95 PA. NSHS ♦The skirmish at Warbonnet Creek pitted the Indianfighting U.S. Army against Cheyenne warriors intent on joining the victors of the Little Big Horn battle. The skirmish culminated when Buffalo Bill Cody killed Yellow Hair, the only Indian killed in the skirmish. Fort Laramie and the Great Sioux War, by Paul L. Hedren.336 pp; 5¼x8½ maps; photos; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3049-0; $19.95 PA. UOKP This focuses on a crucial year in the history of the fort, 1876. That was the year of General George Crook's Big Horn, Yellowstone, and Powder River expeditions; the defeat of LtCol. Custer at the Little Big Horn; the Black Hills gold rush; and chaos at the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail agencies.

Fort Robinson & the American Century 1900-1948, by Thomas R. Buecker. 242 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3646-4; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦Most fort histories end when the military lowers the flag for the last time and the soldiers march out. In contrast, Fort Robinson –occupied and used for more than fifty years since its abandonment by the U.S. army- has taken on new roles. This book recounts the story of this famous northwestern Nebraska army post as it underwent remarkable transformation in the first half of the twentieth century. Fort Robinson and the American West 1874-1899, by Thomas R. Buecker. 296 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3534-4; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦Established in 1874 just south of the Black Hills, Fort Robinson witnessed many of the most dramatic, most tragic encounters between whites and American Indians, including the Cheyenne Outbreak, the death of Crazy Horse, the Ghost Dance, the desperation and diplomacy of such famed plains Indian leaders as Dull Knife and Red Cloud, and the tragic sequence of events surrounding Wounded Knee. Fort Supply, Indian Territory; Frontier Outpost on the Plains, by Robert C. Carriker. 250 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2243-9; $12.95 PA. UOKP This work brings to life a significant phase of southern plains history and makes the point that Indian Territory during the last three decades of the nineteenth century was a nether world of whiskey merchants, cattle and timber thieves, speculators, tribal opportunists, and various other frontier thugs. These vermin operated on the rational assumption that it was difficult, if not impossible, for the government to establish justice and order. Forts of the West, Forts West of the Mississippi to 1898, by Robert W. Frazer. 298 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1250-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP This is an alphabetical and systematic listing of presidios, forts, and posts in the West. Pertinent information included is: date established, location, reason for establishment, origin of post name, status or date of abandonment, location map, and present disposition. State by state mapping. Excellent research, and an excellent reference. Forty Miles a Day on Beans and Hay, by Don Rickey, Jr. 394 pp; 5½x8; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1113-5; $19.95 PA. UOKP This history focuses on the enlisted man of the regular army during the Indian wars of the West from 1865 to the 1890s and allows the common soldier to emerge as an individual and not as a stereotype. Rickey has authored a good history about the everyday life of these enlisted soldiers, having been able to consult over 300 living veterans of the Indian Wars. Frank J. North: Pawnee Scout Commander and Pioneer, by Ruby E. Wilson. 348 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; sources; notes; appendix; ISBN: 0-8040-0767-5; $19.95 PA. OHUP This work is the diaries of Frank North from April 1856 to March 5, 1885. Extensive notes. A Frontier Army Christmas, comp. by Lori Cox-Paul & Dr. James Wengert. 148 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; map; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0933307-02-0; $12.95 PA. NSHS For residents of frontier army posts, the celebration of Christmas was an exercise in imagination. This is a marvelous array of remembrances of Christmas past, brought together for the first time in this book. The Frontier Army in the Settlement of the West, by Michael L. Tate. 476 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3386-4; $19.95 PA. UOKP This examines the army‘s non-martial contributions to western development. Tate shows that the army conducted explorations, compiled scientific and artistic records, built roads, aided overland travelers, and improved river transportation. Army posts provided nuclei for towns, and soldiers delivered federal mails, undertook agricultural experiments, and assembled weather records for forecasting. Frontier Regulars, the U.S. Army and the Indians, 1866-1891, by Robert M. Utley. 478 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog;


index; ISBN: 0-8032-9551-0; $29.95 PA. UNEBP Utley combines scholarship and drama in this impressive history of the final, massive drive by the Regular Army to subdue and control the American Indian and open the West during the twenty-five years following the Civil War. His brilliant descriptions of military maneuvers and flaming battles are juxtaposed with a careful analysis of Sherman's army: its mode of operation, equipment, recruitment; its life-style and relations with Congress and civilians. Frontier Soldier: An Enlisted Man's Journal of the Sioux and Nez Perce Campaigns, 1877, by William F. Zimmer. 184 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; index; bibliog; ISBN: 0-917298-55-1; $15.95 PA. MHSP "Not many enlisted men recorded their adventures in Indian warfare. Still fewer actually kept a journal to lend immediacy to their observations. Frontier Soldier is such a journal, by a literate private who left his story of plains warfare in a chronicle rich in detail. It is richer for the annotations of Jerome A. Greene, whose understanding of the campaigns in which Zimmer marched is surpassed by few historians." (Robert Utley) Gatewood & Geronimo, by Louis Kraft. 304 pp; 6x9¼; photos; map; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8263-2130-5; $19.95 PA. UNMP Gatewood and Geronimo were the two pre-eminent warriors of the Apache Wars between 1878 and 1886. They respected on another in peace and feared one another in war. This is their story. General Crook and the Western Frontier, by Charles M. Robinson III. 412 pp; 6½x9½; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3358-9; $39.95 HC. UOKP This is the significant and only biography of a major player of the Indian wars. General George Crook, His Autobiography, ed. by Martin F. Schmitt. 356 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08061-1982-9; $24.95 PA. UOKP Crook's autobiography covers the period from his graduation from West Point in 1852 to June 18, 1876, the day after the famous Battle of the Rosebud. Editor Schmitt has supplemented Crook's life story with other material from the general's diaries and letters and from contemporary newspapers. Crook was known as the greatest Indian fighter in the history of the United States. Girl Captives of the Cheyenne, by Grace E. Meredith. 152 pp; 6x9; photos; appendix; ISBN: 0-8117-3158-8; $16.95 PA. STACKP ♦On September 11, 1874, a Cheyenne war party attacked the wagon train of a family of settlers traveling through Kansas. Only four survived –all young girls, ages five to seventeen, who witnessed the gruesome slaughter of their parents and siblings before being carried off by the Indians. The girls were eventually set free, but not before their ordeal became a cause célèbre of the Red River War and a legend of the American West. The Great Sioux Uprising, 1862, by Jerry Keenan. 104 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 0-306-81195-2; $17.95 PA. HCP ♦ In August of 1862, the Santee (Dakota) Sioux tribe, living on reservations in southern Minnesota, launched a spontaneous revolt against its white neighbors. Over five hundred died in the uprising and in the end, thirty-eight Santee Sioux were hanged in the largest mass execution in U.S. history. Hardtack & Coffee, the Unwritten Story of Army Life, by John D. Billings. 436 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6111X; $17.95 PA. UNEBP Here is the story of how the Civil War soldier was recruited, provisioned, and disciplined. Very detailed. Here‟s to the Ladies: Stories of the Frontier Army, by Carla Kelly. 272 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-87565-270-0; $17.50 PA. TCUP ♦These are realistic portraits of isolated posts from North Dakota to the Mexican Border, women of the frontier army and their men. Hero of Beecher Island: The Life and Military Career of George A. Forsyth, by David Dixon. 280 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6605-7; $14.00 PA. UNEBP The 1868 Battle of Beecher Island in eastern Colorado helped mold the popular conception of Indian warfare and made a hero of George A. Forsyth. This prize-winning biography provides fresh

insight into Forsyth's life and the role played by the United States Army during the post-Civil War period. Hokahey! A Good Year to Die! The Indian Casualties of the Custer Fight, by Richard G. Hardorff. 176 pp; 6½x9½; photos; illus; charts; tables; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7322-3; $12.95 PA. UNEBP This revealing account of the Custer Battle discloses a side of this well-known event that is seldom if ever heard. Here, you will learn about the young Indian men who died at the Little Bighorn. Rumors of large Indian losses are dispelled; however, as the author explains that many survived traumatic injury. Great outrage has been expressed by many sympathetic to Custer and his men, not only for the loss of over 200 troopers, but of the terrible mutilation of their bodies. It is the author's hope that by understanding the Lakota and Cheyenne warriors, one will get a better appreciation of some of the acts of aggression and deeds of valor described in here. This volume will be of help to anyone who wants to learn the whole truth and circumstances of what happened that fateful day in the Montana heat. I Fought with Custer, the Story of Sergeant Windolph, as told to Frazier & Robert Hunt. 264 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9720-3; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Sgt. Charles Windolph was the last survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. He fought in Capt. Benteen's troop on that fatal Sunday and recalls in vivid detail the battle that wiped out Custer's command. "I Will Fight No More Forever", Chief Joseph & the Nez Perce War, by Merrill D. Beal. 384 pp; 5¼x8; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-295-74009-4; $16.95 PA. UWAP Definitive account of the great Nez Perce tragedy, of their flight, of their honesty and glory, and of their final defeat in the Bear Paw Mountains of Montana. In Custer‟s Shadow: Major Marcus Reno, by Ronald H. Nichols. 432 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; footnotes; appendices; index; ISBN: 08061-3281-7; $19.95 PA. UOKP During the Battle of the Little Big Horn, five entire companies of the 7th U.S. Cavalry, including their leader, Custer, were lost. This presents the life of Major Marcus Reno, Custer‘s second-in-command. Using photos & maps to help the reader visualize the text, Nichols unravels the controversy surrounding Reno‘s role in the battle and questions the scrutiny to which he was subjected in the years following. In Dull Knife‟s Wake, the True Story of the Northern Cheyenne Exodus of 1878, by Vernon R. Maddux & Albert G. Maddux. 224 pp; 6x9; map; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-9722217-1-9; $16.95 PA. HRSCP ♦In 1877, after the defeat of Custer at Little Bighorn, the U.S. Government removed the Northern Cheyenne from their traditional homelands to a reservation in Indian Territory (Oklahoma). After suffering a year of disease and lack of food, and still not being allowed to return north, over 350 Cheyenne, under the leadership of Chiefs Dull Knife and Little Wolf, broke out from this reservation. This tells all sides of the story –that of the desperate Cheyenne, of the army forced to chase them, and the civilians caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. In Pursuit of the Nez Perces: The Nez Perce War of 1877, by Gen. O.O. Howard, Duncan McDonald & Chief Joseph. 318 pp; 5½x8½; map; index; ISBN: 0-945519-13-3; $12.95 PA. MMP In the words of Genl. O.O. Howard, Montana reporter Duncan McDonald, and Chief Joseph, here are three unique perspectives of the Nez Perce War of 1877. Indian Fights & Fighters, by Cyrus T. Brady. 442 pp; 5¼x8; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5743-0; $17.95 PA. UNEBP This history not only contains clear, fast-paced accounts of the Plains wars, but also a number of eyewitness accounts, most of which were written especially for Brady and which are almost impossible to find elsewhere. The Powder River Expedition, tragedy at Fort Phil Kearny, Fetterman Massacre, battles of Washita and Summit Springs, Wagon Box Fight, defense of Beecher's Island, and the campaigns of Crook, Custer, and Miles against the Sioux are all fully covered.


Indian Views of the Custer Fight, edited by Richard G. Hardorff. 240 pp; 6½x9½; illus; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80613690-1; $16.95 HC. UOKP ♦This offers thirty-five interviews and statements from Indians who were eyewitnesses to the battle. Indian War in the Pacific Northwest: The Journal of Lt. Lawrence Kip, intro. by Clifford E. Trafzer. 188 pp; 5¼x8; map; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7791-1; $9.95 PA. UNEBP Throughout the 1850s, Native people of the inland Northwest actively resisted white encroachments into their traditional territories. Tensions exploded in 1858 when nearly one thousand Palouses, Spokanes, and Coeur d‘Alenes routed an invading force commanded by Col. Edward Steptoe. In response, Col. George Wright mounted a large expedition into the heart of the Columbia Plateau to punish and subdue its Native peoples. Opposing Wright‘s force was a loose confederacy of tribes led by the famous warrior Kamiakin. Lt. Kip served under Wright. Indian Wars, by Robert M. Utley & Wilcomb E. Washburn. 320 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 9780618154647; $16.00 PA. HMC This is a complete history of three hundred years of Indian-white warfare. The Indian Wars East of the Mississippi, by Michael A Hughes. 192 pp; 6x9; illus; maps; notes; reviews; index; ISBN: 1-88281080-5; $11.95 PA. SAVAS Analyzes battles and leaders: Andrew Jackson at Emuckfaw, Enotochopco, and Horseshoe Bend, the Indian War in the Old Northwest, the Black Hawk War, and Anthony Wayne at Fallen Timbers. Kit Carson & the Indians, by Tom Dunlay. 550 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6642-1; $17.95 PA. UNEBP Dunlay assesses recent critical views of Carson as Indian fighter, soldier, and agent, and provides a balanced perspective, arguing Carson ought to be seen as a man of his times, who crossed the middle ground between ethnic and cultural worlds comfortably and successfully. Lakota and Cheyenne: Indian Views of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877; compiled by Jerome A. Greene. 192 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; illus; notes; index; maps; ISBN: 0-8061-3245-0; $19.95 PA. UOKP Told directly and without elaboration, this is the Indians' own story of the war forced upon them by the U.S. government and of their attempts to counter the military invasion of their country and protect their families from slaughter or starvation. The Last War Trail: The Utes & the Settlement of Colorado, by Robert Emmitt. 388 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087081-540-7; $24.95 PA. UCOP In a moving and forceful way, Emmitt presents the story of the Ute removal from the Indian‘s point of view. Legacy: New Perspectives on the Battle of the Little Bighorn, by Charles E. Rankin. 330 pp; 5x9; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-917298-42-X; $19.95 PA. MHSP As the media spotlight continues to play on General Custer and the battle of the Little Big Horn, here is a truly outstanding contribution to knowledge and understanding. In a superbly organized symposium held in Billings, Montana in 1994, an array of talented specialists offered new findings and fresh perspectives. Their presentations are here assembled in a book that sheds new light on both history and legend. Let Me Be Free: The Nez Perce Tragedy, by David Lavender. 412 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3190-X; $16.95 PA. UOKP This is a compelling account of a tragic period in Nez Perce history, beginning with their encounter with a ragged band of white explorers and culminating on a lonely stretch of gullied plains north of the Bear Paw Mountains in Montana. Lavender, in clear, sure prose, bears witness to one of the cruelest acts ever perpetrated by the U.S. Government against its native people. The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known as Buffalo Bill, by himself. 384 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-6303-1; $15.95 PA. UNEBP This covers the years from Cody's birth in 1846 until

1890. The years when he grew up, worked for Russell, Majors & Waddell, rode the Pony Express, went on fourteen expeditions against the Indians, and participated in fifteen Indian fights -the years that earned Cody the status of an authentic American hero. Strangely enough, Cody doesn't fantasize his own story. It remains mostly factual; probably attempting to undercut the wild stories of dime novels and untrue publicity written about him as a legend and bigger than life hero. The Life of Yellowstone Kelly, by Jerry Keenan. 400 pp; 6½x9½; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780826340351; $19.95 HC. UNMP ♦This is a splendid biography of Yellowstone Kelly, a remarkable but largely unassuming character of the West who lived a remarkable life. Lives & Legends of Buffalo Bill, by Don Russell. 528 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1537-8; $24.95 PA. UOKP ♦Finally reprinted. There are several important aspects to this biography. His whole career is presented. It is the only biography that contains any major assault on the army records dealing with Cody‘s scouting career and it relates with skill and insight the truths behind the legends exploited in contemporary dime novels, the stage, and the Wild West show. Includes a list of dime novels about Buffalo Bill. The Long Death: The Last Days of the Plains Indian, by Ralph K. Andrist. 386 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08061-3308-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP This compelling narrative explains how Native Americans found themselves time and again betrayed by the ever-expanding white nation of the East, fighting for lands on the edge of the shrinking frontier. The Long War for the Northern Plains, by Peter Cozzens. 756 pp; 6½x9¼; maps; illus; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8117-00801; $69.95 HC. STACKP ♦For nearly thirty years from the 1860s to the 1890s, the Northern Great Plains composed a crucible of warfare for troops and Indians locked in mortal forms of cultural conflict. Names like Red Cloud, Custer, Crook, Sitting Bull, Miles, and Crazy Horse, and terms like Fort Phil Kearny, Little Bighorn, and Wounded Knee became common parlance throughout the land. Herein, Cozzens captures the combat of these and other battlefields. Longknives: The U.S. Cavalry and Other Mounted Forces, 1845-1942, by Kurt H. Cox & John P. Langellier. 80 pp; 7½x10; photos; ISBN: 1-85367-233-5; $14.95 PA. STACKP ♦This presents the uniforms and equipment used by the cavalry and other mounted forces during the period 1845-1942. Massacre along the Medicine Road: A Social History of the Indian War of 1864 in Nebraska Territory, by Ronald Becher. 504 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087004-387-0; 22.95 PA. CAXP In August 1864, Cheyenne and Sioux warriors launched a series of raids on the ―road ranches‖ along the California-Oregon Trail, in Nebraska Territory, killing, wounding, or capturing dozens of white settlers. Becher details that violent summer, as seen through the eyes of the people who were the targets of the attacks. Massacre at Cheyenne Hole, Lt. Austin Henely and the Sappa Creek Controversy, by John H. Monnett. 168 pp; 6x9¼ ; map; photos; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-527-X; $24.95 HC. UCOP ♦On the morning of April 23, 1875, H Company 6th U.S. Cavalry attacked and destroyed a Cheyenne camp located on the middle fork of Sappa Creek. Initially, Lt. Henely was viewed as a hero, and his H Company men were awarded eight medals of honor for their bravery in the skirmish. However, later intimations surfaced that the Sappa Creek fight was a massacre of Cheyennes under Little Bull, who attempted to surrender. The Massacre at Sand Creek, by Bruce Cutler. 264 pp; 4¾x7½; ISBN: 0-8061-2990-5; $14.95 PA. UOKP In this powerful narrative, Bruce Cutler, retells the events surrounding this famous atrocity in a way many have never heard. We hear the voices of those who were there - the white participants, such as Colonel


John Chivington, who planned and led the surprise attack, and Captain Silas Soule, the only officer who refused to attack. We are also given the voices of the Cheyennes -voices that historical documents do not record- with particular focus on Black Kettle, the chief who trusted the promise of protection he had received from white officers and who waved the white flag of peace even as the attacking army approached. Massacres of the Mountains, a History of the Indian Wars of the Far West, by J.P. Dunn, Jr. 814 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2813-7; $21.95 PA. STACKP ♦This classic has been called the best single work on the Indian Wars of the American West. Montana Battlefields 1806-1877, Native Americans & the U.S. Army at War, by Barbara Fifer. 224 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-56037-309-1; $14.95 PA. FCP ♦Fifer takes readers on a historic journey to the solemn sites of Montana‘s most fascinating and storied battles, from Two Medicine Creek to the Little Bighorn and on to the Sweetgrass Hills, revealing engaging tales –from fighters and witnesses on both sides. Morning Star Dawn: The Powder River Expedition and the Northern Cheyennes, 1876, by Jerome A. Greene. 304 pp; 6x8¾; map; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3548-4; $34.95 HC. UOKP ♦ From a recognized authority comes this narrative history blending both American Indian and U.S. Army perspectives on the attack that destroyed the village of Northern Cheyenne chief Morning Star. Mountain Scouting: A Handbook for Officers and Soldiers on the Frontiers, by Edward S. Farrow. 288 pp; 5½x8; illus; ISBN: 08061-3209-4; $14.95 PA. UOKP This, first published in 1881, is a valuable instruction guide for novice soldiers, describing how to care for their horses, shoot accurately with their rifles, fix broken bones, and a host of other frontier army problems. My Army Life & the Fort Phil Kearney Massacre, by Frances C. Carrington. 348 pp; 5¼x8; maps; ISBN: 0-8032-6443-7; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This recounts the author‘s adventures as an army officer‘s wife on the Great Plains, but also sets the record straight on her second husband‘s involvement in the Fetterman fight. My Life on the Plains, by Genl. George A. Custer. 448 pp; 5x7½; map; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1357-X; $16.95 PA. UOKP This is a graphic picture of the experiences of one of the most controversial and publicized Indian fighters the U.S. Army ever produced. My Story, by Anson Mills. 424 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8117-2481-6; $19.95 PA. STACP ♦Mills saw frontier service in Arizona and Kansas, where he bravely fought against the Apache and Cheyenne. As a battalion commander with the army, he played an important role in Reynolds‘s Powder River campaign of early 1876, and in the Great Sioux War later that year. His good fortune continued after his service, when he became a millionaire after inventing and improving military items. The Mystery of E Troop: Custer's Gray Horse Company at the Little Bighorn, by Gregory Michno. 368 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-304-4; $18.00 PA. MP The men of Company E rode big gray horses that stood out amidst the confusion during the afternoon of June 25, 1876. The Indians later recalled seeing the horses -by the river, on the bluffs, and eventually on Last Stand Hill. Their riders lay dead in a ravine after the fighting ceased. But which ravine? Why couldn't the Army find their bones only a few years later? Why didn't archaeological excavations uncover any remains? The answers, finally, are at hand. New Mexico's Buffalo Soldiers 1866-1900, by Monroe L. Billington. 280 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-346-3; $14.95 PA. UCOP This is a timely and much-needed work. Black soldiers have traditionally

been sorely neglected in historical works, especially the part played out in New Mexico Territory. Between 1866 and 1900 from 3,300 to 3,800 black infantrymen and cavalrymen in the U.S. Army served at one time or another at eleven of the sixteen military installations in the Territory. Despite many obstacles, including an unfamiliar environment, inclement weather, backbreaking work, Indian dangers, poor housing, inferior animals, worn-out equipment, bad food, loneliness, boredom, and racial prejudice, black soldiers made significant contributions to New Mexico Territory. This, then, after so many years have passed, is their unique story. Nez Perce Summer 1877: The U.S. Army and the Nee-Me-Poo Crisis, by Jerome A. Greene. 576 pp; 6½x9¼; maps; photos; illus; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-917298-82-9; $24.95 PA. MHSP This examines the successive armed encounters between U.S. Army troops and a desperate body of Indians that occurred during the long summer of 1877. This definitive treatment of the Nez Perce War is the first to incorporate research from all known Nez Perce and U.S. military accounts. Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879, by Herman Lehmann. 264 pp; 5x7¼; photos; ISBN: 0-8263-1417-1; $17.95 PA. UNMP This is the story of Lehmann's captivity among the Southern Plains Apache during the 1870s. Adopted by a war chief, he was trained as an Apache warrior. He grew to love these people and waged merciless war against their Native American and white enemies. After killing an Apache medicine man in selfdefense, he fled to a year-long hermitage on the Southern Plains. His desperation for companionship drove him to join the Comanches until their incarceration on the Fort Sill Reservation. Against his will, he was returned to his family in 1879. The final chapters relate his difficult readjustment to anglo life. The Oatman Massacre: A Tale of Desert Captivity & Survival, by Brian McGinty. 256 pp; 5¾x9; maps; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3667-7; $27.95 HC. UOKP ♦This massacre is among the most famous and dramatic captivity stories in the history of the Southwest. In this riveting account, McGinty explores the background, development, and aftermath of the tragedy. On the Plains with Custer and Hancock: The Journal of Isaac Coates, Army Surgeon, by W.J.D. Kennedy. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-184-X; $16.95 PA. JOHN This is an accurately written, carefully edited journal documenting a critical year in the post-Civil War struggle between the U.S. Army and Indian tribes of the Southern Plains. Dr. Coates' journal spans only a few months of 1867, but they were significant months on the Kansas plains. A keen observer, he recorded critical events of the so-called "Hancock's War" with the Southern Plains tribes. His vignettes of key personalities are especially enlightening. Generals Hancock, Custer, and other army officers, and Indian chiefs such as Satanta and Roman Nose, elicited the doctor's sharp insights. Kennedy's commentary and annotations fill out a story that adds greatly to the literature of the Plains Indian frontier of the 1860s. Once They Moved Like the Wind: Cochise, Geronimo, and the Apache Wars, by David Roberts. 368 pp; 6½x9½; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-671-88556-1; $22.00 PA. S&S This is the epic story of the Apache campaign, told with sympathy and understanding. Roberts recognizes that in struggling to save their land, the Apaches were fighting to preserve their way of life. Evenhandedly, he describes the sorry history of the reservations, where the Apaches were deceived and abused by the U.S. government and its agents, while at the same time he acknowledges reliable contemporary sources that reported on the Apaches' cruelty. Great Work! Perilous Pursuit, the U.S. Cavalry & the Northern Cheyennes, by Stan Hoig. 304 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-660-8; $34.95 HC. UCOP ♦Beginning with the Northern Cheyennes‘ initial removal from their Montana Home Perilous Pursuit describes the desolation of the Indian Territory Reservation; the battles at Turkey Springs, Sand Creek, and


Punished Woman‘s Fork; and the difficult trail back up north. Phil Sheridan and His Army, by Paul A. Hutton. 496 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3188-8; $16.95 PA. UOKP This definitive account of Sheridan‘s western career not only traces his central role in the first military defeat of Indians but fills out the other sides of the General, who commanded Chicago after its great fire, served as an observer of the Franco-Prussian War, played a key role in the 1876 election crisis, and championed a national park system free from commercial exploitation. Very extensive bibliography. Portraits of Fort Phil Kearny, compiled by Fort Phil Kearny. 269 pp; 6x9; bibliog, photos; ISBN: 1-878856-14-6; Price reduced to $11.95 PA. FPK Excellent biographical sketches of a broad representation of individuals who were involved in that dramatic conflict between Euro-Americans and Native Americans centered at or near Fort Phil Kearny, Dakota Territory, in 1866-1868. Recollections of Western Texas 1852-55, by Two of the U.S. Mounted Rifles, by William & John Wright. 111 pp; 6x9; photos, index; ISBN: 0-89672-436-0; $15.95 PA. TTUP Here, you are invited to travel back in time through the natural-history musings and military memories of William and John Wright, two brothers from Ireland who served in the U.S. Army Regiment of Mounted Rifles on the Texas frontier. The Reno Court of Inquiry: Abstract of the Official Record of Proceedings, by W.A. Graham. 364 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8117-1416-0; $19.95 HC. STACKP The inquiry quickly developed into a broad investigation of the manner in which the battle was fought, and competent historians and students consider the record to be the chief and most important repository of detailed information on the subject. In 1951 a verbatim edition of the official record, limited to 125 copies was published by Graham. This volume is an abstract of that record. Redlegs, the U.S. Artillery from the Civil War to the SpanishAmerican War, 1861-1898, by John P. Langellier. 72 pp; 7½x10; photos; ISBN: 1-85367-309-9; $16.95 PA. STACKP ♦Describes the uniforms and equipment of U.S. Artillerymen from 1861 to 1898. Sagebrush Soldier, Pvt. Smith's View of the Sioux War of 1876, by Sherrie L. Smith. 178 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; epilogue; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3335-X; $16.95 PA. UOKP A rare first-hand account of the enlisted man's life in the regular U.S. Army of the western frontier. This is a valuable look at institutions and personalities as well as a significant episode in the Indian wars, including the view from both sides of the battle lines. A life of hard-tack & beans versus jerky & pemmican. The Sand Creek Massacre, by Stan Hoig. 232 pp; 5x7½; map; photos; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1147-X; $19.95 PA. UOKP The depredations committed by the Cheyenne and Arapaho prior to the massacre, and the desire of some of the commanding officers for a bloody victory against the Indians laid the groundwork for the massacre at Sand Creek. Sometimes called the "Chivington Massacre," this event has become one of the most controversial tragedies of all the Plains Indian conflicts. Sand in a Whirlwind, the Paiute Indian War of 1860, by Ferol Egan. 344 pp; 5½x8; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087417-097-4; $18.95 PA. UNVP ♦This is a dramatic account of the events surrounding hostilities between settlers and Indians in the spring of 1860. Scalp Dance: Indian Warfare on the High Plains, 1865-1879, by Thomas Goodrich. 352 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2907-7; $21.95 PA. STACKP Some of the most savage warfare in world history was waged on the American Plains from 1865 to 1879. As white settlers moved west following the Civil War, they found powerful Indian tribes barring the way. When the U.S. Army intervened, a bloody and prolonged conflict ensued. Drawing heavily from diaries, letters, and memoirs, Goodrich weaves a spellbinding web of life and death on the prairie, told in timeless words of the participants themselves. The Shoshoni Frontier and the Bear River Massacre, by Brigham D. Madsen. 308 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-87480-494-9; $17.95 PA. UUTP In January 1863 over 200 Shoshoni men, women, and children died on the banks of the Bear River at the hands of volunteer soldiers from California. Bear River was one of the largest Indian massacres in the Trans-Mississippi West. Madsen‘s detailed narrative of the events and conflicts that culminated in the massacre remains the definitive account of this bloody chapter in U.S.-Native American relations. Showdown at Little Big Horn, by Dee Brown. 224 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-6218-3; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦On Sunday afternoon, 25 June 1876, Gen. George Custer and 264 members of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry engaged more than 3,000 (oops!) warriors of the Lakota Sioux, Arapaho, and Cheyenne nations and were killed in the ensuing battle. Brown traces the events of that day and of the weeks before, through the eyes and ears of seventeen participants from both sides, including Natives, soldiers, and civilians. Soldiers & Uniforms of the American Army 1775-1954, by Frederick P. Todd. 72 pp; 9x12; illus; references; ISBN: 0-48644042-7; $12.95 PA. DOVER ♦Military enthusiasts, hobbyists, and students of dress and design will find this marvelous collection and important addition to their personal libraries. Soldiers Falling Into Camp: The Battles at the Rosebud and the Little Big Horn, by Robert Kammen; Joseph Marshall, III; Frederick Voget Lefthand. 288 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; references; index; ISBN: 978-0-9779039-0-0; $15.95 PA. CPP ♦Back in print! This is a long overdue addition to the library of U.S. history. The three authors have blended historical research with stories passed down from generation to generation. This presents both the Indian and the white soldier perspective of the Battles at the Rosebud and the Little Big Horn. Sound the Charge: The U.S. Cavalry in the American West, 1866-1916, by John P. Langellier. 72 pp; 7½x10¼; photos; color plates; ISBN: 1-85367-319-6; $16.95 PA. STACKP This stunning pictorial presents the uniforms and equipment of the men and women of the United States Cavalry in full detail. That Body of Brave Men: The U.S. Regular Infantry & the Civil War in the West, by Mark W. Johnson. 786 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; illus; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-306-81246-0; $45.00 HC. HCP ♦Two separate components made up the bulk of the Union Army: state volunteer regiments and the Regular Army. The volunteers have stood forefront in the mind of the American Public, perhaps because the vast majority of Northern soldiers served in volunteer units. Much has been written about the volunteer units, but there has been very little attention paid to the 75,000 soldier‘s of the Union‘s Regular Army –until now. They Died with Custer, Soldiers' Bones from the Little Bighorn, by Douglas D. Scott, P. Willey, & Melissa A. Connor. 416 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; graphs; glossary; index; ISBN: 08061-3507-7; $16.95 PA. UOKP Although dead men tell no tales, their skeletons whisper entire life stories. Through painstaking analysis of the skeletal remains, the authors construct composite biographies of the soldiers, identifying their true ages, heights, states of health, and how they died. A vast selection of illustrations, including photos, battlefield maps, drawings, and graphs, enhance the discussion. Three Years on the Plains: Observations of Indians 1867-1870, by Edmund B. Tuttle. 224 pp; 4¾x7½; map; illus; ISBN: 0-80613494-1; $17.95 PA. UOKP ♦History has its villains and its heroes, but most of all, it has its witnesses. From 1867-to 1870 Tuttle was an eyewitness to the evolving relationship between the U.S. military and the American Indians on the northern high plains, particularly the Sioux and the Cheyennes. Thrilling Days in Army Life, by Genl. George A. Forsyth. 228 pp; 5¼x8; photo; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-6873-4; $8.95 PA. UNEBP Considered a premier Indian fighter, Forsyth's unembellished


account of his career from the Civil War to the defeat of the Chiricahua Apaches is filled with considerable intimate detail. Good work. Through Dakota Eyes: Narrative Accounts of the Minnesota Indian War of 1862, ed. by Gary Anderson and Alan Woolworth. 328 pp; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87351-216-2; $15.95 PA. MINHSP This is an important look at how the political dynamic of Minnesota‘s southern Dakota tribes erupted into a brief, futile blood bath. It is also a vital record of the death song of the Dakotas‘ traditional, nomadic way of life. To Hell with Honor: Custer and the Little Bighorn, by Larry Sklenar. 414 pp; 6½x9½; ISBN: 0-8061-3472-0; $19.95 PA. UOKP Sklenar contends that Custer did have a battle plan. He argues Custer had reason to believe his scheme might succeed, made decisions consistent with army regulations, had subordinates who could not overcome the limits of their personalities in a desperate situation, and made a selfless commitment to save the bulk of his regiment. In other words, exonerated of fault. To Live and Die in the West: The American Indian Wars, by Jason Hook & Martin Pegler. 160 pp; 7¼x9¾; ISBN: 1-84176-0188; $26.95 PA. STACKP This volume describes those who took part in these wars, focusing on the plains Indians such as the Sioux and Cheyenne, the Apache peoples of the southwest, and their implacable foe, the U.S. Cavalry. Tom Custer, Ride to Glory, by Carl F. Day. 302 pp; 6½x9½; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87062-310-9; $38.50 HC. ACLARK ♦Tom Custer was a hero in his own right. He is the first man in our history to receive two Medals of honor for heroism on the battlefield. This work chronicles his life from boyhood to his death at the Little Bighorn with his brother George. Touched by Fire, the Life, Death, & Mystic Afterlife of George Armstrong Custer, by Louise Barnett. 560 pp; 6x9; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780803262669; $17.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In a field teeming with highly partisan and wildly speculative treatments of Custer, Barnett enters with a volume widely acclaimed by both military and cultural historians as the most balanced account of his life and legend. Custer‘s life spans two great eras of American history and Barnett‘s commanding work pushes beyond the existing literature to a comprehensive view of this controversial figure.. Troopers with Custer, by E.A. Brininstool. 360 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-6101-2; $23.95 PA. UNEBP No one survived in Custer's immediate command, but other soldiers fighting in the Battle of the Little Big Horn were doomed to remember the nightmarish scene for decades after. Their true and terrible stories are included in this book. Brininstool considers the causes of Custer's defeat and questions the alleged cowardice of Major Reno. Stories from Capt. Benteen, scouts Lt. C.A. Varnum and "Lonesome Charley" Reynolds, trumpeter John Martin, the only surviving surgeon, the captain of the steamboat that carried the wounded away, and other officers and troopers who survived. Twenty Years Among our Hostile Indians, by J. Lee Humfreville. 486 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2814-5; $19.95 PA. STACKP ♦Classic! Humfreville was a Civil War veteran who earned a regular Army commission as a lieutenant in the 9th U.S. Cavalry, the ―Buffalo Soldiers,‖ in 1866. He resigned his commission after eight years‘ service on the Southern Plains. Here, he offers his observations on all aspects of Plains Indian life. Two Great Scouts and Their Pawnee Battalion: The Experiences of Frank J. North and Luther H. North, by George B. Grinnell. 312 pp; 5¼x8; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5775-9; $12.00 PA. UNEBP From 1864 until 187, the Pawnee Scouts, a unique U.S. Army battalion of about a hundred Pawnees, were scouts and soldiers during the height of the Plains Indian wars. They were commanded by the famous "fighting Norths." Originally published in 1928, this is their exciting story.

Uniforms of the United States Army, 1774-1889, in Full Color, by H.A. Ogden. 46 pp; 9x12; illus; ISBN: 0-486-40107-3; $9.95 PA. DOVER ♦This striking collection of lithographs is a marvelous sampling of military, social, and costume history. It features a wealth of richly colored, hand-tinted prints portraying the gamut of U.S. army uniforms, from fatigues to full dress, between 1774 and 1889. The U.S. Army in the West, 1870-1880: Uniforms, Weapons, and Equipment, by Douglas C. McChristian. 336 pp; 8¾x11¼; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3782-7; $24.95 PA. This describes the development of army uniforms, equipment, and small arms during a pivotal decade of experimentation and against the backdrop of a highly influential military operation, the Indian campaigns in the West. The U.S. Cavalry, by John Selby. 40 pp; 7x9½ ; map; photos; illus; color section; index; ISBN: 1-84176-351-9; $15.95 PA. OSPREY ♦This book details the history from its formation to the late 1960s, while profiling some of its most memorable leaders. The text is backed by numerous illustrations, including contemporary photographs, sketches, maps and eight color plates. The United States Cavalry, an Illustrated History 1776-1944, by Gregory J.W. Urwin. 192 pp; 7½x9¾; map; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3475-5; $19.95 PA. UOKP ♦Urwin begins his story in New York City in 1776 with the Continental Light Dragoons and continues it through the days of the ―pony soldiers‖ of the western plains, including detailed coverage of LtCol. George Custer‘s 7th Cavalry Regiment. Urwin concludes with descriptions of Gen. John J. Pershing‘s 1916 punitive Expedition into Mexico and the exploits of the 26th U.S. Cavalry, the only U.S. mounted unit to see combat in World War II, during the defense of the Philippines in 11941-1942. The United States Infantry, an Illustrated History 1775-1918, by Gregory J.W. Urwin. 176 pp; 7¼x9¾; maps; tables; illus; photos; bibliog; index; 9780806132174; $12.95 PA. UOKP ♦American infantrymen served their country in the fury of battle with muskets, rifles, bayonets, and bare hands. Urwin narrates the history of these men from their colonial origins through the War of 1812, the Mexican War, Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, and finally to their painful coming of age in 1918, as a worldclass combat force on the fields of France in World War I. The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story From Early America, by John Demos. 336 pp; 5¼x8; maps; index; ISBN: 0-679-759611; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. RH The setting for this haunting and encyclopedically researched work of history is colonial Massachusetts, where English Puritans first endeavored to "civilize" a "savage" native populace. There, in February 1704, a French and Indian war party descended on the village of Deerfield, massacring some inhabitants and abducting others. Among the captives were the eminent minister John Williams and his five children. Williams would eventually be released, but his small daughter Eunice remained with her captors. Years later, to the horror of her family, she joined them, embracing Catholicism and taking a Mohawk husband. Utah's Black Hawk War, by John A. Peterson. 448 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87480-508-2; $19.95 PA. UUTP From 1863 to 1867, the warrior chief Black Hawk, also known as Atonga, led a combined force of Utes, Navajos, and Paiutes in a series of intense stock raids on the Mormon settlements in Utah territory. Fearing the war would provide a pretext for sending more federal troops to Utah, the Mormons withheld information from the government. Utah's Latter-day Saint citizens mobilized the church militia, the Nauvoo Legion, to repel the Indian attacks. Bloodshed on both sides plunged Mormons and Indians into a war of vengeance; years of killing and raiding that continued until federal troops intervened in 1872. Vanished Arizona: Recollections of the Army Life of a New England Woman, by Martha Summerhayes. 340 pp; 5¼x8; illus; photos; maps; appendix; ISBN: 0-8032-9105-1; $14.95 PA. UNEBP These recollections span a quarter of a century and


life at a dozen army posts, beginning in 1874 at Fort Russell in Wyoming Territory, and ending in 1899 in Arizona. This book has become one of the essential primary records of army life in the frontier-military West. The View from Officer‟s Row: Army Perception of Western Indians, by Sherrie L. Smith. 288 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8165-1245-0; $17.95 PA. UAZP The officers; by examining the attitudes of a group that has been largely ignored by other scholars, Smith broadens the discussion of white attitudes toward the Indians and places the frontier army in its social and intellectual context. Smith also concentrates on the perspective of junior officers and their wives on such topics as Indian women and the use of Indians as Army scouts. Warriors at the Little Bighorn 1876, by Richard Hook. 48 pp; 7x9½; maps; photos; illus; color section; bibliog; index; ISBN: 184176-666-6; $15.95 PA. OSPREY ♦This remarkable book is a unique analysis of the oral and pictorial evidence for the appearance of nearly 30 named Sioux and Cheyenne warriors who were present that day. The Wars for the Pacific Northwest: Eyewitnesses to the Indian Wars 1865-1890, ed. by Peter Cozzens. 784 pp; 6¼x9¼; map; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8117-0573-0; $49.95 HC. STACKP ♦For the first time, the 19th century first-hand accounts of the five major Indian wars in the Pacific Northwest have been gathered together in one book. This volume is destined to become an indispensable resource for history buffs and professional historians. Washita: The U.S. Army & the Southern Cheyennes, 18671869, by Jerome A. Greene. 304 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3551-4; $29.95 HC. UOKP ♦On November 27, 1868, the U.S. Seventh Cavalry under Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer attacked a Southern Cheyenne village along the Washita River in present-day Oklahoma. The subsequent U.S. victory signaled the end of the Cheyennes‘ traditional way of life and resulted in the death of Black Kettle, their most prominent peace chief. The engagement brought both praise and condemnation for Custer and carried long-range implications for his stunning defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn eight years later. The Western Odyssey of John S. Smith, Frontiersman and Indian Interpreter, by Stan Hoig. 256 pp; 6x9; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3602-2; $21.95 PA. UOKP ♦Well known to his contemporaries but largely forgotten today, John Smith (18101871) counted among his acquaintances Indian chiefs and U.S. presidents. During his long and varied career, Smith was a fur trapper, a trader for Charles Bent, and a recognized spokesman for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, with whom he lived much of his life. Where Custer Fell, Photographs of the Little Bighorn Battlefield Then & Now, by Jakes S. Brust, Brian G. Pohanka, & Sandy Barnard. 238 pp; 9½x12¼; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3666-9; $39.95 HC. UOKP ♦Merging the visual with the cognitive, Where Custer Fell gives new meanings and understandings to the theories, speculations, and controversies of one of history‘s great enigmas. Women's Indian Captivity Narratives, ed. by Kathryn Z. Derounian-Stodola. bibliog; notes; ISBN: 0-14-043671-5; $15.00 PA, PEN Enthralling generations of readers, the narrative of capture by Native Americans is arguably the first American literary form dominated by women's experiences. Here are ten extraordinary tales.  INDIANS 261 North American Indian Designs, by Madeleine OrbanSzontagh. 48 pp; 8¼x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-27718-6; $6.95 PA. DOVER A broad range of designs, including abstract and floral motifs, as well as human, animal and mystical figures. Copyrightfree.

America is Indian Country, Opinions and Perspectives from Indian Country Today, edited by Jose Barreiro & Tim Johnson. 360 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 1-55591-537-X; $16.95 PA. FULC ♦This is replete with nuggets that articulately and passionately explain many issues currently facing tribes. It reflects Indian perspectives and, in fact, is a Native critique of American life. American Flintknappers, by John C. Whittaker. 368 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; charts; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-292-70266-3; $29.95 PA. UTEXP ♦In this book, avid knapper and professional anthropologist John Whittaker offers an insider‘s view of the knapping community. American Indian Archery, by Reginald & Gladys Laubin. 192 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; color sections; glossary; notes bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2387-7; $19.95 PA. UOKP A methodically researched and interestingly presented work, whose title does not do credit to its contents. There are chapters on comparison of bows, making of bows, arrows, and comparisons between Indian and English archery. Sufficiently detailed and excellent illustrations, especially on sinew-backed and horn bows. American Indian Beadwork, by W. Ben Hunt & J.F. Burshears. 64 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-684-82944-4; $14.00 PA. S&S Includes: directions for beading stitches, making looms, your own designs, and 132 patterns. American Indian Cut & Use Stencils: 58 Full-Size Stencils Printed on Durable Stencil Paper, by Ed Sibbett, Jr. 64 pp; 8¼x11; stencil designs; ISBN: 0-486-24183-1; $7.95 PA. DOVER Included in this unique collection are excellent examples of geometrics, animal representations, animistic deities, warriors, and other intriguing motifs based on authentic American Indian designs from several tribes including Crow, Hopi, Pawnee, Choctaw, Apache, Pueblo, Sioux, Zuni, Blackfoot, Creek, and others. 58 designs. American Indian Design and Decoration, by Leroy Appleton. 279 pp; 8½x11¼; ISBN: 0-486-22704-9; $14.95 PA. DOVER Full text, plus more than 700 precise drawings of basketry, sculpture, painting, pottery, sand paintings, metal, etc. 4 plates in color. American Indian Myths and Legends, sel. & ed. by Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz. 544 pp; 6x9; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-394-74018-1; $18.95 PA. RH This magnificent collection gathers 160 tales from 80 tribal groups to offer a rich and lively panorama of Native American mythic heritage. Tales of creation and love, of heroes and war, of animals, tricksters, and the end of the world. American Indian Needlepoint Designs for Pillows, Belts, Handbags, and Other Projects, by Roslyn Epstein. 48 pp; 8¼x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-22973-4; $4.50 PA. DOVER Here is an outstanding collection of authentic American Indian designs, which have been adapted for needlepoint. Each design has been conveniently applied in a grid which corresponds to the mech on #10 needlepoint canvas. 37 illustrations. American Indian Sports Heritage, by Joseph B. Oxendine. 360 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8609-0; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. UNEBP Oxendine describes the apex of Indian sports during the first three decades of the twentieth century and chronicles the decline since. He looks at the career of the legendary Jim Thorpe and provides brief biographies of other Indian athletes before and after 1930. American Indian Stories, by Zitkala-Sa. 224 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 08032-9917-6; $12.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Zitkala-Sa recalled legends and tales from oral traditions and used experiences from her life and community to educate others about the Yankton Sioux. This is a collection of childhood stories, allegorical fiction, and an essay.


American Indian Trickster Tales, by Richard Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz. 320 pp; 5x7¾; illus; index; ISBN: 0-14-027771-4; $15.00 PA. PEN There are more than one hundred tales, representing fifty-five different tribes, providing a riotous introduction to the slippery devil who‘s been haunting humanity‘s campfires for thousands of years. American Indians: Answers to Today‟s Questions, 2nd ed., by Jack Utter. 530 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; charts; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3313-9; $39.95 HC. UOKP Sensitive to issues of concern to Indians, this book goes a long way to knock down many of the dangerous stereotypes that haunt Indian people. American Indians in U.S. History, by Roger L. Nichols. 272 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; illus; endnotes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0806103578-6; $17.95 PA. UOKP ♦Presents the central issues tribal leaders faced during each era and demonstrates that, despite their frequently changing status, American Indians have maintained their cultures, identities, and many of their traditional lifeways. American Indian‟s Kitchen-Table Stories, by Keith Cunningham. 240 pp; 6x9; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87483-202-0; $16.95 PA. AUG More than 200 narratives from contemporary American Indian storytellers portray a people open to new ideas and technology, blessed with a healthy sense of humor, and able to live among and communicate with the Anglo world around them while retaining tribal identities and awareness. The power of these conversations comes from their simplicity and directness. Ancient Visions: Petroglyphs & Pictographs of the Wind River and Bighorn Country, Wyoming and Montana, by Julie E. Francis & Lawrence L. Loendorf. 274 pp; 7½x10¼; maps; illus; photos; references; index; ISBN: 0-87480-810-3; $21.95 PA. UUTP Whitley approaches the concept of shamanism and the ancient world of Native Americans with well-reasoned scholarship. The enigmatic art and dramatic setting, beautiful in themselves, make a persuasive statement to reinforce his conclusions. An Unspeakable Sadness: The Dispossession of the Nebraska Indians, by David J. Wishart. 328 pp; 6x9¼; photos; illus; maps; tables; graphs; charts; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9795-5; $19.95 PA. UNEBP No one should overlook this singular book, a readable, thoroughly documented history of the Indians of Nebraska -Pawnee, Otoe, Missouria, Ponca and Omaha. The Apache Diaries, a Father-Son Journey, by Grenville & Neil Goodwin. 300 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; illus; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-2175-4; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 HC. ISBN: 0-80327102-6; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. UNEBP The surrender of Geronimo in 1886 did not mark the end of Apache resistance to white encroachment. Over the next four decades, rumors (true) persisted about a band of ―wild‖ Apaches in the Sierra Madre. Neil‘s father Grenville found them but died before his research was complete. His son Neil completed the research of his father and uses their journals to engage in a dialogue with the father he never knew. The Apache Indians, in Search of the Missing Tribe, by Helge Ingstad. 236 pp; 5½x8¾; map; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-25040; $24.95 HC. UNEBP ♦This tells the story of the Norwegian explorer Helge Ingstad‘s sojourn among the Apaches near the White Mountain Reservation in Arizona and his epic journey to locate the ―lost‖ group of their brethren in the Sierra Madres in the 1930s. Apache Odyssey, a Journey Between Two Worlds, by Morris E. Opler. 328 pp; 6x9; map; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80328616-3; $18.95 PA. UNEBP In 1933 Opler met a Mescalero Apache he called Chris and worked with him to record the man‘s life story, from the bloody Apache Wars into the reservation years of the mid-twentieth century. Includes crucial background information on Apache history and culture.

The Assiniboine, by Edwin T. Denig. 324 pp; 6¾x9¾; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3235-3; $19.95 PA. UOKP This work is to be regarded as the most complete and authentic description of Assiniboine Indian culture in the mid-nineteenth century known to ethnology. Authentic Indian Designs, ed. by Maria Naylor. 219 pp; 8x11; ISBN: 0-486-23170-4; $15.95 PA. DOVER Largest collection anywhere: 2500 authentic illustrations of pottery, beadwork, blankets, wood work, totem poles, metal, hide painting, baskets, etc. Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do It, with 50 Charts for Bead Weaving and 21 Full-Size Patterns for Appliqué, by Pamela Stanley-Millner. 48 pp; 8¼x11; ISBN: 0-48624739-2; $4.95 PA. DOVER Start-to-finish guide enables even beginners to create beautiful beadwork designs for many craft uses. Autobiography of Red Cloud: War Leader of the Oglalas, ed. by R. Eli Paul. 240 pp; 5½x8½; map; appendices; notes; index; ISBN: 0-917298-50-0; $15.95 PA. MHSP Red Cloud -the only Native American leader ever to win a war against the U.S. Army. In the 1860s he destroyed Capt. W.J. Fetterman's command, closed the Bozeman Trail, and forced the U.S. to a peace conference. A brilliant military strategist, Red Cloud honed his skills against his tribe's traditional enemies -the Pawnees, Shoshones, Arikaras, and Crows- long before he fought to close the Bozeman Trail. Away from Home: American Indian Boarding School Experiences, 1879-2000, ed. by Margaret L. Archuleta, Brenda J. Child, & Tsianina Lomawaima. 144 pp; 8x11; photos; illus; references; index; ISBN: 0-934351-62-7; $29.95 PA. UNMP These stories tell us about individual experiences and more as well, for the institutional life of boarding school is a common thread running through American Indian history –a history that will not be forgotten. Bead on an Anthill, a Lakota Childhood, by Delphine Red Shirt. 160 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0-8032-8976-6; $11.95 PA. UNEBP This is the story of a Lakota girl‘s experiences growing up in Nebraska and on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the 1960s and 1970s. The Beading of My Heart, 52 Loom Beading projects, by Mary L. Thompson. 116 pp; 8½ x10 ¾; Illus, photos, diagrams, bibliog; ISBN: 0-943604-60-5; $15.25 PA. EAGVP Anyone wanting to learn loom beading can pick up this book, buy supplies with confidence, build a simple frame loom and complete a project. A Beadwork Companion, by Jean Heinbuch. 112 pp; 8½x11; illus; diag; color plates; ISBN: 0-943604-31-1; $12.95 PA. EAGVP This exciting new book presents step by step instructions for making 11 beautiful beading craft projects from barrettes to fully beaded belts. Beading patterns are provided for each one and seven additional patterns are also included. Each project is fully illustrated by the author with photos of each item and over 200 illustrations. Projects for all levels of beaders, from beginning to advanced can be found here. Beads and Beadwork of the American Indians, by William C. Orchard. 153 pp; 8½x10¾; diagrams, photos; ISBN: 0-943604-087; $16.95 PA. EAGVP Not only is this book an in-depth study of bead technology, but it considers in great detail the history, use and distribution of North (and South) American beadwork art from prehistoric to relatively modern times. Includes 16 color and 26 black and white plates and 136 figures which include drawings and photos. Beauty, Honor, & Tradition: the Legacy of Plains Indian Shirts, by Joseph D. & George P. Horse Capture. 160 pp; 9½x12; illus; color photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8166-5947-7; $34.95 PA UMP ♦This represents a powerful collaboration between two great museums –the National Museum of the American Indian/Smithsonian Institution, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts- and two curators, father and son members of the A‘aninin Indian Tribe of Montana.


Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs, by Kay D. Bennett. 80 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-40283-5; $7.95 PA. DOVER ♦An inexpensive way to create beautiful gifts for friends and family, this user-friendly design book will also introduce you to a time-honored craft practiced for centuries by the first Americans. Bird Woman: Sacagawea‟s Own Story, by James W. Schultz. 154 pp; 5½x8½; index; ISBN: 0-945519-23-0; $11.95 PA. MMP This is Sacagawea‘s own story, passed down to us in the tradition of Native American oral history through the writing of one of the West‘s greatest storytellers. Here you will meet Sacagawea, a woman of intelligence, courage and determination, who on occasion proved to be crucial to the survival and success of the Corps of Discovery, the greatest expedition in the history of the United States. Black Elk Lives: Conversations with the Black Elk Family, ed. by Hilda Neihardt & Lori Utecht. 184 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-3340-X; $25.00 HC. ISBN: 0-8032-6207-8; $12.95 PA. UNEBP Nicholas Black Elk (1863-1950) is arguably the best known and most influential Native American of the twentieth century. His story and teachings, first recorded by John G. Neihardt in Black Elk Speaks, have played a critical role in shaping the way in which Native Americans and others view the past, present, and future of Native America. What has happened to Black Elk‘s world and family since the Lakota holy man spoke to Neihardt? Here, for the first time, the descendants of Black Elk tell us about their lives and their people and how the legacy of Black Elk affects them today. Blackfeet and Buffalo, Memories of Life Among the Indians, by James W. Schultz (Apikuni). 400 pp; 5¼x8½; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1700-1; $24.95 PA. UOKP Here are the Blackfeet Indians in their hunts, their eagle trapping, their visions and in their dominating fears -fears based on superstitions promoted by their priests- fears that prevented their rising in accordance with their noble potentialities. Blackfeet Indian Stories, by George B. Grinnell. 144 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-931832-57-9; $10.95 PA. RIVB ♦Here are the great stories of the Blackfeet, including the camp of the ghosts, how the earth was created, the secret societies of the Blackfeet, the stories of Cold Maker and Thunder, the hero Kut-o-yis‘, who got rid of the bad things, and the entertaining Na‘pi (Old Man) stories of mischief and trickery. The Blackfeet, Raiders on the Northwestern Plains, by John C. Ewers. 362 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1836-9; $24.95 PA. UOKP The Blackfeet were the strongest military power on the Northwestern plains in the historic buffalo days. For half a century up to 1805, they were almost constantly at war with the Shoshonis and came very close to exterminating that tribe. They also shoved the Flatheads and Kootenais westward across the Rockies. They were friendly to the English and Canadian traders, but took an early dislike to Americans such as Manuel Lisa, Pierre Menard, and Andrew Henry, and literally chased them out of Montana. Good work on the three tribes which made up the Blackfeet Nation. Blackfeet Tales from Apikuni‟s World, by James W. Schultz. 262 pp; 5¾x8¾; illus; ISBN: 0-8061-3406-2; $34.95 HC. UOKP ♦These tales are based on Schultz‘s experiences with the Blackfeet, who gave him the name Apikuni. Schultz‘s Indian alter ego, Apikuni, plays a role in many of the stories, usually under the name Spotted Robe. Blackfeet Tales of Glacier National Park, by James W. Schultz. 240 pp; 5¼x8½; photo; ISBN: 1-931832-14-5; $19.95 PA. RIVB ♦Schultz came west as a young man in the late 1800s and lived among the Blackfeet for many years. Speaking their language and using sign language, he absorbed hundreds of stories about the tribe, its history, and oral tradition.

Blackfoot Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri, by John G. Lepley. 298 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 157510-106-8; $24.95 PA. PHPC ♦After years of strife and conflict, in 1830 the Blackfoot signed a treaty to trade with the Americans. During those years of trade their culture changed when white man‘s goods added to and modified their life styles. This is the most complete account of those trading years. Blackfoot Lodge Tales, the Story of a Prairie People, by George B. Grinnell. 344 pp; 5¼x8; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7109-3; $14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Reissue. The thirty tales transcribed by Grinnell provide an intimate look into Blackfoot culture and philosophy and remind us of tribal values to be upheld and taught. Blue Star: The Story of Corabelle Fellows, Teacher at Dakota Missions 1884-1888, by Kunigunde Duncan. 240 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87351-245-6; $8.95 PA. MINHSP In 1884 Fellows became a church-sponsored teacher among the Indian people of Dakota Territory. For the next several years she taught English, art, and domestic science on Rosebud, Pine Ridge, and Cheyenne River reservations. In return for her friendship, the students gave her the name Blue Star. A keen observer, especially of Indian women‘s and children‘s lives, she learned much about their family traditions. Good read! The Book of Ceremonies, a Native Way of Honoring and Living the Sacred, by Gabriel Horn. 254 pp; 6¾x7¼; illus; ISBN: 1-57731-062-4; $20.00 HC. 252 pp; 6½7; illus; ISBN: 1-57731504-9; $14.95 PA. NWL Within these pages, Celebrated Native American writer Gabriel Horn weaves a hauntingly beautiful tapestry of stories and short pieces that show us the sacred Native way of life. Book of Indian Crafts and Indian Lore, by Julian H. Salomon. 450 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; diag; music; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0486-41433-7; $14.95 PA. DOVER This is a copiously illustrated volume covering not only the practical and ceremonial uses of Indian artifacts, but also complete, easy-to-follow instructions for their reproduction. Book of the Hopi, by Frank Waters. 360 pp; 5x8; photos; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-14-004527-9; $16.00 PA. PEN In this "strange and wonderful book," some thirty elders of the ancient Hopi tribe of northern Arizona freely reveal for the first time in written form the Hopi world-view of life. Bows & Arrows of the Native Americans: a Complete Step-byStep Guide to Wooden Bows, Sinew-backed Bows, Composite Bows, Strings, Arrows, & Quivers, by Jim Hamm. 160 pp; 6x9; photos; diagrams; references; ISBN: 1-55821-168-3; $14.95 PA. L&B If you want to make pure, from scratch, authentic gear, then this is the book for you! Buffalo Bird Woman‟s Garden, by Gilbert L. Wilson. 158 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diagrams; maps; ISBN: 0-87351-219-7; $11.95 PA. MINHSP Buffalo Bird Woman describes a year of activities, from preparing and planting the fields through cultivating, harvesting, and storing foods. She gives recipes for cooking typical Hidatsa dishes. And she tells of the stories, songs, and ceremonies that were essential to a bountiful harvest. Buffalo Calf Road Woman, the Story of a Warrior of the Little Bighorn, by Rosemary & Joseph Agonito. 256 pp; 6x9; illus; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-7627-3817-0; $12.95 PA. GPP ♦As the Cheyenne fought that June day in 1876, warrior Comes in Sight faced grave danger. His horse had been shot out from under him, and he was left stranded on the battlefield. Suddenly, a rider galloped through enemy fire, pulled Comes in Sight onto the back of her horse, and spirited him to safety. It was Buffalo Calf Road Woman –the warrior‘s sister. The young Cheyenne woman‘s act of bravery earned her the status and name ―Brave Woman.‖ While white men refer to this clash as the Battle of the Rosebud, the Cheyenne know it as the battle ―Where the Girl Saved Her Brother.‖ Days later, Buffalo Calf Woman fought at the battle of Little Bighorn –the only woman to do so.


Buffalo Nation: American Indian Efforts to Restore the Bison, by Ken Zontek. 270 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; notes references; index; ISBN: 9780803299221; $19.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This offers insights into the ways that the Native North American effort to restore the buffalo nation inspires discourse in cultural perseverance, environmentalism, politics, regionalism, spirituality, and the very essence of human-animal interaction. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee; an Indian History of the American West, by Dee Brown. 512 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8050-6669-1; $16.00 PA. HHC Using council records, autobiographies, and firsthand descriptions, Brown allows the great chiefs and warriors of the Lakota, Utes, Sioux, Cheyenne, and other tribes to tell us in their own words of the battles, massacres, and broken treaties that finally left them demoralized and defeated. A unique and disturbing narrative. Celluloid Indians, Native Americans and Film, by Jacquelyn Kilpatrick. 280 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7790-3; $19.95 PA. UNEBP This is an accessible, insightful overview of Native American representation in film over the past century. A Century of Dishonor, by Helen H. Jackson. 352pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-486-42698-X; $11.95 PA. Dover ♦Sharply critical of the United States government‘s cruelty toward native Americans, this monumental study chronicles the maltreatment of Indians as far back as the American Revolution. Changing Military Patterns of the Great Plains Indians, by Frank R. Secoy. 132 pp; 6x9; maps; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-9209-0; $7.95 PA. UNEBP This book gives an excellent picture not only of the changing military patterns from early seventeenth through the early nineteenth centuries, but it also gives a vivid picture of the impact of the Spanish, French, and English cultures upon the lives and customs of the Indians who inhabited the Great Plains. The Changing Presentation of the American Indian. 120 pp; 6½x9½; photos; maps; notes; index; ISBN: 0-295-97781-7; $25.00 HC. UWAP These essays explore the relationships being forged between museums and Native communities to create new techniques for presenting Native American Culture. The Cheyenne and Arapaho Ordeal: Reservation and Agency Life in the Indian Territory, 1875-1907, by Donald J. Berthrong. 424 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08061-2416-4; $24.95 PA. UOKP This is thoroughly researched and documented and extremely valuable for the light is throws on the reservation life of the Indians in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, when the government, following the appeals of Christian humanitarian reform groups, decreed the Americanization and assimilation of the Indians. The overall effect is a vivid picture of what the Cheyennes and Arapahoes endured, while still maintaining their Indian identity. Cheyenne Autumn, by Mari Sandoz. 304 pp; 5¼x8; map; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9341-0; $16.95 PA. UNEBP In the autumn of 1878 a band of Cheyenne Indians set out from the Oklahoma Indian Territory, where they had been sent by the government, to return to their homeland in the Yellowstone country. This is the epic saga of their heart-breaking fifteenhundred-mile flight. Cheyenne Autumn has been made into a popular movie. Cheyenne Dog Soldiers: A Ledgerbook History of Coups and Combat, by Jean Afton, David F. Halaas, and Andrew E. Masich. 440 pp; 11¼x8¾; photos; illus; maps; tables; appendices; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-574-1; $34.95 PA. UCOP With more than one hundred beautifully reproduced color drawings, this volume presents not only a groundbreaking departure from standard ledgerbook interpretation but also a riveting story of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers making a last stand for their existence as a free people. The Cheyenne Indians, Vols. I and II, by George B. Grinnell. Vol. I; 372 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-5771-6; $22.00 PA. Vol. II; 440 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5772-4;

$27.95 PA. Two-volume set. Both UNEBP Very Comprehensive. Vol. I looks at the tribe's early history and migration, customs, domestic life, social organization, hunting, amusements, and government. Vol. II considers their warmaking and warrior societies, healing practices, religion, legends, and prophecies. The Cheyenne Way: Conflict and Case Law in Primitive Jurisprudence, by Karl N. Llewellyn & E. Adamson Hoebel. 378 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1855-5; $18.95 PA. UOKP In this work, interest to the reader is in the law cases themselves. Based on individual episodes that reflect the legal procedure of the Cheyennes over a period of more than sixty years, the cases are heroic narratives in the finest tradition. Chief Joseph, Guardian of the People, by Candy Moulton. 240 pp; 5¼x7¾; photo; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780765310644; $12.95 PA. STMP ♦ Written with smooth authority, this is an excellent recounting of a tale of high tragedy that defines the Native American heartbreak that is at the center of the American Westering experience. Chief Joseph and the Nez Perces, a Photographic History, by Bill & Jan Moeller. 96 pp; 8¼x9; photos; map; index; ISBN: 087842-319-2; $15.00 PA. MP To experience the full effect of history, we must put ourselves in the time and place and frame of mind of the people who lived it. In this work, you'll see the exact locations -remarkably unchanged over the years- where the Indians fought the cavalry, forded the rivers, made their camps, and sought their freedom. Chief Pocatello, by Brigham D. Madsen. 160 pp; 5¼x8½; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-89301-222-X; $14.95 PA. UIDP During the years 1859 and 1864. Chief Pocatello‘s Northwestern Shoshoni tribe in southern Idaho and northern Utah garnered national attention as a band of fierce Indian outlaws. Madsen looks beyond popular opinion and paints Chief Pocatello in the different light of being committed to preserving the life of his people. Choteau Creek: A Sioux Reminiscence, by Joseph Iron Eye Dudley. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-6611-1; $15.95 PA. UNEBP In 1943, when he was three years old, Joseph Iron Eye Dudley went to live with his grandparents on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. He tells a story of poverty and struggle that is not often portrayed in such a simple and honest form. A story of strength and love of a people who live close to the earth and each other, learning and living a lifestyle much different from that of most Americans, but one that still exists on many reservations. Dudley's strong sense of home and of his own spiritual awakening are striking in this compelling memoir. The Circle is Sacred, a Medicine Book for Women, by Scout Cloud Lee. 256 pp; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-933031-97-1; $17.95 PA. COAK ♦Drawing on ancient wisdom and contemporary spirituality, this illustrated book provides a host of resources to link the reader with her own and that of an ever-widening circle of women. The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork, by Joel Monture. 128 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; color section; index; ISBN: 0-02-066430-3; $16.95 PA. MACM Includes all the basic stitches & designs; special section on natural tanning methods; extensive glossary; full-color photos of Native American beadwork. Concise Encyclopedia of the American Indian, by Bruce Grant. 352 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; tribal listing; ISBN: 0-517-69310-0; $9.99 HC. RH This profusely illustrated A-to-Z reference work contains more than 800 entries encompassing the history of the American Indians from the time of the discovery of America up to the present day. 200 line drawings by Lorence Bjorklund. Coyote Stories, by Mourning Dove. 264 pp; 5¼x8; illus; photo; notes; appendix; ISBN: 0-8032-8169-2; $11.95 PA. UNEBP A powerful force and yet the butt of humor, the coyote figure runs through the folklore of many American Indian tribes. He can be


held up as a "terrible example" of conduct, a model of what not to do, and yet be admired for a careless, anarchistic energy that supports unlimited possibilities. These are excellent and very entertaining stories, still as fresh and lively as when Mourning Dove first preserved them for posterity in 1938. Craft Cord Corral: Bead Stringing Projects for Everyone, by Janice S. Ackerman. 52 pp; 8½x11; photos; diag; tables; ISBN: 0943604-45-1; $8.95 PA. EAGVP New projects that utilize craft cord, the braided material often used for stitching on plastic canvas, and a variety of large hole beads are presented in this exciting new book. When these projects are embellished with conchos, feathers and other finery, they represent an entirely new look in jewelry and decorative items. Crazy Horse, by Tony Hollihan. 232 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-894864-08-5; $10.95 PA. FLP ♦ He was a complex and mysterious leader who crusaded against the relentlessly encroaching tide of surveyors, gold seekers and settlers in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He was a brave and generous man with his people, but the U.S. government saw him as a murderer and a dangerous obstacle in the path of its western expansion. This is his story. Crazy Horse, by Larry McMurtry. 160 pp; 5¼x7¾; ISBN: 0-67088234-8; $19.95 HC. PEN Legends cloud the life of Crazy Horse, a seminal figure in American history but an enigma even to his own people in his own day. This superb biography looks back across more than one hundred and twenty years at the life and death of this great Sioux warrior who became a reluctant leader at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Crazy Horse, a Lakota Life, by Kingsley M. Bray. 528 pp; 7¼x10¼; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780806137858; $34.95 HC. UOKP ♦This offers a new, richly detailed, and meticulously documented biography of the famous nineteenthcentury Oglala leader who has become an icon of Native American resistance. Crazy Horse, a Photographic Biography, by Bill & Jan Moeller. 164 pp; 8¼x9; map; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-424-5; $20.00 PA. MP This is the extraordinary story of the life of Crazy Horse from his childhood in the Black Hills to his stabbing death in 1877. Over 100 full-color photographs. Crazy Horse, the Strange Man of the Oglalas, by Mari Sandoz. 448 pp; 5¼x8; map; chron; bibliog; notes; ISBN: 0-8032-9319-4 $14.95 PA. UNEBP Premier biography of the fighting warchief of the Oglalas, and an excellent history of the Oglala Sioux and their ways. Crow Indian Beadwork: A Descriptive and Historical Study, by William Wildschut & John Ewers. 102 pp; 6¾x9¾; photo plates; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943604-06-0; $10.95 PA. EAGVP This is a comprehensive study of the beadwork of the Crow Nation from 1805 to contemporary times. Almost fifty photos and illustrations. The Crow Indians, by Robert H. Lowie. 384 pp; 5¼x8; photo; illus; appendix; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8027-0; $18.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This offers a concise and accessible introduction to the nineteenth-century world of the Crow Indians. Crowfoot, Chief of the Blackfeet, by Hugh A. Dempsey. 248 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1596-3; $14.95 PA. UOKP Dempsey has skillfully used oral material and documentary collections in the preparation of this excellent biography of possibly the most important chief of the Blackfeet in the 1870s-80s. Good coverage of the Blackfeet Treaty of 1877. A Cry from the Earth, Music of the North American Indians, by John Bierhorst. 128 pp; 10x7; photos; illus; chords; sources; index; ISBN: 0-941270-53-X; $15.95 PA. ACP This covers almost every aspect of Indian music from baby-sitting to mourning for the dead. Contains 30 Indian songs representative of every musical style.

Custer Died for Your Sins; an Indian Manifesto, by Vine Deloria, Jr. 296 pp; 5¼x8¼; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2129-7; $21.95 PA. UOKP Good treatise of special, ironic Indian points of view and what Deloria tells us, with a great deal of humor, about U.S. race relations, federal bureaucracies, Christian churches, and social scientists. He asserts the worth and dignity of the Indian and blasts the political, social, and religious forces that perpetuate the Little Big Horn and wigwam stereotyping of his people. Dakota Texts, by Ella Deloria. 312 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 9780803266605; $15.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This presents a rich array of Sioux mythology and folklore in its original language and in translation. Originally published in 1932 by the American Ethnological Society, this work is a landmark contribution to the study of the Sioux tribes. A Dakota-English Dictionary, by Stephen R. Riggs. 692 pp; 5½x8; ISBN: 0-87351-282-0; $24.95 PA. MINHSP Companion volume to the English-Dakota Dictionary. These two dictionaries preserve the older language and remain the most comprehensive and accurate lexicons available. Daughters of the Earth, the Lives and Legends of American Indian Women, by Carolyn Niethammer. 304 pp; 6¾x10; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-684-82955-X; $18.00 PA. S&S This is probably the finest, best researched book about Indian women available today. Chapters are: The Dawn of Life; Indian Child; From Menarche to Menopause; Sharing a Life; Making a Home; Women of Power; Women and War; Time For Fun; Early Sexual Patterns; Religion and Spiritually; and Completion of the Cycle. She was our native sister, and it is of her life that Niethammer writes in this rich tapestry of America's past and present. Dawn Land, by Joseph Bruchac. 340 pp; 5x8; map; ISBN: 155591-215-X; $12.95 PA. FULC This unfolds in the time after the last glaciations, about ten thousand years ago. Here the People of the Dawn Land live in harmony with the animals and the land -until their peace is threatened by evil. Young Hunter, one of the finest sons of the village, is chosen by the elders to venture out and face the mysterious threat. More than an action-packed saga of a dangerous journey, this is a dramatic illumination of the highly developed value system of these Native people. Death of Crazy Horse, a Tragic Episode in Lakota History, comp. & ed. by Richard G. Hardorff. 288 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; map; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7325-8; $15.95 PA. UNEBP The interviews collected in this book describe in stark detail the surrender and death of Crazy Horse from the perspective of Indian and mixed-blood contemporaries. Do Them No Harm! Lewis & Clark among the Nez Perce, by Zoa l. Swayne. 388 pp; 6x9; map; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-87004-427-3; $16.95 PA. CAXP ♦In autumn 1805, a group of ragged strangers staggered into a camp of Nee-mee-poo (Nez Perce) Indians on the Kooskooskee (Clearwater) River in what is now northern Idaho. The natives discussed killing the starving newcomers and taking the wondrous treasures they carried. Instead, they heeded an old woman who said, ―Do them no harm!‖ That decision marked the beginning of a unique friendship between the Nez Perce and the members of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. This presents a vivid and memorable portrait of Nez Perce life and culture. The Dream Seekers: Native American Visionary Traditions of the Great Plains, by Lee Irwin. 320 pp; 6x9; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2893-3; $19.95 PA. UOKP Irwin examines 350 dreams from 150 years of published and unpublished sources to describe the shared features of cosmology for twenty-three groups of Plains Indians Dreamers: On the Trail of the Nez Perce, by Martin Stadius. 464 pp; 6½x9½; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87004-393-5; $24.95 HC. CAXP Stadius gives the reader a vivid account of the feelings he got while traveling the rugged 1,200 mile retreat route taken by


Chief Joseph and his people over terrain which remains little changed today. Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians, by Ronald P. Koch. 240 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80612137-8; $19.95 PA. UOKP This book is well written, carefully researched, and profusely illustrated. It discusses such costume related subjects as feathers, color and painted designs, native ornaments, beads, cloth, hair and headgear, and dance costumes. Although there were some similarities of dress among the Plains Indians, each tribe had its own styles, preferences, and traditions. The Dull Knifes of Pine Ridge, a Lakota Odyssey, by Joe Starita. 408 pp; 6x9; map; photos; bibliog; notes; index; ISBN: 08032-9294-5; $17.95 PA. UNEBP This is a true story of a century of Lakota Sioux life –an epic journey of cultural identity found, lost, and found again. Remarkably poignant. Earth Knack: Stone Age Skills for the 21st Century, by Bart & Robin Blankenship. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diagrams; ISBN: 087905-733-5; $18.95 PA. GS Chapters in this wonderful howto book include: fire; rope string thread; tools; color; baskets buckets bowls; pottery; food and cooking; soap; animals; glue; music; and getting dressed. Profusely illustrated. The Education of Little Tree, by Forrest Carter. 228 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0-8263-2809-1; $14.95 PA. UNMP "Some books can be read again and again. Each time they are read, it is as if something new has been added. Often, such books seem to be simply written, their story dealing with issues as basic as living and dying, the place of people in the universe, the role of family and friends in the shaping of a life. The Education of Little Tree by the late Forrest Carter is such a book." Joseph Bruchac, Parabola. Encyclopedia of Native American Religions, by Arlene Hirschfelder & Paulette Molin. 400 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; bibliog; subject index; index; ISBN: 0-8160-4653-0; $21.95 PA. FOF Updated edition. Long regarded as quaint curiosities or exotic pagan rites, the religious practices of Native Americans make up a rich, enduring legacy deserving of a place among the great spiritual traditions. Encyclopedia of the Great Plains Indians, edited by David Wishart. 262 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 9780803298620; $24.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Here are the peoples, places, processes, and events that have shaped lives of the Indians of the Great Plains from the beginning of human habitation to the present –not only yesterday‘s wars, treaties, and traditions, but also today‘s tribal colleges, casinos, and legal battles. Episodes from "Life Among the Indians" and "Last Rambles", by George Catlin. 368 pp; 7¼x10¼; illus; color plates; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-486-29934-1; $16.95 PA. DOVER Included here are 163 accurately rendered, on-the-spot paintings and portraits (among them 12 color plates) Catlin made during his wanderings. Featured are detailed, accurate pictures of Indians-their clothing, body ornaments, and weapons--as well as panoramic landscapes and revealing scenes of village life. Largely unpublished before the original appearance of this work, the illustrations are accompanied by vivid, often diverting texts carefully selected from Life Among the Indians and Last Rambles. Warm and sympathetic tales of Catlin's journeys among the indigenous peoples of North and South America, they are widely considered among his best writings. Essie‟s Story, the Life & Legacy of a Shoshone Teacher, by Esther B. Horne & Sally McBeth. 264 pp; 6x9; map; photos; appendices; notes; works sited; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7324-X; $13.95 PA. UNEBP Horne and McBeth developed their life history in a truly collaborative manner. McBeth carefully documented Horne‘s personal history and the creation of this work. What emerges is an engaging and informative narrative about education and identity. Every Day is a Good Day, ed. by Wilma Mankiller. 256 pp; 7½x9; photos; ISBN: 1-55591-516-7; $16.95 PA. FULC ♦Nineteen

prominent Native artists, educators, and activists share their candid and profound thoughts on what it means to be a Native American woman in the early 21st century. Evolution, Creationism & Other Modern Myths, by Vine Deloria, Jr. 288 pp; 6x9; endnotes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55591-458-6; $18.95 PA. FULC ♦‖I offer no comfort to religious fundamentalists or evolutionists…both are passé and represent only a quarrel within the Western belief system, not an accurate rendering of Earth history,‖ With this opening salvo, Deloria takes Western science and religion to task, providing a critical assessment of the flaws and anomalies in each side‘s arguments. Father Peter John DeSmet: Jesuit in the West, by Robert C. Carriker. 288 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; illus; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2790-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP Clad in the black robe of his priestly order and armed only with a crucifix, for more than a century Father De Smet relentlessly tramped across the American frontier to bring peace and religion to the tribes of the Pacific Northwest and the upper Missouri River country. In this biography, Robert Carriker describes De Smet's love for the great American West and the native tribes who lived there, the Potawatomis, Flatheads, Coeur d'Alenes, Kalispels, Blackfeet, Yankton Sioux, and others to whom the Jesuit father carried Christianity. Soon the man called Black Robe became known throughout the mountains and plains as a man of peace and a friend of all Indians. A wonderful biography. The Feathered Sun, Plains Indians in Art & Philosophy, by Frithjof Schuon. 192 pp; 8¾x11¼; color plates; index; ISBN: 0941532-08-9; $26.95 HC. WWIS ♦During Switzerland born Schuon‘s long career as an author, he has written several articles on the most salient aspects of the Plains Indian tradition and at the same time has painted scenes of the Plains Indian world. In this volume, the two are combined, resulting in a truly insightful vision of the lifeways of a people whose heroism and powerful originality have made them an enduring subject of fascination the world over. A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest, by Alex Patterson. 272 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; finder; bibliog; ISBN: 155566-091-6; $17.50 PA. JOHN This is the first specifically designed key to the interpretation of American rock art. The reader can find the one or several of the 500 illustrations that most closely match the symbol in question. The range of the book is from the northern states of Mexico to Utah and from California to Colorado. Includes a pictorial key and is arranged by tentative meaning or description. The Fighting Cheyennes, by George B. Grinnell. 468 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1839-3; $24.95 PA. UOKP Without critical comment or biased judgment, Grinnell has recorded the major battles that the Cheyennes fought. In this account the entire gallery of the heroic Cheyenne chiefs and warriors -Roman Nose, Black Kettle, Dull Knife, and many others emerge in full color as they strive against the greatest enemy of all: the failure of the white man to understand and appreciate their way of life and his ignorance of their real capacity for peace and cooperation. The First Americans: In Pursuit of Archaeology‟s Greatest Mystery, by J. M. Adovasio & Jake Parker. 350 pp; 5x8; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-375-75704-X; $14.95 PA. RH ♦Powerful intrigue. Name-calling and blackballing. Treachery, collusion among archaeologists on an all-out hunt for a holy grail. An Indiana Jones movie? No, just the search to identify the first humans to inhabit North America. The Five Crows Ledger: Biographic Warrior Art of the Flathead Indians, by James D. Keyser. 116 pp; 9x10; photos; illus; notes; references; index; ISBN: 0-87480-659-3; $24.95 HC. UUTP This book is a significant contribution to our understanding of Plains biographic art, that richly communicative Native American art form. 14 color plates. Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri, Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, Crows, by Edwin Thompson Denig, ed. by


John C. Ewers. 260 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; illus, bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1308-1; $19.95 PA. UOKP Denig, for more than twenty years a fur trader on the Upper Missouri and married to an Assiniboine woman, was an acute and objective observer of Indian manners and customs. His writings on the Sioux, Arickaras, Assiniboines, Crees, and Crows, comprising the Denig manuscript in the Missouri Historical Society, are published together for the first time in this book. This manuscript long had been referred to as the "Culbertson Manuscript" because it had been purchased from a descendant of the fur-trader naturalist Alexander Culbertson. But in 1949, handwriting experts identified it as the work of Denig. Flintknapping: Making & Understanding Stone Tools, by John C. Whittaker. 352 pp; 6x9¼; illus; photos; diagrams; appendix; references; index; ISBN: 0-292-79083-X; $26.95 PA. UTEXP This is the best, most thorough summary available on flaked stone technology. Whittaker skillfully blends instructions on how to make stone tools with information on how to interpret flaked stone artifacts. Folktales of the Native American, by Dee Brown. 174 pp; 6x9; illus; sources; ISBN: 0-8050-2607-X; $15.00 PA. HHC This charming collection of Native American folklore draws on the oral tradition of earlier times, illuminating for us the roots of American Indian culture. Thirty-six stories. Fools Crow, by Thomas E. Mails. 284 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; maps; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8174-9; $15.95 PA. UNEBP Frank Fools Crow, a spiritual and civic leader of the Teton Sioux, spent nearly a century helping those of every race. A disciplined, gentle man who upheld the old ways, he was aggrieved by the social ills he saw besetting his own people and forthright in denouncing them. When he died in 1989 at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, he was widely loved and respected. He was a mediator at the Wounded Knee confrontation in 1973. This is his exciting life story. Fools Crow, by James Welch. 400 pp; 5x7¾; map; ISBN: 0-14008937-3; $15.00 PA. UNEBP The year is 1870. Located in the Two Medicine territory of Northwestern Montana is the camp of the Lone Eaters, a small band of Blackfeet Indians. Their life consists of a timeless round of activity, deeply rooted in the land and the seasons and in a reverence for the customs handed down from the Long Ago People. But the ever-increasing presence of the Napikwans (white men) threatens this existence. Fools Crow, a young warrior and medicine man of great vision, has seen the future. He knows his tribe must either fight a brave but futile war or surrender their lands -and their way of life. from Sand Creek, by Simon J. Ortiz. 96 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-81651993-5; $10.95 PA. UAZP The massacre of Cheyenne and Arapahoe women and children by the U.S. Cavalry at Sand Creek in 1864 was a shameful episode in American history. In this book poet Simon Ortiz invites Indian people to examine the process they have experienced as victims, subjects, and expendable resources –and asks people of European heritage to consider the motives that drive their own history and create their own form of victimization. From the Heart of Crow Country: The Crow Indians Own Stories, by Joseph Medicine Crow. 168 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8263-X; $11.95 PA. UNEBP The world of the Crow Indians comes to life in this extraordinary collection of stories from respected elder and famed storyteller Joseph Medicine Crow. This volume is a fascinating and enlightening collection of legends, humorous tales, history, and detailed accounts of life and culture, all told from Crow points of view. Frontier Blood, the Saga of the Parker Family, by Jo Ella P. Exley. 346 pp; 6½x9½; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 158544-136-8; $29.95 HC. T A&M Among the documents from which Exley draws are a short autobiography of Daniel Parker, Rachel Parker Plummer‘s two narratives of her Indian captivity, James Parker‘s account of his search for Rachel and the other

captives, and several autobiographical accounts Quanah dictated to his friends. Gambler Way: Indian Gaming In Mythology, History and Archaeology In North America, by Kathryn Gabriel. 256 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diag; maps; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-160-2; Reduced to retail at $11.95 PA. JOHN This is the first book to examine Indian gaming myths on a continental scale. Games and their sometimes lethal stakes are described in detail, along with their place in the sacred world-view of each people. Geronimo, His Own Story, ed. by Frederick Turner. 208 pp; 5¼x8; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-452-01155-8; $14.00 PA. PEN ♦This book contains one of the most extraordinary and invaluable documents in the annals of Native American history –the authentic testament of a remarkable ―war shaman‖ who for several years held off both Mexico and the U.S. in fierce defense of Apache lands. Geronimo: The Man, His Time, His Place, by Angie Debo. 504 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1828-8; $24.95 PA. UOKP Debo unhinges the "bloodthirsty savage" idea and presents a man who fought for his family, his land, his way of life and the future of the Apache people, a man of principal and honor. The Ghost-Dance Religion and Wounded Knee, by James Mooney. 506 pp; photos; illus; maps; glossary; works cited; index; ISBN: 0-486-26759-8; $17.95 PA. DOVER Immediately following the massacre at Wounded Knee (December 29, 1890), the author investigated the incident. His interest was primarily in the Indian background to the uprising. Admitting that the Indians had been generally overpowered by the Whites, what led the Indians to think they stood a chance against White arms? His answer was astonishing: The Ghost-Dance Religion. Gifts of Pride and Love: Kiowa and Comanche Cradles, ed. by Barbara A. Hail. 136 pp; 9x11; photos; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-91208910-5; $29.95 PA. UOKP At the heart of this book are Kiowa and Comanche cradles whose makers and family associations are known to us. From them we can imagine similar family connections for the larger body of cradles remaining unnamed in collections around the world. Giving Birth to Thunder, Sleeping with His Daughter, Coyote Builds North America, by Barry Lopez. 170 pp; 5x8; illus; ISBN: 0-380-71111-7; $12.00 MM. AVON Prankster, warrior, seducer, fool -Old Man Coyote is the most enduring legend in Native American culture. Lopez has collected sixty-eight tales from forty-two tribes, and brings to life a timeless myth that abounds with sly wit, erotic adventure, and rueful wisdom. God is Red, a Native View of Religion, by Vine Deloria, Jr. 324 pp; 6x9; notes; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55591-498-5; $21.95 PA. FULC First published in 1972, this was the vanguard in promoting the recognition of sacred places. Now, two decades later, as environmental awareness continues to grow, Deloria reminds us to learn "that we are a part of nature, not a transcendent species without responsibility to the natural world." This updated classic work on Native religion asks new questions about our species and our ultimate fate as we move into a new century. Golden Guide to North American Indian Arts, by Andrew H. Whiteford. 160 pp; 4x6; full-color illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 158238-145-3; $6.95 PA. STMP This is a fascinating introduction to the arts & crafts reflected in the material culture of North American Indians. The Good Red Road: Passages into Native America, by Kenneth Lincoln with Al Logan Slagle. 312 pp; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-7974-4; $13.00 PA. UNEBP In 1975 Lincoln went on the road with his small daughters and four students, traveling from Los Angeles through the southwest to the Dakotas, searching for the core of the Indian experience in modern America. His gritty but


poetic account of this trip explores the challenges facing native peoples. The Gospel of the Redman, compiled by Ernest T. & Julia M. Seton. 168 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-941532-76-3; $17.95 PA. WWIS ♦Simplified, the message Seton delivered for more than sixty years is that a proper understanding and respect for Nature can provide a type of antidote in many of the difficulties brought on by our modern technological world, And, the spiritual traditions of the First Americans provide us with profound insights into the proper understanding of man‘s role in the universe. Grandmother‟s Grandchild, My Crow Indian Life, by Alma Hogan Snell, edited by Becky Matthews. 215 pp; 6x9; illus, index; ISBN: 0-8032-9291-0; $14.95 PA. UNEBP This autobiographical work is at heart the story of a special relationship that existed between the author and her grandmother, Crow medicine woman Pretty Shield. Great Chiefs, Vol. I, by Tony Hollihan. 320 pp; 5¼x8¼; maps; photos; illus; notes; ISBN: 1-894864-03-4; $10.95 PA. FLP ♦Pays tribute to Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, Quanah Parker, Red Cloud, Louis Riel, and Sequoyah. Great Chiefs, Vol. II, by Tony Hollihan. 320 pp; 5¼x8¼; maps; photos; illus; notes; ISBN: 1-894864-07-7; $10.95 PA. FCP ♦Pays tribute to Geronimo, Tecumseh, Crowfoot, Plenty Coups, Wovoka, and Crazy Horse. Guide to Ancient Native American Sites, by Michael S. Durham. 272 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56440492-7; $15.95 PA. GPP This guidebook enables you to visit nearly 150 archaeological sites scattered from Alaska to Florida. The ruins and artifacts that you will witness span thousands of years, from the time when humans were hunting mastodons until the years of conflict with the European settlers. Good commentary and pertinent travel information. Guide to Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest Coast, by Beth Hill. 50 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; maps; further reading; index; ISBN: 0-919654-34-7; $5.95 PA. HANCK This is a fascinating introduction to the subject of Indian petroglyphs of the Northwest Coastal region, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Guide to Rock Art of the Utah Region: Sites with Public Access, by Dennis Slifer. 256 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; color plates; appendix; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58096-009-X; $16.95 PA. ACP Slifer has done extensive field work to identify those sites suitable for public visitation. Complete with maps and directions, this book describes more than fifty sites in Utah, the Arizona strip, southern Nevada, and the western edge of Colorado. Harmony by Hand, Art of the Southwest Indians, by Patrick Houlihan. 108 pp; 10x9½; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87701426-4; $18.95 PA. CHRON In their basketry, weaving, and pottery, the Southwest's Indian people carry forth a heritage of artistic traditions. They express a bond to the land and to their past. This book presents this heritage. Masterpieces of each art form are collected here in exquisite reproduction, fully enhanced by expert discussion, historical photography, and spectacular images of the Southwest. A portrait vividly unfolds of a land, its history, and the struggles of its peoples -a place where landscapes and lifeways converge. Hear Me, My Chiefs: Nez Perce Legend & History, by L.V. McWhorter. 678 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; footnotes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 87004-310-2; $19.95 PA. CAXP This is a complete and definitive history with the puzzling aspects of the Nez Perce War of 1877 clarified by the Indians themselves. How these peaceable and prosperous people were oppressed and persecuted, misunderstood, and badgered beyond endurance and almost beyond honor, yet avoided war until fateful forces pushed them into it, is disclosed in sources made available to McWhorter by his Indian friends.

A History of the Indians of the United States, by Angie Debo. 464 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80611888-1; $26..95 PA. UOKP This is an in-depth historical survey of the Indians of the United States, including the Eskimos and Aleuts of Alaska. It isolates and analyzes the problems that have beset these peoples since their first contacts with Europeans, and is probably the best available survey of relations between European intruders and the Native American from discovery to the present day. History of the Santee Sioux, United States Indian Policy on Trial, by Roy W. Meyer. 492 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8203-6; $17.95 PA. UNEBP This is a lucid and detailed account of the tragic effects of frontier expansion upon the native inhabitants of Minnesota. It depicts the condition of the Eastern Sioux in the era of fur trading, considers the treaties that traded land for annuities, interprets the uprising of 1862 and traces Santee history. Holding Stone Hands, on the Trail of the Cheyenne Exodus, by Alan Boye. 347 pp; 5½x9; ISBN: 0-8032-6185-3; $16.00 PA. UNEBP Boye walked a thousand miles to write this story about 300 Cheyenne exiled by the U.S. Army to the Indian Territory of Oklahoma in 1878, and their desperate, bloody escape across the Great Plains to their homeland in Montana. Honour Earth Mother, by Basil Johnson. 204 pp; 6x9; illus; glossary; ISBN: 0-8032-7622-2; $13.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Celebrated Ojibwa writer Johnson invites us to go into the woods and meadows, mountains, valleys, and seashores to watch miracles still unfolding, to listen to nature‘s symphonies, to feel the pulse of the earth, to take in the fragrances, and to sense the awesome. Hopi Kachinas, the Complete Guide to Collecting Kachina Dolls, by Barton Wright. 152 pp; 7x9½; map; photos; index; ISBN: 0-87358-161-X; $14.95 PA. NOLAP The best guide available. Includes many color plates, descriptions of individual Kachinas, their particular function, and their Hopi name with English translation, if possible. Hopi Silver, the History and Hallmarks of Hopi Silversmithing, by Margaret N. Wright. Revised edition. 160 pp; 6¾x9½; map; photos; color plates; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8263-3382-6; $14.95 PA. UNMP ♦This revised edition includes over 100 new hallmarks as it traces the history of Hopi Silversmithing. How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine & Crafts, by Frances Densmore. 122 pp; 5¼x9¼; photos; tables; ISBN: 0-48623019-8; $7.95 PA. DOVER The uses of plants -for food, for medicine, for arts, crafts, and dyeing- among the Chippewa Indians of Minnesota and Wisconsin show the great extent to which they understood and utilized natural resources. How to Tan Skins the Indian Way, by Evard H. Gibby. 32 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; diag; appendices; ISBN: 0-943604-33-8; $6.95 PA. EAGVP The brain tanning method used by American Indians is described in clear, simple terms. Includes sections on primitive clothing, making tools and tanning without brains. I Am Looking to the North for My Life, Sitting Bull 1876-1881, by Joseph Manzione. 184 pp; 6x9; map; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87480-461-2; $14.95 PA. UUTP Manzione skillfully weaves together narrative threads of domestic dispute, international diplomacy, and intrigue among the Sioux as he illustrates how two countries struggled to control their potentially explosive common border. At the center -the cause, yet the victim of it all- is Sitting Bull, heroically attempting to preserve his traditional culture by establishing an alliance among Northern Plains tribes before time runs out and his people starve. I Tell You Now, Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers, edited by Brian Swann & Arnold Krupat. 288 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-8032-9314-3; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This is an anthology of autobiographical accounts by eighteen notable Native writers of different ages, tribes, and areas.


I Will be Meat for My Salish, by Bon I. Wheal don & others. 288 pp; 6x9; illus; notes; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-917298-84-5; $18.95 PA. MHSP ♦This book provides an authentic window into life on the Flathead Indian Reservation and pre-reservation Salish history –and particularly the Salish relationship to the buffalo- through oral interviews conducted in the 1920s and 1930s and preserved by the Montana Writers project. I Will Tell of My War Story: A Pictorial Account of the Nez Perce War, by Scott M. Thompson. 132 pp; 8x9; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-295-97943-7; $26.95 PA. UNVP This reproduces and discusses a remarkable series of drawings by an anonymous Indian artist who fought alongside Chief Joseph and later reached Canada. Iktomi and the Ducks & Other Sioux Stories, by Zitkala-Sa. 182 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0-8032-9918-4; $11.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In this renowned collection of fourteen Native stories, the noted Yankton Sioux writer Zitkala-Sa (1876-1938) shares tales learned during her childhood in the late nineteenth century. In a Barren Land: American Indian Dispossession and Survival, by Paula Marks. 482 pp; 6x9¼; photos; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-688-16633-4; $16.00 PA. WMC Marks dramatically illustrates how, across the nation over the course of nearly four centuries, America‘s original inhabitants were stripped of both their land and their way of life by a series of broken promises and bloody persecutions. In the Days of Victorio; Recollections of a Warm Springs Apache, by Eve Ball. 238 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8165-0401-6; $10.95 PA. UAZP This work truly shows the unquenchable spirit that was the old Apache. Inured, indeed trained to suffering, Apaches stood strong beside Victorio, Nana, and finally Geronimo in a vain attempt to save those things they held dearer than life itself -freedom, homeland, and dignity as human beings. In the Hands of the Great Spirit; the 20,000 Year History of American Indians, by Jake Page. 480 pp; 5½x8½; maps; illus; index; ISBN: 0-684-85577-1; $16.00 PA. S&S ♦Recent archaeological findings, newly discovered written accounts, and never-before-published records have contributed to a whole new understanding of the country‘s oldest ancestors. The true story of the American Indians begins some seventeen thousand years ago –and is past due for a telling that shows Indians as they are, rather than as westerners wish them to be. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, by Peter Matthiessen. 688 pp; 5½x8½; maps; notes; index; ISBN: 0-14-014456-0; $17.95 PA. PEN On a hot June morning in 1975, a desperate shoot-out between FBI agents and Native Americans near Wounded Knee, South Dakota, left an Indian and two federal agents dead. Four members of AIM, the American Indian Movement, were indicted on murder charges, and one, Leonard Peltier, was convicted and is now serving consecutive life sentences in a federal penitentiary. This is the story. Kept off the shelves for eight years because of one of the most protracted and bitterly fought legal cases in publishing history, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse makes clear why the traditional Indian concept of the sacred inviolability of the earth is so important, especially at a time when increasing populations are destroying the precious resources of our world. Indian Arrowheads Price Guide, by Robert M. Overstreet. 1194 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; illus; index of point types; ISBN: 0-375-721096; $26.00 PA. RH ♦ Ninth edition. The most comprehensive and easy-to-use Indian arrowhead price guide on the market offers actual-size pictures, giving collectors an enormous advantage in identifying and valuing their arrowheads. Indian Boyhood, by Charles A. Eastman. 256 pp; 5½x8; illus; ISBN: 0-486-22037-0; $6.95 PA. DOVER Charles Eastman, or Hakadah, as his Sioux relatives and fellow tribesmen knew him, as a full-blooded Indian boy learned the reticent manners and stoical

ways of patience and bravery expected of every young warrior in the 1870s and 1880s. Indian Country, by Peter Matthiessen. 354 pp; 5x7¾; index; ISBN: 0-14-013023-3; $16.00 PA. PEN ♦Citing ten important instances where the white man has encroached upon the sacred grounds of Indian tribes, Matthiessen describes how the tragic effects of confrontation are bound to harm both the Indian and the White man. Indian Games & Dances with Native Songs, by Alice C. Fletcher. 140 pp; 5x8; music; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-6886-6; $8.95 PA UNEBP This is a collection that conveys the pleasure and meaning of music and play and rhythmic movement for American Indians. Many of the activities here are adapted from ceremonials and sports. Indian Handcrafts, How to Craft dozens of Practical Objects Using Traditional Indian Techniques, by C. Keith Wilbur. 144 pp; 8½x11; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-7627-0661-9; $16.95 PA. GPP ♦For thousands of years the Indians of the Northeast lived by their wits, fabricating the articles needed for daily life from materials they found in nature. Now you can reproduce these authentic objects by following the clear, step-by-step instructions in this richly illustrated book. Indian Heroes & Great Chieftains, by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa). 254 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-6720-7; $15.95 PA. UNEBP This book contains biographical vignettes of fifteen great Indian leaders: Red Cloud, Rain-in-the-Face, Little Wolf, Chief Joseph, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Spotted Tail, Little Crow, Gall, Two Strike, American Horse, Dull Knife, Roman Nose, Hole-in-the-Day, and Tamahay. Eastman, a Santee Sioux, knew these warriors and was their friend. The Indian How Book, by Arthur C. Parker (Gawaso Waneh). 335 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-486-21767-1; $12.95 PA. DOVER How Indians made canoes, tipis, traps, arrowheads, pottery, Indian dances, songs, rituals, hunting, cooking, more. 51 illustrations. The Indian Journals 1859-62, by Lewis H. Morgan. 288 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; illus; tables; maps; notes; index; ISBN: 0-48627599-X; $10.95 PA. DOVER Morgan had carried out influential work on the kinship systems of American Indians, and throughout his life championed the rights of Indians against white oppression. His theories on social and cultural evolution and the role of property in cultural evolution influenced a broad range of thinkers. Indian Legends from the Northern Rockies, by Ella E. Clark. 368 pp; 5½x8; sources; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2087-8; $19.95 PA. UOKP There are myths, legends, and personal narratives from the 12 tribes that lived in what is now Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Poetry in terms of innate rhythms and imagination, telling of a world peopled by animals and spirits and mighty warriors, alive with the drama of life and death, somber and whimsical, full of imagery at once delicate and vivid. This work brings us as close to a seat around the winter campfires as we can get. Indian Old-Man Stories: More Sparks from War Eagles LodgeFire, by Frank B. Linderman. 200 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-80328001-7; $13.95 PA. UNEBP These stories, collected from Blackfeet, Chippewa, and Cree elders and first published in 1920, are full of wonder at the way things are. Why children lose their teeth, why eyesight fails with age, why dogs howl at night, why some animals wear camouflage, these and other mysteries, large and small, are made vividly sensible. Indian Orphanages, by Marilyn I. Holt. 336 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-7006-1119-3; $34.95 HC. UKANP This is an original and well-written account of a largely unknown chapter in American Indian history.


Indian Scout Craft and Lore, by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa). 190 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-486-22995-5; $7.95 PA. DOVER Raised as a young Sioux in the 1870s and 80s, Eastman describes physical training, hunting, building wigwams, more. 27 illustrations. Indian Sign Language, by William Tomkins. 111 pp; 6x9¼; ISBN: 0-486-22029-X; $5.95 PA. DOVER Over 525 signs developed by Sioux and other tribes. Written instructions and diagram. Also 290 photographs. The Indian Sign Language, by W.P. Clark. 456 pp; 5¼x8; map; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6309-0; $18.95 PA. UNEBP In 1876 and 1877, Capt. Clark commanded a detachment of Indian scouts -including Pawnees, Shoshones, Arapahoes, Cheyennes, Crows, and Sioux- who conversed in sign language. They made requests, relayed information, and told stories with their hands, communicating in a language indispensable for quick understanding between Indians of different tribes. They patiently taught Clark the sign system recorded in this work. Indian Sketches Taken During an Expedition to the Pawnee Tribes in 1833, by John T. Irving. 260 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-58976050-6; $14.95 PA. NARRPR ♦Irving‘s enthusiastic narrative includes in-depth pictures of domestic life in the villages, reports of the horrific violence inflicted by one tribe upon another, and dramatic re-tellings of ancient legends, as well as beautiful descriptions of the prairie itself. Indian Spirit, ed. by Michael O. Fitzgerald. 152 pp; 5½x6½; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-941532-28-3; $12.95 PA. WWP ♦This book expresses the Indian spirit because it combines the best photographs of old-time chiefs with some of their best words. You can meet these old-timers and share their wisdom. People who read this book will better understand our sacred ways. Indian Story & Song from North America, by Alice C. Fletcher. 132 pp; 5¼x8; bibliog; chords; ISBN: 0-8032-6888-2; $6.95 PA. UNEBP This work came out of Fletcher's fieldwork and friendship with the Omahas (among whom she lived), Poncas, Arapahoes, and other tribes. She provides the stories behind these songs and the scores for authentic Indian melodies in native language (which is also translated into English). They run the gamut of experience, from making war to making love. The Indian Tipi: Its History, Construction, and Use, by Reginald & Gladys Laubin. 368 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08061-2236-6; $24.95 PA. UOKP The conical tipi of the Plains tribes can be pitched by one person. It is roomy, well ventilated at all times, cool in summer, well lighted, proof against the high winds and heavy downpours, and snug in the severest winter weather. This definitive work has an enormous amount of information about the tipi. Even a seasoned camper will be amazed at the camping methods used by the Indians before the dawn of modern camping. Many full-color photos. Indian Trails of the Northern Rockies, by Darris Flanagan. 192 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; sources; index; ISBN: 1-931291-10-1; $14.95 PA. STONEY This describes trails located from Flathead Lake and Lake Pend d‘Oreille north to about Donald and Revelstroke, and used by the Kutenai, Blackfeet, Sarcee, Stony, and Salish. Indian Why Stories, Sparks from War Eagle‟s Lodge-Fire, by Frank B. Linderman. 264 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-8038-6; $14.95 PA. UNEBP First published in 1915, Linderman kept as close as possible to the Indian style of storytelling, using only the tales told him by elders of the Blackfeet, Chippewa, and Cree tribes. These rich stories have a moral framework, revealing a reverence for life, emphasis on honesty, and unity of creation. Indians in the United States & Canada, a Comparative History, by Roger L. Nichols. 414 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8377-6; $19.95 PA. UNEBP Nichols takes on the intimidating task of comparing the histories of

hundreds of Indian peoples in the U.S. and Canada over five centuries. Indians of Idaho, by Deward E. Walker, Jr. 208 pp; 5½x8½; maps; illus; references; glossary; ISBN: 0-89301-053-7; $11.95 PA. UIDP This classic study of the Indians of Idaho provides a wealth of information on the social organizations, customs, environmental orientation, and physical way of life of the tribes of the state. Indians of the United States, by Clark Wissler. 400 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-385-02019-8; $15.00 PA. BDD The author of this truly historic book is recognized as a world authority on the American Indian. Dr. Wissler carefully documents the arrival of the Indians' Asian ancestors in North America over ten thousand years ago and the Indians' subsequent settling of the continent. Giving a broad survey of the tribes and cultures of all the great Indian language families, the author portrays the Indians' struggle to resist the advancing frontier of the white man, recreates the Indians' original modes of life and their modifications through contact with a new civilization, and concludes with a thoughtful assessment of the Indians' role in twentieth-century America. The Indians in Yellowstone Park, by Joel C. Janetski. 96 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; ISBN: 0-87480-724-7; $15.95 PA. UUTP The author reconstructs past human events in Yellowstone from archaeological evidence and historical sources and provides an engrossing study of the Indians who knew the area as perhaps no one else could -and who left traces of the past amidst the grandeur that is today's Yellowstone Park. Revised. Indigenous American Women: Decolonization, Empowerment, Activism, by Devon A. Mihesuah. 272 pp; 6x9; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8286-9; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Oklahoma Choctaw scholar Mihesuah offers a frank and absorbing look at the complex, evolving identities of American Indigenous women today, their ongoing struggles against a centuries-old legacy of colonial disempowerment, and how they are seen and portrayed by themselves and others. The Jicarilla Apache Tribe, a History, by Veronica E. Velarde Tiller. 300 pp; 6x9; map; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 1-885931-034; $14.95 PA. BOWARR This evenhanded history of the Jicarilla Apache Tribe of New Mexico highlights their long history of cultural adaptation and change –both to new environments and cultural traits. Concentrating on the modern era, 1846-1970, Tiller, herself a Jicarilla Apache, tells of the tribe‘s economic adaptations and relations with the U.S. government. Joseph N. Nicollet on the Plains and Prairies, ed. by Edmund & Martha C. Bray. 318 pp; 6x9; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87351290-1; $14.95 PA. MINHSP This book contains translations of Nicollet‘s journals, letters, and notes written during his 1838-39 U.S. sponsored expeditions into the land between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The Journey of Crazy Horse, by Joseph M. Marshall III. 336 pp; 6x8½; map; sources; index; ISBN: 9780143036210; $15.00 PA. PEN ♦This story of treachery and honor has never been told better. Crazy Horse is no longer merely a symbol for the Oglala, or even for the Lakota, but has become an inspiration for all. Killing of Chief Crazy Horse, ed. by Robert A. Clark. 160 pp; 6x9; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6330-9; $13.95 PA. UNEBP This is a story of envy, greed, and treachery. Arrested at Fort Robinson, Nebraska Territory on Sept. 5, 1877, Crazy Horse was fatally wounded by a bayonet in a scuffle that was reported differently by every observer. This book concerns three eyewitness accounts by the Indian Chief He Dog, the Indian-white guide William Garnett, and white medical officer Dr. Valentine McGillycuddy and reveals the starkness and horror of classical tragedy. The Kiowas and the Legend of Kicking Bird, by Stan Hoig. 376 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN:


0-87081-564-4; $29.95 HC. UCOP Kicking Bird‘s death is still a mystery. Was he poisoned by a vindictive enemy? Did he fall victim to the curse of the medicine man Mamanti, whom he helped send to prison? Or did he die from a heart attack? Regardless of the circumstances of his death, Kicking Bird‘s life spanned one of the most crucial and volatile eras of Kiowa history. In what is sure to become the standard biography of Kicking Bird, Author Hoig provides a detailed look at the life of this tribal leader against the background of Kiowa history and culture. Kootenai Why Stories, by Frank B. Linderman. 194 pp; 5¼x8; photo; ISBN: 0-8032-7972-8; $15.95 PA. UNEBP While trapping in Montana during the 1880s, young Frank Linderman befriended the Kootenai Indians. At their campfires he heard stories making sense of nature. The tales explain why the coyote has thin legs, why the moose has a moose's nose, why the deer carries a black mark on the underjaw, and how the animals stole the springtime and put an end to winter. The telling impressed him, and in 1926 he was able, from long familiarity, to translate the tales. Linderman's retelling captures the mystery and spirit of a forested world. LaDonna Harris: A Comanche Life, by LaDonna Harris. 178 pp; 6¼x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-2396-X; $25.00 HC. UNEBP This book is the unforgettable story of a Comanche woman who has become one of the most influential, inspired, and determined Native Americans in politics. Lakota Myth, by James R. Walker. 456; 5¼x8; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780803298606; $18.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This edition includes classic examples of Lakota oral literature, narratives that were known only to a few Oglala holy men, and Walker‘s own literary cycle based on all he had learned about Lakota myth. Lakota Noon: The Indian Narrative of Custer's Defeat, by Gregory F. Michno. 352 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-349-4; $18.00 PA MP Lakota Noon is a carefully reasoned analysis of the action at the Little Bighorn. By breaking the Indian accounts of the battle into segments, then correlating them on a plausible time scale, Greg Michno has produced a coherent narrative that reconciles discrepancies and is distinguished by an absorbing immediacy. It places the victors where they belong--front and center--while adding a new dimension to the old debate over what happened at the Little Bighorn. This is an enthralling work certain to captivate every student of the Custer Battle. Lakota Ritual of the Sweat Lodge, History and Contemporary Practice, by Raymond A. Bucko. 348 pp; 6x9; photo; notes; references; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6165-9; $17.95 PA. UNEBP This study is the first in-depth look at the history and significance of the Lakota sweat lodge. Lakota Society, by James R. Walker. 226 pp; 5¼x8; illus; chron; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9737-8; $15.95 PA. UNEBP Based on descriptions given by people who had experienced their traditional culture -most of it a way of life that had ceased or changed by 1900- Walker's papers are a unique and valuable source for the anthropological study of the Sioux and for understanding traditional Plains Indian society generally. Synthesis deals with the organization of camps and bands, kinship system, beliefs, ceremonies, hunting, warfare, and methods of measuring time. The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living, Native American Wisdom on Ethics & Character, by Joe M. Marshall, III. 256 pp; 5¾x8¾; ISBN: 0-14-219609-6; $15.00 PA. PEN This captures the beliefs, values, and wisdom that have sustained the Lakota people since time immemorial in a rich collection of traditional stories. Lakota Woman, by Mary Crow Dog. 272 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-06-097389-7; $13.00 PA. HCP This is a story of death, of determination against all odds, and of the cruelties perpetuated against American Indians during the last several decades. It is a

deeply moving account of a woman's triumphant struggle to survive in a hostile world. Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions, by John (Fire) Lame Deer & Richard Erdoes. 288 pp; 4¼x6¾; photos; glossary; ISBN: 0-67188802-1; $5.99 MM. S&S This story is one of harsh youth and reckless manhood, shotgun marriage and divorce, history and folklore, and of his fierce struggle to keep pride alive, though living as a stranger in his own ancestral land. Land of Nakoda, the Story of the Assiniboine Indians, by James L. Long. 240 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 1-931832-35-8; $14.95 PA. MHSP ♦Using clear and precise writing, this accurately describes tribal legends, daily life, lodging, food, courtship and marriage, children‘s games, buffalo hunting, tools and weapons, religious ceremonies and secret societies, medicine men and spirits, and the coming of the white man. Land of the Spotted Eagle, by Luther Standing Bear. 294 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-5890-9; $14.95 PA. UNEBP In this work, Standing Bear sought to tell non-Indian readers "just how we lived as Teton Lakotans." He includes chapters on child rearing, social and political organization, the family, religion, and manhood. His views on Indian affairs and his suggestions for the improvement of relations between Indians and whites are presented in the two closing chapters. The Last Comanche Chief, the Life and Times of Quanah Parker, by Bill Neeley. 286 pp; 6x9¼; photos, index, photos; ISBN: 0-471-16076-8; $18.95 PA. WILEY Neeley is recognized as the preeminent authority on Quanah Parker. A wellresearched, excellent read. Legends of Our Times: Native Cowboy Life, by Morgan Baillargeon & Leslie Tepper. 264 pp; 8x11; ISBN: 0-295-97729-9; $24.95 PA. UWAP Through stories, poetry, art, and reminiscences, Native people invite the reader on a fascinating journey into the world of ranching and rodeo. The Lemhi: Sacajawea's People, by Brigham D. Madsen. 216 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87004-267X; $11.95 PA. CAXP This is the complete story of the Mountain Shoshoni, the Salmon Eaters. Sacajawea was a sister to their Chief Ca-me-ah-wait, and for many years a captive of tribes east of the mountains, reunited when she was guiding Meriwether Lewis' Corps of Discovery. Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Conditions of the North American Indians, by George Catlin. Vol. 1; 286 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-486-22118-0; $16.95 PA. Vol. 2; 286 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 0-486-22119-9; $16.95 PA. DOVER Classic account of life among the Plains Indians: ceremonies, hunt, and warfare, etc. 312 plates. Life Among the Piutes, by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins. 272 pp; 5x7; ISBN: 0-87417-252-7; $15.95 PA. UNVP This autobiographical work was written by one of the country's most well-known Native American women, Sarah Winnemucca. She was a Paiute princess and a major figure in the history of Nevada and her tribe, which lived and still resides primarily in the state. This deals with her life and the plight of the Paiute Indians. The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash, by Johanna Brand. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; chronology; maps; ISBN: 1-55028-422-3; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. LORCO In February 1976, the body of a woman was found on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The official autopsy attributed her death to exposure. Both hands were severed and sent to Washington for fingerprinting, and the body was hastily buried without legal documents. When FBI identified the woman as Anna Mae Aquash, a Canadian Indian active in the American Indian Movement, her family and friends demanded a second autopsy. It revealed that Anna Mae had been killed by a bullet fired executionstyle into the back of her head. Her murder and the attempts to cover it up bear remarkable similarities to the classic methods used by government gangs to make people "disappear" in Latin


America. No serious investigation has ever been undertaken to determine the identities of her murders, but all evidence points to American law enforcement officials. Light on the Indian World, the Essential Writings of Charles Eastman (Ohiyesa), edited by Michael O. Fitzgerald. 218 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-941532-30-5; $17.95 PA. WWIS ♦This includes selections from all of Eastman‘s books focusing on the most important themes in his writings. They present the most complete explanation of the philosophy and moral code of the Plains Indian. Long River, by Joseph Bruchac. 312 pp; 5¾x8½; family tree; map; ISBN: 1-55591-213-3; $19.95 HC. FULC An exquisite tale of friendship, courage, trust and adventure. Keen blending of Native mythology and historical fact. Sequel to Dawn Land. Making Arrows the Old Way, by Doug Wallentine. 32 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-943604-22-2; $4.50 PA. EAGVP Contains everything you need to know to make attractive and functional Native American arrows, with an easy-to-follow text together with numerous illustrations and photos. Making Indian Bows & Arrows ... the Old Way, by Doug Wallentine. 104 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; charts; tables; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-943604-21-4; $12.95 PA. EAGVP This includes all you will need to know to make powerful and attractive Native American bows with an easy-to-follow text together with numerous illustrations and photos. The reader is shown how to use both primitive and modern techniques of bow and arrow making. Mandan Social & Ceremonial Organization, by Alfred W. Bowers. 434 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80326224-8; $24.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Based on years of research and conversations with Crows Heart and ten other Mandan men and women, Bowers offers an engaging and detailed reconstruction of their way of life in earlier times. Masterpieces of American Indian Literature, edited & with an introduction by Willis G. Regier. 640 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; appendices; ISBN: 0-8032-8997-9; $17.95 PA. UNEBP ♦The five complete and unabridged works collected here are parts of a long and passionate testimony about American Indian culture as related by Indians themselves. Includes The Life of Kah-ge-gagah-bown, The Soul of the Indian, American Indian Stories, Coyote Stories, and Black Elk Speaks. The Medicine Men: Oglala Sioux Ceremony and Healing, by Thomas H. Lewis. 221 pp; 5x8½; illus, bibliog; ISBN: 0-80327939-6; $10.95 PA. UNEBP Lewis describes the healers – their techniques, personal histories and qualities, the problems addressed and results obtained- and examines past as well as present practices. The Medicine Wheel, Earth Astrology, by Sun Bear & Wabun. 212 pp; 5x8; illus; charts; notes; ISBN: 0-671-76420-9; $13.95 PA S&S "This book came about as the result of a vision that I had long ago..." So writes Chippewa medicine man, seer, and Indian leader Sun Bear. In The Medicine Wheel he and his medicine helper, Wabun, share his vision, setting forth a whole new system of earth astrology to help guide people not only in their daily living but in their life path as well. Montana Star Quilts, by Linda Parker. 164 pp; 8½x11; photos; diag; bibliog; ISBN: 0-9659391-0-3; $26.95 PA. MQI The product of a lifelong love affair, author and quilter Linda Parker has compiled this authoritative guide to a heartfelt tradition. Slowly, patiently, and with hundreds of diagrams and photos, Parker teaches anyone how to engage in the magic of the Star Quilt, a most cherished legacy. Born of the Plains Indians' proclivity for intimate gift-giving, the custom has endured seemingly forever until today in our time it is more valued than ever. Parker traces the heritage of these wares by walking us through the past all the way up through the last stitch. To the novice quilter this book will be an inspiration, to the serious quilter, a guiding light to endless hours of pleasure and endearment.

Moon of Popping Trees, the Tragedy at Wounded Knee and End of the Indian Wars, by Rex A. Smith. 238 pp; 5¼x8; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9120-5; $15.95 PA. UNEBP The last significant clash of arms in the American Indian Wars took place on December 29, 1890, on the banks of Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota. Of the 350 Teton Sioux Indians there, twothirds were women and children. When the smoke cleared, 84 men and 62 women and children lay dead, their bodies scattered along a stretch of more than a mile where they had been trying to flee. To answer whether it was a battle or a massacre, Smith goes further into the historical records and cultural traditions of the combatants and renders the most definitive and unbiased account of all. Mountain Spirit, the Sheep Eater Indians of Yellowstone, by Lawrence L. Loendorf & Nancy M. Stone. 240 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; color section; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780874808674; $19.95 PA. UUTP ♦Mountain Spirit presents a picture of the vanished way of life of a people whose existence and accomplishments have been largely ignored in histories of Native peoples. My Life as an Indian, by James W. Schultz. 336 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-486-29614-8; $10.95 PA. DOVER In this memoir, first published in 1907, Schultz recalls the remarkable story of his journey westward as a young man to the Montana Territory. Traveling in the days before railroads crossed the continent, he sought wild life and adventure and found both among the Piegan Blackfoot. My People the Sioux, by Luther Standing Bear. 314 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-5793-7; $13.95 PA. UNEBP This is one of the first books about Indians written from their point of view by an Indian. The son of a Lakota chief, Standing Bear was in the first class at Carlisle, witnessed the Ghost Dance uprising, toured with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, and devoted his later years to the Indian rights movement of the 1920s and 30s. The Mythology of Native North America, by David Leeming & Jake Page. 224 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-8061-3239-6; $16.95 PA. UOKP This provides an introduction and very interesting commentary on seventy-two myths drawn from a variety of Native American cultures and language groups. Mythology of the Blackfoot Indians, comp. & trans. by Clark Wissler & D.C. Duvall. 206 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-80329762-9; $13.95 PA. UNEBP Probably the most complete compilation of the myths and legends of the Blackfoot Indians, including learning tales told to Blackfoot children. Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest, by Katharine B. Judson. 210 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-80327580-3; $8.95 PA UNEBP Here are the Zuni, Pima, Paiute, Shastika, and Miwok stories of the creation of the universe, animals, and humans. They tell of good and evil, the entrance of death into the world, great floods and fire, and the origins of names. Also included are fables, rain songs, the Paiute song of the Ghost Dance, and legends of Yosemite Valley. Myths & Legends of the Sioux, by Marie L. McLaughlin. 200 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-8171-4; $14.95 PA. UNEBP This book is about simple Indian things and creatures of the outdoors. The thirty-eight pieces in this collection are rich in humor, animal lore, otherworldly encounters, and famous Sioux legends such as those featuring Unktomi (Spider) and the Stone Boy, the timid rabbit who outwits the tyrannical bear, the wonderful turtle who marries the Indian chief's daughter, and the pet crane who saves a family. Myths of Idaho Indians, by Deward E. Walker, Jr. 208 pp; 5½x8¼; map; illus; references; ISBN: 0-89301-066-9; $11.95 PA. UIDP The stories of Idaho‘s Native Americans presented here express the rich spiritual and artistic sides of their cultures.


The National Congress of American Indians: The Founding Years, by Thomas W. Cowger. 232 pp; 5½x8½; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6414-3; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. UNEBP This is the first full-length history of the NCAI. Drawing upon newly available NCAI records and oral interviews with founding members, Cowger tells the story of the founding and critical first two decades of this important organization. Native America: Arts, Traditions & Celebrations, by Christine Mather. Photos by Jack Parsons. 240 pp; 10x10; photos; index; ISBN: 0-517-57436-5; $40.00 HC. RH Celebrates the traditions of the American Indians in over 400 photos (many full-color) of pottery, jewelry, blankets, baskets, masks, totem poles, dances, powwows, and potlatches. Book is lyrically arranged in: Classical Traditions; Journey to Change; War and Beauty: Totem; Eternal Return; and Native American Resources. Fabulous photography. Native American Beadwork, by William C. Orchard. 172 pp; 6x9¼; illus; color plates; ISBN: 0-486-42483-9; $9.95 PA. DOVER ♦Native American artists are among the most skilled practitioners of beadwork, and this classic study –based on the extensive collections in the Heye Foundation‘s Museum of the American Indian- offers a well-illustrated look at the extraordinary variety of beadwork methods and their spectacular results. Native American Creation Myths, by Jeremiah Curtin. 382 pp; 5½x8½; notes; ISBN: 0-486-43736-1; $14.95 PA. DOVER ♦Many of the myths included here are very beautiful, but until appearance of this collection, they were largely unknown to nonIndians for the simple reason that they had never been collected. Native American Hunting & Fighting Skills, by Colin F. Taylor. 128 pp; 8x8¼ ; illus; photos; maps; endnotes; bibliog; ISBN: 158574-705-X; $22.95 HC. LYONS ♦A fascinating and evocative visual history of the changes and development in Native American fighting and hunting skills, under the impact of European colonizers and the introduction of the horse and the gun. Native American Gardening; Stories, Projects & Recipes for Families, by Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac. 176 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 1-55591-148-X; $15.95 PA. PA. FULC This brings the magical world of stories together with the nurturing experience of gardening. Native American Portraits, 1862-1918, by Nancy Hathaway. 116 pp; 10x9½; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87701-757-3; $19.95 PA. CHRON The development of the art of photography and the devastation of the Native Americans took place simultaneously, and here, published for the first time, are the poignant photographs that resulted. Selected from the Kurt Koegler collection, these works present a searing view of tribes whose vanishing traditions were captured on film just before they disappeared forever. Native American Spirituality, ed. by Lee Irwin. 344 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8261-3; $24.95 PA. UNEBP This volume offers a stimulating, multidisciplinary set of essays by noted Native and non-Native scholars that explore the problems and prospects of understanding and writing about Native American spirituality. Native American Testimony, a Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000, edited by Peter Nabokov. 496 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-14-028159-2; $18.00 PA. PEN Exhaustive, informative, and entertaining, this is a major contribution to documentation of the historical interface between Indian and nonIndian. An authentic, challenging picture of an important, tragic, and frequently misunderstood aspect of American history, as seen through Indian eyes and minds. Native American Weapons, by Colin F. Taylor. 128 pp; 7½x8; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780806137162; $16.95 PA. UOKP Featuring 155 color photographs and illustrations, Native American Weapons surveys weapons made and used by American Indians north of present-day Mexico from prehistoric

times to the late nineteenth century, when European weapons were in common use. Native American Wisdom, ed. by Kent Nerburn & Louise Mengelkoch. 128 pp; 5¼x7¼; biographical notes; ISBN: 0-93143278-2; $15.00 HC. NWL This is a neat book containing gems of Native American wisdom gleaned from recorded speeches of the chiefs, including Chief Seattle's now-famous environmental speech "The Ways of the Land." Native Lands, the West of the American Indian 1982-1992, by Andrew Hogarth. 92 pp; 5½x8; photos; maps; ISBN: 0-646-132040; $14.95 PA. AHP From the pueblos and ruins of New Mexico and Arizona to the homelands of the Sioux and Cheyenne in South Dakota and Montana, writer and photographer Hogarth presents 75 photographs of contemporary Native Americans. Special photos include: Frank Fools crow, Sioux Medicine Man, Bill Tall Bull, and the privately owned two-story wood framed home of the late Comanche chief Quanah Parker. Native North America, by Larry J. Zimmerman & Brian L. Molyneaux. 184 pp; 5½x8; photos; maps; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3286-8; $14.95 PA. UOKP With abundant photographs, more than 150 in color, this illustrates tribal life, sacred arenas, spiritual traditions, and artifacts of the indigenous peoples of North America. Native North American Armor, Shields, & Fortifications, by David E. Jones. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-29270170-5; $24.95 PA. UTEXP ♦This provides the first and only comprehensive survey of armor, shields, and fortifications of American Indians. Native Wisdom, Perceptions of the Natural Way, by Ed McGaa (Eagle Man). 274 pp; 6x9; illus; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 157178-114-5; $14.95 PA. COAK ♦In this the author presents an accessible and often very personal overview of Native American spiritual tradition and practice, which he calls the Natural Way. Also includes a glossary of Lakota Sioux terms and Lakota spiritual songs in English and Lakota. Navajo & Hopi Dyes, by Bill Rieske. 176 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; references; ISBN: 1-883736-08-0; $17.95 PA. HIP ♦This is the only identification and how-to book on these all-natural dyes. Navajo Rugs, How to Find, Evaluate, Buy and Care for Them, by Don Dedera. 124 pp; 7x9½; illus, index; ISBN: 0-87358-635-2; $14.95 PA. NOLAP Full appreciation of any of the many outstanding art forms of the American Indian is never fully achieved without knowledge of their origin and is as important as the technical process resulting in their creation. Navajo Saddle Blankets, edited by Lane Coulter. 144 pp; 9x11; photos; color plates; index; ISBN: 0-89013-407-3; $29.95 PA. MNMP ♦Saddle blankets have played a key role in Navajo life both as utilitarian objects and a force in the economic sustainability of modern Navajo Life. They represent a link between Navajo weavers and traders. This modest textile has found a context in the cattle industry, inside rural cabins, on the floors of eastern bungalows, on the walls of art museums, and even on horseback. It has served countless cultural and utilitarian demands placed on it over the last century and a half, with no sunset in sight. Navajo Trading, the End of an Era, by Willow R. Powers. 296 pp; 6x9¼; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8263-2321-9; $32.95 HC. UNMP ♦This overview of Navajo trading is the first to examine trading in the last quarter of the twentieth century, when changes in both cultures led to the investigation of trading practices by the Federal Trade Commission, ultimately resulting in the demise of most traditional trading posts. Navajo Trading Days, by Elizabeth C. Hegemann. 400 pp; 7¾x11; photos; ISBN: 0-8263-0940-2; $24.95 PA. UNMP ♦This is one of the most informative and certainly most interesting documentaries of the 20th Century Navajo. Includes 318 photos.


Neither Wolf Nor Dog: On Forgotten roads with an Indian Elder, by Kent Nerburn. 352 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-57731-233-3; $15.00 PA. NWL ♦Against an unflinching backdrop of contemporary reservation life and the majestic spaces of the western Dakotas, this tells the story of two men, one white and one Indian, locked in their own understandings yet struggling to find a common voice. The New Warriors; Native American Leaders Since 1900, ed. by. R. David Edmunds. 358 pp; 6x9; photos; endnotes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6751-7; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦An introduction to the rich variety of Native leadership in the Modern era, this work profiles Native men and women who have played a significant role in the affairs of their communities and of the nation over the course of the twentieth century. Nez Perce Coyote Tales: The Myth Cycle, by Deward E. Walker, Jr. with Daniel Matthews. 256 pp; 6x9¼; illus; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3032-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP An incorrigible trickster, a clever thief, a rogue, sometimes a magnanimous hero, often a vengeful loser, but always a survivor, Coyote is the most complex character in the Nez Perce cycle of traditional myths. This collection of fifty-two stories translated from the native language, represents the most extensive treatment of the character of Coyote for any Native American group. The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest, by Alvin M. Josephy, Jr. 688 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-395-85011-8; $21.00 PA. HMC This outstanding classic work contains the entire account of the tragedy that befell the quiet, peaceful Nez Perce. Until the war, no white man had ever been killed by any member of their tribe. But treaties broken, ill treatment, theft of their fabulous Appaloosa horses, and attempts to steal their land brought about a war in 1877 that proved the Nez Perce a formidable foe. Great look at the leadership of Chief Joseph and an honest look at ordinarily peaceful people driven to an unwanted war, a war which they fought with courage, logic, skill and determination, yet treating white settlers as friends, as they evaded their pursuers only to meet a tragic end in the Bear Paw mountains of Montana just fifty miles from sanctuary in Canada. The Nez Perce Nation Divided, Firsthand Accounts of Events Leading to the 1863 Treaty, ed. by Dennis Baird, Diane Mallickan, and W.R. Swagerty. 488 pp; 8¾x10¼; maps; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89301-256-4; Reduced to retail at: $39.95 HC. UIDP ♦This is a captivating collection of contemporary accounts, maps, and illustrations, many of them previously unpublished, that chronicle the fateful changes in Nez Perce life caused by the Idaho gold rush of 1860. This is the eyewitness history of what happened. Together, the hyperbole of an Oregon Statesman journalist, the regimented prose of a Fort Walla Walla Lieutenant, and the plaintive pleas of an Indian Agent weave an intriguing historical reality. The Nez Perces, Tribesmen of the Columbia Plateau, by Francis Haines. 384 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-0982-3; $24.95 PA. UOKP A sedentary fishing tribe in the plateau and mountain country where Idaho, Oregon, and Washington meet, the Nez Perces were transformed by the acquisition of the horse into a tribe which hunted on the plains and assimilated much of the buffalo culture. They were outstanding horsemen, and perhaps their most notable accomplishments were in horse breeding and in their development, through selective breeding, of the Appaloosa. Noble Red Man: Lakota Wisdom Keeper Mathew King, ed. by Harvey Arden. 128 pp; 5½x8¾; ISBN: 1-58270-078-8; $13.95 PA. BWP Mathew King was a respected elder of the Lakota (Sioux) Nation who offered steadfast commitment to his people and to the land that was his home. North American Indian Beadwork Designs, by Clark Wissler. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-40713-6; $3.95 PA. DOVER ♦Included are outstanding samples of handiwork from Eastern

Woodland and Plains Indians, including the Ojibwa, Winnebago, Cheyenne, Blackfoot and others. North American Indian Beadwork Patterns, by Pamela StanleyMillner. 64 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-28835-8; $4.95 PA. DOVER ♦In these pages you‘ll find 73 charts for bead weaving and 12 full-size patterns for bead appliqué. North American Indian Designs, for Artists and Craftspeople, by Eva Wilson. 128 pp; 8¼x11; illus; ISBN: 0-486-25341-4; $10.95 PA. DOVER This contains more than 360 striking copyrightfree designs, each meticulously rendered from embellishments on Indian baskets, pottery, blankets, clothing, carvings, paintings, metalwork or other artifacts in various museums and private collections. North American Indian Designs, Iron-on Transfer Patterns, by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh. 48 pp; 8¼x11; designs; ISBN: 0-48626883-7; $5.95 PA. DOVER The author explored the art & artifacts of many different tribes of North American Indians to prepare this exciting collection of iron-on transfer patterns. She has included 118 authentic motifs ideal for use in many different types of arts and crafts projects. North American Indian Legends, by Allan A. Macfarlan. 432 pp; 6½x9¼; illus; ISBN: 0-486-41947-9; $16.95 PA. DOVER Chosen from hundreds of the most fascinating, varied, and representative North American Indian Legends, these authentic tales not only illustrate many different Indian ways of life, but also offer fascinating glimpses into human psychology. North American Indian Life: Customs and Traditions of 23 Tribes, ed. by Elsie C. Parsons. 428 pp; 6¾x9¾; illus; map; notes; appendix; ISBN: 0-486-27377-6; $10.95 PA. DOVER Covering a broad geographical spectrum that ranges from Mexico to the Arctic, this rich and highly readable work will be welcomed by anthropologists, ethnologists or any student of Native American society and life. North American Indians, by George Catlin. Ed. & intro. by Peter Matthiessen. 560 pp; 5x8; maps; illus; appendix; index; 0-14243750-6; $17.00 PA. PEN Taken together, Catlin's works constitute the first, last, and only "complete" record of the Plains Indians ever made at the height of their splendid culture, so soon destroyed by trader's liquor and disease, rapine and bayonets. Classic! The Northern Shoshoni, by Brigham D. Madsen. 260 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 0-87004-266-1; $18.95 PA. CAXP Madsen examines four distinct groups which comprise the Northern Shoshoni, including a related band of Northern Paiute, the Bannock. He tells the story of these proud people and their struggle to adapt to the massive cultural changes that have occurred during the past 150 years. Of Earth and Elders: Visions & Voices from Native America, by Serle Chapman. 230 pp; 9½x8¼; photos; 0-9528607-7-5; $25.00 PA. MP This is an extremely clear view by Native Americans of contemporary Native America, with all its tragedy and despair, wisdom and hope. Official Price Guide to Native American Art, by Dawn Reno. 528 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-609-80966-0; $24.00 PA. RH ♦This offers the most current values of every Native American antique or collectible from every major tribe or region. The Oglala People, 1841-1879, a Political History, by Catherine Price. 256 pp; 5½x8½; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80328758-5; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In the nineteenth century the U.S. government attempted to reshape Lakota society to accord with American ideals. The Author charts the political strategies employed by Oglala councilors as they struggled to preserve their autonomy. Ohitika Woman, by Mary Brave Bird & Richard Erdoes. 296 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-06-097583-0; $13.50 PA. HCP This is


a walk through one woman's life and the darkest pages of Indianwhite history in the U.S. In spite of the poverty, alcoholism, and routine beating of women that she has witnessed and been a victim of, Brave Bird is a survivor who understands the context of her life. She is communicating her pain as well as her joys to people who see only curio shops on their trip to South Dakota. Ojibwa Warrior, Dennis Banks & the Rise of the American Indian Movement, by Dennis Banks with Richard Erdoes. 378 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; ISBN: 0-8061-3580-8; $29.95 HC. UOKP ♦This life story of one of the truly remarkable Indians of our times, Dennis Banks, activist and humanist, should be an inspiration to anyone trying to make sense of their lives and of the world around them. The Old North Trail, Life, Legends & Religion of the Blackfeet Indians, by Walter McClintock. 566 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8258-3; $19.95 PA. UNEBP In 1896 McClintock went to Northwestern Montana as a member of a U.S. Forest Service expedition. As it turned out, he spent the next four years living on the Blackfeet Reservation, the adopted son of Chief Mad Dog, and a spiritual leader of the tribe. This is McClintock's experiences among the Blackfeet describing daily life, hunts, and ceremonies. There is much valuable information on such subjects as societies, proper names, songs, and beliefs. On the Trail to Wounded Knee, the Big Foot Memorial Ride, by Guy Le Querrec. 228 pp; 10½x13; map; photos; ISBN: 1-58574533-2; $35.00 HC. LYONS ♦This is a moving photographic essay documenting the Lakota Sioux‘s retracing of their doomed ancestors trail to Wounded Knee. One Vast Winter Count: The Native American West before Lewis & Clark, by Colin G. Calloway. 652 pp; 6½x9¼; maps; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780803264656; $19.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This narrative includes the first inhabitants and their early pursuit of big-game animals; the diffusion of corn and how it transformed American Indian life; the Spanish invasion and Indian resistance to Spanish colonialism; French-Indian relations in the heart of the continent; the diffusion of horses and horse culture; the collision of rival European empires and the experiences of Indian peoples whose homelands became imperial borderlands; and the dramatic events between the American Revolution and the arrival of Lewis & Clark. Our Stories Remember: American Indian History, Culture, and Values through Storytelling, by Joseph Bruchac. 192 pp; 5½x7½; map; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55591-129-3; $16.95 PA. FULC ♦This is an illuminating look at Native origins and lifeways, a treasure for all who value native wisdom and the stories that keep it alive. Over a Century of Moving to the Drum, Salish Indian Celebrations on the Flathead Indian Reservation, by Johnny Arlee. 104 pp; 11x8½; map; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-917298-57-8; $14.95 PA. MHSP ♦The Fourth of July Celebration at Arlee, Montana on the flathead Indian Reservation has evolved and grown for over a century. Also called a powwow or war dance, the Salish Indian Celebration is an expression of Salish community and hospitality. Pale Moon, Tales of the American Indians, ed. by John Long. 160 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-57034-014-5; $11.95 PA. ICS This is a treasure trove of entertaining, inspiring and wonderfully told Native American stories. The Pawnee Mythology, by George A. Dorsey. 386 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-8032-6603-0; $22.00 PA. UNEBP First published in 1906, this preserves 148 tales of the Pawnee Indians, who farmed and hunted and lived in earth-covered lodges along the Platte River in Nebraska. People of the Red Earth, American Indians of Colorado, by Sally Crum. 296 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; maps; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-941270-89-0; $17.95 PA. ACP This fills the need for a general introduction to Colorado's American Indian heritage, both ancient and recent. Crum takes the reader on a tour

of cultures, from Ice Age hunters to our modern-day city and reservation neighbors. Rare photos. People of the Wind River: The Eastern Shoshones 1825-1900, by Henry E. Stamm, IV. 336 pp; 6½x9½; maps; tables; photos; charts; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3175-6; $29.95 HC. UOKP This tells the tribe‘s story through eight tumultuous decades –from 1825, when they reached mutual accommodations with the first permanent white settlers in Wind River country, to 1900, when the death of Chief Washakie marked a final break with their traditional lives as nineteenth-century Plains Indians. Peoples of the Plateau; the Indian Photographs of Lee Moorhouse, 1898-1915, by Steven L. Grafe. 236 pp; 10x10; photos; notes; references; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3742-8; $29.95 PA. UOKP ♦The Columbian River Plateau, in the interior Pacific Northwest, was populated for centuries by the Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Cayuse Indians. By the late nineteenth century, after the U.S. government confined these peoples to a single reservation, their lives began to change irrevocably. Major Lee Moorhouse, a businessman and former military officer, served as an Indian agent during this period. Believing that the Indians he encountered were a ―dying race.‖ Moorhouse was driven to collect their artifacts and, for posterity, take their photographs. Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah, VOL. 1: The East and Northwest, by Kenneth B. Castleton, M.D. 256 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; glossary; appendix; references; index; ISBN: 0-940378-29-9; $24.95 PA. UUTP The basic purpose of this work is the recording and preservation of data on Utah rock art. Profusely illustrated and well documented. Piikani Blackfeet, a Culture Under Siege, by John C. Jackson. 256 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; bibliog; notes; index; ISBN: 0-87842386-9; $18.00 PA. MP Illustrated with the artwork of renowned artists Karl Bodmer and George Catlin, rare Indian portraits, and Blackfeet drawings, The Piikani Blackfeet follows this native people‘s struggle to adapt to the crushing changes of the past three centuries. Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts: An Illustrated Guide, by Charles W. Overstreet. 160 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; refer; ISBN: 0-943604-41-9; $13.95 PA. EAGVP This handbook is an exciting exploration of the arts, crafts and other accoutrements made and used by the Plains Indians and Mountain Men in the early 1800s. 45 projects are included, ranging from rawhide to an Arapaho saddle. Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts II: An Illustrated Guide, by Charles W. Overstreet. 112 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; references; ISBN: 0-943604-51-6; $12.95 PA. EAGLV ♦Employing traditional and modern methods, this complete how-to manual features 40 projects ranging from a Blackfoot fish trap to a Wind River Shoshone wolf hat. Plains Indian History and Culture: Essays on Continuity and Change, by John C. Ewers. 296 pp; 5¼x8½; photos; illus; tables; maps; notes; refer; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2943-3; $17.95 PA. UOKP  The author has drawn on interviews collected during a quartercentury of fieldwork with Indian elders, who in recalling their own experiences during the buffalo days, revealed unique insights into Plains Indian life. A new light is shed on important changes in Plains Indian culture, on the history of intertribal relations, and on Indian relations with whites--traders, missionaries, soldiers, settlers, and the U.S. Government. Plenty-Coups, Chief of the Crows, by Frank B. Linderman. 326 pp; 5¼x8; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8018-1; $18.95 PA. UNEBP Linderman was a personal friend of Chief Plenty-Coups, whose tribe had always been friendly to the white man. The reader is treated to Crow history, humor, thoughts, dreams and legends, and life story, as viewed through the eyes of the Chief. Power and Place: Indian Education in America, by Vine Deloria, Jr. & Daniel R. Wildcat. 168 pp; 6x9; bibliog, index; ISBN: 155591-859-X; $17.95 PA. FULC This examines the issues


facing Native American students as they progress through schools, colleges, and on into professions. It is an effort to open discussion about the unique experience of Native Americans and offers a concise reference for administrators, educators, students and community leaders involved with Indian education. Practicing Primitive, a Handbook of Aboriginal Skills, by Steven M. Watts. 240 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-299-X; $24.95 PA. GS ♦This is the result of more than 20 years of one man‘s thinking and writing about the stone-age heritage we all share. It‘s a book designed to inform and inspire. Prairie Smoke, by Melvin R. Gilmore. 256 pp; 5½x8; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87351-207-3; $12.95 PA. MINHSP Prairie Smoke tells the traditional stories and describes the lifeways of some of the first peoples of the Plains: the Pawnee, Sioux, Hidatsa, Mandan, Arikara, and Omaha Indians. Through these stories, we learn of the essential ties native peoples have to the land that gave them life. Prayer on Top of the Earth, the Spiritual Universe of the Plains Apaches, by Kay P. Schweinfurth. 264 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-656-X; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. UCOP ♦In this we are introduced to the fascinating world of Apache bird, animal, and human spirits, a world enlivened by the antics of the beloved Coyote. Intrigued by the world of the medicine man, we follow the Apaches‘ vibrant ever-evolving religious community from the U.S. government‘s banning of native religions to the arrival of evangelistic Christianity to the birth of the peyote religion. Pretty-Shield, Medicine Woman of the Crows, by Frank B. Linderman. 256 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-8025-4; $14.95 PA. UNEBP This book is the first record of the woman's side of Indian life. Pretty-Shield told her story in sign language using an interpreter. She told of life before the white man came and the buffalo went away. You'll know about setting up lodges, berry picking, cooking, courtship, marriage, childbirth, medicine dreams, care of the sick, and the dangers and joys of womanhood among men who lived to hunt and fight. The Price of a Gift, a Lakota Healer‟s Story, by Gerald Mohatt & Joseph Eagle Elk. 242 pp; 6x9; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8282-6; $14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦The strength of humor, the medicine of talking in the right way –with care and respect- the art of listening, and the gift of vision are the inner tools of Eagle Elk‘s gift of healing. In this book we follow the imagery of Eagle Elk‘s world as he talks about it to Mohatt. Prison Writings: My Life is My Sundance, by Leonard Peltier. 272 pp; 5x9¼; photos; ISBN: 0-312-26380-5; $14.95 PA. STMP Pelletier‘s words reveal a wise man that has become freer than his captors, despite his false imprisonment for a crime he did not commit. The Punishment of the Stingy & other Indian Stories, by George B. Grinnell. 254 pp; 5¼x8; photos; ISBN: 0-8032-7008-9; $7.95 PA. UNEBP Plucky young heroes emerge from obscurity through their generosity; the close- fisted draw down supernatural punishment befitting their cold and hardened spirits. Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief, by William T. Hagan. 160 pp; 5¼x8½; photos; maps; sources; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2772-4; $16.95 PA. UOKP The son of white captive Cynthia Ann Parker, Quanah rose from able warrior to tribal leader on the Comanche reservation. Between 1875 and his death in 1911, Quanah dealt with local Indian agents and with presidents and other high officials in Washington, facing the classic dilemma of a leader caught between the dictates of an occupying power and the wrenching physical and spiritual needs of his people. A Quillwork Companion, by Jean Heinbuch. 96 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; tables; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943604-257; $14.95 PA. EAGVP This is the definitive guide to the techniques of porcupine quill decoration as practiced by the American Indian. Includes diagrams, figures and photographs.

Reading & Writing the Lakota Language, by Albert White Hat, Sr. 204 pp; 7x10; illus; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 0-87480-572-4; $24.95 PA. ISBN: 0-87480-573-2; $12.95 CASS. USUP Lakota is one of the three languages spoken by the greater Sioux Nation. Based on extensive research and teaching on the Rosebud Reservation, this elementary grammar presents the Sicangu dialect using an orthography developed by Lakota speakers in 1982 and which is now supplanting older systems. This emphasizes vocabulary and pronunciation and is thorough in its inclusion of conjugation, syntax, and sentence structure. The Real Rosebud; the Triumph of a Lakota Woman, by Marjorie Weinberg. 110 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-4808-3; $19.95 HC. UNEBP ♦Her Greatgrandfather was a famed Lakota warrior, her father was a buffalo hunter, and Rosebud Yellow Robe hosted a CBS radio show in New York City. From buffalo hunting to the hub of twentiethcentury urban life, this book chronicles the momentous changes in the life of a prominent Plains Indian family over three generations. At the center of the story is Rosebud (1907-92), whose personal recollections, family memoirs, letters, and stories form the basis for this book. Red Cloud: Warrior-Statesman of the Lakota Sioux, by Robert W. Larson. 352 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; maps; sources; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3189-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP A most compelling and complete biography of the Lakota who was probably the most important tribal leader of the late nineteenth century. Red Cloud‟s Folk, a History of the Oglala Sioux Indians, by George E. Hyde. 344 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; photos; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1520-3; $24.95 PA. UOKP The author's long familiarity with the background has enabled him to untangle the threads of vague, half-forgotten tribal traditions, misleading accounts by unseeing travelers, and solemn falsehoods of official reports, and weave them all into a connected narrative. Red Earth, White Lies; Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact, by Vine Deloria, Jr. 288 pp; 6x9; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55591-388-1; $18.95 PA. FULC ♦Deloria offers an alternative view of the continent‘s history as seen through the eyes and memories of Native Americans. Further, he warns future generations of scientists not to repeat the ethnocentric omissions and fallacies of the past by dismissing Native oral tradition as mere legends. Red Power: The American Indians‟ Fight for Freedom, ed. by Alvin M. Josephy Jr., Joanne Nagel, & Troy Johnson. 320 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7611-7; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. UNEBP Red Power is a classic documentary history of the American Indian activist movement. This landmark second edition considerably expands and updates the original, illustrating the development of American Indian political activities from the 1960s through the end of the twentieth century. Red Twilight, the Last Free Days of the Ute Indians, by Val FitzPatrick. 288 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; ISBN: 0-9655961-4-1; $18.95 PA. YCP Val‘s family was one of the first to homestead Ute lands, and his account of the Northern Ute removal is told from the unique perspective of one who knew and respected these displaced people. Included is a rare oral history by one of the Ute warriors in the Battle of Milk Creek. Also, excerpts from the longforgotten diary of Wils Rankin, early cowboy and nephew of Joe Rankin, scout of the Ill-fated Major Thornburgh. Repatriation Reader: Who Owns American Indian Remains? ed. by Devon A. Mihesuah. 352 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-80328264-8; Reduced to retail at: $14.00 PA. UNEBP In this unprecedented volume, Native Americans and non-Native Americans within and beyond the academic community offer their views on repatriation and the ethical, political, legal, cultural, scholarly, and economic dimensions of this hotly debated issue. Rethinking American Indian History, ed. by Donald L. Fixico. 152 pp; 6x9; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8263-1819-3; $16.95 PA.


UNMP In this book, seven leading scholars address the complex challenges of understanding over 500 Indian tribes as they see themselves. Riding the Earthboy 40, by James Welch. 80 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-14-303439-1; $16.00 PA. PEN ♦This is the most important book of poetry in all of Native American literature. Rock Art Savvy, the Responsible Visitor‟s Guide to Public Sites of the Southwest, by Ronald D. Sanders. 248 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; color section; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087842-510-1; $16.00 PA. MP ♦Some of the best Indian petroglyphs and pictographs in America can be found in the greater Southwest. This work includes all the information visitors need for enjoying more than one hundred remarkable sites in seven states. Roots of Survival: Native American Storytelling and the Sacred, by Joseph Bruchac. 224 pp; 5¾x8¾; ISBN: 1-55591-1455; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 HC. FULC This is the first major collection of the writings of Joseph Bruchac -Native American writer, storyteller and passionate keeper of the Native traditions in today's world. Rotting Face, Smallpox and the American Indian, by R.G. Robertson. 352 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87004-419-2; $24.95 HC. CAXP Robertson details the history of smallpox and the profound impact of the disease in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He details how the smallpox epidemic of 1837-1838 virtually destroyed the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arickara cultures. It claimed entire villages of Blackfeet, stripping that proud nation of its power and wealth. Before it ran out of human fuel Rotting Face claimed an estimated 20,000 natives, doing more damage to the Northern Plains tribes in one year than all the military expeditions ever sent against American Indians. Sacajawea, by Harold P. Howard. 224 pp; 4¾x7½; maps; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1578-5; $19.95 PA. UOKP Classic! Sacajawea is famed as a guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Far Northwest between 1804 and 1806. Her service as an ambassadress to Indian tribes along the way helped to assure the success of the expedition. Sacajawea, by Brad Phillips. 80 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 1-885027-29-X; $6.95 PA. APRP ♦A thin, yet concise biography about Sacajawea‘s life. Sacajawea: Guide and Interpreter of Lewis & Clark, by Grace R. Hebard. 350 pp; 5¼x8½; map; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-48642149-X; $12.95 PA. DOVER Known to schoolchildren as the woman who guided Lewis & Clark through the wilderness, Sacajawea is a figure of fascinating historical interest. This book – first published in 1933, nearly 50 years after the date the author accepts for Sacajawea‘s death- tells the story of this remarkable woman and attempts to assess her rightful place in the history of American exploration. Sacagawea Speaks: Beyond the Shining Mountains with Lewis & Clark, by Joyce B. Hunsaker. 166 pp; 9¾x9¾; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58592-079-7; $27.50 HC. GPP Through Joyce Hunsaker‘s research and interpretation, we experience a face-to-face encounter with a woman who participated in one of our country‘s greatest personal and national endeavors. Sacajawea‟s People, the Lemhi Shoshones & the Salmon River Country, by John W.W. Mann. 286 pp; 6x9¼; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-3241-1; $24.95 HC. UNEBP ♦Mann offers an absorbing and richly detailed look at the Life of Sacajawea‘s people before their first contact with non-Natives, their encounter with the Lewis & Clark Expedition in the early nineteenth century, and their subsequent confinement to a reservation in northern Idaho near the town of Salmon.

Sacred Objects and Sacred Places: Preserving Tribal Traditions, by Andrew Gulliford. 308 pp; 8¼x10¾; maps photo; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-579-2; $34.95 PA. UCOP This combines native oral histories, photographs, drawings, and case studies to present current issues of cultural preservation vital to American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the Seven Rites of the Oglala Sioux, recorded & edited by Joseph E. Brown. 168 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2124-6; $16.95 PA. UOKP This is a faithful transcription by the last of the Sioux holy men to know his tribe‘s religious rites, together with their history and significance. Saga of Chief Joseph, by Helen A. Howard. 408 pp; 5¼x8; illus; photos; map; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7202-2; $19.95 PA. UNEBP This is a definitive biography of the great Nez Perce chief, a diplomat among warriors. In times of war and peace, Chief Joseph exhibited gifts of the first rank. Even though he was a leader for peace and tribal liberty, he was destined to see the defeat of his people in the Nez Perce War of 1877 and the loss of all that was important to them -their lands, their horses, and their independence. The struggle of the Nez Perce for freedom in life constitutes one of the most dramatic episodes of Indian history. The Salish People and the Lewis & Clark Expedition, by SalishPend d‘Oreille Culture Committee & Elders Cultural Advisory Council Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes. 216 pp; 10x7¾; photos; illus; notes; bibliog.; index; ; ISBN: 9780803243118; $29.95 HC. UNEBP ♦For the first time, a Native American community offers an in-depth examination of the events and historical significance of their encounter with the Lewis & Clark expedition. Sarah Winnemucca, by Sally Zanjani. 376 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9921-4; $17.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This book is the triumphant and moving story of Sarah Winnemucca (1844-91), one of the most influential and charismatic Native women in American History. Sarah Winnemucca of the Northern Paiutes, by Gae W. Canfield. 320 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2090-8; $19.95 PA. UOKP This is a good biography of an interesting and important Indian woman who became an activist in a day when such liberation brought persecution and ridicule of her courageous and determined efforts to educate and improve the members of her tribe. Scottish Highlanders, Indian Peoples, Thirty Generations of a Montana Family, by James Hunter. 224 pp; 6x9; map; references; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-917298-52-7; $18.95 PA. MHSP ♦This epic tale traces the McDonald family over a thousand years starting with a ninth-century migration from Ireland to Scotland; taking in medieval warriors who battled for Scotland‘s independence from England; ending with these warriors‘ descendants on Montana‘s Flathead Reservation. This real-life family saga spans two continents, eleven centuries, and more than thirty generations to link the clans of Scotland and the native peoples of the American West. Secret Native American Pathways: A Guide to Inner Peace, by Thomas E. Mails. 316 pp; 7½x8; illus; ISBN: 0-933031-15-7; $17.95 PA. COAKB After years of careful research, noted Indian historian Thomas Mails brings us this major work which reveals rituals long kept secret, practices which invoke both natural and supernatural powers. Shamanism, by Piers Vitebsky. 184 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; maps; sources; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3328-7; $14.95 PA. UOKP This discusses visions, initiation rites, shamanic chants, shamanism and mental health, the shamanic use of plants, and the political and social background of the shaman‘s work.


Sheheke, Mandan Indian Diplomat, by Tracy Potter. 208 pp; 6x9; map; illus; endnotes; ISBN: 1-56037-255-9; Reduced to retail at: $15.95 HC. ISBN: 1-56037253-2; $15.95 PA. FCP ♦Up until now, Sheheke, the Mandan chief who visited president Jefferson, has been a bit player in the story, but now takes his rightful place as a major participant in the transcontinental travels of Lewis and Clark. The Shoshoni-Crow Sun Dance, by Fred W. Voget. 368 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3086-5; $14.95 PA. UOKP This is the first full-length authoritative treatment of the Crow Sun Dance, putting it in perspective both historically and within the framework of modern Crow society. Sign Language Among North American Indians, by Garrick Mallery. 296 pp; 6x9; map; illus; ISBN: 0-486-41948-7; $14.95 PA. DOVER Originally published in 1881, the author was a retired army officer and bureau employee who was perhaps the foremost expert at that time on American Indian sign language. Sign Talk of the Cheyenne Indians and Other Cultures, by Earnest T. Seton. 286 pp; 5½x8; illus; ISBN: 0-486-41434-5; $9.95 PA. DOVER As old as Humanity itself and native to every corner of the world, sign language probably predates speech. American Plains Indians with some 30 different tribes and dialects, are among the best sign talkers, and the Cheyenne are considered the most proficient at communicating through signs and gesture. Sioux Indian Religion: Tradition and Innovation, ed. by Raymond J. DeMallie & Douglas R. Parks. 254 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2166-1; $19.95 PA. UOKP The result of a 1982 Bismarck, North Dakota, symposium, this collection of essays on contemporary Sioux religion, strengthened by its reliance on mostly Sioux writers (voices), provides an important first step toward understanding the current directions of Sioux thought. The Sioux, Life and Customs of a Warrior Nation, by Royal B. Hassrick. 400 pp; 5¼x8; photos; maps; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2140-8; $24.95 PA. UOKP This book presents Sioux life as it was in its greatest vigor and renown -the brief span of less than fifty years from about 1830 to 1870. Every phase of life is covered -art, war, religion, child rearing, sex, humor, and dress. Sioux Quill and Beadwork Designs & Techniques, by Carrie A. Lyford. 128 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-486-42089-2; $9.95 PA. DOVER Following a brief introduction and discussion of how Sioux dwellings, clothing, furnishings, and ceremonial objects were decorated, the text focuses on the quill and beadwork techniques of the western Sioux and how these materials were used to create decorative patterns. Sister to the Sioux, the Memoirs of Elaine Eastman, 18851891, ed. by Kay Graber. 200 pp; 5¼x8; map; photos; ISBN: 08032-6752-5; $12.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In 1885 a genteel New England girl traveled to the western frontier to open a school on the Great Sioux Reservation. For six years, Elaine Eastman taught, hunted with, and lived among the Lakotas who were experiencing profound changes as buffalo herds dwindled and they were forced to adjust to reservation life. Sitting Bull in Canada, by Tony Hollihan. 288 pp; 5¼x8¼; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-894864-02-6; $10.95 PA. FLP ♦After the defeat of Custer and the Seventh Cavalry at the Little Bighorn, Sitting Bull and his band fled north across the Medicine Line to escape the U.S. army. There, one man –Major James Walsh of the North-West Mounted Police- rode into Sitting Bull‘s frenzied camp to inform him that he would be protected in Canada as long as he obeyed its laws. From Walsh‘s bold move developed an improbable bond of respect and friendship between the legendary chief and his Mountie advocate that would last their lifetimes. The Sixth Grandfather: Black Elk's Teachings Given to John G. Neihardt, ed. by Raymond J. DeMallie. 484 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6564-6; $19.95

PA. UNEBP Dr. DeMallie reveals himself to be a uniquely sensitive interpreter of Lakota theology, philosophy, and history which are all one in traditional Lakota thought. His insight penetrates the inner beings of both Black Elk and John Neihardt, two men of vastly different cultures who became one as seekers of the Sacred. The Sixth Grandfather is the completion of the holy task begun in Black Elk Speaks and When the Tree Flowered. The Song and the Silence: Sitting Wind, by Peter Jonker. 222 pp; 5 ½x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-919433-54-5; $9.95 PA. LONEP Award-winning biography! This is the story of Frank Kaquitts – Sitting Wind- born a Cree and raised among the Stoney. He learned traditional Native ways from his grandmother and uncle, and went on to be the first and only chief of all three Stoney bands. Also includes his time as an actor, when he played Sitting Bull opposite Paul Newman in Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull’s History Lesson. A Song for Mother Earth, by Howard Rainer. 192 pp; 10x12; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-89802-661-X; Reduced to retail at: $18.95 PA. BAPC From the Native American author of Proud Moments comes a beautiful new volume, portraying in dazzling photography and original poetry, the absolute bond between Mother Earth and the Native American community. Let this sensitive Taos Pueblo-Creek Indian escort you carefully into Indian Country to experience this wonderful relationship firsthand. A Song for the Horse Nation, Horses in Native American Cultures, edited by George Horse Capture & Emil Her Many Horses.96 pp; 8¼x8; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-55591-112-9; $16.95 PA. FULC ♦A fascinating view of American Indian horse ornament and traditions. This work provides a splendid overview of the rich relationship between native people and horses. The Soul of the Indian; an Interpretation, by Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa). 172 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0-8032-6701-0; $9.95 PA. UNEBP Eastman, a mixed-blood Sioux, held a Bachelor of Science degree from Dartmouth and a medical degree from Boston University when he was appointed physician at the Pine Ridge Agency. He witnessed the events that led to the infamous Wounded Knee massacre. This book, his two autobiographies, and his nine other works were an attempt to bring understanding between Native and non-Native Americans. Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni, by Allan Hays & John Blom. 200 pp; 10½x9½; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087358-656-5; $21.95 PA. NOLAP ♦Showing more than eleven hundred pots, there isn‘t a more complete Southwest pottery guide. Represents tribal pottery from Yuman to Hopi to Taos to Casas Grandes. Speaking of Indians, by Ella Deloria. 192 pp; 5x8; ISBN: 0-80326614-6; $11.95 PA. UNEBP Beginning with a general discussion of American Indian origins, language families, and culture areas, Deloria then focuses on her own people, the Dakotas, and the intricate kinship system that governed all aspects of their life. She writes, "Exacting and unrelenting obedience to kinship demands made the Dakotas a most kind, unselfish people, always acutely aware of those about them and innately courteous." Spirit & Reason, the Vine Deloria, Jr., Reader, ed. by Barbara Deloria, Kristin Foehner, & Sam Scinta. 400 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 1-55591-430-6; $17.95 PA. FULC This is a collection of the works of one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. The essays gathered here are wide-ranging and essential and include representative pieces from some of Deloria‘s most influential books, some of his lesser-known articles, and ten new pieces. The Spirit of Indian Women, edited by Judith & Michael O. Fitzgerald. 176 pp; 6x7¼; photos; indexes; ISBN: 0-941532-87-9; $14.95 PA. WWIS ♦This gift of voice and image affords us an opportunity to travel across time and cultures, to listen to and to observe these beautiful mothers, grandmothers, and matriarchs, all of them Indian women.


Standing in the Light: A Lakota Way of Seeing, by Severt Young Bear & R.D. Theisz. 232 pp; 6x9; photos; pronunciation guide; ISBN: 0-8032-9912-5; $13.00 PA. UNEBP This is a unique, in-depth presentation on Lakota music, an inside view of the Lakota world, of the meaning of Lakota song and dance, of their history, and of what it is to be Lakota in America today. Stolen Continents, the "New World" Through Indian Eyes, by Ronald Wright. 448 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-39565975-2; $16.00 PA. HMC Wright, a leading Canadian author, tells the story, much of it in their own words, how five great American civilizations -Aztec, Maya, Inca, Cherokee, and Iroquoiswere invaded, colonized, and suppressed by Europeans, and how they still tenaciously survive after five hundred years. Stone Magic of the Ancients: Petroglyphs, Shamanic Shrine Sites, Ancient rituals, by James R. Cunkle & Markus A. Jacquemain. 192 pp; 8x10; photos; illus; map; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-885590-04-0; $14.95 PA. GWP Excellent reproduction of stone petroglyphs and pictographs, with descriptives, locations, and conclusions. Well put together. Storied Stone, Indian Rock Art of the Black Hills Country, by Linea Sundstrom. 256 pp; 8x10; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3596-4; $24.95 PA. UOKP ♦This presents a new interpretation of this ancient art in a clear straightforward writing style and provides detailed illustrations of petroglyphs and painted rock art otherwise unavailable to the public. Stories and Stone: Writing the Anasazi Homeland, by Reuben Ellis. 258 pp; 6x9; maps; references; bibliog; credits; ISBN: 087108-878-9; $18.95 PA. PRUETT Collected here are selections from a striking body of literature about the prehistoric Southwest, of the Anasazi, of Chaco Canyon, Canyon De Chelly, Mesa Verde, and Hovenweep. Stories of the Sioux, by Luther Standing Bear. 96 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 9780803293359; $9.95 PA. UNEBP These short pieces will serve to acquaint readers with the distinctive charm and almost classical simplicity with which the Indian story-tellers expressed themselves. Interesting insight into the Indian's ultimate faith in the "Great Mystery." Strange Empire, by Joseph K. Howard. 638 pp; 5½x8½; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87351-298-7; $24.95 PA. MINHSP This is the story of Louis Riel, the Metis people, and their struggle for a homeland on the plains of the United States-Canada border. The Sun Came Down, the History of the World as My Blackfeet Elders Told It, by Percy Bullchild. 408 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 08032-6250-7; $22.95 PA. UNEBP ♦At the age of sixty-seven, Percy Bullchild (1915-1986), a Blackfeet Indian from Browning, Montana, with little formal education in English, set out to put the oral tradition and history of his people into a permanent written record. Sundancing: The Great Sioux Piercing Ritual, by Thomas E. Mails. 352 pp; 9¾x9¾; photos; illus; diag; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-57178-062-9; $32.95 PA. COAKB This takes the reader into the experience of the Sun Dance through photos, drawings, and color paintings. It also includes a complete account of the Sun Dance in the words of Frank Fools Crow, the renowned Sioux holy man and Ceremonial Chief of the Teton Sioux, and other dance participants. A Taste of Heritage: Crow Indian Recipes & Herbal Medicines, by Alma Hogan Snell. 224 pp; 5½ x8½; photos; appendix; references; index; ISBN: 978-0-8032-9353-3; $17.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Drawing on the knowledge and wisdom of countless generations of Crow Indian women, the well-known speaker and teacher Alma Snell presents an indispensable guide to the traditional lore, culinary uses, and healing properties of native foods.

The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork, by Monte Smith. 104 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; color plates; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-943604-02-8; $14.95 PA. EAGVP Includes about 200 illustrations, examples, and photos of beaded articles from 1835 to the present, along with step-by-step instructions, including how to bead round objects, rosettes, and necklaces. The Technique of Porcupine Quill Decoration Among the Indians of North America, by William C. Orchard. 88 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diag; color plates; ISBN: 0-943601-00-1; $9.95 PA. EAGVP Porcupine quill decoration is a craft that is unique to the Indians of North America; a craft that can be found nowhere else in the world. Prior to about 1840 it was the principle means of decoration among most of this continent's Nations. With easy-tofollow illustrations, color plates, line drawings, and historical text, this work remains the best single source on porcupine quill work. Tell Me, Grandmother: Traditions, Stories & Cultures of Arapaho People, by Virginia Sutter. 164 pp; 5½x8½; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-87081-785-X; $17.95 PA. UCOP ♦This is both the biography of Goes-in-Lodge, a traditional Arapaho woman of the nineteenth century, and the autobiography of her descendant, Virginia Sutter, a modern Arapaho woman with a PhD in public administration. Sutter‘s portrait of Goes-in-Lodge is based on tribal history and interviews with tribal members. Tell Them We are Going Home: The Odyssey of the Northern Cheyennes, by John H. Monnett. 282 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; illus; maps; tables; notes; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8061-3645-6; $18.95 PA. UOKP Details the courageous journey of the Northern Cheyennes, under the leadership of Little Wolf and Dull Knife, from Indian Territory northward to their homelands in the Powder River country. Teton Sioux Music & Culture, by Frances Densmore. 590 pp; 6x9; extensive photos; illus; music scores; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08032-6593-X; $19.95 PA. UNEBP This work is the result of Densmore's life-long project to record and transcribe the traditional music of American Indian peoples. The book explores the role of music in all aspects of Sioux life. Music serves as the vehicle for organizing this detailed account of traditional religion, warfare, and social life, enriched by first-person narrations by the Lakota men and women who worked with Densmore from 1911 to 1914 to preserve their songs. Texas Indian Myths & Legends, by Jane Archer. 242 pp; 5½x8½; sources; bibliog; ISBN: 1-55622-725-6; $18.95 PA. REPTEX Step into a colorful pageantry of the powerful peoples whom once ruled and still influence the great state of Texas. From the Caddo in the Piney Woods, the Lipan Apache in the Southwest, the Wichita at the Red River, and the Comanche across the Great Plains to the Alabama-Coushatta in the Big Thicket, five nations come alive through myth and history in Jane Asher‘s vividly written book about the first Texans. That All People May be One People, Send Rain to Wash the Face of the Earth, by Chief Joseph. 64 pp; 7½x8; ISBN: 0945519-15-X; $12.95 PA. MMP In an interview during an 1879 trip to Washington, Chief Joseph, a prisoner, with great dignity, clarity and eloquence, spoke of his life, of promises made and broken, of humankind‘s relationship to the earth, and of the oneness of all peoples. These Were the Sioux, by Mari Sandoz. 126 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-9151-5; $10.95 PA. UNEBP This book gives the logic and lore of Sioux life. It is rapid reading, yet it unobtrusively overflows with Miss Sandoz' lifetime love and respect for these people, and her careful insights into their ways. They Call Me Agnes: A Crow Narrative Based on the Life of Agnes Yellowtail Deernose, by Fred W. Voget. 256 pp; 5¾x8½; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3319-8; $16.95 PA. UOKP Here is an intimate and personal account of one woman's life growing up during crucial times on the Crow Reservation. Central to her story are the Crow values of giving


and caring, and as a woman, her important role in maintaining kinship ties. Readers are given unique insights into the rituals associated with the life cycle, adoption practices, giveaways, and tribal festivals. Given the harsh realities of reservation life during the early to mid-20th century, she describes how her family coped with housing, acquiring food, and raising cattle. They Sang for Horses, the Impact of the Horse on Navajo & Apache Folklore, by LaVerne H. Clark. 368 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-496-6; $26.95 PA. UCOP ♦The title explains it all. This Day in North American Indian History, by Phil Konstantin. 478 pp; 8x9½; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-30681170-7; $35.00 HC. HCP ♦From the dedication of the Mayan ballcourt at Chichen Itsa in A.D. 864 to modern political activism and government legislation affecting native peoples, here is virtually every significant event in North American Indian history. Through the Eye of the Feather, Native American Visions, by Gail Tuchman. 96 pp; 8½x10; photos, illus; ISBN: 0-87905-597-9; $19.95 PA. GS The feather is a spiritual symbol for Native American Nations from east to west. In prose and photographs, the personal vision of the feather is explained by men and women of six different tribal backgrounds: Apache (Lipan and Mescalero), Cherokee, Crow, Navajo, Lakota Sioux, and Algonquian. Tonto‟s Revenge, by Rennard Strickland. 176 pp; 6x9; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8263-1822-3; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. UNMP This work is a passionate attempt by a leading Native American scholar to reassess the Indian world view and its importance to all Americans. His deeply felt essays project a vision of how Native Americans can recapture the power of their cultural legacies. Tracks That Speak, the Legacy of Native American Words in North American Culture, by Charles L. Cutler. 272 pp; 5¼x8½; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-618-06510-5; $14.00 PA. HMC ♦Pecan, hominy, quahog, squash, kayak, parka, moccasin, mukluk, skunk, muskrat, caribou, moose; these and many more words we use everyday came from the Native American languages. The Traditional Bowyer‟s Bible Vol. 1, ed. by Jim Hamm. 326 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-58574-085-3; $22.95 PA. LYONS This introduces the traditional bow, seasoning and cutting wood, bow design and performance, finishes and handles, and much more. The Traditional Bowyer‟s Bible Vol. 2, ed. by Jim Hamm. 320 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-58574-086-1; $22.95 PA. LYONS This covers ancient European bows, Eastern Woodland bows, recurves, strings, steel points, quivers, and much more. The Traditional Bowyer‟s Bible Vol. 3, ed. by Jim Hamm. 352 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-58574-087-X; $22.95 PA. LYONS This covers tools, Korean and African archery, bows of the Plains Indians, custom shafts, stone points, and much more. Traditional Clothing of the Native Americans, by Evard H. Gibby. 166 pp; 8½x10½; diagrams, illus, index, references; ISBN: 0-43604-61-3; $17.95 PA. EAGVP Among the many items included are skirts and aprons from a variety of materials, dresses of many styles, capotes, robes, breechclouts, leggings, shirts, breastplates, hats, moccasins and sandals. Selected pieces of dress clothing, primarily from the Plains, are also discussed. Traditional Hopi Kachinas: A New Generation of Carvers, by Jonathan Day. 136 pp; 6¾x9½; photos; index; ISBN: 0-87358740-5; $14.95 PA. NOLAP The ninety color photos and intimate interviews with the artists will take the reader into an art form that celebrates the cultural depths of the Hopis. Traditional Indian Crafts, by Monte Smith. 96 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; diag; ISBN: 0-943604-13-3; $12.95 PA. EAGVP Includes

complete illustrated instructions on all of the basics of leather, bone and feather crafts of the American Indian. Traditional Literatures of the American Indians: Texts and Interpretations, ed. by Karl Kroeber. 176 pp; 6x9; bibliog; contributors; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7782-2; $12.00 PA. UNEBP This book is an essential introduction to the study and appreciation of American Indian oral literatures. This expanded edition of the widely praised collection contains a recent analysis of the Wintu myth of female sexuality. Trail of Tears: The Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nation, by John Ehle. 432 pp; 5¼x8; map; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-385-23954-8; $15.95 PA. BDD Although the history of the Cherokee Nation has been told before, Ehle's version may be the best. He has found sources previously unused, affording human touches that enliven the narrative. Ehle shows a touching regard for the heroism the tribe manifested during the journey over the Trail of Tears. Treasures of the Hopi, by Theda Bassman. 116 pp; 8½x11; map; photos; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87358-672-7; $12.95 PA. NOLAP ♦This work showcases nearly six hundred items, from classics to modern innovations, in nearly one hundred color photographs. Treasures of the Navajo, by Theda Bassman. 116 pp; 8½x11; map; photos; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87358-673-5; $12.95 PA. NOLAP ♦Complete with sections on jewelry, baskets, pottery, rugs, sandpaintings, paintings, and new crafts, this showcases nearly five hundred items. Tribes & Tribulations, Misconceptions About American Indians & Their Histories, by Laurence M. Hauptman. 184 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8263-1582-8; $15.95 PA. UNMP Most Americans are misinformed about Native Americans and their history. In the nine essays in this volume, Hauptman selects topics from the seventeenth century to the present as examples of some commonly held but erroneous views on Indian-white relations, including campaigns to pacify and Christianize Indians, policies of removal, and stereotypes of Indians as mascots for sports teams or Hollywood film sidekicks. Tribes of the Sioux Nation, by Michael Johnson. 48 pp; 7x9½; map; tables; photos; illus; color section; index; ISBN: 1-85532-878X; $15.95 PA. OSPREY ♦This text outlines the history, social organization, religion and material culture of the Santee, Yankton, and Teton Sioux; rare early photographs include portraits of many of the great war chiefs and warriors of the Plains Indian Wars, and eight detailed plates record details of Sioux traditional costume. Turtle Lung Woman‟s Granddaughter, by Delphine Red Shirt. 264 pp; 6½x8¼; ISBN: 0-8032-8996-0; $14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Red Shirt has delicately woven the life stories of her mother and great-grandmother into a continuous narrative that succeeds triumphantly as a moving, epic saga of Lakota women from traditional times to the present. Two Old Women: An Alaskan Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival, by Velma Wallis. 160 pp; 5x7; illus; ISBN: 9780060723521; $12.95 PA. HCP Based on an Athabascan Indian legend passed along for many generations from mothers to daughters of the upper Yukon River in Alaska, this is the suspenseful, shocking, ultimately inspirational tale of two old women abandoned by their tribe during a brutal winter famine. Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri River Region, by Melvin R. Gilmore. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7034-8; $11.95 PA. UNEBP Readers will find here, conveniently described, the uses that Plains Indians made of the wild plants they collected and of those plants they cultivated for food, clothing, medicine, and ornamentation. The Ute Indians of Utah, Colorado, & New Mexico, by Virginia M. Simmons. 352 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index;


ISBN: 87081-647-0; $24.95 PA. UCOP Not only does this offer the most comprehensive history available of the various Ute Indian tribes but Simmons also presents the material in a carefully researched yet accessible style, which will appeal equally to scholars and general readers. Ute Tales, coll. by Anne M. Smith. 208 pp; 5½x8½; photos; map; ISBN: 0-87480-442-6; $14.95 PA. UUTP These distinctive animal and human tales, from members of the last generation born in the pre-reservation era, offer a rich source of Ute culture. The hundred-odd stories are ribald, sometimes violent, yet delicately balanced and full of humor. The Utes Must Go! American Expansionism & the Removal of a People, by Peter R. Decker. 256 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; endnotes; index; ISBN: 1-55591-465-9; $19.95 PA. FULC ♦Tracing three centuries of Ute Indian history, this chronicles the policies and incidents that led to the involuntary removal of the Utes from Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming. Utes, the Mountain People, by Jan Pettit. 186 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-065-7; $14.00 PA. JOHN This presents the rich panorama of Ute history, from the archaeological features of prehistoric Ute cultures to elements of present-day Ute culture. A wealth of rare and historic photographs of early Utes and important leaders, and an abundance of information on tepee culture, Ute artwork, stories, songs, dances, and religious ceremonies, hunting and horsemanship, wars, skirmishes, and treaties make this book a valuable source for anyone interested in Native American cultures. The Vengeful Wife & Other Blackfoot Stories, by Hugh Dempsey. Maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-37711; $14.95 PA. UOKP ♦This remarkable compilation of oral history and accounts from government officials, travelers, and fur traders preserves stories dating from the late 1700s to the early 1900s. Voices of Native America, Instruments and Music by Douglas Spotted Eagle with forward by Tom Bee. 120 pp; 8½x10½; bibliog, illus; ISBN: 0-943604-56-7; $17.95 PA. EAGVP This is an indepth look at Native American music, and the instruments used by the indigenous peoples both past and present. Voices of Wounded Knee, by William S.E. Coleman. 456 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-80326422-4; $19.95 PA. UNEBP Coleman brings together for the first time all of the available sources –Lakota, military, and civilian. He recreates the Ghost Dance in detail and shows how it related to the events leading up to the massacre. He places contradictory accounts in direct juxtaposition, allowing the reader to decide who was telling the truth. Waheenee, an Indian Girl‟s Story told by Herself to Gilbert L. Wilson. 208 pp; 5¼x8; illus; notes; supplement; ISBN: 0-80329703-3; $12.95 PA. UNEBP ‖I was born in an earth lodge by the mouth of the Knife River in what is now North Dakota, three years after the smallpox winter.‖ So begins the story of Waheenee (Buffalo-Bird Woman), a Hidatsa Indian woman, born in 1839 in a tribe devastated by smallpox. This oral account may be the only oral history of the Hidatsas. She also gave us the oral history Buffalo-Bird Woman’s Garden. Wakinyan: Lakota Religion in the Twentieth Century, by Stephen E. Feraca. 128 pp; 6x8; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-6905-6; $12.00 PA. UNEBP First written as a report for the Dept. of the Interior in 1963, Wakinyan has long been recognized as a classic study of Lakota religion. The author‘s new endnotes bring the reader up to date on changes in Lakota religion during the last three decades. Walking in Two Worlds, Mixed-Blood Indian Women Seeking Their Path, by Nancy M. Peterson. 264 pp; 6x9; photos; endnotes; index; ISBN: 9780870044502; $16.95 PA. CAXP ♦These are the stories of twelve mixed-blood women who, steeped in the tradition

of their Indian mothers but forced into the world of their white fathers, fought to find their identities in a rapidly changing world. Warrior, Shield, and Star, Imagery and Ideology of Pueblo Warfare, by Polly Schaafsma. 216 pp; 7x10; illus; photos; notes; references; index; ISBN: 1-889921-06-8; Reduced to retail at: $26.95 PA. MP Schaafsma‘s book pretty much demolishes the ―peaceful farmer‖ model of the Pueblos and the idea that Pueblo Indians developed in isolation from Mesoamerica. Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers, by Kenji Kawano. 128 pp; 10x9; photos; ISBN: 0-87358-513-5; $19.95 PA. NOLAP During World War II, as the Japanese were breaking American codes as quickly as they could be devised, a small group of Navajo Indian Marines provided their country with its only totally secure cryptogram. Seventy-five of the surviving Navajo code talkers are included in this book, their faces testament to long and valiant lives. The Washakie Letters of Willie Ottogary: Northwestern Shoshone Journalist and Leader 1906-1929, ed. by Matthew E. Kreitzer. 352 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087421-401-7; $24.95 PA. USUP This rare collection of vernacular writings by a native American were published in several Utah and Idaho newspapers during the first decades of the twentieth century and describe the day-to-day social and cultural life of a vital Shoshone community in northern Utah. The Ways of My Grandmothers, by Beverly Hungry Wolf. 256 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-688-00471-7; $13.9500 PA. WMC A Young Native American woman creates a hauntingly beautiful tribute to an age-old way of life in this fascinating portrait of the women of the Blackfoot Indians. This extraordinary book is also a priceless record of the traditional skills and ways of an ancient culture that is vanishing all too fast. Way of the Warrior, Stories of the Crow People, by Henry Old Coyote & Barney Old Coyote. Edited by Phenocia Bauerle. 156 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6230-2; $11.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Decades ago, the storytellers represented in this volume – including Carl Crooked Arm, Plain Feather, and Cold Windrecounted these tales to two Crow brothers, Henry and Barney Old Coyote. The Old Coyote brothers recorded, transcribed, and translated into English the accounts, which have now been edited and introduced by Barney‘s granddaughter, Phenocia Bauerle. We, the People, by Serle L. Chapman. 342 pp; 7½x10; photos; ISBN: 0-9528607-5-9; $29.95 PA. MP This is a remarkable ‗Who‘s-Who‖ of Native American leaders, artists and actors who contribute through interview and prose, a unique literary experience. The Weiser Indians; Shoshoni Peacemakers, by Hank Corless. 190 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87004376-5; $14.95 PA. CAXP. The Weisers were a major Sheepeater group of Northern Shoshoni people who lived in the mountainous area of west-central Idaho. Eventually caught up in the Indian trouble of the late 1860s, many were settled on the Lemhi and Fort Hall reservations, but a small number found refuge in the rugged mountains of central Idaho. As Idaho established itself as a state in the 1890s, the Weiser people were rediscovered by an amazed white public who learned that they had established a community under their very noses. This work fills and obvious void in the history of Idaho, and offers a perspective on all native peoples of the northern Great Basin. What You See in Clear Water: Indians, Whites, and a Battle Over Water in the American West, by Geoffrey O‘ Gara. 288 pp; 6x8½; ISBN: 0-679-73582-8; $14.00 PA. RH More than a century ago, in what would become Wyoming, the federal government set aside 44 million acres on which to confine the unrelated Shoshone and Arapaho tribes. By now the Wind River Reservation has been reduced to 2.3 million acres, but the battle over control of this land –and especially for the river that runs through it- are far from over.


When the Land Was Young: Reflections on American Archaeology, by Sharman A. Russell. 244 pp; 5½x8; illus; map; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8987-1; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Whether eyeing the theory that humans caused the extinction of Pleistocene megafauna, or the demands for the repatriation of Native American remains, or the meaning of burial mounds in Ohio, Russell keeps in clear view the idea that there are multiple ways of examining the past. The White Indian Boy and its sequel the Return of the White Indian, by Elijah N. Wilson & Charles A. Wilson. 430 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-87480-834-0; $19.95 PA. UUTP ♦This recalls Nick (1842-1915) Wilson‘s frontier exploits as he recounted running away to live with the Shoshone in his early teens, riding for the Pony Express, and helping to settle Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The sequel, written by his son Charles, picks up the story in 1895 where the first memoir ends, telling the adventures of Nick Wilson‘s later life. Wigwam Evenings; Sioux Folk Tales Retold, by Charles & Elaine Eastman. 266 pp; 5¼x8; illus; ISBN: 0-8032-6717-7; $7.95 PA. UNEBP Eastman has assembled a composite, condensed sampling of his tribe's values, and presents them in a language that is at once direct and engaging. Essentially distilled conclusions of generations upon generations of Plains society and point to the essence of what it is to be a decent, thoughtful, respectable human being in the Sioux nation. The Wisdom of the Native Americans, Comp. & ed. by Kent Nerburn. 240 pp; 5¼x7½; notes; ISBN: 1-57731-079-9; $16.95 HC. NWL This is separated into three sections: The Ways of the Native Americans; The Soul of an Indian; and the Wisdom of the Great Chiefs. With My Own Eyes: A Lakota Woman Tells Her People's History, by Susan B. Bettelyoun & Josephine Waggoner. 128 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; maps; chronology; notes; index; ISBN: 0-80326164-0; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Here is the true history of the nineteenth-century Lakotas. The author, daughter of a FrenchAmerican fur trader and a Brule Lakota woman, was raised near Fort Laramie and experienced firsthand the often devastating changes forced on the Lakotas. As Bettelyoun grew older, she became increasingly dissatisfied with the way Lakota history was being written by non-Natives. This text represents her attempt to correct misconceptions about Lakota history. In it she has produced a detailed, insightful account of the dispossession of her people. Although long regarded as a valuable source by historians, this unique work was never previously published. Wolf and the Winds, by Frank B. Linderman. 232 pp; 5¾x8½; ISBN: 0-8061-2007-X; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC. UOKP ♦This is Linderman‘s previously unpublished account of Wolf, a Gros Ventre leader who lived out his life in the final years before the Indians were starved and hounded into submission. Women and Indians on the Frontier, 1825-1915, by Glenda Riley. 352 pp; 6x9; photos; notes; sources; index; ISBN: 0-82630780-9; $19.95 PA. UNMP Riley substantially revises the conventional picture of pioneer women cowering when confronted with Indians. Frontier life required women to be self-reliant, hardy, and independent: as they learned to adapt, they also reexamined stereotypes in the light of experience. In particular, they came to see how much they had in common and that their prejudices were unfounded. Riley also explains that while pioneer women frequently changed their beliefs about Indians, they did not often revise their attitudes toward Mormon or Mexican women after contact with them. Interesting synthesis of cultures in conflict and transition. Women and Power in Native North America, ed. by Laura F. Klein & Lillian A. Ackerman. 304 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-8061-32418; $17.95 PA. UOKP Since the colonization of indigenous peoples in North America, the roles of Native women within their societies have been concealed or, at best, misunderstood. This work removes the curtain surrounding gender status and power in native societies.

Women and Warriors of the Plains: The Pioneer Photography of Julia E. Tuell, by Dan Aadland. 206 pp; 7½x9½; photos; color plates; notes; ISBN: 0-87842-417-2; $18.00 PA. MP In 1906, there arrived at Lame Deer, Montana, on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, a petite, teenage bride named Julia Tuell. With her schoolmaster husband she would live among the Cheyennes, then briefly among the Sac and Fox tribe in Oklahoma and finally (for more than a decade) with the Lakota on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. Realizing the fleeting beauty of Plains Indian culture, Julia chose for her constant companion an 8x10 Kodak camera and indelibly preserved on its glass plates the treasures in this book. Women of the Dawn, by Bunny McBride. 164 pp; 5½x9; maps; illus; methodology and references; ISBN: 0-8032-8277-X; $11.95 PA. UNEBP This begins with Molly Mathilde, a mother, peacemaker, and daughter of a famous chief. Born in the mid1600s, when Wabanakis first experienced the full effects of colonial warfare, disease, and displacement, she provided a vital link for her people through her marriage the French baron of St. Castin. The saga continues with the shrewd and legendary healer Molly Ockett and the reputed witch woman Molly Molasses. The final chapter focuses on Molly Nelson, a celebrated performer on European stages who lived to see the dawn of Wabanaki cultural renewal in the modern era. Women of the Earth Lodges: Tribal Life on the Plains, by Virginia B. Peters. 236 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-8061-3243-4; $19.95 PA. UOKP Peters follows the life cycle of a representative woman to explore female farming, trading, and hunting activities, the organization of village life, and the culture of war. She demonstrates that village life was organized around women‘s labor and that women acted as partners with men in economic, social, and religious affairs –functions overlooked by contemporary observers. Women of the Native Struggle, Portraits & Testimony of Native American Women, by Ronnie Farley. 160 pp; 10½x9; photos; ISBN: 0-517-88113-6; $22.00 PA. RH Farley has combined evocative portraits of Native American women with their own reflections on womanhood and what it means to be a Native American. The result is a startlingly honest and often poetic work. Great photography! Wooden Leg, a Warrior Who Fought Custer, by Wooden Leg. 412 pp; map: ISBN: 0-8032-8288-5; $14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Told with vigor and insight, this is the memorable story of Wooden Leg (1858-1940), one of sixteen hundred warriors of the Northern Cheyenne who fought with the Lakotas against Custer at the battle of the Little Bighorn. Words of Power: Voices from Indian America, ed. by Norbert S. Hill, Jr. (Oneida). 72 pp; 5x7½; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55591-418-7; $8.95 PA. FULC From the famous names of the past to today's contemporary Native voices, we hear Native truths resonating with strength, wisdom and beauty. Here tribal members offer insights on spirituality, land, leadership, conflict, treaties, environment, men, women, children, education and peace. The World of the Crow Indians as Driftwood Lodges, by Rodney Frey. 224 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; photos; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2560-8; $19.95 PA. UOKP In the same way that pieces of driftwood lodge together along a riverbank, so the members of a clan cling together in a turbulent world, each depending on, and contributing to, the strength of the whole. This world view reverberates not only through clan and tribal life but also through the spiritual relationship of the people with the earth and cosmos. The World‟s Rim: Great Mysteries of the North American Indians, by Hartley B. Alexander. 304 pp; 5¼x8¼; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-486-40670-9; $8.95 PA. DOVER Fundamental Indian rituals such as the Hako ceremony (fertility rite), the pipe rite, the tree of life cult, the corn dance and others serve as both the foundation and the metaphorical construct for this fascinating


study. Alexander not only discusses them in depth but goes further to compare these rituals to analogous rites in the Old World, in the ancient Near East, in the rites of classical mystery cults, and to those of other cultures and times. Woven Worlds: Basketry from the Clark Field Collection, ed. by Lydia Wyckoff. 262 pp; 9x12; maps; color plates; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-86659-024-2; $39.95 PA. PMA ♦Basketry has been woven into the rich tapestry of Native American cultures for centuries. This is the first time the Philbrook Museum has published information on the Clark Field basketry collection in its entirety. Yellow Wolf, His Own Story, by L. V. McWhorter. 330 pp; 6x9; index; gloss; bibliog; photos; map; ISBN: 0-87004-315-3; $16.95 PA CAXP When Yellow Wolf, as one of the few surviving participants of the Nez Perce War, decided to narrate the hitherto unrevealed story of Indian strategy and policy in that conflict, his friend, scribe, and commentator in this task was Lucullus McWhorter, then resident near the Nez Perces' autumnal camping grounds. This work is probably the more revealing, from the Indian point of view, of the Nez Perce tragedy. Yellowtail, Crow Medicine Man & Sun Dance Chief, by himself as told to Michael O. Fitzgerald. 270 pp; 5¾x8½; photos; illus; map; appendix; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2602-7; $16.95 PA. UOKP Yellowtail introduces us to traditional Indian ways, including the major influences that helped him form his values. Then he focuses on the Sun Dance religion, particularly purification in the sweat lodge. Finally, warning about the impact of modern society on traditional Crow religion, Yellowtail asks that each person determine whether the Indian way of life has application in both contemporary and future societies, Indian and non-Indian. Very important work!  MAPS Earthwalk Press Grand Teton National Park Hiking Map & Guide. 6x9¾ folded; 24x35 open; plastic; ISBN: 0-915749-06-8; $8.95 MAP. Paper version; our EP003; $4.95 MAP. EARTH This is based on USGS information and features topographic map of Granite Canyon to Moran Canyon, trail mileages, backcountry & climbing regulations, suggested trips and safety consideration. Grand Teton National Park Recreation Map. 6½x9 folded; 27x39 open; plastic; ISBN: 0-915749-11-4; $7.95 MAP. Paper version; our EP002; $3.95 MAP. EARTH This is based on USGS information and features topographic map of Grand Teton National Park, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway, Jedediah Smith & Winegar Hole Wilderness Areas, regulations and backcountry information. Northern Wind River Range Hiking Map & Guide. 6½x10 folded; 39x27 open; plastic; ISBN: 0-915749-20-3; $9.95 MAP. Paper version; our EP004; $4.95 MAP. EARTH This is based on USGS information and features Wind River topographic map from Elkhart Park to Union Pass; covers 18 7.5 minute USGS quadrangles at 1:48,000 scale. Includes backcountry regulations & trip planning information. Sawtooth Wilderness Hiking Map & Guide. 6½x9 folded; 27x39 open; plastic; ISBN: 0-915749-19-X; $7.95 MAP. Paper version; our EP006; $3.95 MAP. EARTH This is based on USGS information and features 6-color Sawtooth Wilderness topo including adjoining areas in Sawtooth NRA & Sawtooth National Forest. Southern Wind River Range Hiking Map & Guide. 7x9¾ folded; 27x39 open; plastic; ISBN: 0-915749-21-1; $9.95 MAP. Paper version; our EP005; $3.95 MAP. EARTH This is based on USGS information and features Wind River topographic map from Elkhart Park to Big Sandy; covers 15 7.5 minute USGS quadrangles at 1:48,000 scale. Includes backcountry regulations & trip planning information.

Yellowstone National Park Hiking Map & Guide. 6½x9 folded; 38½x26¾ open; plastic; ISBN: 0-915749-08-4; $8.95 MAP. Paper version; our EP001; $4.95 MAP. EARTH This is based on USGS information and features Yellowstone topographic map, backcountry regulations, bear country hiking, winter information, 1988 fires, and safety. -----------------GTR Mapping Arizona Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1881262-14-6; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 400 recreation sites and 500 points of interest listed. Loaded with other features. Colorado Geologic Highway Map. ISBN: 1-881262-00-6; $6.95 PA. GTRM Easy to interpret. Colorado Recreational Topo. 4¼ x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1-881262-10-3; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 800 recreation sites and 700 points of interest listed. Loaded with other features. Eastern Montana Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1-881262-13-8; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 100 recreation sites and 100 points of interest listed. Loaded with other features. Idaho Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded: 30x36 open; ISBN: 1881262-17-0; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 1000 recreation sites and 400 points of interest listed. Loaded with other features. Kansas Geologic Highway Map. ISBN: 1-881262-02-2; $6.95 PA. GTRM Easy to interpret. New Mexico Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1-881262-08-1; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 300 recreation sites listed. Loaded with other features Utah Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1881262-09-X; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 500 recreation sites listed. Loaded with other features. Western Montana Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1-881262-12-X; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 400 recreation sites and 300 points of interest listed. Loaded with other features. Wyoming Geologic Highway Map. ISBN: 1-881262-01-4; $6.95 PA. GTRM Easy to interpret. Wyoming Recreational Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 1-881262-11-1; $3.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 12.5 miles. Shows all public roads, with more than 400 recreation sites and 300 points of interest listed. Loaded with other features. Yellowstone & Grand Teton NPs & Adjacent Areas Travel Topo. 4¼x9¾ folded; 30x36 open; ISBN: 9781881262206; $4.95 PA. GTRM Scale 1: 4 miles. Covers the parks, and also includes street detail maps of Cody, Gardiner, Jackson, West Yellowstone, Bridge Bay, Canyon Village, Colter Bay, Fishing Bridge, Grant Village, Lake Village, Mammoth Hot Springs, Moose, Old Faithful, South Jenny Lake, and Teton Village. Loaded with other features. ---------------Trails Illustrated Unless otherwise shown, all Trails Illustrated maps are 4¼x9¼ folded; 37¼x25½ open, waterproof, tearproof, 100% plastic material. Badlands National Park: South Dakota. ISBN: 1-56695-003-1; $9.95.Approx. Scale: 1: 55,000. Black Hills Northeast: South Dakota. ISBN: 1-56695-033-3; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 53,000.


Black Hills Southeast: South Dakota. ISBN: 1-56695-011-2; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 24,000. 1: 40,000. Cedar Mountain/Ashdown Gorge. ISBN: 0-925873-66-7; $9.95. Available. Approx. Scale. 1: 48,000. Cloud Peak Wilderness: Wyoming. ISBN: 1-56695-048-1; $11.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 45,636. Colorado National Monument. ISBN: 0-925873-08-X; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 24,000. Cowdrey. ISBN: 0-925873-34-9; $9.95.Approx. Scale: 1: 40,680. Dinosaur National Monument. ISBN: 0-925873-20-9; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 78,125. Durango Area Bike Map. ISBN: 0-925873-93-4; $9.95 PA. Available. Approx. Scale: 1: 125,000. Flaming Gorge NRA: Eastern Uintas. ISBN: 0-925873-76-4; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 90,000. Flat Tops SE/Glenwood Canyon. ISBN: 0-925873-44-6; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 40,680. Flat Tops SW/Rifle Gap. ISBN: 0-925873-46-2; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 40,680. Glacier/Waterton National Park. ISBN: 0-925873-15-2; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 125,000. 1: 83,333. Grand Mesa. ISBN: 0-925873-56-X; $9.95. 40,680. Approx. Scale: 1:

Vail/Frisco/Dillon, CO. ISBN: 0-925873-29-2; $9.95. Scale: 1: 40,680.


Walden/Gould, CO. 4x7½ folded; 32x22½ open; ISBN: 0-92587335-7; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 40,680. Winter Park/Grand Lake: Mountain Bike Routes. 4x7½ folded; 25½x18½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-89-6; $7.95 PA. Approx. Scale: 1: 69,000. Yampa/Gore Pass, CO. ISBN: 0-925873-40-3; $9.95. Scale: 1: 40,680. Approx.

Yellowstone Lake: SE Yellowstone National Park. 4x7½ folded; 25½x18½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-75-6; $7.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 83,333. Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming & Montana. 4¼x9¼ folded; 37¾x25½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-01-2; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 68,500. 1:83,333. Zion National Park. ISBN: 0-925873-14-4; $9.95. Scale: 1: 37,700. Approx.

 MOUNTAIN MEN & FUR TRADERS Aboman‟s Guide to Wilderness Schools and Primitive Events, by J.A. Bigley. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; appendix; ISBN: 087905-952-4; $14.95 PA. GS This informative guide includes information about curricula, instructors‘ backgrounds, and philosophy of each regional school, as well as descriptions, dates, and costs of the primitive gatherings around the country. Across the Wide Missouri, by Bernard DeVoto. 480 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-395-92497-9; $17.95 PA. HMC Winner of the Bancroft Prize, this is an outstanding history of the Rocky Mountain fur trade during the years of its climax and decline. More than a history, it portrays the mountain fur trade as a way of business and a way of life, vividly illustrating how it shaped the expansion of the American West. After Lewis & Clark, Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific, by Robert M. Utley. 408 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9564-2; $19.95 PA. UNEBP ♦In 1807, a year after Lewis & Clark returned from the shores of the Pacific, groups of trappers and hunters began to drift west to trap the rich stocks of beaver and to trade with the Native tribes. Colorful and eccentric, bold and adventurous, their knowledge of the country and its inhabitants served the first mapmakers, the army, and the streams of emigrants moving west in ever-greater numbers. Bent‟s Fort, by David Lavender. 480 pp; 5¼x8; map; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5753-8; $14.95 PA. UNEBP It was a landmark on the American Frontier, a huge private fort on the upper Arkansas River in present southeastern Colorado. Established by the adventurers Charles and William Bent, it stood until 1849 as the center of the Indian trade of the Central Plains. Lavender's chronicle of these men and their part in the opening of the West is an excellent blend of narrative power, pictorial sense, scrupulous scholarship and awareness of the early American West. Bill Sublette, Mountain Man, by John E. Sunder. 292 pp; 5½x8; maps; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1111-9; $19.95 PA. UOKP Renowned as a hardy mountain man, Sublette ranged the Missouri, Big Horn, Yellowstone, and Sweetwater river country between 1823 and 1833 hunting beaver, fighting Indians, and unwittingly opening the West for settlers. He helped develop the rendezvous system, proved that wagons could cross South Pass, established what was later Fort Laramie, and helped lay out the foundation for present-day Kansas City. In later life as gentleman farmer, businessman and politician, he amassed a large fortune that excited much envy and exaggeration.

Grand Teton National Park: Wyoming. ISBN: 0-925873-02-0; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 78,000. 1: 24,000. Gunnison/Pitkin. ISBN: 0-925873-52-7; $9.95. 1: 40,680. Approx. Scale:

Longs and McHenrys Peak. 4x7½ folded; 18½x25½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-22-5; $7.95 PA. Approx. Scale: 1: 24,000. Mammoth Hot Springs: NW Yellowstone National Park. 4¼x9¼ folded; 25½x18½ open; 100% plastic material; ISBN: 0-925873-73X; $7.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 83,333. Moab Bike Trail. ISBN: 1-56695-053-8; $9.95 PA. Scale: 1: 72,500. Nebraska NF. ISBN: 1-56695-018-X; $9.95. 53,333. Approx.

Approx. Scale: 1:

Northeast Yellowstone-Tower/Canyon. ISBN: 0-925873-74-8; $8.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 83,333. Old Faithful: SE Yellowstone National Park. 4¼x9¼ folded; 25½x18½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-83-7; $8.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 83,333. Poudre River & Cameron Pass: Colorado. 4x7½ folded; 32x22¼ open; ISBN: 0-925873-33-0; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 40,680. Rocky Mountain National Park: Colorado. ISBN: 0-925873-00-4; $9.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 59,000. Steamboat Springs/Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado. 4x7½ folded; 32x22½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-39-X; $9.95. Approx. Scale 1: 40,680. Tower/Canyon: NE Yellowstone National Park. 4x7½ folded; 25½x18½ open; ISBN: 0-925873-74-8; $7.95. Approx. Scale: 1: 83,333.


The Black Powder Plainsman, a Beginner‟s Guide to Muzzleloading and Reenactment on the Great Plains, by Randy Smith. 176 pp; 6¼x9¼; map; photos; chronology; index; ISBN: 088290-449-3; Reduced to retail at: $14.98 HC. HORP This is an information filled guide for the beginning muzzleloader and plainsman. It is the most in-depth discussion on these subjects ever written, and an invaluable tool for anyone wanting to learn the skills and history of the plainsman. It also focuses on reenactments and explains exactly how to participate in them. The appropriate dress of this time period is discussed and many useful photographs of authentic clothing for both men and women are shown. The Complete Book of Tanning Skins and Furs, by James Churchill. 208 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; illus; diag; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-8117-1719-4; $19.95 PA. STACKP Here is everything you need to know to make soft leather and dressed furs from the skins of small and large furbearers, domestic animals, reptiles, and birds. Crow Killer, the Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson, by Raymond W. Thorp & Robert Bunker. 192 pp; 5¼x8; map; photos; ISBN: 9780253203120; $13.95 PA. IUP Much of the world knows mountain man John Johnson as Robert Redford in the movie Jeremiah Johnson. The real Johnson was a far cry from the Redford version. Standing 6'2" in his stocking feet and weighing nearly 250 pounds, he was a mountain of a man among mountain men, one of the toughest customers on the western frontier. One morning in 1847 he returned to his Rocky Mountain trapper's cabin to find the remains of his Indian wife and their unborn child, who had been killed by Crow Indians. The discovery made Johnson vow vengeance on the entire Crow nation, and tracking its warriors singly and in groups, he killed 300 of them, scalped them, and ate their livers. David E. Jackson: Field Captain of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade, by Vivian L. Talbot. 144 pp; 6x9; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-886402-01-9; $7.95 PA. JHHS Excellent biography of Jackson and his role in the Rocky Mountain fur trade. Deerskins into Buckskins, How to Tan with Natural Materials, 2nd edition, by Matt Richards. 160 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 9780965867245; $19.95 PA. BACKC ♦All kinds of people enjoy making and wearing their own buckskin and so can you, with this easy to use guide. Over 130 photos and illustrations bring you step by step from raw skin to soft buckskin and then show you how to create beautiful garments and useful goods. Etienne provost, Man of the Mountains, by Jack B. Tykal. 256 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; maps; chronology; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-943604-23-0; $9.95 PA. EAGVP This reveals the life and adventures of this giant among fur trade personalities and a looking glass into the total history of the Rocky Mountain fur trade. Firearms, Traps & Tools of the Mountain man, by Carl P. Russell. 480 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8263-0465-6; $22.95 PA. UNMP This guide to the equipment of the trappers and fur traders who opened the old west is a unique reference work. It describes and discusses hundreds of iron artifacts -rifles, shotguns, hatchets, axes, knives, traps, and miscellaneous tools used by the mountain men from the early 1800s to the mid 1840s. Fort Connah, a Page in Montana‟s History, by Jeanne O‘Neill & Riga Winthrop. 144 pp; 6x9; map; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 1-93129117-9; $13.95 PA. STONEY ♦An intensifying interest in the history of the American West and Montana led the authors to involvement in an effort to assist a friend in gathering information about the restoration of Fort Connah in the Mission Valley of northwestern Montana. It was a journey of inquiry that led them to learn intimate, and long-forgotten, details of this incredible trading post of the Hudson‘s Bay Company –the last of its outposts in what became the U.S. French Fur Traders & Voyageurs in the American West, ed. by Leroy R. Hafen. 336 pp; 6x9; map; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7302-9;

$15.00 PA. UNEBP This volume documents the French domination of the nineteenth-century fur trade in the United States. Fur Trade and Exploration: Opening the Far Northwest 18211852, by Theodore J. Karamanski. 352 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2093-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP This discusses the role that the fur traders had in the exploration of the Far Northwest, an area that includes the western Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and eastern Alaska. George Drouillard, Hunter & Interpreter for Lewis and Clark & Fur Trader, 1807-1810, by M.O. Skarsten. 360 pp; 6¼x9½; map; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-9309-7; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦The variety of responsibilities assigned to Drouillard form a impressive list –recruiting of personnel, message bearing, retrieving a deserter, pursuing strayed and stolen horses, trading for horses and for canoes, horse gelding, as river-boat helmsman, diplomat to the Indians, boon companion to Lewis- in addition to the hunting and interpreting for which he was specifically hired. As a partner to Manuel Lisa in the fur trade, Drouillard‘s activity during 1807 to 1810 receives detailed attention; together with his attempt to trade with the Blackfeet, and later, his death at their hands in April 1810. Give Your Heart to the Hawks: A Tribute to the Mountain Men, by Win Blevins. 336 pp; 5½x8¼; map; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-765-31435-5; $14.95 PA. STMP ♦For more than thirty years the mountain men explored the Great American West. As trappers in a hostile, trackless land, they opened the gates of the mountains for the wagon trains of pioneers who followed them. CLASSIC! Jackson Hole, Crossroads of the Western Fur Trade: 18071840, by Merrill J. Mattes. 96 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-886402-00-0; $7.95 PA. JHHS Jackson Hole had a recorded human history and an importance; that it was a crossroads of the fur trade in the sense that it was a corridor for travel between South Pass and such destinations as the Yellowstone and Big Horn basins, the headwaters of the Missouri, and the Pacific Northwest coast; and that every expedition of consequence between the years 1807 and 1840 pass through the valley, while some, notable David Jackson, stayed to trap. Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West, by Dale L. Morgan. 374 pp; 5¼x8; map; illus; index; appendices; ISBN: 08032-5138-6; $18.95 PA. UNEBP A real American hero, Jedediah Smith helped discover South Pass, was the first to cross the Sierra Nevadas, and travel overland to California. He survived the three worst disasters of the fur trade; the Arikara defeat of 1823, Mojave massacre of 1827, and the Umpqua massacre of 1828, only to die on the Santa Fe Trail under Comanche war lances. Jim Beckwourth: Black Mountain Man, War Chief of the Crows, Trader, Trapper, Explorer, Frontiersman, Guide, Scout, Interpreter, Adventurer, and Gaudy Liar, by Elinor Wilson. 264 pp; 5¼x8¼; maps; photos; illus; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1555-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP Jim Beckwourth's apprenticeship as a fur trader was served with William Ashley's grueling 1824 winter expedition to the Rocky Mountains. Except for a short stint as an army scout during the Seminole campaign, Jim spent the remainder of his long, eventful life in the West, dying among the Crow Indians whom he loved. Beckwourth was, in short, a mountain man extraordinaire. Jim Bridger, by J. Cecil Alter. 368 pp; 5½x8½; map; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1509-2; $19.95 PA. UOKP This work is a depository of facts, not only of Bridger but also about many other western pioneers who swapped clews, worked the overland trails and helped settle the west. Alter has found references and arranged these into a coherent, chronological story of Bridger's life. Jim Bridger, Mountain Man, by Stanley Vestal. 333 pp; 5¼x8; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5720-1; $15.95 PA. UNEBP The authoritative biography of pathfinder, Indian fighter, fur trapper, trader, and explorer. The story of "Old Gabe," the great scout and


guide who discovered the Great Salt Lake and opened the Overland Route. Joe Meek, the Merry Mountain Man, by Stanley Vestal. 347 pp; 5¼x8; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-5206-4; $18.95 PA. UNEBP In 1829, Meek joined the Rocky Mountain Fur Company and headed west. Until the last rendezvous in 1840, the Rockies rang with humorous and exciting tales of Joe's wild exploits. When the fur trade played out, he guided wagon trains to Oregon and fell in love with the territory. While a legislator, he was special envoy to President Polk. Loved by one and all in Washington, Joe returned in 1849 with his appointment as U.S. Marshall, and helped Oregon become a state. John Colter; His Years in the Rockies, by Burton Harris. 218 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7264-2; $11.95 PA. UNEBP Colter was a crack hunter with the Lewis & Clark expedition before striking out on his own as a mountain man and fur trader. A solitary journey in the winter of 1807-8 took him into present-day Wyoming. To unbelieving trappers he later reported sights that inspired the name Colter's Hell. It was a sulfurous place of hidden fires, smoking pits, and shooting water. And it was real. Colter is known to history as probably the first white man to discover the region that now includes Yellowstone National Park. Journal of a Trapper in the Rocky Mountains between 1834 & 1843, by Osborne Russell, ed. by Aubrey L. Haynes. 224 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5166-1; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Russell's journal covers the years 1834 to 1843 and is perhaps the best account of the fur trapper in the Rockies when the trade was at its peak. It's factual, and written by one who was a trapper, keen observer, and an able writer. Kit Carson, a Pattern for Heroes, by Thelma S. Guild & Harvey L. Carter. 384 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7027-5; $21.95 PA. UNEBP This is the most comprehensive account of Kit Carson. It is well-written and enhanced by more than a score of maps and well-chosen illustrations. It has broad appeal to enthusiasts of the fur trade, Western exploration, the Mexican War, Indian-white relations, the Civil War in the West, and western biography. Kit Carson & the Wild Frontier, by Ralph Moody. 192 pp; 5¼x8; map; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8304-0; $11.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Moody‘s biography of Kit Carson, appropriate for readers young and old, is a testament to the judgment and loyalty of the man who had perhaps more influence than any other on the history and development of the American West. Kit Carson‟s Autobiography, ed. & intro. by M.M. Quaife. 224 pp; 5¼x8; photo; index; ISBN: 0-8032-5031-2; $12.95 PA. UNEBP This account -as modest and undemonstrative as Carson's feats were remarkable- covers his life as a trapper, Indian fighter, guide, and buffalo hunter up to the autumn of 1856. High spots include his celebrated duel with Shunar at the Green River Rendezvous of 1857, three expeditions with Fremont, his service in the Mexican War (1846-48), and duty as an Indian agent. Landmarks of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade: Two One-Day Self-Guided Tours from Jackson, Wyoming, by Pierce Olson. 128 pp; 6x9; maps; color plates; index; ISBN: 1-886402-02-7; $11.95 PA. JHHS Easily used, this guidebook is authoritative, comprehensive, and, above all, fascinating in its cementing of mountain man history to landscape. Life in the Far West, by George F. Ruxton. 268 pp; 5¼x8; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1534-3; $19.95 PA. UOKP This is a true chronicle of the rugged mountain men, whose courage and disregard for personal safety or comfort opened the Far West to the flood of settlers who were to follow. The illustrations, many in minute detail, were done by fellow explorer Alfred Jacob Miller. Life of George Bent, Written from His Letters, by George E. Hyde. 410 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08061-1577-7; $24.95 PA. UOKP Bent's history is singular in

the literature of the American West. Born in 1843, George Bent was a mixed-blood who chose to live and fight as a Cheyenne warrior. In a series of letters dating from 1905 until his death in 1918, Bent told his story to young George Hyde. He knew he had a gutsy tale to tell, and narrated it with a sense of drama and history. The Lives of Mountain Men, by Bill Harris. 144 pp; 8¾x12; maps; illus; photos; color photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-59228-624-0; $27.95 HC. LYONS ♦In order to survive, the mountain man had to be a superb marksman, a skilled horseman and trapper, and one who knew about nature and the seasons. As they sought ever more distant trapping grounds, the mountain men carved out a path that made the crossing of the American continent a reality rather than a dream. Many Tender Ties: Women in Fur-Trade Society, 1670-1870, by Sylvia Van Kirk. 320 pp; photos; illus; bibliog; references; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1847-4; $24.95 PA. UOKP This is the longneglected story of inter-racial fur-trade families and the unique society they developed in western Canada, 1670-1870. The Mountain Men, by George Laycock. 410 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; sepias; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9781592286553; $14.95 PA. L&B Laycock weaves a colorful tapestry of harrowing escapes, feats of supreme courage and endurance, and violent encounters with Indians and grizzly bears. Mountain Men: Frontier Adventurers Alone Against the Wilderness, by Tony Hollihan. 224 pp; 5¼x8¼; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-894864-09-3; $10.95 PA. FLP ♦ As boys they dreamed of adventure; as men they lived it. Drawn to the wilderness by the tantalizing lure of the unknown and the unpredictable, these rugged men survived against all odds, staring down the frontier on their own terms. Mountain Men and Fur Traders of the Far West, ed. by LeRoy R. Hafen. 420 pp; 5¼x8; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7210-3; $19.95 PA. UNEBP Excellent brief biographies of eighteen mountain men; Manuel Lisa; Pierre Chouteau; Wilson Price Hunt; William H. Ashley; Jedediah Smith; John McLoughlin; Peter S. Ogden; Ceran St. Vrain; Kit Carson; Bill Williams; William Sublette; Thomas Fitzpatrick; Jim Bridger; Ben Bonneville; Joe Walker; Nathaniel Wyeth; Andrew Drips, and Joe Meek. Old Bill Williams, Mountain Man, by Alpheus H. Favour. 246 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1698-6; $19.95 PA. UOKP Bill Williams lived and died violently. Without any heroic ideas on his part, he filled a heroic role in our westward movement. A mountain and a river in Arizona were later named after him as fitting monuments to a wild and free trapper. Participating in Nature: Thomas J. Elpel‟s Field Guide to Primitive Living Skills 4th ed. by Thomas J. Elpel. 164 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-892784-04-1; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. HOPS This includes dozens of innovative skills and nearly 200 illustrations, plus an encompassing philosophy. Includes are sinews, hide glue, felting with wool, fishing by hand, brain tanning, fire starting by friction, and much, much more, A Rendezvous Reader, Tall Tangled, and True Tales of the Mountain Men, 1805-1850, ed. by James H. Maguire, Peter Wild, & Donald A. Barclay. 376 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87480-539-2; $22.95 PA. UUTP This brings together the liveliest, most readable accounts by and about the mountain men. Whether you sample or devour this anthology of mountain horrors and delights, it is a book guaranteed to entertain. Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, a History of the Fur Trade Rendezvous 1825-1840, by Fred R. Gowans. 240 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-89685-756-8; $16.95 PA. GS ♦An all-new, redesigned edition of the original classic on the fur-trading rendezvous that took place from 1825 to 1840 in the Central Rockies.


Sacagawea‟s Child, the Life & Times of Jean-Baptiste (Pomp) Charbonneau, by Susan M. Colby. 206 pp; 6¼x9½; map; chronology; illus; photos; footnotes; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87062-339-7; $28.50 HC. ACLARK ♦Extremely wellresearched. Sacagawea‟s Son, the Life of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, by Marion Tinling. 125 pp; 6x9; illus, index; ISBN: 0-87842-432-6; $10.00 PA. MP This is the largely untold story of Sacagawea‘s son after his trip with Lewis & Clark‘s Corps of Discovery expedition. Educated in St. Louis by Captain Clark, Baptiste went on to live in a royal palace in Europe and to speak many languages. Returning to the United States, headed west to become a mountain man and scout. During America‘s war with Mexico, he helped lead the Mormon Battalion to California, where he later became a prospector during the gold rush. The Saga of Hugh Glass, Mountain Man, by John M. Myers. 237 pp; 5¼x8; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-5834-8; $14.00 PA. UNEBP Mauled by a grizzly, robbed and left to die, this is the legend of a tremendous man. Hugh Glass survived impossible conditions, struggled unarmed and alone, gravely wounded, through a thousand miles of wilderness, to safety and an accounting with those who left him to die. Shinin‟ Trails: A Possibles Bag of Fur Trade Trivia, by John Legg. 112 pp; 6x9; illus; index; ISBN: 0-943604-20-6; $9.95 PA. EAGVP Included are over 450 intriguing questions with complete answers, thirteen line drawings, and an exhaustive index. Tales of the Mountain Men, ed. by Lamar Underwood. 320 pp; map; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 1-59228-423-X; $18.95 PA. LYONS ♦This gathers our nation‘s finest mountain man writing into on riveting volume. Tough Trip Through Paradise, by Andrew Garcia. 432 pp; 4¼x7; map; ISBN: 0-89301-250-5; $9.95 PA. UIDP This grew out of a manuscript left by Andrew Garcia on his death in 1942 after a long and colorful life in Montana. Bennett Stein acquired the manuscript and edited it to tell Garcia‘s story of the 1877 war between the U.S. government and the Nez Perce people, the end of the buffalo herds, and other historic events in Western life. Uncle Dick Wootton, Pioneer Frontiersman of the Rocky Mountains, by Richens Wootton. 312 pp; 5½x8½; map; notes; ISBN: 1-58976-104-9; $14.95 PA. NARRPR ♦Wootton relates with steely calm dozens of escapades that a less daring man would not have survived. Wootton moved to the Southwest when it was still under Mexico‘s rule and virtually unsettled by Anglos or Hispanics. To Uncle Dick, it was a wild land inhabited by wild people, and, while he had many battles with Indians, he also had friendships and trading partnerships with them. Wah-To-Yah, and the Taos Trail, by Lewis H. Garrard. 320 pp; 4¾x7½; map; ISBN: 0-8061-1016-3; $19.95 PA. UOKP In 1846 young Lewis H. Garrard traveled into the wild Rocky Mountain West and left this fresh and vigorous account, which, says A.B. Guthrie, Jr., contains "the genuine article -the Indian, the trader, the mountain man, their dress and behavior and speech and the country and climate they lived in." Westering Man, the Life of Joseph Walker, by Bil Gilbert. 352 pp; 6x9; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-1934-9; $24.95 PA. UOKP Joseph Walker (1798-1876) had probably the longest and most distinguished career of any frontiersman in American history. This first biography of this great frontier hero is based on years of research and many previously unpublished and neglected sources. It gives a rousing and authoritative picture of Walker -his pioneering heritage, his many accomplishments and his exceptional personality.  NATURE –Flora and Fauna Audubon Guides North American Field Guides. All 4x7½; leatherette cover; maps; photos; color key; thumb tabs; appendices; glossary; index. HC.

Distr. By RH The ―big‖ books; premier guides with full-color photos. Extensive. Unless otherwise noted, all guides are $19.95. North American Birds, Eastern Region. 800 pp; ISBN: 0-67942852-6. $19.00. North American Birds, Western Region. 856 pp; ISBN: 0-67942851-8. North American Butterflies. 932 pp; ISBN: 0-394-51914-0. North American Fossils. 850 PP; ISBN: 0-394-52412-8. $20.95 North American Insects & Spiders. 996 pp; ISBN: 0-394-507630. North American Mammals. 754 pp; track guide; ISBN: 0-67944631-1. North American Mushrooms. 926 pp; ISBN: 0-394-51992-2. North American Night Sky. 720 pp; ISBN: 0-679-40852-5. North American Reptiles & Amphibians. 748 pp; ISBN: 0-39450824-6. North American Rocks & Minerals. 860 pp; ISBN: 0-394-502698. North American Trees, Western Region. 642 pp; ISBN: 0-39450761-4. North American Weather. 656 pp; ISBN: 0-679-40851-7. North American Wildflowers, Western Region. 870 pp; ISBN: 0375-40233-0. First Field Guides. All 5¼x7¼; photos; glossary; sources; index. Included are more than 450 photos with an easy-to-read text. And although directed to children, the text is for all ages. All PA. Amphibians, by Brian Cassie. ISBN: 0-590-64008-9; $8.95. Fishes, by C. Lavett Smith. ISBN: 0-590-64198-0; $8. Insects, by Christina Wilsdon. 164 pp; ISBN: 0-590-05483-X. $8.95. Mammals, by John Grassy & Chuck Keene. 164 pp; ISBN: 0-59005489-9. $10.95. Night Sky, by Gary Mechler. ISBN: 0-590-64086-0; $8.95. Trees, by Brian Cassie. ISBN: 0-590-05490-2. $11.95 Weather, by Jonathan D.W. Kahl. 164 pp; ISBN: 0-590-05488-0. $10.95. Audubon FG to the Rocky Mountain States: Idaho, Montana, Wyoming & Colorado, by Peter Alden & eds. 452 pp; 4¼x7¾; color plates; illus; maps; diag; appendices; credits; index; ISBN: 0679-44681-8; $19.95 PA. RH This guide is packed with visual information –the 1,500 full-color images include more than 1,300 photos, 11 maps, and 16 night-sky charts, as well as over 100 drawings explaining everything from geological processes to the basic features of plants and animals. Nature Guides Deserts, by James A. MacMahon. 640 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; illus; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-394-73139-5; $19.95 PA. RH A comprehensive field guide, fully illustrated with color photos, to the wildflowers, birds, reptiles, insects, and other natural wonders of North America‘s deserts, from Oregon to Mexico. Wetlands, by William A. Niering. 638 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; illus; maps; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-394-73147-6; $19.95 PA. RH A comprehensive field guide, fully illustrated with color


photographs, to the trees, wildflowers, fishes, insects, birds, and other natural wonders of North America‘s rivers, lakes, and swamps. Pocket Guides, by the Audubon Society. All 192 pp; 6x4, photos, index. Some have maps or glossaries where noted. These are premier definitive guides with full-color photos. $9.00, unless otherwise noted. Clouds and Storms. Index; ISBN: 0-67977999-X; PA. RH Constellations. Index; ISBN: 0-679-77998-1; PA. RH. $9.95. Familiar Animal Tracks, North America. ISBN: 0-679-74148-8; PA. RH. $9.95. Familiar Birds of North America, Western Region. Maps; ISBN: 0-394-74842-5; PA. RH. $9.95. Familiar Butterflies, North America. Glossary; ISBN: 0-67972981-X; PA. RH Familiar Flowers of North America, Western Region. ISBN: 0394-74844-1; PA. RH Familiar Mammals, North America. Maps; ISBN: 0-394-75796-3; PA. RH. $9.95. Familiar Mushrooms, North America. ISBN: 0-679-72984-4; PA. RH. $9.95. Familiar Reptiles and Amphibians, North America. Maps; ISBN: 0-394-75793-9; PA. RH Familiar Rocks and Minerals, North America. Glossary; ISBN: 0-394-75794-7; PA. RH Familiar Trees of North America, Western Region. Glossary; ISBN: 0-394-74852-2; PA. RH. $9.95. Insects and Spiders, North America. Glossary; ISBN: 0-39475792-0; PA. RH North American Birds of Prey. Glossary; index; ISBN: 0-67974923-3; PA. RH. $9.95. North American Waterfowl. Glossary; index; ISBN: 0-679-749241; PA. RH. $9.95. Audubon Society Sibley Guide to Bird Life & Behavior, by David A. Sibley. 608 pp; 6¼x9¾; maps; illus; photos; glossary, species checklist; index; ISBN: 0-679-45123-4; $45.00 HC. AK Designed to enhance the birding experience the book combines more than 795 of Sibley‘s full-color illustrations with authoritative text by 48 expert birders and biologists. Audubon Society Sibley Guide to Birds, by David Allen Sibley. 546 pp; 6½x9¾; color illus; maps; diag; index; ISBN: 0-679-451226; $35.00 HC. RH This work, by America‘s most gifted contemporary painter of birds, contains more than 6,600 detailed illustrations, with descriptions of 810 species and 350 regional populations. The illustrations are arranged to facilitate comparison, yet still capture the unique character of each species. _________________________ The Discovery Channel Series. This is a new style of ―Explore Your World‖ handbooks. Layout is superb & these are absolutely packed with information. Birds. 192 pp; 5x8¼; color photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 156331-800-8; $13.95 PA. DISCBK Night Sky. 192 pp; 5x8¼; color photos; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56331-801-6; $13.95 PA. DISCBK Rocks & Minerals. 192 pp; 5x8¼; color photos; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56331-803-2; $13.95 PA. DISCBK

Weather. 192 pp; 5x8¼; color photos; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56331-802-4; $13.95 PA. DISCBK _________________________ Golden Field Guides. A Golden Field Guide is a treasured tool, a fascinating and invaluable aid for the nature lover in action. All are 4½x7½; full-color; PA. Distr. By STMP. Golden FG to Birds of North America, by Chandler S. Robbins, Bertel Bruun, & Herbert S. Zim. 360 pp; illus; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58238-090-2; $15.95. Golden FG to the Night Sky, by Mark R. Chartrand. 280 pp; illus; charts; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58238-126-7; $14.95. Golden FG to Rocks and Minerals, by Charles A. Sorrell. 280 pp; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58238-124-0; $14.95. Golden FG to Wildflowers of North America, by Frank D. Venning. 340 pp; illus; references; index; ISBN: 1-58238-127-5; $14.95. ______________________________ Golden Guides. These are practical, inexpensive, beginner‘s guides. All are 160 pp; 4x6; full-color illus; bibliog; index; PA. STMP. Newly revised & repackaged. Golden Gd to Bats of the World, by Gary L. Graham. ISBN: 158238-134-8; $6.95. Golden Gd to Bird Life, by Stephen W. Kress. ISBN: 1-58238135-6; $6.95. Golden Gd to Birds, by Herbert S. Zim & Ira N. Gabrielson. ISBN: 1-58238-128-3; $6.95. Golden Gd to Butterflies and Moths, by Robert T. Mitchell and Herbert S. Zim. ISBN: 1-58238-136-4; $6.95. Golden Gd to Dinosaurs, by Eugene S. Gaffney. ISBN: 1-58238137-2; $6.95. Golden Gd to Endangered Animals, by George S. Fichter. ISBN: 1-58238-138-0; $6.95. Golden Gd to Exploring Space, by Mark R. Chartrand, Ph.D. ISBN: 1-58238-139-9.; $6.95. Golden Gd to Fossils, by Frank H.T. Rhodes, Herbert S. Zim, & Paul R. Shaffer. ISBN: 1-58238-142-9; $6.95. Golden Gd to Geology, by Frank H.T. Rhodes. ISBN: 1-58238143-7; $6.95. Golden Gd to Insects, by Herbert S. Zim and Clarence Cottam. ISBN: 1-58238-129-1. $6.95. Golden Gd to Mammals, by Herbert S. Zim & Donald F. Hoffmeister. ISBN: 1-58238-144-5; $6.95. Golden Gd to North American Indian Arts, by Andrew Whiteford; ISBN: 1-58238-145-3; $6.95. Golden Gd to Planets, by Mark R. Chartrand. ISBN: 1-58238146-1; $6.95. Golden Gd to Poisonous Animals, by Edmund D. Brodie, Jr. ISBN: 1-58238-147-X; $6.95. Golden Gd to Pond Life, by George Reid. ISBN: 1-58238-130-5; $6.95. Golden Gd to Reptiles & Amphibians, by Herbert S. Zim & Hobart M. Smith. ISBN: 1-58238-131-3; $6.95. Golden Gd to Rocks & Minerals, by Herbert S. Zim & Paul R. Shaffer. ISBN: 1-58238-132-1; $6.95.


Golden Gd Sky Observer‟s Guide, by R. Newton Mayall, Margaret Mayall, & Jerome Wyckoff. ISBN: 1-58238-155-0; $6.95. Golden Gd to Spiders and Their Kin, by Herbert W. & Lorna R. Levi. ISBN: 1-58238-156-9; $6.95. Golden Gd to Stars, by Herbert S. Zim & Robert H. Baker. ISBN: 1-58238-157-7; $6.95. Golden Gd to Trees, by Herbert S. Zim and Alexander C. Martin. ISBN: 1-58238-133-X. $6.95. Golden Gd to Weather, by Paul E. Lehr, R. Will Burnett, & Herbert S. Zim. ISBN: 1-58238-159-3; $6.95. Golden Gd to Weeds, by Alexander C. Martin. ISBN: 1-58238160-7; $6.95. Golden Gd to Wildflowers, by Herbert S. Zim & Alexander C. Martin. ISBN: 1-58238-162-3; $6.95. ____________________ Johnson Nature Series. Beavers: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 182 pp; 5¼x8; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-251-X; $15.95 PA. JOHN This concise handbook provides an accurate, informative portrait of beavers and their natural surroundings, making it a practical resource both for armchair naturalists and observers in the field. Frogs: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 192 pp; 5½x8; color illus; diag; tables; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-226-9; $15.95 PA. JOHN Fully illustrated, this comprehensive work examines their behavior, biology, and the characteristics of individual species, providing an accurate, informative portrait of frogs in their natural surroundings. Hummingbirds: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 192 pp; 5½x8; color illus; maps; tables; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-1882; $15.95 PA. JOHN This concise, illustrated handbook presents an accurate, informative portrait of hummingbirds in their natural habitat, along with an examination of their relationship to man. Owls: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 192 pp; 5½x8; color illus; tables; diag; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-200-5; $15.95 PA. JOHN This combination field guide, fact book, and folklore collection presents an accurate, informative portrait of owls in their natural habitat, as well as an examination of the relationship between owls and humans, including the threat posed to owls by the destruction of habitat. Prairie Dogs: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 184 pp; 5½x8; illus; tables; diag; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-270-6; $15.95 PA. JOHN This concise, illustrated handbook presents an accurate, informative portrait of prairie dogs and their natural surroundings. Squirrels: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 192 pp; 5½x8; color illus; tables; diag; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-152-1; $15.95 PA. JOHN This concise, illustrated handbook presents an accurate, informative portrait of squirrels in their natural habitat, along with an examination of their relationship to man. Wolves: A Wildlife Handbook, by Kim Long. 192 pp; 5½x8; color illus; tables; diag; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-158-0; $15.95 PA. JOHN This concise, illustrated handbook presents an accurate, informative portrait of wolves in their natural habitat, along with an examination of their relationship to man. _____________________________ Millie & Cyndi‟s Pocket Nature Guides. These handy color guides are just the things to put in your pocket or backpack. Simple, concise, easy-to-use. All 4x6; illus; $5.95 PA. JOHN Early Birds, Common Backyard Birds. 64 pp; ISBN: 1-55566205-6.

Hummers, Hummingbirds of North America. 64 pp; ISBN: 155566-012-6. Mountain Blooms, Wildflowers of the Rockies. 56 pp; index; ISBN: 1-55566-268-4 Saguaro, Desert Flower Book. 72 pp; ISBN: 0-933472-69-2. Sierra, Sierra Mountain Flowers. 80 pp; ISBN: 0-933472-57-9. Talons, N. Amer. Birds of Prey. 80 pp; ISBN: 1-55566-035-5. _________________________ Nature Study Guild Finders Series. Constellation Finder, by Dorcas S. Miller. 64 pp; 5¾x4; illus; index; ISBN: 0-912550-26-0; $3.50 NSG ♦This is a guide to patterns in the night sky with star stories from around the world. Mountain State Mammals, by Ron Russo. 136 pp; 6x4; maps; illus; ISBN: 0-912550-21-X; $6.75 PA. NSG This is a handy little pocket guide to identifying mammals of the Rocky Mountain region. Rocky Mountain Flower Finder, by Janet L. Wingate, Ph.D. 128 pp; 6x4; illus; index; ISBN: 0-912550-20-1; $5.75 PA. NSG This neat little gem of a book is a guide to wildflowers found below tree line in the Rocky Mountains. Rocky Mountain Tree Finder, by Tom Watts. 64 pp; 6x4; illus; index; ISBN: 0-912550-05-8; $3.95 PA. NSG This neat little pocket book is a manual for identifying trees in the Rocky Mountains and the West. __________________________ Peterson Field Guides For more than fifty years, the Peterson Field Guides have set the standard for excellence. The unique Peterson Identification System has never been surpassed as a tool for field identification and has led millions to a better understanding of the natural world. With over 35 guides, the Peterson Series is also by far the most complete. From birds to fishes, rocks to stars, animal tracks to edible plants, there is a Peterson Guide to almost everything outdoors. 4½x7; color photos; illus; bibliog; index. Maps/glossary/appendix where noted. Animal Tracks, by Olaus J. Murie. 406 pp; ISBN: 9780618517435; $19.95 PA. Atmosphere, by Vincent J. Schaefer/John A. Day. 392 pp; appendices; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-97631-6; $21.00 PA. Freshwater Fishes, by Lawrence M. Page/Brooks M. Burr. 454 pp; glossary; maps; ISBN: 0-395-53933-1; $16.95 PA. Hawks, by William S. Clark/Brian K. Wheeler. 226 pp; ISBN: 9780395670675; $22.00 PA. Insects, by Donald J. Borror/Richard E. White. 416 pp; ISBN: 0395-91170-2; $19.00 PA. Mammals, by William H. Burt/Richard P. Grossenheider. 328 pp; maps; ISBN: 9780395935965; $20.00 PA. Medicinal Plants, by Steven Foster/James A. Duke. 389 pp; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-98814-4; $19.00 PA. Mushrooms, by Kent H. McKnight/Vera B. McKnight. 454 pp; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-91090-0; $19.00 PA. North American Prairie, by Stephen R. Jones & Ruth C. Cushman. 528 pp; maps; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-618-17930-5; $20.00 PA. Rocks and Minerals, by Frederick H. Pough. 346 pp; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-91096-X; $20.00 PA. Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, by Craighead, Craighead, Davis. 316 pp; key; ISBN: 0-395-93613-6; $21.00 PA.


Stars and Planets, by Jay M. Pasachoff/Donald H. Menzel. 520 pp; appendices; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-91099-4; $18.00 PA. Venomous Animals & Poisonous Plants, by Stephen Foster & Roger Caras. 264 pp; 4½x7¼; illus; color photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-395-93608-X; $18.00 PA. Western Birds, by Roger T. Peterson. 438 pp; maps; systematic checklist; ISBN: 0-618-13218-X; $22.00 PA. Western Butterflies, by P.A. Opler/A.B. Wright. 392 pp; checklist/life list; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-79151-0; $24.00 PA. Western Reptiles and Amphibians, by Robert C. Stebbins. 362 pp; maps; ISBN: 0-395-98272-3; $22.00 PA. Western Trees, by George & Olivia Petrides. 328 pp; maps; appendices; glossary; ISBN: 0-395-90454-4; $20.00 PA. ________________ Peterson First Guides. All 128 pp; 3¾x7¼; color photos; index. Astronomy, by Jay M. Pasachoff. ISBN: 0-395-93542-3; $5.95 PA. Birds, by Roger T. Peterson. ISBN: 0-395-90666-0; $5.95 PA. Butterflies and Moths, by Paul A. Opler. ISBN: 0-395-90665-2; $5.95 PA. Caterpillars, by Amy B. Wright. ISBN: 0-395-56499-9; $4.95 PA. Clouds and Weather, John A. Day & Vincent J. Schaefer. ISBN: 0-395-90663-6; $5.95 PA. Dinosaurs, by John C. Kricher. ISBN: 0-395-97196-9; $5.95 PA. Fishes, by Michael Filisky. ISBN: 0-395-50219-5; $4.95 PA. Insects, by Christopher Leahy. ISBN: 0-395-90664-4; $5.95 PA. Mammals, by Peter Alden. ISBN: 0-395-42767-3; $5.95 PA. Reptiles and Amphibians, by Conant, Stebbins & Collins. ISBN: 0-395-62232-8; $5.95 PA. Rocks and Minerals, by Frederick H. Pough. ISBN: 0-395-935431; $5.95 PA. Solar System, by Jay M. Pasachoff. ISBN: 0-395-52451-2; $4.95 PA. Trees, by George A. Petrides. ISBN: 0-395-91183-4; $5.95 PA. Urban Wildlife, by Sarah B. Landry. ISBN: 0-395-67069-1; $4.95 PA. Wildflowers, by Roger T. Peterson. ISBN: 0-395-90667-9; $5.95 PA. ________________________ Pocket Naturalist Series. Animal Tracks, an Introduction to the Tracks & Signs of Familiar North American Species, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-072-0; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations of 54 critters. Dinosaurs, an Introduction to Familiar Species, Their Habits and Habitats, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-256-1; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations of over 50 dinosaurs. Edible Wild Plants, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-127-1; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Highlights primarily widespread edible plants that lack poisonous mimics.

Emergency First Aid, Recognition & Treatment of Medical Emergencies, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; illus; ISBN: 9781583550830; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦This guide is intended to provide graduates of first aid courses with simplified reference on how to recognize and treat medical emergencies when no medical help is readily available and lives are at stake. Freshwater Fishes, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; Illus; ISBN: 1-58355-183-2; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦133 species listed. Geology: An Introduction to Familiar Rocks, Minerals, Gemstones & Fossils, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; photos; illus; ISBN: 9781583550755; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Provides a simplified introduction to familiar rocks, minerals, gemstones and fossils. Medicinal Plants, an Introduction to Familiar Widespread Species, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-190-5; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Lists 81 species. Montana Birds, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-111-5; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations of the birds of Montana. Also lists 22 birding hotspots. Montana Wildlife. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1583551-53-0; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations of the birds, fish, waterfowl, and animals of Montana. Also lists 22 sanctuaries where Montana wildlife may be observed. Night Sky: An Introduction to Prominent Stars & Constellations, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-087-9; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Has star charts that glow in the dark. Roadside Wildflowers, an Introduction to Familiar North American Species, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-179-4; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Highlights some of the most common and widely distributed roadside wildflowers in North America. Rockies Trees & Wildflowers. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-583551-15-8; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations. Includes 8 botanical sanctuaries. Rocky Mountain Birds. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1583551-23-9; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations. Includes 30 birding hotspots. Rocky Mountain Wildlife. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-583551-90-9; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations. Includes 8 wildlife sanctuaries. Wyoming Birds, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 1-58355-226-X; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Full-color illustrations of the birds of Wyoming. Also lists 22 birding hotspots. Yellowstone Trees & Wildflowers. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 9781583553251; RATP ♦This is an introduction to familiar species of the Yellowstone area. Map shows the locations of sixteen botanical sanctuaries. Yellowstone Wildlife: An Introduction to Familiar Species of the Yellowstone Area, by James Kavanaugh. 12 pp fold-out; 4x8¼; map; illus; ISBN: 9781583553169; $5.95 PA. WATP ♦Most illustrations show the adult male in breeding coloration. Map locates sixteen wildlife viewing hotspots.

All the Backyard Birds, East and West, by Paul Lehman. 192 pp; 4x6; maps; illus; ISBN: 0-06-053336-6; $10.95 PA. HCP ♦This features full-color illustrations of all the backyard birds in a back-to-back guide for east and west.


All the Backyard Birds: West, by Jack Griggs. 96 pp; 4x6; color illus; maps; illus; index; ISBN: 0-06-273632-9; $7.95 PA. HCP This guide tells you everything you need to know about the birds you'll see in your backyard, in parks, and along the roadside. It features up-to-date information on all the species seen in neighborhoods, parks, and roadsides. Spectacular, full-color illustrations by America's finest bird artists. Tips on attracting birds to your backyard and a checklist for recording your sightings. Alpine Flower Finder, the Key to Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Found Above Treeline, 2nd edition, by Janet L. Wingate & Loraine Yeatts. 144 pp; 6x4; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55566-289-7; $7.50 PA. JOHN ♦This offers sure-fire methods to identify more than 350 alpine plants found in the six Rocky Mountain States, for beginner and expert alike. Alpine Wildflowers, by Dr. Dee Strickler. 112 pp; 6x9; map; color photos; illus; references; glossary; ISBN: 1-56044-011-2; $9.95 PA. FALP This displays the beautiful and showy wildflowers of the alpine and subalpine areas of the northern Rocky Mountain states. With technical terminology kept to a minimum, this book is truly a feast for the eyes. American Bird Conservancy‟s Field Guide: All the Birds of North America, ed. by Jack L. Griggs. 392 pp; 4¼x8½; color illus; photos; maps; diag; color bars; icons; index; ISBN: 0-06-0527706; $19.95 PA. HCP Everything you need to know about North American birds is at your fingertips in this ground-breaking field guide -the first and only guide to successfully organize birds by field-recognizable, instantly-observable characteristics. America‟s 100 Most Wanted Birds, by Steven G. Mlodinow & Michael O‘Brien. 512 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 156044-492-4; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. FALP Beautifully illustrated with line drawings and a 40-page color section featuring hard-to-find photos of these varieties, America’s 100 Most Wanted Birds may be the most interesting birding guide you‘ll ever buy. America‟s Neighborhood Bats, by Merlin D. Tuttle. 104 pp; 5¾x8¼; color photos; diag; illus; glossary; beginner's key; suggested reading; index; ISBN: 0-292-71280-4; $12.95 PA. UTEXP Breathtaking photography with enlightening text including identification keys & range maps, serve as an invaluable source to learning more about these much maligned flying mammals. Amphibians & Reptiles of Montana, by J. Kirwin Werner, Bryce A. Maxell, Paul Hendricks, & Dennis L. Flath. 274 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; illus; charts; appendices; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-500-4; $20.00 PA. MP ♦This is a comprehensive field guide to the state‘s thirty-one species of frogs, toads, salamanders, turtles, lizards, and snakes. Amphibians & Reptiles of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, by Edward Koch & Charles Peterson. 200 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-87480-472-8; $12.95 PA. UUTP Extensive. Includes color photos of species described, a simplified identification key, color range maps, and an official form for reporting observed species. Animal Tracks and Signs of North America: Recognize & Interpret Wildlife Clues, by Richard P. Smith. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2124-8; $16.95 PA. STACKP Includes actual photos of animal and bird tracks as they appear in the wild, basic instructions on tracking techniques and recognizing various family groups, and a quick reference format for easy use in the field. Animal Tracks of the Great Plains, by Tamara Eder. 176 pp; 4½ x5¾; photos, bibliog, index; ISBN: 1-55105-303-9; $6.95 PA. LONEP This will help you identify tracks of all shapes and sizes, from the Deer Mouse to the Pronghorn Antelope.

Animal Tracks of the Rockies, Ian Sheldon. 160 pp; 4½x5½; illus, index; ISBN: 1-55105-089-7; $8.95 PA. LONEP This will allow you to identify tracks of all shapes & sizes, from the common shrew to the grizzly bear. Includes detailed drawings of fore & hind prints, stride patterns, and other important aspects of track identification. Antlers: Nature's Majestic Crown, by Bauer & Bauer. 160 pp; 8¾x11¼; photos; maps; references; index; ISBN: 0-89658-374-0; $19.95 PA. VOYPR Now, like no other book before, Antlers provides extensive coverage of moose, elk, caribou, whitetails, mule deer and blacktails, and the deer of Europe in one volume. The text presents the full range of current information on these species including their range, behavior, mating habits, winter survival techniques, and physical characteristics. But the focal point is these animal's antlers--how they are grown, what they are made of, what affects their growth, and how they are used. Attracting Birds, by Elaine Butler. 63 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0919433-87-1; $6.95 PA. LONEP This is a comprehensive beginner‘s handbook on feeding and attracting birds to your yard, window or balcony. It contains information on selecting food, setting out nesting boxes, landscaping your yard, putting out water and providing other amenities. Pages are provided where you can keep a record of your yard life list and bird life list. The Backyard Bird Feeder‟s Bible, the A-to-Z Guide to Feeders, Seed Mixes, Projects, and Treats, by Sally Roth. 384 pp; 7½x9; color photos; illus; charts; index; ISBN: 0-87596-918-6; $18.95 PA. RODALE ♦Become the best bird host in your neighborhood. Let the Backyard Bird Feeder’s Bible be your guide to the foods and feeders, plants and projects that will guarantee you a yard that‘s absolutely brimming with birds! Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt, and Wind Cave National Parks, a Wildlife Watcher's Guide, by Michael Milstein. 96 pp; 6x9; color photos; ISBN: 1-55971-575-8; $11.95 PA. NP Highlighting nearly 50 wildlife species, this comprehensive guide includes easy-to-read maps, sample animal tracks, recommended equipment, safety tips, and much more. Basically Morels: Mushroom Hunting, Cooking, Lore & Advice, by Larry Lonik. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0931715-01-6; $11.95 PA. RKT All about how to find, when to look, how to prepare or preserve the most popular mushroom in North America. 60 great recipes. Bat House Builder‟s Handbook, by Merlin D. Tuttle & Donna L Hensley. 32 pp; 8½x11; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-9638248-0-5; $9.95 PA. UTEXP This is the ONLY book completely devoted to bat survival and the building of houses for them. If enough bat houses are built, insecticides can be forgotten, insuring improvement to our environment as well as theirs. Bats of the Rocky Mountain West, by Rick A. Adams. 306 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; charts; appendices; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87081-736-1; $23.95 PA. UCOP ♦This begins with a general discussion of bat biology and evolution as well as regional physiography and zoogeography. In addition, Adams describes the behavior of the 31 species found in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Bear, a Celebration of Power and Beauty, by Rebecca L. Grambo. 176 pp; 10x12; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0609-60795-2; $12.99 HC. SC ♦Many early peoples believed the bear held the power to heal and to hurt, to feed them and to withhold food. They directly linked the bear with celestial and seasonal cycles, and even with their own creation. The many legends, myths, and facts in Rebecca Grambo‘s deftly woven text, together with carefully chosen artifacts and Dan Cox‘s magnificent photographs of bears today, present a unique and breath-taking look at the rich tapestry of the Human-Bear relationship. Bears of the World, by Terry Domico & Mark Newman. 208 pp; 9¼x12¼; photos; index; ISBN: 0-8160-1536-8; $29.95 HC. FOF


This is probably the most insightful, comprehensive book ever published on the ursine species. Text and spectacular photography on American black bears, Brown bears, Polar bears, Sloth bears, Spectacled bears, Asian black bears, Giant pandas and Sun bears. A Beast the Color of Winter, the Mountain Goat Observed, by Douglas H. Chadwick. 224 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6421-6; $14.95 PA. UNEBP This first fulllength book on the mountain goat offers a superbly written portrait of its life, habits, and environment. We learn of the mountain goats‘ lives from birth to adulthood, their feeding habits, unique social behavior and courtship rituals, and their long history. Big Game of North America, by Erwin A. Bauer. 160 pp; 8½x11; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-89658-480-1; $19.95 PA. VOYPR Coverage of the seventeen big game animals begins with a discussion of each animal‘s basic characteristics followed by a brief overview of behavior and conservation, an illustrated tracking detail, and a current range map. Includes over 120 photos. The Bird Watcher‟s Bible, by George Laycock. 224 pp; 7¾x10¼; photos; illus; life list; ISBN: 0-385-46835-0; $12.00 PA. BDD This revised and updated second edition is an authoritative guide for nature lovers of all ages. It tells where to see birds and how to identify them. Descriptions, range and habits of common North American species are noted. Also included are eleven great birdwatching vacations. Birder‟s Dictionary, by Randall T. Cox. 200 pp; 5x7¾; illus; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 1-56044-423-1; $8.95 PA. FALP Perfect for the novice or experienced birder, this is your most convenient source for biological, anatomical, physiological, behavioral, and taxonomic information about birds. Colloquial as well as technical terms are presented in and easy-to-read format. Birding Rocky Mountain National Park, by Scott Roederer. 240 pp; 5½x8½; maps; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 155566-318-4; $16.00 PA. JOHN ♦Roederer takes you on a tour of the Park‘s best birding areas. In great detail, he describes where to find the most sought-after birds of the montane forests and alpine tundra. Birding Utah, by D.E. McIvor. 424 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; charts; appendices; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 1-56044615-3; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. FALP This is an exhaustively researched and clearly written guide to more than 100 birding adventures across the state of Utah. The author uses habitat as a base in sharing his years of birding experience. Each site description is accompanied by: detailed written directions as well as a map to guide you to the best birding, suggestions of the best time of year to find the species you seek, and additional travel tips. A definite must-have for all serious birding enthusiasts! Birds in Place, a Habitat-based Field Guide to Birds of the Northern Rockies, by Radd Icenoggle. 384 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-56037-241-9; $16.95 PA. FCP ♦This organizes birds the way that you find them –by habitat. The birds are grouped into 21 habitats found in the Northern Rockies. It also covers the physical attributes and breeding characteristics for 284 birds in the Northern Rockies. Birds of Colorado Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela. 334 pp; 4¼x6; photos; index; ISBN: 1-885061-32-3; $13.95 PA. ADVP ♦Make bird watching in Colorado even more enjoyable! Contains 130 species of only Colorado birds. Stan‘s notes include naturalist information and interesting gee-whiz facts. Birds of Denver and the Front Range, by Chris C. Fisher and Greg Butcher. 160 pp; 5½x8½; color illus; ISBN: 1-55105-106-0; $ 9.95 PA. LONEP This easy-to-use and beautifully illustrated guidebook will help you identify more than 125 common and interesting bird species in and around Denver.

Birds of Grand Teton National Park, and the Surrounding Area, by Bert Raynes. 92 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; tables; ISBN: 0-931895-00-6; $7.95 PA. GTNHA This book features sixty carefully chosen species to give the reader a good cross section of the "high profile" birds of the Hole area. Birds of Montana Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela. 346 pp; 4½x6; range maps; color photos; index; ISBN: 1-59193-097-9; $14.95 PA. ADVP ♦This authenticates 136 species of birds known to inhabit Montana. Birds of North America, by Kenn Kaufman. 384 pp; 4½x7½; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-395-96464-4; $20.00 PA. HMC With range maps, vivid descriptions, efficient organization, and over 2,000 photographs, this is the best bird identification guide available. Birds of the Dakotas Field Guide, by Stan Tekiela. 314 pp; 4¼x6; photos; index; ISBN: 1-59193-016-2; $13.95 PA. ADVP ♦Make bird watching in the Dakotas even more enjoyable! Contains 125 species of only Dakota birds. Stan‘s notes include naturalist information and interesting gee-whiz facts. Birds of the Great Plains, by Bob Jennings, Ted T. Cable, & Roger Burrows. 384 pp; 5½x8½; maps; illus; charts; indexes; ISBN: 1-55105-369-1; $21.95 PA. LONEP ♦324 species of birds are grouped and color coded here for quick identification. Thirteen Great Plains states are covered. Birds of the Pacific Northwest Mountains, by Jan L Wassink. 208 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; diag; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-87842-308-7; $14.00 PA. MP Bird-watchers of all ages and abilities will enjoy this field guide to 197 common and distinctive bird species of the Pacific Northwest Mountains, including parts of California, Oregon, Washington, and southern British Columbia. Birds of the Rocky Mountains, by Chris C. Fisher. 336 pp; 5½x8½; color illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-55105-091-9; $21.95 PA. LONEP More than 150 species of birds are grouped and color coded here for quick identification. All the birds in the book are shown on pages 5 to 15 in a comparative reference chart. Birds Worth Watching, by George M. Sutton. 224 pp; 6x9; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-8061-2401-6; $12.95 PA. UOKP This is a pleasantly written collection of bird portraits with accompanying color photos. Reproductive and nesting activity, migratory behavior, and habitat requirements are among the topics. Covers more than 60 North American birds. Bison: Symbol of the American West, by Michael S. Sample. 80 pp; color photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-937959-06-5; $9.95 PA. FALP Natural history and outstanding photography from where the buffalo roam -Yellowstone National Park, Wind Cave National Park, National Bison Refuge, Badlands National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and other homes on the range. The Book of Fire, 2nd edition, by William H. Cottrell, Jr. 80 pp; 8½x9; illus; sources; index; ISBN: 0-87842-491-1; $14.00 PA. MP ♦This introduces nonscientists to the anatomy of heat, ignition, and flame, progressing from how a twig catches fire to how an entire landscape burns. Born Wild in Glacier National Park, by Donald M. Jones. 80 pp; 9¼x8¼; color photos; ISBN: 1-56037-355-5; $9.95 PA. FCP ♦This collection of candid and often comical images by wildlife photographer Jones is devoted entirely to the park‘s junior residents. Born Wild in Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, by Henry H. Holdsworth. 80 pp; 9¼x8; photos; ISBN: 1-56037-245-1; $9.95 PA. FCP ♦Baby birds and mammals in the backcountry of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks appear in clear, candid, full-color photographs –with accurate natural history information making up the brief, fun-to-read captions.


Botany in a Day, by Thomas J. Elpel. 200 pp; 8½x11; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-892784-15-7; $25.00 PA. HOPS Simply put, the study of botany is the study of patterns in plants. Once that is recognized and absorbed, it‘s a piece of cake to identify plants. Most plant books cover only one or two hundred species. Botany in a Day includes more than 100 plant families and over 700 genera –including edible and medicinal uses- applicable to many thousands of species. Buffalo: Natural History & Conservation, by Harold Picton. 72 pp; 9¾x9; maps; color photos; ISBN: 0-89658-727-4; $16.95 PA. VOYPR ♦In the 1800s millions of buffalo roamed the North American continent. By the beginning of the twentieth century fewer than 500 remained. Since then the buffalo has become a powerful icon in North America. This book traces the natural history of the North American plains and wood bison, their origins, life cycle, and folklore about them. It also describes the successful conservation efforts in the twentieth century and the place of the buffalo in North America today. Butterflies of North America, by Jim P. Brock & Kenn Kaufman. 384 pp; 5x7¾; illus; maps; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-618-153128; $22.00 PA. HMC ♦This contains more than 2300 color images of butterflies in natural, lifelike poses, and range maps on text pages that show where each species is common or rare and indicate seasons of occurrence. California Grizzly, by Tracy I. Storer & Lloyd P. Tevis, Jr. 336 pp; 5x8; index; bibliog; illus; photos; map; ISBN: 0-8032-9101-9; $9.95 PA UNEBP This first comprehensive study is the result of a long search through the historical, anthropological, and zoological literature of California. It describes the place of the bear in nature and its relations to man throughout California history. The methods of hunting and exploits of hunters are told, together with stories of some famous captive grizzlies. Cactus Country, a Friendly Introduction to Cacti of the Southwest Deserts, by Jim & Sue Willoughby. 112 pp; 5½x8½; map; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-914846-71-X; $6.95 PA. GWP Jim's funny cowboy cartoons, coupled with neat cactus recipes from Sue, enhance this expert descriptive of cacti of the Southwest's deserts. Don't get stuck without this one! Central Rocky Mountain Wildflowers: A Field Guide to Wildflowers in the Central Rocky Mountains, Including Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, by H. Wayne Phillips. 232 pp; 6x9; color plates; illus; diag; map; references; index; ISBN: 1-56044-729-X; $19.95 PA. FALP This full-color book contains beautiful photos, easy-to-understand descriptions, and interesting facts on nearly 300 wildflowers frequently encountered in the Central Rocky Mountains. Colorado Gem Trails and Mineral Guide, by Richard M. Pearl. 222 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; references; ISBN: 0-8040-0956-2; $16.95 PA. OHUP This collector's guide takes you on an extensive gem and mineral tour of one of the most strongly mineralized areas of the world. Detailed directions to the noted and little-known deposits of the state include sketch maps, mileage logs, and references. Colorado Wildlife: A Fascinating Look at the Wild Creatures and Wild Lands of Colorado, by Jeff Rennicke. 144 pp; 8½x11; full color photos; tables; index; ISBN: 1-56044-515-7; $19.95 PA. FALP This comprehensive source for wildlife watchers travels from prairie to foothills, from mountains to canyons, to explore the fascinating world of wildlife in the Centennial State. Colorado Wildlife Viewing Guide, by Mary T. Gray. 128 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; range maps; index; ISBN: 1-56044-119-4; $9.95 PA. FALP Leads you to 110 of the state's premier wildlife viewing locations. Included are detailed descriptions of each viewing site, maps and access information, helpful viewing tips, and over 80 photos.

The Compact Guide to Birds of the Rockies, Geoffrey L. Holroyd and Howard Coneybeare. 142 pp; 4½x5½; illus, index: ISBN: 0-919433-52-9; $7.95 PA. LONEP Attractive & accurate illustrations and intriguing anecdotes for over 100 birds are included in this appealing book. The Compact Guide to Wildflowers of the Rockies, by C. Dana Bush. 142 pp; 4½x5½; illus, index; ISBN: 0-919433-57-X; $ 7.95 PA. LONEP One hundred wildflowers commonly and occasionally found in the Rocky Mountains are described & illustrated. Accurate and attractive watercolor representations make this an excellent introduction for beginners, and a pleasing addition to the libraries of more seasoned enthusiasts. The Complete Guide to Edible Wild Plants, Mushrooms, Fruits, & Nuts; How to Find, Identify, & Cook Them, by Katie L. Lyle. 208 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59228288-1; $13.95 PA. LYONS ♦All manner of leafy greens, mushrooms, and herbs that command hefty prices at the market are bountiful outdoors and absolutely free for the taking. This provides everything you need to know about these wild treasures, including mouth-watering recipes. Controlling Crafty Critters, by Dan Hershey. 176 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-89658-588-3; $15.95 PA. VOYPR ♦Hershey presents the most current, effective, and humane methods for controlling more than 20 nuisance animals. The Cougar Almanac, a Complete Natural History of the Mountain Lion, by Robert H. Busch. 144 pp; 7x9; maps; illus; color photos; charts; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59228-2954; $14.95 PA. LYONS ♦This is the most comprehensive natural history of the cougar ever written. Coyote, by Wyman Meinzer. 136 pp; 11x8½; color photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-89672-353-4; $19.95 PA. TUP This is a life-cycle story and fabulous photo shoot of the little dog, the singer of the plains, and in spite of all odds, the ultimate predator survivor. Creatures of the Wild: Bear, by Leonard L Rue & Len Rue, Jr. 80 pp; 9½x12; full-page color photos; index; ISBN: 0-7858-0829-9; $10.99 HC. BSI This book takes the reader to the places where bears still roam free. We travel from the forests of eastern states to the ice floes of northern Canada. Remarkable photos cover the behavior of bears, including a series of amazing images of Alaskan bears fishing in the Kenai Peninsula. Creatures of the Wild: Wolf, by Allan & Sandy Carey. 80 pp; 9½x12; Full-page color photos; index; ISBN: 0-7858-0828-0; $10.99 HC. BSI This colorful book is designed to give the reader a close-up look at wolves and their behavior. We take a look inside the wolf pack and see the dynamics of the hunt. We get a close look at the young pups and watch them grow into adults. Critters of Wyoming Pocket Guide, by Ann E. McCarthy. 128 pp; 4x6; photos; glossary; ISBN: 1-885061-38-2; $5.95 PA. ADVP ♦Contains a large color photo of each critter. Only Wyoming critters are included. Has interesting ―did you know‖ facts. The Curious Morel: Mushroom Hunters‟ Recipes, Lore & Advice, by Larry Lonik. 144 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-9317-15-00-8; $10.95 PA. RKT Lonik presents the hows, where and whens of successful morel hunting, as well as how to prepare and preserve the fruit of nature‘s spring treasure hunt. Includes delicious recipes ranging from the basic to the exotic. Decade of the Wolf, Returning the Wild to Yellowstone, by Douglas W. Smith & Gary Ferguson. 224 pp; 6¼x9¼; maps; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 1-59228-700-X; $23.95 HC. LYONS ♦This book weaves together never-before-published scientific discoveries with spellbinding tales of wolves‘ behaviors. The wolves have not only survived, but completely changed the ecosystem, spilling a fresh measure of wildness across the world‘s first national park.


Desert Ecology: An Introduction to Life in the Arid Southwest, by John Sowell. 206 pp; 6x9; photos; diagrams; charts; index; ISBN: 0-87480-678-X; Reduced to retail at: $15.95 PA. UUTP Explore the life cycle of the yucca and creosote bush, trace the wanderings of the Gila monster and tenebrionid beetle, breathe in the rhythms of the desert at night. Sowell explains how life survives and persists in such inhospitable places as the intermountain, Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan Deserts. Desert Wildflowers of North America, by Ronald J. Taylor. 360 pp; 5½x8½; color plates; maps; illus; diag; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-87842-376-1; Reduced to retail at: $18.00 PA. MP Each spring, when rainfall and temperatures combine in just the right way, hundreds of wildflowers transform the deserts of North America into a sea of vibrant color. With descriptions and photographs of more than 500 species of flowering plants, this fullcolor field guide leads casual visitors and certified desert rats alike through the flora of the blooming desert. Included are an overview of desert ecology, a simplified botanical key, and an illustrated glossary that will help even novice wildflower fans identify desert plants with confidence. Dinosaur and Other Prehistoric Animal Fact Finder, by Dr. Michael Benton. 256 pp; 6¼x9; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-85697-802-8; $15.95 PA. KINGF Organized alphabetically, this book is filled with detailed information on over 200 creatures, some only recently discovered. Profusely illustrated and easy to read. Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky, by Jack Horner. 208 pp; 7½x9½; maps; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-445-8; $20.00 PA. MP For amateur collectors, budding paleontologists, and anyone interested in the dinosaurs that roamed Montana, Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky describes the different species known to have lived in Montana. Includes four full-color murals that offer glimpses into dinosaurian lives and behavior. Discover the Stars: Starwatching Using the Naked Eye, Binoculars, or a Telescope, by Richard Berry. 128 pp; 7½x9¼; illus; charts; ISBN: 0-517-56529-3; $14.95 PA. RH For everyone who has looked up at the stars on a clear night and longed to know more about them, here is the perfect introduction and guide to discovering the stars. Edible & Medicinal Plants of the West, by Gregory L. Tilford. 256 pp; 5½x8½; full color photos; glossary; bibliog; sugg. Reading; index; ISBN: 0-87842-359-1; $21.00 PA. MP This is a full-color photographic guide to the identification, edibility, and medicinal uses of over 250 plant species, growing from Alaska to southern California, east across the Rocky Mountains and the Northern Plains to the Great Lakes. Edible & Medicinal Plants of the Rockies, by Linda Kershaw. 272 pp; 5½x8½; illus, index; glossary; references; ISBN: 1-55105229-6; $23.95 PA. LONEP Contains more than 700 color photos & illustrations. Sections include: trees; shrubs; herbs; mosses; and poisonous. Describes 333 common trees, shrubs, flowers, ferns, mosses and lichens. Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains, by H.D. Harrington. 400 pp; 6x9¼; map; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-82630343-9; $19.95 PA. UNMP This is an excellent listing of the edible plants of the Rockies. It provides recipes for the preparation of beers and wines, jams and preserves, the cooking of greens and the preparation of dyes, as well as brief histories of plants‘ use by historic and prehistoric peoples. The book contains drawings of the plants in their flowering or fruiting state and lists them by common name for ready reference. Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie, an Ethno-botanical Guide, by Kelly Kindscher. 296 pp; 5½x9; maps; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-7006-0325-5; $14.95 PA. UKANP This was written for a broad audience ranging from amateur naturalists to historians, botanists, and anthropologists. It includes detailed descriptions to assist the reader in finding and identifying edible

prairie plants, as well as information on harvesting, propagation for home gardeners, and the preparation and taste of wild food plants. The Elk Mystique, by Mike Lapinski. 144 pp; 8½x11; map; photos; ISBN: 0-912299-73-8; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. STONEY Chapters include notation of the mystique about elk, their habitat requirements, their biology and life flow, as well as many of the events over the past couple of hundred years that put the elk at risk and then what concerned elk enthusiasts have accomplished, and are doing, on behalf of this incredible species. Includes a listing of elk distribution throughout the country as well as a breakdown of some of the top viewing areas. Exploring Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils in Colorado, by Richard M. Pearl. 216 pp; 5¾x8¾; photos; maps; illus; tables; references; ISBN: 0-8040-0105-7; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. OHUP This is a brilliant, readable, and extremely well illustrated survey of Colorado‘s rocks, minerals, and fossils. A Field Guide to Mammal Tracking in North America, by James Halfpenny. 176 pp; 5½x8½; maps; illus; diagrams; color section; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-933472-98-6; $14.95 PA. JOHN Quite simply, the best text on tracking ever published. Concise, thorough, and easy to use. Field Guide to Medicinal Wild Plants, by Bradford Angier. 320 pp; 5½x8¼; color illus; directory of wild medicinals; ISBN: 0-81172076-4; $18.95 PA. STACKP This is a full-color reference to the history, habitat, and identifying characteristics of over 100 medicinal wild plants of North America. A Field Guide to Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains, by Carl Schreier. 224 pp; 4½x8; color plates; color illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-943972-13-2; $18.95 PA. HOMEP This book offers a complete, full-color overview of nearly 300 species of wildflowers that grace the 3,000-mile span of the Rocky Mountains in North America. Wildflower enthusiasts will benefit from this book, which arms its readers with everything from general information about wildflower evolution to specific data about individual families and species of wildflowers. Included are detailed illustrations of flower structures, color photographs and illustrations of each species, tools for flower identification, and a complete glossary of wildflower terminology. A Field Manual for the Amateur Geologist, by Alan M. Cvancara. 350 pp; 5¼x7¾; maps; illus; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-471-04430-X; $19.95 PA. WILEY ♦This book introduces you to the geologist‘s core concepts, tools, and techniques and requires no prior training in geology. Forest Wildflowers, by Dr. Dee Strickler. 96 pp; 6x9; color photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-937959-36-7; $9.95 PA. FALP This displays the beautiful and showy wildflowers of the woods, mountains and forests of the northern Rocky Mountain states. With technical terminology kept to a minimum, this book is truly a feast for the eyes. Gardens for Birds, Hummingbirds & Butterflies, by Linda D. Harris. 128 pp; 8¼x10¾; color photos; maps; index; ISBN: 158923-001-9; $12.95 PA. CPI Invite birds and butterflies to your garden with the right selection of flowers, trees, and shrubs. Gem Minerals of Idaho, with field trip maps, by John A. Beckwith. 132 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87004-228-9; $11.95 PA. CAXP In the pink and purple shadows of the vast Owyhee Desert; from the Idaho batholith of gray-green and blue granite to the phosphate beds and limestones of the southeast, Idaho conceals a dazzling mineral wealth, much of which is yet untouched by the gem hunter. The Geysers of Yellowstone, by T. Scott Bryan. 482 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; append; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87081-365-X; $23.95 PA. UCOP This revised field guide describes in detail each of the more than three hundred geysers of Yellowstone National Park. With data to 1994 and twenty-four new photos, it is designed as both a reference work and a fine introduction to the


nature of geyser activity for the newcomer to geothermal phenomena. Glossary and detailed maps. Geysers, What They Are & How They Work, 2nd edition, by T. Scott Bryan. 80 pp; 8¼x9; map; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 087842-509-8; $12.00 PA. MP ♦Using vivid, color photographs and understandable language, the author unravels the mystery of geysers and geyser basins, explaining why geysers occur in certain areas, how they form, and why some bubble while others steam or explode. Golden Eagle, Sovereign of the Skies, by Charles R. Preston. 112 pp; 8½x11; map; color photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55868795-5; $19.95 PA. GACP ♦This explores the nature of this regal bird covering its origin, hunting methods, reproduction, and migration. Stunning photos! Dr. Preston is the founding curator of the Draper Museum of Natural History at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. Grand Trees of America, Our State and Champion Trees, by Lisa Jorgenson. 124 pp; 8½x11; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 1879373-15-7; Reduced to retail at: $6.95 PA. RRINE This is a fabulous book! You may have driven past one of these champions for years without knowing what it was. In the United States we have many trees that are the largest and oldest living things on the planet. This book not only lists all the official state trees of America, but also the ―Grand Champions‖ of some species –that is, the largest of their kind. Grasses. An Identification Guide, by Lauren Brown. 256 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-395-62881-4; $16.00 PA. HMC Avoiding the technicalities of most botanical guides, this focuses on the color, shape, and texture of the plants. The book covers 135 species, from familiar lawn grasses such as bluegrass and the all-too-common crabgrass to more exotic species such as barberpole sedge, purple love grass, and toad rush. Although the book concentrates on grasses of the Northeast and Midwest, it can be used anywhere in the country. The Great American Wolf, by Bruce Hampton. 320 pp; 6¼x9½; photos; source notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8050-3716-0; $35.00 HC. HHC This is a well-researched, complete history of the American wolf, and of his reintroduction into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho. The Great Bear Almanac, by Gary Brown. 336 pp; 8x10; maps; photos; illus; charts; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55821474-7; $22.95 PA. LYONS Here, in a single volume, is collected what is known about the world‘s bears, presenting in words and photographs a complete compendium of bear knowledge for the amateur and the bear specialist alike. Great Horned Owl, by Dwight G. Smith. 110 pp; 7¼x9; map; photos; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8117-2689-4; $19.95 PA. STACKP ♦Known for its distinctive ear tufts and great strength, the Great Horned Owl is one of the most popular birds of prey. All aspects of this elusive owl‘s life in the wild, including hunting, courtship, nesting, brooding, and fledging, are covered in brilliant full-color images and insightful text. The Great Rocky Mountain Nature Factbook: a Guide to the Region‟s Remarkable Animals, Plants & Natural Features, by Susan Ewing. 224 pp; 5¼x8¼; maps; illus; index; ISBN: 0-88240515-2; $14.95 PA. GACP Discover the amazing natural world of the Rocky Mountains in this engaging in-depth guide. From mountain bluebirds to rubber boas, bison to bitterroot, sundogs to wildfire, and plate tectonics to the Burgess Shale, this puts everything you would ever want to know about the Rockies right at your fingertips. The Grizzly Almanac, by Robert H. Busch. 240 pp; 7½x9½; maps; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59228-320-9; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦This impeccably researched volume looks at the natural and cultural history of the grizzly, with vital

information on its evolution, habitat, diet, reproduction, intelligence, and behavior. Guide to Animal Tracks, by Stackpole Books. 96 pp; 4x6; illus; maps; ISBN: 0-8117-2254-6; $7.95 PA. STACKP Clearly illustrated and compared are the prints left by 27 of the most common small animals and 16 large game animals found in North America. Included with each entry are concise facts on identification and characteristics of each animal. Sixteen maps help in locating the range of some of the more unusual, seldom seen animals. Among the animals identified are: Antelope, Badger, Beaver, Beaver, Bison, Bear, Deer, Bobcat, Javelina, Marten, Mink, Opossum, Otter, Prairie Dog, Rabbit, Raccoon, & Wolf. Guide to Colorado Birds, by Mary T. Gray. 254 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; index; ISBN: 1-56579-283-1; $22.95 PA. WESTC Gray‘s at-a-glance identification tips, as well as intriguing facts on behavior and life history, focus on 259 bird species. Hawks in Flight, by Pete Dunne, David Sibley and Clay Sutton. 254 pp; bibliog; illus, index; ISBN: 0-395-51022-8; $13.00 PA. HMC This very effectively covers the twenty-three most common diurnal raptors of North America, including buteos, accipiters, falcons, kites, eagles, vultures, and the osprey and harrier. High Life: Animals of the Alpine World, by John Winnie, Jr. 144 pp; color photos; charts; map; bibliog; sugg. Reading; index; ISBN: 0-87358-634-4; $15.95 PA. NOLAP With over one hundred full-color photos, this book takes us into the lives of animals who have adapted to their harsh environments so well that they are marooned on mountaintops like castaways on desert islands. Hummingbirds: Jewels in Flight, by Connie Toops. 128 pp; 8½x11; color photos; tables; reference; index; ISBN: 0-89658-3821; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. VOYPR Hummingbirds: Jewels in Flight details in lively, personal text the natural history of this amazing bird with jewel-like colors and legendary aeronautical skills. You‘ll discover delightful details about the most frequently seen hummingbirds in the United States. Expert advice is given on attracting hummingbirds with feeders and special garden plantings. The ―why‖ and ―how‖ of hummingbird courtship, nesting, territorial, and migratory behaviors are also thoroughly explored. Find out what the ―hotspots‖ are for viewing the beautiful little birds in your area! Ice Age Mammals of North America, a Guide to the Big, the Hairy, and the Bizarre, by Ian M. Lange. 236 pp; 7½x9½; illus; photos; maps; sites listing; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-403-2; $20.00 PA. MP ♦Camels in Nebraska, giant cats in California, and great sloths in New York, they lived here 10,000 years ago and then disappeared. Lange gives us the background and the story combined with great insight into the world in which these animals lived alongside our ancestors. Idaho Wildlife, by Jan Wassink. 104 pp; 11x8½; photos; ISBN: 0938314-37-8; $6.95 PA. FCP Idaho harbors a cornucopia of wildlife species that makes a priceless heritage for the state. This book is the complete picture of the animals, their life histories, behaviors and habitat. From big game to birds of prey, from sport fish to reptiles, this is your full-color guide to Idaho‘s fabled wildlife treasure. Illumination in the Flatwoods: A Season with the Wild Turkey, by Joe Hutto. 248 pp; 6x9; illus; color plates; maps; diag; tables; references; ISBN: 1-55821-694-4; Reduced to retail at $9.95 PA. LYONS Here you will find the account of an extraordinary experiment: Naturalist Joe Hutto incubates two dozen wild turkey eggs with the intention of human imprinting and raising the hatchlings in the spirit of Konrad Lorenz. But the relationship that develops between the author and the wild birds so profoundly changes his life that he wonders, appropriately, who had imprinted whom. Hutto‘s is an unforgettable story. Lovingly told with skill and humor and vibrating with the natural wonders of the Florida flatwoods and the fascinating behavior of these most elusive game birds.


In the Company of Moose, by Victor Van Ballenberghe. 132 pp; 9x11¼; color photos; ISBN: 0-8117-0102-6; $29.95 HC. STACKP ♦The author keeps company with moose. He has studied wild moose in the field for over thirty-five years. Here in dramatic color images and lively text, he captures the essence of these giants of the northern Forests of Europe, Asia, and North America. Incredible Vision, the Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone, by Pete Bengeyfield. 144 pp; 10½x8½; color photos; ISBN: 1-93183225-0; $22.95 PA. RIVB ♦In this book, author and photographer Pete Bengeyfield shares his deep understanding of the forces that have shaped Greater Yellowstone and his powerful belief in what Greater Yellowstone should be –and could be- for its wildlife, its wildlands, and its people. Insect Pests of the Prairies, by Hugh Philip & Ernest Mengersen. 122 pp; 8½x11; color photos; references; index; ISBN: 0-88864870-7; $15.95 PA. UNALBP ♦This is your personal guide to identification and control of over 220 insects common to the Prairies. The Lewis & Clark Expedition: Montana‟s First Bird Inventory Through the Eyes of Lewis & Clark, by Kenneth C. Walcheck. 60 pp; 4½x11½; illus; references; ISBN: 1-883844-02-9; $12.95 PA. L&CIA ♦Largely because of Lewis‘ meticulous attention to detail, the journals contain a wealth of information about winged creatures –ranging from a list of birds merely encountered to exceedingly detailed descriptions, Lewis & Clark‟s Green World, the Expedition and Its Plants, by A. Scott Earle & James L. Reveal. 256 pp; 9x9; maps; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-56037-250-8; $34.95 HC. FCP ♦Everyone interested in the Lewis & Clark Expedition or the plants they collected for scientific study will welcome this book that combines the day-by-day story with illustrated botanical descriptions. The authors take readers into the field to see and learn about flowers, grasses, trees, medicinal and food uses, and more. Lewis and Clark‟s Mountain Wilds: a Site Guide to the Plants and Animals They Encountered in the Bitterroots, by Sharon A. Ritter. 334 pp; 5¼x9; photos; illus; sources; cross-index; ISBN: 089301-258-0; $19.95 PA. UIDP ♦This is an indispensable and colorful site guide that any modern-day traveler can use to locate and identify more than one hundred species of native plants and animals –the same species Lewis and Clark saw on their 18051806 trip through the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho and Montana. Lives of Grizzlies, Montana & Wyoming, by Jim Cole. 128 pp; 10¾x10¼; color photos; ISBN: 1-56037-300-8; $24.95 HC. FCP ♦To see the daily lives of grizzly bears as they adapt to the challenges of a shrinking, changing environment is to learn to respect them as individuals, as a species, and as out symbol of the wilderness. Mammals of the Rocky Mountains, by Fisher, Pattie and Hartson. 295 pp; 5½x8½; color illus, index; ISBN: 1-55105-211-3; $22.95 PA. LONEP This comprehensive guide to the mammals of the Rockies features 91 species organized in six major groups. All the species in the book are shown in a comparative reference chart on pages 4 to 9. Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West, by Michael Moore. 186 pp; index; references; gloss; photos; illus; ISBN: 089013-182-1; $16.95 PA NMP This is a guide to identifying, preparing, and using traditional medicinal plants found in the deserts and canyons of the West and Southwest. Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West, by Michael Moore. Revised and expanded. 352 pp; 6x9; maps; color section; references; index; gloss; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-89013-454-5; $24.95 PA. NMP This is a guide to the identification, preparation, and uses of traditional medicinal plants found in mountains, foothills, and upland areas of the American West. Revised edition.

Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie, an Ethno-botanical Guide, by Kelly Kindscher. 352 pp; 5½x9; maps; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-7006-0527-4; $14.95 PA. UKANP This is one of the most important, original contributions to American medicinal plant literature in decades. Combining thoughtful insight with thorough research, it has broad appeal, yet is scientifically sound. NOTE -this book does not promote self-healing; it contains descriptions –not prescriptions! Montana Birds, by Caleb Putnam & Gregory Kennedy. 176 pp; 5½x8½; maps; color illus; charts; glossary; indexes; ISBN: 155105-463-9; $15.95 PA. LONEP ♦145 species of birds are grouped and color coded here for quick identification. Montana Wildlife Portfolio, by Donald M. Jones. 120 pp; 11x10½; photos; ISBN: 1-56037-242-7; $24.95 HC. FCP ♦147 full-color images of Montana wild critters frolicking, hunting, and surviving in their natural habitats. Montana Wildlife Viewing Guide, by Carol & Hank Fischer. 104 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-348-0; $9.95 PA. FALP This is your guide to over 113 of the best and most easily accessible wildlife viewing sites in Montana. Full-color. Moose, by Art Rodgers. 72 pp; 10x9; color photos; map; tables; index; ISBN: 0-89658-521-2; $17.95 PA. VOYPR The author was the first scientist to study moose using radio collars and GPS technology. In this up-to-date survey of moose, he describes their evolution, physical characteristics, and survival strategies in a world where humans represent not only their greatest threat but also their strongest ally. Moose: Behavior, Ecology, & Conservation, by Valerius Geist. 144 pp; 8¾x11¼; color photos; ISBN: 0-89658-422-4; $35.00 HC. ISBN: 0-89658-744-4; $19.95 PA. VOYPR From behavior and ecology to conservation issues, Valerius Geist offers a complete introduction to this majestic creature. Michael Francis‘s spectacular photographs showcase the moose in every season and in diverse environments. Morels True or False: The Essential Field Guide and More, by Larry Lonik. 80 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-931715-04-0; $11.95 PA. RKT Finally, an easy-to-use, up-to-date field guide that clearly shows the good and the bad, the true and the false morels and how to tell them apart. Includes full color photos of the seven most common ‗morels‘ one can encounter in the spring – in their natural habitat and cross-sectioned. Mountain Plants of the Pacific Northwest, by Ronald J. Taylor & George W. Douglas. 444 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-314-1; $25.00 PA. MP This invites wildflower enthusiasts, naturalists, and botanists to explore the diverse mountain plant life of Washington, western British Columbia, and southeastern Alaska. With superb color photographs, nontechnical descriptions, and supplemental drawings, this field guide covers more than 450 species of wildflowers, ferns, trees, and grasses. Mule Deer: Behavior *Ecology *Conservation, by Erwin & Peggy Bauer. 160 pp; 8¾x11¼; full page color photos; references; index; ISBN: 0-89658-376-7; $19.95 PA. VOYPR In this intimate portrait, mule deer are seen in the mountains, meadows, and forests, in all seasons, and in all facets of their lives, from birth to death. Erwin Bauer‘s text provides not just facts and figures, but a look at the animal‘s development and behavior, plus herd management techniques, and even photography tips. Every person who has admired this species from afar will be amazed at the Bauers‘ close-up photographs and observations gained through a nearly forty-year relationship with the mule deer. Mule Deer Country, by Valerius Geist. Photos by Michael Francis. 176 pp; 8¾x11¼; full- page color photos; diag; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55971-680-0; $25.00 HC. COWLES Over 150 photos depict virtually all aspects of mule deer seasonal behavior, as well as their spectacularly beautiful habitat. An invaluable reference for sportsmen and an elegant coffee table book for naturalists.


A Naturalist‟s Guide to Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks, by Dr. Frank C. Craighead, Jr. Previously titled For Everything There is a Season. 232 pp; 6x9; map; photos; tables; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780762740239; $18.95 PA. FALP ♦For naturalists, this book is a remarkable chronicle of the interrelationships between all living things. For anyone interested in the Teton-Yellowstone area and the entire northern Rocky Mountain region, this book opens the door to greater understanding –and appreciation- of the natural cycles in one of America‘s last wild places. Nature‟s Life Lessons: Everyday Truths from Nature, by Jim Carrier & Marc Bekoff. 112 pp; 5½x6¼; illus; ISBN: 1-55591-248-6; $10.95 PA. FULC This is a celebration of the infinitely resourceful ways in which Nature thrives. From these one-liners you will learn about the natural world, have fun and feel a connection to your fellow creatures. Nebraska Wildlife Viewing Guide, by Joseph Knue. 96 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; index; ISBN: 1-56044-512-2; $8.95 PA. FALP This leads you to 68 of the best places to see wildlife in Nebraska. A perfect resource for hikers, campers, sightseers, birders, students, and teachers—anyone who cherishes wildlife and treasures encounters with the natural world. Each of the site descriptions tells you what to expect, when to go, and how to get there. Packed with color photos from the photographers of awardwinning Nebraskaland Magazine. NGS Field Guide to Birds of North America, 4th ed. 480 pp; 5x8; illus; charts; maps; index; ISBN: 0-7922-6877-6; $21.95 PA. NGS ♦This most up-to-date bird guide on the market features more than 800 North American birds, with new species information and range maps. North America‟s Favorite Butterflies: a Pictorial Guide, by Patti & Milt Putnam. 136 pp; 5¾x5; color photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-57223-109-2; $9.95 PA. WCP This features outstanding color close-up photography of North America‘s 50 most popular butterflies. North American Elk, Ecology & Management, ed. by Dale E. Toweill & Jack W. Thomas. 984 pp; maps; photos; illus; charts; appendices; references; index; ISBN: 1-58834-018-X; $85.00 HC. HCP ♦This contains the most up-to-date information on elk behavior, physiology, migration, taxonomy, and management. Full chapters are devoted to distribution, nutrition and food, diseases and parasites, ecosystem management, hunting, the regulation of hunting, the historical relationship between Native Americans and elk, and much more. Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, by H. Wayne Phillips. 296 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 158592-094-0; $24.95 PA. FALP ♦This features more than 300 species found in the ecoregion that encompasses northwestern Montana, northern Idaho, northeastern Washington, southwestern British Columbia, and southwestern Alberta. Northwest Trees: Identifying & Understanding the Region‟s Native Trees, by Stephen F. Arno & Ramona P. Hammerly. 240 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; map; index; ISBN: 0-916890-50-3; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. MOUN The lush, almost overwhelming greenness of the forests of the Pacific Northwest immediately strikes anyone entering the region for the first time, and provides a comforting feeling of home territory for residents. Comprising these forests are 36 species of native conifer and broad-leaved trees, each with its own distinct personality and history of interaction with man. In this beautifully illustrated identification guide, both resident and visitor can quickly determine ―What kind of tree is that?‖ Far more than a catalog of trees, Arno‘s text is sprinkled with interesting facts and demonstrates how trees are essential to both wildlife and human life in the Northwest. Northwest Weeds, the Ugly and Beautiful Villains, by Ronald J. Taylor. 178 pp; 5¼x8½; index; gloss; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-87842-

249-8 $14.00 PA MP Here are the prominent weeds –both the beautiful and the ugly- of the northern Rockies, Pacific Northwest, and southwestern Canada. Illustrated with full-color photos, descriptions of each weed emphasize identifying characteristics and include information on the origin, distribution, and aggressiveness of each species. Of Wolves and Men, by Barry H. Lopez. 320 pp; 7x9¼; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-684-16322-5; $18.00 PA. S&S An eloquent treatment of wolves and men and a bridge between books of the past and those of the future. Oregon Wildlife Viewing Guide, by James A. Yuskavitch. 96 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-271-9; $8.95 PA. FALP Completely updated and revised, this will lead you to 87 premier wildlife-viewing areas and will better your chances of seeing wildlife once you arrive. Ovis: North American Wild Sheep, by Guy Tillett. Photos by Serle Chapman. 74 pp; 8¼x8; photos; illus; diag; maps; endnotes; bibliog; ISBN: 0-9528607-2-4; $15.95 PA. MP Guy Tillett covers an immense array of information in this work on North American wild sheep. His style tends toward a biological point of view, but by the time you finish you should realize that he has pretty much covered the spectrum. He has captured the `big picture‘ as concerns wild sheep. After reading this book, you will come away with a better understanding of the many aspects of our precious North American wild sheep. Owls, by Connie Toops. 128 pp; 8½x11; color photos; reference; ISBN: 0-89658-140-3; $19.95 PA. VOYPR OWLS provides a compelling introduction to twenty-five species of North American and European owls from the elegant snowy to the majestic eagle owl. You will also find insights into the owl‘s behavior, natural history, and relationships with other raptors. Stunning full-color portraits and action photographs, by some of the world‘s best wildlife photographers, put you into the world of the owl. Paddy: The Classic Story of a Baby Beaver and the Naturalist Who Adopted Him, by R.D. Lawrence. 240 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 155821-573-5; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. LYONS This is naturalist R.D. Lawrence‘s story of raising an orphan baby beaver in the Canadian wilderness. Parenting the beaver kit for a summer, Lawrence observed animal nature firsthand, learning fascinating answers to many questions about beavers and their behavior. From the real purpose of their tail slapping and scent mounds to the truth about beaver family life (it is close and stable), PADDY provides an engaging account of beaver natural history and the bonds of animal companionship. Peregrine Falcons, by Candace Savage. 160 pp; 9x12; photos; references; index; ISBN: 0-87156-461-0; $20.00 PA. SC Featuring 100 full color photographs, this offers a stunning photographic tribute to the grace and beauty of this fierce and ecologically threatened bird of prey. Plants of the Rocky Mountains, by Kershaw, Mackinnon and Pojar. 384 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; color illus; glossary; ISBN: 155105-088-9; $22.95 PA. LONEP With over 1600 color photos & illustrations, covering 1362 plants, this is probably the most comprehensive guide in print today. Plants of Rocky Mountain National Park, by Ruth A. Nelson, revised by Linda & Richard Beidleman, and Beatrice E. Willard. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; map; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56044910-1; $24.95 PA. FALP ♦This complete revision maintains the acclaimed style of Nelson‘s original work while adding many new species, hundreds of beautiful color photographs, exquisite line drawings, detailed descriptions, and all-new identification keys. Plants of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, by H. Wayne Phillips. 288 pp; 6x9; map; photos; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-477-6; $20.00 PA. MP ♦This mixes history with botany and invites readers to see wildflowers, shrubs, and trees as the explorers saw them, from indigo bush in Missouri to feather boa on the Oregon Coast.


Plants of Waterton-Glacier National Parks and the Northern Rockies, by Richard J. Shaw & Danny On. 160 pp; 5x8; color plates; glossary; ISBN: 0-87842-114-9; $12.00 PA. MP With magic camera and skillful pen, Danny On and Richard Shaw combine talents in this useful guide to plants of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and the surrounding Rocky Mountains. The handy, easily carried book covers not only showy flowers of the area but trees and shrubs as well, with hints of where to look and when. Polar Bear, by Downs Matthews. 112 pp; 10x9½; color photos; ISBN: 0-8118-0204-3; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. CHRON Selecting his most spectacular photographs from more than fifty trips north of the Arctic Circle, photographer Dan Guravich takes the reader on a revealing expedition into the little-known world of polar bear. Accompanying his photos are engaging captions and essays by nature writer Matthews, including how a nine-hundredpound polar bear can cross a thin sheet of ice that would not support a person walking across it. He also dispels popular misinformation about polar bears: they do not cover their black noses with their paws when they stalk their prey, they are not vicious man-hunters, and they are not lonely hermits. The Prairie Dog, Sentinel of the Plains, by Russell A. Graves. 144 pp; 11x8½; map; photos; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-89672-455-7; $19.95 PA. TTUP It‘s hard to get a good photo when two hundred or more pairs of eyes are watching you invade their property, but Graves has managed to capture close-up on film in all their many activities, the sentinel of the plains. With a wellresearched text, this is THE book on Prairie Dogs! Prairie Wildflowers, by Dr. Dee Strickler. 80 pp; 6x9; map; color photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-934318-99-9; $9.95 PA. FALP This displays the beautiful and showy wildflowers of the plains, valleys, and foothills in the northern Rocky Mountain States. With technical terminology kept to a minimum, this book is truly a feast for the eyes. Pronghorn: Portrait of the American Antelope, by Gary Turbak. 152 pp; 10½x9; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-87358-595-X; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. NOLAP Exposes the life of this graceful animal of the American West. Focusing on the pronghorn's history, distinguishing features, habitat, and behavior, this book is a tribute to the pronghorn's evolutionary tenacity, its ability to exist in meager habitat, and its world-famous speed. Raptors, Birds of Prey, by John Hendrickson. 96 pp; 10x9½; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-8118-0004-0; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. CHRON A showcase for the world's magnificent birds of prey -eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and vultures- Raptors is a remarkable collection of intimate portraits, personal vignettes, and revealing statistics. The breathtaking portfolio is accompanied by an illuminating text, which details these avian predators' incredible adaptations as well as their amazing ability to survive in a world, which constantly threatens their existence. Raptors of the Rockies, by Kate Davis. 96 pp; 8½x11; color photos; illus; maps; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-87842461-X; $16.00 PA. MP Davis has provided an easy-tounderstand, single source for identification of and information about the misunderstood –and often hated- birds of prey. Red-Tailed Hawk, by Charles R. Preston. 112 pp; 7¼x9¼; map; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2914-1; $19.95 PA. STACKP Preston not only provides a treasure trove of well-organized, well-written, and up-to-the-minute information about every aspect of red-tail biology and behavior, he also offers a rare look at how a scientist works to gain this information and how much passion and devotion go into his work. Reptiles of the Northwest, California to Alaska-Rockies to the Coast, by Alan St. John. 272 pp; 5½x8½; maps; color photos; illus; glossary; resources; index; ISBN: 1-55105-343-8; $18.95 PA. LONEP This most comprehensive guide covers 42 native

turtles, lizards, and snakes, grouped and color coded here for quick identification. The Roadrunner, by Wyman Meinzer. 112 pp; 11x8½; color photos; ISBN: 0-89672-244-9; $19.95 PA. TTUP In text and wonderfully refreshing color photography, Meinzer leads us through the entire life cycle of the fabulous roadrunner, speedster of the desert. Rocky Mountain Birds, by Betty R. Seacrest & Delbert A. McNew. 104 pp; 5¾x4½; color plates; index; ISBN: 0-937321-01X; $7.95 PA. AVP The 99 species of easily identified birds in this field guide are common in the Rocky Mountains between the Mexican and Canadian borders. It is primarily intended for the use of beginning birders and newcomers to Rocky Mountain areas. Rocky Mountain Elk Portfolio, by Donald M. Jones. 120 pp; 11x10½; color photos; ISBN: 1-56037-306-7; $24.95 HC. FCP ♦A wonderful collection of 153 photographs that capture these magnificent animals. A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer, by James N. Corbridge & William A. Weber. 60 pp; 6x9; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087081-490-7; $22.95 PA. UCOP This is an introduction and field guide to lichens in the Rocky Mountain region. It features 72 color plates picturing the most common and conspicuous species to be found in the mountains and foothills of the Rockies. Many of these lichens are also common in other geographic areas, giving the book a broader utility for those interested. Rocky Mountain National Park: A Wildlife Watcher's Guide, by Todd Wilkinson. 96 pp; 6x9; color photos; ISBN: 1-55971-227-9; $11.95 PA. NP This presents bighorn sheep, moose, black bears, golden eagles, and 44 other animal species found in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rocky Mountain Natural History, Grand Teton to Jasper, by Daniel Mathews. 664 pp; 5¼x8; maps; illus; color photos; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-9620782-2-0; $26.00 PA. ALTPUB ♦In the high country in summer, this becomes a near bible, opening a new world that grows more mysterious and beautiful even as its grandeur is defined and its intricacies known. Rocky Mountain Nature Guide, by Andy Bezener & Linda Kershaw. 192 pp; 5½x8½; color illus, appendix; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55105-178-8; $16.95 PA. LONEP 371 plants and animals from New Mexico to British Columbia are grouped and color coded for easy location in this guide. A reference chart to all species is on pages 4 to 17. Includes color maps of all regions showing parks & nature areas. Rocky Mountain Safari, a Wildlife Discovery Guide, by Cathy & Gordon Illg. 96 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; bibliog; ISBN: 1-87937379-3; $9.95 PA. RRINE Thirty-eight species are described here, from the majestic bighorn sheep to the diminutive and rarely seen weasel. Each description includes the author's first-hand account of observing the animal, and provides basic facts about the species before imparting the all-important information on where it is likely to be seen in the public lands of the Rockies. Rocky Mountain: A Visitor‟s Companion, by George Wuerthner. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2919-2; $19.95 PA. STACKP Covers history, geology, climate & weather, plants, wildlife, and activities. Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, by Jerry Pavin. 240 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55591-364-4; $19.95 PA. FULC ♦Visitors to the seven major parks in the Rockies –Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier, Waterton-Glacier, Kootenay-Yoho, Banff, and Jasper- will welcome this fascinating, authoritative guide to wildflowers commonly found in these locales and throughout the region. Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, by Ronald J. Taylor. 96 pp; 5¾x4¾; illus; color photos; glossary; index; spiral-bound; ISBN: 0-


89886-882-3; $9.95 PA. MOUN The 80 wildflowers selected for presentation in this handy field guide are common in the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to the Canadian border. For ease of identification, they are arranged by flower color and shape, then alphabetically by common name. Rocky Mountain Wildlife of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, by Homestead Publ. Co. 64 pp; 6x7; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-943972-41-8; $10.95 PA. HOMEP Excellent photos and text with an overview of the history and ecosystem of two of our great national parks. Sagebrush Country, a Wildflower Sanctuary, by Ronald J. Taylor. 224 pp; 5½x8½; map; color photos; appendices; references; index; ISBN: 0-87842-280-3; $14.00 PA. MP Sagebrush country is a land of contrasts -a place of desolation and a place of beauty. This nontechnical field guide explores the elegance of the sagebrush steppe as expressed in the colorful spring and fall flowers and, more subtly, in the wondrous adaptations that enable plants to withstand the extremes so typical of this harsh environment. Scats and Tracks of the Rocky Mountains, a Field Guide to the Signs of 70 Wildlife Species, by James C. Halfpenny. 176 pp; 4¼x7; illus; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7627-1241-4; $9.95 PA. FALP This includes written descriptions of scats, tracks, and gait patterns of 70 Rocky Mountain species, an identification key, and a glossary of tracking terms. The Secrets of Wildflowers, by Jack Sanders. 320 pp; 9x8½; color photos; illus; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-58574-668-1; $24.95 HC. GPP ♦Unique, entertaining, unsurpassingly informative, here‘s everything you‘ll need to enliven and expand your knowledge of North America‘s most beautiful natural resource. Sibley FG to Birds of Western North America, by David A. Sibley. 474 pp; 5x7¾; maps; color illus; index; ISBN: 0-679-451218; $19.95 HC. RH ♦With over 4,600 illustrations, this guide features 703 bird species and has become the new standard of excellence in bird identification. Sibley‟s Birding Basics, by David A. Sibley. 168 pp; 5x8¼; illus; ISBN: 0-375-70966-5; $15.95 PA. AK ♦Sibley wrote and illustrated this book to help every inquisitive birder, from novice to expert. Whether you can identify six birds or six hundred, you‘ll be a better birder if you have a grounding in the real nuts and bolts of what birds look like, and your skills will be even sharper if you know exactly what to look for and how to record what you see. Sierra Club Naturalist‟s Guide to the Southern Rockies, by Audrey D. Benedict. 579 pp; 4½x8; index, illus; ISBN: 0-87156647-8; $19.00 PA. SC This covers the Rocky Mountain Regions of Southern Wyoming, Colorado, and Northern New Mexico. Includes more than a hundred line drawings and blackand-white photographs. Sierra Nevada Wildflowers, by Elizabeth L. Horn. 228 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; terms; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 087842-388-5; Reduced to retail at: $12.00 PA. MP This book, organized alphabetically by common family name, tells you what you need to know to identify more than 300 species of flowering plants, and where to look for them. Simon & Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals, by Annibale Mottana, Rodolpho Crespi, and Guiseppe Liborio. 608 PP; 4½x7½; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-671-24417-5; $17.00 PA. S&S This contains everything that the rock and mineral enthusiast needs to know. Full-color photographs of 377 entries. A valuable reference work. Solving Deer Problems, How to Keep Them Out of the Garden, Avoid Them on the Road, and Deal with Them Anywhere, by Peter Loewer. 256 pp; 6x9; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 158574-672-X; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. LYONS ♦This

concentrates on the best answers to the growing deer problem, as well as the hazards caused by other garden pests, including rabbits and woodchucks. Song of the Alpine, the Rocky Mountain Tundra Through the Seasons, by Joyce Gellhorn. 272 pp; 6½x9¼; maps; color photos; charts; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-280-3; $22.50 PA. JOHN ♦With clear, readable prose and 138 beautiful color photographs, Gellhorn provides a lyrical yet scientifically sound key to understanding of the subtle wonders of this haunting landscape. Southern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, by Leigh Robertson. 168 pp; 6x9; color plates; illus; chart; map; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 1-56044-624-2; $16.95 PA. FALP Full-color photos, easy-to-understand descriptions, and interesting facts on nearly 200 wildflowers encountered in this area, arranged by color. Squirrels of the West, by Tamara Hartson. 160 pp; 5½x8½; color illus; index: ISBN: 1-55105-215-6; $10.95 PA. LONEP 65 species are grouped and color coded here. All the squirrels are shown on pages 4 to 7 for easy identification. Squirrel Wars: Backyard Wildlife Battles & How to Win Them, by George H. Harrison. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 1-57223-298-6; $14.95 PA. WCP This book solves the backyard problems with squirrels, raccoons, deer, bears, crows, insects and a host of other ―pests‖ that raid feeders and garbage cans, nest in chimneys, eat shrubbery, dig holes and tunnels in lawns, and attack garden foliage. The Stars, a New Way to See Them, by H.A. Rey. 160 pp; 8½x11; illus; charts; tables; index-glossary; ISBN: 0-395-24830-2; $11.95 PA. HMC ♦From cover to cover, this book has been written with the primary purpose of enabling everyone to gain more pleasure in stargazing. Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birds, Western Region, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 144 pp; 7x4½; color photos; illus; color tab index; ISBN: 0-316-81812-7; $9.99 PA. LB&C This is factually, visually, and organizationally superior to any other beginner's guide with coverage of over 100 species. Includes brilliant full-color photos of each species, plus separate images of male and female when plumage differs. Stokes Field Guide to Birds, Western Region, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 544 pp; 5x8½; color photos; illus; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-316-81810-0; $17.95 PA. LB&C This is one of the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive field guides. Includes more than 900 high-resolution color identification photos. All the identification is on a single page -photos, range map, and a detailed description. Stokes Field Guide to Warblers, by Don & Lillian Stokes. 176 pp; 5x8¼; maps; color photos; charts; index; ISBN: 0-316-81664-7; $14.95 PA. LBC ♦This is the only complete all-full-color, allphotographic field guide to warblers, the most colorful and popular bird species in North America. Stokes Hummingbird Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting, Identifying, and Enjoying Hummingbirds, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 96 pp; 8½x11; color photos; illus; maps; resources; ISBN: 0-316-81715-5; $13.95 PA. LB&C With this beautifully illustrated guide, you'll find it easy to attract these tiny jewel-like birds to your own yard. Includes all the information you need to bring hummingbirds up close, identity them, and understand their fascinating and varied behavior. Stokes Nature Guide to Animal Tracking and Behavior, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 424 pp; 4¾x7¾; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-316-81734-1; $15.95 PA. LB&C This is really two guides in that the first half is a thorough guide to animal tracks and signs, while the second half contains complete information on these animals' lives and behavior.


Stokes Nature Guide to Bird Behavior, Vol. 1, by Donald Stokes. 352 pp; 4¾x7¾; illus; charts; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-316-817252; $15.00 PA. LB&C For each of the 25 species included, this book contains complete life histories; details of courtship and territorial behavior; how to recognize songs and displays, and much more. Stokes Nature Guide to Bird Behavior, Vol. 2, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 344 pp; 4¾x7¾; illus; charts; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-316-81729-5; $15.00 PA. LB&C Refer to the descriptive for volume 1. Stokes Nature Guide to Bird Behavior, Vol. 3, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 408 pp; 4¾x7¾; illus; charts; maps; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-316-81717-1; $15.00 PA. LB&C Refer to the descriptive for volume 1. Stokes Nature Guide to Nature in Winter, by Donald Stokes. 384 pp; 4¾x7¾; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-316-81723-6; $15.00 PA. LB&C The book consists of eight small field guides, each covering a prominent aspect of nature in winter, and is illustrated with 485 stunning pen-and-ink drawings. Stokes Nature Guide to Observing Insect Lives, by Donald Stokes. 384 pp; 4¾x7¾; illus; charts; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0316-81727-9; $14.95 PA. LB&C This shows the reader how, where, and when to observe the most interesting activities of more than sixty common insects in their natural habitats. Survivors in the Shadows, Threatened and Endangered Mammals of the American West, by Gary Turbak. 176 pp; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87358-561-5; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. NOLAP This is a comprehensive book that casts a light on the animals living in the shadows of human progress. It describes all threatened and endangered mammals of the seventeen western states -more than one hundred species. Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers, by Doug Ladd. 264 pp; 6x9; index; directory; gloss; photos; map; ISBN; 1-56044-299-9; $24.95 PA FALP This is the ultimate field guide to wildflowers of the Midwestern Tallgrass prairie. This valuable reference enables all prairie enthusiasts to quickly and accurately identify hundreds of tallgrass prairie plants. Tom Brown‟s Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking, by Tom Brown, Jr. with Brandt Morgan. 286 pp; 6x9; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-425-09966-0; $14.00 PA. PEN ♦Utilizing the ancient lore of Native Americans, Tom Brown passes on a timeless tradition that connects humankind to the earth. This unique volume teaches us the basics of sight, smell, and taste; it shows us how to become one with nature and how to receive all the signs and signals of the multitude of living creatures with whom we share the beauty and bounty of the wilderness. Track of the Coyote, by Todd Wilkinson. 144 pp; 6x9; color photos; ISBN: 1-55971-471-9; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. CPI This provides a comprehensive look at the life and history of this fascinating yet much-maligned animal. Tracks and Trail Craft, by Ellsworth Jaeger. 392 pp; 6x9; illus; index; ISBN: 1-58574-295-3; $19.95 PA. LYONS ♦Long before Scotland Yard or the FBI, Nature fingerprinted her numerous family. Tracks may take us back to the Earth‘s beginnings or give us a complete autobiography of a living animal from day to day. Jaeger tells us how to read nature‘s signs written in mud, brush, and even water and sky. Trout Country, by Michael Furtman. 164 pp; 8¾x11¼; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-55971-472-7; Reduced to retail at: $15.00 HC. NP "Among fish, there are trout, and then there is everything else." Trout Country, more than any other book on this subject, captures the essence of this enchanting creature and all that draws us into trout country.

Utah Wildflowers, FG to Northern & Central Mountains & Valleys, by Richard J. Shaw. 224 pp; maps; photos; references; terminology; index; ISBN: 0-87421-170-0; $12.95 PA. USUP This is a portable, visual guide to the festival of wildflowers that renew the mountains and valleys of Utah every spring and summer. Color photos, with over 100 species covered. Utah Wildlife Viewing Guide, by Jim Cole. 88 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-023-6; $5.95 PA. FALP This is your guide to 92 of the best and most easily accessible wildlife viewing sites in Utah. Full-color. Watchable Birds of the Black Hills, Badlands, and Northern Great Plains, by Jan L Wassink. 240 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; diagrams; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 978-0-87842-526-6; $22.00 PA. MP ♦From year-round residents like the Great horned Owl and the Downy Woodpecker to migrating birds like Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese that pass through the area in vast numbers, this book profiles eighty-two of the birds most likely to be seen by birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts. Seventy-one similar species are also included. Watchable Birds of the Southwest, by Mary T. Gray. 200 pp; 5½x8½; color plates; map; index; ISBN: 0-87842-322-2; Reduced to retail at: $10.00 PA. MP Families, tourists, armchair naturalists, and anyone charmed by birds will delight in this fullcolor guide to 68 of the Southwest's fun-to-watch bird species. Covers the wetlands, open country, mountains, and mesas of Arizona, New Mexico, and parts of Utah, Colorado, California, Nevada, and Texas. Watching Glacier‟s Wildlife, by Todd Wilkinson. 96 pp; 5½x8½; color photos; ISBN: 1-931832-22-6; $14.95 PA. RIVB ♦In spectacular scenery, here are the wildest of the wild –grizzly bears and wolves- plus mountain goats, bighorn sheep, elk, moose, deer, beaver, and hundreds of other species of mammals and birds. Watching Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife, by Todd Wilkinson. 96 pp 5½x8½; maps; color photos; ISBN: 1-931832-277; $12.95 PA. RIVB ♦Highlighting more than 45 species of wildlife that can be observed in the parks, this comprehensive guide includes easy-to-read maps, sample animal tracks, safety tips, behavioral information on each species, and more. Washington Wildlife Viewing Guide, by Joe La Tourrette. 96 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 1-56044-150-X; photos; illus; map; ISBN: 1-56044-150-X; $5.95 PA. FALP This will lead you to ninety premier wildlife viewing areas and will better your chances of seeing wildlife once you get there. Weeds of the Northern U.S. and Canada, by France Royer and Richard Dickinson. 434 pp; ½x8½; color photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55105-221-0; $21.95 PA. LONEP With more than 750 color photos and 150 line drawings, this easy-to-use guide will help you identify more than 175 weed species, from Alaska to Main, northern California to Virginia. Packed with color photos of weeds at every growth stage, it‘s your single best resource for identifying these plants. Whitetail Autumn: Seasons of the Whitetail, Book One, by John Ozoga. 160 pp; 10¼x8¼; color photos; sel. references; ISBN: 157233-007-X; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. WCP Here is the full and captivating drama of a whitetail autumn -a seasonal pageant fraught with violent aggression, intense social alliances, breeding and the relentless quest for adequate nutrition against the coming winter. Stunning photography. Whitetail Country, by John Ozoga. 176 pp; 8½x11; full color photos; ISBN: 1-55971-081-0; Reduced to retail at: $21.95 HC. ISBN: 1-55971-207-4; $21.95 PA. NP Probably one of the finest books ever published about the life of the white-tailed deer. Whitetail Monarchs: Legends of Autumn, by George Barnett. 160 pp; 9¼x11¼; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 1-57223-267-6; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. WCP This book tells the story of these


secretive, reclusive creatures interweaving a comprehensive narrative with over 200 absolutely remarkable color photos of the largest bucks ever recorded on film. Whitetail Spring: Seasons of the Whitetail, Book Three, by John Ozoga. 144 pp; 10¼x8¼; color photos; sel. references; ISBN: 157223-039-8; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. WCP The grim period of winter that culled thousands of whitetails is over. Yet spring is not a time when survivors simply revel in a bounty of resurgent vegetation. For what transpires during this critical season determines whether the new generation of whitetails -this year's allotment of fawns- will flourish or fail. Whitetail Summer: Seasons of the Whitetail, Book Four, by John Ozoga.144 pp; 10¼x8¼; color photos; sel. references; ISBN: 1-57223-044-4; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. WCP For whitetails, summer is a period of abundant food, but it is also a season devoted to raising fawns and a new generation of deer. Whitetail Winter: Seasons of the Whitetail, Book Two, by John Ozoga. 160 pp; 10¼x8¼; color photos; sel. references; ISBN: 157223-027-4; Reduced to retail at: $19.95 HC. WCP For whitetails, winter is a period of extreme stress caused by a lack of quality food, increased susceptibility to predators and unrelenting exposure to harsh weather. The White-tailed Deer, by Ilo Hiller. 128 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-89096-697-4; $9.95 PA. T A&M This handy book reveals the whitetails' distribution worldwide, habitat, feeding habits, stages of appearance, reproduction cycle, behavior in various situations, biggest threats to their existence, and importance to our society. White Wolf: Living with an Arctic Legend, by Jim Brandenburg. 160 pp; 12½x9½; maps; photos; ISBN: 1-55971-093-4; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. NP Working with a pack of wild Arctic wolves on Ellesmere Island, Brandenburg has created an extraordinary portfolio of wildlife photographs. The Arctic wolf, a powerful and compelling predator, has been captured ever so gently in this book. The author reveals his love for both his subject and his art as he describes in the text his thoughts and emotions while photographing this magnificent wolf family. Wild Goose Country, by Michael Furtman. 160 pp; 8¾x11¼; full color photos; ISBN: 1-55971-177-9; $39.00 HC. NP Gleefully takes the reader to the marshes and uplands that are home to our geese. Devoted exclusively to the daily lives and fascinating behaviors of all North American species, with over 100 full-color photos. Wild Hunters: Predators in Peril, by Monte Hummel & Sherry Pettigrew, with John Murray. 278 pp; 7x10; maps; illus; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-879373-27-0; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. RRINE Illustrated by Canada's most distinguished wildlife artist, Robert Bateman. Written with the Canadian wilderness in mind, and adapted to address similar concerns in the United States by John Murray, this examines why the survival of bears, wolves, cougars, and wolverines is important in North America, whether their survival should be guaranteed, and at what cost. This is a passionate and reasoned plea for safeguarding our wildlife. Wild Medicinal Plants, by Anny Schneider. 304 pp; 6½x8; photos; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2987-7; $29.95 PA. STACKP ♦In this book, herbalist Annie Schneider invites readers to discover the medicinal properties of the plants that grow around us. Her unique insights into herbs and their restorative and healing properties is enhanced by information on how to recognize, gather, and make low-cost, effective natural remedies that retain the active ingredients of each plant. Wild Turkey Country, by Lovett E. Williams Jr. 144 pp; 8½x11; photos; graphs; tables; maps; ISBN: 1-55971-206-6; $19.95 PA. NP Almost extirpated east of the Mississippi River at the beginning of this century, the wild turkey now inhabits countless

swamps, oak hummocks and wooded ravines from New England to New Mexico in over forty states. Wild Wings, an Introduction to Birdwatching, by Tim Fitzharris. 192 pp; 9½x9½; photos; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55971-178-7; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC. NP Award-winning color photography and well-researched text takes you on an armchair birding tour of America. You will visit southern Everglades teeming with herons and ibises, high western deserts alive with courting songbirds, and wave-battered Pacific coastlines swarming with migrating shorebirds. Included is information on birding equipment, field tips, identification, habitats, hot spots, and natural histories. Welcome addition to any library. Price Reduced from $29.95! Wilderness Predators of the Rockies: The Bond between Predator & Prey, by Mike Lapinski. 200 pp; 6x9; photos; color section; bibliog; ISBN: 0-7627-3537-6; $17.95 PA. FALP ♦Casting aside common biological misconceptions, Lapinski conveys the surprising fragility and resilience of life in the wild. The Wildflower Book: East of the Rockies, an Easy Guide to Growing & Identifying Wildflowers, by Donald & Lillian Stokes. 96 pp; 8½x11; color photos; glossary; resources; index; ISBN: 0316-81786-4; $12.95 PA. LB&C Illustrated throughout with magnificent color photos, this complete guide contains special chapters on trilliums and lady's slippers along with fascinating lore for each of the wildflowers covered. Wildflowers of Glacier National Park & Surrounding Areas, by Shannon F. Kimball & Peter Lesica. 256 pp; 6x9; color photos; references; index; ISBN: 1-931832-54-4; $19.95 PA. TRILL ♦This is a user-friendly field guide featuring over 300 of Glacier‘s most common plant species. From wildflowers to trees to grasses and sedges, this book features beautiful photographs, detailed descriptions, notes on habitat and fun facts for each plant. Wildflowers of Montana, by Donald A. Schiemann. 316 pp; 5¼x8½; maps; color photos; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 087842-504-7; $22.00 PA. MP ♦This user-friendly guide contains descriptions and stunning photographs of more than 350 plant species to help locals and visitors alike identify the flowers of the plains, forests, and mountain tundra. Wildflowers of the Inland Northwest: Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alberta, by Ralph & Peggy Faust. 156 pp; 6x9; color photos; glossary; indexes; bibliog; ISBN: 0-9643647-6-X; $15.95 PA. MONI This is organized by flower color & number of petals, with an index of common and scientific names, an index by color, with a glossary of flower parts. Also explains Native American & traditional herbal uses. Wildflowers of the Plateau & Canyon Country, by Susan Lamb. Photography by Larry Ulrich. 136 pp; 10x9½; full page color photos; ISBN: 0-944197-41-8; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. COMPR Wildflowers in this high, arid region cope with a daunting climate and topography. They are models of survival in a complex and challenging environment, and speak to each of us in nature's most eloquent voice. Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains, by Lucy Hanley. 64 pp; 8½x11; color photos; ISBN: 1-901123-51-0; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. JHC ♦This full-color issue covers nearly all of the major and minor critters found in the Rockies. Wildflowers of Wyoming, by Diantha & Jack States. 260 pp; 5½x8½; illus; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-87842-496-2; $19.00 PA. MP ♦From the rosy purple moss campion that blankets the state‘s treeless tundra to the lavender-flowered beardtongue found in roadside ditches across the plains, Wyoming wildflowers brighten the Cowboy State‘s rugged and forbidding landscape. Botanists, naturalists, and hikers can lighten their load and still identify most of Wyoming‘s flowers with this useful and attractive field guide.


The Wolf, the Ecology and Behavior of an Endangered Species, by L. David Mech. 416 pp. 6x9; photos, charts, maps; ISBN: 0-8166-1026-6; $19.95 PA. UMNP This is a really decent comprehensive study of the ecology and habits of the wolf –his food, habitat, hunting, mating, social behavior and much more. Wolf: Return to Yellowstone, by Michael Milstein. 96 pp; 8½x11; map; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-9627618-8-5; $14.95 PA. BILGAZ Gray wolves shipped to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in early 1995 climaxed a ferocious battle over the place of predators in the modern world. Through vivid prose and spectacular photographs, you will meet the creatures that have inspired both hatred and admiration. You will accompany them as they return to America's first national park and, once again, send their howls echoing across the landscape. The World of the Coyote, by Wayne Grady. 144 pp; 9¾x9¾; maps; color photos; index; ISBN: 0-87156-376-2; $18.00 PA. SC From the Trickster of Native American legends to the devious Wile E. Coyote of cartoon fame, the coyote has long been associated with cunning, greed, and gullibility. At the same time the coyote has been an enduring symbol of wildness. Combining the sleekness of the cat, the quick intelligence of the fox, and the brute wildness of the wolf, the coyote is perhaps best known for its haunting howl -the true voice of the wilderness. Grady's thoughtful and absorbing text is complimented by 72 full-color photos by some of the best wildlife photographers in the world. World of the Wolf, by Candace Savage. 128 pp; 10x9¾; photos; maps; illus; references; index; ISBN: 0-97156-899-3; $9.99 HC. SC ♦Part well-researched current scientific knowledge, part impassioned plea for understanding and tolerance, this book is both accurate and affectionate. This is what wolves are really like, warts and all. Yellowstone, by Erwin A. Bauer. Photos by Erwin & Peggy Bauer. Revised ed. 144 pp; 8½x11; 110 color photos; map; ISBN: 089658-423-2; $19.95 PA. VOYPR The Bauers, who have been exploring Yellowstone for over forty years, know the park like no others. Their photographs take us off the beaten path and reveal the wild beauty of a park that, though many visit, few truly explore. The Yellowstone the Bauers capture is gloriously vast and teeming with wildlife. Yellowstone is a treat for all lovers of nature and outdoor photography, and a tribute to one of our country's most precious assets and these artist‘s ability to capture it for us. Yellowstone: A Visitor's Companion, by George Wuerthner. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; color plates; index; ISBN: 0-8117-3078-6; $15.95 PA. STACKP This is a comprehensive guide to one of America's most beloved national parks and the surrounding region. Covers history, ecology, plants, environment, and wildlife. Yellowstone & Grand Teton Wildlife Portfolio, by Henry H. Holdsworth. 120 pp; 11x10½; color photos; ISBN: 1-56037-177-3; $24.95 HC. FCP Holdsworth truly presents all creatures great and small: here are the majestic bull bison and the tiny chattering pika, elegant trumpeter swans and little gold fluff-balls that will mature into Canada geese. And, because Holdsworth lives here, his chronicle of the parks extend through late fall, winter, and early spring – when few humans are able to visit the parks. Yellowstone Memories: 30 Years of Photographs & Stories, by Michael H. Francis. 96 pp; 9x11; color photos; ISBN: 1-931832-595; $22.95 HC. RIVB ♦For thirty years the author has worked and played in Yellowstone, his favorite place on the planet. This book is a collection of some of his favorite stories and photos, from bears and bison to weather and wildflowers. The Yellowstone Wolf, a Guide & Sourcebook, edited by Paul Schullery. 380 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3492-5; $12.95 PA. UOKP ♦This comprehensive reference documents the prehistory, management, and nature of the Yellowstone wolf. This unique book includes numerous

scientific studies of interest to wolf enthusiasts and scholars of western wildlife issues, conservation, and national parks. Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild, by James C. Halfpenny. 104 pp; 10½x8½; photos; appendices; ISBN: 1-931832-26-9; $19.95 PA. RIVB ♦Wild wolves are more easily seen and studied in Yellowstone than anywhere in the world. Using eye-witness reports from Yellowstone‘s ―wolf watchers,‖ current studies from wildlife biologists, and spectacular wildlife photography, renowned naturalist Dr. James Halfpenny creates an extraordinary portrait of Yellowstone‘s wolves, how they live, and how they are changing the park‘s very nature.  OUTDOORS –Activities The Basic Essentials Series. These nifty books will teach you the basic essentials, get you out into the wilds and back again safely, and allow you freedom from worry about your endeavors in the great outdoors. Each is 72 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; $5.99 each, unless noted. PA. ICS/GPP The B.E. of Backpacking, 2nd ed., by Harry Roberts. ISBN: 07627-0476-4. $7.95. The B.E. of Camping, 2nd ed., by Cliff Jacobson. ISBN: 0-76270427-6. $7.95. The B.E. of Canoe Paddling, by Harry Roberts. ISBN: 0-93480268-8. The B.E. of Canoeing, 2nd ed., by Cliff Jacobson. ISBN: 0-76270484-5. $7.95. The B.E. of Climbing Ice, by John McMullen. ISBN: 0-934802-874. The B.E. of Cooking in the Outdoors, by Cliff Jacobson. ISBN: 0-934802-46-7. $6.95. The B.E. of Edible Wild Plants & Useful Herbs, 3nd ed., by Jim Meuninck. ISBN: 9780762740864. $8.95. The B.E. of Global Positioning Systems, by Scottie Barnes. 07627-0635-X. $7.95. The B.E. of Hypothermia, 2nd ed., by William W. Forgey, M.D. ISBN: 0-7627-0491-8. $7.95. The B.E. of Knots for the Outdoors, by Cliff Jacobson. ISBN: 9780762740154. $8.95. The B.E. of Map & Compass, by Cliff Jacobson. ISBN: 9780762740161. $8.95. The B.E. of Mountain Biking, by Mike Strassman. ISBN: 0-76270663-5; $7.95. The B.E. of Photography in the Outdoors, by Jonathan Hanson. ISBN: 0-7627-0522-1; $7.95. The B.E. of Rock Climbing, by Mike Strassman. ISBN: 0-93480245-9. The B.E. of Snowboarding, by John McMullen. ISBN: 0-76270523-X; $7.95. The B.E. of Survival, 2nd ed., by James E. Churchill. ISBN: 076270525-6. $7.95. The B.E. of Wilderness First Aid, 2nd ed., by William Forgey, M.D. ISBN: 0-7627-0477-2. $7.95. The B.E. of Women in the Outdoors, 2nd ed., by Judith Niemi. ISBN: 0-7627-0526-4. $7.95. ______________________ Adventures in Idaho's Sawtooth Country: 63 Trips for Hikers & Mountain Bikers, by Lynne Stone. 208 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; maps;


diag; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89886-192-6; $12.95 PA. MOUN Unspoiled and accessible, Idaho's dramatically beautiful Sawtooth Country is the perfect destination for hikers and mountain bikers living or visiting in the Sun Valley, Ketchum, Hailey and Stanley areas. Presented here are 63 hiking and biking trips in six mountain ranges and the 2.1-million-acre Sawtooth National Forest. With this book, outdoor lovers can escape to a breathtaking escarpment or lonely mountain lake, within a few miles of the area's resort towns. With enticing photos and helpful trail maps, this guide is an essential tool for discovering the "Wilderness State." Avalanche Aware, Safe Travel in Avalanche Terrain, 2nd, by John Moynier. 128 pp; 4x6; illus; ISBN: 9780762738030; $7.95 PA. FALP Moynier deftly guides you through the basics of how avalanches work, recognizing avalanche terrain, and testing the snowpack -before you venture onto unstable terrain. Backcountry Bear Basics: The Definitive Guide to Avoiding Unpleasant Encounters, by Dave Smith. 112 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; diagrams; illus; notes; references; index; ISBN: 0-89886-500-X; $10.95 PA. MOUN This is the complete "Miss Manners" for human etiquette and bear country survival. The Backpacker‟s Field Manual: a Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Backcountry Skills, by Rick Curtis. 384 pp; 5¼x8; illus; diag; charts; tables; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-51788783-5; $14.95 PA. RH This has been the bible of Princeton University for more than a decade. It is the most comprehensive backpacking guide available. Backpacking Basics, by Thomas Winnett with Melanie Findling. 144 pp; 4¾x7½; photos; illus; maps; diag; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89997-172-5; $9.95 PA. WILPR This book tells you all you need to know for a comfortable, safe and utterly enjoyable backpacking trip. Backpacking Tips, ed. by Bill & Russ Schneider. 128 pp; 4x6; illus; appendices; ISBN: 1-56044-661-7; $6.95 PA. FALP More than a how-to book, this take-along volume includes clever, practical tricks of the trade that only long trail experience can provide. Backpacking with Babies and Small Children, by Goldie Silverman. 128 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89997-239-X; $9.95 PA. WILPR The book begins with a general guide to planning family hikes--first hikes, age to start, choice of destinations, etc. The next seven chapters deal with what to take, not just listing the things you will need but telling you how to choose them, where to look for them, how to use them, and--for some--how to dispose of them. These chapters cover clothing, diapers, footwear, packs, tents, sleeping bags, and cooking gear, food and formula for babies. Tips on how to keep your children safe and contented on the trail with games and songs are also included. The chapter on safety in camp is alone worth the price of the book. Backpacking with Your Dog, by Charlene G. LaBelle. 96 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diag; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-931866-59-6; $9.95 PA. ALPP Discover the companionship and pleasure of backpacking or dayhiking with your dog! Author Charlene LaBelle grew up camping and backpacking with her family. She started hiking with dogs while still in her teens. As a dog breeder, trainer, and exhibitor, Charlene understands dogs with knowledge built on experience. Every page displays her concern for their welfare, comfort, and enjoyment on the trail. The Banff-Jasper Explorers Guide, by Carl Schreier. 64 pp; 9x7½; maps; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943972-57-4; $12.95 PA. HOMEP Excellent color photos and concise text guide you around Banff-Jasper. Be Expert with Map & Compass, the Complete Orienteering Handbook, by Bjorn Kjellstrom. 248 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; fold-out map; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-02-029265-1; $17.00 PA. MACM Drawing crowds of 25,000 participants at

international events, the sport of Orienteering is more popular than ever. The Orienteering world championships were held in the United States for the first time in 1993. For orienteers and scouts, avid outdoors people, and anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in the wilderness, this updated guide is an indispensable reference. More than 500,000 copies sold! Bear Aware: Hiking and Camping in Bear Country, 3rd ed. by Bill Schneider. 128 pp; 4x6; illus; charts; ISBN: 0-7627-3108-7; $7.95 PA. FALP This handy book contains the essential tips you need to reduce the risk of being injured by a bear to the slimmest possible margin, and it's written for anyone who plans to spend time in bear country. Best Backpacking Vacations Northern Rockies, by Bill Schneider. 288 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; appendix; ISBN: 07627-2355-6; $16.95 PA. FALP ♦Choose among three- to fiveday trips, for both novice and experienced hikers, through glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton national Parks, and the AbsarokaBeartooth, Bob Marshall, Lee Metcalf, and Wind River Wilderness areas. Best Easy Day Hikes Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness 2nd edition, by Bill Schneider. 104 pp; 4¼x7; maps; ISBN: 0-76272578-8; $7.95 PA. FALP ♦This includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for twenty-five easy to hike trails.

Best Easy Day Hikes Black Hills Country, by Bert & Jane Gildart. 96 pp; 4¼x7; maps; ISBN: 0-76273544-9; $7.95 PA. FALP ♦This features concise descriptions and easy-to-follow maps for thirty short hikes on well-defined trails through some of the most spectacular scenery in this hiker‘s paradise. Best Easy Day Hikes Glacier & Waterton Lakes, by Erik
Molvar. 112 pp; 4¼x7; maps; ISBN: 1-56044-651-X; $6.95 PA. FALP ♦This contains short descriptions and maps of the author‘s favorite easy day hikes in Glacier and Waterton. Best Easy Day Hikes: Grand Teton, by Bill Schneider. 90 pp; 4¼x7; maps; ISBN: 0-7627-2541-9; $7.95 PA. FALP With concise hike descriptions and detailed maps of Grand Teton‘s best short trails, this book makes hiking in the park accessible to every type of hiker. Best Easy Day Hikes Rocky Mountain National Park, by Kent and Donna Dannen. 144 pp; 4¼x7; maps; ISBN: 0-7627-2272-X; $7.95 PA. FALP ♦This guidebook includes concise descriptions and detailed maps for thirty-six easy-to-follow summer and winter trails that lead to some of the park‘s most scenic destinations. Best Hikes with Children in Colorado, by Maureen Keilty. 256 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; maps; append; index; ISBN: 0-89886-280-9; $12.95 PA. MOUN Now the entire family can enjoy Colorado's magnificent backcountry. Parents with small children, youth groups, and seniors -will find 75 rewarding hikes and nature walks, spread around the entire state. Best Hikes with Children in Utah, by Maureen Keilty. 240 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; maps; append; index; ISBN: 0-89886-357-0; $12.95 PA. MOUN Venture into Utah's natural playground with 75 child-tested adventures. It's a perfect introduction for parents with small children, youth groups, seniors, or anyone itching to discover Utah's amazing jumble of sky-scraping mountains, cactus-dotted deserts, and intricately carved canyonlands. Bicycle Touring: How to Prepare for Long Rides, by Steve Butterman. 96 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89997-174-1; $6.95 PA. WILPR This is a succinct, easy-to-use guide that presents ideas and facts in non-technical terms. It shows you how to prepare for a long bicycle tour, no matter what your age, financial situation, or physical fitness. The author devotes an entire chapter to commonly asked questions and personal concerns about bicycle touring, including what to eat, where to sleep, daily costs, potential hazards, mechanical trouble, hot and cold climate, and extremes of terrain.


Bicycling the Lewis & Clark Trail, by Michael McCoy. 224 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; color section; ISBN: 0-7627-2545-1; $16.95 PA. FALP ♦Retrace Lewis& Clark‘s historic expedition from the seat of the ultimate touring machine –your bicycle. Includes forty daily ride sections ranging from 45 to 113 miles in length, each with a route map and mileage log. The Book of Camping Knots, by Peter Owen. 144 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 1-55821-927-7; $12.95 PA. LYONS This includes detailed line drawings and step-by-step instructions that will teach you everything you need to know about tying and using the essential camping knots. The Book of Climbing Knots, by Peter Owen. 144 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 1-55821-928-5; $12.95 PA. LYONS Included in this handy guidebook are detailed line drawings and step-by-step instructions that will teach you to tie stopper knots, bends, loops, shortenings, hitches, and other outdoor knots. The Book of Outdoor Knots, by Peter Owen. 144 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55821-225-6; $12.95 PA. LYONS This meticulously illustrated handbook describes 70 of the most common knots for the outdoors, showing in clear, step-by-step line drawings each phase of the properly tied knot, and explains precisely which knot to use in each specific situation. Bushcraft, by Mors Kochanski. 302 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; color section; ISBN: 1-55105-122-2; $15.95 PA. LONEP With clear instructions, extensive use of diagrams and a color photo supplement, this comprehensive reference includes all the practical skills and knowledge essential for you to survive and enjoy the wilderness. The Campfire Collection: Spine-tingling Tales to Tell in the Dark, edited by Eric B. Martin. 256 pp; 5½x8; ISBN: 0-8118-24543; $15.95 PA. CHRON From beastly attacks to near-death experiences to supernatural encounters, this anthology captures the cruel, freakish nature of the outdoors with terribly true stories and riveting fiction. Campfire Ghost Stories, by Jo-Anne Christensen. 224 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 1-894877-02-0; $12.95 PA. GHP There is something irresistible about sitting in the near dark and listening to a spooky story designed to make your nerves jump and your flesh creep. Terrifying stories to be told by firelight, moonlight or candlelight. Campfire Ghost Stories, Vol. II, by A.S. Mott. 200 pp; 5½x8½; Illus; ISBN: 1-894877-42-X; $10.95 PA. GHP ♦Campfires, sleepovers, home alone –whenever you‘re in the mood, this is the fright-filled collection for you. Campfire Stories... Things That Go Bump in the Night, by William Forgey, M.D. 192 pp; 6x9; appendix; ISBN: 0-934802-238; $11.95 PA. ICS Twenty-one stories of adventures, of ghosts, vampires, cannibalism, cemetery rats, poisonous snakes all things that you must worry about- the next time you hear something go bump in the night. Campfire Tales... Ghoulies, Ghosties, and Long-Legged Beasties, by William Forgery, M.D. 176 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 07627-0529-9; $11.95 PA. ICS This is not just a collection of stories; it is a valuable resource for storytelling. Dr. Forgey discusses how to find and select a suitable story for telling around the fireside. A large-print outline follows each tale to assist in storytelling. Camping Montana, by Kenneth L. Graham. 224 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendix; ISBN: 0-7627-1078-0; $15.95 PA. FALP ♦This comprehensive guidebook gives detailed descriptions of more than 300 public campgrounds throughout Montana. Easy-to-use maps and charts will simplify your search for the perfect campground. Camping Wyoming, by Michael McClure. 384 pp; 6x9; maps; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-928786-00-6; $14.95 PA. WIGRAF

This is your guide to Wyoming‘s campgrounds: on the way, by the way, and out-of-the-way. Covers 156 RV Parks (54 horse friendly), 154 Forest Service camps, 32 BLM camps, 11 state parks, 34 city or county camps, and 47 Game & Fish access areas. Camping Wyoming and the Black Hills, by Kenneth L. Graham. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; charts; ISBN: 1-56044-894-6; $15.95 PA. GPP This comprehensive guidebook gives detailed descriptions of more than 300 public campgrounds throughout Wyoming and the Black Hills of Wyoming and South Dakota. Camping's Forgotten Skills, Backwoods Tips from a Boundary Waters Guide, by Cliff Jacobson. 190 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-934802-79-3; $11.95 PA. ICS Learn to make a fire by flint and steel, and bow-drill. Modify pots and pans for trail use. Forage for edible food. Make simple fish traps. Defend yourself against bears. Literally hundreds of tips, plans, and ideas. Canoeing Made Easy, by I. Herbert Gordan. 208 pp; 8½x8½; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-87106-199-6; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. GPP This offers precise instructions for mastering basic, intermediate, and advanced strokes for tandem and solo paddlers. Its ten chapters open the world of canoeing to novice enthusiasts looking for helpful information on a wide range of topics, such as canoe and paddle design, safe enjoyment of the sport, buying or renting equipment, using liveries and outfitters, dividing camp chores, and much more. Cave Exploring, the Definitive Guide to Caving, Technique, Safety, Gear, & Trip Leadership, by Paul Burger. 128 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; glossary; sources; index; ISBN: 9780762725601; $15.95 PA. FALP ♦If you haven‘t seen gypsum flowers, cave crickets, or stalactites made of ice, you don‘t know what you‘re missing. Cave Exploring shines a light on the unique underground world of rock formations, flowing rivers, and crawling critters. In this definitive guide, veteran caver Paul Burger clearly and carefully describes the techniques needed to safely climb, crawl, tread softly, and swim in the quest for underground discovery. Caving, by Steven Boga. 208 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; diag; color plates; glossary; resources; ISBN: 0-8117-2710-6; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. STACKP Caving has become an increasingly popular recreation, as well as a window to a world untouched by the effects of civilization. This comprehensive book explores the fragile ecosystems of the underground world, and provides detailed and well-organized information on the techniques necessary to navigate safely in this unique environment, including ascending, belaying, and rappelling. With special attention paid to equipping and planning a successful caving expedition, this guide is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in subterranean exploration. Colorado on Foot, by Robert L. Brown. 328 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; ISBN: 0-87004-336-6; $12.95 PA. CAXP Sequel to Uphill Both Ways. Brown enlivens trail descriptions with the deeds of daring prospectors and adventurous settlers. He is also a master hiker and has chosen these day trips for their beauty and accessibility for hikers of all ages. Colorado Outdoor Lover‟s Guide, edited by Niki Hayden. 160 pp; 6½x8; color photos; sources; appendix; ISBN: 1-55591-494-2; $19.95 PA. FULC ♦In a state famous for spectacular outdoor attractions, you and your family can hike in the mountains, witness a crane migration, soak in a hot springs, take a balloon trip across the mountains, and much, much more, from inexpensive to free. Colorado Rockhounding: A Guide to Minerals, Gemstones, and Fossils, by Stephen M. Voynick. 384 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-87842-292-7; $15.00 PA. MP This guide covers 350 of Colorado's mineral, gemstone, and fossil collecting sites. Includes tips for field identification of 76 Colorado minerals. The Colorado Trail, the Official Guidebook, by the Colorado Trail Foundation. 288 p; 6x9; color photos; maps; charts; references; GPS; index; ISBN: 0-9671466-6-6; $22.95 PA. CTF


♦Here‘s your official guide to hiking, backpacking, horsebacking, and bicycling the CT. Everything is here for you to enjoy the trail, whether out for a day, weekend backpack, or traveling the trail straight through. The Colorado Trail Trailside Databook, by the Colorado Trail Foundation. 64 pp; 4x6; maps; ISBN: 0-9671466-7-4; $5.95 PA. CTF ♦This is the essential lightweight companion for all your adventures on the Colorado Trail. This shirt-pocket guide condenses all the information you need in an easy-to-read, colorcoded format. Colorado‟s Fourteeners, from Hikes to Climbs, by Gerry Roach. Companion Map Package. 61/2x8; ISBN: 1-55591-431-4; $14.95 PA. FULC Includes 31 full-color, removable topo maps of all of Colorado‘s 14,000-foot peaks, with photographic overlays of routes, standard route descriptions, trailhead directions, and a climbing log. Colorado‟s Hot Springs, by Deborah Frazier. 176 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; bibliog; map; ISBN: 0-87108-875-4; $16.95 PA. PRUETT Colorado's mountain landscape is home to several of nature's own "hot tubs," idyllic geologic wonders people have treasured and enjoyed for centuries. This all-new, up-to-date guide features the best of these, profiling developed and primitive hot springs alike. Descriptions of over thirty hot springs with current address and phone listings. Maps, photos, and historical notes. The Complete Wilderness Training Book, by Hugh Mcmanners. 192 pp; 8¾x11; maps; photos; illus; appendices; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56458-488-7; $29.95 HC. HMC Whether you are an avid outdoors person or a tentative tenderfoot, whether you are setting off on an expedition or would simply like to ensure that you have the knowledge and techniques just in case you need them, this book will teach you the necessary skills for living in the wild from setting up camp to finding food, and from surviving a blizzard to signaling for help. Loaded with color photos and how-to illustrations. Cross-Country Ski Tours: Washington's South Cascades & Olympics, by Tom Kirkendall & Vicky Spring. 224 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; maps; tables; index; ISBN: 0-89886-415-1; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. MOUN This fully revised and updated volume takes you into Washington's scenic South Cascades and Olympic Ranges. With more than 50 detailed area trail maps, this book offers a selection of challenging tours that will tempt skiers of all experience levels, from "newbies" to seasoned veterans! Cross-Country Skiing, by Ned Gillette & John Dostal. 240 pp; 5¼x8½; photos; index; ISBN: 0-89886-171-3; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. MOUN This book was written with the idea that others on the subject lacked the detail to help people really learn to enjoy this sport. "When you take technique off the page and onto the snow, it can be a pretty messy process." Along with descriptions and demonstrations of competent skiing, this book dwells as much on what can go wrong and what to do about it as what is right, and some exercises and suggestions on how to get a feel for the maneuvers. In short, here is information not just on ideal execution but what you'll really need to know to be comfortable on your skis and clever on the trail, whether it is a touring-center track, an alpine slope, a marathon race course, or a backcountry trek. Cross-Country Skiing Yellowstone Country, by Ken & Dena Olsen, Steve & Hazel Scharosch. 176 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; profiles; ISBN: 1-56044-191-7; $10.95 PA FALP In winter, the park is quiet and impressive. With geysers ringed by frost-laden trees and wildlife basking in thermal-pool steam, Yellowstone is an unmatched wonderland, enjoyed best from cross-country skis. This guide takes you on more than 200 miles of ski trails in and near the park, highlighting scenery, wildlife trail grooming and levels of difficulty. Detailed maps and trail descriptions help every skier beginner to expert- enjoy the beauty and solitude of Yellowstone country!

Day Hikes in the Beartooth Mountains, From Billings to Red Lodge to Yellowstone National Park, by Robert Stone. 208 pp 5½x8½; maps; ISBN: 9781573420525; $13.95 PA. GPP ♦This takes you to 87 of the best hikes in this beautiful mountain range. Day Hikes in Yellowstone National Park, by Robert Stone. 72 pp; 5½x8½; maps; color plates; ISBN: 1-57342-024-7; $9.95 PA. GPP This easy to understand guide describes 25 favorite hikes around this magnificent park. The hikes include waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, rivers, streams, lakes, meadows, and panoramic views. A variety of hikes are in the Upper Geyser Basin, the largest group of geysers in the world, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Each hike is easy to moderate, allowing an enjoyable day adventure. Day Hiking Grand Teton National Park, by Tom Carter. 88 pp; 4¼x6; maps; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-9629536-1-X; $6.50 PA. DAYH 15 great hikes! This guide gives you complete trail descriptions, including history, geology, plant and wildlife facts, etc. Includes USGS TOPO maps and elevation profile charts for each hike, and rates the difficulty of hikes. Also estimates the minimum hiking times required. Desert Hiking, by Dave Ganci. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-89997-168-7; $13.95 PA. WILPR "The desert is a museum of contrast and variety offered to the foot traveler at a price: thoughtful planning, respect for the land, and a sense of responsibility toward future generations." A complete guide to the hiking possibilities and beauties of the desert, Desert Hiking addresses the fears and the myths that surround the land of sun and sand. It discusses the special clothing and equipment hikers need for safety and comfort, and covers the critical need for water in desert hiking, with tips on where to find it. It also introduces you to the many cacti and the marvelous animals that creep, crawl, or soar over the arid wilderness. Don‟t Forget the Duct Tape, Tips & Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gear, by Kristin Hostetter. 88 pp; 4x6; illus; ISBN: 089886-906-4; $6.95 PA. MOUN ♦Whether you need to remedy a leak in your tent, repair flapping boot soles, nurse a cranky stove back to life, unclog a water filter, ore revive gunked up Velcro, you‘ll find the solution here. And it can all be done with an inexpensive 12-item repair kit that, once assembled, won‘t weigh more than a pound or two. Exploring Glacier National Park, by David Rockwell. 320 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; color section; lists; bibliog; index; ISBN: 07627-2354-8; $16.95 PA. FALP ♦This dramatic landscape is where the vast watersheds of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Hudson Bay converge. Here plants and animals unique to those three basins come together, making it one of the richest, most diverse natural places in North America. Rockwell gives us a fascinating and intimate portrait of one of the World‘s last truly wild places. Exploring the Black Hills & Badlands, by Hiram Rogers. 192 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-2404; $17.00 PA. JOHN This is a guide for hikers, cross-country skiers, and mountain bikers. It features detailed, first-hand route descriptions to hiking, skiing, and biking over sixty trails, including the new Centennial Trail in South Dakota. Very comprehensive. Revised & updated. Fee Mining Adventures and Rock Hunting Expeditions in the U.S., by James M. & Jeannette H. Monaco. 136 pp; 8½x11; illus; maps; glossary; bibliog; ISBN: 0-935182-92-6; $11.95 PA. GGBC This unique directory locates over 115 collecting locations throughout the country, including fee mines, places to prospect for gold, and sites to hunt rocks and minerals. Field Book of the Big Horn Range, Including Geology & Cloud Peak Wilderness, by Orrin H. & Lorraine G. Bonney. 232 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8040-0536-2; $5.95 PA. LGB This third, revised edition with supplement includes climbing routes & back country using the American rating system and is


taken from Guide to the Wyoming Mountains and Wilderness Areas. Field Book of the Teton Range & the Gros Ventre Range, by Orrin H. & Lorraine G. Bonney. 278 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8040-0587-8; $6.95 PA. LGB This second, revised edition with supplement includes climbing routes & back country using the American rating system, and is taken from the Guide to the Wyoming Mountains and Wilderness Areas. A Field Guide to Yellowstone's Geysers, Hot Springs and Fumaroles, by Carl Schreier. 128 pp; 4½x8; maps; illus; thermal key; appendices; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-943972-09-4; $13.95 PA. HOMEP This is the first all-color photographic field guide to Yellowstone geysers, fumaroles and hot springs. First Aid: Quick Information for Mountaineering and Backcountry Use, by the Mountaineers. 36 pp; 4x6; illus; chart; ISBN: 0-89886-070-9; $1.10 PA. MOUN The title describes. The Floater's Guide to Colorado, by Doug Wheat. 300 pp; 6x9; bibliog; map; illus; photos; ISBN: 0-934318-16-6; $11.95 PA. FALP Complete information for river trips ranging from tumbling headwater rivers to tranquil canoeing trips to the deep canyons of Dolores, Gunnison, San Juan, Rio Grande, Colorado -and many others- plus fascinating stories of the rivers' geological evolution, discovery, and exploration. Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation, by David Burch. 336 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 156440-155-3; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. GPP This definitive guide for navigators contains every pertinent piece of information needed to chart an accurate course, whether on open water or between islands -or icebergs. Panic and indecision should never intrude upon successful, exhilarating kayaking. Glacier Day Hikes, by Alan Leftridge. 128 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; color section; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56037-248-6; $11.95 PA. FCP ♦Included are 34 hikes covering all sections of the park. Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park: A Complete Recreation Guide, by Vicky Spring. 256 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-89886-367-8; $14.95 PA. MOUN Joined in 1932 as the world's first International Peace Park, Montana's Glacier National Park and Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park are a breathtaking backdrop for recreational pursuits. Here you'll find profiles of the best trails in each park, from Cameron Lake and Red Rock Canyon to Many Glacier and Going-to-the-Sun Highway. Each hiking, cycling, or skiing route is completely described. The authors also tell you when to go, where to stay, and how to get around if you're not driving. With suggestions for other activities, such as boating, and advice on safety and wild animals, this is the most complete companion exploring these beautiful national parks. Glacier-Waterton Explorers Guide, by Carl Schreier. 48 pp; 9x7½; map; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943972-07-8; $6.50 PA. HOMEP Excellent color photos and concise text guide you around Glacier-Waterton. Go Backpacking, by Matt Stone. 152 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 087108-926-2; $18.95 PA. PRUETT ♦From maps to tents and backpacks, this enjoyable and readable reference will help the first-time backpacker with easy steps for a successful backpacking experience. GPS Made Easy: Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors, by Lawrence Letham. 5th edition; 208 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; diag; maps; tables; charts; glossary; index; ISBN: 9781594851032; $16.95 PA. MOUN This most up-to-date, how-to book, explains how to use a GPS receiver during all outdoor activities. Grand Teton Explorers Guide, by Carl Schreier. 48 pp; 9x7½; photos; maps; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943972-01-9; $12.95 PA. HOMEP A handy guide to assist in exploring Grand Teton

National Park. Includes Seasons; Plants; Wildlife; Geology; History; & Enjoying the Tetons. Grand Teton Short Hikes, by Carl Schreier. 64 pp; 4x5¾; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 0-943972-64-7; $3.95 PA. HOMEP This shirt-pocket guide has 50 of the best, classic Grand Teton & Jackson Hole day hikes. Great Trails for Family Hiking, the Tetons, by Jerry Painter. 216 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87108-857-6; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. PRUETT This familyoriented guide will help you select the best trails for youngsters seeking fun and adventure. Includes thirty-six hikes in and around Grand Teton National Park, ranging from short nature walks to allday and overnight trips. Plan exciting destinations that include great fishing spots, wind caves, swimming holes, ferry rides, and abandoned settlers' cabins. A Guide to Exploring Grand Teton National Park, by Linda L. Olson. 160 pp; 5½x8½; color photo plates; illus; maps; bibliog; charts; ISBN: 0-9621511-1-4; $10.95 PA. RNM This delightful guide, written by two ranger-naturalists, provides wonderfully informative insights for motorists, families, casual hikers, and others who want to learn more about the wonders of this magnificent corner of Wyoming. Guide to Floating Whitewater Rivers, by R.W. Miskimins. 192 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; illus; diagrams; charts; maps; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-936608-49-8; $8.95 PA. AMATO This gives it all to you: the craft types and how to handle them; how to "read water" for a safe journey; how to fish and camp along the river; the safety things that will put your mind to rest; and the rivers themselves and their locations across the United States and suggested floats from put-ins to take-outs and their degree of difficulty. A Guide to Photographing Rocky Mountain Wildlife, by Weldon Lee. 340 pp; 6x9; color photos; tables; maps; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-56579-155-X; $24.95 PA. WESCP This is the definitive guide to the wildlife of the Rockies, from British Columbia to New Mexico. It describes over 325 photographic hot spots for more than 60 birds and mammals. The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery, by Paul Rubinstein, Lee H. Whittlesey, & Mike Stevens. 296 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56579-351-X; $24.95 PA. WESCP Yellowstone National Park‘s waterfalls beckon to everyone who admires these wonders of nature. This landmark book covers nearly 300 falls, over 200 of which are presented here for the first time. Hike Lewis & Clark‟s Idaho, by Mary Aegerter & Steve F. Russell. 238 pp; 5½x8½; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 0-89301-2572; $14.95 PA. UIDP ♦The trails in this book will take hikers into that terrain of forest, mountains, rivers, and meadows that is virtually the same as it was when Lewis and Clark traversed it two centuries ago. A Hiker‟s Companion: 12,000 Miles of Trail-Tested Wisdom, by Cindy Ross & Todd Gladfelter. 208 pp; 5¼x8½; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-89886-353-8; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. MOUN Entertainingly written real-life guide to surviving and thriving in the outdoors. Hiker‟s Guide to the Northern Plains, by Ken Ludwig. 186 pp; 5½x8; Illus, maps, appendix; index; ISBN: 1-55091-026-4: $14.95 PA. LONEP At last, a hiker‘s guide to the awe-inspiring landscapes of the northern plains, an area that is often overlooked by hikers and other travelers. The plains offer unique landscapes, plants, and animals –and the biggest sky you‘ll ever see.

Hiking Circuits in Rocky Mountain National Park, by Jack & Elizabeth Hallman. 238 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; illus; tables; appendix; references; index; ISBN: 0-87081-721-3; $19.95 PA. UCOP ♦This is the first guide dedicated entirely to the loop


trails of Rocky Mountain National Park, trails that return hikers to their starting point without the necessity of retracing steps or walking on roads. 33 circuits and component loops are described.
Hiking Colorado II, by Caryn & Peter Boddie. 296 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-714-1; $15.95 PA. FALP A companion volume, this offers 75 new hiking trips. Hiking Colorado III, by Maryann Gaug. 432 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; index; ISBN: 0-7627-2347-5; $17.95 PA. FALP ♦Lace up your boots and sample fifty of the finest trails Colorado has to offer. Hiking Colorado‟s Front Range, Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, by Bob D‘Antonio. 192 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; appendices; ISBN: 0-7627-2208-8; $15.95 PA. FALP ♦Whether you are a day-tripper or a long-distance hiker, old hand or novice, you‘ll find fifty-five trails suited to every ability and interest in the northern Front Range. Hiking Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks 2nd by Erik Molvar. 232 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; tables; index; ISBN: 978076273632-4 $15.95 PA. FALP This now covers more than 850 miles of trails. It includes every trail in both parks and takes hikers to glistening glaciers, scenic lookouts, peaceful lakes, and remote wilderness. Hiking Grand Teton National Park, 2nd, by Bill Schneider. 184 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; charts; tables; ISBN: 9780762725670; $14.95 PA. FALP All 35 trail descriptions include accurate up-to-date trail information, maps, and black-and-white photos. Hiking Grand Teton Trails, by Carl Schreier. 224 pp; 5x7½; photos; illus; maps; tables; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-943972-21-3; $14.95 PA. HOMEP This hiking guide introduces this vast network of trails and is an invitation to the byways of Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest, 4th edition, by Evie Litton. 368 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 9780762736232; $16.95 PA. FALP ♦Evie shows us 144 of the finest natural hot soaking pools and guides us to eighty-five scenic hikes that either lead to or begin near springs. Hiking Idaho, 2nd ed., by Ralph & Jackie Maughan. 352 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; appendix; ISBN: 0-7627-1113-2; $19.95 PA. FALP In this you'll find outings suited to hikers of all levels of experience, ability, and persuasions, taking you to lush rain forests, quiet meadows, and colorful canyons in a state that has more actual wilderness than any other state in the union, save Alaska. Hiking Montana, 3rd edition, by Bill Schneider. 304 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; ext. map legends; appendices; ISBN: 0-7627-25648; $18.95 PA. FALP This covers 100 hikes of both well-known and uncelebrated mountain ranges as well as pristine prairie hiking areas. Also includes a description of Mann Gulch -which will help you unravel the mysteries of the 1949 wild fire that claimed the lives of thirteen men. Hiking Montana‟s Bob Marshall Country, by Erik Molvar. 304 pp; 6x9; photos; maps & legends; appendices; ISBN: 1-56044-7982; $19.95 PA. FALP Covers the Bob, Scapegoat, and Great Bear wilderness areas. Revised & updated. Hiking Oregon‟s Three Sisters Country, by Bruce Grubbs. 208 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; charts; tables; appendices; ISBN: 1-56044567-X; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. FALP Experience one of Oregon's best-kept wilderness secrets: the Three Sisters Country of the Central Cascades. Author and veteran hiker Bruce Grubbs guides you on 75 hikes through this rarefied realm of volcanoes and old-growth forests. From easy day hikes for the whole family, to hikes for photographers, to quests for the backcountry hiker. Easy-to-read, up-to-date maps, safety tips, and

detailed equipment recommendations will help you plan and enjoy each trip. Hiking the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, by Bill Schneider. 312 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; checklist; ISBN: 0-7627-2238-X; $15.95 PA. FALP ♦Lace up your boots and sample more than sixty hikes in the spectacular Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness that straddles the Montana-Wyoming border. Hiking the Black Hills Country, a guide to More than 50 Hikes in South Dakota & Wyoming, by Bert & Jane Gildart. 200 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 9780762735471; $14.95 PA. FALP ♦This features 56 of the finest trails that South Dakota and Wyoming have to offer –from short day hikes to overnight adventures. Hiking the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, by Scott Steinberg. 288 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; ISBN: 1-56044-962-4; $18.95 PA. FALP ♦Lace up your boots and sample more than 600 miles of hiking trails through the approximately 1,240,681 acres of rugged Idaho and Montana backcountry. Hiking Utah, by Dave Hall. 256 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; ISBN: 1-56044-475-4; $14.95 PA. FALP Utah hikers face a pleasant dilemma. There are so many choices where does one begin? This takes you on day hikes and overnight trips throughout Utah's backcountry. It includes more than eighty detailed hike descriptions written by veteran Utah hikers, over fifty black-and-white photos and maps, and vital information on safety, desert hiking, drinking water, and backcountry ethics. Hiking Utah's Summits, by Paula Huff & Tom Wharton. 130 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; ISBN: 1-56044-588-2; $12.95 PA. FALP In 1996, as part of Utah statehood centennial celebrations, the Salt Lake Tribune ran a series of articles on the highest peak in each of the state's 29 counties. This guide gathers all of these stories into one volume that will guide you on a journey of exploration and discovery across the entire state of Utah. Hiking Washington, by Ron Adkison. 296 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; map legend; ISBN: 1-56044-501-7; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. FALP From sun-baked steppes to surf-pounded coastlines, from alpine glaciers to hushed, cathedralesque forests, Washington offers magnificent hiking opportunities. This guidebook contains detailed descriptions of 90 hikes. Hiking with Grizzlies, Lessons Learned, by Tim Rubbert. 144 pp; 5½x8½; photos; ISBN: 1-931832-69-2; $10.95 PA. RIVB ♦Every hiker and camper who reads this book will be better prepared to hike in grizzly country and to actually encounter a grizzly bear. Readers will gain live-saving knowledge about how to use bear spray, including what happens when spray is used in real-world situations as Rubbert describes two backcountry encounters when he was forced to spray bears. Hiking Wyoming, by Bill Hunger. 232 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; ISBN: 1-56044-672-2; $15.95 PA. FALP Wyoming, with its rugged mountains, high plains, desert prairies, and canyonlands, presents hikers with a spectacular array of backcountry opportunities. Many areas, from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to the Wind River Range, are well known, but they represent only a fraction of the hiking possibilities in Wyoming. Hiking Wyoming covers the well-known areas but also introduces hikers to some of the state's best-kept backcountry secrets. This is the perfect sourcebook for exploring Wyoming's beautiful backcountry. Revised. Includes 25 new hikes. Hiking Wyoming‟s Cloud Peak Wilderness, by Erik Molvar. 312 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; append; index; ISBN: 1-56044-725-7; $16.95 PA. FALP Over 75 day hikes and backpack trips described. Includes Cloud Peak, North Hinterlands, Prairie Foothills, Border Country, & Western Canyons. Hiking Wyoming‟s Medicine Bow National Forest, a Trail Guide to: Pole Mountain, Snowy Range, Medicine Bow


Mountains, Sierra Madre, Laramie Mountains, by Marc Smith. 144 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; index; ISBN: 9780974090023; $16.95 PA. OSP ♦Get ready to explore some of Wyoming‘s most impressive natural areas. The Medicine Bow National Forest encompasses several major mountain ranges –each with its own distinct characteristics, from the soaring peaks and wild canyons to the placid forests and rolling foothills, there are hundreds of miles of trails to follow. Covers 47 diverse hiking areas. Revised & expanded! Hiking Wyoming's Wind River Range, by Ron Adkison. 272 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; ISBN: 1-56044-402-9; $16.95 PA. FALP This covers nearly all of the wilderness trails in the range, offering suggestions for day hikes, extended trips, and off-trail exploration. Detailed descriptions and maps will get you to the trailheads and help you plan your trip. Hiking Yellowstone National Park, 2nd ed, by Bill Schneider. 352 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; charts; ISBN: 0-7627-2539-7; $16.95 PA. FALP Includes 109 hikes, all the way from a person who wants a 20-minute self-guided tour to the person who seeks a 10-day backpacking adventure. Hiking Yellowstone Trails, by Carl Schreier. 224 pp; 5x7½; photos; illus; maps; trail reviews; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-94397222-1; $14.95 PA. HOMEP Real good coverage of the multitude of short-hike trails in the Park. How to Shit in the Woods, 2nd edition, by Kathleen Meyer. 128 pp; 5x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-89815-627-0; $9.95 PA. TSP Over 1 million copies sold! Serious yet hilarious much-needed work on how to defecate in the backwoods. NO OTHER BOOK covers the subject more thoroughly than this one. A MUST-READ! Lighten Up! A Complete Handbook for Light & Ultralight Backpacking, by Don Ladigin. 112 pp; 6x9; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-7627-3734-4; $12.95 PA. FALP ♦This shows you how to pack light without sacrificing the essentials or your safety. L.L. Bean Family Camping Handbook, by Keith McCafferty. 192 pp; 7x10; photos; recipes; appendices; references; index; ISBN: 155821-880-7; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. LYONS Filled with firsthand experience and invaluable advice, this guide addresses important parental concerns: discusses what you can, and can‘t, expect from your children and offers a plethora of tips for first-timers. L.L. Bean Outdoor Knots Handbook, by Peter Owen. 160 pp; 7x10; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55821-871-8; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. LYONS Easy-to-follow instructions guide you step-by-step as you learn to tie a variety of seizings, splicings, loops, bends, hitches, and applied decorative knots, among others. L.L. Bean Outdoor Photography Handbook, by Jim & Kate Rowinski. 178 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 155821-879-3; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. LYONS With stunning color photos that illustrate proper, and improper technique, and with helpful quick hints throughout, this is the most accessible guide to the subject. The authors emphasize lighting, lighting, and lighting. Medicine for Mountaineering & Other Wilderness Activities, ed. by James A. Wilkerson, M.D. 416 pp; 5½x8½; illus; diag; table; map; index; ISBN: 0-89886-331-7; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. MOUN Over 135,000 copies sold! Written by a team of climber-physicians, this fully updated edition of a classic provides expert information as well as procedures on major and minor medical emergencies. Medicine for the Backcountry, 3rd ed., by Buck Tilton & Frank Hubbell. 238 pp; 5¼x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-7627-0527-2; $14.95 PA. GPP Using real-life anecdotes, step-by-step instructions, and clear illustrations, this invaluable guide shows you how to assess, manage, and care for a multitude of injuries & maladies.

Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid, by Paul S. Auerbach, M.D. 512 pp; 6x9; illus; diag; tables; appendices; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-55821-723-1; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. LYONS Since 1986, Medicine for the Outdoors has been acknowledged as the most comprehensive and accessible treatment guide available for just about every problem you are likely to encounter in the outdoors. Mountain Bike Emergency Repair, by Tim Toyoshima. 112 pp; 4½x6; illus; diag; index; ISBN: 0-89886-422-4; $7.95 PA. MOUN This take-along guide shows you how to fix just about anything on your bike, no matter where you are, no matter what you have with you. Mountain Biker's Guide to Utah, by Gregg Bromka. 384 pp; 6x9; maps; ext. map key; photos; appendix; glossary; ISBN: 1-56044287-5; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. FALP This is your introduction to 80 classic rides of Utah. Includes detailed Descriptions, maps, and more than 100 black-and-white photos. Mountain Biking Colorado's La Platas: Great Rides between Durango and Telluride, by Derek Ryter. 144 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; graphs; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87108-860-6; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. PRUETT Just west of Durango, the La Platas offer year-round biking and hiking opportunities. Included are thirty-one routes ranging from short, easy trips to long, technical rides, with maps, elevation profiles, and safety & bike repair info. Mountain Biking Moab, by David Crowell. 240 pp; 4¼x7; maps; graphs; tables; appendices; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56044-530-0; Reduced to retail at: $7.95 PA. FALP This handy pocketsized guide will help you choose a ride that's appropriate for your fitness and skill level and will be an indispensable companion for all your fat tire fun. 42 rides. Mountain Sickness: Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment, by Peter H. Hackett, M.D. 80 pp; 4½x6½; illus; appendix; ISBN: 0930410-10-6; $8.50 PA. AACP The past decade has witnessed an explosion in mountain traveling by skiers, backpackers, climbers, runners, hunters, fisherman, and assorted mystics. There is now good wilderness medical information available, especially on frostbite, hypothermia and general first aid. This book is designed to fill the existing gap in specific and detailed information on acute mountain sickness. Acute mountain sickness undoubtedly varies in incidence and onset, and perhaps somewhat in symptoms, in different parts of the world. With this in mind, this book attempts to generalize sufficiently to cover most high altitude situations. A great guide for anyone who likes to explore "higher ground." Mountaineering First Aid: A Guide to Accident Response and First Aid Care, by Jan Carline, Martha Lentz, & Steven MacDonald. 144 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; tables; charts; index; ISBN: 089886-478-X; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. MOUN Long used as a primary resource for mountaineering first aid courses, this book now includes two new sections: treating animal bites and stings, and first aid considerations for children. Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, 6th ed., ed. by Don Graydon & Kurt Hanson. 528 pp; 7¼x9; photos; illus; maps; tables; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89886-427-5; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. MOUN Since the publication of the first edition in 1960, Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills has endured as the classic mountaineering text. More than half a million veteran, novice, and would-be climbers from all over the world have learned about mountain climbing from this book. The fully updated 6th edition maintains the same high standard for complete, authoritative instruction in an easy-to-use format. Here you will find good, solid technical advice on nearly any aspect of this wonderfully diverse activity called mountaineering. NOLS Soft Paths, by Bruce Hampton & David Cole. 240 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; diag; charts; further reading; index; ISBN: 08117-3092-1; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. STACKP This


practical guide to getting around in the wilderness without degrading it is a must for every hiker, backpacker, and conservationist NOLS Wilderness First Aid, by Tod Schimelpfenig & Linda Lindsey. 368 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; diag; appendices; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2864-1; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. STACKP This clear and concise guide will help you learn to prevent, recognize, and treat the most commonly experienced wilderness accidents and illnesses. It contains more than 75 practical illustrations showing signs, treatment, prevention, and anatomy. Emergency procedures for outdoor groups are reviewed also. With this easy-to-follow format anyone can learn to recognize illness and/or injury and effectively treat it in a wilderness setting. NOLS Wilderness Guide, revised, by Mark Harvey. 268 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; appendices; glossary; reading list; ISBN: 0-67161821-0; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. S&S Premier guide covers it all; Camping with new sensibilities; How to dress in the backcountry; Backcountry equipment; Cooking for nutrition and pleasure; Maps and compasses; Traveling in the backcountry; Backcountry first aid; Weather; Our responsibility to the land. NOLS Wilderness Mountaineering, by Phil Powers. 256 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; diag; bibliog; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-8117-3086-7; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. STACKP Here you will find an excellent, portable handbook on mountaineering, including: mountaineering hazards, party movement, equipment, safety, technical climbing, glacier travel, rescue, and ethics. Much of the focus is on semi-technical multiday travel over rugged glacial terrain--the segment of climbing where instruction is hardest to find and most necessary. Descriptions and explanations of technique are exceptionally clear and easy to understand, as are the accompanying illustrations. Outdoor Leadership: Technique, Common Sense, & SelfConfidence, by John Graham. 176 pp; 6x9; tables; ISBN: 089886-502-6; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. MOUN The only handbook available on the subject, this is a practical, readable guide to the skills, attitudes, and inner resources you need to be an effective leader, at whatever level you are called to lead. The Outward Bound Backpacker‟s Handbook, by Glenn Randall. 232 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-55821941-2; $14.95 PA. LYONS Whether you‘re planning to thruhike on the Continental Divide Trail, or just take a short hike on a local trail, this guide presents all the essential information you‘ll need, to do it with skill and confidence. Outward Bound Map & Compass Handbook, by Glenn Randall. 112 pp; 5½x8½; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-55821-747-9; $12.95 PA. LYONS ♦This concise and authoritative guide features practical advice on choosing the right compass, reading and using topographical maps, using an altimeter to pinpoint your position, and mastering the GPS. The Outward Bound Staying Warm in the Outdoors Handbook, by Glen Randall. 112 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 158574-089-6; $14.95 PA. LYONS Skiers, hikers, campers, mountaineers, hunters, fishermen, and all other adventurers bound for the outdoors will find this handbook an invaluable reference for any cold-weather excursion. Outwitting Bears, by Gary Brown. 224 pp; 5½x8¼; index; ISBN: 1-58574-160-4; $14.95 PA. LYONS This is the essential handbook for living with bears, avoiding encounters, and preventing attacks, for anyone living, camping, or hiking in bear country. Outwitting Ticks, by Susan C. Hauser. 160 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; tables; ISBN: 1-58574-021-7; $14.95 PA. LYONS This is about the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and other ailments caused by ticks, scorpions, spiders, and mites. Ozone UV and Your Health, 50 Ways to Save Your Skin, by Buck Tilton & Roger G. Cox. 64 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-934802-

95-5; $6.99 PA. ICS This is a quick reading handbook explaining ozone depletion and UV health risks, while offering dozens of personal UV protection ideas. If you are regularly out-ofdoors, this book is a MUST for helping you protect yourself from skin cancer. Pacific Northwest Camping: The Complete Guide to More than 45,000 Campsites for RVers, Car Campers, and Tenters in Washington and Oregon, by Tom Stienstra. 656 pp; 5½x8½; maps; tables; index; ISBN: 1-57354-037-4; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. FOGP Stienstra provides the ultimate resource to thousands of options for tenters, car campers, and RVers in search of everything from a weekend getaway an hour from home to an extended campout on the Pacific Coast Trail. Paddling Montana: 32 Great Rivers under the Big Sky, by Hank & Carol Fischer. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; tables; charts; graphs; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-589-0; $12.95 PA. FALP In this updated guide, the Fischers provide details on where to go; optimal flows, access points, and the river miles between them; which maps to bring along, and who to call for up-to-the-minute information on floating conditions. Paddling Oregon, by Robb Keller. 478 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; flowage charts; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-533-5; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. FALP Oregon boasts more federally designated wild and scenic rivers than any other state in the nation. This book can help you plan a great day or extended trip on Oregon's finest streams. Paddling Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, by Don Nelson. 160 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; maps; appendix; index; ISBN: 156044-627-7; $10.95 PA. FALP The lakes of Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks often play second fiddle to the hiking trails and majestic peaks. This book aims to give those lakes their due and to provide paddling enthusiasts the first guide to the waters of the parks where travel by canoe and kayak is allowed. The Passes of Colorado: An Encyclopedia of Watershed Divides, by Ed & Gloria Helmuth. 328 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; glossary; sources; suggested reading; index; ISBN: 087108-841-X; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. PRUETT This is the authoritative work on Colorado passes. This complete descriptive listing documents 469 named passes. Path of the Paddle, an Illustrated Guide to the Art of Canoeing, by Bill Mason. 208 pp; 10¼x8½; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55971-004-7; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. NP This is probably the most comprehensive guide available. From choosing the right canoe, paddles, gear, to canoeing any type of water, this has it all. Covers absolutely every facet of canoeing and will benefit every canoer from beginner to expert. Extensive how-to photography. The Pocket Doctor: A Passport to Healthy Travel, by Stephen Bezruchka, M.D. 128 pp; 4¼x6¼; tables; index; ISBN: 0-89886614-6; $6.95 PA. MOUN Concise level-headed guidance from an emergency physician on everything from common complaints to life-threatening emergencies helps you determine how to treat yourself and others, and when to seek help. Practical Outdoor Survival, by Len McDougall. 160 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; index; ISBN: 1-55821-228-0; $16.95 PA. L&B Here is a thoroughly practical "hands on" guide to wilderness survival. Covered here are complete instructions for assembling the basic kit, constructing shelters, obtaining food and water, rescue strategies, compass use, fishing and hunting with emergency gear, and much, much more. Primitive Living, Self-Sufficiency, and Survival Skills, by Thomas J. Elpel. 208 pp; 8½x11; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-59228-208-3; $16.95 PA. LYONS ♦Elpel shows how to discover nature by using it with the same techniques employed by the first people to wander the earth. This is illustrated with over 350 photographs.


A Ranger‟s Guide to Yellowstone Day Hikes, by Roger & Carol Anderson; 152 pp; 5x9; Photos, maps; ISBN: 1-56037-157-9; $11.95 PA. FCP Color photographs, and custom-drawn maps based on U.S. Geological Survey maps, make this the day hiker‘s guide to YNP. Reading Weather, Where Will You be When the Storm Hits? By Jim Woodmencey. 160 pp; 4x6; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-662-5; $6.95 PA. FALP Woodmencey explains weather basics and how to make your own forecasts once you are miles from home by reading clouds, understanding changes in the wind and humidity, and using a barometer. River Runner‟s Guide to Utah and Adjacent Areas, by Gary C. Nichols. 192 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; maps; glossary; ISBN: 087480-254-7; $14.95 PA. UUTP Over 90 trips described and mapped. Location of access and take-out points. Instructions for beginner and expert alike. And much more! Rock Climbing Colorado, by Stewart M. Green. 480 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; photo route maps; topo maps; map keys; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-334-0; $21. 95 PA. FALP Thousands of crags and cliffs are scattered across Colorado, yielding every type of climbing experience from big-wall aid routes and long, multi-pitch free climbs to short overhung limestone testpieces and fiercely difficult boulder problems. 37 areas covered, including all the major routes ranging from 5.0 to 5.14. The Rockhound's Guide to Colorado, by William A. Kappele. 216 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; map keys; appendices; index; ISBN: 156044-331-6; $12.95 PA. FALP Explores 78 of the best rockhounding sites in the state. Rockhound‟s Handbook, by James R. Mitchell. 184 pp; 6x9; photos; color photos; illus; charts; glossary; index; ISBN: 0935182-90-X; $12.95 PA. GGBC With this guide you‘ll learn how rocks and minerals are formed, discover what to look for in the field, decide on the best tools for the job, prepare, identify, preserve and prepare specimens, and explore the basic aspects of lapidary. Rockhounding Arizona, by Gerry Blair. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 1-56044-389-8; $12.95 PA. FALP More than 640 mineral species make Arizona a rockhound's paradise. Blair describes more than seventy of the state's best rockhounding areas, from jasper hunting in the historic mining district near Baghdad to searching for gold in the Superstition Mountains. Rockhounding Montana: A Guide to 91 of Montana‟s best Rockhounding Sites, by Montana Hodges & Robert Feldman. 232 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; glossary; ISBN: 9780762736829; $14.95 PA. FALP Montana is a rockhound's dream, where inland seas once deposited fossils and minerals that the forces of geology have since laid bare. Find where to look for Montana agate, dinosaur remains, sapphire mines, limestone caves, crystals, garnets, geodes, fossilized wood, and much more! This guide covers popular and commercial areas, as well as many little know sites on public land. It provides directions, includes a glossary, maps, and directories to museums, rock shops, and rock clubs. A complete introduction to this fascinating hobby for the beginner, and an excellent source book for a pro! Rockhounding Nevada, by William A. Kappele. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; glossary; ISBN: 1-56044-601-3; $12.95 PA. FALP This guide will lead you through the 94 best rockhounding sites in the state of Nevada. Detailed directions to each site, concise information about minerals and gem stones you may find there, what tools to bring, the best season to visit, what kind of vehicle you will need to get there, and a wealth of other information to tantalize beginners as well as the most ardent rockhounds are all provided here in an easy-to-read text. Rockhounding Texas, by Melinda Crow. 174 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; glossary; ISBN: 1-56044-502-5; $12.95 PA. FALP Find gemstones such as garnet, topaz, and opal in West and Central

Texas. Fossils, large and small, are abundant statewide, as well as gemstone-quality wood and chalcedony in all forms. This describes 75 of the state's best rockhounding sites. Rockhounding Wyoming, Kenneth L. Graham. 168 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-445-2; $12.95 PA. FALP This is an introduction to a fascinating treasure hunt for those seeking jade, agate, bloodstone, fossils, petrified wood, fluorite, or other precious stones. The 75 sites described in this guide will take you across the red desert to the high mountain majesty of the Bighorns and Wind Rivers as well as the geologic wonders of Yellowstone National Park. Route Finding: Navigation with Map and Compass, by Gregory Crouch. 96 pp; 4¼x7; illus; diag; maps; appendices; ISBN: 156044-820-2; $6.95 PA. FALP This contains helpful and practical information on locating your position at all times and in all conditions. The Science and Art of Tracking, by Tom Brown, Jr. 240 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-425-15772-5; $14.00 PA. PEN ♦The author shares generations of wisdom through one of the most rewarding pursuits to be found in nature. It is a journey of discovery that engages the senses, awakens the spirit, and enlightens the soul. Secrets of Warmth, for Comfort or Survival, by Hal Weiss. 160 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; appendices; sources; index; ISBN: 0-89886-643X; $11.95 PA. MOUN Whether you have an activity outdoors or get caught in a cold weather emergency, this book will keep you warm. It presents the latest materials, clothing systems, and techniques for beating the cold. Self Defense for Nature Lovers: Handling Dangerous Situations with Wild Critters, by Mike Lapinski. 144 pp; 5½x8½; photos; appendix; ISBN: 0-912299-77-0; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. STONEY Mike has put together some of the best common-sense advice on the subject available. How to avoid most problems, and how to deal with them when you can't. The Sierra Club Guide to the Natural Areas of Colorado and Utah, by John & Jane G. Perry. 336 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; index; ISBN: 0-87156-832-2; $10.00 PA. SC A Guide for the sightseer, camper, hiker, backpacker, canoeist, fisherman, and skier to over 180 natural areas including state & national parks, forests & wildlife preserves, and lands in the public domain. Snowshoeing, from Novice to Master, 5th edition, by Gene Prater. Edited by Dave Felkley. 208 pp; 7x8½; photos; illus; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89886-891-2; $16.95 PA. MOUN ♦This presents the best information on one of America‘s fastestgrowing sports. From equipment selection to physical conditioning to racing, you won‘t find a more complete guide to this sport. Solving Squirrel Problems: How to Keep this Ubiquitous Pest Out of Home and Garden, by Monte Burch. 256 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diagrams; sources; ISBN: 1-58574-673-8; $14.95 PA. GPP ♦Loaded with ingenious techniques for preventing these pests from invading your home, ruining your garden, raiding your bird feeders, and much more. Spooky Campfire Stories, ed. by Amy Kelley. 128 pp; 4¼x7; ISBN: 1-56044-867-9; $7.95 PA. FALP This collection of scary classics and frightening folktales will send shivers up your spine. Staying Found: The Complete Map & Compass Handbook, by June Fleming. 2nd ed. 160 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; maps; diag; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-89886-397-X; $12.95 PA. USUP An off-trail hiker's most valuable possession may well be a map and compass. This book provides all the information and instruction you need to wander through the wilderness with confidence. The Ten Essentials for Travel in the Outdoors, by the Mountaineers. 36 pp; 4x6; illus; checklists; sample forms; ISBN: 089886-374-0; $2.95 PA. MOUN The title describes.


Teton Trails: A Guide to the Trails of Grand Teton National Park, by Katy Duffy & Darwin Wile. 176 pp; 5½x8½; illus; maps; diag; tables; resources; index; ISBN: 0-931895-35-9; $6.95 PA. FALP Well-researched and complete, covering all aspects including flora and fauna, and trail descriptions. Ticks, and What You Can Do About Them, by Roger Drummond, Ph.D. 80 pp; 4x7; color plates; maps; tables; index; ISBN: 0-89997-353-1; $7.95 PA. WILPR Ticks and the diseases they carry present a risk to anyone who enjoys being in the outdoors. Knowing more about ticks can give you the insight you need to help protect you and your family from them. Here you will find information on preventing tick encounters with proper clothing and repellents, the best methods of tick removal, and the latest information on tick-carried diseases, such as Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, including symptoms and treatment. Tom Brown‟s Field Guide to Wilderness Survival, by Tom Brown, Jr., with Brandt Morgan. 288 pp; 6x9; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-425-10572-5; $15.00 PA. PEN ♦Here, in one essential volume, are the basics of wilderness survival. The most ancient and important skills, preserved for generations, are presented in a simple, easy-to-use format with clear illustrations and instructions. The Tracker‟s Field Guide, by James Lowery. 416 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-7627-3981-9; $19.95 PA. FALP ♦In this book, leading tracking expert Jim Lowery distills his remarkable expertise, gained over decades of intensive research and practical field experience, into a comprehensive field guide to tracking North American mammals. Fully illustrated with hundreds of drawings and high-resolution photographs. Trail Guide to Northern Colorado, by Melodie S. Edwards. 249 pp; 6x9; illus, maps; ISBN: 0-87108-910-6; $19.95 PA. PRUETT This has more than eighty trail descriptions. Each description includes a map, photography, and detailed information, making this an indispensable reference for those wanting to explore the natural beauty in this region. Trails Across America, Traveler's Guide to Our National Scenic and Historic Trails, by Arthur P. & Marjorie Miller. 336 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-55591-235-4; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. FULC Day hikers, bikers, backpackers, RVers, and auto travelers alike will enjoy this comprehensive guide to the nineteen trails which make up that magnificent natural resource, the National Trails System, which runs through virtually all of the United States. Trails Guide: Denver to Pikes Peak, by Zoltan Malocsay. 368 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; illus; ISBN: 0-9629250-4-7; Reduced to retail at: $12.99 PA. SQEEZ Your guide to official trails on public lands in the five-county region west and south of Denver dominated by the million acre Pike National Forest. Tucson Hiking Guide, by Betty Leavengood. 208 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; sel. readings; index; ISBN: 0-87108-810-X; $13.95 PA. PRUETT Detailed maps, historical notes, and careful descriptions of equipment and hazards, and fauna and flora are included. Covers the Rincons, Santa Ritas, Santa Catalinas, and Tucson Mountains. The Ultimate Book of Knots: More than Two-Hundred Practical and Decorative Knots, by Peter Owen. 672 pp; 5½x8¼; illus; glossary; conversion chart; index; ISBN: 1-59228-160-5; $14.95 PA. LYONS ♦ This includes camping, sailing, fishing, climbing, and decorative knots. Uphill Both Ways: Hiking Colorado's High Country, by Robert L. Brown. 232 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; ISBN: 0-87004-249-1; $7.95 PA. CAXP Brown's hikes vary in difficulty, length, and scenery from short easy walks to climbs of several 14,000-foot peaks. Using GPS: GPS Simplified for Outdoor Adventure, by Bruce Grubbs. 124 pp; 4¼x7; maps; diag; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-

56044-821-0; $6.95 PA. FALP This pack-sized book is a guide to practical field use of GPS for anyone whose play takes them to remote or hard-to-find areas. Waterfalls of Colorado, by Marc Conly. 352 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87108-823-1; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 PA. PRUETT This is the first and only guide to the state's plunges, fans, horsetails, punchbowls, and cascades. More than 250 waterfalls are described, including access, trail miles with elevation changes, altitude, and wheelchair accessibility. Whitewater Rafting, by Graeme Addison. 96 pp; 7¾x10½; color photos; illus; diagrams; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2998-2; $16.95 PA. STACKP This is your guide to: boats & essential personal gear; key technical moves; getting started and doing it right; safety and rescue procedures; and world whitewater routes. Wild Colorado, by Donna L. Ikenberry. 384 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-7627-1130-2; $15.95 PA. FALP ♦This is a guide to fifty-one roadless recreation areas including the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and the Great Sand Dunes. Wild Country Companion, the Ultimate Guide to No-Trace Outdoor Recreation & Wilderness Safety, by Will Harmon. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-56044-169-0; $9.95 PA. FALP This gives you a range of "no-trace" outdoor recreation & wilderness safety options -about building campfires, selecting a campsite and travel route, protecting food from bears & other wildlife, staying found, staying healthy, avoiding conflicts with other outdoor backcountry users, and more- for all parts of the country. Wild Idaho, by Wendy Swope. 190 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-7627-2341-6; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. FALP ♦A guide to more than thirty roadless recreation areas, including Salmo-Priest, Bruneau Dunes State Park, the Sawtooth Wilderness, and more. Wild Utah: A Guide to 45 Roadless Recreation Areas, by Bill Cunningham & Polly Burke. 416 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; color plates; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-616-1; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. FALP Utah contains nearly 10 million acres of wild country, including 801,000 acres of designated wilderness areas and vast tracts of lesser-known but equally wild roadless regions. Here the authors share the extensive knowledge they have gained visiting these remote places. They each give a thorough description of the land, its ecosystems and habitats, and its possibilities for exploration and recreation. The descriptions are designed to help wilderness enthusiasts plan backcountry tours to places seldom seen by the rest of the recreational crowd. Wild Wyoming: A Guide to 63 Roadless Recreation Areas Including the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and the Red Desert, by Erik Molvar. 432 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; appendices; index; ISBN: 1-56044-780-X; $19.95 PA. GPP Explore Yellowstone National Park. The Absaroka and Wind River Range, the Big Horn Mountains, the Red Desert, the Medicine Bow Mountains, and the High Plains wildlands. Wilderness Basics: The Complete Handbook for Hikers & Backpackers, by the San Diego Chapter of the Sierra Club. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; diagrams; charts; tables; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-89886-348-1; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. MOUN Wilderness users are guided step-by-step through any adventure. From pre-trip planning to arriving home safely, hikers can turn to Wilderness Basics for sound instruction on every aspect of their outing. Chapters on getting in shape, trip research, and determining equipment needs gets you started. Sections on map and compass navigation, planning and cooking nutritious meals, weather, and first aid provide more essentials. You'll also find chapters on hiking with children, winter travel, search and rescue techniques, and the particulars of coastal, mountain, and desert travel. This edition of Wilderness Basics will guide outdoor lovers from trailhead to trail end for years to come.


The Wilderness Directory, a Quick-Reference Guide to America's Wilderness, by the Wilderness Society. 128 pp; 4¼x7; index; ISBN: 1-56044-669-2; $6.95 PA. FALP All 634 designated wilderness areas are here right at your fingertips. From the Bering Sea in Alaska to the Florida Keys, every area is listed. Wilderness First Aid: When You Can't Call 911, by Gilbert Preston, M.D. 192 pp; 4x6; illus; charts; diag; appendices; quick index; ISBN: 1-56044-579-3; $6.95 PA. FALP For the purpose of this book, wilderness is defined as a remote location more than an hour from professional medical care. Every time we enter the wilderness we risk injury, yet each year millions of folks enter wilderness areas with little more than a dab of antibiotic ointment and a prayer. This book is an excellent guide, filled with practical step by step instructions and diagrams. Its aim is to change this lack of preparation, by teaching readers how to prepare and care for accidents and injuries common to outdoor activities. Appendix A contains a list of items necessary for a basic wilderness first-aid kit. If you wish to expand your knowledge of wilderness medicine, several excellent books on the subject are listed in Appendix D. Wilderness Living, by Gregory J. Davenport. 240 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2993-1; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. STACKP Living by choice in the wild –not just surviving- can be a rewarding experience. This easy-to-use guide looks beyond the fundamentals of survival and examines the art of living long-term in the wilderness. The Wilderness Route Finder: The Classic Guide to Finding Your Way in the Wild, by Calvin Rutstrum. 232 pp; 4½x7; photos; illus; diag; maps; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-8166-3661-3; $14.95 PA. UMNP Rutstrum focuses on the tried-and-true techniques that have served wilderness travelers for generations: how to use a map, a compass, a sextant, and the sun & stars. He explains why we sometimes get lost and what we should do when we are. Wilderness Survival: Staying Alive Until Help Arrives 2nd, by Suzanne Swedo. 128 pp; 4¼x6; illus; tables; diag; ISBN: 9780762740143; $7.95 PA. FALP A valuable shirt-pocket book for hikers, backpackers, climbers, hunters, anglers, trail riders, paddlers, skiers, trail runners, and mountain bikers, this contains helpful and practical information on survival priorities, starting fires, using a compass, and signaling for help when you are lost or in danger. Wind River Trails, by Finis Mitchell. 144 pp; 4½x8¾; maps; photos; ISBN: 0-87480-626-7; $7.95 PA. UUTP This is a hiking and fishing guide to the many trails and lakes of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Contents include: Entrances; Trails and Routes; Maps; Autobiography; and Information for Hikers. Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, by Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht. 176 pp; illus; ISBN: 0-8118-2555-8; $14.95 PA. CHRON Survival experts provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions on what you need to know FAST. National bestseller! The Wyoming Camping Guide, by Marc Smith. 416 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; charts; appendices; index; ISBN: 0-9740900-1-8; $18.95 PA. OSP ♦This describes hundreds of public campgrounds so you can find the perfect place for your next outing. Wyoming‟s Continental Divide Trail, by Lora Davis. 288 pp; 5½x8½; photos; maps; charts; tables; index; ISBN: 1-56579-332-3; $24.95 PA. WESCP This is written for segment hikers and through-hikers. 29 color maps, 29 elevation gain & loss charts, and 50 color photos. Also has information for mountain bikers, trailhead access info, and resupply information at nearby towns, and planning tips for low-impact, sage, enjoyable hiking. Yellowstone Short Hikes, by Carl Schreier. 64 pp; 4x5¾; photos; map; index; ISBN: 0-943972-65-5; $3.95 PA. HOMEP This shirt-pocket guide has 60 of the best, classic Yellowstone National Park day hikes.

 OUTDOORS -General Interest & Literature Roadside Geology Series. Publ. by MP. Above all else, the West is geographical. In every corner of every mountain range and basin in each state, there is a geographical story recorded in the rocks, and each state continues to be directly controlled by geological factors. Roadside Geology of Arizona, by Halka Chronic. 336 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-147-5; $18.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Colorado, by Halka Chronic. 350 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842105-X; $18.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Idaho, by David D. Alt & Donald W. Hyndman. 406 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-219-6; $20.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Montana, by David D. Alt & Don W. Hyndman. 438 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-202-1; $20.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Nebraska, by Harmon D. Maher, Jr., George F. Engelmann, and Robert D. Shuster. 280 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; glossary; sugg. Reading; index; ISBN: 0-87842-457-1; $18.00 PA. Roadside Geology of New Mexico, by Halka Chronic. 270 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 087842-209-9; $15.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Oregon, by David D. Alt & Donald W. Hyndman. 292 pp; 6x9; photos; diagrams; maps; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-87842-063-0; $16.00 PA. Roadside Geology of South Dakota, by John P. Gries. 368 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 087842-338-9; $20.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Texas, by Darwin Spearing. 432 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; diag; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-265-X; $20.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Utah, by Halka Chronic. 336 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842228-5; $18.00 PA. Roadside Geology of Wyoming, by David Lageson & Darwin Spearing. 288 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; references; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-216-1; $18.00 PA. Roadside Geology of the Yellowstone Country, by William J. Fritz. 164 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; glossary; other reading; index; ISBN: 0-87842-170-X; $12.00 PA. __________________________ Adventurous Women: The Inspiring Lives of Nine Early Outdoorswomen, by Dorcas S. Miller. 220 pp; 6¼x9; ISBN: 087108-864-9; $19.95 PA. PRUETT The stories of these bold lives will captivate readers; the moving words of these courageous women will inspire hopeful adventurers and armchair travelers alike. Alaska Bear Tales, by Larry Kaniut. 324 pp; 5½x8¼; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-88240-232-3; $12.95 PA. GACP This is a collection of over 200 real-life accounts filled with all the horror, courage, and even humor inherent when man meets bear. Bearcountry BEST-SELLER! American Bears: Selections from the Writings of Theodore Roosevelt, ed. by Paul Schullery. 208 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; appendix; notes; index; ISBN: 1-57098-122-1; $14.95 PA. RRINE This delightful and informative collection of Theodore Roosevelt's writings on the grizzly and black bear affirms TR's position as one of the important naturalists of his day.


American Nature Writing 2000, a Celebration of Women Writers, selected by John A. Murray. 240 pp; 6x9; notes; ISBN: 0-87071-551-8; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. OSUP From the Alaska rain forest to Utah deserts, the Louisiana backcountry to suburban Maryland, and the Grand Canyon to Cape Cod, a variety of settings inspire the exceptional group of writers chosen for this volume. Another Wilderness: Notes from the New Outdoorswoman, ed. by Susan F. Rogers. 320 pp; 5x7¼; ISBN: 1-878067-30-3; Reduced to retail at: $10.00 PA. SEALP Whether backcountry snowboarding in the dead of winter, trekking in the mountains of Nepal to celebrate a fiftieth birthday, circumnavigating Lake Superior by sea kayak or rollerblading down the steep streets of nighttime San Francisco, the women in this book cut loose from daily expectations and push past fear to embrace both the thrills and tranquility of outdoor adventure. With lively eloquence, the contributors to Another Wilderness write of what it is to immerse themselves in the moment, to explore new terrain --both physical and emotional- and to move, play and live with gusto and grace. The Arid Lands, by John Wesley Powell. 236 pp; 6x9; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8781-X; $15.00 PA. UNEBP ♦Powell‘s arid lands report was the first to argue that the American West could not support a conventional system of agriculture and that its lands could not sustain unlimited development. He recognized that water was a more precious resource than land, that rainfall could never support agriculture in the region, and that controlled irrigation offered the best use of its natural resources. Audubon and His Journals, by Maria R. Audubon. Vol. I, 552 pp; 5½x8; illus; ISBN: 0-486-28391-7; $12.95 PA. Vol. II, 572 pp; 5½x8ISBN: 0-486-28392-5; $12.95 PA. DOVER These rare journals, unavailable for many years, present the only complete, intimate portrait of John James Audubon: artist, naturalist, adventurer, author, husband, and father. In his own words, Audubon recounts the triumphs and tragedies of his life in engaging, informal prose filled with spirited opinion and vivid description. Here are the full, daily journals of his travels in Europe. Maria Audubon, who collected and edited the volumes, introduces the work with an excellent and thorough biography presenting all the available details of her grandfather's unusual history--from his illegitimate birth in Louisiana to his final, fragile years in the unsettled area of Upper Manhattan. Basin and Range, by John McPhee. 224 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0374-51690-1; $14.00 PA. FSG This is a book of journeys through ancient terrains, always in juxtaposition with travels in the modern world -a history of vanished landscapes, enhanced by the histories of people who bring them to light. This physiographic province of the United States reaches from eastern Utah to eastern California, a silent world of austere beauty, of hundreds of discrete high mountain ranges that are green with juniper and often white with snow, a spectacular topography what is never evoked by people who dismiss it as "desert." Bear Attacks of the Century, by Larry Mueller & Marguerite Reiss. 192 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-59228-270-9; $16.95 PA. LYONS ♦recounts sixteen unflinching accounts of human and ursine encounters. Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance, by Stephen Herrero. 296 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-58574-557-X; $16.95 PA. L&B This is the sometimes horrific, yet instructive, story of Bear and Man, written by the leading scientific authority in the field. Should be read by everyone who bikes, camps, or visits bear country. Bear Tales for the Ages . . . from Alaska and Beyond, by Larry Kaniut. 256 pp; 5½x8 ¼; photos; ISBN: 0-9709537-0-4; $14.95 PA. LONEP Best-selling author Larry Kaniut serves up 256 riveting pages in 28 stories of encounters with this four-legged wonder of the woods, spanning the time period from 1816 to 1999. Bear vs. Man: Recent Attacks and How to Avoid the Increasing Danger, by Brad Garfield. 192 pp; 7x10; photos;

bibliog; ISBN: 1-57223-396-6; $22.50 PA. WCP Recent years have seen a phenomenal increase in bear attacks on humans. Garfield chronicles many of these bear attacks, including dramatic photographs and stories told by victims who survived and companions of those who didn‘t. Along with these riveting stories, he discusses bear behavior and instincts, and the various reasons for the increase in bear attacks. Bears I Have Known, a Park Ranger‟s True tales from Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks, by Bob Murphy. 112 pp; 5½x8½; photos; ISBN: 9781931832649; $10.95 PA. RIVB ♦In this immensely entertaining book, Murphy relates his most memorable experiences with bears over 20 years as a ranger in Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. The Beast that Walks Like Man, the Story of the Grizzly Bear, by Harold M. McCracken. 336 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; appendix; index; ISBN: 1-57098-394-1; 16.95 PA. RRINE ♦McCracken describes the first scientific classification of the species as Ursus horribilus in 1815, the role of the grizzly bear in Native American rituals and myths, encounters with early explorers and mountain men, and the aggressive hunting of the bear which nearly wiped it out in the lower forty-eight states. Becoming an Outdoors Woman: My Outdoor Adventure, by Christine L. Thomas. 188 pp; 6¼x9¼; illus; ISBN: 1-56044-526-2; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 HC. FALP Women all over the country have chuckled at Christine L. Thomas' hilarious outdoor episodes--for example, "The Great Undershorts Caper" and "The Aqua Velva Man." She has made the outdoors and a whole range of outdoor experiences as comfortable as jeans and a favorite flannel shirt. Get to know her--you will have made one of those friendships that's good for a lifetime, with plenty of chuckles thrown in for the quiet times. Becoming Native to This Place, by Wes Jackson. 144 pp; 5½x8½; notes; ISBN: 1-887178-11-2; $13.50 PA. HCP In six compelling essays, Jackson lays the foundation for a new farming economy grounded in nature‘s principles and located in dying small towns and rural communities. Between Grass and Sky, Where I Live and Work, by Linda M. Hasselstrom. 228 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 0-87417-627-1; $18.95 PA. UNVP ♦‖Nature to me is both home and office –or ranch officewhere I toil to convert native grass into meat. If I want to keep my job as well as my home, I pay attention not only to Nature‘s orders, but to her moods and whims.‖ Beyond the Aspen Grove, by Ann H. Zwinger. 392 pp; 6x9; illus; appendix; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-279-X; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦This takes us to the Montane Zone of Colorado (7,000 to 9,000 feet) to walk her land with her, to savor the immense variety of life to be found there, above and below ground, in its streams, meadows, under the surface of a lake and among its groves of aspen and Ponderosa pine. Beyond the Hundredth Meridian, John Wesley Powell and the Second Opening of the West, by Wallace Stegner. 464 pp; 5x7¾; maps; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-14-015994-0; $16.00 PA. PEN Stegner recounts the successes and frustrations of Powell, the distinguished ethnologist and geologist who explored the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon, and the homeland of Indian tribes of the American Southwest. A prophet without honor who had a profound understanding of the American West, Powell warned long ago of the dangers economic exploration would pose to the West and spent a good deal of his life overcoming Washington politics in getting his message across. Only now, we may recognize just how accurate a prophet he was. Beyond the Rangeland Conflict: Toward a West That Works, by Dan Dagget. 112 pp; 8½x11; photos; ISBN: 0-9666229-0-1; $24.95 PA. UNVP By focusing on the land itself and not on organizational agenda, Dagget has chronicled a positive and very necessary synthesis between ranchers and environmentalists.


Buffalo Country, a Northern Plains Narrative, by Edward Raventon. 272 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-325-7; $20.00 PA. JOHN ♦This makes a series of journeys into the heart of the Northern Great Plains, a unique area that was never deformed and buried by the glaciers. A region that encompasses parts of Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, it was home to Native tribes whose cultures evolved over centuries only to be overwhelmed by settlers, soldiers, and gold seekers. Buffalo for the Broken Heart, Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch, by Dan O‘Brien. 268 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-375-76139-X; $14.95 PA. RH This is a wonderful read! O‘Brien, losing his butt in the cattle business, makes the decision to try buffalo. Starting with thirteen short-necked, golden balls of wool, O‘Brien hard-fences the outside, while removing all cross-fencing. As his herd grows, he watches the buffalo in natural selection; no shots, no herbicides, no pesticides, no management, always moving, not overgrazing, finding their own watering holes, restoring his cattle abused ranch and creating a green (in a sea of brown) jewel loaded with wildlife of all sorts. Cadillac Desert, the American West & Its Disappearing Water, by Marc Reisner. Revised ed. 592 pp; 5x7¾; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-14-017824-4; $18.00 PA. PEN The story of the American West is the story of a relentless quest for a most precious resource: water. It is a tale of rivers diverted and dammed, of political corruption and intrigue, of billion-dollar battles over water rights, and of ecological and economic disaster. Based on ten years of research, this is a stunning expose' and a dramatic, provocative history of the creation of an Eden -an Eden that may be only a mirage. Case Files of the Tracker, by Tom Brown, Jr. 208 pp; 5¼x8¼; ISBN: 0-425-18755-1; $14.00 PA. PEN ♦There is no greater tracker in America than Tom Brown. His intimate knowledge of the natural environment, by sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, has made him a renowned detective of the outdoors. For decades he has been called upon to find missing children, escaped animals, dangerous criminals –anything that can walk, crawl, or lope through the wilderness. Chorus of Buffalo, a Personal Portrait of an American Icon, by Ruth Rudner. 192 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-56924-438-3; $14.95 PA. MARL ♦This is a lyrical, finely hewn consideration of the American Bison‘s struggle to exist amid the harsh realities of human society. Comeback Wolves, Western Writers Welcome the Wolf home, edited by Gary Wockner, Gregory McNamee & SueEllen Campbell. 224 pp; 6x9; maps; ISBN: 1-55566-365-6; JOHN ♦This book is a forum where 50 authors, ecologists, journalists, poets, activists, and biologists gather their voices together in protest, praise, hope, and perseverance, all in order to raise awareness of the issues, past and present, surrounding wolves. Copenhaver Country, by Howard Copenhaver. 160 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; ISBN: 0-912299-66-5; $12.95 PA. STONEY Time and again Howard Copenhaver has enthralled thousands of people with his sensitive and humorous stories of life in the Montana wilderness. An incomparable story-teller, horseman and former wilderness outfitter, Howard, in conversation and lifestyle, exudes far and wide the inspiring song of this place called Montana, and the sheer joy of living in such a grand and still wild place. The stories you'll find here reveal a very personal remembrance of adventures, people, experiences and observations of a man whose rich life helped shape our understanding of what it means to be a part of an awesome place known as Montana. Crypto-Zoology A to Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries, by Loren Coleman & Jerome Clark. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; timeline; appendix; bibliog; ISBN: 0-684-85602-6; $13.00 PA. S&S This, the first of its kind, contains nearly 200 entries, including cryptids, new animal finds, and the explorers and scientists who search for them.

Deadfall: Generations of Logging in the Pacific Northwest, by James LeMonds. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; map; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842-421-0; $14.00 PA. MP Through the life stories of the author‘s grandfathers, father, uncles, and cousins, he documents the dramatic changes in the logging industry since the early 1900s. The book focuses on the influence of international timber giant Weyerhaeuser Company in the Pacific Northwest, yet its themes resonate from Alaska to the American Southwest – wherever timber is king. The Deadliest Woman in the West, Mother Nature on the Prairies and Plains 1800-1900, by Rod Beemer. 416 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780870044557; $18.95 PA. CAXP ♦This is an engaging look at one of the American West‘s most formidable obstacles to human occupation, drawn together in one compelling narrative. Death in the Grizzly Maze, the Timothy Treadwell Story, by Mike Lapinski. 192 pp; 5¼x8; map; photos; sources; ISBN: 0-76273677-1; $14.95 PA. FALP ♦Lapinski chronicles Treadwell‘s rise from self-described alcoholic loser to popular grizzly-bear advocate. He explores how a waiter from Malibu, California, with no background in biology or wildlife science, came to be considered a bear expert. And he reveals the high cost of the current craze for wildlife celebrities –and what it means for the future of wildlife conservation. Death in Yellowstone: Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park, by Lee Whittlesey. 296 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-57098-021-7; $16.95 PA. RRINE The Park has a long history of deaths by everything from earthquakes to bear attacks, poison gas, and lightning. Since 1870 there have been 300 deaths, all brought together in this fascinating book by a long-time chronicler of Yellowstone‘s history. Defending Our Wildlife Heritage, the Life and Times of a Special Agent, by Terry Grosz. 366 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-55566-3168; $18.00 PA. JOHN More great enforcement stories from the author of Wildlife Wars and For Love of Wildness. Includes the story of how one man‘s tenacity, including putting a career on the line, helped cause the creation of the nation‘s National Wildlife Forensic Laboratory. It exists near Ashland, Oregon and has been instrumental in providing forensic proof for game violation convictions. The Desert Is No Lady: Southwestern Landscapes in Women's Writing and Art, ed. by Vera Norwood & Janice Monk. 304 pp; 7x10; photos; illus; maps; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8165-1649-9; $19.95 PA. UAZP Over the past century, women artists and writers have expressed diverse creative responses to the landscape of the Southwest. This provides a cross-cultural perspective on women by examining Anglos, Hispanic, and Native American women's artistic expressions and the effect of their art in defining the southwestern landscape. Desert Notes, Reflections in the Eye of a Raven - River Notes, the Dance of Herons, by Barry Lopez. 144 pp; 5¼x8; ISBN: 0380-71110-9; Reduced to retail at: $10.00 PA. AVON Here, for the first time in one volume, are two of Lopez's masterpieces. He relates the thundering power of the river's swift current, the stillness of clearwater pools, birds and wind, rattlesnakes, desert springs, and the terrible intrusion of man. Desert Solitaire, a Season in the Wilderness, by Edward Abbey. 286 pp; 5½x8½; drawings; ISBN: 0-671-69588-6; $14.95 PA. S&S This is a rare view of a quest to experience nature in its purest form -the silence, the struggle, the overwhelming beauty. But it is also the gripping, anguished cry of a man of character who challenges the growing exploration of the wilderness by oil and mining interests, as well as by the tourist industry. Devoto‟s West: History, Conservation, & the Public Good, ed. by Edward K. Muller. 312 pp; 5½x8½; footnotes; index; ISBN: 0-


8040-1073-0; $18.95 PA. OHUP ♦DeVoto vigorously defended public lands in the West against commercial interests. By the time of his death in 1955, he had published criticism, history, and fiction. But his most passionate writing –at once incisive and eloquentadvocated conservation of America‘s prairies, rangeland, forests, mountains, canyons, and deserts. A Dinosaur Dynasty: The Sternberg Fossil Hunters, by Katherine Rogers. 306 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-404-0; $14.00 PA. MP Science meets the great outdoors in this personal perspective of the Sternbergs, father and sons who traveled the New World in search of fossilized flora and fauna. Updated and revised, this new edition includes a chapter on the Sternberg Museum of Natural History, which opened in Hays, Kansas, in 1999. Discovering Dinosaurs in the Old West, the Field Journals of Arthur Lakes, edited by Michael F. Kohl & John S. McIntosh. 226 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-56098963-7; $16.95 PA. SMITS ♦Between 1877and 1880, geologist Arthur Lakes filled field journals with eyewitness reports on the early days of vertebrate paleontology in Colorado and Wyoming. His accounts of wildlife, the Indian Wars, and academic warfare between rival paleontologists offer a rare glimpse of rough-andready dinosaur hunting in the Old West. Don Coyote, by Dayton O. Hyde. 256 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; ISBN: 1-55566-355-9; $15.00 PA. JOHN ♦Rancher Dayton Hyde and the coyote he would call the Don were unlikely friends. Instead of shooting first and never asking questions, this rancher not only brooked Don Coyote‘s residence under his old abandoned tractor, but also befriended two more adult coyotes and six pups. This classic story of one person who learned a monumental lesson about his place in nature from a singular creature offers readers a lively, unforgettable initiation into respect for the wild. Down the Great Unknown, John Wesley Powell‟s 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy through the Grand Canyon, by Edward Dolnick. 384 pp; 5¼x8; maps; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-06-095586-4; $13.95 PA. HCP ♦On may 24, 1869, a one-armed Civil War veteran named John Wesley Powell and a ragtag band of nine mountain men embarked on the last great quest in the American West. No one had ever explored the fabled Grand Canyon; to adventurers of the era it was a region almost as mysterious as Atlantis –and as perilous. The ten men set out down the mighty Colorado River in wooden rowboats. Six survived. Early American Naturalists Exploring the American West 1804-1900, by John Moring. 254 pp; 6¼x9¼; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8154-1236-3; $27.50 HC. CSQP ♦This history is the first to detail the lives, adventures, and discoveries of pioneering naturalists such as Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, Martha Maxwell, Spencer Baird, Asa Gray, John Torrey, Florence Bailey, John Burroughs, and John Muir. Earth Prayers from Around the World, ed. by Elizabeth Roberts. 476 pp; 6½x6¼; illus; index; ISBN: 0-06-250746-X; $15.00 PA. HCP ♦In prose and poetry, this is a tribute to Mother Earth from all around the world. Eco-Women: Protectors of the Earth, by Willow A. Sirch. 96 pp; 7x9; photos; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 1-55591-252-4; $15.95 PA. FULC "That the women profiled in this book had the courage to forge their own dreams for a better world, and continue to fight for them no matter what the obstacles, is a testament to the fact that each of us can make a difference." From the preface. Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage, by Alfred Lansing. 288 pp; 5¼x8¼; photos; ISBN: 0-7867-0621-X; $13.95 PA. C&G This astonishing tale of survival by Shackleton and all twentyseven of his men for over a year on the ice-bound Antarctic seas, as Time magazine put it, ―defined heroism.‖

Everest: Mountain without Mercy, by Broughton Coburn. 256 pp; 9½x12½; color photos; maps; appendix; index; ISBN: 0-79227014-2; $35.00 HC. NGS A stunningly illustrated portrait of life and death in a hostile, high-altitude environment where no human can survive for long, Everest invites you to join Breashears, his climbers, and his crew as they make photographic history. Author Broughton Coburn traces each step of the team's progress--and suddenly you're on the scene of a disaster that riveted the world's attention. Everest incorporates a first person, on-the-scene account of the most tragic event in the mountain's history. The May 10, 1996 blizzard that claimed eight lives, including two of the world's top climbing expedition leaders. It also chronicles the courage and cooperation that led to the rescue of several men and women who were trapped on the deadly slopes. Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons, by John Wesley Powell. Intro. by Wallace Stegner. 400 pp; 5½ x8½; ISBN: 0-486-20094-9; $10.95 PA. DOVER A CLASSIC! On May 24, 1869, ten men in four boats, loaded with gear and supplies for ten months, pushed off at Green River, Wyoming. On August 30, six men in two boats, down to their last ten pounds of moldy flour and fifteen pounds of dried and re-dried and re-dried apples and a few pounds of coffee, came out into open country at the mouth of the Virgin River -blackened, bearded, emaciated, in rags- and saw three Mormons and an Indian seining for fish in the shallows. This is a gripping tale of the first trip down the Colorado River. The Falling Season: Inside the Life and Death Drama of Aspen's Mountain Rescue Team, by Hal Clifford. 272 pp; 5½x8½; photos; ISBN: 0-89886-633-2; Reduced to retail at: $13.95 PA. MOUN Giving new voice to the adrenaline rush, Clifford recounts the harrowing moments and against the clock painstaking procedures of more than a dozen mountain rescues, including 1993's infamous Express Creek crisis and its attending media circus. He also talks about the divisive politics, personal struggles, egos, and occasional unhappy outcomes that are an inevitable part of the rescuing life. Fire on the Mountain, by John N Maclean. 277 pp; 5½x8; ISBN: 0-7434-1038-6; $ 14.00 PA. S&S On the morning of July 3, 1994, the site of a forest fire on Storm King Mountain in Colorado was wrongly recorded by the district‘s BLM office as taking place in South Canyon, thereby mislabeling forever one of the greatest tragedies in the annals of firefighting. That seemingly small human error foreshadowed the numerous other minor errors that, three days later, would be compounded into the deaths of fourteen firefighters, four of them women. In this dramatic reconstruction of the disaster and its aftermath, Maclean tells the heroic and cautionary story of people who were experts in their field but became the victims of nature at its most unforgiving. Floating on the Missouri: 100 Years after Lewis & Clark, by James Willard Schultz. 152 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-931832-15-3; $14.95 PA. RIVB ♦In 1901, almost a century after Lewis & Clark toiled along the same route, noted writer James W. Schultz and his Blackfeet wife Nathalie (Fine Shield Woman) made a float trip on Montana‘s Missouri river from Fort Benton to the mouth of the Milk River, a distance of more than 200 miles. This is the story of that trip. For Love of Wildness: The Journal of a U.S. Game Management Agent, by Terry Grosz. 400 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-55566264-1; $18.00 PA. JOHN Sequel to Wildlife Wars. Grosz‘s stories are action-packed, yet always infused with his love of wildlife and the great outdoors. Wow! What a great second book! From the shoot-out with the Russian trawler, to the Airboat & a Cow Named Sue, to my fave, the Tahoe-Truckee roadblock, you won‘t be able to put the book down. From Grassland to Glacier, by Cornelia F. Mutel & John C. Emerick. 290 pp; 6x9; maps; index; gloss; photos; illus; ISBN: 155566-089-4; $12.95 PA JOHN In concise, readable prose, this guides the nature lover through the natural world of the Southern Rocky Mountains -from the hot, dry plains and plateaus, through the moist forests of pine and spruce, to the windswept tundra above the trees. The standard work for years, From


Grassland to Glacier has been completely revised to take advantage of scientific advances. It includes an entirely new section on the wetlands ecosystem and has been expanded to include portions of the Southern Rockies in the surrounding states of Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Genesis of a Duck Cop; Memories & Milestones, by Terry Grosz. 272 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 9781555663735; $20.00 PA JOHN ♦

Heart of Home: People, Wildlife, Place, by Ted Kerasote. 272 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 1-59228-094-3; $14.95 PA. LYONS ♦Is home a place, a state of mind, or a way of participating in the natural world? Whether fly-fishing for trout, frolicking with coyotes, gauging the costs of logging, agriculture and hunting, or fantasy-camping with the fathers of conservation, John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt, Kerasote eloquently illuminates an engrossing central theme; how we stay connected to the Earth‘s cycles of life and death through mindful participation. Hidden West, by Rob Schultheis. 192 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; ISBN: 155821-434-8; $14.95 PA. L&B This is a memorable account of one man's journey through terra incognita -secret places that still exist in the American West. Among the mysterious and beautiful places through which the author travels are the Colorado Plateau, the sacred Navaho mountain, the Indian holy grounds in the Badlands, the sand hills of Nebraska, Mono Lake, and the largest canyon in the world -the Barranca del Cobre in northern Mexico. Home Land, Ranching and a West That Works, edited by Laura Pritchett, Richard L. Knight, & Jeff Lee.242 pp; 6x9; illus; photos; ISBN: 1-55566-400-8; $17.00 PA. JOHN ♦If you care about the West, you must care about the lands of the West –lands that are disappearing rapidly, along with the people and cultures that go along with it. This book brings together the best writers in the West today –poets, ranchers, and conservationists- in a one-of-a-kind, unique look at the West, literally our Home Land. Iditarod Country: Exploring the Route of the Last Great Race, by Tricia Brown. Photos by Jeff Schultz. 64 pp; 8½x6½; photos; map; ISBN: 0-945397-66-6; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. GACP Travel along on the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race for a 1,100-mile trek through Alaska's Iditarod Country. Follow this historic trail that connects Athabascan and Eskimo villages, abandoned gold-mining towns, remote lodges, and homesteads. Meet the volunteers who give from the heart to keep the Last Great Race moving every year. Written by former Alaska magazine editor Tricia Brown and illustrated with beautiful color photographs by official Iditarod photographer Jeff Schultz, this is your ticket to ride across Alaska! In Suspect Terrain, by John McPhee. 222 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0374-51794-0; $14.00 PA. FSG From the outwash plains of Brooklyn to Indiana's drifted diamonds and gold, this is a narrative of the earth, told in four sections of equal length, each in a different way reflecting the three others -a biography; a set-piece about a fragment of Appalachian landscape in illuminating counterpoint to the human history there; a modern collision of ideas about the origins of the mountain range; and, in contrast, a century-old collision of ideas about the existence of the Ice Age. McPhee is one of our liveliest writers about the earth and earth sciences. In the Company of Wild Bears, a Celebration of Backcountry Grizzlies & Black Bears, by Howard Smith. 240 pp; 6x9; photos; color section; ISBN: 9781592289523; $22.95 HC. LYONS ♦Join Smith as he takes a Beaver floatplane to the majestic mountains of Alaska to mingle with Alaskan brown bears, treks the Teton Wilderness to get an up-close and personal glimpse of grizzlies, and almost gets bowled over by a mother black bear and cub who crash, bam, and boom through the brambles on the Appalachian Trail –literally missing him by inches. In the Heart of the Bitterroot Mountains: The Story of the Carlin Hunting Party of 1893, by Abraham Himmelwright. 144 pp; 5½x8½; illus; index; ISBN: 0-945519-18-4; $11.95 PA. MMP An extraordinary wilderness adventure-turned-tragedy which has become one of the most controversial and frequently retold true tales of desperation to ever resound from within the heart of the Bitterroot Mountains. In the Zone: Epic Survival Stories from the Mountaineering World, by Peter Potterfield. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; index; ISBN: 089886-568-9; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. MOUN In each of the three stories recounted here disaster strikes suddenly and swiftly, leaving climbers with only their sheer will to survive. Potterfield describes Colby Coombs' tragic experience on Alaska's

Geology of the Lewis & Clark Trail in North Dakota, by John W. Hoganson & Edward C. Murphy. 262 pp; 6x10; photos; maps; illus; index; references; glossary; tables; ISBN:0-87842-476-8; $18.00 PA. MP ♦This is an engaging summary of the geology that Lewis & Clark saw, but could not interpret themselves because geological science was still in its infancy. Geology Underfoot in Utah, by Richard L. Orndorff, Robert W. Wieder, & David G. Futey. 308 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; glossary; sources; index; ISBN: 9780878425174; $18.00 PA. MP ♦This explores the stories behind 33 sites, some well known, and others off the beaten path. Glacial Lake Missoula and its Humongous Floods, by David Alt. 208 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; glossary; index; ISBN: 0-87842415-6; $16.00 PA. MP This tells the gripping tale of a huge Ice Age lake that drained suddenly –not just once but repeatedlyand reshaped the landscape of the Northwest. The narrative follows the path of the floodwaters as they raged from western Montana across the Idaho Panhandle, and then scoured through eastern Washington and down the Columbia Gorge to the Pacific Ocean. Glacier‟s Secrets, Volume II: Goat Trails and Grizzly tales, by George Ostrom. 128 pp; 8½x11; color photos; ISBN: 1-56037-1668; $15.95 PA. FCP Join the Over-the-Hill Gang for their weekly Thursday hikes in Glacier National Park, and share the fun and the wonders. Great photos! Great Montana Bear Stories, by Ben Long. 192 pp; 5½x8½; sources; ISBN: 1-931832-06-4; $12.95 PA. RIVB Here are dozens of exciting and instructive stories about grizzly bears and the people who encounter them. Some are comical, others tragic, some inspiring, and others simply terrifying. Great Wyoming Bear Stories, by Tom Reed. 240 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 1-931832-30-7; $12.95 PA. RIVB ♦Each story was thoroughly researched by Wyoming author Tom Reed, who supplemented historic reports and public records with previously classified government documents and interviews with game wardens, wildlife biologists, ranchers, hunters, hikers, mauling victims, and others. Grizzlies in the Mist, by Chuck Neal. 160 pp; 5¼x8; photos; appendices; bibliog; ISBN: 0-943972-75-2; $14.95 PA. HOMEP ♦This is a fresh, up-to-date perspective on grizzly bears, their natural history, and the tenuous nature of their survival. Hawk‟s Rest, a Season in the Remote Heart of Yellowstone, by Gary Ferguson. 240 pp; 5¾x8¾; map; ISBN: 0-7922-6891-1; $15.00 PA. NGS ♦Ferguson sets off on a 140-mile hike into the most remote corner of the lower 48 states believing he will spend a quiet three months tracking wolf packs and communing with nature. The reality he encounters is entirely different. Ferguson comes to know the wild and beautiful core of greater Yellowstone ―as a kind of sanatorium for the disenfranchised, a way station for men riding and hiding spring to fall to escape whatever curses they imagine hovering in the culture at large. Healers of the Wild, Rehabilitating Injured & Orphaned Wildlife, by Shannon K. Jacobs. 224 pp; 6½x9¼; photos; illus; appendices; glossary; sources; index; ISBN: 1-55566-284-6; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦This is a moving testament toward how a compassionate relationship with animals is possible.


Mount Foraker, Scott Fischer (who lost his life on Everest in 1996) and Ed Viestur's story of severe injuries and extreme weather on K2, and his own riveting experience after a climbing fall left him badly injured and trapped high on a ledge in Washington's North Cascades. In This We are Native: On Going Away and Coming Home, by Annick Smith. 312 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 1-59228-332-2; $14.95 PA. LYONS ♦This couples a passionate argument for saving the wilderness with a breathtaking memoir of love and loss and rebirth. Smith looks back unflinchingly to tell of her young husband‘s final year. His death left her with four sons to raise alone. And now, decades later, she eloquently mourns her beloved valley when it is brutally clear-cut by corporate logging. Inspired by Nature, ed. by Amy Kelley. 128 pp; 4¼x7; ISBN: 156044-920-9; $7.95 PA. FALP Nature inspires great writing. Heavy in theme but small in size, this book is a great companion to any outdoor adventure. Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer. 224 pp; 5¼x8; maps; ISBN: 0385-48680-4; $13.95 PA. BDD National Best-Seller! In April 1992 a young man from a well-to-do family hitchhiked to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley. His name was Christopher Johnson McCandless. He had given $25,000 in savings to charity, abandoned his car and most of his possessions, burned all the cash in his wallet, and invented a new life for himself. Four months later, his decomposed body was found by a moose hunter. John James Audubon, the Making of an American, by Richard Rhodes. 526 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; two color sections; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780375713934; $16.00 PA. RH ♦Here Richard Rhodes vividly depicts Audubon‘s life and career: his epic wanderings; his quest to portray birds in a lifelike way; his long, anguished separations from his adored wife; his ambivalent witness to the vanishing of the wilderness. John Muir, Magnificent Tramp, by Rod Miller. 208 pp; 5¼x8; sources; index; ISBN: 0-765-31071-6; $19.95 HC. STMP ♦Remembered as the founder of the Sierra Club, father of America‘s conservation movement, and architect of a still-growing wilderness ethic, Muir set an example many still follow, fighting today‘s threats to the environment. Kill the Cowboy: A Battle of Mythology in the New West, by Sharman A. Russell. 228 pp; 5½x8; bibliog; notes; index; ISBN: 08032-8985-5; $14.95 PA. UNEBP Fairly – though envisioning a revamping of the current grazing system, Russell describes the present battles that pit ranchers against environmentalists, new Westerners against old, private concerns against government policies. Killer Bears, by Mike Cramond. 320 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-58574-2511; $18.95 PA. LYONS What causes these fierce attacks? Can they be prevented? Eyewitnesses, investigators, and survivors tell their stories. Killing the Hidden Waters, by Charles Bowden. 192 pp; 5½x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-292-74306-8; 17.95 PA. UTEXP ♦This is the best all-around summary of how our greed-driven, ever-expanding urban-industrial empire is consuming, wasting, poisoning, and destroying not only the resource basis of its own existence, but also the vital, sustaining basis of life everywhere. Land of Grass and Sky: a Naturalist‟s Prairie Journey, by Mary T. Young. 160 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-56579-431-1; $14.95 PA. WESTC A Prairie is elusive, its boundaries not easily defined. A prairie flows. Its edges expand and retreat. Its surface moves like water. Author Young, in this charming love letter to the prairies and grasslands, shows once again that the natural world provides unlimited inspiration for a quick observer and graceful writer.

The Landscape of Home, a Rocky Mountain Land Series Reader, edited by Jeff Lee. 208 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 9781555663933; $17.00 PA. JOHN ♦Here, the Rocky Mountain Land Library showcases some of our region‘s finest literary sources, and continues a lively, crucial conversation about the places we call home. The Last Prairie, a Sandhills Journal, by Stephen R. Jones. 256 pp; 5¼x8; bibliog; ISBN: 9780803276307; $15.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This is both a paean and an elegy for a place where you can walk for miles through shoulder-high grass of sit on a hill for hours with only the cry of the curlew and the hiss of the wind for company –a place Jones sought for decades and for whose survival he now fears. Lewis & Clark Among the Grizzlies: Legend and Legacy in the American West, by Paul Schullery. 256 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; sources; notes; index; ISBN: 0-7627-2524-9; $14.95 PA. GPP Of all the perils and wonders encountered by Lewis and Clark‘s Corps of Discovery, none so perfectly represents the endearing mystique of the western wilderness as does the grizzly bear. Lewis & Clark on the Great Plains, by Paul A. Johnsgard. 160 pp; 6x9; maps; illus; references; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7618-4; $14.95 PA. UNEBP ♦More than accounts of the regional flora and fauna, this work examines the lasting importance of the expedition‘s discoveries, the significance of the Plains plants and animals to local Native Americans, and the current status of Plains wildlife. The Liquid Locomotive: Legendary Whitewater River Stories, ed. by John Long. 272 pp; 6x9; maps; ISBN: 1-56044-856-3; $14.95 PA. FALP Come along with this adrenaline-driven band of paddlers for a thrilling ride on the Liquid Locomotive, down the world‘s most challenging and dangerous rivers. Living Mountains, How and Why Volcanoes Erupt, by Jacques Kornprobst. Illustrated by Christine Laverne. 112 pp; 7½x8½; illus; glossary; index; ISBN: 9780878425136; $18.00 PA. MP ♦With Kornprobst‘s lucid prose and Laverne‘s 46 vivid watercolors, readers can see and understand the workings of subduction zones and seafloor spreading, how different lavas form through the partial melting of the earth‘s various rocks, and why some volcanoes ooze fluid as lavas while others explode 30,000-foot clouds of ash and incendiary lava bombs. Living on the Earth, by Alicia B. Laurel. 256 pp; 8½x11; illus; ISBN: 1-58685-343-0; $18.95 PA. GS ♦This is for people who would rather chop wood for fire than work behind a desk to pay the electric company; or want the best recipe for lavender soap or huckleberry jam. It‘s for people who want to make their own clothing, learn gardening, canning, drying their own food. It‘s about harmony with nature. The Lochsa Story: Land Ethics in the Bitterroot Mountains, by Bud Moore. 480 pp; 6x9; photos; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-333-8; Reduced to retail at: $14.00 PA. MP The Lochsa Story is about people living with a wild place that defies taming. We cannot say that we are proud of all we have wrought in the Lochsa. But we can learn from what we have done, both good and bad. That is what Moore hopes for in giving us this work. We can and should heed his message for our remaining wildlands: stewardship of land health first, meeting the needs of people second. Mark of the Grizzly: True Stories of Recent Bear Attacks and the Hard Lessons Learned, by Scott McMillion. 72 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-56044-636-6; $14.95 PA. FALP This book collects the true stories of 18 attacks by grizzlies between 1977 and 1997. McMillion thoroughly examines each mauling and its aftermath. The people in these stories are from all walks of life. The Middle Fork: A Guide, by Johnny Carrey & Cort Conley. 392 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; tables; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-9603566-1-4; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. BACKB This is an historical


guide for persons that float or hike down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Significant new information and more than seventy additional photographs have been added to this edition. Montana on Fire! Summer of 2000, by Michael Moore. 112 pp; 8½x11; color photos; maps; ISBN: 1-56037-176-5; $19.95 PA. FCP In the summer of 2000, as many as 12,000 firefighters at a time had fought blazes on 840,000 acres of Montana. Moore‘s clear text tells the story, explaining the just-right combination of conditions that made 2000 a once-in-100-years fire season, how individual fires developed, how the men and women on the ground and in the sky fought to protect homes and towns, and what the future holds. Montana Surround; Land, Water, & Place, by Phil Condon. 204 pp; 5x8; photos; 1-55566-354-0; $15.00 PA. JOHN ♦From Nebraska and British Columbia in his youth, to Missouri, to diverse landscapes and moments in Montana over the last seventeen years, Condon creates an intriguing map of past, present, and future. Montana‟s Bob Marshall Country, by Rick & Susie Graetz. 160 pp; 7x10; map; photos; ISBN: 1-891152-25-4; $25.00 PA. NRP ♦With exceptional color photography, the Graetz‘ chronicle the Bob, Scapegoat, Great Bear Wilderness areas & surrounding wildlands. More Tracks, 78 Years of Mountains, People & Happiness, by Howard Copenhaver. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-912299-50-9; $14.95 PA. STONEY This is an appealing series of recollections about a lifetime in Montana. Copenhaver has a knack for taking the most ordinary experiences and making them seem extra ordinary. His love affair with Montana and its people is evident on every page and best of all his memories are filled with a great sense of humor. Mountaineering Women, Stories by Early Climbers, ed. by David Mazel. 200 pp; 5½x8½; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-89096-6176; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. T A&M The women who speak to us in this book climbed on the world's highest peaks and most difficult rock faces, from the English Lake District to the Alps to the Andes and Himalayas. Some were politically motivated, like the American Annie Smith Peck, who considered her spectacular strategy for advancing the liberation of her sex. Others were staunchly conservative about all matters save their personal right to climb mountains. Sixteen of their stories are here recovered and collected for the first time. The Mule Men, a History of Stock Packing in the Sierra Nevada, by Louise A. Jackson. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842-499-7; $12.00 PA. MP ♦Sierra packers, like their mules, are survivors. Jackson looks behind the tall tales to examine just what it takes to run the stations and the mules. Nobody has tried to bring all this information together before, and no one has interviewed so many old packers to learn about their lives and the mules they depended on. Mule Tracks: The Last of the Story, by Howard Copenhaver. 176 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; ISBN: 1-931291-14-4; $14.95 PA. STONEY This is about episodes, some hilarious and others serious, involving mules –including selecting them, training them, packing them, and sharing numerous wilderness adventures with these sometimes contrary but always marvelous and dependable creatures. Mules Across the Great Wide Open, by Jody Foss. 288 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; map; ISBN: 0-9643413-0-1; $14.95 PA. STONEY The author's very compelling narrative of her mule trip from Utah through Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and into eastern Washington, with her mule packstring at a steady three miles an hour. Mules & Mountains, Walt Hahn: Forest Service Packer, by Margie E. Hahn. 144 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; ISBN: 0-912299-56-8; $12.95 PA. STONEY Walt Hahn's career as a Forest Service packer took him, along with others whose stories he shares, and

his beloved mule string into remote wilderness areas in the Montana and Idaho mountains as well as areas now close-by roads but which, when he first packed in and helped construct some of the lookouts, were remote and critical to protection against forest fires. Walt shares adventures of both packing and setting up these lookouts, and then having to pack some of them out again when technological advances ended the great era of Forest Service lookouts. The Mustangs, by J. Frank Dobie. 394 pp; 5¼x8; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 0-8032-6650-2; $16.95 PA. UNEBP ♦Dobie brings together all his findings in a single book of solid scholarship, documented to the hilt, and inspired by his unflagging enthusiasm for the wile free creatures of the West. Narrative of a Journey Across the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia River, by John K. Townsend. 320 pp; 6x9; appendices; notes; ISBN: 0-87071-525-9; $17.95 PA. OSUP ♦This Chronicles a journey of discovery by the first trained naturalist to cross the American continent. National Parks: The American Experience, by Alfred Runte. 364 pp; 5¼x8; photos; illus; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8032-8963-4; $16.00 PA. UNEBP This third edition includes a new essay on recent environmental issues and concerns, especially as they center on Yellowstone National Park. National Parks and the Women's Voice: A History, by Polly W. Kaufman. 336 pp; 6¼x9¼; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08263-1870-3; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. UNMP This pathbreaking study provides a missing chapter in the history of the nation's preservation of historic space and wild and scenic landscapes. Drawing on extensive research, including hundreds of personal interviews, Kaufman presents the untold story of women's contributions to the national parks, often in their own words. This book makes clear for the first time the role of women who have helped shape the great national park system we know today. Also included in this edition is information on women's history sites in the national parks. The Natural West: Environmental History in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, by Dan Flores. 296 pp; 6½x9½; photos; illus; maps; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-8061-3537-9; $19.95 PA. UOKP This entertains the notion that we all have a biological nature that helps explain some of our attitudes towards the environment. Flores also explains the ways in which various cultures –including the Comanches, New Mexico Hispanics, Mormons, Texans, and Montanans- interact with the environment of the West. Naturalist, by Edward O. Wilson. 400 pp; 5¼x8; map; photos; illus; index; ISBN: 0-446-67199-1; $14.95 PA. TL This is the story of a remarkable thinker who helped establish principles central to evolutionary biology. This also is a window into the mind and the very making of a scientist. A Naturalist‟s Years in the Rocky Mountains, by Howard E. Evans. 144 pp; 5¼x8½; color photos. Photos; ISBN: 1-55566-3109; $14.00 PA. JOHN Acclaimed author and entomologist Howard Evans offers sharply etched portraits of the remarkable creatures he encountered daily during his years living in the Rockies. The Nature of Nebraska, Ecology and Biodiversity, by Paul A. Johnsgard. 434 pp; 6½x9½; maps; illus; appendices; glossary; references; index; ISBN: 0-8032-7621-4; $17.95 PA. UNEBP ♦This is THE reference book on Nebraska‘s natural history. You‘ll need no other. The Necessity of Empty Places, by Paul Gruchow. 306 pp; 5½x8½; map; ISBN: 1-57131-223-4; $13.95 PA. MILKP Tenth anniversary edition. Gruchow makes the case not only for wild places but also, by his example, for the necessity of nature writing. The New Ranch Handbook, a Guide to Restoring Western Rangelands, by Nathan F. Sayre. 112 pp; 8½x11; photos; maps;


charts; bibliog; ISBN: 0-9708264-0-0; $16.95 PA. QUIVC On new ranches in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and elsewhere, livestock has been managed in innovative, progressive ways, and the land has responded: vegetation is more diverse and productive, soils are more stable, streams and springs have come back to life. Wildlife, watersheds, livestock and ranchers have all benefited. This book tells how it occurred. Night of the Grizzlies, by Jack Olsen. 224 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; ISBN: 0-943972-48-5; $14.95 PA. HOMEP True account! For more than half a century, grizzly bears roamed free in the national parks without causing a human fatality. Then in 1967, on a single August night, two separate and unrelated campers, a distance apart, were savagely mangled and killed by enraged bears. This is a tautly compelling reconstruction of these events. No Safe Refuge, Man as Predator in the World of Wildlife, by Terry Grosz. 286 pp; 6x9; color section; ISBN: 1-55566-298-6; $20.00 PA. JOHN ♦In this, Terry‘s fifth book, he recounts matching wits with those hunters, poachers, and commercial market hunters who just didn‘t know when to stop. A larger theme is the extent to which a killing frenzy grips some men and turns them into predators. No Shit There I Was...Again! More Wild Stories from Wild People, ed. by Michael Hodgson. 192 pp; 6x9; appendix; ISBN: 157034-031-5; $11.95 PA. ICS The idea is to embellish and elevate the mundane tales of the ordinary (you might say cowardice) to inspirational tales of valor and glory. Thus was created, this, the second of an annual book release of outrageous, irreverent and sometimes very literary collections from top and amateur writers-cum-adventurers. No Shit There I Was...Gone Wild: More Wild Stories from Wild People, Michael Hodgson eds. illus; appendix; ISBN: 1-57034041-2; $11.95 PA. ICS This third anthology features the top 25 entries from this year's contest and is a raconteur's finest feast, full of truly wild adventure tales. NOLS Wilderness Wisdom, edited by John Gookin. 144 pp; 4¾x7¼; index; ISBN: 0-8117-2646-0; $7.95 PA. STACKP ♦This collects more than 900 quotations from over 500 sources to form the most comprehensive quote book available to outdoor enthusiasts. Northwest Exposures: A Geologic Story of the Northwest, by David Alt & Donald W. Hyndman. 456 pp; 6x9; photos; diagrams; maps; time scale; glossary; further reading; index; ISBN: 0-87842323-0; $24.00 PA. MP In geology, time is everything. And given enough time, almost anything can happen. This traverses the region through geologic time, chronicling the events that have shaped the rocks and landforms. Not Just Any Land: A Personal and Literary Journey into the American Grasslands, by John Price. 240 pp; 6x9¼; notes; bibliog; ISBN: 0-8032-3707-3; $20.00 HC. UNEBP ♦ Riding and listening and reading along with Price, we learn not only about the prairie, we also learn how to be at home in our own place. On Belay! The Life of Legendary Mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, by Raye C. Ringholz. 272 pp; 6x9; photos; sources; index; ISBN: 0-89886-558-1; Reduced to retail at: $16.95 HC. ISBN: 0-89886725-8; $16.95 PA. MOUN Paul Petzoldt is a pioneering climber and founder of the National Outdoor Leadership School. Blazing the trail for a code of wilderness ethics and safe climbing techniques used throughout the world, Petzoldt devised the voice signaling system, which begins with "On belay!" This intimate biography details Petzoldt's distinguished climbing career, including many first ascents, his wild adventures, and his extraordinary leadership accomplishments that make him the legend he is today. On the Loose, by Terry & Renny Russell. 124 pp; 6½x9½; photos; ISBN: 0-87905-995-8; $14.95 PA. GS This is a chronicle of triumph and tragedy –the triumph of gaining an insight about oneself through an understanding of the natural world; the

tragedy of seeing the splendor of that world increasingly threatened by people who don‘t know or don‘t care. Their photos capture Yosemite, Point Reyes, the High Sierra, the Great Basin, and Glen Canyon in the 1950s and 1960s. Once Upon a Frame, by Tom J. Ulrich. 108 pp; 8½x11; ISBN: 087842-411-3; Reduced to retail at: $12.95 PA. MP This is Ulrich‘s expose‘ of how he captures such great wildlife shots. With a good selection of photos, he explains what the critter was doing, and what he had to do to capture the image. One Acre & Security: How to Live Off the Earth Without Ruining It, by Bradford Angier.320 pp; 6x9; illus; ISBN: 1-57223394-X; $15.95 PA. WCP Classic! This is a book for all those who have dreamed of living close to the earth –not in the wilderness, but on land within easy driving distance of the city or suburbs. It begins with what sort of land to look for, then covers every facet of existence in profitable harmony with that land. The Only Good Bear Is a Dead Bear, by Jeanette Prodgers. 220 pp; 6x9; illus; notes; index; ISBN: 1-56044-552-1; $9.95 PA. FALP This is a collection of the West's best bear stories, often brutal or hilarious in turn, that documents the behavior between bears and people. The Parrot‟s Lament, and Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity, by Eugene Linden. 224 pp; 5¼x8; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-452-28068-0; Reduced to retail at: $9.95 PA. PEN Whether in captivity or in the wild, in a zoo or a family backyard, animals must constantly negotiate the basic issues of their survival. And in these negotiations they show us –if we pay attention- everything about who they are. And quite a bit about whom we are, as well. A Pictorial History of Smoke Jumping, by Stan Cohen. 180 pp; 8½x11; photos; maps; illus; bibliog; ISBN: 0-933126-40-9; $12.95 PA. PHPC A ton of archival photos accompany the history of smokejumping from its origins to the present day. Includes a chapter on the Johnson Flying Service and the tragedy at Mann Gulch. Plains & Peaks: A Wilderness Outfitter's Story, by Tory Taylor. 160 pp; 5½x8¼; photos; ISBN: 0-943972-30-2; Reduced to retail at: $8.95 PA. HOMEP Taylor takes us from the world of time clocks and traffic jams to the hunter's campfire, where not only can we smell the coffee, but we can begin to sense our awesome responsibility to wild places and wild things. Whether he is describing an expedition to the Canadian wilderness or a trip in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, he brings a quiet thoughtfulness to his prose along with a keen sense of place. He's been there and you can feel that in his words. It turns out to be a great combination. A Region of Astonishing Beauty, the Botanical Exploration of the Rocky Mountains, by Roger L. Williams. 224 pp; 6x9; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-57098-397-6; $19.95 PA. RRINE ♦In this book, Williams follows the trail of over a dozen explorers who ―botanized‖ the Rocky Mountains, and who, by the end of the nineteenth century, became an increasingly convinced that the flora of the American West was distinctive. Rising from the Plains, by John McPhee. 224 pp; 5½x8¼; ISBN: 0-374-52065-8; $15.00 PA. FSG ♦This is about a geologist born in the center of Wyoming and raised on an isolated ranch. This is the story of that ranch, soon after the turn of the century, and of the geologist who grew up there, at home with the composition of the high country in the way that someone growing up in a coastal harbor would be at home with the vagaries of the sea. A River No More, the Colorado River and the West, by Philip L. Fradkin. 384 pp; 5½x8½; photos; illus; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08165-0823-2; Reduced to retail at: $11.95 PA. UAZP Although this book focuses on the Colorado River and its tributaries, the implications reach from the high plains of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico to the Pacific littoral; from federal land and water policies to the survival strategies of the


ranches, farms, country towns, and small regional capitols that constitute the west's only permanent and renewable way of life. A Road Runs Through It, Reviving Wild Places, ed. by Thomas R. Petersen. 240 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 9781555663711; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦This book explores what many consider to be the most important issue in the re-wilding of America today –roads. Not highways, but the 500,000 miles of roads built on federal forest lands to access natural resources and then abandoned when the resources were removed. The Roadless Yaak: Reflections and Observations about One of Our Last Wild Places, ed. by Rick Bass. 256 pp; 6¼x9¼; index; ISBN: 1-58574-545-6; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 HC. ISBN: 1-59228-137-0; $14.95 PA. LYONS This collection of essays about the Yaak Valley of northwestern Montana brings to life the wilderness and isolation, exhilaration, and trepidation that visitors (and residents) encounter here. The million-acre Yaak is home to only 150 people. Rocks from Space, by O. Richard Norton. 464 pp; 6x9; photos; illus; maps; appendices; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-87842302-8; Reduced to retail at: $12.00 PA. MP For the rock collector, the stargazer, or the inquiring layperson, this is a nontechnical introduction to the fascinating world of meteorites, asteroids, comets, and impact craters. This lively and lavishly illustrated book tells the story of cosmic debris -the science, the superstition and folklore, and the tales of people who collect them. Sagebrush Country, Land and the American West, by Philip L. Fradkin. 336 pp; 5½x8½; maps; bibliog; index; ISBN: 1-55566-3303; $17.50 PA. JOHN ♦Fradkin reveals the problems and opportunities facing the federal land system. His journey through the Uinta Mountains, which stretch through parts of Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, illustrates what is taking place on public lands throughout the West. A Sand County Almanac, by Aldo Leopold. 320 pp; 4x6¾; illus; ISBN: 0-345-34505-3; $7.99 MM. BAL Classic! In a series of astonishing portraits of the natural world, this is a tribute to our land and a bold challenge to protect the world we love. Sandstone Sunsets: In Search of Everett Ruess, by Mark A. Taylor. 128 pp; 5½x8½; ISBN: 0-87905-803-X; $14.95 PA. UOKP The 1934 disappearance of poet and adventurer Everett Rues in Utah's redrock country is a mystery author Mark Taylor is determined to solve. His attempts to solve this mystery lead him in an unexpected direction--within. In his southern Utah treks, Taylor encounters hikers, Native Americans, artists, Vietnam vets, and other colorful characters. Still, his most significant encounter is himself, and, though he may never discover the remains of Ruess, his self-discovery is the unexpected bonus. The Search, by Tom Brown, Jr. 240 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 0425-18181-2; $14.00 PA. PEN ♦The author, a completely natural man who learned to ―read‖ the outdoors as an expert tracker, slipped into the wilderness for an entire year with only a knife and his famous survival skills. He came back with an extraordinary vision to share –one of peace, harmony, and the scheme of nature. Searching for Yellowstone; Ecology & Wonder in the last Wilderness, by Paul Schullery. 360 pp; 5½x8¼; maps; illus; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 0-9721522-1-0; $19.95 PA. MHSP ♦The author‘s history of America‘s first and still greatest national park is a triumph of narrative skill and his admirably clear-headed analysis of the political and cultural obstacles put in the way of Yellowstone‘s intelligent scientific management surpasses everything that has gone before it. Shackleton, by Roland Huntford. 800 pp; 6x9; photo plates; maps; notes; sources; index; ISBN: 0-7867-0544-2; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. C&G IN 1915, while the Great War embroiled Europe, the world waited for news of the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton‘s latest expedition but had given him up for lost.

Shackleton‘s near-miraculous survival for nine months on the icepacked Antarctic seas –capped with an open-boat journey across more than 700 miles of the most dangerous weather in the South Atlantic- has made him synonymous with courage and endurance. Shouting at the Sky, Troubled Teens & the Promise of the Wild, by Gary Ferguson. 276 pp; 6x8½; ISBN: 0-312-20008-0; $24.95 HC. STMP ♦Here you‘ll share in the daily triumphs and heartaches of an unforgettable group of kids. Witness their shock at the wilderness, outrageous with its bluster and open spaces, its lack of bathrooms and cooked meals, its absence of television, malls, and old friends. This is a story resplendent with glimpses into the power of the human spirit and the healing that is possible when the beauty and challenges of the wild are linked to it. The Singing Creek Where the Willows Grow, the Mystical Nature Diary of Opal Whiteley, biography & afterward by Benjamin Hoff. 184 pp; 5x7¾; photos; ISBN: 0-14-023720-8; $16.00 PA. PEN Wistful, funny, and wise, so innocent, intimate, and haunting, this is a national treasure of environmental consciousness, given to us long before the issue became popular. Sisters of the Earth, ed. by Lorraine Anderson. 446 pp; 5¼x8; bibliog; index; ISBN: 0-679-73382-5; $15.00 PA. RH Nature as healer. Nature as delight. Nature as counterpart to what is wild in us all. Nature as mother and sister. Nature as victim. Sisters of the Earth is a stirring collection of women's writing on nature. Ninety writers. Smokechaser, by Warren Yahr. 264 pp; 6x9; map; photos; ISBN: 0-89301-180-0; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 PA. UIDP Yahr came to Idaho as a teenager to work for the Forest Service and became a lookout in the remote Bungalow Ranger Station 28 miles from Pierce, Idaho. In Smokechaser, he recalls his experiences during the years he worked as a lookout watching over large stands of virgin fir, pine, hemlock, cedar, and spruce. Smoke Jumping on the Western Fire Line, Conscientious Objectors in World War II, by Mark Matthews. 336 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 9780806137667; $29.95 HC. UOKP ♦This book tells the story of one important group of World War II conscientious objectors: the men who volunteered for Civilian Public Service as U.S. Forest Service smoke jumpers. Delving into the reasons, mainly religious, why these men chose not to engage in military conflict, Matthews proves that they were anything but cowards; instead, as they risked their lives by parachuting into America‘s western wildernesses to fight fires, they demonstrated true patriotism and courage. Snowbound, by Ladd Hamilton. 240 pp; 6x9; maps; photos; illus; epilogue; appendices; sources; ISBN: 0-87422-154-4; $19.95 PA. WSUP Into the untamed vastness of the Bitterroot mountains go three young New York men, their guide, and a camp cook. This is to be the adventure of a lifetime, but it is already September. Ahead of the hunters, as they make their way up the Lolo Trail, are the record snows of 1893 and a cruel, controversial decision. This is the true story of the Carlin party, whose ill luck and bad judgment drove decent men to an ethical dilemma that intrigued the nation and can still raise an argument wherever people rub shoulders with wilderness. Solo: Her Own Adventure, by Susan F. Rogers. 288 pp; 5½x7; ISBN: 1-878067-74-5; $12.95 PA. SEALP Many women dream of solo adventure. The twenty-two women in SOLO turned their dreams into reality. Whether they light out for a day hike in the Adirondacks, bodyboard with dolphins off the California coast, pedal across New Zealand, road trip through the Northwestern United States or mountain bike the Alaska tundra, each contributor to Solo describes the inspiring challenges and exhilarating rewards of going it alone. The Story of Palo Duro Canyon, edited by Duane Guy. 226 pp; 6x9; index, photos, maps; ISBN: 0-89672-453-0; $17.95 PA. TTUP This includes geology, paleontology, archaeology, history, and make-up of Texas‘ premier canyon. Includes maps and rare archival photos.


A Sword for Mother Nature, the Further Adventures of a Fish and Game Warden, by Terry Grosz. 352 pp; 6x9; ISBN: 1-55566281-1; $18.00 PA. JOHN ♦Terry‘s adventures in 32 years of enforcing wildlife law astonish even his fellow wardens, and he tells them in a way that keeps you turning the pages ‗til there aren‘t any more. Tahoe: From Timber Barons to Ecologists, by Douglas H. Strong. 152 pp; 5½x8½; maps; photos; notes; index; ISBN: 08032-9258-9; $15.00 PA. UNEBP Strong tells the environmental story of the Tahoe Basin from its use by the indigenous Washoe to the present. To whom does Tahoe belong and how should the area be used? The author's extensively researched environmental history examines the struggle between developers and conservationists. Tales of the Grizzly, Thirty-Nine Stories of Grizzly Bear Encounters in the Wilderness, compiled by Tim W. Clark & Denise Casey. 224 pp; 5¼x8¼; illus; ISBN: 0-943972-14-0; $14.95 PA. HOMEP A wonderful collection of stories of how the bear met and reacted to a continually changing environment, a running encounter with the white man's frontier society. Teewinot, a Year in the Teton Range, by Jack Turner. 280 pp; 5¾x8½; map; photos; bibliog; ISBN: 0-312-25197-1; Reduced to retail at: $14.95 HC. STMP In this book of recollections, one of America‘s most beautiful national parks comes alive with mystery and power. Tenting To-Night, by Mary R. Rinehart. 224 pp; 5½x8½; illus; ISBN: 0-931832-13-7; $19.95 PA. RIVB ♦This is the lively account of a 1916 camping trip through Montana‘s Glacier National Park and Washington‘s North Cascades. Teton Tales, and Other Petzoldt Anecdotes, by Paul K. Petzoldt. 224 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 1-57034-015-3; $14.95 PA. ICS Petzoldt begins with his near-fatal climb of the Grand Teton in 1924. What follows is a collection of stories that trace his trail full of switchbacks from the Tetons to Toledo, where he worked as a waiter in a city he describes as a "gangster's paradise"; from Wyoming to Windsor Castle; from Mount Moran to the Matterhorn; and everywhere in between. That Terrible Texas Weather, by Johnny D. Boggs. 256 pp; 5½x8½; map; photos; appendices; notes; bibliog; index; ISBN: 155622-727-2; Reduced to retail at: $10.95 PA. REPTEX From the hurricanes of Indianola to the tornado at Wichita Falls to the drought and heat wave of 1998, this is a sampler of Texas weather through the years –the terrifying storms and other events of weather gone berserk. They Left Their Tracks, Recollection of 60 Years as a Bob Marshall Wilderness Outfitter, by Howard Copenhaver. 192 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 0-912299-46-0; $14.95 PA. STONEY A wilderness outfitter and guide in Montana's fabulous Bob Marshall Wilderness for more than fifty years, Copenhaver has seen it all, done it all -and is recognized as a master story-teller. Now he shares great stories and gripping tales of his wilderness experiences, from the tragic to the humorous. Superb reading! The Thin Green Line, Outwitting Poachers, Smugglers, & Market Hunters, by Terry Grosz. 336 pp; 6x9; photos; ISBN: 155566-348-6; $20.00 PA. JOHN ♦In this sixth and last book, the centerpiece is one of the largest poacher stings in his career and takes place in Colorado‘s San Luis Valley. Includes a color section of wildlife contraband seized, both domestic and international, evidencing the tremendous damage caused by these slimy bastards. This Fragile Land: A Natural History of the Nebraska Sandhills, by Paul A. Johnsgard. 272 pp; 6½x9½; maps; illus; appendices; tables & graphs; glossary; bibliog; index; ISBN: 08032-2578-4; Reduced to retail at: $25.00 HC. UNEBP Though firmly established in science, this book is an extended

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