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									Why Cleanse ?
When early humans felt sick, they instinctively stopped eating in order to give their bodies a chance to cleanse and heal. Animals have this same instinct. Historically, doctors have prescribed cleansing to prevent and treat illness, and in most religions - from Christianity to Judaism - periodic fasting enabled followers to keep their "temples" clean. Today, cleansing is still extremely popular in Europe, especially in Sweden, where spas and clinics abound; even in America, many high-priced spas are opening up everywhere. 65% of the world's population cleanses on a regular basis as an essential element to overall well being. Still, many Americans are in the dark when it comes to understanding the importance of keeping our internal organs clean. We need to wake up. According to "National Geographic," studies have discovered various chemicals from our foods and environment that indicate man contributes 700,000 tons of pollutants into the air every day, ranging from everyday household cleaners to cosmetics and hair dyes. Without a nutritionally rich diet that nourishes and assists the body in cleansing these substances from the body, the body will lose its strength and vitality. The immune system will become suppressed, contributing to an increase in illness, disease, and excess body fat - a major killer in America today. Your body already knows how to cleanse because it undergoes a mini-fast every night as you sleep. That's where the word "breakfast" comes from. Your first stop in the morning is usually the bathroom to shed toxins and wastes from the previous day. Your body has perfected its own internal cleansing system, and it continuously detoxifies itself through the colon, the lungs, the skin, the liver, and the kidneys. But because the foods of today are so overloaded with chemicals, pesticides, hormones, artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, etc., this overload is more than your body can handle and it needs additional help.

We want it fast – we want it now! Let’s face it, we live in a fast paced society and we want everything yesterday. The problem with fastfoods is that they are nutritionally dead, and because they are dead they are killing us. When whole foods like wheat are refined, they are stripped of nutrients that aid digestion, and stripped of fiber that helps sweep food through the colon. Sure, foods that are prepackaged or canned are quick and easy but they contain little or no nutritional value. Foods like white bread and pasta tend to stick and putrefy in the folds and pockets of the intestines. When your colon isn’t eliminating wastes properly, toxins are reabsorbed into the blood, poisoning the entire system and weakening your eliminative organs. Meat, cheeses, butter are also fiberless, "sticky" foods that gradually build up in layers on the colon walls. These extremely acid-producing foods change your lymph fluid from clear and watery to thick and mucousy and render it unable to carry as many toxins out of your body. Your Body – A Fat Manufacturing Machine, or a Fat Burning Machine? A recent Harvard University study revealed that fat is actually an organ. All organs have a job to do. The job of fat is to protect your vital organs from the toxins in your body. The more chemicals and toxins you have, the more fat the body manufactures to enrobe them. When your body is free from these chemicals and toxins it enables your body to release the fat along with excess water and return it to the clean and efficient fat burning machine it was originally designed to be. Serious Fat Facts Fat is not just a cosmetic issue. According to the National Institutes of Health, heart disease is the number 1 killer of Americans with 1,000,000 deaths each year; cancer is number 2. It is estimated that within the next five years, 1 out of every 2 Americans will eventually succumb to heart disease, and 1 out of 3 to cancer. Today one out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. More than 85% of these cases are not genetically linked; they are a result of the toxic environment we live in coupled with nutritionally deprived immune systems that are too weak to fight. A recent study of a 45 year old cadaver who had previously undergone a

mastectomy and eventually died from cancer of the remaining breast revealed that the remaining breast contained 139 chemicals and toxins. Why were they stored in the breast tissue? Because breast tissue is fatty. You are What You Assimilate and Absorb We rely on the villi– little hair-like projections in our intestines– to absorb nutrients and carry them into the blood. Digested foods must be absorbed properly from the intestine into the blood stream to provide the body with these essential nutrients. An overgrowth of the yeast called Candidiasis is very common today. The yeast grows little finger-like projections that tend to "plug up" the villi and nutritional deficiencies can unknowingly and rapidly result. As the physician Deschauer noted centuries ago, "We live not by what we eat, but by what we digest, absorb, and assimilate." Even the healthiest organic diet won’t keep you vital and healthy if you’re not absorbing it! After cleansing, many people find that they can eat 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of food as before, yet feel more energized because of better absorption and assimilation. All Stressed Out Research has shown that stress causes the adrenals to release excess cortisol, a stress hormone that triggers overindulgence in simple carbohydrates: chocolate, candy, sodas, and ice cream, even when you are not hungry. Excess cortisol also contributes to hormone imbalances. Cleansing and proper nutritional intake reduces or eliminates such cravings. Clean liver - Happy Liver Your liver is responsible for over 500 functions including;         processing digested food from the intestine controlling levels of fats, amino acids and glucose in the blood combating infections in the body clearing the blood of particles and infections including bacteria neutralizing and destroying drugs and toxins manufacturing bile storing iron, vitamins and other essential chemicals breaking down food and turning it into energy

 manufacturing, breaking down and regulating numerous hormones including sex hormones  making enzymes and proteins which are responsible for most chemical reactions in the body, for example those involved in blood clotting and repair of damaged tissues. These are only ten of the 500 functions your liver is required to perform on a daily basis. Is it any wonder why you need to keep your liver in top condition? When the liver is clean and functioning optimally then all of the other organs function better too. Dr. John Gray compares the liver to the woman of the house. The woman of the house is usually unable to relax or become romantic if everything around her is a mess. When the woman doesn’t get a break she becomes overwhelmed and has a breakdown. When she isn’t happy, everybody pays! But when the house is clean she is able to relax, she can have romantic feelings, she can easily give and act lovingly to everyone around her, and thus everyone else is happy! The same is true of your liver. Keeping your liver happy is an essential part of obtaining optimal health. Accumulated toxins circulating through the body will poison a person to a relative degree, depending on the amount and time component of the exposure and the liver's functional capability to metabolize the toxins.

Over time a congested liver becomes weak or in some cases, the liver stops functioning altogether, leading to serious diseases like jaundice. A weakened liver also keeps toxins circulating through your blood longer, making it difficult for your body to detoxify its cells and to create new ones. Aging is partly an accumulation of toxins in the cells; these toxins gradually slow down cell regeneration and increase breakdown. Symptoms of a toxic liver include, but are not limited to fatigue, low energy, poor digestion, bad breath, poor skin tone, and various skin conditions. Love handles, excess weight gain, and stubborn weight loss in the mid-section are also symptoms of a toxic liver. The Scoop on Poop (can I say that?) What are normal bowel habits anyway? You take in two to three meals per day so optimally, you should eliminate two to three times per day. A healthy bowel pattern

is to eliminate approximately 30 minutes after EACH meal. If you eat three meals per day and eliminate only once per day then at the end of the week you are 14 bowel movements behind! If you observe a baby’s habits you will see that he or she eliminates immediately after eating. When you do not, your colon becomes so layered with old wastes over time that it can’t maintain its natural peristaltic, or wave-like, motion that carries waste from your body. Laxatives may force your bowels to eliminate the meals you just ate, but what of all the ancient meals still encrusted on your colon walls? If you rely on laxatives to create your "waves", eventually you’ll develop permanently lax muscles in your colon. When you’re not eliminating properly, food may stay in your colon for days, weeks, months, even years, putrefying [rotting] and then poisoning your entire system. 99% of the time, a disease’s seriousness corresponds directly to the level of toxicity. The increase of food born and waterborne intestinal parasite infections may be responsible for many illnesses, including recurring stomach flu and chronic fatigue. Cleansing gets to the root of the problem by cleaning out the old layers of wastes and unfreezing the peristaltic muscles so you can once again "self-cleanse" as nature intended. Humans can unknowingly host thousands of different types of parasites, ranging from microscopic ones to tapeworms that are several feet long. Contrary to popular belief, parasites are not restricted to our colon alone, but can be found in any other part of the body - in the lungs, the liver, the heart, the brain, in the muscles and joints, in the esophagus, the blood, the skin and even in the eyes!” The Parasitology Department of the University of Cambridge, England
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“Parasites are the missing diagnosis in the genesis of many chronic diseases in America. Most individuals would be truly amazed if they knew the extraordinarily high number of Americans who are unknowingly infected by parasites.” Dr. Hermann R. Bueno, Fellow of Royal
Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene of London

Parasites eliminate their waste in your body contributing to your toxicity level and creating an ammonia-like environment. These parasites thrive on sugary foods, sodas, and acidic (non-alkaline) bodies. The worse your diet is, the happier your parasites are. Cleansing your body balances the ph and brings your body into a healthy alkaline state. Why You Need to Take Control There are literally hundreds of diseases known to man and new ones are popping up every day. Here we are in the United States of America, perhaps the most advanced and wealthiest nation on earth, yet we ARE the most malnourished of modern nations. Eighty plus percent of all illness and diseases are caused by man’s lifestyle eating, drinking, and exercise habits. They can be prevented and they can be reversed. It is important to understand that here in the United States of America we have the finest and best physicians and surgeons in the world. If you are injured in an automobile, if you fall off of a cliff or if you lose a limb in an accident you can feel assured that you are in the best hands in the world, right here in America. BUT… If you have a diagnosed degenerative disease, or worse yet, a terminal disease you may want to consider going to Europe, India, Tibet or China for help. The United States trauma physicians are rated #1 in the world but when it comes to treating degenerative illness the United States is not even listed in the top twenty. Why do you think that for the last ten years more patients visited alternative, natural medicine practitioners (chiropractors, neurolink practioners, holistic healers, kinesiologists, herbalists, osteopathic physicians, iridologists, homeopathic physicians, counselors, natural healers, massage therapists and others) than traditional medical doctors? Because patients are more informed today than ever before.

The top 3 killers in America today are Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke. All Preventable! For years statistics associated with deaths from medical mistakes and drug interactions were suppressed. Today the Internet has exposed a statistic that is quite remarkable, a statistic not too many people are aware of and that is that medical mistakes and drug interactions are the fourth biggest killer in America today. That is a sad, alarming statistical fact! The sad truth is that most medical doctors are fantastic at prescribing drugs to mask your symptoms but most of them aren’t much good at all when it comes to preventing health issues in the first place. What incentive does your doctor have to help you get well? After all, a well patient has no need for a doctor. You must take responsibility for your own health. Do not rely on those who get paid only when you are sick, a wiser choice is to rely on products or services that only profit when you get well and stay well. If the top 3 killers in America today are preventable, and the 4 th leading cause is the medical industry that we rely upon to help us with these killers, isn’t it time we wake up and take control? You have just read some incredible and scary facts concerning the health status of America. Please be advised that no one product can resolve or cure illness and/or disease. You are about to be introduced to an incredible technology that can, when used with a sensible, healthy diet as well as a mild exercise program, help you feel better than you have ever felt before in your life. A cleansing system is not a drug and should not be used to replace a drug unless recommended by your doctor. All Cleanses are Not Created Equal Many diet programs contain harmful stimulants and ingredients. Avoid any program of system that contains Ephedra, Ma Huang, or Kola Nut. Diets that do not involve cleansing do not address the root issue, toxins. These types of diets often leave the dieter starving for nutrition and feeling deprived, hungry and craving unhealthy foods. The end result is that people end up a fatter, disappointed version of their prior selves. A thinner body with congested internal organs sends the body into fat production mode commonly known as the rebound effect.

Many cleansing systems on the market today strip the body of essential nutrients. Without proper cleansing you will lose water and muscle and it will return as fat. The cleansing method you choose can sometimes mean the difference between an effective healing program and chronic disappointment and frustration. A very effective cleanse must be fresh and will have organic botanicals such as aloe vera, (the aloe should come from the inner heart fillet, be low temperature spray dried and high in polysaccharides and enzymes), suma, burdock root, pau d’ arco, fennel, peppermint, ginseng, plant source ionic minerals. It will be high in fulvic acid (not to be confused with folic acid) and it should contain organic carbon. An effective cleansing system is not found in one bottle of pills or in bottles of enzyme lacking fruit juice. It must be a system or a technology that incorporates a blend of specific enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to address biochemical stress, phytochemicals as well as organic complex carbohydrates, fibers and organic protein (where the amino acids naturally occur and are not added or fortified or enriched). The system must also have a long term follow up maintenance program that ensures long-term health and wellness. Only specifically blended nutrients can contribute to releasing the chemicals from fat. It is important to use a cleansing system that is not only nutrient dense but also one that is rich in whey protein. This will allow the body to release the toxins while at the same time flood the body with essential nutrients and help it to retain and promote lean muscle mass. Only when the proper combination of nutrients, protein, carbs, minerals and enzymes are used will unhealthy toxic fat literally melt away at an alarming yet safe and effective pace. This is the healthy alternative to nutritionally deficient, disappointing and potentially deadly diets. Isagenix Offers a Complete Package Isagenix understands and addresses each and every one of the issues mentioned above.

Isagenix has developed a cleansing system that contains all of the essential and necessary ingredients to ensure that your body is effectively nourished and revitalized during your cleanse. All of the body’s needs are taken into consideration. The Isagenix system provides a simple to follow, inexpensive and effective way to help you simply and easily cleanse, replenish, revitalize and maintain for a healthy and vibrant future.

And that my Friend, is Why we ALL Need to Cleanse!

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