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					The Water Solution:
Ionized/Energized Water! Why we need it?
Ionized/Energized Water is known by many names; Energized Water, Electrolyzed Water, Reduced Water, Antioxidant Water, Energy Water, Light Water, Magic Water, Microwater, Micro Water or Micro-Water, Soft Water, Easy Water, Live Water, Living Water, Micro-Clustered Water, Structured Water, Alkaline Water, Acid Water, Wet Water, Wetter Water, Whet Water (as in whet your thirst), etc.   Ionized Water has been Energized through the process known as Electrolysis. This process of Electrolysis gives Ionized Water an Electrical Charge that enables Electron Exchange in the body. This Super Conductive Electrical Charge facilitates all DNA, Mineral, Enzyme and Hormone functions. All biological information in the body is transferred by electron exchanges during life processes. Like a defective computer is useless for information transfer so also your body will die without these electron exchanges of information. This can only occur with Ionized Water present. Either you provide it to your body or your body has to create it from what you provide. This can become a huge, even insurmountable, task. Ionized/Energized Water is structured in clusters of 4 to 8 molecules. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance has shown this to be much smaller than most water which has clusters of 10 to 15 molecules. The reduced cluster size helps cells absorb Ionized/Energized Water both quickly and efficiently. Ionized/Energized Water can be either Alkaline or Acidic and both have their uses. All of the most advanced Ionizer Machines can and do output both, at several different levels of pH, on demand, for every purpose. Ionized/Energized Water has dramatic hydrogen bonding capability. All biological processes in the human body require this ability. Electrons in Water spin either to the left or the right. The most desirable is a high speed left spin. Ionized/Energized Water has this quality. Ionized/Energized Water has a low surface tension. This is measured in ‘dynes’. This low surface tension allows for greater absorption of Water and nutrients by the cells of the human, animal and plant body. Ionized/Energized Water can have an alkaline pH of anywhere from ten to thousands of times more than average waters. This can neutralize and remove acid waste, and the bacteria, viruses and parasites that live in that waste, from the body. These microscopic organisms precipitate disease conditions in the body and if you remove their hospitable environment, you remove them, and, you remove the diseases they cause. Ionized/Energized Water is cleansed of Signature Imprints. Everything water is exposed to leaves ElectroMagnetic Frequency (EMF) signatures and imprints that are associated with a multitude of diseases. Ionized/Energized Water has had its EMF signatures 'reset' to zero. Ionized/Energized Water contains huge numbers of hydroxyl ions. No other Water has this. Hydroxyl ions 'neutralize' free radicals more efficiently than consuming bottles of vitamin C or glasses full of H2O2! Only Ionized/Energized Water oxygenates the body via an increase in the Oxygen/Hydrogen angle. No other Water can do this. Ionized/Energized Water Oxygen has positive polarity. Almost all other Waters are negative in their polarity. Only positive polarity Oxygen Water, combined with the Negatively Charged Hydrogen, can efficiently flush out toxins and poisons in the body at the cellular level. This also allows the cells to correctly transmit photons to each other. This allows critical, productive and even reproductive cell-to-cell communication. Ionized/Energized Water hydrates your body better than any other Water. It removes damaging free radicals from your body and oxygenates your body more effectively than any 'oxygen' therapy. Ionized/Energized Water can flush toxins and poisons out of your body better and with considerably less negative effects than any other detoxification program or protocol. Cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, kidney/renal disease, cardiovascular disease, ad infinitum, are all slowed, stopped, and, in many circumstances, reversed when drinking Ionized/Energized Water. Please, please, please don’t drink those Dirty, Diseased and Deadly Waters that are supposed to be clean, pure and healthy but are not. If it is not Ionized/Energized and electrified then it is probably not fit to drink. And remember, not all Ionizers are equal. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you need the right tool for the job. Read the article The Water Problem: Water, Water Everywhere but not a drop fit to drink!

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Critical Looks at Our Water Supply
We work with a growing number of Doctors and Health Professionals who are dedicated to helping their patients achieve and maintain good health. These Professionals note that most people in the US are unaware how excellent quality water is essential for health. Excellent water is becoming a rarity in the USA as well as the rest of the world. Some of the information below may be disturbing but it is all supported by published studies. We present the following in the belief that once you know the facts you will take action. There are articles elsewhere on this site - that discuss the many benefits of not just clean water but also of water that is ionized and alkaline. Newsweek: "Several million Americans are drinking water that is potentially hazardous due to chemical or bacterial contamination" LA Times: "Communities with drinking water contaminated by chemicals are being hit with strange patterns of illness" ABC Network News: "U.S. Industries ... Generate some 88,000,000 pounds of toxic wastes a year, 90% of which, the EPA estimates, are improperly disposed." The New York Times: "More than one in five Americans unknowingly drinks tap water polluted with feces, radiation or other contaminants ... Nearly 1,000 deaths each year and at least 400,000 cases of waterborne illness may be attributed to contaminated water." Houston Chronicle: "The parasite [Cryptosporidium} that killed more than 100 people in Milwaukee in 1996 has been found in drinking water systems that serve 45 million people." USA Today: "Parasites in water is widespread ... can be dangerous, even fatal, to people with weakened immune systems." U.S. News and World Report: "Some individuals, federal officials said last week, should not drink water straight from the tap because a disease causing parasite can slip right through many municipal water treatment systems." The continued exponential growth in human population has created a huge increase in the demand for the Earth's limited supply of freshwater. Thus, protecting the integrity of our water resources is one of the most essential environmental issues of the 21st century. Recent decades have brought increasing concerns for potential adverse human and ecological health effects resulting from the production, use, and disposal of numerous chemicals that offer improvements in industry, agriculture, medical treatment, and even common household conveniences. Research has shown that many such compounds can enter the environment, disperse, and persist to a greater extent than first anticipated. Some of these compounds, such as pesticides, are intentionally released in measured applications. Others, such as industrial byproducts, are released through regulated and unregulated industrial discharges to water and air resources. Household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other consumables as well as biogenic hormones are released directly to the environment after passing through wastewater treatment processes (via wastewater treatment plants, or domestic septic systems), which often are not designed to remove them from the effluent. Veterinary pharmaceuticals used in animal feeding operations may be released to the environment with animal wastes through overflow or leakage from storage structures or land application. As a result, there are a wide variety of transport pathways for many different chemicals to enter and persist in environmental waters. Because of the increased costs involved in trying to treat our polluted water, last year US officials voted to decrease the level of what was defined as "safe" drinking water. We can no longer rely on our Health authorities for good water but must take steps to ensure safety for our own homes.

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Ionized Water Changed my Life The following is an unedited letter from one of our many grateful customers. By request, it is published in full so that you may read how alkaline, Ionized water dramatically changed Mike's life for the better. This water Ionizer product has worked wonders for me in the areas of high blood pressure, severe (almost crippling) foot pain and overall joint pain. Before I started drinking Ionized water I couldn't use the stairs at work...up or down because of the pain. My blood pressure at one time, about a year and a half ago, was 220 over 180 when I was admitted to the hospital and I was on blood pressure pills for over a year. The attendants could not believe I hadn't had a stroke or heart attack. I had to see my doctor and immediately was put on high blood pressure pills. I no longer take the pills and my BP has been in the normal range for the past six months. I just had it tested twice in the last two weeks and it is normal. I was told that I would be on the pills for the rest of my life! I also had serious Prostate problems (prostatitis-sp?) and my prostate is enlarged and has been since University days (30 years). Back in June or July 2005 I think it was, I was in the QEII hospital (Halifax, NS, Canada) and scheduled for a bladder operation and the doctor was all set for it and I ended up saying no to it after he informed me I would more than likely be incontinent for the rest of my life because of the operation. I had heard that this bladder operation had caused other people to be incontinent as well. I already was on prostate medication for about 8 months (and high blood pressure medication as well) and it made me so dizzy at times that I would almost fall off my chair sorting mail at CPC. It was THAT kidding. I hated it and I felt terrible and that is why I was going to get the operation done. The medication helped but only a little bit and the side effects were too awful to justify staying on the medication. I used to be a letter carrier and had several accidents slipping on the ice and such and I had knee surgery on my right knee and rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. I was eventually diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and at one point the pain was so bad I actually could not go walking anymore. I used to say to my wife at one time that I just wanted to be able to enter retirement and be able to enjoy walking, because at that time I couldn't do it and was very scared I would not be able to walk because I had so much knee and foot pain. After the surgery my right knee was much better but I still couldn't walk any distance because I had pain in my left knee and feet as well. The surgeon said I would eventually probably have to have surgery in my left knee as well! Anyway, I was on a lot of pills and because of the possibility of bladder surgery I thought there has to be another way. That is when I started looking into why I was suffering so much with a lot of the health problems I was having. Of course I started looking under STRESS and how that affects the body and after many long nights on the computer reading about stress and the effects on the body and how acid buildup affects the body. I eventually linked to Ionized water at (USA) and then (Australia). I took three or four nights and I read every testimonial and all the articles on both these sites that were in Australia and the US and ordered the MICROLITE water filter and then sometime afterwards, the VIVA Ionized air filter. My wife Ann will tell you it is almost miraculous what this MICROLITE water filter has done for me. I am a converted water drinker now and drink 2-3 liters a day along with a few bicarbonate pills daily. When we are away from home and cannot use our Ionizer water filter unit we use the AlkaLife drops that were also advertised on the site, as instructed. For the first 2 months I drank 4 or more liters of water a day and let me tell you...that was extremely difficult; I believe I could get away with 2 liters a day now but I honestly like drinking the amount that I do. I can honestly say that I am a new person today because of what the change in my health has done for me! I was on sleeping pills, anti depressants, pain killers, high blood pressure pills, and pills for enlarged prostate, pills for my bladder problem and if I dug around the cupboards I probably could find a few others. A year and a half ago I wanted to die! I am not kidding I felt that sick and that bad but today I am off all the pills and have been working out and feel better than I have in many years. My dad is 88 and suffers from high blood pressure. I got him drinking Ionized water about 6 months ago and he just told me the other day he had his checkup and was informed his blood pressure is down. He attributes it to the Ionized water! My brothers and sister are now interested because of what has happened to dad and me. Wonderful product ... I wish I knew about it 10 years ago! Oh yes; we were influenced to buy this particular product because of the proven track record of the product and also because of the enormous amount of information on the websites and the testimonials. Michael Almon Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada


Alkaline Water – Testimonials
Here is a list of some of our testimonials on the benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water.

Anti Aging:" I started using ionized water 2 weeks ago. To me it tasted so sweet and clear (like light water). 2 days ago I noticed that the aged patch of skin on my neck started to feel soft and pliable and it peeled away in my fingers (something that has never happened before). Then on my leg I had patches of eczema that I had been treating with cream that my naturopath had recommended for years, nothing seemed to clear it, and now it has just disappeared. I am so pleased, I have been telling my friends about the magic way this water works." Ettie Simons (75 years old)

Fasting: " We are delighted! We celebrated with a two week juice fast, supplemented with liters of ionized water which is very easy to drink. Feel a tremendous health benefit on physical and mental level. We're recommending friends to save and make this worthwhile purchase." Mark and Fiona Johnson

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: I am letting you know that my doctor had diagnosed me with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and Occupational Asthma to boot. The exposure that I have been unfortunately inundated with includes Polyurethanes, varnishes, Oil based enamels, Acrylic based paints, General based thinners, Mineral Turpentine, spirit based stains and oil based stains, all paint dusts including Automotive and house and commercial paints you would find in paint stores and also cleaning chemicals of every kind. I believe you all are getting the picture by now and that is why I have the privilege, no, the pleasure to give anyone who can use these alkaline ionizer water filters help for their advantage in their health and well being as I am slowly being transformed into a normal person again ~ where limits I had before are dissolving away and the pain and hard to breathe symptoms are disappearing. I firstly like to thank ... and secondly to God, for letting him and inspiring this technology to be in ... my grasp to help people like me that have health problems. My diet is constantly changing and so the amount of water that I am drinking is kind of puzzling about a gallon a day, no chance that those 8 glasses of water has to chase me; it's too easy to drink ~ especially on level 1. The dog's on it and my girl friend is on it and they have increased energy and the tiredness seems to ooze out of them to be replaced with that keenness that when you had as a child. I implore anyone who has wants to improve their life from the inside out you must try this water system, faith is like water: its the 70% basis of our body and its all over our big blue planet you don't have to be a scientist to work that one out. Regards, Bruce Holla

ARTHRITIS: "When I started to drink this delicious water 6 years ago, it took about 4 weeks and all my arthritic pains in my thumb, wrists and knee disappeared to be never heard of since. it helps my digestion and makes me feel clean inside out." Ama Kalda "I know this water is oxygenated by the effect it has on me." Mary Collis ECZEMA: "Eczema over half my body disappeared with the water." Bhadra Warrington MIGRAINE: " I haven't had one migraine since I began my daily Ionized water." Steve Ebsworth

ASTHMA: Darren and Bronia Tasker purchased a Water Ionizer over a year ago. Darren relates that both he and Bronia went through detox in the first two weeks. Afterwards, they had more energy, and became more alert physically and mentally. They also found that other waters basically made them feel sick. Bronia had been an


asthmatic all of her life and her breathing improved. The morning mucus attack she had to endure reduced dramatically.
Everyone who drinks Ionized water has their own story. Every one of these testimonials, and thousands of others, is on file at our corporate offices. It is fascinating to read what a simple change in water does. RN Ralph …improved circulation…mental and physical levels much higher…If you don't have good health, you have nothing! Ettie Simons (75 years old)… it tasted so sweet and clear (like Light Water) …on my leg I had …eczema…nothing seemed to clear it… just disappeared…I am so pleased…the magic way this water works." Pamela Piersol " I just wanted to say how much I love this ionized water! …arthritis in my fingers…went away once I started the water …want to thank the makers…for this product that has helped me in so many ways! Mark and Fiona Johnson "..delighted! … Feel a tremendous health benefit…physical and mental… recommending friends…save and…purchase." Kathy Scholes "I couldn't believe the difference it made…energy levels…sense of well being…slept better…didn't crave chocolate and coffee…just wanted to keep drinking it (Light Water) all the time…I feel and look fitter and healthier…doing twice as much as I used to be able to…hardly ever get sick…erratic mood swings have stabilized…Ionized water…off my addiction to coffee…without…withdrawal symptoms Adam Blanch "Love my water! Maurie O'Kane "…let you know of my satisfaction…recommend the system to anyone…Ionized water soft…pleasant…healthy Anna Heiskari "The kids raid our freezer for Ionized water icecubes. They never…bothered with ordinary water ice." Graeme Kusabs " My eyesight improved within 2 weeks." Bruce Holla …doctor…diagnosed me with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome…Occupational Asthma…being transformed into a normal person again...pain and hard to breathe symptoms…disappearing…dog's on it…girl friend is on it…they have increased energy…as a child…anyone who wants to improve their life from the inside out…must try this water… Col Ryan "My …Louise is 79…dropped ten years and all her depression...I feel great…so does the dog! Len Martin "Great water. Love it." Jenny Dunn "…more alive…on my Ionized water." Jeff Cross "…my heart palpitations…stopped within a week! Michael Czajka "Alkaline water…eliminated my sore throat…it's the one that worked." Kerri, Lexi, Bryce & Mom "We can drink far more water without bloating." JSC Within just a few days…feel a huge difference to my health…water tasted so 'sweet'…drank it like a fish…appetite started changing…found…I didn't even want…snacks between meals…coffee consumption dropped…to one or two a week…craving just went away…beverage of choice is now…alkaline water…energy levels …gone up…way beyond what I…thought possible…alkaline water kick-started a 'virtuous cycle' of health…genuinely excellent…service." M. Gabriel "… previously taking medication for reflux…felt terrible…Haven't taken any medication since using the Ionizer." Sasha Janson … had dehydrated skin and deep lines on my face … very oily skin and hair ...after one day of drinking the water my skin stopped being oily...felt hydrated and plump Daniel R. Nikles …fantastic tool to support or gain health. …water has improved our well being … I will gladly recommend it to anyone. Mary Collis "I know this water is oxygenated by the effect it has on me." Ama Kalda " all my arthritic pains in my thumb, wrists and knee disappeared…helps my digestion…makes me feel clean inside out." Bhadra Warrington "Eczema over half my body disappeared with the water." Steve Ebsworth "…haven't had one migraine since I began…daily Ionized water." Darren and Bronia Tasker …more energy…more alert physically and mentally
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Mar 30, 2007 10:33 am US/Central Blood Sprays Out of Sewer, On City Worker Bridgette Bornstein Reporting (WCCO) Minneapolis A Minneapolis city worker is worried about blood in the sewer system because he said, while he was cleaning the system, blood sprayed out of a hole and got all over him. "We could tell it was blood, I mean large amount of blood," said Minneapolis Sewer Maintenance Worker Ron Huebner. It happened about two weeks ago in Northeast Minneapolis near a lab that does medical testing and dumps blood into the sewer. It is allowed but the city is now making changes to help protect workers in the future. "Blood just all over my face, in my mouth, I could taste it. It was terrible. I had it in my mouth and I kept spitting and I couldn't get rid of it," said Huebner. Huebner said he hasn't been sleeping much. He's worried about the blood that he swallowed when he was operating a jet machine to clean out the sewer. The Met Council said it was a mix of human and animal blood used in medical testing at this nearby lab. In fact, the company, R & D Systems, does have a permit to dump blood in the sewer system. However, Huebner wasn't protected or warned about the blood because his immediate bosses didn't know about. "We did not specifically know that this particular facility was discharging blood into the sewer system," said Minneapolis Public Works Deputy Director Heidi Hamilton. There have been some changes, including more coordination among city departments so key information in permits gets to the right people and there's more required safety gear. "We have changed the procedure to ensure they're wearing goggles or a face mask while they are above that manhole," said Hamilton. The Met Council is changing the permit to say that the city has to warn the lab it's coming to clean the sewer, and the lab has to stop discharging blood until they're done. R & D told the city the blood shouldn't present any risk, but Huebner's still worried. "I'm going to hope that nothing's wrong with me, but I don't want to see this happen to anyone else in my department," said Huebner. The Met Council issued the permit. When asked if it's safe to have blood in the sewers, the Met Council said it is no more harmful than most other wastes in the sewer. The sanitary sewer system is the appropriate place for this type of liquid wastes. There are other companies that have permits to discharge blood in the sewer system. According to the Met Council, there are about four slaughterhouses, about 20 hospitals, and about a dozen medical and pharmaceutical companies that have permits. R & D Systems did not return calls made to their business. (© MMVII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)


The Next Added 100 Million Americans - Part 2

The Lack Of Water
By Frosty Wooldridge
Associated Press writer James McPherson on July 30, 2006 wrote a piece "Without Rain, Dakotas Dry Up." He reported, "Fields of wheat, durum and barley in the Dakotas this summer will never end up as pasta or breadwhat is left is hot winds blowing clouds of dirt from dried-out ponds." More than 60 percent of the United States suffered abnormally dry or drought conditions last summer. I traveled through 48 states in June, July and August. I saw burned up corn and pigmy crops from the lack of water. This drought stretched from Georgia to Arizona and from Montana to Wisconsin. Mark Svoboda, climatologist for the National Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska said, "The Dakotas are the epicenterit's just a wasteland in north central South Dakota." Is there a chance that America will experience commensurate rain fall to provide food and water for that added 100 million in 34 years? Will we be able to feed and water the 300 million already in the USA? Is there a chance that science might produce miracle crops that grow without water? As farmland and wetlands vanish by the millions of acres for new malls, highways and housing, do our water supplies grow? Short answer: No! Along with lack of water, we degrade water quality. Californians buy more filtered water than anywhere else in America. Why? They can't provide enough clean water to their 37.5 million residents. What about polluted and chemicalized water run-off. We spray crops; inject insecticides and herbicides into millions of acres of farmland. It seeps into our groundwater and runs into our rivers. The Mississippi River spews millions of gallons of fertilizer and chemically poisoned water into the Gulf of Mexico that creates a 3,000 square mile dead zone where fish or native marine life can't live. Every river running to the oceans carries enormous amounts of poisons. Acid rain from toxic air pollution falls with every rain storm. Water? It's no longer pure. It's no longer clean. It's dangerously polluted. It's no longer ample. With an added 100 million people, our supply, our way of life, our nation and our society faces consequences we may not be able to solve.

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