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					Regular Meeting of the Clinton Village Board June 5, 2007 7:00 p.m. Clinton Village Hall MEETING MINUTES The meeting was called to order by President Jensen at 7:00 p.m. Roll Call: President Jensen; Trustees: Bushue, Hahn, Kroeze, Quillen, Ruston and Torkilson. Trustees absent: None. Also present: Chris Lear, Jim Korth and Bill Kienbaum. Approval of Minutes and Agenda Ruston moved and Torkilson seconded to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2007 and May 21, 2007 meetings with amendments. Motion carried 7-0. Ruston moved and Kroeze seconded to approve the June 5, 2007 meeting agenda. Motion carried 7-0. Public Appearances A. Public Comments – None. B. Correspondence and Communications – Jensen reported on a letter from the Rock County CDBG Funds available for improvements to Clinton homes. A letter was also received from the Mayors of Washburn, Bayfield and Ashland, Wisconsin inviting public officials to a meeting on Sustainable Communities. She also has a newsletter from MSA Engineering regarding Washburn’s efforts in community sustainability. C. Board Member Comments - Ruston has received a complaint on water backing up in the West Alley downtown. It happened during a rain event last week. The water backed up to as high as the back door of Rock N Rogers. Administrator Lear will inform Roger Johnson. Board members also would like a notice of meetings to be sent to newspapers in Janesville, Clinton and Beloit. Approval of Checks and Invoices, Action on Purchase Orders, If Applicable Kroeze moved and Ruston seconded to approve the invoices presented since the May 15, 2007 meeting. Motion carried 7-0. Report of Village President, Committee Reports A. Village President – 1. Administrator interview questions were forwarded to President Jensen from Trustees. E. Plan Commission1. Torkilson reported on the recent Comprehensive Plan, planning session conducted by Planner Pam Lazaris. The meeting was helpful and productive. The Plan is going well. F. Park/Recreation Board – 1. Ruston reported that at the May 29th meeting, members discussed future plans for HeldtPaulson Park. Administrator Lear will be working on a draft plan. G. Forestation Board – Bushue reported that the Board is working on an inventory of Parks and Public Grounds this year. They will present their plans at the next Park Board meeting. Report of Village Officials B. Administrator/Clerk, &Treasurer – Chris Lear reported on several projects he plans to tackle while serving as Interim Administrator. C. Village Engineer – Kienbaum reported that the HWY 140 project is progressing well and on schedule. Water Main work should be complete in the current section by tomorrow, with

water lateral work to be completed soon. Once this section is complete, the project moves to the south side of the railroad tracks for the final part near DeLongs. D. Police Chief – Chief Korth had nothing to report. Unfinished Business A. Bushue moved and Ruston seconded to approve the Signatory Resolution for the General fund bank account. Motion carried 7-0. New Business A. The Board discussed the cost of fuel. Administrator Lear will check to see how much the Village pays for gasoline at the Citgo station. B. The Board discussed whether all Department Heads should have employment agreements, as currently just two have them. Trustees were encouraged to think about this for future discussion. Until then, Administrator Lear will poll Department Heads as to their preference. C. Street Lights for Scot Drive were discussed. Administrator Lear will work through Roger Johnson to determine the cost of installation. D. Ruston moved and Torkilson seconded to approve an Operator’s License for Carrie Lee. Motion carried 7-0. E. Ruston moved and Quillen seconded to approve an Operator’s License for Carl White. Motion carried 7-0. F. Quillen moved and Ruston seconded to approve a Temporary Class “B/”Class B” License for the Clinton Tub Run Committee, limiting consumption to Allen Street, south of Front Street, not to Cross Street as had been requested on the License Application. Motion carried 7-0. G. Ruston moved and Bushue seconded to approve Cigarette License renewals for Boxcars Pub & Grub; Citgo of Clinton; Clinton Foods; Cougar Lanes; E&J Camping D/B/A Rock-NRogers North; IT Petroleum; Tex’s Too and Ziggy’s Incorporated. Motion carried 7-0. H. Ruston moved and Torkilson seconded to approve Operator’s License renewals for Kathleen M. Clothier; Bonnie M. Dearth; Kathryn L. Hakes; Heather N. Hatch; Cheryl D. Henthorn; LeRay J. Krause; James R. McMartin; Randalynn R. Pogorelski; Tim Pogerelski; Melissa L. Radtke; Karen L. Schultz; Jennie Seeley; Audriene E. Smith; Angela M. Splan; Betty J. Thompson; Sandra L. VanderVeen and John E. Ziegler. Motion carried 7-0. I. Ruston moved and Bushue seconded to approve Liquor Licenses for: Class “A”- Tex’s Too and Ziggy’s Inc.; Class “B” Beer and Class “B” Liquor- Cougar Lanes, E&J Camping D/B/A Rock-N-Roger’s North and TNA Inc.; and Class “B” Beer and Class “C” Wine to Passport Pizza & Pasta LLC. Motion carried 7-0. J. Quillen moved and Ruston seconded to approve Coin Operated Machine permits to; Boxcars Pub & Grub; Cougar Lanes and E&J Camping D/B/A Rock-N-Rogers North. Motion carried 7-0. Media Questions- None Adjournment- Kroeze moved and Ruston seconded to adjourn. Motion carried 7-0. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. Respectfully Submitted Christopher B. Lear Interim Village Administrator/Clerk