Tutor: Nadia Brydon MNIMH, Dip Phyt, MRCHM, Dip Ac. MAR. BRCP, ITEC, HMA (Student Member). Hippocrates Health Educator and Living Light Associate Raw Food Chef and Instructor. Subject: Raw and Living Food based on the Hippocrates Institute. Dates: Spring term 2005: Every Monday evening for 10 evenings from 10th Jan to 21st March 2005 (except Monday 7th Feb). Summer Term 2005: Every Monday evening from 2nd May to 11th July (except 30th May & 4th July). Time: 7-9 pm tutorial. 9 - 9.30pm reserved for sharing and discussion. Where: 309 Duncan House, Dolphin Square, London SW1V 3PW. Map attached. Tube station is PIMLICO (5 mins away) and bus is No 24. It is a 20 minutes walk from Victoria Station. Parking is free after 6.30 pm. 309 is on the third floor of Duncan House. Cost: £15 per person per evening except evenings with an asterix * which cost £25 per evening for food demo evenings. Series of 10 evenings if booked and paid in advance costs £200 (saving of £10) otherwise payment on the night. Please book place by email or phone beforehand. Booking: If booking for a whole series please send a cheque for £200 with booking. Cheque payable to “Nadia Brydon” and send to: 309 Duncan House, Dolphin Square, London SW1V 3PW Tel: 020 7798 8142. Booking form attached with Map. Number: up to 12 people. Purpose: Teaching, Education, sharing, discussion and support of the Raw and Living Food Lifestyle. Aim: Each person to feel healthier, happier, more alive, increased energy and passion for life, inspired and supported. More in touch with nature and their own inner nature and to gain total confidence in all aspects of the living food lifestyle, learn how and why to do it, how to prepare delicious foods and incorporate some or all of the ideas into their lives, meet others interested in raw and living food and share ideas amongst the group. ******** * *

Dates and topics covered:
10th Jan & 2nd May - Sprouting* : How, why and what sprouts, pitfalls, Nadia‟s secrets for perfect sprouting!, travelling with sprouts, sprouting for health and healing, medicinal qualities of each sprout, what seeds and where to buy them. Getting started on Wheat grass.

17th Jan & 9th May - Food prep demo: juicing and milks* which machine, where to buy machines, costs, demos of different machines, cleaning machines, which juices, which combo of juices, why juice, juice tasting, where to buy organic fruit and veg. 24th Jan & 16th May - Enemas, detoxification, fasting: when and how to do enemas, different detox methods, herbal kits to use for detoxing, ie Ejuva, Richard Schulz, Herbs Hands Healing, Bioforce Detox Box, how long to detox or fast, colonics, foods and liquids during fasting and detoxing, what is a healing reaction, who should and should not fast, detox or do enemas, water therapy, hot and cold showers, cold sheet treatment, skin brushing, liver and kidney flushing, lymphatic drainage. Naturopathy. 31st Jan & 23rd May - Theory of Raw and Living Food: As advocated by Hippocrates Institute, Optimum Health Institute, Tree of Life, Hallelujah Acres, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Leaders in the field ie Brian Clement, Mitchell May, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr Ann Wigmore, David Wolfe, Dr Gabriel Cousens etc. Meridians, Photosynthesis, Ayurveda, why living food is so important physically, mentally and spiritually. Kirlian photography, the Essene teachings, The Hippocrates Programme. 14th Feb & 6th June - Oxygen, minerals, Enzymes and Acid Alkaline. Oxygen and Deficiency signs. Minerals: where do they come from and why we need them and deficiency signs. Enzymes: what are they, how do we get them and deficiency signs. Acid Alkaline balance: what this is, what is balance, how to achieve it. Signs and symptoms when out of balance. Supplements: Blue green Algae, Chlorella, Superfoods, seaweeds, herbs etc. 21st Feb & 13th June - Food prep and demo*: dehydrated food and dehydrating demo of Flax crackers, granola, breads and biscuits. Machines and costs etc. th 28 Feb & 20th June - All aspects of Wheat grass*: how to grow it, how much to use, where, when to use it, how to juice it, types of different grasses ie Kamut, Barley grass, Wheat Grass etc, allergies, machines, why grass helps in the healing of diseases, travelling with wheat grass, different ways to use wheat grass, pitfalls of growing etc. 7th March & 27th June - Food Prep and demos*: Nori rolls, soups, sauces, puddings, torts, decorating and food presentation. 14th March & 11th July - Food Prep and demos*: Pasta, dressings, ravioli, pizza, foods from different cultures for all occasions. 21st March & 18th July - Food Demo - Pate and Party night: „Bring food and recipes to share night‟ and where to from here……….

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