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									                              Safeco knowS
                       every community haS heroeS.

Agent Giving Program

Every community has heroes — individuals supporting nonprofit
organizations that inspire strong, diverse communities.
Safeco wants to partner with our agents to identify and celebrate those community heroes with a
$15,000 grant. You provide the nominations and we’ll review and select the top heroes.

This December, we plan to honor up to 40 outstanding community volunteers whose work contributes
to the empowerment of underserved urban communities or to the provision of disaster relief and
rebuilding assistance across the country. Your hero may be an individual widely admired within your
community, or perhaps a coworker in your agency office.

Local heroes selected to receive a Community Hero Award from Safeco will receive a $15,000 grant
for the nonprofit organization where they work or volunteer, a certificate of appreciation from Safeco,
and recognition in Safeco’s Agent magazine.

Please nominate your community hero by October 30th at Recipients of
Safeco’s Community Hero Awards will be announced in December.

                                                                                  NOMINATE YOUR HERO BY OCTOBER 30TH AT

                                                                        Russell Lee, Simi Valley, California
                                                                        Nominated by Ed Darling of Darling Insurance Services

                                                                        Russell Lee helps at-risk young adults through
                                                                        his Fallen Hero Legacy Scholarship Program.

                                                                        Nominating agent Ed Darling describes Russell Lee as an
                                                                        incredible man, 73 years young. Concerned about widespread
                                                                        gang violence in his community, Lee started the Fallen Hero
                                                                        Legacy Scholarship Program to extend the opportunity to attend
                                                                        college or a vocational trade school to at-risk young adults.
                                                                        Scholarships are one piece of a four-part youth program
                                                                        administered by Lee’s organization with widespread community
                                                                        support, and partly funded through the collection of inkjet and
                                                                        toner cartridges otherwise headed to local landfills. Lee’s
                                                                        organization collects the environmentally harmful cartridges,
                                                                        recycles rather than disposes of them, and uses the recycling
                                                                        reimbursement to fund Fallen Hero Legacy scholarships. The
                                                                        belief underlying Lee’s work is that “We are all citizens of our
                                                                        communities. We are all affected by what happens in the world
                                                                        around us. And we all have a duty and a role to play to make
                                                                        our world better than it was before us.”

                                                                                                                                Safeco Agent Giving Program
                              Charles Clayton, Fort Dodge, Iowa                                       Beverly Miller, Lebanon, Missouri
                              Nominated by Ryan E. Smith                he
                                                                                                      Nominated by Bob Garner of
                              of Kingsgate Insurance Center, Inc                                      Garner Associates

                              Charles Clayton provides
                              a brighter future for                                                   Beverly Miller raises the bar
                              underprivileged youth                                                   for American Red Cross
                              in his community.                                                       chapters across the country.

Charles Clayton is the Director of Athletics for Education and        Beverly Miller is the Director of the Lebanon Chapter of the Ameri-
Success (AFES), an organization that provides underprivileged         can Red Cross. Under her leadership, the Lebanon Chapter has
youth an opportunity to participate in athletic programming they      acquired a national reputation for their local relief efforts, and
may otherwise be unable to afford. AFES’ athletic programming is      the assistance they have provided to relief efforts in other
coupled with education concerning social issues relevant to the       communities. For example, ice storms in Lebanon last winter
young participants. In addition to starting AFES, Clayton initiated   forced more than four hundred people to seek refuge in a shelter
a Fort Dodge Disproportionate Minority Representation Council         operated by the Lebanon Chapter. Nationally, Miller and several
to determine why minority children are arrested six times more        other volunteers spent many days and nights contributing to
often than their Caucasian peers in Fort Dodge, and how the           disaster relief efforts in West Virginia, New Orleans, Kansas, and
community can work to positively change such an unequal arrest        California this year. Nominating agent Bob Garner believes Miller
rate. Nominating agent Ryan Smith has the highest regard and          has done a “magnificent job” recruiting and training volunteers,
praise for Clayton, believing Clayton was responsible for helping     partnering with local agencies, and engaging community
Smith “develop the confidence to be successful in all his future      members in Red Cross activities — all while securing needed
endeavors by taking the time to encourage him in his youth.”          resources for future disaster relief efforts.

We know Safeco agents find many meaningful ways
to engage in the communities where they live and work.

To honor your community involvement, Safeco has dedicated funds to support nonprofit organiza-
tions where Safeco agents volunteer with grants typically ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

To maximize the impact of our giving dollars, the Safeco Agent Giving Program will provide grants
to organizations that work to empower underserved urban communities, or provide relief and
rebuilding assistance to communities impacted by natural disasters.

Safeco supports local programs across the U.S. that fit within the aforementioned focus areas. We
call on you, our agents, to nominate qualified nonprofit organizations at


Sadly, we will not be able to award a grant to every nonprofit our agents nominate. However, we do
offer matching gifts to support the community connections of our agents that aren’t recognized
with a grant.

Safeco will match agent or agency gifts of $500
to $5,000 — up to a cumulative annual total of $5,000 per agency — made to nonprofit organiza-
tions doing work within our focus areas.

                                                                                  NOMINATE AN ORGANIZATION FOR A GRANT OR
                                                                                  REQUEST A MATCHING GIFT AT WWW.SAFECOGIVES.COM

                                                                                                                      Safeco Agent Giving Program

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