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Senior Pastors of Christian Revival Church, Pastors At & Nyretta Boshoff

INTRODUCTION: When we minister to people, we must remember we are affecting people’s destiny – spiritually, emotionally and indirectly physically. What we say cannot be easily blotted out or corrected. Your commitment to God is vital, as you are firstly representing Him, then the leadership and the Vision of Christian Revival Church. THE ALTAR WORKERS MUST COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS FOR SUNDAY CELEBRATIONS 1. Be a member of Christian Revival Church. 2. Be born again and Spirit filled and daily praying in tongues. 3. Be approved by your Zone Pastor who must be convinced that the altar worker qualifies and will maintain a standard of excellence. 4. Be prepared to undergo on going training. 5. Commit to attend Sunday services and attend prayer meetings, before services. 6. Attend a Home Fellowship. 7. Adhere to dress and hygiene code: Dress code for ladies is “elegant and modest”. See through blouses, strapless tops, too tight fitting clothes, tracksuits and tackies do not meet the criteria. Men must always be neat and tidy. Shorts and sandals are unacceptable. Always wear your Identification card when ministering on Sundays. At all times have well groomed hair, fingernails, clean bodies and fresh breath. 8. You are an ambassador for Jesus Christ and you reflect His image. The way you speak, dress and conduct yourself, both in and out of the counseling room affects your ministry. Christianity is a lifestyle – allow your life to be an example to others. People look at you wherever you are – they must be able to recognize you as a child of the Most High God. 9. Refrain from using drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, etc. If someone else follows your example, you have become a stumbling block to him or her. Romans 15:2,3:- “Let every one of us please his neighbor for his good to edification. For even Christ pleased not Himself; but, as it is written, the reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me.”

PRACTICAL ISSUES: While Ministering to someone: 1. Avoid becoming emotionally involved with the person’s need. 2. Avoid physical contact, especially when emotions run high, except when laying on of hands when praying. 3. Use the person’s name while you are speaking to him/her. 4. Be observant when you pray for the person. Look at their bodily manifestations, it already tells a “story”. 5. The Bible and the Bible ALONE is your source of reference. The Scriptures are the foundation on which everything you say must be based. In ministering to people, it is not your testimony or experience which saves people, but the Word of God. Know your Scriptures well. 6. Try not to get involved in an argument about different doctrines. 7. Never criticize people, other churches or pastors, let alone CRC or any of our pastors. Just give positive advice. 8. Don’t ask the inquirer to join CRC. Refer people of other churches, back to their pastor. 9. If you feel you cannot handle a situation or problem, ask a pastor to help you. When you feel you are out of your depth in situations, e.g. suicidal tendencies; abortions; murder or any illegal situation; rape; abuse; assault; hi-jacking or loss of loved ones etc. please call a pastor to make a personal appointment with the person. If the inquirer is someone of the opposite gender and they confess sexual problems, call an alter worker of the same gender.

AREAS THAT YOU MUST JUST QUICKLY QUESTION ON, BEFORE MINISTERING TO SOMEONE: If a believer comes forward for the prayer line, ask yourself - “why is this Christian thinking your prayer is more effective than theirs?” By asking the following questions you can usually determine where their walk with God is. Our focus should always be to make sure Jesus stays the Mediator between God and man. 1 Timothy 2:5: - “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.” Questions that will help you to discern the real needs and how to pray: When did you come to know Jesus? (Never take peoples’ salvation for granted) What do you want us to pray about? (Never pray for “unspoken” requests.) How long have you had this problem? How are you doing with Bible reading / your prayer life/ church attendance etc.? (If these are out of order it is usually the reason why they want ministry.) Have you received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and are you praying in tongues daily? (This question is obviously needful to ask if the person is feeling low/depressed and discouraged etc.) If it’s a physical need a few pointers will help: If they are booked for an operation, don’t pray for anything else but the issues around the operation/recovery/protection/family needs etc. Don’t ever come with “big faith statements” – that discourages the person. Unless God clearly speaks to you, keep quite! Don’t let a believer feel a “second class” Christian because they were not able to believe for a divine healing. Ask how long the condition has been manifesting. Was there any other trauma around the time period? (This will help to pray for the healing of emotions too!) Pray specific and speak to the mountain of disease. (It is God’s will to heal) (Mark 11:23-26)

The Scripture also indicates that sometimes problems are connected to unforgiveness. Discern when you need to probe into that area.

Never say: “I think you have unforgiveness” always allow people to share their own heart needs. People fall under the power of the Presence of God. If you pray there are some areas to be sensitive about. (We’ll handle it under deliverance) Scriptures to note in your Bible for healing:Exodus 15:16 Exodus 23:25-26 Proverbs 4:20-22 1 Peter 2:24 Psalm 91:16 Psalm 103:1-3 Psalm 107:20 3 John Acts 10:38 1 Peter 2:24

Mark these scriptures in your Bible in chain form for easy reference. If your inquirer is abnormally under or over weight, with great tenderness and respect inquire about the relaxation/recreation/exercise and eating habits. The body will give in under undisciplined lifestyle. 7. Remember we must never come across as “know-alls” or too prescriptive in any form of counsel. The person in need MUST MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS about their future well being. All discipline like church attendance/Bible reading and prayer must not be conveyed as “works” to demand “rewards” from God. What pleases God and brings a response of His GRACE and MERCY, is our FAITH! 8. If people request prayer for financial struggles, inquire about their giving and tithing. Don’t give a whole Bible study, but connect them to a leader who could assist them in this with private instruction on budgeting.

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