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					                                Sample - Driver Safety Contract

This company prides itself on providing its employees with quality vehicles for the
performance of company-related functions and expects in return, that these vehicles
will be maintained properly and operated safely. With that in mind, please read the
following guidelines carefully.

This company cares about the safety and well-being of its fleet drivers. We are
committed to reducing the economic cost and human trauma associated with the
unsafe operation of motor vehicles. By accepting a position with company that involves
the use of a company vehicle, you are agreeing to be a safe and responsible driver,
adhering to this company’s vehicle policy can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Every driver of a company vehicle must read, understand and accept this contact, and
to signify so with a signature.

Each approved company driver shall:

         Have a valid driver’s license for the state in which you live.

         Ensure that you, and all passengers wear a seat belt while the vehicle is in

         No one other than company personnel ride in a company vehicle

         Drive appropriately for prevailing weather conditions, and in observance of all
         traffic laws.

         Do not use any equipment that facilitates illegal or unsafe driving (radar

         Drive only when in acceptable physical and emotional health. Avoid driving if
         your judgment is impaired.

         Ensure that only company authorized drivers operate company vehicles.

         Will notify company management of any traffic violations as described in the
         company’s Vehicle Safety Policy.

I have read and understand the company’s Vehicle Safety Policy and Driver Safety

Signature                                                                        Date
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