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SMB Converged Communications Solution
> Quick Reference Sales Guide This guide is designed to help you easily access useful information when approaching a Business Communications Manager sales opportunity. For customers, the benefits of IP telephony include lower costs through network simplification, higher employee productivity, improved customer service, more revenue and greater profitability. However previously, due to initial high infrastructure costs, these benefits have not been available for small to medium sized businesses. The Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) is a communications system that integrates sophisticated voice and data capabilities, VoIP gateway functions, wireless mobility, security and a full suite of business building applications. With its ease of use, ease of installation and highly flexible architecture, BCM brings small site SMB and multisite enterprise customers the convergence capabilities that were previously only available to larger sized sites. Offered at a very attractive price point, the combination of these features together with enhanced market coverage will make BCM an exciting addition to a customer’s network.

How BCM Works
BCM is available in three versions: BCM50, BCM200 and BCM400. All these products offer an approach to IP that transforms multiple networks into a single multi-service network while driving simplicity to the desktop. BCM provides: • IP Telephony • Integrated Internet Access • Simplified Network Infrastructure • Simplified Management • Call Centre Applications: Basic (all models) and Advanced (BCM200/400 only) • Wireless Solutions (Choice of WLAN or Digital — BCM200/400) • Integrated Data Capabilities, Including VPN • Choice of Environment (Digital and IP-enabled, or Full IP Strategy) • Unified Messaging • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) — BCM200/400 • Keycode-Enabled Applications • Security Features • Fax Messaging Customers have the choice of using digital telephones, analogue telephones, IP telephones or a combination — whatever best fits their needs. In addition, BCM provides a smooth migration path to IP trunking, mobility and multimedia applications enabled by IP as it makes sense for their business.

Customer Benefits
Secure Communications For digital telephony, BCM offers many integrated security features, such as Restriction Services that enables system administrators to prevent toll fraud on a set-by-set basis by forcing each set to adhere to BCM call restrictions. For customers adopting VoIP, BCM delivers security across the network, including web proxy features similar to the Domain Naming System (DNS) proxy, integrated firewall and security measures like Network Address Translation (NAT), Basic and Stateful packet filtering, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), VPN support with IPSec and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Streamline Costs When customers choose BCM, they can profit from the full operational advantages of IP-based convergence, plus the advanced applications and increased ability to collaborate, which go along with an IP-based infrastructure. By converging voice and data on a single, packet-switched network, customers can reduce maintenance and management costs, since IT staff are only operating one network for both voice and data. This also means that only one cable drop is made to each desk or meeting room to enable both voice and data connectivity. Increase Revenues: Expand Customer Base and Improve Customer Service In order to improve customer service, businesses need to make each customer interaction as quick and efficient as possible. To assist in achieving these objectives, BCM enables applications such as Call Centre that can automatically route incoming calls to the agent best equipped to handle the request. Simplify Administration In a large network of BCMs, Network Configuration Manager provides a single view of the network with a common database for storing and managing the BCM system, inventory, and configuration information. This centralised database stores information about every network device, allowing the administrator complete visibility of the network. Future-Proof Networks Nortel enables smooth migration paths to pure IP solutions. When this IP vision is combined with the BCM architecture, its ability to support numerous PSTN connections points, and unparalleled investment protection, it won’t be difficult to demonstrate the long-term service viability this product delivers.

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BCM Target Customers/Market Segments
Nortel has identified the following three primary customer profiles as key target markets: • Small standalone or multi-site customers (from 3 to 20 people) for voice and voice with applications • Small to Medium-sized, standalone or multisite businesses (20 to 200 users per site) for voice, voice with applications, and converged solutions • Large enterprises with independent and/or integrated branch locations for converged solutions.

Target Customer Types Drill-down
Small Standalone Description Single-site customer 3 – 20 employees Example Business Challenges Law office •Maximizing productivity of lawyers and staff •Managing and disseminating information •Reducing expenses while maintaining service •Improving employee collaboration •Improving staff accessibility while out of the office •Simplifying IT management •Ensuring communications security •Anticipating client needs •Documenting time spent on cases accurately •Maximizing external communication and collaboration Small to Medium Standalone or Multi-site Leveraging local brand/company name presence 3 – 200 employees Retail outlets •Reducing expenses while maintaining customer service •Simplifying IT management •Managing inventory efficiently and effectively •Real-time inventory management •Efficiently routing incoming customer and supplier calls •Reducing inventory shrinkage •Handling common customer queries •Sharing inventory across multiple locations •Enabling staff to connect to store data and each other Large Enterprise (Branch Offices) Highly replicated/integrated branches 50 – 200 employees Financial institutions •Centralising applications and functions •Efficiently managing incoming customer calls •Simplifying IT management •Increasing employee productivity while away from their desks •Reducing expenses while maintaining customer service •Ensuring employees are up to date, accessible and productive while away from the office •Ensuring that confidential data is protected and that communcations are secure •Monitoring and enabling access to people within the organisation •Leveraging their Web investment

Buying Criteria •Trusted partner (Hot Buttons) •Proven cost savings and efficiency gains •Future-proof technology

•Evolution to advanced technology and applications •Reliability and availability •Proven cost savings and efficiency gains

•Simplified management •Integration with existing network infrastructure •Network and human resources efficiency

Key Solutions

•Voice Messaging •Unified messaging •Automated Attendant and Custom Call Routing •Integrated Internet access and data networking •Secure VPN Tunnel •Simple cordless phones •IP Softphone 2050

•Call Centre •Unified Messaging •IP trunking •Interactive Voice Response •LAN CTE Seat Licenses (enable CTI applications) •Digital LAN Mobility •Automated Attendant and Custom Call Routing

•Voice Messaging (centralised or local) •Centralised Call Centre •Voice and data mobility (WLAN) •Unified Messaging •IP Softphone 2050 •Interactive Voice Response •Network Configuration Manager


•BCM 50

•BCM 50, 200, 400

•BCM 400

Identifying Prospects
BCM is the solution for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises with multiple sites, franchises, or branch offices (3-200 users) that want the cost advantages of an integrated voice and data solution. Cost conscious and demanding, many of these businesses want: • The opportunity to reduce network costs by using IP telephony • An integrated solution that provides turnkey access to the Internet while protecting their equipment investment. Far-sighted and pragmatic, many of these businesses want: • A solution that lets them migrate at their pace to a fully converged IP-based voice and data network • An affordable, industrial-strength call centre • A mobile telephony solution that allows employees to be away from their desks, but not inaccessible.

Prospecting Questions
Have you wanted to adopt leading-edge technologies but felt compelled to rebuild your communications infrastructure from the bottom up? Have your plans to implement a call centre been curtailed by high costs or limited feature sets? Are you seeking a solution that enables seamless communications with your customers and suppliers and still delivers on the promise of ease of management? Are you concerned about the cost of toll charges between your offices and telecommuting employees? Have you considered implementing Voice over IP (VoIP)?

Qualifying Questions
Enterprise Branches
• Is management of network services costs a critical concern? • Is management of dispersed network equipment a struggle? • Is standardisation of customer treatment across sites essential for business success? • Is interoperability of mission critical applications a concern? • Is the cost of new branch installations hurting your business model and deployment schedules? • Is there a significant number of repetitive customer phone enquiries regarding hours of operation, locations, pricing, services offered, etc? Page 4

SMB Multisite
• Are your network support costs increasing dramatically? • Do you need standardised processes/customer treatment across locations? • Are your inter-site communications costs high? • Is standardisation of voice services or applications across locations lacking? • Are multi-vendor solutions creating interoperability challenges? • Do you need to share resources and expertise across sites?

Standalone Site
• Are you experiencing slow and inefficient internet access? • Is business growth driving need to either hire more staff or create more efficient processes? • Are security issues a nagging concern? • Do you need on-the-move employees within your organisation to keep in touch with customers and suppliers at all times? • Do you have limited time to research solution alternatives?

Overcoming Objections
“Why should I consider IP telephony at this time?” IP telephony is a technology whose time has come, and Nortel is at the forefront of offering IP telephony in an affordable platform. • Streamline your communication demands. BCM empowers your business with a fully integrated solution — you don’t need additional external devices like voicemail servers, PBXs and routers to reap the benefits of IP telephony. • Cost-effective voice communications. Multi-site businesses can save dramatically with IP telephony. Calling a branch office is as easy as dialing a four-digit extension. IP telephony delivers toll-free telephone service between branch offices so you can send faxes and make calls without incurring long-distance charges. • Technology that goes wherever business takes you. IP telephony can go anywhere you need to go. IP phones will work anywhere on the network, even over a remote IP connection from home or on the road. “Our resources are limited – we don’t have the time or people to implement new hardware right now.” BCM is designed for growing businesses like yours. It is easy to implement and easy to maintain, especially for those first-time network administrators. • Simplified management. Using the Element Manager (BCM50) or Unified Manager (BCM200/400) application, you can manage every component, application or client on the BCM easily. A single, simple intuitive interface minimises the effort required to manage the BCM solution. • Simplify your network and stop running around. As an all-in-one platform, BCM will help you cut costs and save time running around managing different communication systems. With a simplified network infrastructure, your telephony, voice messaging and IP routing communications are all managed in one box. “I’m not sure that BCM is able to fit my growing business for the long-term.” Let’s talk about your business’ long-term plan. As your needs change, BCM is there with you, with flexible, future-proof solutions. • Customisable for your unique business. BCM allows you to customise your communications system: you decide on the right mix of voice applications and desktop solutions that work for your business. For example, BCMs deployed on a new customer premise can leverage Category 5/5e cabling throughout and to the desktop; reducing the need to run separate voice and data wiring. Additionally, BCM can provide traveling employees with secure remote access to Unified Messaging for email, voice mail and fax. • Set the pace for growth. BCM lets you decide how fast you want to adopt new technology by enabling a gradual migration over to VoIP from your current phone system as it makes sense for your business. It can be configured to support IP stations and trunks, digital and/or analogue stations and trunks or a combination of all. As requirements for new applications or expansion to existing applications arise, simple software keycodes enable the functionality you need. • BCM is there when you grow. As your business expands to include new locations, BCM can help integrate your communications, with site-to-site data sharing, four-digit dialing using VoIP, centralised messaging and attendant, serving all offices and more. BCM offers your business a truly scalable solution.

Competitive Positioning
The Business Communications Manager is an integrated communication platform for small and mediumsized businesses, and enterprise branches. It delivers PBX functionality, along with no-compromise voice mail and auto attendant features. Combined with its robust quality-of-service routing capability, it provides a single cost-effective solution for both data and voice needs. As businesses grow, its functionality can be extended with a simple key code to deliver business-critical applications that positively impact the bottom line.

Questions About Competitor’s Products
What are the top competitive differentiators of the Business Communications Manager? • Comprehensive solutions that are easily implemented. • Choice of either IP-enabled or pure IP solutions. • Investment protection, since customers may migrate without investing in completely new infrastructures. • The delivery of value-added applications, such as multimedia call centre, VoIP, networking, virtual private networks, Unified Messaging and e-mobility. How does the Business Communications Manager compare with similar products from Cisco, Avaya and 3COM? • Unlike other integrated solutions, the Business Communications Manager offers full redundancy and PSTN fallback. • It delivers the widest range of enterprise-strength applications in a single, integrated solution. Value-added services can be implemented with a key code rather than adding hardware. • No competitor offers as many telephony features. • Out of box, it offers unparalleled ease of configuration and management. • Even if the IP network or WAN goes down, users still maintain quality call processing and get rock-solid reliability. • Even telecommuters equipped with the Business Communications Manager have access to reliable, toll quality telephony and applications such as unified messaging and call centre, just as if they were in head office. • It offers an evergreen solution that protects owners’ investments in hardware as they migrate to VoIP, call centre functionality, mobile telephony, etc. Customers can adopt new technologies and applications at their own speed. • Scalability that extends from 3 to over 200 users (configuration dependant) What are the major advantages the Business Communications Manager delivers over the competition? • Superior investment protection. • Cost-effective approach to migrating to a true converged data and voice network. • Seamless scalability and turnkey application implementation. • Trusted and proven reliability. • The history of innovation and success of Nortel.

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BCM 50

BCM 200

BCM 400

Call Centres Basic Call Centre Professional Call Centre Reporting for Call Centre Multimedia Call Centre Customer Service IVR Compatibility LAN CTE Management Network Configuration Manager Element Manager Unified Manager Messaging Voice Messaging Unified Messaging Fax Messaging Custom Call Routing Mobility Digital Mobility WLAN Mobility VoIP Support Number of Simultaneous IP Trunk Gateway Sessions Supported Number Of IP Clients Supported Quality of Service Monitor (QMON) with Fallback To PSTN on Call Setup Telephones Nortel IP Phone 2001, 2002, 2004 Nortel IP Softphone 2050 Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA-2) Other WAN Interface Card SIP Trunks Wireless Redundancy

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Nortel is a recognised leader in delivering communications capabilities that enhance the human experience, ignite and power global commerce, and secure and protect the world’s most critical information. Serving both service provider and enterprise customers, Nortel delivers innovative technology solutions encompassing end-to-end broadband, voice over IP, multimedia services and applications, and wireless broadband designed to help people solve the world’s greatest challenges. Nortel does business in more than 150 countries. For more information, contact your Nortel representative or visit Nortel on the Web at This is the Way. This is Nortel, Nortel, the Nortel logo and the Globemark are trademarks of Nortel Networks. All other trademarks are the property of their owners. Copyright © 2005 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Nortel assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. ENT397BR0505En

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