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					VOLUME XXXIV. NO. 40.


Price Three Cents.

R. Brown Appointed Treasurer, d Patrick McCabe City Marshal Met former Officers ReJinted—Councilman Stratton Elected President of Council.


y Council of the year 1914 ,,in the City Hall at 11.17 a.m. $ Year's Day. Those present Messrs, Chevalier, Stanton, Skiver and Stratton, Clork Mack, .Solicitor Coan and Mayor Dey. The Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. . Then .President Stratton said: "I se-lievo this completes the business of this meeting and adjournment is All of the men of the community In order to meet at the hour of twelve are invited to hoar the illustrated o'clock." Councilman Slovcr then stereoptlcon lecture by the Rev, moved {o adjourn to meet at twelve AuguBtlne BImendorf, of Newark, at o'clock. Motion carried. the meeting of the Men's Club of New Council Orgnnlzeg. Christ Church In the Parish House Promptly at 12 o'clock noon Clerk next Tuesday night, on "What Every Mack called the new council to order, Citizen of New Jersey Should Know.' and requested tbat a temporary presi- The Rev. Mr. Klmendorf Is Secretary dent- be selected, whereupon Councll- of tho Social Service Commission of man-at-Large Stratton was elected the Diocese of Newark find Is on to the chair. Others present were authority on all topics pertaining to Counctlmen Chevalier, Parisen, Slover social service. He was formerly Recand StMton; tor of Holy Cross Parish, Jersey City chair called for nominations He is a cousin of the millionairess for president, when Mr. Stratton was Mrs. Hetty Green, who is a member unanimously re-elected. With a few of Holy Cross Parish. The Rev. Mr Temarks he thanked the council for Elmendorf la a Mend of the Rector "the honor again thrust upon him, the Rev.C, S. Lewis, the latter havstating tbat he hoped the present ing acted as summer supply for year would be a prosperous one for Holy Cross during the summers of 1S10 and 1911. The Club is indeed the city. . The Mayor's messago was then fortunate to secure so eminent n Toad, and on motion of Mr. Chevalier, speaker and invites all of tho men of recolved and ordered spread on the South Amboy to attend the meeting of the Club on next Tuesday night. minutes. President Stratton stated tbat tbe aeit order of business wag the nom- & "THE PERILS OF PAULINE." inatlon of officers to serve tbe cltn The first film of the series known in minor capacities during the coming rear. He appointed V e n n . Part- as "The Perils of Pauline" will be c m and Slover to act as- tellers at shown at the Empire Theatre next Tuesday night. Through the newsthe vote counting. B first official to be selected was papers and magazines practically of city collector. Councilman everyone has heard of and become ' Chevalier nominated Frederick Dle- more or less familiar with the story bert and Councilman Stanton nomi- of the series of adventures encounternated'John Sutllff. Upon the count ed by Miss Pauline. Realizing the being made Mr. Dlebert was elected Impatience of those interested In , as there were three votes cast in hi3 having to wait a whole week to see favor. President Stratton''Invited Mr. tho next film the management has Diebert, to step forward and take the arranged to have the successive films ' oath of offlce. The . new collector shown here twice each week instead of once a week as is customary else.was then sworn In by the clerk. ' . , Then Councilman Chevalier nomi- where. Tuesday and Friday are the days, that have been selected for the nated Elwood Brown tor the office exhibition of the films and it Is ' *Hty treasurer. Councilman Stanton likely that on these nights the theatre nominated Orlando Perrlne. - Ballot: will be well attended. Only the uslig-.-gsve Mr. Perrlne but two votes ual admission of five cents per perand Mr. Brown the majority*' Some son will be charged to see these pop. surprise, was' manifested by a stirring ular pictures. This too, is unusual erf the crowd attending at this' choice. The,new treasurer also took the oath. ' f °r " l a generally understood that ef ' S when pictures of the high calibre rt office. The next offlce to be filled was that such as these ere shown the price of of Police Justice and the result was admission is raised. Not so ;hero, trulr surprising. Immediately the however, for the picture fans of this announcement was made, that nomi- city will be able to see two pictures nations were open Councilman Pari for the usual price of one. sen nominated Robort P. Mason, Sr. —;—o—:— Then Councilman Stanton nominated > WATCH-NIGHT PARTY. William Birmingham. Mr. The watch-night party which was ham wna rc-nlccted so It seems hold at the home of Miss Ella Bendont therq, was a split in the party nett on Bordentown avenue, on New vote. The republican faction made Year's eve was an enjoyable affair, no nominntlon for this offlce. . Various games were Indulged in from Mr. Harvevy Rmmona was nomi- which ihuge enjoyment was obtained. nated for re-appolntment as assessor Refreshments were also served by for the second district by Councilman tho charming hostess as the old year Chevalier. No other nominations' drew a close, With the birth of were made and Mr. Emmons was de- tho New Year the guosts went out clared elected by the unanimous vote into the street arid welcomed the /ocof the councllmtmic body. : casion, with a blare of horns and such . Mrs, Jano WootDn wns nominated other nerve-racking noise-making Infor matron of Tompkins Home and struments as only youhtful Ingenuity elected without opposition. enn discover. 'Councilman Chevalier nominated Among those present iwere: Misses William Maxfleld as city marshal! Lettle Turner, Tlllie Slover, Myrtle And Councilman Parisen nominated King, Helen Havens, Anna Mundy, Patrick McCabe for this office. Mr. Ella Bennett, Helen Agen and Stella vMcCabe was elected by a vote of 3 BrlBkle. Also1 Messrs. John Thorpe, to 2. Everltt Dill, Henry Nelson, Alexander ,Capt Edward VanBuren-"was re^ •Ridder, William Mills and Arthur appointed as port warden without Ridder. opposition. During the early evening a mock President Stratton then stated that the naming of the Board of Health wedding ceremony was a feature that •members was the next order of busi- called forth much merriment. Arthur ness and that it was his privilege to Ridder posed ns groom and Helen name 'thorn. Then he named the Agan was the make believe bride. nemberu of tho old. board, namely: Evnrltt Dill endeavored to impersonate i a minister and performed the ouls- 3. Dill, J. W. Mahonoy, Joseph ceremony using tho ring service. Tho llson and John S. Hoston. rest of those present imagined themCouncilman Chevalier moved that selves I s being the remaining charac so appointments be confirmed. ters ne|:essary to compete a bridal Ion carried. party. •esidont Strntton then named tlio •o>us committees as follows: ceets—Slover, Chm-aller. B u t t o n . aubscr" for The Citizen.

Judiciary—Parisen, Stratton, Slover. Lights—Chevalier, Slover, Stratton Fire—Stratton, Slover, Stanton. Public Buildings and Grounds— Slover, Parisen, Stratton. . Finance—Slover, Stanton, Stratton Poor—Stratton, Parisen, Slover. Taxes and Assessments—Parisen, Slover, Stratton. Police—Stratton, Stanton, Slover. Sewers—Slover, Stratton, Chevalier, Water—Chevalier, Slover, Stratton, Licenses—Stratton, Stanton, Slover. Miscellaneous—Parisen, Slover, Stratton. A resolution adopting the rules and regulations governing the old counci and providing for a meeting on alternate Tuesday evenings beginning Jan. 5th was adopted. The councilinen then wished each other proper greetings of the season and adjourned.

Autos In Collision On Stevens Avenue

Red Men Celebrate On New Year's Eve

Men's Club Smoker.

ASeneca Tribe No. 23, improved OrThe National touring car that was der of Hed Men, of this city, enterrun into by Smaltz's delivery truck tained a large visitation-from various at the corner of Stevens avenue and tribes scattered throughout the state, John street last Saturday was towed to New York ooi Wednesday. The big Mayor Dey Appoints a Woman on on New Year's eve. As a matter of Was Prominent as an Instructor in course the affair was a success. The delivery truck was coming down John Music and Languages—Organist I street at a high rate of speed when Board of Education for First Timt musical programme prepared by William Anderson the accident 9.45. and Precentor of St. Mary's Church The truck couldoccured. aboutneither in City's History—Bonds of Of appreciated as was evidently muca were the speeches not stop and for Twenty Years—Member of could the touring car although it ficials Accepted—Special Officer: made by the celebrities introduced by the Tribe's genial toastmaster, G. | had the right of way. The driver of Appointed. Many Fraternal Societies. ff. diver, who also opened the eventhe National car steered over close ing with an excellent (speech of wel-, to tho curbing in an effort to avoid • ' T h e appointment of the new mein come. ,< Prof. Frederick Wilhelm Steins de- a collision but without avail. Tmr" bor of the Board of Education wa The musical programme prepared parted this life at the General Me- truck escaped practically unscathed made by tho mayor and council ai morial Hospital, No. 2 West 106th but the touring car got a broken axle, tho regular meeting Tuesday nigh wns as follows: A nuartntte by Miss Beatrice I^ORan, Mitm Kirk,Ruseel Anrunning street, New York, about 8 o'clock broken wheel, smnshed in tho person of Mrs. A. J. Miller Wednesday morning. .Ho had gone boards and fenders and a ruined for a term of five years. Mrs. Millo derson and Kugeno Bright; piano and to the hospital for treatment (or u differential, Fortunately no one wa KucceedH Cyrus D.IVIB who has served violin solo, by lOdward Dill and HicSird Hillmnnn; solo by Miss Evelyn Injured. growth in his throat. on the board for tho laBt six yeara CasBidy; duet by Miss and Mrs. Kirk; The wrooltod car wns removed U. Mis death came as a groat surprise the last two of which lie was vic« cboniH by nil the singers; solo by Miss and shock to his family nnd ninny Mlllnr'R garage and repaired sulH president nnd president respectively Ilnatricc Logan; eolo by the musical clontly to allow towing to the Met friends. Only tho day boforo frlendH The council also granted a petition director, Mr. William Anderson. who visited tho hoBpltnl found him ropollH. for tho transfer of a liquor licens The muKical programme was liberIn excellent Bplrlts, Undertakers Stillfrom William J. Coughlln to Luk. ally interspersed with speeches by well & Mason wont to New York and Lenahnn. Tho location of the saloon Messrs. W. B. Spofford, of Bayonns; later In the day brought bis body to is In tho KchfUBS Building on Broad J. I). Sweol., of Anbury Park; W. V. his home In this city, way. The application was acconi Kurtz, of Eatnntown; Dan Taggart, Prof. Steins was born in Germany pnnied by tho necessary signers W. L. Jones, of Asbury Park; E. V. and was educated In the best colleges whoHe names were read by tho clerk Eminons, of Mllltown; H. Branker, of of that country, making a special and upon motion of Councilman Stnn The Woman's Club hold their (Irs Siiyrevllle; and Mr. and Mrs. C. T. st.udy of languages and music. On mooting of tho now year Thursday ton was received and reforrod to the Grace, of thin city. arriving in tho United States ho sot- afternoon In tho City Hall, tho Prosl license committee. Lator in the even As usual the ladies, of Urn Pocatied In New York, and engaged In dent, Mrs. Win. Nichols, presiding. ing a recess was taken upon motion hontas Degree that Is, contributed church work as organist and precenof Mr. Slovor in order to examine the Tho Club certainly feels honored greatly toward making tho affair the tor. Ho afterward removed to Phila- this year to have their vIce-preBldont, application. Upon reconvening the grand success that it was by furnishdelphia, where he"* taught languages Mrs. A. J. Mlllor, selected by the committee reported favorably and ing a profuse luncheon which they at Urslhus College. He afterward Mayor and Council to servo on the Mr. Slover's motion that the transfer served In their characteristically made brief stays in Brooklyn, New Board of Education for five years, bo granted was carried. ' „, dainty manner. The ladies also made Brunswick anil Plalnfleld, before com- also to have tho City Superintendent Mayor Dey, Councllmen Stratton up a considerable portion of the ing to this city. Since residing hero nnd Principal of the High School ask Parisen, Chevalier, Slover and Stan- audience, and it is doubtless the wish he has been engaged in the piano for a committee taken*- from the ton were present at the meeting. Al- of the tribe that they derived pleasbusiness, and gavf> Instruction in Woman's Club to be judges of a serso Collector Dlebert, Treasurer Brown, ure enough from the programme to music and German. For twenty years ies ,of debates to be given by tho Water Commissioner Donlln, Street partly* recompense them for their he has been organist and precentor high school pupils during the coming Commissioner Hlllmann. Engineer kind thoughtfulness. In St. Mary's Church, and under his year. These things certainly go to Thomas and Solicitor Coan. There were some hundred and fifty direction the order of music has show that tho efforts of tho Woman's The minutes of tho two meetings visitors In attendance from Manasbeen grand. He also was Instructor Club to do everything possible for the held on New Year's Day were read quan, Belmar, Ahbury Park, E«Jpnin German in St. Mary's Parochial welfare of the city is appreciated. und approved. The clerk then read a town, Keyport, Bayonne, Westfield, School. Prof. Steins was affiliated The Club voted to maintain the communication from the secretary of MTlltown, South River, Sayreville, with a number of fraternal societies Reading Room in the Public library the Board of Education recommend- New Brunswick and Jersey City. In among them being the Tall Cedars, for another year and appointed a ing that the offer of the B. T. Good- addition to the visitors there was' a Knights Templars, P. & A. M., Elks, committee to see what could be done rich Co. in regard to warning signs large delegation of local members I. O. O. P., Royal Arcanum and for a State College for Women. for erection near school buildings as on hand. A short business meeting Kranken Uterstun Verein. He was After a few brief remarks by the a warning to autolsts be accepted. was first held and then the evening's director of several singing societies Upon motion the matter was referred intertainment began. of the county, and a member of the president, Miss Catherine O'Connor to the street committee. Seneca Tribe is probably about South Amboy Licderkranz. He was entertained the continuing Tbe following bills were read and he largest organization of its kind in also a member of the South Amboy her talk on her trip to Europe, A vote of, thanks was given to Miss upon motion of Councilman Slover -this city. During the year just drawn Yacht Club. O'Connor for her kindness. ordered paid: ^, to a close this body has paid out Prof. Steins is survived by a widow Meeting adjourned. S. M. Labor. 'ourteen hundred dollars in sick'benand three daughters, viz.: Mrs. Wilo Sewers $6 42 efits and nine death'toneliam Stephenson, Mrs. Peter J. Steuerlarbage •.'.. 57 75 flts. They have also Increased their wald and Miss Gretchen Steins. Streets ..... ... 10 83 membership by twenty-all numbers The body will lie in state at his Water Dept 39 00 notwithstanding the heavy tosses susate home on Stevens avenue from 9 Streets tatined by the ravages made by the to 10 o'clock on Saturday morning, D. E. Maboney 1 70 Grim Reaper, At the present time, followed by funeral services at 11 the membership of Benwa Tribe is Public Bondings and Grounds. To be sexton of one church for o'clock, at which the Rev. Mr. Kern, Charles Young . ...,v. 7 35 345 and the Tribe baa over flva pastor of the German Presbyterian twenty-seven years la something that thousand dollars upon which InterJ Poor Account hurch of South River, will officiate. any man might be proud of. John Proctor of this city has served Chriat F. E. Parker Memorial Home 12 00 est Is being drawn and wblcb to also St. Stephen's Lodge P. & A. M., will Immediately available for use 1n the Ffre Department Church in this city that long ami have charge of the funeral, 48 00 payments of claims in the event tbat during all these years he has only John J. O ' N e a l . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 71 It ever, which seems unlikely, became missed twenty Sundays, due to sick- Public Service Gas Co^ Walter Smith ..,.,.... 10 00 necessary to do so. SEVE1* SISTEBS" ACT VIOLATED? ness and visiting sick relatives. He Thomas Manion 10 00 The highest official of the organize- ' Suit brought against O'Gara ft Mc- has prepared the Baptismal font for Printing. tlon in this state is Mr. C. T. Grace, many baptisms, has rung the bell for Guire Inc., contractors, Newark, by S. A. Printing C o . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 24 of this city. .That the local tribe is the Metropolitan Paving Brick Com- a great many happy brides, and has Salaries and Fees. highly honored by having one of Its pany, of Canton, 0., was heard in pre- toiled the last knell for many on .. 5 52 members occupying the position of their way to-the last resting place. Edward Roberts lminary motion in the Newark branch 2 76 Great Sacham of the State Reservaof the United States District Court His thoughts have always been for. John Quain 5 00 tion there Is no doubt. Mr. Grace last week. The defendants charged the comforts of the congregation, and William Maxfleld . . . . . . . . . . has worked hard for the best interWater Department. ;hat the brick company, in making has never been at fault for forgetful1054 51 ests of the order of which lie is now ness or anything1. This is certainly P. A. C. Water Works. ;he alleged discriminatory rates, vio1 30 the head and it is doubtful if the lated the "Seven Sisters" act. The some record, and if there are any Arthur L. Perkins G7 exalted honor that has been bestowed suit Is to recover an alleged unpaid sextons In the county who can beat Daniel J. Donlin it, we would like to hear from them. S. A. Lumber & Supply Co.. 2 45 upon him is 'really. adequate recogclaim of $6,495.00. Under new business the clerk stat- nition and appreciation of the betO'Gara & McGuire were represented tbat he had the contract with t h e terment that has resulted from bis ed by Michael J. Tansey, who preDAY OF PRAYER. Middlesex E. L. H. & P. Co. for light- work. alled upon Judge Rellstab to grant Thursday, January 14, will be ob- ing Protection Engine House, Counn extension of two weeks • before cilman Chevalier moved that same be COLONIAL FAIR'A1TD 8PPPEB. •rguing the motion. It is claimed served as a National Day of Prayer by the Woman's Christian Temper- referred :to the fire committee. The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. by the Ohio concern, in its complaint, Councilman Stanton presented a Church have completed the arthat a contract was entered Into, ance Union, Meetings will be held at whereby the Metropolitan Brick Com- 2.30 and 7.45 p, m. in the Methodist resolution that the fire alarm test be rangements for their Colonial Fair pany agreed to furnish O'Gara & Mc- Episcopal Church. All members of changed from once every twenty-four and Supper, to be held in tbe LecGuire with 560,000 bricks to pave the W. C. T. U. and people of this hours to twice and that the tests be ture*-Room February 12, 1915. SupStevens avenue, South Amboy. The city are Invited. The children of the made at eleven o'clock in the morn- er will be served the first night only price agreed upon, according to tbe Loyal Temperance Legion will be ing and nine o'clock in the evening for the small sum of 25c. The Fair present after tbe close of school and Instead of noon as ia now the cus- will be continued the evening of the contract, was $35 per 1,000 bricks, tom. N It also provided that the peo- 13th at which time ice croam and take part in the exerclBes. It Is claimed by O'Gara & McGuire ple of the city be acquainted of the candy and all that completes a that the Ohio concern sold them change through tbe medium of nd- Bazaar will be for sale. bricks In Newark at $28 per 1,000. It FAMILY R 'ertlslng and that the janitor of the The menu will' consist of the folalleged that representations were Mr. and Mrs. John Heath of Broad- !lty Hall be instructed accordingly. made in securing the contract that way had a family re-unlon on Sun- !ouncllmaD Parisen moved the adop- lowing and be served from 6 to 8 j'clock; tbe difference in price of $28 In New- day last. A very pleasant day was ion of the resolution. Fresh Ham. irk and $35 in South Amboy was enjoyed by all. Those present were Messrs. Slover and Chevalier seem- 'otato Salad Salmon Salad iaused by a difference in freight Mr. and Mrs. George Brown who Creamed Cabbage •ates. The total cost of the bricks were Just married, the bride being a ed to experience difficulty In underBeets vas $19,000, of which $8,148 is for daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Heath; tandlng tbe. resolution. Councilman Baked Beans Stanton explained that at present it Bread and Butter reight Mr. and Mra. A. M. Hamilton, Mr. and was extremely difficult to toll whethCanned Fruit Cake o MrB. Carl Bossong of Sayroville, Miss er the fire alarm system was in proCoffee Bertha Heath, Mr. Charles Heath; the per working condition or not on acA CORRECTIOir. o In the last week's issue of The grandchildren Miss Addah Hamilton, count of the numerous other whistles Only tho usual admission is cbarg!ltizen it was stated that Albert Hnrold Hamilton and Dorothy Bos- and bolls blowing and ringing nt tho d at tho Empire on Tuesdays and Frl•eon donated toys to- the Christmas song; and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lath- Ime the test was made. By reason. lays when "Tho Perils of Pauline" * • 'und. This 1B a mlBtake of ours in am, of New Brunswick, the latter be- )f the change the alarm could bo re shown. _o living details to tho press. Mr. Leon ing a sister of Mrs. Heath. In the ilearly heard from any point In the evening Mr, and Mrs. George Brown Ity Units. Tho city electrician would True friends seldom come in lonated nothing, , i went to ther new home in Allentown. (Continued On Page Pour) \k. L. GRACE. iinchos.


Twenty-Seven Years as Sexton Christ Church

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OEESTS AltASDLY ENTERTAINED AT T. jr. C. A. NEW TEAH'S The Social Committee deserves commendation for t i e excellence of I the entertainment furnished by them at tbe Y. M. C. A. on New Year's Brief Items Concerning People We night. It was without doubt parKnow that Prove Interesting! excellence to anything they have ever Reading. had before. The audience comfortably filled Mrs. A. H. Bergen has been very the reading room, where the program was rendered. There was much si(:k the past week. laughter and applause, aiid it was Miss Delia Smith, of Sayreville, was easily to be seen that the members, families, and friends of the Associa-j a local visitor last Monday. tion, that made up the appreciative audience, were hugely enjoying themGeorge Sullivan of Sayreville spent selves. Thursday afternoon, in this city. The program opened with a piano Master Ernest Shaw, of Burlington, solo rendered by J. Lee Larew. Then the secretary, Mr. F. A. Deacon, made returned to his home last Friday. a few remarks appropos of the wnrlc Mr. John B. Rue, of Freehold, has of the association locally. He dwelt touehingly upon the loss sustained been visiting in town the imst week. and felt by all when Deacon Cireene, Mr. H. S. Hayward and Mr. C. F. Mr. Samuel Medinets, of Broadway, Laird passed into the fireat Beyond. was a New York visitor last Monday. He also spoke of the complimentary remarks passed by the W n higher Mr. F. Hrliuunln, of Syracuse, N. Y., up upon the, showing made by this vistcd n.-lutlvo in this city last Saturbranch of tho association, and espec- day. ially of the friendly interest that la being manifested by Mr. Victor WlerThe Rov. L. L. Hand, of Mllltown, inan in this association and its facili- visited l'rionds In this city last Frities for furnishing amusement for day. boys. Mr. .1. D. Van I'olt moved into the Then Mr. Stephen Hendi'lcl<son wan presented. Mr. Ilondrlckson is a Marlin honsu on Main Hlreet Thursprofessional entertainer and was this day. main attraction of tho evening. Ilia repertoire embraced selections upon ' Mr. .r. O'Donnull, oC Brooklyn, was musical glasses nr crystal chimes, a loeiil vIBltor tlio latter part of Hint Bongs, stories, recitations, JnkoH anil week. living mnrloiiQltng. His rendition of snored music, RH well art dfiBBlcal, Mr. W, Wolnnr, of Hallway, flpent upon tho chimes was enthral ling. the wock end with Mr. ltalph Crano, His storlos and JolfnH wnro extremely In Ihla city. laughublo and his quick iloncenlH from the subllmo to ridiculous in Kdlth Arnold, of Second street, his recitations was lmilnrous. In the Himnt the weuh end In Spotswood characters of the living inarloncltca wHh rolntivcB. tho entertainer shown at hln host. There was tscarnly a inonient durlns Mr. J. CoHgnivc, of lirooklyn, visitthe entlro pcrfornmncB when the at- ed relatives In tliln city tho latter tention of the uudlonco was not part of lust week. visited upon tho performer. Mr. HendrlcUsrm is, without doubt, a masMr. William Smith, of Jamesburg, ter' of bis art and Ills presentation visited relatives la this city the latter of the sailor with the wooden leg, part o! last week. the comical German, the little hoy who told stories on his sister's beau, Mr. Harry McDonnell, of Mechanand tho Yanlu-o farmer will linger icsvllle, was a New York visitor last long in the memories of those who Friday on a pleasure bent, beard him.


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Mr. \V, K. Browning, proprietor of Not a little entertainment was furnished during tho afternoon and the chiclten farm out Ernston way, evening by Mr. Edwin Roddy with spent Wednesday in New Brunswick. his magnificent Edison Cabinet diaMrs. F. A. Deacon, of Second street, mond point disc phonograph. spent sometime visiting her relatives oBKOTJGHT HERE FOB INTERMENT. in Pemberton this past week. Tho remains of Mr. Harvey Mount, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Medinets, of of New Brunswick, were lntered in the family plot in Christ Church Perth Amboy, visited friends and relcemetery last Tuesday. Undertaker atives in. this city last Tuesday evenHerbert Moke of New Brunswick had ing. chargo of the arrangements. Mr. Miss Florence Buckelew, of BrownMount was a former resident in this SONG BOOKS—"Tipperary Mary," city and his mother lives here. He town, spent the recent holidays with "Long, Long Way to Tipperary,' hor parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Buckwas about sixty years of age. etc., each 5c elew, of Ward avenue. WORLD ALMANACS FOR SALE. Miss Julia Sullivan of New Brunswick has returned home after spending a week as the guest of Misses Anna and Sallie O'Connor. Miss Martha Carlson, of Oranbury, la spending sometime 'with friends In this city. Miss Carlson was formerly a bookkeeper in the store O H. Wolff f & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilson and daughter Eleanor, of Second street, spent the week end holidays with Mrs. Edward Hulitt at her home in Brooklyn. A big dinner was served on New Year's Day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. King, of Second street. Only the immediate -members of the family ware in attendance. Mr. Joseph Hubbard was acting as freight agent during the absence of Mr. C. H. Smock from his office in the P. R. R. freight depot a few days the latter part of last week. Miss Charlotte L. Rehfuss of Normal School, Trenton, who- has been spending the' holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Rehfuss of Broadway, returned Monday morning to resume her studies. UNCLAIMED LETTERS. List of letters remaining uncalled for at Post Office for tho week endIng Jan. 9, 1915: Mra. J, H. Normnn, Boat Marguerite, James ,1. Savage, Mary Abblolo, Helen Doughtery, William Abott, John B. Uowe, L. P. Hose, Mrs. William J. Shaw, (2); Capt. O. K. Smith, Capt. C. B. Root, Capt. G. Marshall, Jack Nlvln, Joseph Molillo, Mrs. Margaret Johnson, Mrs. Mary Kelly, Miss Isabella G. Hansen, Mrs. Annio Duggan, Mrs, Bertba Brown, Mrs. Amma Stolte. These letters will be sent to the Dead Letter Office in 30 days. Whon calling for tho above please say "Advertised." J. W. HEA. P. M.

South Amboy, N. I

First Street and Broadway

188 Broadway

(South Amboy

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i e n are born witli t^ljo eyes and i tongue in order lljil!f they should ; twice as much / a s they say."— Iia])ttfiii!>—AdulU: i n Christ Church, Sunday, January ','•, Siiniher Northuii Jumc ami Maizie Xorthup Hume.

e reader? Are you on ih's "unused resources' _ot etter to be a "stepping . ,ne" than "stumbling block?"


• >


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lad For the Old and Helpless Native! Capital $50,000 Surplus $75,000 In Dutch New Guinea. • Concerning a peculiar custom discov Undivided Profits Earned, $,'{0,000 St. Martha's Ciuild will hold it* (red among tbe unlives of Dutch New •'•on. } gular mnntlily meeting in the Par-Guinea, tills Iutereslins description is sli House on next Tuesday afternoon liven by A. F. R. WolliiMtijji in the .^.*i Sunday was *» good day with it 2.:{IJ. It is hoped that there may ieograpliical Journal: "On top of the us; both morning ar)d night congre• a large attendance. Irst steep ridge we came to the Bret ON ACCOUNTS SUBJECT TO CHECK gations were the largest during the lative dwelling Uiat wo had seen iu present pastorate. Good attention The Men's Club will hold its month- the country. It WHS a rectangular • P E R C E N T on balances averaging daily was given to the word. meeting in the Parish House on wooden structure, raised ou piles about • text Tuesday night a t 8 o'clock. gve feet from tlio ground. A sloping $500 and over for the month. • "Attempt nothing that has not for every member be present. An- ladder or two or three poles tied together leads to n narrow platform, rts purpose directly or Indirectly ex- lounccment of the speaker, program, jehind which is the living room about P E R C E N T in Havings Department tension of God's Kingdom."—Boys to., appears elsewhere in this is- en or twelve feet square. In the midLeader's motto. uc. lie of the Hour is a square fireplace, on accounts of $5.00 and over remaining isunlly lined nith sand or small in Bank for at least Two Months prior to Splendid interest is being manifestThe Boy Scouts will meet on next stones. The walla are made of split ed In the Sunday School; last Sira- Vednesday night. T h e Rector will poles placed closely together, and the January 1 and July 1. iay 75 were present at tbe session, nake a short talk (illustrated with roof la made of the leaves of pandanns ISSUES TRAVELERS' CHECKS PAYABLE EYEBrffBEBE. /with quite a few on the cradle roll lie aid of the reflectoscopo) on "The ir uf a palin If nny happen to grow In he neighborhood. There was n mys SELLS FOREIGN DRAFTS PAYABLE IN ANT PAST OF ond about twenty enrolled In t h e iregon Fisheries." ;ry about that Urst house which we TOE WOULD. Homo Department of the school. The Sunday School Is endeavoring- to en- Tlie Vestry will hold its first quart- were never nhle to solve. It wns evl HARRY C. PERRINE, President R. C. STBPHENSON, Cashier lently quite newly built, n small clenr list - i s many as possible In Bible 3rly meeting for the now year at T. FRANCIS PERRINE, Assistant Cashier ng had been made nbout It and n few :ho Rectory on next Monday evening >anann nnd dnicoenas recently planted DIRECTORS: it 8'o'clock. Some exceedingly im"Outside the house were a nunilier DANIEL C. CHASE CHRISTIAN STRAUB HENRY WOLFF The Prayer meeting and C. B. jortant business Is to bo considered if men, women nnd children, the men HARRY C. PERRINE GEORGE V. B0GART Society are exerting a wide Influence^ md it is therefore hoped that every iceupled In cooking liirge quantities of J BAIRD PERRINE . R. C. STEPHBNS0N spiritually in the church. Here is lemlier of the Vestry may arrange /nms nnd sweet potatoes nnd great umps of pig's llesh. We nntnrnlly Inhere Readers in Chrislian work are o he In attendance. upposed that It wns n sort of linnsi' <gbua|Vy trained. vanning, as In one sense It turned Parents of the Pariah are ronilnd- nit to he. The men shook their heads • 1st Quarterly Conference that •d that next Sunday is tlie day miind' pointed In n mysterious way to -wtrtoVe held Jan. 7, has been, post- lolnted for the administration of vnrrt the hoiioo nnd innde the curious poned one week, because of the union loly Baptism. ilgn which they ure neniRtomed to NOTICE. nervlcea in the town ehurchos this naltc whi'N they talk of somethlnp ills ALL, PERSONS CONCERNED MAY SOME JOTTINGS COLLECTED week. lake notice, that tho Subscriber, A very pleasant and profKulil'i lgrocable. Then I hey Invited us to executor, etc., of Margaret McKeon. neetlng of the Woman's Roe.le.ty of ;nter the bouse, where wo found an )ld mnn Rttllng by the n r c n o wns BY OUR REPORTER WHILE deceased, Intends to exhibit his final Inane Memorial Chapel was held at Flowers on Icebergs. account to the Orphans' Court f o r llscnsod nnd decrepit, but appeared by HMAltT WALKING SUIT. Flowers blooming on icebergs would :ho home of Mrs. George Clllc.k, on. io means likely to die. Ho took n County of GUNNING ABOUT THE CITY. tho twenty-ninthMiddlesex, on Friday, certainly be H ran; siulil:, lint truvulwH Mnc avenue, last Tuesday afternoon. teen Interest In our nppenrance nnd the day of January, 1915, One notes with Interest tho revival at 10 a. m., In the Term of DecemIn the northern iiortlous of the 1'udllc »njoycd the tobacco which wo (fiive n popularity of covert cloth. I t Is a ber 1914, for settlement and allowand Bomi'times in the north Atlnulli' labile that is satisfactory In nppenrDon't forgot the. Monthly Council iltn. ance; tho same being first audited liave witnessed this utrause but vur.v if tho Church Schools at Miss 10minco uud wearing qualities. Many and atatod by tho Surrogate. "WTien we returned five days later iprlng models shown liy mnnufacturJbeautfful siioctucle. It iippmrs tluii Dated December 22, 1914, "»me 'ftniiunls oiirry on tli.'li1 f<•«•!. n na Dayton's home this (Friday) night we found the place utterly deserted >rH a r e carried out in this material. FREDERIC M. P. PEARSE, and the house n bliiokened heap or Illustrated hero is a street gown of growth of moss, which in di'posilrd on t 8 o'clock. Executor. ashes, on the top floor of which wen- :ovcrt with nn oddly designed coat. tbe Ice while it is ntlni'litil lo I lie mainlying the charred remains of human L'ho pointed fronts, high belt which Have you ever paused to consider land In polar region*. In lliuo this duNCTICE TO CREDITORS. cays and forms :i SIIMIIOU sull. in which ho unused resources of Christ Church bones. It wns Impossible for any one mttons to tho cottt In the front conFRANK 0UERIN, EXECUTOR OF the seed of buttercups ""'I dandelions Parish? There a m in reality hut oto say live days pnrller thnt the old Jnes the fullness at the Bides. There Jane Rountree, deceased, by direcoften find « lodjnn;.', boriio by currents jmall portion of onr people who con- man was going to die—Indeed, he must Is a plain, straight collar -vhicn rolls tion of tho Surrogate of the County .of wind that doubtless anight them up rlbute the energy, who furnish the hnve lived for months or even years ip around the throat. The dlngonnl hereby gives notice to What we may Imagine to have hap itrapa are really patch pockets. The There may not seem to be much of Middlesex, of the said J^^e Rounin some southern ilimc. These take the creditors root and bloom when the great gleam- mthnsiasni, who provide "tho sinews pened wns this: Thnt us he was nn ;ored skirt has the fashionable flare lifforonce between hare and cat aftree to bring In their debt3, demands able to get about any longer and flnd .nd is In accordance with fashion's er it's cooked, providing one doesn't and claims against the estate of tbe ing iceberg Hunts out to uetx and is car- if war," and who, in a word, do the : deceased, under oath or affirmaried southward, where the soft winds ictual work of this parish, • These his own food, his relations did not In ireference for fuller skirts on spring know what they are eating. tion, within nine months from this Belt tbe surface and give the plants ire ready and willing to apend and tend to support him and that the :owns. date, or they will bo forever barred the moisture they need. IO spent. They a r e undlEcouraged preparations we saw were really for From the Y. M. C. A. comes the of any action therefor against tbe iy problems, unterrlfled by toil, and his funeral feast, but we were puzzled PETTICOATS FOR DANCING. news that Hen Selover considers said executor. by their having cremated him In o Hi*'Wrestling Match With English. iomehow "by main strength and that his brother has shown some peoDated October 19, 1914. Charlie Conrad, a business man in iwkwardness" they actually do getnewly built house." ilaahea »t the Side to Permit Freedom FRANK GUBRIN. ile on Second street something, But the national capital, employed a Turk ;he work done, while the thoughtless of Movement. Executor. he doesn't mind being a real uncle, 10-24-9 as a servant in his house after having The dancing petticoat Is usually MADE HIMSELF SAFE. even at that. been discouraged by numerous experi- tnd irresponsible church-members made with a slash in each side. This NOTICE. ments with the average run of serv- ire being "carried to Heaven on arrangement Insures freedom, without Youno Bessemer Had a Cautious a« ALL PERSONS CONCERNED WILL ants. The Turk was exceedingly In- lowery beds of ease." And yet, we .Men It Is impossible nowadays to 'Twasn't any use, Mike. You don't Wall ai an Inventive Head. take notice. That all debta owing t o dostrlous, and devoted bis spare time ire quite sure that there is much of The most trivial Incidents have often lance. The lower edges of the front ielong to the right party to get any- the estate of James H. Gordon, or t o to the study of the English language. strength and ability and capacity in originated tbe fortunes of onr richest ind back of the petticoat are usually ;hlng like that through, One day Charlie received this letter ome of our idle pa-lshioners which men. Take, for example, the fortunes •ounded, so that the petticoat Is really the firm of Howell & Gordon, a r s from him: now due and payable. Notice la furmight be made use of in the Church made out of Bessemer steel. This lormed of two sections rounded into a Willie did remember it, but he Dear Sir—In this little time at toflay I lecp oval at the bottom fastened tother given that the proper and letal -, gaw a good positions against me. I am if we only knew how to accomplish genius, young Bessemer, had some idea gether along their long edges and fit- Forgotson. settlement of the Estate of Jamea H. of making steel out of Iron, but a \ m r y far of my country but I not felt that the trick. Who does not covet for MBong your family. I can't forget this ur Parish some of this power which poor, newly married young man has ted or gathered Into the waist along Gordon, deceased, will require the The new bride says, "Harry—er— collection of all the above mentioned politeness. I am very grateful but my no means of experimenting on a large the narrow edges. It does not now command? money weekly it Is not sufficient for me Petticoats of knitted silk are farmy husband." debts, by legal action, if necessary. became I pay my room and electric car It is so easy to let a few people scale. The story I must tell as I beard It from an Intimate friend of Bessemer more durable than those made even of and with rest I can't live. I ask $7.60 per Payment may be made to Franoli H. tho softest ami best satin. For eventuweek of the next week. I believe you io the work in a parish, just because and is a true tale. Jimmy certainly Is very favorably Gordon, at tbe store corner of Broadwill find this same lines In my sincere [hey a r e willing, hut who can rest illy tbe satin wears out, and it seems Impressed with Harry's trained pony. After Bessemer had In his small lab way and David street, or to the unsensation. content with such an unequal distri- oratory experimented with tbe metals as if tUe knitted silk fabric never dersigned. wears out. It Is usually used for the bution of. Interest and labor? A and at last obtained the desired result A Bavarian Apple Pie. A remark heard on tho street: upper part of the petticoat and in more WILLIAM J. BOWB, One of the most delicious ways to minister has been denned as "a man by blowing air through melted iron he expensive ones Is used also for tbe "Is It possible that the list of eligible use apples in cookery Is in a Bavarian who talks to a congregation for twofound In the bottom of the crucible u plaited ruffle. These are more than men for educational work has been Administrator ot James H. Gordon, deceased. 9-lJ-tf pio. Line a deep dish with pastry. hours each Sunday and spends the little lump of tbe famous steel. Now worth the extra price charged for depleted?" Fill It with breadcrumbs and bake it week-days heartening u p ihis flock tbe question was bow to make the dls them. >'T until tue pastry is done. Then remove for t h e next installment." But this covery public, ke put tbe lump ot Petticoats made of pique, buttonholed Tbe Board of Education will hence4be crumbs and fill the cavity with Is not the parson's hardest task. HI; steel into his pocket and made his way to Nasmyth of steam hammer fame in big scallops about tbe bottom, are forth have very little u s e lor the Chopped apples and nuts and some Placing the metal on Nasmyth's deak durable and serviceable. They are not cuspidors that the building and •toned raisins. Sweeten with sugar most difficult work is to stimulate lie told him that he had made thla en transparent, and that la one of tbe TRAINS LEAVE SOUTH AMBOY and flavor with nutmeg and cinnamon. the activity of his flock and to direc traordlnary discovery, which would things that commend them for practi- grounds committee so kindly furnishthem to do t h e work of the parish, Sprinkle with cake crumbs and bake For New York, Newark and Blliaed some little time ago. revolutionize the wliole metal world cal wear. till It is brown on top and the fruit If. tho work of the ministry consist both at 6.23, 7.07. •7,32, 7.60. *».Vt, Then came a little Incident wblci within la thoroughly cooked. Spread ed only of preaching t h e Gospel on Cars of the Sink. Does the Custodian of School 10.01, 11.28, 11.62, a. m.; 12.18, 2.41, •ver tbe top a lemon flavored meringue Sundays, administering the Sacra shows what wonderful heads thes. Never leave the kitchen sink in t 4.35, 5.00, 6.48, 8.17, s 9.48 p. n . Sunand let It become a light brown in the ments, wiping away t h e tears o Scotch financiers possess. What d' greasy and dirty state. Do not throw Money's still get his dollar a year day, 8.26, a. m.; 1,17, 3.13, 5.01, 8.4T, •Ten. Set the pie away to cool before" bereavement, marrying the living am you think Nasmyth said to his excited anything but water down It, and if tbe salaryT InventorV 9.24, p. m. \ 'serving. burying the dead, then verily would "Eh. mon. It's vary risky to show water ia greasy flush It well afterward She "put a watch on him," but It For Long Branch, Aabury Park, life b e for ye parson "one swee your wonderful invention. The world with hot soapy water. When the One Taunt Barred. etc., -12.56, 6.22, 8.65, a. m.; 12.16, washing Is finished pour down some is evident the watch didn't tick. "Docs your wife over tell yon that song." What better motto therefore la vary dishonest" s2.10, 4.36, 6.08, 6.42,10.10, p. m. S u n . hot soda water as an extra precaution To which the aspiring Inventor re she might have married o millionaire for our parish In 1915 than this: "To days, 4.55, 9.42 a. m.; 6.11, 9.3S p. m. Never allow grease and refuse to col Wonders of tha Soil. plied: if she hadn't thrown herself away on every man his work?" Professor W. B. Bottoinley, in a lec•Now York only: 8. Saturday only. "Right Mr. Nasmyth. 1 Just calen lect In the sink pipe and trap or they you?" The greatest asset of a parish 1 will soon get out of order. Evdry sink "No; I oBciipo»that My wife's folks not to have an able, active, usefu lated who 1 was coming to see, so with should be provided with a sink basket ture recently delivered at the royal botanic gardens, siild that a clod' of NEW TEAR'S QUEKtES ^wero poor people. She never saw i minister, although it Is of importanc my last half crown I registered th In which to keep tea leaves nnd vege earth might KCCUI to have no romance : invention on U17 way."—London Strau WHICH T0U SHOULD ANSWEE " illllonttlro until wo hud beeu mnrrloi: table parings, etc., nnd a sink brush in It, but it was one of the most wonto have a leader who can point th Magazine. With the New Yoar'a rapid approach, aim •Ine ycnrn."-Knnsns City Journal. with which the sink should be tlior derful things imaginable. The soil wns Inotnottrlng tho turning point of my life? ay: Tho real life of any parish Is the time very far distant whoa I shall oughly scoured after each washing up. alive, it wns n living machine, where A Crou Bull. In tho pcopln who work for It. MinClever. microbes so small that 10,000,000 to have to earn my own living 7 Tbe late Lord Cross never add..-. isters a r e supposed to be exceedingWhatdol know? Whatcnn IdoWELLf "Peggy says you are clever," snld (ho 100,000,000 were contained In enough greatly to the Humor of tbe nation. U ly holy men, men of prodigious ac- one occasion, however, while he vra NEW TEAK'S EES01UTION8» CM. earth to cover u halfpenny were workI'll bocomo a good Stenographer, n good "Why?" asked tint innti. tivity who set a pattern of righteous still In the bouse of commons he trie Inn together in a systematic way. They NEEDLEWORK NOTES. 1 Typist, a (jood Dookkeopor, a good Account"Because you tried to guess her age. could not be seen and were only known ness and zeal for tho world to foT to be sarcastic during a speech. Lot the School with EI,BVBN YKAHSof "Oh, I didn't try to guess her age; low. There seems to be a genera by their work, find the greatest bene- splendid achlevomont to HB credit equip Mo "I think." he said, fixing a certni I only tried to guess (lie ago she'd like belief that if the pastor be "the rlgh Keep a little bag In the sewing room factors to the human rnce were those with a practical education with which to minister with a ferocious eye, "I thin to be."—Yonkers Statesman. wbo promoted their activities. The starton Mfe'sjournoy, and to finally roaok man," presto, success is bound t< 1 hear the right honorable gentlemn for the buttous and hooks and eye wise gardener looked nfter their well tho goal, SUOUUSS. which are cut from discarded garovertake the parish, regardless o\ smile." Always. being, for without them there would Day School [Enter Any Time] Night Sohool ments. After that remark, if it were nn IRAINER'S BUSINESS C01LEQB "When do you think a wife la justl- what tho rest of us may do or not do A fact to be borne well in mind li be no plant life nnd no human life, Perth Amboy, IT. I . l e d in taking money from her bus Is really amazing to see how In- satisfaction to him, be heard the whol that the elaborate braidings may b < since all nutriment was drawn from Tol. 509-M house laugh.—London Globe. band's pocket?" terested t h e world is in the goodnasi executed at home. It is close work the soil.—London Globe. "Whenever she finds nny there."— and effectiveness of a minister am OVER 66 YEARS' exacting Infinite nccuracy, but it Is no' H«»venly'Match. Baltimore American. Entertaining Bill. EXPERIENCE how nobly it stands back and refrain Husband (Irritably)—It Isn't a yea difficult. "Only got two hours' sleep last Flannel lined velvet butterflies 1 from competing with him In t h since you said you believed our marThose who do nothing generally taki field. In fact, our ambition for th riage was made In heaven, and yei gorgeous colorings are band palnte night."' . to shouting.—Old Saying. "What's the matter? Wife away?" piety and usefulness of the minister now you order me around as if for teapot holders, Brilliant parrots, "No, but BUI Smith's wife ia."-Deis boundless. Such startling tinsel wasn't anybody. Wife (calmly)—Or- also painted, arc for the same use. der, you know, i s heaven's first law.— A linen bag of dark blue, green o trolt Free Press. Stop 'runt Cough—Now. flshness should not lightly be Ignore New York Weekly. TRADE MARKS red for holding n pair of garden flowe Willing to Oblige. Well, WG should like to see mor When you catch Cold, or begin DESIGNS lelssors nnd a rubber flower sprinkle founp Lady—Hnve you a circulatCOPYRIGHTS &C. •ough, the first thing to do i s t of our congregation take up the bu < Abstemious. together with an inside pocket fo ing library? Bookseller—No, madam; l l i l Anyone aendliiK a miiudi mid dracrlpilijn may •»»ko Dr. Bell's Plno-Tar-Honey. II den, tho joyful burden, of the Ma "I'm not eating very much of late." flower wire and tinfoil, Is a most us (*llclll7 uscorUlu our oplnlmi free whether au ™ " o X n is probably pilloiiliil.Io.O.innuumcn. "What's the mntter, old man? Ijost ful present to offer with a gardei I nm afraid we are quite out of them. tor's work in our community. Tl penetrates the linings of tha Throal tlmiafitriotljr caiilldonlInl. HANDBOOK on HatouU But I can show you a revolving bookBentfroo. OldOHl niHMiry fur fiociirintfputBiHB. four appetite?" apron. »nd Lungs and fights tbe Germs oi Rector Is ready to give over near PiiionU tiikun tliruufih Mlmn & C a receive easel ipt'talnolict, wlllimit, charno, In (ho "No; my credit."—Boston Transcript. tbe Dlseaso, giving quick relief am everything to tho people, in the worli When engaged on delicate needle work it is a good lilen to have a litlli aatural healing. "Our whole faml Ing of the Parish. They will malf Good Advice. Not Library. (lour In a saucer by you and to rtl| "Give de devil bis due," said Unclo depend on Pine-Tar-Honey for Cough mistakes, but their very miatal?Jnll 'Visitor—You say tbnt a love foi your finger* In it from time to tlm Ebon, "but make your arrangements A Jinndaomoly uiiMtrntoa wookly. T./irccst olrand Colds," writes Mr. B, •Williams will bo more Invigorating to the p» books brought you here, my poor man culuLluii (if miy Hcientlflii ]<nirnul. Torinfl, 13 a This will not only keep the hands dry ns near as you kin K you ivon't owe your; four numtba, fL. Hold by nil iiewmleHiorn. O Hamilton, Ohio. It always helpi lnh than tho minister's unaided au rrlsoner—Yes, sir; pocketboolis.—Ex but the work beautifully clean. 3G1Bfont! a him nuffln,'1—Wiuihlneton Star. 25c, at your Druggist, coss. And what about yourself, gen chauge.

This Bank Pays Interest






Boxes 8B2.OO i



Scientific American,

MUNN & Co.

" * New York


Urauch Offlcu. 034 IT el* Wmtiliiiituui 1>. 0,





A Boy's Way.

IMJCEMIIEH JIOXOH BOLL. The following pupils of the public schools received high averages in their studies during December: School No. 2. Sixth Year—Edward Parker, Frank Gominger, John Parker, Norma Wortl a "wTLtelf erMadelinSoe S ^ ' h a t" r D° are not turned °out of de >»* "»•*«» r ^ this Ellen Simensen. e s Sixth Year—Catherine Gortcyza, • I I i g n Sc:ll ool it wont be the fault o Sadie Hendrickson, Evelyn MacDow-, tho High School faculty, as they ar< " " ny"""" Ilorney, Gladys Emilius-1 d o i n g everything possible to train. 1 „ ~ students how ™ speak and de laghcr, Marion Gladstone, Rose the «i>."--« .."« to =1.u^.v ..„.. ~~ Rose Cohen, Arthur Skovv, Emily Straus- b a t e i n Public. This effort on their Ber, Ethel Tintle, Mildred Stephenson, part has not been without success, Grace Hubbs. f o r t h o s e w b o d i ( ] n . t h e a l . t h a t de_ It sure Nieltopp, Norma Cassidy, Anna Wat- I vacation missed something. son, Helen Enimons, Frank Free- ! was great. Every debator did well man, William Brown, Mildred Sulli- considering this was their first atvan, Frank Pohl, Arthur Lambertson, ' tompt. Thn debate was on "Women Aloysius Wleczorkowski. Fifth Year—Ida Maclver, Grace Die- Suffrage" and after much discussion ker, Ruth Harper, Dorothy Stults, and weighing of points it was decided Raymond Davis, Frances Willard, that the affirmative had one point to Florence Weber, Monroe Green, An- the good. ton, Levandoski, Alice Samuelson, The following were the debators: Marion Campbell, Edward Henry, Affirmative—Helen Agan, Capt., Welter Peterson, Mary Erickson, Willard King, Jasper Johnson. E.sliilifi Brisk!e, Clarvenia Lnrew, Ella Fourth Year—lona Harris, Georgia- Bennett, Anna Mundy, na Harris, Vernon Albright, Florence Negative—Everitt Dill, Capt., Hazel Dey, Vilner Skov, Flora Petty, Mildred Stoder, Myrtle Hansel, Alfred Compton, Henry Nllson, Kathryn Mitchell, Grace Game, Raymond Pohl. ! IlimiiKilberger, Clarence Thorpe. Fourth Year—Ruth Mortenson, Morrlll Blum, Alexius Crown, Jerome Who is the Senior who took a cold Newmark, Ethel Alpine, George Nelius, Elizabeth Rosenthal, Henry water plunge for his health at CrowsLevandoski, Burk Lambcrtson, Joseph wiiy Brook last Tuesday. Schwartzbach, Marguerite Korka, Anna Ponsler, Myrtlo Thorpe, JoseSome clasm to the Freshmen enterphine Janakowska. Fourth Year—Mary Tomaswska, tainment. Of course It was the best Clarence Palmer, Sadie Faffer, Bar- ever. bara Henry, Henry Miller, Eflle Harkalow, William Snrague, Mary SuchorThe mid-term examinations are only ska, Charles Stockton, John Wietck Third Year—Emma Fleming, Irene two wncks off. Fleming, Ruth Drowning, Mabel Harris, Maurice Steiner, Inez Larson, Ira Wonder who will bo the first one Safran, John Adams, Philip Kurtz, In the Btuily hull next Tuesday. Leon Larson, Helen Prigge. Second Year—Merrill Shcpptird, Willard HiifT, Jennio Deats, Lillian The teachers all hope their pupils Fleming, Nellie Lambertson, Minnie have iniulo new year resolutions, Slocuin, Floroaco Forgotson, Marlon Read, Hazol Schira, Harry RasmusLately there has been some very sen, Sophie Eckort, Charles Kreger, Beckie Berinan. good Ice skating on Crossway Brook First Year—Maude Petty, Jennie and the Athletic Committee hopes to Harris, Maudo Tice, Madeline Wedell, bring off a skating contest, th Grace Harris, Howard Lamhertaon, John Hyer, Arthur Chapman, Flor- weather permitting. ence Ely. School No. 1. The following coinmltteo has been First Year—Oscar Reiner, Edward chosen by Prof. Hendrickson to arRufner, Rose Davis. First Year—Fred Allen, Winifred, range a series of debates in the High Dieker, Joseph Ellison, Samuel Faf- School, the first one starting Friday. fer, Dorothy Frischknecht, Leola Everitt Dill, Marlon Green, John Ginter, Frederick Laurie, Shirley Thrope and Mildred Applegato. Spice, Patsy lona, Peter lona, Evelyn Williams. Well boys be prepared Friday when Second Year—Russell Van Hlse, Arthur Raynor, William Thorpe you are called upon to speak to be Florence Hartmann, Milton Barka- able to stand upon the floor with low, Mary Korka, Arthur Frischknecht, Howard Lambertson, Jose- firm feet and sway tho audience with phine Oliver, Johannes Thomsen. a tremendous vocabulary accompanied Third Year—James Bloodgood with an unusual eloquence. Julius Alpine, Reuben Buckalew, Ruseel Henry, Edward Willard, Raymond Frazee, Sophus Munok, Doris Berrien, Margaret Campbell, Mary Elwinger, Elizabeth Fauser, Catherine Hopkins, Lillian Jensen, Frances They Have Many Important Parts to Kamps, Violet Larson, Elsbeth Mac Play In Naval Warfare. Intyre, Mildred Parisen, Sophia RosTorpedo boat destroyers, us the wim* enthal, Ruth Samuelson, Mabel Selover, Ruth Weltzen! Frances Nebus, Implies, were first built to engage the Ruth Olsen, Violet Rushwbrth, Helen small torpedo bout, which had hecoinn Prltnka, Rhea Penslar, Charlotte Dey, a serious peril to the hie battleship* Nellie Dalrymple, Margaret Mclvcr. aDd large cruisers. Beventh Year—Kathryn Kutcher, So Heriou.s was the memice that Roberta Gravatt, Gladys Parisen, Celia searchlights and rapid Bre guns wcni Alpine, Esther Rosenthal, Andrew regarded IIH linrelinble for the protecBognar, William Briakie, Andrew tion of those big shipx against this Mashusky. Eight Year—Carl Skow, Raymond smaller craft. It WIIH thus that the lie Perkins, Marie Shaw, Etta Sullivan, stroycr was iiorn, and, with gnidua Alice Maclver, Elva Donnell, Alva tiou, its duties were extended until they included all tlmt was formerly Buckelew, Blanch Brinamcn. done by the small torpedo boat, nnd much more besides. Betrothal* In Germany. It in a fact thnt tho minimi destroy There nre many curious betrothal er Is three or even four times as Inrgn customs In Germany tbat nre found in K one of the earlier type, which until B no place else in the world. As soon rally renders It much, more seaworthy ng a German girl is betrothed she Is and obviously increases its radius of addressed as "bride" by her Unnce. action. Netiing thnt It in capable of oar The betrothal is a more serious nCCiiir ryiiig much more fuel. than in England, uud is nut so easily The objects of a modern tnr|H>iIo bonl broken, The glri is called "bride" un- destroyer tlntllln are many. Perhaps til tiio wedding, when she assumes the paramount duty of every vessel h the title of "wife." Immediately upon the (lotllla Is to discharge Its torpedoes, the betrothal the lovers exchange should it K«t nenr pnoiigh. ut the ene rings, which, if tu« course of true love my's big battleships. Hut n very Im runs smooth, nre to be worn ever aft- portant office to fulfill Is that of scout erward. The wonimi wears her be- ing, which comprises locating and re trothal ring on thu third finger of her porting the position of the enemy. left hand until Mho is mui'ricd, and Should the enemy make n night lit then It Is transferred to the third lin- tuck the clc.stro.vnrN are relied upon In ger of her right Ininil. The muu con- locate uud report the position of thu tinues to weur his ring just us the attacking fleet's torpedo craft, ns well wifo woro hers when she wns a brldu. as sink or drive thnmiiwny before they cun force mi attach ugulnst the bigger ' i Mon and Fools. battleships .-—London Telegraph. A mjin ciin be IIK big :i fool at thirty ns he enn be nt twenty or. for thiil There Is no degradation In the hard matter, nt sixty, with this difference. "that at twenty lie doesn't know flint eBt manual or humblest servile labor he is a foal. He Ihlnks that he Is n tvhon it is honest.—John Ruskin, god and enjoys the experience. At sixty he knows well enough what he Gladstone's Quick Temper. .is and thanks his still's tlmt lie hns yet A slory is told of im encounter bennotber chance before going down to tween Queen Vlclm-ln and Mr. (ihuithe grave. But nt Ihirty-llve he bus Ktime. neither the illusions of youth uor the Mr. Olmlstiiiie in an audience with cousolntlons of RV%'. He Is young 1 enough to feel foolish and old enough tin (|UPcii one day produced u list of to know better—"Curing Christopher." people whom be wished to be made pews. The queen demurred and said, "I cniuicil. cri'iiti; us ninny as this, Mr. Gladstone." Whereupon Mr. Gladstone, who someHis Time Had Come. Again that ringing in his ears! It times uiil Into u temper, tore the lint •was tho warning he had dreaded. Ho up. The queen flushed slightly, but knew his time had como. Yet, al- said nothing lo Mr. Gladstone, who though )iO had Btarted nt tho Bound, he shortly nftenvard quitted the royal ' seemed lmlf-dnzed and wholly cureless presence. Some short [hue Inter llr. Gladstone of tho cousetiuencea. Hut still tho ringing in his cars! "Drat it!" he presented n new list, much shorter finally said, mid springing from hod Hum oti the previous occasion. The queen, without looking ut it, the careworn commuter shut off the alarm clock nnd proceeded ta dresn for lore It up. It was then Mr. Gladstone's tnni to (lush.- New York Sim. the 7:10 train.—Puck. I.


XAIVKHS FAILED TO I'LAY. Turn and turn about is generally admitted to he fair play, but whether the basketball fans feel that way about the Eagle-Xavier game New Year's night is doubtful. Through some kind of a. slip-up the game scheduled for Columbia hall that night wasn't played. The Eagles were on hand, but the local management was unable to scrape a team together strong enough to stand up against the visitors. The game was, therefore, called off. Some time recently the Eagles were booked to appear here for a game, but the manager couldn't get a team together so the game had to be cancelled. Maybe they'll get together even yet at some future time o SPOUTING NOTES. The substitution of tungsten lamps for those now in use would tend greatly toward the removal of the poor lighting objection in Columbia Hall. Basketball teams are much more plentiful than courts hereabouts. The bowling enthusiasts at the Y. M. C. A. were disappointed Saturday night. Tho Hrunswlcks of Keyport, wero expected to ho on hanil to bowl HID local team, hut they failed to show up. This Is tho second occurrence of like nature and tho locals are beginning to doubt tho sincerity of the tenin so far as games nro concerned. There Is a possibility that an AllKcyport howling team will h« entertained at the Y. M. C. A. this Saturday evening. Tho Umpire A. C. now has a baskutbtill team that Is somewhat anxious to hook games. The Y. M. C. A. howlers would like to go to Nnw York to howl the Terminal team this Friday night but. they can't make arrangements. The Woodbridge A. C. bowlers didn't show-up to bowl the V. M. 0. A. rollers last Tuesday evening us expected.

j Geodetic Su. ;-*/. I A geodetic survey uietms mapping i large amis by methods which take the j '.'iirvalui't1 of the earib's surface int.,' i account as imlinnry surveys mi n small jti"iledu nut. The ("nited States fuasi i and geiideik1 survey, nnw attached In the dt'purluu'iit of cmiinierce and labor, is charged with ike survey uf the coasts of the United Suites and coasts under the jurisdiction thereof nnd the publication of charts covering said •oasts. This includes base measure, triungulation. topography and hydrography along sniil coast: the survey of rivers to the head of tidewater or ship navigation, deep sea soundings, temperature and current observations along said coast and throughout the gulf and Japan streams, termination of latitude ami longitude, etc. It is one of those branches of the public service which we dn i nt h":ir much about, but which is i n;i..|.-iLi,iy and quietly engaged in priMui-1,ii'_- s-ifiitilR' results.— Philadelphia l'ress.



Girls With Boys' Names. Girls with boys' mimes and boys with girls' lmve received them in many Instances no doubt by accident. It was so in the case of George Anne Bellamy, the famous eighteenth cen tury actress, who played .Juliet tu (JurSaw Him First. rielt's Itomeu. liurn un SI. (ii-orgi-day, Kile wns lo be culled IJenrglann, but Homebody's blunder ut tho time of her christening split this into (ioorgu Anne. Tin: ••cum law rliimer." Klienezcr 101llott, hud a daughter mimed Noah, Whose passport is said to have given her much Irnuhlo iibrond. lint here, us In the ease of other girl Noahs, it was only other people's Kiblleiil ignorance Unit wns lit fault, for turn to Numbers xxxvl, 11, nnd yon will Hud that Dcftoucu—Hay, thu chief has prom- Mnhlah, Tir/nh. lloglub, Milrah nnd Nouh wore the daughters of Zelophe ised me n raise next week. WlMwihelmer—Harry, old mini, but 1 had.—London (iniphle. MIn'I Hpnru you a cent today.—lioston Traveler.
A Chance For Occupation,

Jack (aged live)—Mamiini, every time I squeeze my finger it hurts. Mamma —Then don't squeeze It, dour. J a c k But if I don't squeeze it how shall I know whether it hurts or not?—Chicago News.

Uneeda Biscuit
Nourishment—Tine flavor—purity—crispness —wholesomeness. All for 5 cents, in the moisture-proofpackage.

The Potato Habit.


Potato eating bus heroine a habit not because polntoe.s contain enough nourishment to carry on life, but because they are cheup, easy to prepare and bulky enough lo ill up the stomach. The potato consists almost entirely of. starch, nnd though this has a place in the diet it is not capable of building up strength nnd muscle. Constant reference is made to the hardihood «f colonists and early settlers. They were nut rnised on u potato diet, for the iHitnto wns u luxury as late ns 1SO0, to be served with sugar, nutmeg and mace. It is a product of more recent years, part and parcel of the struggle to keep down the living expense nt the cost of the body. This does not mean that potatoes should bo eliminated from the dietary, for like every other food they have u definite mission to fulfill, but they must be used with discretion and in proper combination. Excessive use brings an Inevitable trail of anaemia, obesity and autointoxication.—Country Gentleman. Poisoner* of Rome. Tofnna, the Italian -woman poisoner of the seventeenth century, was carrying on a tradition of ancient Rome. In 331 B. C. a supposed Hence swept tho city, and many leading men were carried off. Then a slave girl gave information, and the authorities surprised twenty Roman matrons preparing drugs over a lire. Since they Insisted that the drugs were not poisonous they were compelled to drink them In the Forum, and all perished. Further Information having been laid, 170 matrons were condemned, in 184 B. 0. a four months' Inquiry by the praetor resulted in the condemnation of 2,000 persons for poisoning. There wero many similar sciinduls. but It will always remain doubtful whether in any particular one of these ancient cases the epidemic was not really natural.—London Spectator. To Provent Exaggeration. There was once a gentleman who having killed u man, presented him self to the editor of u newspaper "I have come," he said, "to tell yon about a painful occurrence ut in.v houBe. My brother-in-law and I hnil an argument, and I stabbed Mm, nnn then, In the excitement of the moment I cut his throat Knowing what es nRRernted stories are apt to get Inl" the newspapers, I thought I had better step around uud tell you exactly wbm did happen."—London Spectator.
Ice Peaks of New Zealand.

"1 believe de recall, 'ud help to reform me." "What difference would it make to you?" "Well, I t'lnk I'd quit dis roving life an' settle down on' try to git back at some o' de judges dat keeps sen din' me up."—San Francisco Chronicle.
Safety Fint.

A food for every day. Crisp, delicious and strengthening. Fresh baked and fresh delivered. 10 cents.

The Customer—Are you quite sure these cakes are perfectly sanitary? The Bakery Man—We take every precaution, ma'am. We don't even allow the lady fingers to touch 'em.—New York Globe.

A delightful new biscuit, with a rich and delicious cocoanut flavor. Crisp and always fresh, to cents.

Uta. lira, S. Trii'M Post, Ho. 118, 0, A. U_ meets iirst\and third Wednesday afternoon of teach month at 3 o'clock, in Michael 1 Welsh's Hall. Commander, Aaron Stillwell; Adjutant, S. H. Chattcn. .' St. SU'iiiien'8 Lodge,; ,\o. eg, C t i M. Meets at K. of I*. Hall, first and third'Mondays of each month (except-, ing July, August, and holidays) M 7:30 p. m. Joel 1'nrker Council, \ « . 88, Jr. 0. U. A. M., meets every Friday evening, in Knights of Pythias Hall. Councilor, B. R. Havens; Recording Secretary, C. H. Edwards. Friendship Council, No. ifi, D, of L. meets on alternate Fridays of eaeii month, at 2.oO p. m., in knights at Pythias Hall, First and Rtocktou streets. Councilor, Mrs. IVarl Vw* Hise; Recording'Secretary, Mrs Aia Ward. General Morgan lodge, No. M, i, fl. 0. F., meets every Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock, at Knights of Pythian H»ll. Noble Grand, Cyrus E. Davi«; Secretary, Charles P. Thomas; Financial Secretary, Adolph Stelner. Good Samaritan Lodge, No. 62, K. of P., meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, at Knights of Pythias Hall, corner of First and StocIcW trcets. Chancellor Commanded FV B. Norcross; Keeper of Records add Seals, William A. Chapman. V Senecn Tribe, No. 28, Imp'd. 0. R. • Sit raeetB every Thursday evening ft 8 o'clock, in Knights of Pythiaa, Kail Sachem, Geo. E. Coward; Chief oC Re«ords, George G. Cllver; Collector o( Wampum, Stephen Miller. Inutile Council, No. 6,1), of P. Imtfi Order (if lied Hen, meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month, at 2.30 p. m., in K. of P. Hall. Pocahontaa, Mrs, Ella Roxbury; K. of * » Mrs. Laura G. Adams, P. C. Box «54.,, Sterling Castle, No. SO, K. G. E . meets first and third Saturday evening of each month, at 7:30 o'clock, at Knights of Pythias Hall. Noble Chief. Charles T. Grace; Master of Records, George H. Mack. Protection Kntiiiio Oinpuny me*ta on , the fourth Thursday of eaak month at Engine House, Feltim street, at 7.30 p. in. President WHIIaei Birmingham; Vice-president, Joseph Balloy; Treasurer, Michael W e i * ; Secretary, Frank 1). Stanton; Foreman, Michael J. C.'roain. Washington Camp, No, 3G, P, • . • • S. (if A., meets second and fourth Monday nights of each month, at K. of P. Hall, at 8 o'clock. Frank H. Prigge, president; Arthur Allen, vicepresident; Bert Lambertson, Master of Forms; John French, financial secretary; Lorins G. Briggs, recording secretary; Joseph Hubbard, ch&plain; William M. Anderson, treasurer. Star of Jersey.Lodge, No. 484, B. of L. F. nnd E., meets ia Welsh's Hall. First Sunday of each mont". at 2.30 p. ra., and on third Tuesday at 7.30 p. m. Henry Selover, President; L. B. Wortley, Financial Secretary and Treasurer; F . L. Hawes, K-cordtag Secretary. Gorin Lodge, No. 8fi, D. B. i — Regular meetings second and fourth Fridays of each month at 8 p. m_, la lundesen's Hall. President, Jens L. Borlund, Sr.; Secretary. A. J. Johnson; Financial Secretary, George Mortenaen; Treasurer. Jobn 8. Lund. Lady Grace Lodge! No. i% D. • ! K. 1. 0 . 0 . F. Meets on the First and Third Friday evsnlng of each month. In Scully's Hall, Stevens avenue. Mrs. S. Linden, N. G.; Mrs. Margaretta Thomas, Recording Secretary. Independence Engine & Hose C*. No. 1, meets third Monday In each month at 7.30 o'clock p. m. Foreman. Martin Shuler; President, John B. Woodward; Secretary, N. N. Pearc* Pnnl DeGraw Hamilton Lodge, He. 552, B. of B. T* meets every Id and fourth Sunday of eacb month at K. f P. Hall. President, T. F . B r e a u a ; Secretary, William Bulman; Treasurer, Thomas J. Kennedy; Agent ot Official Publication, Edward McDooough. Singing.Society Llederkrang, Soatb \mboy. Practice of singing takes place every Saturday at 8 p. • . iBlness meeting held every first Saturday of each month at 9 p. at. Fred Thumhart, President; John Kutcher, vice-president; George Nellu. ecretary; Chas. Steuerwawld, treasurer; B. Grohe, librarian. Star Building and Loan Anoetatlea, of South Amboy, N. J., meets la City Hall, on the fourth Monday evemlaa ln each month. President. Thomas C. Gelslnon; Secretary, Jobn J. Delaney; Treasurer, Jobn J. Coakley. Court Itarltan, No. 41, F. of i * meet* on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, at 8 p. m.. In Protection Hall. Chief Ranger, Marcus Peterson; Sub-Chief Ranger. Louli Borland: Finan. Secretary, Edward Dewan; Treasurer, Michael Zupko; Rec. Secretary, Louis Melnzer; Sr. Woodward, Nelson Banks; Jr. Woodward, Nelson Kvlest; Sr. Beadle, Michael Press; Jr. Beadle, Ludwfs Hartman; Trustees, Aaron Hyer, Sr., Richard McCloud, Sr., Andrew Kronmeyer.

Mother—But what are his antecedents? Hns he eoine up from nothing or hns he come down from something Mnbel—I renlly don't know. He has the money of the former and the manners of the latter.—Boston Globe.
Ideal Tour.

Buy biscuit baked by

Always look for that Name

Thomas & McMichael

Office of City Engineer

Dnvid Street nnd Stevens Arenne. ANNUAL MEETING.

Post Office Bid?. Snath Amboy, 5 . J. \ •


In southern New ZL-IIIIIIHI the line »t perpetual snow is much lower than i' Is in the Alps of Kurope. It vnrh/s. < n course. In different pnrts of the ranm.; hut. generally speaking, u mouiilniii 12,01)0 feet In New /enhuid carries n•ucli snow mid leu as ouu of lfi.lHUi Mnzle—Artie, where lire we going on feet In the Swiss Alps, nnd New Zen our honeymoon V landers point with pride to glneleiArtie—Around tin.1 world, dni'ling. eohipnrnble to tho AleVsch and the Mei They're going lo give it in seven reels do.Olnce, It the corner picture show.—Wishing. ilon Star. Advertise In Tho CItlten.


TERMS MODERATE. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OL' SOUTH 187 David Street South Amboy, N. J, AMBOY, N. J. South Amboy, N. J,, Dec. 5, 1914 The annual meeting of the stockholders of this bank for tho election nfii Pliimi iHKinotopk'iiKomnrothatuinyof directors to serve fnr tho ensuing tliln^' eh-n*. It funilslits nitei'tuiitmont year will be hold nt thn banldng ou for Mid lioiiKoholil ami hi!epfi,vimn^ pciuiilo TUESDAY, JANUARY 12th, 1915. Hi honu!. l''ni' ti <j,iHH\ OIHJKUL1 The polls will be open at 2 o'clock HARRY PARISEN p. in., and remain open ouo hour. R. C. STBPHHNSON, South AmbOT 20i Knvld Street ,2-5-G Cashier.,



OFTIOK— Fir.;J=y<rat.uearIiroa(lwaJ.

FOR Itl'-NT—Seveil-ruom house on Henry street. Apply to (leorgu Clieefaetnan, 1% Henry street. 1-2-tf F(JK KKN'T— House, six rooms, city water and gas, on Johu street, near shore. Apply to Peter Coyue. 10-21-tf POK KKN'i'—House on Ceorgo street, Bis roomK, city water. Appiv to Mrs. John Kroillusseii. ' 10-17-tf I'OK KENT—Third floor Hut, (i rooms and bath, iuijuire or .Mrs. 10. S. Everltt, l.'IH liroadway. ' io-;!-tf FOR RENT—Flat, 0 rooms and batu, all iruliroKOinctilB. Apply to John 11. LuelU, Fourth street. 10-3-tf FOE KKIS'T—House, live rooms, gas and water: on Augusta street. Apply lo Mrs. Josephine Clurk. ' 0-12-tf FOR KENT—House, 8 rooms, all improvements, »is and electricity, on J)avid street. Apply tuMlKsM. K Scully, Augusta st. 4-lltf t'OK RKNT—Rooms in 1'a.rlsen llulldlng. titeani heat, electric il;>IH and water, inquire on premises. 0-7-tf

Items of Interest Presented In Short Paragraphs for Busy Readers.
August (.Scant has been very ill with pneumonia the liast week. Judge Mason celebrated his seventy-fourth birthday last Wednesday. Union services have been held in the various local churches all this week. //'"Siiiflicated" celebrators and wel'•c'omers of the New Year were distrt'sscdly and numerously evident last Friday. Mr. George Corcoran Las accepted a position with tha P. R. R. at Port Heading and began his new duties Thursday. Storm doors and an outside vestibule have been nut on the main entrance to the Y. M. C. A. building this week. Mr. Thomas K. Capner Is having one o£ his John street houses fitted uj) with gas. A. A. Hultz is putting in the fixtures.

Per can


Do not fail to take advantage of our specials this week. Every item is a real bargain that you cannot afford to overlook.

All Specials in this Adv. are for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Karo Syrup, can Babbitt's Best Soap, 7 cakes 2S Presto, package - - lOc Fancy Table Butter, lb. Tomato Catsup, bottle - 4>^c Parlor Matches, package Hotel Astor Rice, granulated, Magnolia, Sweet Clover or 7e For making Rico Fritters, Waffles, etc. and Butterfly Milk - 3 cans 2 8 c a dainty breakfast food.
STAMP SPECIALS $1.00 In Stumps with following: Corn starch,, packago 1<!c Assorted candy, 1 ) 1 10c Furo Popper, box 10c Vanilla or Lemon list. hot. 10c Horshey'H Cocoa, box 10c

Bad Stevens avenue. In luiro or owner, A. 0. Chevalier, on pieinlseH. 10-;ll-tr ' FOH BALK—A great bargain, two hovmosl 'and two lots on (ieorgo street, below Jlroaclway. For particulars inquire of-V. Htolnor, 2D Church street. 7-ll-tf FOR 8AJ.K— House and three lots 15!1 David Btreot, near Stevens avouuo. Apply on proinI6OS, or to \Y. 1*. Nichols, W Henry st. 1-lil-tr O P O R S A I J H — A special bargain In a nine room house and a Jots, city water and gas or electric lights. AIHO (1 room house, line yard with (lowers and fruits. Una, hot and cold water, large stationary range. Also several opeclal farm bargains ranging from six acres .upwards. 22loteln lilock II his. utasiicrllice price. All lots are extra size. Homo us deep B9 200 feet. Charles 8. lluokelew IWo-tr

FOR SALE. JL HAliK—1'roporty eurnur Main street ,£oR

We Give Green Trading Stamps

Free Deliveries Everywhere

STAMP SPECIALS $1.00 In Slumps vritli following: Horseradish, bottle 10c Royal Shoo Polish, bottle. 10c Schlraimell's Salad DressIng bottle 10c Windmill Coolclos, package lOe

Brown Bros. Tea Co.
"BLUE FRONT GROCERY" 183 Broadway Telephone 206

oan collect your own. I will tako charge of jrour repairs and collect lor 5 nor cent. You n&veno trouble chasing delinquents. You Tho new theatro on Broadway Is come to my olllce on the 10th ol each month a u d g e t a n Itemized Statement and lihock rapidly nearlng completion. Plumber 10 full. Win. H. 1'arleen, real estate and IncuTance, 109 Broadway, South Amboy, N. ,1. Jamas has nearly finished installing 1-11-52 the steam-heating apparatus.

Material is now on hand for the further construction of the addition TO PltOI'iSHTY OWN HUH—I mako » to tho sower system wh,icb Is being upoelalty of niauaglnK estates and collecting made on Cnthorino street. rents, and can collect yours bolter than you

ulur meeting on Monduy, Jan. 11th, iit 8.00 p, in., In order to mako. arrangmontg for tho Annual Mooting, which will bo hold on Jan. 25.

'TIs said that a local amateur fisherman began the New Yoar by frilling FOlt HIRE—New (1 Studebakor touring oar for hire. o. w . Welsh. l-s-tr in tho creeli near Old Bridgo anil •.. WANTED—Dressmaking and plain BOW- getting all mussed up with mud.
Ing. Mrs. Frank Dlabrow, I'roapeot at. 10-31-tf MONET TO LOAN In sums ot $100. MOO, »S00, UIO, $500 and up to u,uuu. luqulre at Law Offices of John A. Lovely, 149 Broadway. MONEY TO LO4N on Bond and Mortgage. » pply to J. A, Ooan, V. O. Bulldlne.


\V\IAJ GOIiUECT YOUK Hents and save you tltno and worry. Property owners will do well by consulting him. A. H. ISURGEN, Main St., South Aroboy, N. J.



I f l W k k W treatment. Your moles will dry up and drop off. Leaves no scar. Safe, painless, no failure. For full particulars and ''The Truth About Moles"—also big growthswrite Win. O»vl», M. D.. Stit* Strnt, ear. joyable manner at the Y. M. C. A. •read, Ptrth Amboy, N. J. The students of the High School were very much taken advantage of will give a play in the K. of P. Hall and alterations made New Year's Day. on Jan. 29th. The name ot the play In Steam, Water, Gas and Electrical flx- Some very complimentary remarks is "Aaron Boggs." The cast will ha were passed by the entertainer upon made up of the senior class assisted trfres. the musical accomplishments of tha by the other students of the school. pianist at the Y. M. C. A. enter- The play given by the students last year was a success and there is tainment New Year's night. 139 Steyong Arc. Sontli Amboy every reason to suppose that they The annual meeting for the elec- will work equally as hard on the THE SOUTH AMUOT STEAK CLEAN- tion of officers of the Star Building present occasion. ING AND DYEING) WORKS. and Loan Association was held in the Harry Daly, of this city, narrowly All kind of Tailoring neatly done. City Hall last Monday evening. All the officers were re-elected without escaped serious injury when his coat Also Fresh Hams, Small Jersey Pork Loins, Pork Roll, S. GOLD, Prop. opposition. caught In a shafting in the works ot Broadway and Darld Street 168 Broadway South Amboy Bologna, Frankfurters and Sausage at lowest prices. the Russell Flaying Card Co., of MillA number of young people will town last Wednesday. Daly is an Quality »nd Weight Guarantor. Next to Empire Theatre. TELEPHONE 26J SOUTH AMBOY NEW JEBSBY enjoy themselves at a party which oiler. The quick presence of mind of is to bo given by Mr. and Mrs. B. R. one of tho girls in cutting off the Havens at their home on Second power and stopping the machinery street in lonor of their daughter, prevented a probable fatality. He Helen, tonight escaped with slight cuts and bruises. There are NO sky-high claims—exaggerations—or overstatements in BRIEGS'

REMOVED w""°"td'8l ii fl lIlI IVv or pain. My desiccation nnnUVIiUngurement n [.I

Anothor sensational trial involving tho fatherhood on an lilegtlmiito child was to havo been held In tho City Hall Wednesday morning. Tho aceusfid was on hand with his lawyor unil the settings nil ready for tho Don't fail to hear Marjorlo Lacey trlnl to begin. The young woman at K. of P. Hall on January 15. This failed to appear to proBs tho charge, Is tho third entertainment of the so the case was dismissed. Lyceum Course of tho Woman's Club. Miss Helen Bertha Dornbach, of A Councilman was heard to remark LansCord, Pa., and Mr. Ambrose D. last Friday that he didn't know what Atkinson, ot Salisburg, N. C, were committees lio was on. Never mind, united In marriage at the home of tho Bill, you'll know well enough before bride's parents on Wednesday of last week. Mr. Atkinson is a former well you get through. known resident of this city and will The bowling alleys and the other be remembered for his prowess as a facilities for passing time In an en- baseball pitcher for the "Athletics."

UilnH many pages for Jotting down l-iovers oft rush In where husbands Tha British Museum. memoranda of various kinds. That In tlie early days of the Itritlsb mn- foar to tread. tho book will bo apprnelatod by thu Bonn], a r<!ntiiry or more ugo, the plnrc men is a surety. wiis open for only six bourg dally on One way to sidetrack bad luck is live days n wei-k during the summer and four hours dally during the rest of to bo prepared for It. A girl thinks she Is a Unit-class the year. Nobody could remain in thi< cook If she caa make fudge. bulldluK for more than two. const-cu Ove hours, und the number ndinlsslbla Tho early maid catches tho bridal at ono time was Btrlctly limited to lit teen. Eaeb bntcb of visitors was sliep train.

herded by an attendant

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According to the remarks of the secretary of. the T. M. C. A. at the New Year's entertainment, the Ladles Auxiliary «f that organization will rer celve the especial attention of the social committee this year. Stella, the three month's old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Laggeka died Saturday, January 2d, and was buried in the Polish Cemetery on Monday, January 4th, under the direction of Undertaker J. J. Scully. Someone of the city officials deservos commendation for the quick action that was talten with regard to the removal of the body of a dog which was killed by an automobile on Main; street one day last week.

146 Broadway :: South Amboy

Tho Grand Temple officers will lor Pressing and Cleaning Gents' ana visit Good Samaritan. Temple No. 5. Pythian Slaters, Wednesday afterLadies' Suits. Work guaranteed. Ladles' Suits and Dresses to order. noon, Jan. 13th, and will install the officers for the ensuing term. All Best -work at lowest prioea. A members are requested to be present. LEADER—Ladles' and MlsseB1 Coats from $4.60 up. Edna, tho twelve year old daughter I . ROSENTHAI-, of Mr. and Mrs. James Bright, of Hospital for Clothes Broadway South Amboy N. J. Chrome and formerly of this city, was Interred in Christ Church cemeNear Central Station tery last Saturday under the direction of Undertakers Stlllwell & MaNOTICE TO DELINQUENTS ON WATER HENTS. PURSUANT TO A RESOLUTION Liquld soap containers for the wash issued by tho Common Council, notice bowls and both tubs at the Y. M. C. Is hereby given, that all persona A. have been installed recently. Forwho owo for watar rents are request- macone dlBenfeotnnt apparatus Is ajsn ed to meet at the City Hall, at 8 in USB. The management Is certainly •'clock on Friday evening, January making an oftort to comply with ,the IB, 1914, for tho purposo of a con- sanitary code regulations. ference with tho committee on water DANIEL J. DONLIN. All olTlcers and members of tho Water Commissioner. South Amboy Yacht Club arc re(liiostod to bo present at tho next roBY Dated, January 9, 1915.


- Skating has been enjoyed by many local young people during the last few days. Crossman's pond has been especially popular for the sport. The ice is good and the weather not too cold. It Is some years since such an opportunity for indulging In the sport to any great extent has been afforded. That this fact is realized more or less Is evinced by the number of people seen about town carrying their skates. o i OF CHAS. BRBTAMlir. The funeral services over the remains of Charles 4 . Brinamln -were hold at i his late residence at four o'clock Frnday afternoon, January 1. The Rev. J. E. Shaw officiated and Interment was made in Christ Church cemetery under the direction of Undertakers Stillwell & Mason on Saturday. The body was placed in tho vault Friday pending the arrival of of the deceased's brother from Syracuse, N. Y. on Saturday. Messrs, J. L. Housel, J. Linden, Edward Sullivan, Philip Leonard, John Shannon and Luke Lenahan were tho pall hearers. All except the last named were fellow employees of the deceased with the Public Service Gas Co. A USEFUL BOOKLET. The Educational Committee of the r . M. C. A. Is distributing a small volume containing interesting and useful information concerning injectors and hydrostatic lubricators. Tho book Is Issued by tho Nathan Manufacturing Company of New York, nnd Id being furnished entirely gratis locally to the men in this motive power department of the railroad. It Is vest-pocket In slzo and also con-

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(Continued from Page One.) that tlic board had ?203.0U balance. Tin' report of the registrar of vital statistics showed that there had been Brief Items Concerning People We live juarriages, thirteen births and Know that Prove Interesting eight deaths in the city since the Reading. last report. All the above communications were Tho Rev. J. K. Shaw has been on received and iiled. A hill from the Porth Amboy News the ailing list this week. for $2.93 for printing of a notice relMrs. Frank Selover, of Old Bridge ative to milk bottle care was read and upon motion ordered returned to was a local visitor last Saturday. . ascertain if there had not been a Mr. H. B. Ware, of Broadway, was mistake made in making up the bill This action was taken on account of a Philadelphia visitor last Tuesday. the discrepancy between this bill Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weber, of Halland that of another bill for a like publication of the notice by another way, were local visitors last Sunpaper that amounted to just a little day. more than half of the NewB' bill. Giles Hullflsh of New Brunswick Other bills read and ordered paid were: R. P. Mason, $11.60Y W. E was a visitor In town on Thursday Slaver, $0.20; South Amboy Printing last. Co., $3.75; W. R. Thompson, $25.00. Mrs. S. 8. Silvers, of Freehold Mr. Lovely started a lengthy discussion by asking some questions re- spent Thursday with friends In this garding apparent contradictions in city. the plumbing code. Previously he Mr. Henry Shelters, of Old Bridge had stated that ho didn't know much aliout the code, but when ho started was a local visitor last Monday ovenpinking holes In It ho rather con- Ing. tradicted ill Is former assertion. Mr. Manning Hongland, of Irvington, visited relatives In this city last KlVflAUKMKST ANKOIJNOM). Sunday. Thn engagement of Miss Lillian QimckenlniHh, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. George W, Yoandlo is lying Mrs. .1. 8. QuncknnhtiBh of Marlboro, critically ill at lior home In Bound Brook. and Ilr. L. T \ Melnznr of Slouth A < boy has JiiHt beon announced. Tho Mr, P. A. Doncon, of Second street, ninrrliign will not tultn pi (inn untl WUH a Now York City* visitor Inn October.—Motnwan Joiirnnl. ' WwJnoHilny.


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The Latest Popular Ilooki Will Bf Mrs. George Kane, of Audubon Added As They Are Published. formerly of this city, vlsllud friund Cor Small Sum Ton Can Gel Good here this week. Reading. THE A. C. PAHI8KN 1IDBABT MIBB Mildred DeatfCof Main street, Sooth Amboy. visited Miss Loulso Thorns, of Old Bridge, rooently. 12e CW5AM DK MINTS, lb 19c JELLY BEANS, per lb Sl'KCIAL JELLY STRINGS, l b . . 19cMOLASSES COCOANUT BALLS, Mr. Andrew Selover, of Mechanics per dozen lte 19c vlllo, was a visitor in New Bruns HERALD SQUARE, lb HOREHOUND DROPS, lb 19o Strictly Fresh White Leghorn Table wick on Monday. CREAMKD EGGS, modium, l b . . . 12c COUGH DROPS, per lb 19o JKLLY EGOS, lb 12c MOLASSES PEPPERMINTS, lb. 19o R. P. Mason, Sr., of First street, STATE EGGS, per dozen We cater to tho people who demand tho boat 10c SPEARMINT DROPS, perlb 19c 29e All Eggs Sold in Cartons to the wafi a New Brunswick visitor laBt CHOCOLATE CREAM EGGS, aoz. 10cLIME TABLETS, per lb Monday morning. 5c CHOCOLATE EGGS, per doz.. 50cCINNAMON DROPS, per lb 19o Private Trade 19e Get your standing order In now, and Mr, and Mrs. George McGlnty, o lOo CHOCOLATE EGGS, doz. $1.00CLOVE DROPS, per lb HODGE PODGE, per lb 19c PEANUT BUTTER STRINGS, lb. 19c be sure of a regular supply. Broadway, enjoyed a trip to Keans 1»C^ JORDAN ALMONDS, per lb 89c PEANUT SNAPS, per lb Wo Guarantee 24 ounces or over per burg last Sunday. dozen. Mrs. Anna Peterson and son Wai DOCTOHS TAKE NOTICE—Eggs ter, of George street, spent a few for invalids and infants onto of our days in Rahway this week. specialties. Mrs. Alonzo Tiehenor, of Kingston WILFRED F. BROWNING spent Tuesday visiting Mr. and Mrs, South Amboy, N. J. S. T. Bastedo, of Gcorgo street. Phone 215 Formerly Ernston Form V Deliveries In South Amboy on TuesThe Rev. Mr. Allen, pastor of the days and Fridays. South River Baptist church, spent


Mr. nnd Mrs. A. L. Way, of FII-H

alroflt, am spending thn wnok ond In Philadelphia.


Broadway anfflrst Street

South Amboy, K.'-

last Sunday afternoon in this city. Mr. C. T. Bowers, of David street, returned Monday from a two-weeks' sojourn at his home in the South.

Greenspan Bros.
PIONEERS OF LOW PRICES. Free Deliveries to all points, South Amboy, Mechsnlcsville and Morgan TELEPHONE 19 WE GIVE ELK STAMPS

Former City Treasurer Orlando Perrine spent Monday with his son Orlando Perrine, Jr., at Long Branch.

188 Broadway

South A in boy

Mr. and Mrs. William Hoagland, of Irvington, visited Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Bastedo, of George street, last Sunday. Mrs. M. O'Connor returned to her home in Freneau last Monday after spending some time visiting In this city. The many friends of Mr. Otto Hillmann will he glad to learn that he is recovering from an attach, of pneumonia.

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Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Houssoll, of Bordentown avenue, are spending tho latter part of the week in Philadelphia. •:•T. B. Davios, of this city, returned Monday after spending a few days on a trip through a portion of Pennsylvania. Rev. H. C. White, John. Rue and William G. Wyokoff went to Trenton on Monday to hear Billy Sunday address the law makers. Mrs. Herbert Roxbury, of Bordentown avenue, Bpent a few 'days vlsltng Mr. and Mrs. J, Van Cleaf, of Snyrevlllc, thla week.

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Miss Elizabeth Daytoni of George street, was stricken with a severo attack of tonsllitis last week. She Is now nblo to he about again,

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Mr. nnd Mrs. Frod Leonard returnAll kinds of tullorlner ucnUj' dono at rejisonnblo prices. My cxperiid from a honeymoon spent at Washenco In making old clothos look like new will surprise you. ngton, D. C , last Monday. The newyweda aro now comfortably installed n n newly furnished homo on Au09 Broadway South Amboy, N. I . ;ustu Btreot.

t i l l AMBOT ClIIZEK.

"Smile Awhile And while yon smile another smiles; And soon there's miles and miles of smiles, And life's worth while If you but smile."—Aiion.

Railroad Statements in Full Grew Campaign Square With Truth.

A downcast look and sour?

Xo! 'tis a fast to dole Thy sheaf of wheat, And meat l.'nto the hungry soul. It is a fast from strife, From old debate And hate,— And that's to keep thy Lent.

With a most remarkable showing of

There was a large attendance at all services on last Sunday and we were glad to see several new faces, To show a heart grief-rent; f you have neglected your spiritual To starve thy sin, mother, the Church, what better time To circumcise thy life. :han this Lent to "Come home?" The larder lean, Mother Church watches with sleepess eye for the home-coming of her The Rector had the pleasure of Philadelphia, March 17. Services were all well attended children. "looking in" upon the Sewing School last Sunday. Had a good. day. The Railroad men who have checked up on last Saturday afternoon and hearj Hon. 0. Rowland Munroe, Attorney on the argument made by FYancls P. "The Young Crusaders" of the Sun- nearly a hundred needles clicking in liolaiid, Assemblyman in the New Jerfor the Anti-Saloon League of New sey Legislature, in the joint debate day School will hear the announce- as many pairs of little hands. The /JeTsey, gave a splendid, hopeful, in- held last l<'riday evening at Jersey ment of their promotion on Palm work under Miss Frances Perrine ami ' terosting and instructive address at City with Hart J. Kackenthall find iunday (March 28), that being the Miss Elizabeth Stewart, assisted by the evening service. He made us feel that Mr. Roland jugsled with facts. last Sunday of the quarter, and will en or twelve other faithful women, that the Instructive, Law Enforce- For instance, he called upon th.e be awarded their new shields on Eas- has prospered to a gratifying degreo ment and the Legislative departments Pennsylvania Railroad to explain why ter Day. The old shields must be and they deserve all praise for their of the League's work are worth while. In statement No. 1 issued by the Bx- •eturned by all who receive the new self-sacrifice In giving their time and Bcutive Committee of Associated Railstrength to this institutional enterroads it was stated that In tho first ones. Twenty-two mare in Sunday School half of 1914 two passengers were killprise. As we have hitherto pointed r laat than ' one the previous Sunday. ed on the Pennsylvania Railroad, The Rector preached for the Rev.:)ut, the work is wholly non-denomiHolding our own; yes, and growing U while In the bulletin previously issued V. Northey Jones, in St. Poter'a national In scope, and, in fact, several little. New scholars frequently la by the Publicity Department of the Ihurch, Perth Amboy, on Wednesday lading from the other churchrs havu Company it was stated that 1S9,1G7,generously given their assistance attendance. B2C passengers were carried on thenight, He was accompanied by two Pennsylvania 'System without any be- nembors of our Parish, Mr. C, U.each week us members of tho teachLast Sunday was a red letter day ng killed. ing staff. Units and Mr. Edward Dangler. with the Jr. S. E. Society, when o • Thu two passengers killed last yoai through tlio leadership of Mrs. Edna ost tlieir lives falling from trains, a Only one more meeting of the Con- Sniiio Forms of Itliiiiimnthm Curable. ..Peterson, such a ' largo number act given In No. 1 statement, ^'ith firmation Class before tho Bishop Rheumatism Is n dlBPaso ohnracgritoered around the altar and took equal clearness it was stated In the mines on Tuesday night, March 30. the pledge of full-membership Into 'ubllcity Department,Bulletin that no The attendance 1ms boon splendid. orlzcil by pains in the Joints and In the Society. It was real encouraging asBtiiKcr was killed in a "train A't, all members of tho Class remain lia muscles. Tho moat 00111111011 to see such a largo and promising dont." Such 1B tlio conclusive answer alHifu] ami bo In attendance at theforms nro: Aouto nnd Chronic Ttheunumber of our boys and girls enter- o question No. 1, which Mr. llnlnnd 'nrish llonsn on next Thursday af- inallam, lUicuimiUe Headaches, Sclo vehemently hurled at his opponent. itio Rlifiiimallflnt anil Lumbago. All Ing upon this work so freely. ornoon nt 4 o'clock, Engineer Faekonlliall. if tlioso lyiids ran hi; helped absoMr, liolaiul also demanded answer utcly by applying Homo goml IlniThe- Usher's Union held their reg- .0 a statement in statement No. I 1 of Onco aKaln, a good nent thnt penetrates. An applicaular meeting at the home of Mr.he E::ccutlro Committee, that last was proaont nt tho Tuesday tion of Sloan's Liniment two or throe Harry Petty, 1 C Main street, Wed- 'ear the Kull Crow—"Uxeoss Man G rew"—Jjawa forced a waste of $2,' service, anil hoard nn nblo Bormon by l.iiii(!H a tiny to tho nffocted part will nesday evening. 000,000 on tho rnllroiulB In Pennsyl- tho Rev. John C. Lord, Rector of All i;lvo inKbnt relief. Sloan's Linivania anil New Jersey, wli-ou on theSaints' Church, NavoHlnk, said to boment In good for pain, and especially The place to feed the hungry man back of the Pennsylvania Railroad mo of'the most bountiful eluirchoH Uimimnlic Pnln, because It ponotratU at the Oyster Supper to be held In menu card a figure of $1,702,407 was n the niocnsn. Tho nnclor of Christ ci8 to tho Bent of tho trouble,,soothes the basement of the church March given. The answer la that $2,000,000 hurch has preached in a half dozen the nllllcted part anil draws tho was merely a cenornl statement of 24. Supper served from 5 to 9 p. m. the coat, It also is a. fair average different churches during this Lent, pains. "Sloan's' Liniment is all medElegant supper for 2 cents. D amount for such expenditures under and, whllo comparisons aro nlwnys icine." Got a 25c. bottle now, Keep normal conditions, IHislno.m Is now nvidious, ho feels constrained to re- t handy In. case of emergency. * * greatly depreaBod and trafllc roiluced. nark, for the encouragement of our ANNUAL REPORT OF PUBLIC 0 i. SERVICE CORPORATION There are now employed on eighteen pooplo, that nowhere else has ho Beauty Is only skin deep, but roads in. the two states 2^99 excess A report ot Public Service Corpora- brakemen, whereas these same rail- seen as largo congregations as weBometlmos tho display rack doesn't tion'of New Jersey for 1914, just Is- roads when the lawn took effect wore have had nt home. Tho preacher for show It up to a good advantage. sued by President Thomas N. McCar- compelled to add 2819 men to train next Tuesday night Is the Rev. H. A. . Sadtlor, Rector of St, Paul's crows. When a man doos anything ho is ter, shows that the business of tht. hurch, Hahway. tho least bit ashamed of ho attributes gas,, electric and railway companies each, made gains over the previous It to tho human nature In his makeK i l l THE BIBDS AND Wo regret exceedingly, that through up, year. O : The gross operating revenue was THE WOULD STARVES an oversight no service was announced upon our Lenten card for the Fes- Whon a married man boasts that $3(5,924,453.65 as against $34,592,473.80 That birds stand between the Ame- tival of the Annunciation of thehe has no secrets from his wife his In 1913. Non-operating income and income from securities pledged and rican people and starvation Is tho as- Blessed Virgin, which occurs next bachelor friends fall to put him next from.v. miscellaneous sources added sertion of the New Jersey Fish and Thursday, March 25, and occasion to a lot of good things. •$2,835*806.70 to the 1914 total. Tha arhe Commission, which Is making s hereby taken to say that, besides ., operating expenses and taxes last an urgent appeal to the farmers of :he service on Wednesday morning, SOUTH AMBOY year amounted to $19,892,708.59 and the State for co-operation in the pro he Holy Communion will also be $1,303,608.87 was credited to amorti- tectlon and care of their feathered celebrated on Thursday morning at zation charges of the subsidiary com- friends. Permit the extermination of 10 o'clock. This' feast, which comes the birds by the removal of the pro-each year on March 25, has been obpanies. tection now afforded them by stringThe'bond issues, rentals and mis-ent laws, and in one year the coun- served In tho Church from the very By our system of cleaning dyeing, cellaneous interest charges of the try will faco the greatest economic earliest times, sermons still being extant which were preached on this repairing and pressing clothes, we T „ operating companies reached a total problem of history, says tho commis•*of $12,097,109.48 and the corporation's sion. Without the birds our forestB day as early as A. D. 446. It com- absolutely cure all garments. We alInterest charges, amortization of debt would be swept as by a blast of firs. memorates tho visit of the Angol so make ladles' suits and dresses. T discount and expense and sinking Destroy the balance of nature by Gabriel to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Seeing is believing. Give us • fund charges for Public Service gen- removing the birds as a check upon o announce to her the Incarnation eral mortgage bonds accounted for Insect life and give the insects two of the Son of God, his message to trial and be convinced. Everything neatly done at lowest $8,841,496.44 The net increase In sur- months' start in Spring, and not aher being, "Fear not, Mary, for thou plus after all charges were mot was :;rop would bo grown in field or gar- hast found favor with God. And be-prices. hold, thou shalt conceive and bring T '$1,583,089.68. All work absolutely guaranteed. den. forth a Son, and shalt call His Name Attention Is directed to the comNot only should farmers be ever on Jesus." pletion of the railway extensions to Rldgowood and to Perth Amboy: to the alert agalnBt violators of the •I* \ t h e Newark terminal construction gamo laws—for the experience of the At the late service 'on next SunBet. John * Henry Sti. !ommisslon shows that the culprit day morning the Rector will preach Broadwaj, \ work; the completion of the BuTllng\ t o u electric power Btatlon; various who will shoot protected game out of on the theme, "Have Protestants Tor\jub-Btatlons; the beginning of the season will Just as readily slay insect gotten that Jesus Had a Mother?" \aik on the Essex power station on and song birds—but they should en- The lantern talk at the Sunday t i e Newark meadows and various courage the breeding of birds in their School will be on "The Cross Among . .ibtheX Improvements Including a new own localities by constructing bird the Southern Mountaineers." The houses about the farm buildings. Btereopttcon lecture for the night ser.' commercial building In Montclair. V Taxes paid during the year araount- The value of this plan, tho Commis- vice will be one of the best of the8teven» Avenue, near Henry StrMt 1 ed to $2,202,554.91, an Increase over sion contends, cannot be over-esti- series and is entitled "An Adventure Sooth Amboj, H. 3. f too 1913 tax bill of $139,573.22. Up- mated. Many of the species of birds for God ,in Alaska." I t is evident, that will nest In these artificial homes if the attendance at the Sunday night l warda of $29,000,000 fire Insurance • \ was carried at a cost of $102,808.95,subsist entirely upon insects or their service continues to increase, that larvae. They are especially active the seating capacity of tho Parish an Increase In Insnrnnre and a deCIVIL ENGINEERS AND SORYETOItS croaso In premiums. Tlio welfnro as insect destroyers during the nest- House will soon be taxed. work of the compnnles cost $79,793.84 ing season, when their young a r e for sick benefits, pensions and life calling for an oxtra supply of food. The Vestry is requested to meet Office ot City Engineer Insurance and ?C>3,033.!)5 for aeddonts. To cite tho case of tho flicker or for ten minutes at 12 o'clock next Post Office Bldg. South Amboy, IT. J, woodpecker alone: This bird feeds Sunday morning to discuss some imTlio latter amount was $9,100 In excess of tlio requirements of the work- largoly at this season upon ants and portant matters relative to the Easter men's compensation, net, Hie excess plant Mice that aro so destructive to Offering and the Annual Parish amount linvlng been paid voluntarily gardens and orchards; and more Meeting. than 3,000 of these ants, devoured In "by the companies. Experienced ono day, have been taken from the In response to several Interested o stomach of a single bird. Harness Makers Inquirers, we desire to say that the DON'TS no inn IIEEMNG, From tho economic standpoint Men's Club Is not "hibernating," but and Dealers In Tn'.\ho time tablo Issued by one of alone the building of bird houses ^ that no meeting was held in March, thn great railroads of the country the the best investment for crop protec- in accordance with the Constitution All Kinds of Supplies forj: Horses. ' following cautions nro printed. I t tion thnt the farmer can make, even of the Club, this being a *Lenten might be well for anynno using any at a hundred times their cost, says month. However, wo venture tho astrain to consider them carefully: President Ernest Napier, of the Fish sertion that the Club is very much Don't leave grips In aisles—some- nnd Game Commission. Every farm, alive, and the next meeting, Tuesday one rriay full over them and got hurt ho says, should have a battery of night, April 12, will doubtless witDon't poke your head or arms out bird houses, built along lines sug- ness a bumper attendance. 1 - = BROADWAY 34 of the window—you might get hurt. gested by tho United States Board of Don't board a moving train—wait Agrlculturo In its official bulletin on The following poem by Robert It's A Cure That's Sure ' until it stops. the subject; and.theso bird houses Herring on "A True Lent" presents -TORWatch your stop—it pays. should have as scrupulous care and a side of Lent not always sufficiently Don't allow chlHren to run about attention as any other part ot theemphasized: RHEUMATISM, GOUT. while cars are In motion—they mlgh farm equipment. SCIATICA, AND Is this n fast—to keep get hurt. o • • Not bin — LUMBAGO And clean Don't cros-B the track without look « t hnvi- ninwl TlimifnmIs ivittt Ono secret of success la the ability From fat of veals and shnep? Ins both ways. JONES BREAK-UP pon't. stand on the platform of cars to keep your secret*. Is It to quit the dish a AND IT WILL CURE YOU While they are In motion. Of flesh, yet still Always in stock at Fools oftlmes rush in arid win j^i Don't stand on or too near tho . To fill while wise men investigate, The plalter high with fish? track.

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Too many ot us nogleot our plain Yot tho ownor of a mule is never duty for something more attractive. sure that he hasn't a kick coming.

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Boxes S3.OO

OFFICE—First Street, near Broadway,


FOB KENT—Two new Hats, batb, electrk light and gas, all Improvements, on Stevens -arenue, opposite city Hall. Apply to Itouci Leonard. y-'ij-tf PLAT TO LIST—5 rooms and suiumur kit coeii, gas and water. Apply at UComwr's Oonfectlouery, ISO fsiuadway. FOR H E N T - S I i room house on upper uavld street, gas aud city water. Uumireat 46 George street. 3-13. POH KENT—On or about May 1, afourteen room house on liroadwuy with all modern improvements. Apply to Joe A. .soxton on ttte premises. J-ia-ir FOR HKNT—Five room house on Henry Street. Inquire Mrs. K. NelltDpn, 131 llenrv

Items of Interest- Presented In Short Paragraphs for Busy Readers.
An orchestra pit in the Kmpire is now completed. Billy Sunday moving picture films will be exhibited in this city on next Wednesday evening. Harry Smock is now employed by the Raritan Iiiver Railroad in the station at Soutii River. The charge to see the Billy Sunday films in the Empire next Wednesday will he only a nickel. The management of tho Empire Theatre objects very strenuously to the stamping of feut In applauding. Water Commissioner Donlln is still shutting o f delinquents. About half f of the unpaid bills liavo been collected so far.

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The announcement in last week's Issue of a. meeting of the Alumni Association for last Monday evening FOK SAliK—(Jhoap, two lots on Ward avewas Incorrect. nue. Inquire at 1 H ilruadway. 7 il-'2U-tf FOB SALE.
FOB SAL K—Three loin and two ILOUKOH, lfW and 101 Homy stroot. Inquire on premIses. Vi7OB SALIS— FOU 8ALI4— Houso, comout stucco and ingle, 0 rooms, also bath, pantry and rection, liall. Kvery latest, improvement. I'IOopt! rty 11)0x100, Unrgaln figure. Apply.I. C. ftl. i r . . . . ».• boll', I. . . "»•>•! .Uordon II....-l-i.. lio.\ 733, , . . 1 IlelglUs. 1-16-tr FOR BALK—Property corner AI1U11 street and Stcvons avoiuiu. In julre or mvner, A, : O. Chevalier, on p r e m i e , 10-yi-tr FOIt SALIC—A great bargain, two houses and two lots on Ucorgu streot, bolon* Itrondway. For particulars Inquire of A. Mtelnor, Si Church street. 7-ll-tl FOR SALE—Houso and throe lots IS) David itreet, near Stevens avenue. Apply on promises, or to W. I'. Nichols. 130 Homy st. 1-31-tf FOU SALK—A nice six room house lu desirable location. It will prove a groat bnrgalu find a valuable investment to tho buyer wbo secures it. A gruud 8 room residence with Improvements on tho most central and popular street In this city; convenient to all btiKlnesa places and depoin. A live acre farm v i t a a brick residence, as cheap as a home on » single lot. JUH! whiityon have been lookIng for and talking about. Ctet It and reduce the high cost orioving. Apply to Charles S. Buckeletr. i'JT-tr

We Give Green Trading Stamps

Brown Bros. Tea Co.
onlved from any of our local miiHifilans, though tho matter Is being held open to give aacli.onn a chanco. Tho liaBuball team members o£ tha Siicral Heart Club wore measured last Thursday evening-for their new uniforms. Tho uniforms aro to ba of a sort of cream color goods trimmed with maroon,

The employes of the Powder Works at Parlin have boon informed that a twenty per cent, increnso In their wages IKIS been granted.

183 Broadway

Telephone 206

TO PROPERTY OWNH1W-1 make a specialty or miiuaglug osiates and coliectltiK rents, and can collect yours better than you oancollect your own. I will take charge of your tepntrit ami collect for r> per cent. You have no trouble chasing delliKiuentH. You Dome to my olllco on the 10th of each month i n d s e t a n lteml/.ed Statement and check la full. Win. II. Parlson, real estate and Iniur%nce, 169 Broadway, South Amboy, N. .r.

FOB SALE—Autographic machine, used forsalea records, forSl.OO. .1. Alfred Johnson, ITS Broadway. 3-20-tf FOB SALE—Five passenger touring car In good shape. I'rlceSioO; tires alone worth the price. Apply to C. L. Steuorwald, 183 Louisa street,South Ainhoy. 2-27-tf FOB H I l l E - N e w li studebaker touring car for hire. O. \v. Welsh. 1-9-tf MONEY TO LOAN lu sums o! f 100, »20[), »iWI. |t9U, won and up to tl.'iw. Iuqulre at Law Offices of John A. Lovely. 14!' Broadway. MONEY: 'CO LOAN on Bond and Mortgage. *pply to J. A. Ooan, P. O. nullding.

WANTED—A Saleslady for (Jeneral store Work. Address P.O.Box 211). 8-13-tt

l i f l l C C MiHIUTIilliiK.iroiiioiu REMOVED
dry up and drop oil'. Leaves no scar. Safe, piUulesn, no failure, for full particulars and r# The Truth About Moles"—also big growthswrite Win, O»vl«, M. P., State Street, ear. Braid, Perth Amboy, N. J .


M i l 11 B A or pain. My dcHlccatlon H I U L L U troatment, Your moles will

All members of Iantho Council No. C are requested to bo present at the next regular meeting, Thursday, Mar. 25, at 1.30 p. m. At this date will be f Cunning, the Hand Cuff King, com- tho ilnal reading o the new by-laws The automobile traffic was so heavy over the week end and the fore part pleted his engagement at the Empire —tidyth Newman, K, of R. of this week that Miller's garage was Theatre Saturday evening. Largo crowds were attracted nightly during sold out of gasoline by Tuesday. Mr, and Mrs. F. A. Deacon will Ills three-day sojourn in this city. It give a reception to the Woman's The Eev. E. R. Tilton, pastor of the Is generally conceeded that his feats Auxiliary of the Y. M. C. A., at their Baptist church, of this city, and the were truly marvelous. It is said that home on Second street on Tuesday Rev. Mr. Allen, of South Elver, will Janitor White learned how to get out afternoon, March 23, at 3 o'clock. of a packing box alter being nailed Each member is specially requestod exchange pulpits tomorrow night. up In it and that after a little prac- to be present. A five-match series Is being arrang- tice he Intends exhibiting it some ed between tho Junior and Senior amateur night. Chancellor Commander Hamilton, bowling teams at the Y. M. C. A. of Richmond Lodge, Totenvllle, N. Y., The Rev. J. E. Shaw finished a job paid a visit to Good Samaritan Lodge The series may start early next for Cupid last Saturday afternoon. week. No. 52, K. of P., tills city, on Wednesday evening. He was formally The Y. M, C. A. Senior team beat received befitting his station. Mr. It has been nearly seven years since the DeRue Bros.' Minstrels the Juniors at bowling last Tuesday Hamilton endeavored to arouse Inave a performance In this city. evening. terest In a series of valley ball They are coming to tho Empire tomatches that he Is arranging. Eisner's factories have again startnight. ed up and are running to full A brother to Mrs. ThomaB Spang- capacity. enburg, of Feltus street, died last Some slight repairs were made to Monday in AVooabridge. Funeral and burial services were held in Wood- the Union News stand on Wednesday and Thursday. bridge.

their pastor during tho week. Many Tho congregation of tho M. P. ~ 1 Church was addressed last Sunday havo done no. evening by Mr. II. T. Monroe, the A curtain not ovorly siwctimonlouH noted Anti-saloon lecturer. but noverthlesB law abiding citizen, Harry Pnrlsen, of David stree was heard to remark the other evenfurnished tho piano used by tl ing that "It seemed passing utrango orchestra pinnlst at tho ball In S Hint some saloons ulong Uroadway last Sunday night had tho curtains Mary's Hall Wednesday night. open thus permitting a full nffd unLast Saturday tho water eommlf interrupted view of the Interior, while sloners's desk waB returned .to th lights were observed shining through City Hall after having undergone) ex cracks and crevices In the cloBOly drawn shades of others." tensive repairs and alterations.

The First Springtime Presentation

Briegs-Built Clothes

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The Tailor, Clothier and Haberdasher

91 Smith Street

Perth Amboy, N. J .


Jeweler Klnstlinger has repaired The Rev. C. S. Lewis addressed a meeting preparatory to tho organiza- some clocks for the (Pennsylvania and alterations made tion of a Men's Club In St. Peter's Railroad recently. In Steam, Water. Gas Church in Perth Amboy on WednesThe shed over the sidewalk in and 'Electrical fix- day evening. front of Coakley & Sullivan's store tures. "Tho Chimes," a moving picture on Broadway was taken down on Him based upon the story by that I Thursday. ltt Stereng Are. Sooth Amboj name by Charles Dickens, will be A young man from Perth Amboy shown In tho Empire Theatre next WILL UOLLKCT YOUB Monday evening. played tho organ In the M. E. Church BontH anil «avo you time and worry. Property at the mid-week prayer meeting on , ownorH will do well by Mr. and Mr3. Edwin .Tnques, of Thursday night. oonsultfnnhlm. A. 11. HIOIKIKN, Main St., South Amboy, N. I. John street, entertained a number of Mr. and Mrs. A. Vona, of George children last Monday afternoon In MHS. MA BY DAYTON . honor of tliolr guest, Master Frederick street, were visited by the Btork early oa Thursday morning. It was Knne, of Amlubon. a charming baby girl. "America," the production exhibitTha Y. M. C. A. committee of maned In tho Hippodrome lnst season, TERMS MODERATE. was shown on the screen in the Em- agement holds a meeting In the lecUoorgo Street Sontli Aniloy, N. J. pivo Theatre lnst Monday evening". ture room of the Y. M. C. A. this Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Only one performance was given.




Chuck Steak - 1 4 c lb Frankfurters, Smoked or Fresh Liverwurst and Bologna 1 5 c lb Cross Rib Roast 16 Ic lb

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Roast 12iflh
Good Beef • k*CXj

Jersey Fresh Shoulders l l i c l b

Mrs. J. White
47 John St,

A lady from Perth Amboy played Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Liming, of Rodlnnds, Calif., March 12, tho pipe organ in tho M. E. Church 1.D1S, a ten pound daughter. Mother last Sunday. A young man from and daughter doing nicely. The pa- Sayrevllle will play It tomorrow. rents were formerly residents of this The Junior Longne o the M. 15. f city. Chumh, contemplates holding nn enJanitor John White, of the Empire, tertainment for the benefit of tho is certainly a handy man. Wednes- church some time in the near future. day afternoon he erected a large billFreeholder A. T. ICerr hns been imboard for the management. I t stanas on the ground Immediately adjoining prisoned at his homo this week by two angry carbuncles on his neck. the theatre. Thoyhnve caused him great suffering. Hundrea pound rail, frogs, bars, Messrs. Loesch and Hagerman, of etc., were Installed at the Pennsylvania's "C-Q" Interlocking plant In Sir Walling Lodge, Keyport, paid a the local yards last Sunday. This visit Wednesday evening to Good practically completes the aeries of Samaritan Lodge No. 52, K. ol P., of Improvements mads at that point re- this city. cently. Tho applicants for position as orA campaign to mnkn this city a' ganlBt In the Methodst Eplscopnl liottor place to live In was launched Church who have played the pipe nt the Rmplro laBt Sunday and peo- organ all express themselves ns very plo who woro in sympathy with the rnuch pleased with the instrument. movement were aslced to so notify No applications havo us yet been re-

Fancy Table Butter l A f l h
Very Special

4 lbs. Fresh Pigs' Feet

Corned Lard Compound - 9 i c l b Soft Rib, at Beef So .; - Swift's SAUSAGE •& 1 5 c |b Sugar Cured liams 151c lb sou p r
Loose or links, special •«-»••»"» • » "





Smoked Calic Hams
Vory Special


s te°w

1 5 k lb



Sfcehins 1 9 c l b

Taylor's Fork Roll by the whole 20Jc lb
Notice—Our Market will closo nt 6 p. m. on Tuesdays ana Thursdays. Ramsmbar tho pines, call or telephone. Wo sell Just as wo advertise.

184 Broadway Telephone 261 South Amboy

THE SOUTH AJIBOT CITIZEN. SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 1915. NEW VOHK AMUSEMENTS. New Successful Policy at The Eden Museo. Since the Eden Musee, tho popular amusement resort of this country changed its policy in reducing the price of admission to 25 cents every day, the City people and visitors >have patronized this house in surprising numbers. There are many people •who, in war times, would like to hava visited the famous World in Wax, but who did not feel as though they could spare the former 50 cents admission. The new policy in reducing the admission to 25 cents at all times, :has .given these people their opportunity 'which has been, noticed during the ' paBt week. The same class of high grade exhibition continues to entertain the public, tho World in Wax exhibition /keeping up to date with Its ever f changing groups and tableaux. There are over 30,000 feot of exhibition space covered by collection of wax figures. In the Concert Hall, the Kinemacolor natural colored moving pictures are seen every hour, a complete change of program at each series. As a stage feature, Mr. DunnInger, tho master magician ntul illtiBionist, continues to amuse, myBtify and entertain his audiences every afternoon and evening. Tho mysterious Ajcpb, eheckcrpiaycr, meets nil comers in the art o£ Checkers and any one is at liberty to try to beat him. The latest addition to the World in Wax collection is a war scene taken from an actual scene in the present war and is entitled "An Innoeont Victim." o When Alexander Graham Bell Introduced the telephone to a skeptical world in 1876, a Boston newspaper remarked: "A fellow can now court hlB girl in China as well as In East Boston." It is not yet possible to telephone such a long distance, but It is possible to conduct one's courtIng by telephone across the continent, and already at least one courtship Is being carried on in this way. Miss SidI Wirt is a very happy eaBtern girl, for a number of reasons and among them Is the opportunity afforded by the trans-continental talk highway to send her voice almost instantaneously to a "particular party' on the Pacific coast. Of course the voice of the "particular party" reaches the ears of the girl listening a t a telephone half a world away just as quickly. Since tho transcontinental line was put into use Miss Wirt and the "particular party." Mr. "Jack" Spreckels Jr., have conversed nearly every day over tho 3,400 miles of telephone wire that stretch across the country from New York to San Francisco. Rumor has it—and Miss Wirt does not deny It—that she la soon to become the bride of the western man. If a wedding ring does appear upon the third finger of the left hand of the girl In question, the ring of the telephone bell announcing the dally courting across tho continent, will have something to do with It. o POWDER COMPANY DISSOLVES. (Prom Phlln. Bulletin, March 9.) • At a meeting of the stockholders of tho International Smokeless Powdor and Chemical Company to-day, in Camdon, It was voted to dissolve tho corporation. Sinco tho company was formed, somo years ago, the government has started manufacturing Us own smokeless powder. It was stilted at tho meeting that tho 13. I. Du Pont Do Nemours Fowdor Company holds about 05 per cent. of tho stock of this concern. Tho 'company is n $10,000,000 corporation, with its plant. located at Perth Amfooy, N. J. During tho meeting a statement was made that the assets of tho company nro about $1,800,000. Tho meeting was presided ovor by , Pierre Du Pont, president of the 13. I. Du Pont Company. Ho states that it was not thought advisable to keep tha company together and pay. corporation taxes and overhead charges *on the two companies. Ho saia that for some tlmo the Du Pont Company had beon turning over about twentyeight nnd one-half per cent, of Its orders to the International Company. HD made an offer to the stockholders to pay about 530 per share for their stock. A report of tho meeting will he filed with the Secretary of the State of New Jersey and an attempt will .perhaps be made to get a higher bid for the stock of tho concern. [ I t ' I s stated above that the plant ' is located at Perth Amboy. It probably refers to the plant at Parlln. —Ed.] \ o — A ragtime philosopher says a soldier Is a man who maltes a living by dying for his country.

ISiisdnill. Last Wednesday afternoon the Stevenssdale baseball field was for We lirst time this season the scene of an exciting and hotly contested baseball game between the Sophomore and Freshmen and Junior combination baseball nines. Much interest was shown by tho large crowd of spectators present and the class spirit was at its height when the members of the respective classes were cheering and rooting for their class team. Both teams seem quite evenly matched and it was not until the test inning that Hobby the star base runner of the High School brought in the winning run which brought victory to the Freshmen and Junior combination team. Tho principal feature of tho game was tho sensational catch by Nelson of the Freshmen and .Junior nine. Prof. Ilendrlckson, the varsity coach, Is very much pleased with the showing the members of both teams made and stated that there should be rib reason whatever, hy the High School should not send out a winning team unrt upload the lorloiiH name of our High School iis never before. Tho following Is tho lineup ot both team a: Fi'Osliincu.Jiinlor. Team. II. IT. 15. Nelson .'.. 0 0 0. Scully 0 X 0 Shaw 1 2 0 Thorpe '..' 1 1. 0 Kerr 0 0 .0 Hun 1 I 0 James • 1 1 0 Forgotson '.,, 0 0 0 Stephonson 0 1 0 Total
4 7 0


The strongest man is weak if he lacks confidence in himself.


Gen. Win. S. Trtiex I'ost, No. 118, G. A. 1!., meets tirrt and third Wednesday afternoon of each month at 3 o'clonk, in Michael Welsh's HaU. Commander, Aaron Still well; Adjutant, S. II. Chatter). St. Stephen's Lodge, Xo. G8, F. A A. SI. meets at K. of P. Hall, first and third Mondays of each month (excepting July, August and holidays) at 7.30 p. m.

It takes a lot of love to make home happy if the wife is a bad cook.

Anybody that doesn't know what to do with a twenty per cent, increase in their salary, don't deserve it. What are tho ladies going to do when Easter comes? We notice they are starting out with brand now outfits these days. Luke iMoLuke says that one reason for the high coat of living- is tlmt pooplo sell their baby enrriuges too soon nnd then havo to buy others. That'saying wol-ks both ways lieroabouts.'doosn't It? Somebody says that the rennon why a certain man nlwnys leads a h o w jehlnil his wagon Is that In CUBO the 'rout horse falls dead he won't lin stuck. "What do you drink?" nald tho Judge, "Double headers" was tho reply from the woman Tuesday night. o COOKING AND PRESERVING ECIGS, Tho ExtonBlim Specialist In Homo Economics at tho New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station CUIIB attention to the fact that at this tlmo of tho year whim eggs are beginning to bo more plentiful nnd lower In. price, tho house-wife should mnko use of them more frequently as a meat substitute. It should, be remembered however that oggs to be digestible must bo cooked below tho boiling point, that oggs as well as milk are rendered Indlgostlblo when boiled. Egg albumen begins to coagulate at 134 de grees F., becomes, jellylike at. 100 degrees F. and hard at 180 degrees F. When heated to 212 degrees or boilIng point a very tenacious gluey substance is formed, which is very Indigestible. Tho following is a good method of cooking eggs in the shell: Have ready a saucepan containing boiled water. A general rule Is to allow one pint of water to one egg and an extra cupful for each additional egg. Put eggs in a saucepan with a spoon, cover and remove saucepan to cooler part of the stove and let stand from 3 td 5 minutes for soft cooked, 8 to 10 minutes for medium hard, and 30 to 40 minutes for very hard cooked. Temperature of water should not excoed 180 degrees while the eggs are in it. . The two best methods of preserving eggs for use during the winter when prices are high arc hy means of water glass (sodium silicate) and lime solution. Tho method of preserving in water glass is as follows: Take 5 quarts of boiled water cooled to 1 quart oE water glass. A good grade of water glass should bo of tho consistency of molasses; If heavier than this tho water glass should he diluted. Eggs may be added to this solution from day to day as gathered and thus every egg can go Into the solution fresh. The method of preserving in lime solution is as follows: Take a pieca of lime the size of a lemon. Pour u gal. of boiling water over it. Let stand until cool. Add 1% cup salt. Eggs laid in March, April and May will keep very much longer by pre serving according to- either of the above methods than those laid in June, July and August, because oC greater vigor on the part of the hens during tho early laying season. Tho Only Way. "I done wor<; init three foots of n grnvpymil rahlilt in d > hopes nf flood < luck pomin' my wny." snid llrothur 1 Williams, "nu I des 'bout come tcr de cotidUHion dnt de only wny ler git Is ter go ter work fee vo livln'"—AtJunta Constitution. Appropriate Emblem. "Ynu women ought to orgnnfof u soflety for the nncnurngemput of pickpockets." "What do yon menu?" "And adopt as your Insignia the dangling lmnd bag."—Louisville Courlor-Journnl. The Bteatn heating plant In the Y. M. C. A. has been, remodeled somewhat and additions made to It. On Monday last the last bit of work upon the additions was completed. There aro now new radlntors in tho howling alley, the secretary's omco and In the reading room upstairs, This and tho rearrangement of the piping conBtltutos a decided and doubtlessly a much seeded, improvement.


Sophomore Team. Hardy Furman Dey Fox Ingraham Alpine C. Forgotson J. Thorpe


n. H. .,,..., 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 - 1 0 0 0 0 .• 0 0 0 1 1 1

E. 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

Total ....3 0 1 Umpire, Mr. James; Score Keeper, John Fitch. Prof. D. T. Hendrlckson, the prlncl pal of our High School, visited the Freehold High School last Thursday, on observation work. The Freehold High Schools have the best equipped Agriculture, Physical and Chemica Departments In the State and no doubt Mr. Hendrlckson will bring many new Ideas hack which will be used for the betterment of our local Schools. dice Club. -Every aftornoon immediately after school the members of the Glee Club of our High School may be heard zealously practicing for the operetta which they expect to give in the near future. The operetta is of a humorous variety, having been adapted from Grimm's Fairy Tales and where much of the musical and vocal talent of the High School will come In use Judging from the Interest being taken in It, its production will surely be a success and all who patronize it will feel well repaid for BO doing Miss Bertha Fulton is the direetoress

N CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY— Between, The Star Building and Loan Association, of South Amboy, N. J., complainant and Rubin Kaplan, et. ux., et, als., defendants. Fi. Occasionally a man laughs at a Fa. for sale of mortgaged premises, dated February 19th, 1915. ioko on himself, but he never really By virtue of the above-stated writ nrans it. o me directed and delivered I will xpose to sale at public vendue on WEDNESDAY, MARCH THIRTYFIRST, NINETEEN HUNDRED Joel Parker Council, No. <S9, J r . 0 , AND FIFTEEN, U. A. M., meets every Friday evening in Knights of Pythias Hall., at two o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the Sheriff's Office, in Councilor A. L. Peterson; Recording the City of New Brunswick, New Secretary, C. H. Edwards. Jersey: Friendship Council, No. 16, 1). tt All tract or parcel of lands and ,., meets on alternate Fridays of premises situate, lying and being in each month, at 2.30 p. m., in Knights the City of South Amboy, in the of Pythias Hull, First and Stockton County of Middlesex and State of streets. Councilor, Mrs. Pearl Van New Jersey. Hise; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Ada Beginning nt a F'-'if on the east- Ward. erly side of I'rn-w-t street, distant Oenerul Morgan lodge, No, 98, I. ten. hundred and lifty-three feet, southerly from a monument located O, O. I'M meets every Tuesday evening at T.I'O o'clock, at Knights of nt the southeast corner of said Prospect street and Bordentown avenue Pythias Hall. Noble Grand, Jasper n's shown on a map of Maxville, made Hamuelson; Secretary, Charles P. Tiv OnorKr- W. Yeandlo, surveyor, in Thomas; Financial Secretary, Sig. IS!I2; thnnco (1) easterly and nt Eiuiliu.ssen.. right angles from said Prospect SMIPCII R. street one lmndrod nnd thirty-seven' M,, moots T I W , No. 23, Iinp'd. 0. at every Thursday evening !>"t and fifteen onr-liundroiHhs of a S o'clock, in Knights of Pythias Hall. foot to the wostorly lino of Highland Racliem, ficorge K. Coward; Chief of sUi-ret, tlionr'e (2) southerly a!onfitlu> Records, neorgc (;. Cllvcr; Collector t snid westerly side of Highland street fifty fi'pt nnd forty-six onc-hundred- f Wampum, Stephen Miller. Ihs of ;i font; thence (3) westerly hinllie Ciiinicil, No. ft, I), (if P. mid nt rltfht iWRlos to Hfghlnnd Inip'd. Order of Itcd lien, meets every Hlrrrt. nun hundred and thirty feet iecond and fourth Thursday of the »nrt thirl.y-tdx one-liiindredtlis of n nonth at 2.30 p. m., in K. of P. Hall. foot; Ilicnop ( 0 northerly airani; the Plication tas, Rose Linke, K. of R,,. easterly line of Prospect street fifty Edith Newman. will help your eyesight * fi'nt. to tho iilaco nf beginning. Being known and designated on nforeby having your eyes Sterling Cnstlp, No. 50, K. O. B., Hiild nmp of Maxvlllf! ns lots numbers meets first and third Saturday evenexamined now if your filxty-filRht nnd sixty-nine in block Ing of each month, at 7.30 o'clock number two. at Knights of Pythias Hall. Noble eyes blur or your head SISCONI) TRACT—Being known Chief, Burden: Golden; Master of iiehes, from defective nnd designated on the recorded map Records, C. H. Edwards. nf Maxville in the City (if South Amvision. Don't neglect WnaMnirton Camp, No. 86, P. ©. boy, County of Middlesex and State of Now Jersey as lots numbers S. of A., meets second and fourth it - you will never get a Monday nights of each month, at K. soventy and seventy-one la block new pair of eyes—espenumber two. Being bounded as fol- of P. Hall, at 8 o'clock. Arthur T. IOWB: Beginning at the southerly Allen, prenident; Joseph Pippett, Bert Lambertson, cially any better than corner of lot number sixty-nine on vice-president; I'rospoct street and running thence Master of Forms; John H. Freaei, the ones that we will financial secretary; Lorin G. Brigga, fifty feet along said Prospect street to the westerly corner of lot number recording secretary; William M. A»give you. Our properseventy-two, thenco along said lot derson, treasurer. ly fitted glasses are in number seventy-two one hundred Independence Engine & Hose C*. twenty-three and 61-100 feot to the in each reality new eyes to Junction of the northerly corner of No. 1, meets third Monday Foreman month at 7.30 o'clock p. m. lot number seventy-two and Highland Martin Shuler; President, John B. those with failing sight, street, thonce along said Highland Woodward; Secretary, N. N. Pearce. etr«et fifty foet and 40-100 feet to the astigmatism or short easterly corner of lot number sixtyOorm Lodge, No. 80, D. B. 8. sight. Easter is the nine, thence along Bald lot number Regular meetings second and fourth alxty-nlne one hundred and thirty Fridays of each month at 8 p. m., in season when Nature and 38-100 feet to the southerly corner of lot number sixty-nine and the Bundesen's Hall. President, Thomag rejuvenates and you F. Spangenberg; Secretary, A. L. place of beginning. Johnson; Financial Secreary, Georgs should follow her exTogether with all and singular the Mortensen; Treasurer, John S. Lund. rights, privileges, hereditaments and ample by coming to Sinr Building and Lonn Association, appurtenances thereunto belonging of South Amboy, N. J., meets In Citj or in anywise appertaining. Hall, on the fourth Monday evening EDWARD F. HOUGHTON, SAMUEL KINSTLINGEF, Sheriff. in each month. President Thomas C. Gelslnon; Secretary, John J. DeJeweler ntul Optician JOHN A. COAN, Solicitor. $23.08 3-"6-4 laney; Treasurer, John J. Coakley.
Broadway, Opp. C. R. R. Station

SHERIFF'S SALE. IN CHANCERY OF NEW JERSEY Between 'William J. Cooke, complainant, and Rubin Kaplan and others, defendants. Fi. Fa. for sale of mortgaged premises dated March 5, 1915. By virtue of the above-stated writ to me directed and delivered I wil expose to sale, at publio vendue, on WEDNESDAY, APRIL FOURTEENTH, NINETEEN HUNDRED AND • FIFTEEN at two o'clock In the afternoon of said day, at the Sheriff's office, in the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey/ All tract or parcel of lands and premises, situate, lying and being in the township of Sayreville, in the county of Middlesex and state of New Jersey, bounded as follows, to wit.: BEGINNING at a stake standing on the northwesterly side of the roatl leading from Washington to South Amboy and running thence (1) north twenty-seven (27) degrees west, twenty-four (24) chains and twentyeight links to the line of lands late of Jacob Brookfleld'a; thence (2) along tho line of the aforesaid Brookfiold's, north sixty-two (62) degrees anil thirty minutes east thirteen chains to a bunch of chestnuts being the northerly corner of a lot conveyed by Joseph M. Taylor and wife to Hugh Campbell; thence (3) south twentyseven (27.) degrees east twenty-two (22) cMins and eighty-three (S3) links t» the aforesaid road; thence (4) along the road thirteen (13) chains to the place of beginning, Containing thirty (30) acres am forty-fivo one hundrodths (45-100) o\ aft acre. Being the same premises conveyer to the said Minnie C. Fink hy d'eeil from William J. Cooke, widower, bearing date the fifteenth day of June, ninteon hundred and eleven. Together with all nnd singular, tha rights, privileges, hereditaments and appurtenances, thereunto belonging or In anywise appertaining. EDWARD F. HOUOHTON, ADRIAN LYON, Sheriff. Solicitor. $17.68 NOTICE. ALL PERSONS CONCERNED MAY take notice, that tho Subscriber, Administrator with tho will annexed etc., of Ida K. La Hue, deceased, intends to exhibit his flnnl accoiiat to the Orphans' Court for the County of Middlesex, on Friday, tho twentythird day of April, 1915, at 10 a. m in tho Term of April, 1915, for settlement and allowance; the same being first audited and stated by the Surrogate. Dated, March 15, 1916. ROBERT P. MASON, Administrator with tho will annexed. 3-20-5

Art Deportment.
There will he an art exhibit in the auditorium of the High School sometime during the month of April given by Miss M. Everitt w,ho Is head of the art department in the High School. At this exhibit the patrons of the Bchools of our city will have an opportunity to see the work done by the students In this department and will be nblo to judge for themBelves the progress being mndo along these lines. From the work that is being turn in lately they will not be disappointed. Physical Culture. The Physical Culture Class, under the able instruction of Prof. Hendrlckson, is progressing splendidly and already tho fruits of his labor may bo noticed, especially among the girls of the High' School. There was to have been a meeting of the Physical Culture Class last Thursday, but on account of the inability of Prof. Hendrlckson to bo present, tho meeting was postponed until next Thursday. Students Favor Locnl O]>U«n. • Tho local option question was recently put before the students of tho High School by Prof. Hendrlckson and a vote was taken for and against It, which resulted In a unanimous vote for local option. This Is an Indication that the future generation of South Amboy'a citizens will not tolerate the rum curse, which is such a detriment to the city at tho present time. 'At the mooting of the High School Glee Club last Wednesday the following members were appointed on the advertising committee: Gerald Dey, Robert Kerr and Edward Shaw. Students to llonr Lecture. A number of the students of the High School hnve received tickets from Mr. Hendrlckson to attend the lecture at Perth Amboy In the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium of that city, on Sunday, March 21. The lecture Is given by Tod Mercer, the famous college athlete. His subject will bo "Down nnd Out and Up Again." A Inrge number of the students cxptect to hear him. Subscribe for The Citizen.


on the fourth Thursday of atek month at Engine House. Felttf street, at 7.30 p. in. President William Birmingham; Vice-president Joseph Bailey; Treasurer, Michael NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Welsh; Secretary, Frank D, Stanton; WILLIAM STEPHENSON AND Foreman, Michael J. Cronln. Fredericke Sophia Steins, Executors I'anl I)e(3rnw Hamilton Lodge, H». of Frederick William Steins, deceased, by direction of the Surrogate of 552, B. of R. T , meets every second the County of Middlesex, hereby gives and fourth Sunday of each month at notice to the creditors of the said K. of P. Hall. President, Leonard Frederick William Steins, to bring Tico; Secretary, William Bulman; in their debts, demands aiid claims Treasurer, Thomas J. Kennely; against the estate of the said de Agent of Official Publication, Edceased, under oath or affirmation, ward McDonough. within nine months from this date, or Sfnr of Jersey I/odce, No, 481, B, they will be forever barred of any action therefor against the said - X of L. F . and E , meets in Welsb/» 3 Hall, first Sunday of each month at ecu tors. 2.30 p. m., and on third Tuesday at Dated January 28, 1915. 7.30 p. m. Henry iielover, Preside*'.; WILLIAM STEPHENSON, L. D. Wortley, Financial Secretarj FREDERICKE SOPHIA STEINS, and Treasurer; J. S. Jamison, Re1-30-9 Executors cording Secretary. Singing Society Llederkrani, g o o " NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Aniboy. Practice of singing ta1 JAMES D. AVERY AND FRANK place every Saturday at 8 p. meeting held AT. Dain, two of the Executors o Business of each month every.p.i 'm, Saturday Thomas N. Avory, deceased, by direc- Fred Thunihart, President; at 9 KutJohn tion of the Surrogate of the County of Middlesex, hereby gives notice to cher, Vice-president; George Nellus, the creditors of the said Thomas N. Secretary; Chas. Steuerwald, TreasAvery, to bring in their debts, de urer; B. Grohe, Librarian. mands and claims against the estate Court F. of tho said deceased, under oath .or meets on Ituritun, No. J-l,fourthof A, the second nnd Wednfnrination, within nine months from nesdays of each month, at 8 p. m., in this date, or they will be forever Protection Hall. Chief Ranger, Marbarred of any action therefor agains cus Peterson; Sub-Chief Ranger, tho said executors. Louis Borland; Financial Secretary, Dated February 17, 1915. Edward Dewan; Treasurer, Michael JAMES D. AVERY, Zupko; Recording Secretary, Loula and FRANK N. DAIN, Melnzer; Senior Woodward, Nelson tWO Of thO EXDCUtOTS, Banks; Junior Woodward, Nelson Kviest; Senior Beadle, Michael Pres3; Junior Beadle, Ludwig Hartman; Trustees. Aaron Hyer, Sr., Richard NOTICE. McClourt, Sr., Andrew Kronemeyer. ALL PERSONS CONCERNED WILL take notice, That all debts owing to the estate of James H. Gordon, or to the firm of Howell & Gordon, arc now duo and payable. Notice Is further given that the proper and legal settlement of the Estate of Jamei H Gordon, deceased, will require tho collection of all the above mentioned debts, by legal action, If necesaary Payment may be made to Francis H Gordon, at the store corner of Brpadway and David street, or to tho undersigned. 170 Henry Street Sontli Amboj , WILLIAM J. BOWB, Telephone l'Jl-W Administrator ot James H. Gordoa deceased. \ 9-13-tt Subscrlbo for The Citizen,

NOTICE TO CREDITOR. ANNA A. HOLTON, ADMINISTRA trix of John J. Holton, deceased, by direction of the Surrogate of the County of Middlesex, hereby gives notice to the creditors of the said John J. Holton, to bring In their debts, demands and claims against the estate of the said deceased, under oath or affirmation, within nine months from this date, or they wil ho forever harred of any action therefor against the said administratrix. Dated Februarj S, 1915. ANNA A. HOLTON, 2-13-9 Administratrix

Qood Samaritan Lodge, No. 52, K. of I ' , meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock, at K. of P. Hall, corner of First and Stockton streetBi . Chancellor Commander, F. B. Norcross; Keeper of Records and Seals, William A. Chapman. Liidy firaco Lodge, No. 27, D. »f !(., I. O. 0. V« meets on the first and third Friday evening of each month, in Scully's Hall, Stevens avenue. Mrs. S. Linden, N. C ; Mrs. Margarotta Thomas, Recording Secretary.

Protection Engine Company meets


JAS. J. DOLAN Electrical Contractor




(Continued from Page One.) The schools will be closed for the Mr. Phalen, Alderman uv th' Tiuth Ward Patrick Ryan spring vacation during the first week Tom Phalen, A Small Boy E n t e r e d In t h e Cost o i n r c 'it .-10111.11 A I » I « J in April. William Brophy a s second CUIHH mull niattcr. Eueuezer Saunders, Who Doesn't Object lo Another Trial of MatriThe third term of the school year SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 1915. mony p e ter J. Coakley opens on April 12th. Herr Cominsky, A World-famed Musician Edward Dooling LAUGH! CONGREGATIONS Parents who are desirous of enter- Percy Augustus Witherspoon, So Frightened Frank' Delaney GKCKT PA.STOK SHAM' ing their children who have never beThe Rev. J. 13. Shaw was greeted fore attended school should make ap- Mr. Bangs, The Obedient Husband ot Mrs. Bangs Phillip Downs by an unusually large congregation lication during the week of April 5th Harold Bangs, His Son to 9th inclusive. After the latter ,in the Methodist Episcopal Church Aloysius Braney last Sunday. It was the first Sun- date the enrollment will be closed bilas Stubbins, A Back-country Type day after the pastor's return from the for the remainder of the school year. Edward O'Connor conference recently held in Atlantic Mrs. Higgins, The Wife of Ephraim School was called half an hour City. Hence the glad band that was Marie Coakley earlier than usual on Thursday so as Molly HigglnK Pauline Conlogun extended to Mr. Shaw. Higgins Margaret Oilchrist In the evening the congregation to get the time in and still dismia.s' Annie Higgins Susie Anna Lovely was equally as large as at the morn- early. Some of the teachers were Betty Higgins Mary Dooling ing services. On. both ocassions Mr. desirous of attending a lecture in Mrs. Khalen, The Alderman's Wifi Mrs. Louis Trinley Shaw preached excellent sermons. Perth Amboy. Katlo Phalen Bessie Honsberger In the evening he preached a sermon Madge Phalen Helen Dooling The members of the debating team Mrs. ISuugs, A Suffragette about the penitent thief on the Cross. • -..Hannah McNeil! Bouquets of roses and carnations went to Asbury Park Friday night to Kutchum, Maiden of were handed to the pastor at the hear the debate between Metuchen Drucina Years...Mrs.ARichard Made Mature morning service in honor of his re- and Asbury Park upon the Immigra- Mrs. Robert Lindsay Von Cleave, Who turn to this city by the Conference tion question. They went under thn Always Spends Hers Summers at Newport MrB. .Tames Dwyer in compliance with the request of the escort of Miss Buchanan. This delocal official hoard. Mr. Shaw felt bate was of especial interest because LucIIo Von Cleave..,.Marlon Sullivan Marguerite Yon Cleave... tho honor very deeply, and undoubt- It decided who was to enter tho final Rogeniii Brophy edly appreciates the Ihouehtfulncss debate in Now Brunswick next month. Madame Elson, A Young Actress.... Mrs. Wlnlfrod McNonl of his people. Dorothy Klson, Her Daughter of Flvi At the conclusion of the service 'Teachers meeting WBB held on .Margaret Kcrnnr In the evening three men name for- Tuesday afternoon for the teachors of Polly Flundors, Another Hack-Country' School No. 1. "O'Shea's Everyday Typo Nollln Canllon ward and united with the church on Harry Covell, Daniel Donlln. confessions of faith. Quick to grapa Problems" was tho topic discussed. Music Pnitfniiiiino the situation the pastor invited the Chorus On Wednesday a tonchnr'H meeting "Michigan" official board to come forward to the "llRhuccn of Sunnybrook Farm" for the teachers of School No, 2 was altar rail and greet each of the Undo Ephrnlm and Family Chorim men -with a hand clasp of rnembcr- held. At that time "MnMurry'K ICIo- "Tulip and ROH<>" Bhlp. It created qulto a touching mentary School Standards" was tho "ISIlonn" imd "Blind I V ./. Harold and Dorothy scene as they stood there with the text under discussion. Thoso moot- "Thorn's a Mother Back In Irelani choir and congregation singing Ings will continue to bo hold each Waits for Mo" Mrs, lOlson week until tho aeries of texts havo "Tip Top TlpporarjL Mary"...Chorus "Blessed Be The Tie That Hinds," s Selection 7; Orchefitcrv been fully dlscussod. "fiiirdcin of My Heart".Polly Flnndors ANNOUNCEMENT. "fild-Ap-Napoloon" Silas Stubbins Tho baseball team that is being or- "I Want to Linger" Sain Mr. and Mrs. John Nllson of Henry "Kolloy's Are nt It Again. .Mr, Phalen street announce the marriage 0 ganized seems to see a very promis- "Tlpporary Hose" Tommy Phalen their daughter, Anna Elizabeth, to ing future Tor the coming season. "Roll on Beautiful World" Thero Is Borne very good material Mrs. Potthoff Mr. Roinhold Conrad IMucrg of Gal veston, Texas, the ceremony being availablo this year and as there "Sweethenrt of Mine". Lndlns Quartette performed at their home by Rev. J. seems to bo but little prospect of any "Suwuneo River", opposition there la every reason to B. Shaw on October 3rd, 1014. Uncle Ephraim and Chorus look forward to success, "Long Way to Tipporary" Chorus o • Miss Regina Scully Pianist ST. PATRICK'S DAY SUPPER Edward Dooling Violin YOICE OP THE PEOPLE. Thomas Kennedy Cornet ENJOYED BY MANY 1'EOPJ-K John Braney Bells Some two hundred and fifty sup To Editor of Citizen: After the play dancing was in orpers wore Bervod at tho St. Patrick's In reading artlclo in your columns Day, supper in the Presbyterian relating to attitude of Chairman of der and sociability reigned supremo Church last Wednesday afternoon and Water Committee on delinquent water until the early hours of the mlornlng evening. . Supper was served In the rents, would state, I .have been in Supper was served in tho dining hall. lecture room of the church from'five favor of collecting this money.for the j The ladles had arranged the tables until nine o'clock. The menu was city for the past year, in fact when I In a most inviting manner, and sevexcellent and the expressions of sat- it was proposed the Committee Were I eral hundred could not resist sampisfaction on the part of the diners unanimous in voting for same. Why ling the excellent menu provided. , T:he committee of arrangements were heard upon every side. one of the members is trying to give comprised the following The Ladies' Aid Society, under the a different impression in your paper Mrs. Mortimer Casey, Mrs. John capable leadership of their president, and not standing by his word surGormerly, Mrs. Edward Ratlgan, Mrs, Mrs. W. T. Hammell, gave the supper prises me very much. All the delinJohn Hanaway, Mrs. James McDonand they have once more sustained quents have, been notified and renell, Mrs. Ellen Noble, Mrs. James their reputation for thoroughness. quested to meet with water commit- ! Cleary, Mrs. Thomas Orimley, Mrs The lecture room was profusely tee to avoid the unpleasantness of i John Cosgrove, Mrs. Dennis Gleason draped in green In commemoration using the only method left to bring ; Bergen Hill; Mrs. James Carr, Mrs, of the day which was being celobat- this question to an issue and that Is . George Delaney, Mrs. Frank Farrell ed. Streamers were hung from the shutting off the water. As long-as , Mrs. John Grimes, Mrs. John Ryan, celling and even tho electric lights two of the Committee are present and 1 David street; Mrs. Jo,hn Conlogue, were festooned with green. The gen- agree as heretofore, there is not a ,Mrs. P. Malloy, Mrs. William Birmeral effect was very pleasing to the minority vote. While I quite agree 1 Ingham, Mrs. Rose MeNeal, Mrs. eye and lent an appropriate air to with Councilman Stratton that It ImI Thomas Kennedy, Mrs. Edward O'Coiv the affair, posed a hardship on a few of the 1 nor, Miss Annie Leonard, Miss Katie . Souvenir menus cut In the shape people to ihave to pay a just bill, j Smith, Miss Rose Smith, Misa Nellie of shamrocks were given pach diner where could we draw the line? On I Bropby, Miss Mary Connors, Miss wherewith to remember the occasion. some paying and other not paying? I Lizzie Shanaphy, Mlas Mary V. Hoi The waitresses wore both numerous If some few could be allowed the , ton, Miss Margaret Doyle, Miss Marand efficient. Patrons were accom- privilege .of not paying water rent, garet Segrave, .Tames McDonnell, Sr.; modated with very little delay. why would not all users of water in John O'Connor, Sr., Thomas Gelslnon, the city be justified in refusing to James Donovan, Oliver Costello, Tiho menu' follows: pay. I feel, as Chairman of the Daniel Donlln, James Kane, Eugene Menu. Water Committee, that we have only S. Heston, William O'Lcary, John Fresh ilam Deviled Eggs done our duty and if we have left O'Connor, Jr. Sweet Potato Croquets ourselves open to criticism to any of Creamed Potatoes The piano used on this occasion the fair and honost thinking people Croamed Peas Cheese of our city, there are two of the was furnished by Harry Parlsen, and Pickles Mint Gelatine water committee who will stand by It certainly is a fine instrument. Its Coffeo Pie their convictions of fair and right beautiful tone was effectively brought Too Cream out by those who manipulated the for the people. keys. RED BANK TEAM WINS A. D. CHEVALIER, And thus St. Patrick's Day of 1915 Chairman Water Committee. in St. Mary's Parish passed away FROM LOCAL T. M. C. A. with pleasant memories by the memTho Y. M. C. A. Senior team went bers and their friends. up against tho champions of MonMRS. ISABELLA MANHEIMER. nioutb County Thursday night and Mrs. Isabella Roberts Manhelmer lost out. Tljp games wero bowled died nt tho home of nor mother, Mrs. COUNCIL WILL PAY $500 FOR LAND on tho locnl alleys and tho Red Bank Alfred Frleschknoct, of Broadway, Y, M. C. A. team took two out of last Tuesday night. (Continued From Page One)v threo games rolled. Tho visitors won Tho report- of the collector, Mr. The funeral services were held In the first gamc> by a margin of over a Christ Church at 2,30 o'clock Friday Frederick Dlebert, was read and filed. hundred pins. Then tho local tenm afternoon, Rev. C. S. Lewis officiat- It showed that $2,216.25 had been recopped the second game by some ing. Interment was made In Christ ceived up to March IS. cighty-olglit pins. Tho third game Hiurch cemetery tindor the direction The treasurer's report wns read, was the deciding one and it wont to of Undertakers Stillwell & Mason. It showed that the general account tho visitors by some thlry-throe wns over drawn $2,350.25. The other points. T.I10 locals seemed to be accounts had the following balances: rather unfortunaio in this game as ATTENDANCE AT LECTURES water department, $4,100.77; sanitary INCREASING WEEKLY sewer account, $9,253.20; Broadway they had a lead of over fifty pins in the fifth frame and yet they lost out. The lecture on "China" given In Improvement account, $1,357.07. The Tho visitors wore surely some bow- the Parish House by the Rev. C. S. report was received and filed, lers, according to opinions of on- ewis last Sunday has been adjudged Councilman Parlson spoke about lookers. the best of tne series given so fjar. tho order of business not including There was a large attendance. The any rule regarding reports of comParish House was well filled and the mittees. He thought that this should UNCLAIMED LETTERS. List of letters remaining uncalled ittendance has continued to grow be Incorporated Into the rules and for at Post Office for the week end- ^very week since the series of lec- •rtade a motion to that effect. tures WBB started. About seventyIng March 20, 1915: Councilman Slover stated that It Domestic—W. T. Morecrfst, Hayden 'Ive slides were used to Illustrate the *iad been the custom for the present Leyns, Mrs. H. WHer, Miss L. Cross- ecture by the use of the stereop'ticon 'o ask for reports of committees unby, Mrs, DorBden Ring, Frank Dslen- nachlne. Sunday night Mr. Lewis ler tho heading of unfinished buslvlll lecture upon "Alaska." Con- "iess. He thought that this was al' clo. Foreign—Clcciarella Curtolo, Miv- •idorlng the plcturesqueness of the 'hat wns absolutely necessary. subject the views of the Yukon counhelo D'Antonia. After some further discussion of These letters will bo sent to the ry will be well worth going to some ho matter the motion wns put to n ote and carried. Dead Letter Office In 30 days, When roublo or Inconvenience to see, Mr, Joseph ScNton communicator calling for tho above pleaso say 1 deslro to Install a five hundred gal"Advertised," J. W. REA. P, M, Subscribe for The Citizen. TELEPHONE 14S-M



Ion storage tanlc for gasoline under the side walk in front of his: garage on Main street. The matter was referred to the fire committee. Mr. A. J. Miller requested information as to the action taken upon his request to have his tax assessment changed. The clerk was instructed to reply to the effect that nothing could be done this year but the mat ter would be adjusted next year so that he would be assessed for only a lot and a fraction of a lot instead of (wo lots. The amount of the assess ment would remain the same however, as that part of the matter was satisfactory now.

113 David \street Our standard of moats is the highest in the city. Ask t.

Prime Rib Oven Roast 14c*-16t 16c Small Jersey Pork Loins
JPot Hoast

The chief of the fire department submitted the inventory of equipment, supplies, etc., asked for by the coun cil at their last meeting. He also requested some supplies. The Inventory was received and filed and the proper committees authorized to procure the necessary supplies. An anonymous communcation was Also Chickens, Hindquarters of Lamb, Pork Roll, Cottage read. It complained of the way in Hams, etc., at lowest prices. \ which the Rippowam House on Quality and Weight Guaranteed, TELEPHONE W-J Augusta street was being run. As long as the communication wns not signed no notice could bo taken of It and It was consigned to the waste basket.' ' Then adjournment was In ordor. o Ttov, J, Edward Shaw has scrvod notion that nobody shall olthor ge married or sick this Sunday after WE WILL OPEN ON MARCH 2GU), IN THE MONAGHAN noon during the tllno ho In giving an HU1LUINH 108 BROADWAY, a Floral Store, where will be disnddrofis at tho RmplroThoatro, Throi played a beautiful assortment of Potted Plantss and Cut Plowepu. Sundays ngo ho was "paged" lo tho Orders taken any lime and delivered when wanted. mnetlnp; and culled out to marry a couple, two weeks ago ho was gent to Lcavo orders early, and thus avoid delay. Church Conforonco, whlln last week Everybody Invited to cull and sec the Grand Display of Flowers Boraohody got sick and Ront for him H ho was starting for tho mooting. B

Swift's Empire Hams Cali. Hams I S c Fresh Hams 14c up Veal for Roasting


Flowers For Easter
and Palm Sunday

€11 Am. W. WTUAltT
Tolephono 159-.I.

Monaghan Building

168 Broadway

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SHOW , I f A I E C H 8 S °"i.sLHv<

By Dickens. In 5 Acts. Produced by Shubert, played by him on the N. Y. Stage and reproduced in a Magnificent Photo Play. We will , show this great feature in addition to
our regular show.

Admission Only 10c

Curtain Rises 7.45 p. m.


March 24 We will show this for 5 c only, so that the price will not ki anyone from seeing Billy.

Billy" Sunday

Thursday M2f|S Vaudeville
Woods & Shaw I PAUL POOLE
Novelty Comedy Act | Magician

And World's Best Photo Plays.
Two Shows, 7 and 9 p. m. Admission 10c to all All other nights our usual 5 c shows.

"The Regal Store."


178 Broadway, South Amboy. N. J.



. Y f e A V Matinee & Night
" i l . ML SATURDAY, MAR. 20


TO MAX STEINER & COMPANY: By virtue of an order of the Court "TIio People's FnvorHos" of Chancery of New Jersey made on the day of the date hereof, In a BIGGEK, BETTER, GRANDER THAN EYEK. cause wherein Tho Star Buildtngiland Loan Association of South Amboy, Spectacular Musical Comedy and new First Part. N. J,, is complainant, and you and Introducing our Comedians, Singers, Dancers and Superb Operatic others are defendants you are required to appear, plead, answer or demur Orchestra, and to the bill of snid complainants on BOBBY BE HUE BII^LY DEKUE or before the seventeenth day of May AW) next or said bill will he taken as "A Satan for tho Blues" "That Talkative Man" confessed against you. Tho said bill Is filed to foreclose SPECIAL 1'EATIUIES ENGAGED two certain mortgages given by MarI E HOY A ADAMS, Peerless f omeily Acrolials t garet Braney, now deceased, and ABTHUR itUSSELL, European C'IIIIIUCUT CIIIIIISO Artist. Tohn J. Braney her husband, to The Uar Building and Loan Association MAli BATES, Fancy mill Trick Bicycle. Killer if South Amboy, N. J,, the first of AND MANY BIG, NEW, STAltTLINO FEATURES. vhich is dated the thirtieth day of Vugust, 1.D07, and covers lands sltGuarantee Heat Minstrel Show Ever Here mte in the City of South Amboy la •he County of Middlesex and State ot OltANI) STREET PARADE AT NOON ^ew Jersey, and the second of which R dated the fifth day of Octobor, MATINEE—3 P. M. UVIiPiING-7.15 O'CLOCK '008, and covers tho same lands as '.ho first mortgage heroin mentioned, Tickets now on sale nt Umpire Theatre. Prices—25c, 35c, 50c. And you Max Stolnor & Company MATINKK—Adults, 2fic: Children, 15c. iro made defendants because you old a judgment against John J. Iraney, who haa a life lntorest In iio lands covered by the said mort:agos. Dated March II), 1915, While performing an experiment In laboratory of School No. 2 making Yours truly, chemistry Wednesday afternoon V. sulphur when tho chemicals exploded JOHN A, COAN, and burned his face. Dr. Eulner 'ollcltor, P. 0, Building, South Am- Newell James, Jr., was slightly burn' boy, N. J. 3-20-5 ed about tho fnco, He was In the drossod tho burns.

De Rue Brothers Ideal Minstrels



Last Sunday's Service at Empire Theatr

Tho Union Services which we: held in tho Umpire Theatre last Sun r F R. Stevens, Agriculturist, day afternoon, was attended bj; som Y Lebigh Valley Railroad.) six hundred people. Tiie majority Kverybody who is keeping trac'v those attending did not seem to hav • t tparket conditions knows that tho been aware of the change of tiirn WarAhas necessitated ;i complete re- for beginning the program and wer \djus\nient temporarily, at least, of therefore, late. «>ur lrtarlift for farm produce. Tho The stage was occupied by the Re Btaplek suc-li as grain, have risen Mr. Allen, of South River, the Re rapidity in I 1 "' 0 ' c1up to the increased H. S. White, the Rev. W. A. Led ford demand ;ibrcad, while, on the othe and the Rev. B. R. Tilton. Mr. Whit fc\nd, fruits and vegetables have de read tbo scriptural portion of th. creased owing partly to the absenc program and in addition to makin. of foreign demand and partly on ai the closing prayer addressed th By Peter Radford count of unsettled conditions in th audlenco several times. Mr. Tilto: Lecturer National Farmers' Union country due to the same cause. preached the sermon and Mr. Ledfor The farmer gets more out of the fair than anyone else. The fair to a Our railroad has in every way en made the opening prayer. A full orchGStra under the leader city man is an entertainment; to deavored to/ help adjust this markei condition../\V» have facilitated ship ship of Mr. Frank O. Hoffman furn- fanner it is education. Let us take a stroll through tho fair grounds am Uvoad, and have made carefu ished tho musical program in an ex linger a moment at a few of the point cellent manner. The music was ver; the marlcct for fruits uni o f greatest Interest. We will first ^ g e s aaiong the foreign nation* good and was doubtlessly much a] visit the mechanical department and nost |oiieful field among thes predated by the audience. hold communion with tho world's Vocal solos were rendered by Mas greatest thinkers. us t o / h e in Argentine, Soutl You are now attending a congress ol erica./in the trade with tlii ter Hughes, of this city, and by th ntry sve have gone into detail an Rev. Mr. Allen, pastor of tho Sout the mental ginnls in mechanical neind tjiat heretofore their forelg: River Baptist church. There was n enco of all ngen. They aro addressing "•fade has been with England, Spai applause given anyone on this occa you in touguoB of Iron and fcteel and in lunguage millG ami powerful tell an llnd Germany; that they .have a mar sion although formerly outbursts o eloquent Btory of the world's progress k V wltli a demand for a great doa applause were very notlceablo, Tlio invtiitlvo genhiHes uro the mos of fruit, like apples and pears, am Tho Rev. Mr, White announced tlia1 valuable farm hands wo have and also for potatoes. I have before rm next Sunday he would havo tho Re they perform un enduring service to a letter from one of tho largest im Mr. Kelley as a guest. He stated tha mankind. We can all help others fo porters of Beunos Aires addressed ti Mr. Kelley .had boon In tho siege o a brief period while we llvo, but 1 too Industrial Commissioner of ou Pekln and had at that time roprosent takes a muliM mind to tower into Hit 'road In which he solicits shipment! od our government In a diplomat!) realm of Bclenco anil light a torch ol that will of potatoes in barrels weighing om capacity although ho was a-mlnislo progresscivilization illuminate tho pathway of for future generahundred and eighty pounds, moro o of tho Presbyterian church. Mi tlona. Tho men who gavo ua th less. He aakB also lor Den Davis am White alBO said that Mr. Kelley woul Hicklo, tho binder, tho cotton gin nni Virginia red apples in barrels. W in all probability deliver Ills famou hundreds of other valuable Invention are in a condition to supply these locturo on tho slogo of Pokln at th' work In every Held on earth and will We jhave thousands of bushels of po meeting in the thoatro next Sunda continue their labors as long na time tatoes of various kind In storage, am afternoon. He said it was one of the Their bright intellects have conquorei there is any amount of Ben Davis ap finest lectures that has over beon de death and they will llvo and Borvi pies also barreled in storage. Informa liverod In this country on tills Bill mankind on and on forever, withou money and without price. They havi tion regarding this can be gotten clthe: joct. shown us how grand and noble it is from this office or from the office o The speaker also slated that th to work for others; they havo also the Industrial Commissioner at 141 ministers of the city were anxious t taught us lessons in econamy and effiLiberty Street, New York City. know whether or not peopla wer ciency, how to make one hour do the : The general condition there, how willing to back them up in their ef- •work of two or more; have lengthever, regarding their use of our ap forts to better conditions for bot ened our lives, multiplied our pies is not entirely encouraging, 1 men and women in this city. Late opportunities and taken toll off th view of the manner In which our ap In tho moetlng an appeal was mad back of humanity. They are the most practical men pies are packed. Tho dealer statei to write the pastors a letter of on that that country Is in the markoi couragement and sympathy with th the world over produced. Their Inventions have stood the acid test o for the following varieties: movement now under way for th utility and efficiency. Like all usefu Apples: Winter Banana, Delicious abatement or removal of obnoxiou men, they do not seek publicity, yet millions of machines sing their praises Gravenstein, Aristo Black, Stayman conditions now existing. Mr. White also announced that th from every harvest field on earth aud TVinesap, Rome Beauty, Jonathans as many plows turn the soil in mute Black Twlngs, but adds that thes famous Billy Sunday songs would b applause of their marvelous achievemust be in boxes containing 70-81 used noxt Sunday afternoon and tha ments. apples or 100-120 apples. It seems Mr. Allen would again come down s that they aro accustomed to boxes o rom South River and teach the audi , these sizes and In order to partlcipat< ence how to sing them. These songs FARMER RADFORD ON In the trade of that country we wil aro the favorite hymns of the famous WOMAN SUFFRAGE have to adapt ourselves to their re- evangelist and inasmuch as Mr. Sun quirements in packing. This puts the day soon comes to New Jersey th( The home is the greatest contribu matter entirely out of consideration Ministers' Association deems It mos tion of women to the world, and the BO far as dealinlg with the present appropriate to use these selections hearthstone is her throne. Our social structure is built around her, and supply on hand. It Is impossible to from time to time. box apples after they have once been Mr. White, just before making the social righteousness Is in her charge. barreled. closing prayer, asked those of the Her beautiful life lights the skies of hope and her refinement is the charm We are apt to find ourselves next audience who wished to offer prayers of twentieth century civilization. Her Fall In the same condition that wo 'or any particular soul to raise their graces and her power are the cumu,frere In during the fall just passed hands. At first there appeared to be lative products of generations of regarding the supply of apples on much reluctance but a second appeal queenly conquest, and her crown of hand and tho lack of a market, and along the same lines brought forth exalted womanhood is jeweled with the wisdom of saintly mothers. She I believe It will bo well worth the or up, a hearty response. time of some of our progressive Fruit "My Country 'TIs of Thee" was has beeu a great factor in the glory of our country, and her noble achieveGrowerB' Associations to designate ting as the closing hymn. The sing- ments should not be marred or her someone to get in touch with tho ing of this lent a patriotic touch to hallowed Influence blighted by the South American trade and prepare * an already delightful afternoon. coarser duties of citizenship. AmeriBoheme by; which wo can supply at In his sermon on "How to make can chivalry should never permit her Joast a portion of It durlnlg the com- South Amboy a better place to live to bear the burdens of defending and ing year. It seems to me that this in, or sell your hammer and buy a maintaining government, but should liorn" tho Rov. B. R. Tilton. said that. question of puck for our apples Is the thing most needed to accomplish preserve her unsullied from the allied the mast Important question befor< his object was tho elimination of influences of politics, and protect her the fruit dealers today. Wo havo lost saloons. Barring this, the next best, from the weighty responsibilities of hing was that they conform fully :he sordid affairs of life that will market after market because wo havo with the laws regarding tho proper crush her ideals and lower her standnot adapted ourselves to tho pack observance of the Sabbath. This lat- ards. The motherhood of the farm thnt Is suited to that market nnd er was to ho desired so as to give is our inspiration, she is the guardian whllo it seems a long tlmo ahead, it ho bartender at least one day out of f our domestic welfare and a guide he he relax and la well worth whllo to begin now to got seven so thntwith might wife nnd to a higher life, but directing the afacquainted his proparo for noxt year's business. family. Tho speaker returned to this fairs of government is not within woexample from tlmo to time through- man's spliere, and political gossip ut his discourse. Another point would cause her to neglect the home, •alsed was tho proper and fitting oh- forget to mena our clothes and burn The Practice of Kicking.-lervance of tho Lord's Day by the the biscuits. Kicking, like ehnrity, should bwln at ublic, at-large. The speaker dealt home. I t ought to lie t!m duly of every- at length upon the injustice imposod body (it home to object, poi'siHteiitl.v upon the servants of common enrRURAL SOCIAL CENTERS and effectively, to the specific oi'ur- lers and public conveyances of any workers amusement recrowded street car, tliu bndly iiiiral kind, upon by peoploatwho utilized the orts, etc., Wo need social centers where our road, the cncruiichliiK (looi'step, the Sabbath for excursions in search of neglected yiini. Ihc inulutlimms cess- iloasure. He snld that It wns not oung people can bo entertained, pool, the Irresponsible imiturciir and neant for peoplo to go away In imusod aud Instructed under tlio dlthe reckless niilroml—[•xpeciiilly If" he search of recreation on Sunday fur ection of cultured, clean and coiahave any personal purl: in tlio main ,hey not only thus forced others tn jetent leadership, whore aesthetic) teuancc of Hlnilltir utilises. If the ten- rark on this day, but they ttiom- lurroundingg stir thB love for the returned home at dency of these evils were rlsutly rip- lelvesConsequently theynight fagged beautiful, where art charges the atut. had not pruuended, if » part, only of the effort made proper use of tho day and mosphere with Inspiration nnd power, tlint in expended presumably In ob worn therefore, worse off from the and innocent amusements instruct Jecllng to tlio soncmllzod. foreign niul standpoint of efficiency than if they and brighton their lives. To hold our young people on tha futile subjects were bestowed on spe- ad not had the day off nt nil. Mr. Tilton went on tn say thnt 'arm we muBt make farm llfo more cific nnd tangible detnlls,.if we would forego tlio emotional 1 pleasure of the ;here was no one -who really -wanted ittractive as wall as tho business of Impersonal "muckrake" to nssnil the ;o work ott Sunday and that prac- 'arming more remunerative. The evil nt our very feet—especially If eucb Jcally all who did work did so ichool house should be the social unit, igalnst their will. KB went on to one of us were enrcful to avoid of- ihow that a worker did not not re- iroperly equipped for nourishing and fense In mutters of the same kind— ain all the energy expended during mlldlng character, so that tho lives of our country would surely be ii lniich »ach day of tha six in the slnep ,TIP our people can properly function, r she obtained at. nisrht nnd that around it and become supplied with fairer one.—Unpopular Review. otfi rest upon Sunday was thern- tho necessary elements of human oro imperatlvo to continued oflflc- hought and activity. \ No Accent. enny. Many sloriox nre told of a former Education Is a developing of tho Cmmdinn bishop who bad passed Ills The spnakor rnppnted afinln nnrt youth In Scotland, but nattered him- gain the assertion that the Sabbath mind, not a stuffing of the memory. self Hint not n hint of his origin could ras made for man nnd not mnn for Digest what you read. be gained from his upeeeh or 'manner, he Sunday. He nlso said that thprn One tiny he met n Scotchman, to cere a great mnny pnoplp In this Old men have visions, young men whom lie said ut lust abruptly, "Moo ilty who enw all the Bin and vloln- l&ve dreams. Successful farmers ons of law and all the thines that •low deep while sluggards sleep, lung hue ye been here?" rero contrary to the spirit of the Inw "Aboot snx years." was the reply. hat were Rnlng1 on and they wore "Hoot, mon!" siild the bishop nlinrpThe growing of legumeB will retard mly too fltilric nt them out, ly. "Why tin vo un lost yer accent. mt yet. Uiny were pointing all wlllfnc; oil depletion and greatly add to Ita not, nt .' o ninke n sli) M- pfforl along the linn 10-war to produce. e

of changing the regrctabie order o things. He said that he had come ti the conclusion that it would be pretty good thing for knockers cither quit knocking or if they mu knock, to bring their influence bear on the side of helping the plac to become what the majority < boosters would like to see it beeom The speaker also advocated a muc general support of the variou churches of the city and the wnrl that they have undertaken from tlm to time.

How Much Longer Will You Pay ?
For four years in Pennsylvania, for two in New Jersey, the Full Crew Law has had the acid test of every-day experience. What has it accomplished ? Five and one-half million dollars have been wasted by the railroads, and in no single instance has the Full Crew Law, that compels this waste, contributed one jot to the safety of the traveling public. In proportion to the great body of railroad employes, the number of extra men forced on the railroads by the Full Crew bill is small. But their pay is high, higher, in fact, than the wages really earned by most other classes of employes. It costs the railroads $2566 in one year to pay the superfluous trainmen on one passenger train operating between New York and Pittsburgh. That's but a single item, taken at random from the tremendous bill which directly or indirectly each citizen has to pay. But the people are now determined to pay this needless bill no longer. If you have not yet voiced your personal dumand that the waste of this money that should be spent for your better and safer service be stopped, a letter to your elected representative at Harrisburg and Trenton is your most effective method.
Prcildcnt, Pennsylvania Railroad.



President, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.


President, Philadelphia and Kmdlnu Railway.


R. L. O'DONNEL, Chairman,
Executive Committee, Atjfiociated KailroedB of Pennoylvantn and New J 721 Commercial Trust DuilcJIni;, Philadelphia.


Her. II. C. White, Pastor. Services for tho week beginning Services as Arranged 'or tfce Sunday, March 21, 1915: Coming Week. 10.30 a. m. Preaching. 2.30 p. m. Sunday School. 7.30 p. m. Preaching. Broadwaj and Angnsta S t m L CHKIST ciiuncn rAmsn. Thursday— 7.45 p. m. Regular Prayer and Praise SOOTH AHBOT, K. 3. Rector, Rev. Chapman S. Lewis. meeting. 4.00 p. in. Junior C. E. Residence, Ch'rlst Church Rectory. —o Telephone 210-R. ROOM 3 Services Sunday, March 21. METHODIST PKOTESTANT CHUBCH PAKISEN BUILDING. CHRIST CHURCH. Rev*, ^y. A. ledford, Pastor. Holy Communion 8.00 a. m. Services for tho week beginning Ofllce I'hone UK) Litany, Sermon and Holy Residence i'bone 110 Sunday, March 21, 1915: Communion 10.30 • a. m Sunday School 2.30 p. m, 10.30 a. m. Regular Preaching EDWIN C. RODDY 2.00 p. m. Junior C. E. Evening Prayer and Sermon 7.30 p. m. 2.30 p. m. Regular Sunday School ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Services during the week ending 0.45 p. m. Senior C. E. 7.30 p. in. Song Service March 27. REAL ESTATE BOUGHT AND SOLD Tuesday—Evening Prayer and Ser- 7.45 p. m. Regular Preaching Thursday— mon, 7.45 p. m. Commissioner of Deed! 7.15 p. m. Class Meeting Wednesday—Holy Communion, 10.0 8.00 p. m. Prayer Meeting a. m. Notary Public Thursday (Annunciation)—Holy Com Friday—Choir Practice Rooms 12 to 15 Parisen Building, munion, iO.OO a. in.; Children's Service, 4.00 p. m.' t Augusta St, Soath AmUj. Friday—Litany and Instruction, 4.0i p. m. Open Evening* 7.00 to 9.00. Friday—Choir rehearsal... 7.30 p. m, Painter Md Papartniw.

The Churches




Memorial Chapel. Estimates Cheerfully Gjven. Morning Prayer, Litany and Sermon 10.30 a. m. *8 BECOlfD ST. B»i lit. The Sunday School 2..30 p. m Chanel of The Good Sliepherd. Sunday School 3.00 p . m . ivening Prayer 3.30 p. m.


P. 0 . Box 35 36 lohn Street.

CARPENTER and BUILDER Window and Door Nets a Specialty Office at Besideneet 120 Main StrMt Estimates Furnished and Open at All Hours. Baptism Is Administered as Follows: Jobbing Promptly Done At Christ Church, at the 10.30 a. m.
Service, Second Sunday of the month At Doane Memorial Chapel, at 9.30 a. m. last Sunday of month. At Chapel of Good Shepherd, at 3.30 p. m. last Sunday of month. THE PARISH HOUSE. Meetings of the Various Societies: unday— The Sunday School 2.30 p. M Monday— The Girls'Friendly Society 7.30 p. m Tuesday— The Junior Auxiliary.... 3.30 p. m. Wednesday— The Boy Scouts... 7.30 p. m Saturday— The Sewing School, whero children are systematically taught plain sewing 2.30 p. m. The Rector may he found at the Rectory, and requests that cases of sickness he reported to him promptly in order that he may attend to them.

Fire, Accident, Sickness

That have merit back or them. Splendid In tone, excellent nnlsh. lfyou Intend purchaslngoneyou can save money by calling on



One dollar per month guarantees you payment for disability from »oHARRY PARISEN cident or sickness—$60.00 per month 201 Darld Street South Amboj —one day or three years.

IF 1OU WAST A For New York, Newark and Elisabeth at 6.23, 7.07. *7.32, 7.60. *8.17, GOOD STEW OR FRY 10.01, 11.2S, 11.52, a. m.; 12.18, 2.41, STOP AT 4.35, 5.00, 5.48, 8.17, s 9.48 p. m. Sunday, 8.2G, a. m.; 1.17, 3.13, 5.01, 6.47, BAPTIST CHtTRCn. 9.24, p. m. For Long Branch, Asbury Park, Key. E. H. Tilton, Pnstor. 188 Broadway. Services for the week' beginning etc., 12.56, 5.22, 8.55, a. m.; 12.18, Sunday, March 21, 1815: Oysters served In any style Also s2.10, 4.36, 6.08, 6.42, 10.10, p. m. Sun0.30 a. m. Preaching. days, 4.55, 9.42 a. m.; 6.11, 9.3S p. m. sold ;n the shell. Orders promptly 2.30 p. m. Bible School Session. 'New York only: s. Saturday only. attended to. 0:45 p. m. Senior C. B. Society meetIng. 7.30 p. m. Delightful Song Service and Sermon. Week Day Services: PAINTERS, DECORATORS, Wednesday 3.30 p. m. Junior C. E. Meeting. Thursday AND PAPER HANGERS 7.45 p. m. Church Prayer Meeting. Pavid Street and Slovens Arcnne. Friday 7.30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal.



Wm. A. Coyle,Jr. SAMUEL E. SHOT & SON

IIETHODIST EPISCOPAL CnUUCH. HOT. J. 15. Slmw, Pnstor. ervlces for tho week beginning Sunday, March 21, 1915: Sunday Services. 9.30 a. m. Class 0.30 a. m. PrenchinR by Pastor 2.30 p. m. Sunday School 6.45 p. m, Kpworth League Service 7.30 p. m. Preaching by Pastor Services during the week. Junior Lengue, Thursday, 3.30 p. m. Prayer Service. Thursday, 7.45 p. ra. Choir Rehsparsal, Saturday. 8.00 p. m. 1 *


Corner Second and Stockton Bit.




MGKUIS CANAL MM, : GOES DOWJI TO DEFEAT j Trenton, March. 1f. —The Hojmbli can majority of the legislature went • down to overwhelming defeat this; week on two of the most important, j propositions tiiat thn majority party has attempted at the present session Ocean lirnwt Association. of the Legislature. The first was the defeat of tho Mrs. Eli/.abeth Hardy of Asbury Godfrey Morris Canal abandonment Park has brought suit in the Monbill early Tuesday morning. Speaker mouth County Circuit Court against Godfrey brought into play all the in- the Ocean Grove Campineeting Asfluence of his office to whip his fel sociation to recover $20,000 which low Republicans in line but the best slie alleges she loaned the association that he could was to muster 20 votes May 14 through the late Edward N. for the bill. Colo, tho association secretary. The The powerful message of Governor loan was to bear intereBt at five per Fielder sent to the Legislature last cent, and was to be called in on ten week, and the masterful leadership day's notice, according to the comof Thomas F. Martin, the Minority plaint which Reilly & Quinn of Red Leader on the floor of the House, Hunk have filed for Mrs. Hardy. were directly responsible for the de- When demand was made for the loan feat of this bill which, many people in August,, soon after Mr. Colo'^ think, would have heen a deliberate death, it was refused, Mrs. Hardy desteal of tho valuable possessions of clares. tho State in favor of the Lehigh Val.1. Otto Khomo of, Asbury Park, ley Ilailroad Company. counsol for the association, said tlm Hour after hour tho light progress- records of the association contain mi ed and one by ouo the. Republican mention of thn alleged Hardy, loan. ' leaders and tho Republican SLatf The association enters a denial of the Committee saw their votes slipping loan. away from them. On thn roll call It * « * * •was found thnt oleven Republicans Canal OJMMIH lit Itdrdeiiliinii. had Joined with the Democrats to AnThe Delaware ami Rariian Canal feat this pernicious legislation. Speak- opened to navigation from Uordaner Godfrey and his advisors were DP- town to Trenton Monday morning. fiide themselves. Thoy saw thowbnlr? Some, repairs have been made. The scheme upon which they had hassil cunal from Tronton to New Brunareputations going to smash and tho wiclt was opened ton days ngo. The credit for tho defeat nf this measure. first to enter" Uie cnnal at Bordengoing to tbe Democrats. In the town was tho yacht Nydla, Captain words of Governor Fielder, "This Richard M. Moron, from Florida for bill Is now us dcml as a salt miack- Now York. erei," , * * # * , Tho second great victory for tlm Shore ("(niiiimlrrs iliue Dinner. Democratic minority was thn passage. Tho first annunl Imnqurt of thf by tho Snnato Tuesday arternoon of the resolution providing for an Commuters' Cluli, composed of comamendment to tlio constitution to al- muters from Long Branch to Ncvvnrl; low tho municipalities of New Jer- and New York, wns held Saturday sey to rule, themselves. Tho Repub- night In Odd Fellows' .Hal), First licans abRolutely deserted their col- avenue, Atlantic Highlands. Fully 100 leagues, Senator Hutcnlnson, of Mer- wore present. Tho committee conPeter cer, on this proposition, although sisted of tho following: their party pjatform specifically de- Schroeder, Keansburg, chairman; J. clared for tbe passage of tho homo R. Parr, P. H. Locklln, Perth Amboy; Walter Conroy, Rarltan Township; rule resolution. . Prosldent Rdgo of Atlantic and William Phelan, Morganyillo; Harvey Senator Read, tho majority leader, Bronor, Charles W. Moore, Keyport; both openly pleaded with their party P. J. McNear, Frank Ackerson, Peter members to violate their platform S. Conover, Charles DeVosty, Atpledges and vote to defeat the home lantic Highlands; Russell Mount, •rule resolution. They said that the Newark; Frederick Keiferdorf, Highpeople would have too much home lands; Andrew Robertson, Plathrule and that the words of the cor- tnount; Andrew Jones, <Long Branch poration lawyers who appeared be* * * # fore the Senate Committee on JudiciBay B. Pnlracr. ary ougbt to bo heeded. Ray B". Palmer, eldest son ol Rev The ten Democratic members of the and Mrs. William R. Palmer, died at Senate stood eolldly for tho resolu- his home, at Perth Amboy Sunday tion and with tbe vote of the intro- night from pneumonia. He -was ducer it passed much to the chagrin twenty-two years old, a graduate of of the G. 0. P. majority. Yale, class of 1913, and had been emIt is the general Impression among ployed as confidential secretary in those who have followed the legisla- the National City Bank of Manhattan tures of this State for some, years, The funeral was held Tuesday eventhat this body Is tho greatest disap- Ing In tho Simpson Methodist Episcopointment that has ever been foisted pal Church of Perth Amboy, of which on the State. Governor Fielder has Rev. Dr. Palmer is pastor. Issued a statement in which ho calls * * « * attention to the' fact the defeat of Will Station Keansbnrg Flagman. the Morris Canal bill was a great President W. G. Besler of the Centhing for tho State because it will now allow the House of Assembly to tral Railroad of New Jersey has notiget down to business. Ho remarks fied the Board of Public Utility Comthat It IB the tenth week of the ses- missioners of the issuing of an order sion and not a bill ot roal Importance directing that a flagman be stationed at tho Palmer avenue crossing in lias reached him. Keansburg from 7 a. tn. to 7 p. m. "I hope," said tho Governor, "that throughout the year. The board rethe Legislature^ willnow get down to cently decided that a flagman was business so that an early adjournnecessary between tho hours stated, ment can bo had, but so far as I can and gavo the companjy until Monday now SOP adjournment Is not yet in to accent thia suggestion. sight. Tt seems remarkable also that * * # # • o should bo ready to adjourn at this W Mistake Cost Him His Wfe. time. Immediately after tho election Mistaking a bottle of carbolic for last full the majority appointed committees to take up various subjects, cough mixture, Frank Turner, twentyproparo bills for Introduction, hold olght years old, of 138 Cornelison conferences, and boforo tho Legisla- nvoauo, Jersey City, drank a quantity ture met it was announced that the of poison Saturday evening and died bills worn nil ready and In fact would in the City Hospital shortly before bo Introduced Uio flrst week of the midnight. Turner, who leaves a wife session, that (hey would be passed and three little children, had retired and thnt nn early adjournment would to lied with his family shortly bo•ho taken. On tho contrary, nothing rore 11 o'clock. A cough kept him awake and lie went to find a bottle 1ins yet hoen accomplished." of medicine in. tho kitchen. He got o , tho wrong bottle. T/lan Tnlics Hts Own Medfctno Is An * * * * Optimist I'jtlitnn Xoflgo TTeld Liable for FunHe has absolute faith In his modi-. ernl Expenses. clnB—bo knows when ho takes it for In an opinion handed down at certain nilmenta he Rets relief. People who tako Dr. King's New Dis- Trenton on Saturday, Vlce-Chnncelor covery for an irritating Cold are op- Backes holds Frlednship Lodge No. 30 timists—they know this cough remedy Knights of Pythias, of New Brunswill penetrate tho linings of the wick, responsible for the payment of throat, kill tbe gorms, and open the a denth benefit of $250 to the execuway for Nature to act. You can't tors of Isaac D. Fry, although tho destroy a Cold by superficial treat- lodge has already paid the benefit to njont—you must go to the cause of Mr. Fry'e daughter, Charlotte Fry the trouble. Be an optimist. Get » Cash. The suit was brought in the bottle ot Dr. Klug's New Discovery Court of Chancery by Otto Stlllman to-day. * • and John A. Covert, as executors of tho late Mr. Fry. The man was ino sured in Friendship Lodge and upon . Any woman can dre.RS in ten min- his death tho executors Incurred fuutes If given an hour to fix her hair. neral obligations amounting to $336.80, with the understanding that the A married woman saya that the inmivanoo from tho lodgo would help perfectly devotwl husbands have their defray tlio funeral expenses. habitat In books. Six months later tho lodge paid tbe

funeral benefits to Mrs. Cash, the daughter, who had not been on friendly terms with her fatlier. She was not a member of the household and for many years there was no communication between them. Of thesa conditions the lodge had knowledge, as well as of the fact that the executors had incurred the funeral expenses. The lodge submitted a defense that it discharged Its legal duty by strictly following the terms of the by-laws selecting the next competent relative to receive tha benefit. The primary trust placed upon the lodge is to see that the money goes toward tho funeral expenses. Therefore tbo court held the lodge had not performed Us duty. "Tlio daughter bail no right to tho fund," sultl Vlco-Clumccllor iinekes, "and tlio lodge could not. defeat Uio trust by arbitrarily electing a beneficiary who, although coming within n literal dollnitlon of competent roliitivo' was nlliili to Uie. [larforiuaimo of tho IriiBt." « * « * Trenton l'rlost, Tiiuiio M<mnltfni>i\ With elaborate, ceremonies! In tlio wliiircli of tlio Sacred Hwjrt Trenton m Sunday, Ttov. Father ThndilRiis I-Iognn, tlio imstor, wns Invested as a inrmslgnor. Tbo ceremony was conluetod by Bltthop McFaul of tho dio:u)Bo of Trenton, nt whono suggestion the honor wan conferred on Fnllior llognn by Popo Benedict. Tho title if nimiftlgnor does not confer additional powers on tbn recipient, but it Is highly honorary, indicating vnlunblo services rendered In the causo nf religion. In honor of tlio oconslon nearly B O O men rccolved communion during the day. Monslgnor Hogan will bo fifty years a priest (n May, and his parishioners aro arranging an appropriate celebration for the occasion. « « « « Ilnllroiul Mini Kills Self. With a'piece of twino tied tightly about his neck and fastened to tho tho bed post,- Nicholas Cicclno, an employe of the Pennsylvania Railroad, was found dead In one of the railroad houses at Monmouth Junction Monday afternoon. He had been ill for some time. A note was found in which he said ho would commit suicide because of financial difficulties. He left $60, which he said 'waa for burial expenses. He leaves a wife and family In the old country. He was thirty-five years old. * « « * Woman ftuiiied Belford Postmistress, Mrs. Clara Bennett of Bolford has received notice of her appointment as postmistress at that place. There: were several applicants. Edward Kraemer, a Democrat and the present assistant postmaster, was In the race for tho position. Mrs. Bennett is the wife of Daniel Bennett, who conducts a pool and cigar store. * * * * Ilev. Dr. J. Morgan Bead. Ill less than twenty-four hours, Dr. J. Morgan Read, pastor of the First Methodist Church, of New Brunswick, and for many years prom inent In the Jr. O. U. A. M., died at his home in Livingston avenue that city Tuesday night. Death was due to acute Indigestion, with which Dr. Read was stricken Monday midnight. That evening he attended a hearing at Trenton on a bill affecting the Jr. O. U. A. M., land In the afternoon heard "Billy"/Sunday address the Jersey legislators. At the morning service Sunday Dr. Itead baptized his only grandchild. At this service he also baptized the son of George Duryea of Highland Park, who is named J. Morgan after the pastor. Dr. Read, who waa born In Maryland, entered the New Jersey Conference In 1884, his first charge being at Cassville and Harmony. After two years us pastor of the Union Street Church In .Trenton he became pastor of Pitman Church New Brunswick, serving three years. In 1803 he was transferred to Burlington, In 1897 and 1898 he waB pastor of Union Stroet Church, Camden, and the next five years acted as pastor of St. Paul's Church, Atlantic City. M'hilo nt First Church, Trenton. Tn1. Read was made presiding elder of the Camdsn district., In 1909 ana 1910 he was president of Pennlngton Seminary. In 1911 he was asBlgnod to the pastorate at Olassboro and had nerved the First Church New Brunswick since 1912. Dr. Read was a past councilor of tho Jr. O. IT. A. M., serving as hoad of the order In 1003. He had boon atutc treasurer for twenty years and was at tbc time of his death president of the Funeral Benefit Association of the organization. He was also chaplain of the general executive board of five States. Dr Read was president of the Interchureh Federation of the State. Dr. Head was married twice, and two children by his first marriage survive him. They are Miss Helen Read, and a son, who is a lawyer in Atlantic City. His second wife and their three children, the oldest .of whom, Hilton, is sixteen years old, also survive. A resolution of condolence on the death of Dr. Read was ndopterl Wednesday by the, Assembly. Rev, Mr, lobst introduced the. resolution, which was adopted by nn unanimous rising vnto. The resolution referred tn Mr. Head as a "leading clergyman, dueator, reformer and clinmplon of very form of civic and religious rlBhlpniisncss," nnd inontioncd that IKS liart frequently opened missions of l>glnlnliiro. # # « * IJnvltl MTnllum Di-opg iX'tiil. David MeCnllum dropped dead at his home In Highland Park Tuesday night. Ho WIIB nt onn time, (in official of tho FHnl.0 Reformatory nt Hahway. Death waa duo to heart disease. A widow and two married sons survive him. Tin hud beon In ill health for several months, Mr. McCnllnm of recent years had been a traveling salesman for rubber manufacturing hoiise.s. * * * A Anbury J'mlc Wauls Better Depot. With an appeal to the Public Utility Commission as nn nlternative, tho Now York and Long Branch Railroad Company ia requested by the city commission of •Asbury Park to provide adequate and safe station accommodations for the. main stop there The commissioners hold that the present station facilities aro not only unsightly, inadequate and behind tho times, but are dangerous during the rush season, particularly on great ex oursion days. # « * « Recover Coal Barge Cnrgo. MoBt of the cargo of the coal barga Helen Miller, which sank Monda; morning after a collision with a dredge south of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad bridge in Staten. Island Sound, has been recovered by a sal vage crew. Captain L. A. Miller escaped when tho boat went down by plunging overboard to the deck o another craft. * # * * Avon Rejects Commission Rol*. By a vote of 72 to 57 Avon on Tuesday rejected commission government. The result was something of a surprise, for recent turmoils in the council and squabbles over tax assessments had led some persons to believe that the present government would be rejected. « « « * Widow Flees Her Burning Home. Aroused early Wednesday morning by the cracking ol flames, Mrs. Martha Gregorson, a widow, fifty-three years old, who lives alone in her home in Orcgorson place, Keanaburg, discovered the house in flames. She quickly gathered some clothes and made her escape, Tho bungalow, which is one-story eight-room affair, was destroyed with the furniture. The damage amounts to about $2,000, half covered by insurance.
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