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Issued on 2007.06.26

The South African Institute of Architects
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e-communication : for more information please visit ■ EXECUTIVE MATTERS : NOTICE FROM CETA CETA : Extension of Submission Deadline Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) 2008 | Annual Training Reports (ATR) 2007 CETA has announced that, arising from a decision by the Authority and after consultation with the Department of Labour, the submission date for WSP’s 2008 and ATR’s 2007 has been extended from 30 June 2007 until 14 July 2007. Employers are reminded that, in terms of the current Regulations issued in accordance with the Skills Development Act 1998, Employers who submit their WSP | ATRs are entitled to a Grant equal to 50% of their Skills Development levy contribution for the past year. The WSP | ATR template can only be accessed, and submissions made, via the CETA Management System on the CETA website of which the details are: Skills Development Facilitators that encounter technical difficulties may also call the Skills Development Officer at their nearest CETA Regional Office for assistance. ■ EXECUTIVE MATTERS : A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT’S OFFICE As we come to the end of the second financial year since the implementation of the new SAIA membership structure, we would like to thank members for their active participation and continued support. This is essential if SAIA is to keep abreast of developments relating to the industry and to serve its members more effectively. The restructuring process is starting to show positive results in many areas such as: Staff capacity at the institute offices has been increased. New Directors of Practice and Communication have been appointed as well as an assistant to the Executive Officer. This has enabled us to address a wider spectrum of issues, the results of which are expected to filter down to members in a much more structured way and on a more regular basis. It is our intention to appoint a Director of Habitat in the not too distant future. It is intended to distribute an updated digital version of the practice manual to all paid up corporate members later this year. A system of updating as well as obtaining material from the manual on line will also be introduced as part of this initiative. The institute website has been redesigned and is now updated at regular intervals. The monthly e-newsletter has been introduced this year and enables SAIA to communicate with its members on a more regular basis. International contact with bodies such as the UIA, AUA, and CAA continues to develop and increase the work load on the secretariat as well as the members. These relationships give us exposure to world trends as well as enable us to keep abreast with international best practice. The new SAIA Directory of Architects has been published and is ready for distribution to members as well as the public and private sectors. We trust that it will be useful in promoting SAIA members and practices especially with reference to appointment for projects. Our bi-monthly journal continues to flourish and in addition to being circulated to members it is now available on the newsstands of selected book stores. The publishers advise that sales have shown a steady increase over the past few months. A new Editorial Advisory Committee has been appointed to assist and advise the Editor on issues relating to the Journal. Interaction with statutory and voluntary organisations continues with many of our members providing their time and expertise at no cost. Many of the decisions taken in these forums have a direct effect on the way that we continue to practice

architecture. The experience gained in our interaction with international organisations as well as the wealth of experience of our members is crucial in enabling us to develop strategies and positions to support the interests of our profession. The Institute has endorsed the first Architectural film festival in South Africa which is also scheduled to be held later this year. We also have a representative on the festival committee. (more on the film festival follows hereunder) The construction industry is going through boom times and some predictions are that this could last to 2014. It is important for SAIA to provide the proper support to its members during these exciting times. In addition to the activities noted above, many other initiatives are under consideration and we trust that we will be able to count on your participation and support in future to enable us to turn the plans into reality. ■ EXECUTIVE MATTERS : DEBATE ON STRATEGIC GOALS A forum hosted on the SAIA website will be set up shortly to accommodate comment from SAIA members who may wish to contribute to this debate. This will allow members to express their concerns and constructive ideas into a pool in order to cast a wide net before strategic conclusions are drawn. The forum is not intended to be a ‘complaints department’ but rather a deposit for problem solving ideas based on our desire as architects to be leaders in creating the built environment. The Topic In broad terms, we wish to interrogate the relevance of SAIA and its regions in their current mode of operandi against the global and local environment in which architects are practicing. More information will soon be available on the SAIA site ■ MEMBERSHIP 2007-2008 Financial Year : Subscription Accounts As a result of the successful implementation of the new SAIA membership structure which incorporates individual members and corporate members (practices), the SAIA secretariat will in future be sending the annual subscription invoices for corporate members directly to practices that meet the membership criteria. A pro forma invoice with supporting documentation will be sent out in July. Any member who has not yet notified SAIA of the establishment of a new practice should contact the Institute without delay. Members are also requested to notify SAIA of any changes in a practice that may affect the status of the practice, e.g. directorship of companies, membership of cc's, change in partnerships or sole practitioners so that the data can be updated. Changes of the practice name, address or contact details should also kindly be forwarded to SAIA without delay. Members in the individual categories will continue to receive their subscription accounts from their Regional Institute. The SAIA portion of subscriptions is included in the Regional account. ■ CONFERENCES Marmomacc : Stone Industry CPD opportunity in Verona This is a reminder that two scholarships are available for South Africa based architects to attend the Continuing Education Course ‘Designing with Natural Stone’ at the 42nd Marmomacc Exhibition of Marble, Stone and Technology in Verona from Wednesday 3 October to Saturday 6 October 2007. Interested members are invited to submit a motivation supported by a short CV (not more than 600 words), to be considered for these Scholarships. Applications should reach the Executive Officer on email no later than 12:00 on Friday 29 June 2007. ■ CPD Working with Stainless Steel | Validated Category 1 Activity (1 CPD Credit) SAIA has validated a course presented by the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association. This will be a full day workshop focussing on the applications for the material in

construction. The workshops will cover eight important subject areas: 1. Sustainable Stainless Steel Design 2. Design, Selection & Maintenance 3. Stainless Steel Finishes 4. Fabrication 5. Interior Applications 6. Exterior Applications 7. Structural Applications 8. Roofing Systems Participants will receive technical materials on selecting and specifying stainless steel. Workshops are planned at four venues: Johannesburg : Monday 20 August Durban : Tuesday 21 August Port Elizabeth : Thursday 23 August Cape Town : Monday 27 August ■ PUBLICATIONS Roelof Uytenbogaardt – Timeless This publication on Roelof Uytenbogaardt, by Giovanni Vio is published in Italian and English and is available from the SAIA secretariat (R360 incl VAT; excluding postage & packaging). Place orders with SAIA on tel +27 11 782 7315, by e-mail at

The Digest 2007/8 Submissions are hereby invited for The Digest of S A Architecture. This is an annual publication whose mandate from SAIA is to catalogue and publish a record of work produced by the profession intended to reflect upon recent design and production that reflects the evolving situation in South Africa. Its aim is to include as many submissions as possible. In addition, a number of invited articles, from selected contributors, compliment the variety of building types that represent members’ best work. Any excellent project completed between 01 September 2006 to 30 July 2007, regardless of theme or category, will be considered for inclusion, provided the client approves. Kindly submit to the Digest 2007/8, c/o Lola Cox at the Cape Institute for Architecture (CIfA) Please submit your entries as soon as possible. DUE TUESDAY 08 AUGUST 2007


Contact SAIA’s Regional Institutes for the conditions, requirements and submission form ■ PROMOTION SABC Africa Prof Peter Rich on behalf of SAIA, along with Mike Magner of Activate Architects and Laurence Chibwe of Afritects participated in a television debate which dealt with the theme African Architecture for Africa. The program, African Views, aired on SABC Africa at 20:00 on 18 June 2007. Architect Africa Film Festival endorsed by SAIA The Africa Film Festival is an opportunity to enjoy some of the finest films on architecture and the built environment. Some of the films to be screened will be Metropolis, The Architecture of Carlo Scarpa, The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, a short film called Die Tamat and a documentary called Living in the Landscape about the work of Australian architect, Peter Stutchbury. SAIA is currently in the process of evaluating the different films with a view to validate select films for

Film Festival

CPD Category 1 Credits. Dates and venues for the Film Festival are: Johannesburg: 17 to 23 August 2007 – The mall Rosebank Durban: 24 to 30 August 2007 – Gateway Shopping Centre Cape Town: 31 August to 06 September 2007 – Cavendish Square


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