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In keeping with our learnership program, we have the pleasure of introducing Carlo Pick and Marcio Miguel. Carlo is a 20 year old, I.T (Networking via Cisco Networking academy) graduate from College of Cape Town. He joined Edgetec beginning of October 2008 and works with Desmond in technical support in our Cape Town Branch. Carlo has a keen interest in sport, especially soccer. He describes himself as a very outgoing person, who loves to party and spend time with friends. Marcio Miguel joined Edgetec in November 2008 and is based at the Johannesburg office. He has a National Diploma in Information Technology & Communication from the Vaal University of Technology. He assists Terry in the support services and hardware department. His specialty is the ISeries RPG programming language offer. Marcio also worked at the University of Johannesburg for six months as a network support administrator. Age of the RPG programmer Results from the industry survey conducted this year shows that 76% of all iSeries programmers are between 40years and older. Other age groups have the following: Under 30 5.76 % 30-39 18.52 % 40-49 34.5 % 50-59 31.62 % 60 or older 9.61 % From the four iSeries programmers at Edgetec, one programmer falls in the under 30 category whilst two fall within the 4049 age groups and one in the 60 or older grouping. In line with the above, Edgetec is proud to have been part of a memorable event at The Vaal University of Technology – Ekhuruleni Campus that saw a number of students graduating with RPG and I.T skills. Steve Buck and Roland Strauss who attended the graduation ceremony were presented with a photo of the RPG and I.T class of 2008.

For more information about this programme or should you wish to employ any of these students on a learnership programme please feel free to contact Fikile Mposula on 011 929 7436 or email fikile@vut.ac.za

Conference Power Series Technical Conference in Brugge, Belgium from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2008.
By Roland Strauss

Technical Adventure in Belgium, Brugge It all started Saturday (18 Oct 2008) night @ 19:00. Tony and I arrived at O.R Tambo and checked in; this was the first indicator that we were going to have a very interesting time. I managed to organize a seat on one of the exits; while Tony could only get an aisle seat. We arrived at Charles du Gaul airport on Sunday morning. After getting off the plane we realized that our train ticket was from Paris-Nord station and not CDG2 where the airport is. After running around from information booth to information booth (the French people we encountered were not very friendly or helpful), we realized that we will never make the train at Paris-Nord, we then had to get new tickets to Brussels. The only available tickets were via Lile, which gave us a scenic route through France. To make a long story short, we eventually arrived in Brugge at 19:00 on the Sunday (full 24 hours later). Monday 20th October, we registered at the venue and started with a combined p and I track. After lunch we broke into our respective tracks. I attended (naturally) the IBM I Trends and my first elective was IBM i 6.1 Technical Overview. Please note the version should be pronounced as “six-dot-one”. We then had welcome drinks in De Grote Witte Roos hall. Tuesday 21st October, my first session was in my family room (the Strauss room – all the rooms had names of famous composers). I focused my tracks this day on PowerHA and IBM I 6.1 Upgrade planning.

I have to talk about the lunches, we are not used to being served as they do, you receive a very small plate and then you receive very small portion (I mean VERY small) of food, this meant I spend half my time queuing for some more grub. The food was supreme which I did not mind. Tuesday night we had the IBM event, this was arranged in a medieval castle and the whole theme was from the 12/13th centuries. There were court clowns, Knights, Dukes, falconers, etc. This was an awesome experience.

Thursday 23rd October, more of the same, information overload. The conference ended at 16:00 giving us ample time to be tourists. We had time to site see and buy some chocolates, lace and memorabilia

Friday 24th October, we started our trek back to South Africa. Although I enjoyed the city the convention and the people, I was starting to miss the good ol’ RSA. Again we had to be creative with our traveling as we had no tickets from Paris-Nord to CDG2 airport. This was all fun and made the trip unforgettable. Eventually we arrived back in RSA on Saturday 25th morning at 11:00. Brugge adventure aside Roland attended presentations on the following: • IBM i 6.1 Technical Overview • Power 520/550 - hardware/offering details • IBM i 6.1 Upgrade Planning - "Smooth Sailing" • OMG - i ned i DRP.m i lost? ROTFL! • The IBM CBU for i • IBM i 6.1 Program Conversion Overview • HMC Lab - Experience the new V7R3.1 browser based user interface • Linux & i. The Power of Linux on IBM i • IBM i 6.1 PowerHA - Overview and availability Strategy • Enabling Applications for iASP • Setting up a Linux file server • Deploying Open Source Solutions on IBM i • PHP on IBM i Perspective • Getting your hands on Zend's PHP for IBM i lab • Deploying Open Community Applications in IBM i • IBM i 6.1 Journal Enhancements roland@edgetec.co.za one-onShould you wish to have one-on-one presentations at your offices with any of our technicians please feel free to contact 011 Roland or Jan on 011 804 7141

Tony Nel our Systems Engineer covered the following topics in Brugge: • New features in AIX, with the recent release of version 6.1 • PowerHA (previously known as HACMP) for AIX - attended a few sessions on this, consisting of: o Announcements, overview, discussion, o Concepts & configuration, o High availability and Disaster recovery, o Virtualization with PowerHA Live inter-partition application mobility demonstration for AIX • Configuration of Virtual I/O on Power6 • Configuring highly available virtual storage • PowerVM and storage virtualization • WPAR(Workload partition) version update • Virtualization best practices - Setup and management • PowerVM Active memory sharing • tony@edgetec.co.za

Camp: IBM System Storage DS5000 & DS4000 / SAN Boot Camp: Vienna, Austria The IBM System Storage DS5000 & DS4000 / SAN Boot Camp is an intensive Advanced Technical Training initiative. The IBM System Storage Group organizes it together with LSI and Brocade for IBM Business Partners from our entire region. The Boot Camp focused on key products – DS4000 and DS5000, offering an overview about Competitive Update and Positioning. mark@edgetec.co.za

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