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Port Elizabeth is poised for trans formation The popular family resort is to get an exciting new waterfront new hotels and restau rants entertainment facilities and

shopping malls all along the seafront on 40ha of prime land
The new facilities will be built as

soon the manganese ore dumps and petrol tank farm on the seafront have
been removed to the new Ngqura port

The days where Port Elizabeth was considerednothing but a sleepy hollow have come and gone With the new developments in the seaside city PE is set to be a huge tourist attraction
writes Winnie Graham
They say the Prenchies wanted to
colonise the eastern regions of the

live and visit both residentially and from a tourism perspective As the

home province of Madiba it has
assumed considerable importance and the Eastern Cape now knows it

PE tops the list of secondary sites
in SA and will become a megacity if it
carries out the MBDA mandate to

at the Coega industrial zone 30km

But it will take time to turn Madiba


so named after the nation s

It probably started with the Coega development when the powers that be
took a hard look at their city and

revitalise the city centre she said She has just one reservation the highway blocking the coastline from the city should be moved The highway is ugly and moving it will leverage economic growth by

most famous citizen into a megacity In the meantime it has everything

Cape but as things turned out they never got round to coming It was left
to the 1820 settlers to try and tame the

that makes for the perfect break
It s about time PE started preening itself This is the gateway to Mandela land An increasing number of inter
national visitors are us

decided it was ready for a makeover The new Ngqura port at Coega has

opening up tourism and business opportunities that will result from an easy and attractive access to the har
bour and ocean
African cities

she said

Once the

rugged landscape of the Eastern Cape
What of nightlife The days when
PE was little more than a sleepy hol low have come and gone

opened prime land that begs for devel opment and tourism will benefit
Gillian Saunders head of Tourism

transformation has been completed
PE will be in line with other vibey

Hospitably and Leisure at Grant
Thornton says PE has turned the cor
ner in terms of a desirable place to

The developments will take time
but in the meantime it has much to
offer visitors

ing PE as a base to see H2014201420142014
j land HHH M famous Every paradise
president and his early
stamping grounds at

JHI U MiliCM There s a lot to do after

South Africa s former H

j|HHIUH dark some great restau

and there will be even

once investors

fact selfdrive tours in Bfl the steps of Nelson Man IH can pry themselves off dela are becoming the HR J beaches may want to the other end of the HMBMjj B Bay a world
famous Garden Route BBHB HI B surfers

II HJ have developed the within reach of PE In Hl

UN meDest known tourist their tours there or con attractlon ls the Oceananum starting or completing
tinuing to a nearby r2014 2014 I




a go and it s great fun watching them
201420142014201420142014 Another must
Baviaanskloof declared
a Unesco World Her

is ago B to 2014201420142014 H| H that moun of and of range H M H photo to and

phant Park close by as

With the Addo Ele r Jfi ljl

well as an array of fine game lodges many visi tors are exploring the southern end of South

Africa as they realise that it is almost impossi ble to see the entire country on a two week holiday In fact it is dim cult to fit in all the attractions to the East ern Cape on one trip At ter all why come all the way to SA and not do
each province properly

ISJBlL 111 | M ||fSJfiMlB J H M BI HlKjj is H Hd HR HI HH| Bl Hq 2014» 3 MUf jjjjlM|f S| HH320142014 H 2014Hj

kkjt itage site two years Baviaanskloof lit f erally translated mean Baboons Gorge a wildern s home to 201420142014 countless baboons BQ love the craggy

K tains There is plenty HI other wildlife too

Bl l graph waterfalls

M H a incredible d8 many endemic to It s a great place to hike to swim in moun Kg H tain pools and
There are also a num
for tea or lunch

and is often overlooked 50 become piedestrianmall
m favour ofrCape Town

PE has never made NEW PLANS Sovan Mbeki much of its attractions Avenue in the c ity centre will



ber of lamt ees

such as Hankey and
Patensie where folk can

of Baak H K Man chang B

tainly Isn t simply an has moved into a class of its own as thousands of visitors and investors discover its potential as a holiday hotspot of the

or Durban But it cer L

lU lim excited about the He says that while narium where dolphins BBiBBBBBI
keep the crowds enter tained Greenies may not agree but watching them WILDERNESS NEARBY Baviaanskloof iis breathtaking

RL stop li ites HH HjV|HH cultivated IH B|H8ir HBlxH liL x |yHI|Rdela EyaM

gardens in B the y of the

H Settlers Park 54ha
B ex cutive °f tne Bay Development Agency MBDA is
the National Ports Au

Finally don t forget

Pierre Voges chief

go through their paces is a delight
There a snake park too one of the oldest in the country for visitors intrigued by reptiles and even a horse
monument built to commemorate the

with plans to move the ore dumps it has wisely decided to re tain the fishing port and the fruit

thority is going ahead

packing industry as they will add
character to the new developments
The transformation will be com

horses that died during the Anglo
Boer War

pleted by about 2010 or 2011 The time
frame is coincidental It has nothing

Those who enjoy their history should take a look at Fort Frederick

to do with the World Cup soccer

built in 1799 to protect the mouth of the river against French invasion

He says too that construction of the city s new 2010 World Cup stadium
is now well ahead of schedule

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