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Tax Disc Holder
                                               We all hate having to clutter up our windscreens with a
                                               tax disc but this holder can improve things no end.
                                               Machined from aluminium & fitted with stainless steel
                                               counter sunk socket headed screws. The holder is
                                               secured to the windscreen with special clear adhesive
                                               pads, as well as extra “shims” to accommodate curved
                                               screens. A spare set is included and spares are available
                                               allowing use in other vehicles. Using the supplied Allen
                                               key to remove the screws holding the back on can
                                               change the disc. The holders are finished in a range of
                                               Anodised colours with the silver & black suiting the
                                               traditional vehicles and the red, blue, purple, gold or
                                               green allowing for colour co-ordination.
                                               Part number PBX 0600 add /B for black, /BU for blue,
                                               /S for silver, /R of red, /GO for gold & /G for green.

Popular & Anglia Engine mounts.
These replica engine mounts were used on various 10 horse
power side valve models. The Ford part number was 6038. The
two 8-mm mounting holes are 60-mm apart; it is 21.5-mm
height. Apart from their obvious use in standard cars the mounts
are ideal as gearbox mounts when used in pairs in conjunction
with a saddle bracket for gear boxes. A lot of early cars used this
 PBR 1018       Standard Ford engine mount, 10HP.

Rotary Switches
A choice of three of these old fashion style rotary switches are
stocked. Two are suitable for indicators or the stock Trafficator
arms, one having an illuminating green knob the other using a
plain black knob. Either switch could be used in a standard
vehicle. The other switch has four positions, which could be
used for side, dip and headlamps or as a two-speed wiper switch.
All switches fit 27-mmØ hole and are secured by a silver plated
nut. The terminals are all heavy duty with screws.
PBS 1250        Black knob indicator switch
PBS 1250/G Illuminated indicator switch
PBS 1252        Light switch

                                    Thames Grill Badge
                                    The finishing touch to your van or pickup. Fits the standard grill
                                    spoon. A plated silver logo on a dark blue enamelled background.
                                    PBB 2000/T Thames grill badge.
                                      Ford Cleveland Exhaust flanges.
We can now supply exhaust flanges for the 351 Cleveland fitted with 2V heads in addition to our
existing 351 4V flanges. Versions in 6-mm mild and stainless steel are available.
PEP 0017/M             Mild steel Cleveland 351 2V pr exhaust flanges.
PEP 0017/S             Stainless steel Cleveland 351 2V pr exhaust flanges
PBP 1009               3/8 unc Stainless steel cap head bolt kit
 Tech Tip: Solder the end of cables when using components with screw terminals for good connection
                                       & to prevent wire breakage.

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