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Newsletter No 1/2006 17 February 2006

Dear Parents With this first newsletter of our centenary year, we welcome all our new parents and welcome back parents of longer standing. We also extend a welcome to the new staff who were introduced in the final newsletter of 2005. Centenary Opening Service Our Centenary Year was officially launched by Bishop Rubin Phillip on Wednesday, 18 March 2006. The ceremony took place on Erasmus Ellis Field and thank you to all those ever-willing and ever-enthusiastic volunteers who came early in the morning to wipe the 2000 chairs that were set out on the field! Greg Brookes and the intrepid and undaunted Guy Brazier and Spyder Lyle were spotted among those with cloth in hand. Bishop Rubin reminded us of our privileged position and the serving rôle we should play, in not only the educational landscape of South Africa, but also in our community. It is fitting indeed that our theme for the year is Blessed to be a Blessing. A wonderful sense of peace and purpose prevailed during the morning’s proceedings, culminated by the release of pigeons that soared and circled above us in a breath catching display before they took off into the blue. Later in the week, a tumble of Teddies (an expression coined by the Primary School!) was delivered to School and every girl received her special Centenary Teddy and Badge. In fact, all members of staff also received a commemorative Teddy. Thank you to the Centenary Committee for this gift, and for the time and effort they and their Sub Committees are investing to make their vision for this, our Centenary Year, a reality. Two important Centenary events that take place this term are the Centenary Golf Day and the Kloof Indigenous Open Gardens visits during which our School will be the venue for the Tea Garden.

Centenary Golf Day - 3 March There are still fourballs available for the Golf Day which will be played at Kloof Country Club - but hurry and book now as they are going fast and furiously. There are some magnificent prizes up for grabs, so this is a day not to be missed! Don't forget if you are not a golfer but would like your company to sponsor a tee or a green or simply make a donation towards a prize - please come forward! Contact Ian Morris on 083 - 564 - 8478 or Christine Malan at St Mary's on 7649831 to get your booking forms. Kloof Indigenous Open Gardens - 25 & 26 March 2006 We are including details of the Open Gardens in this newsletter as, not only is the school the venue for the tea garden, but the gardens of two of our teachers (one current and one who has just recently left) are “on show”! Kloof Conservancy presents a bumper weekend with seven exciting indigenous gardens on show. In developing their gardens, the owners have each embarked on a journey of exploration and learning which they are keen to share with you. But that’s not all. This year, the traditional tea garden will be an experience on its own with a wealth of educational displays, books and plants on s ale, expert guest speakers and music to entertain you as you enjoy a well deserved cup of tea. Tickets cost R30 and are on sale at each garden as well as at each of our sponsors Servistar Hillcrest, Kloof Village Mall Superspar, Richdens Hillcrest Superspar, Waterfall Superspar and Robyndale Nature Centre. Please note that the ticket is valid for the entire weekend (9:30am – 5pm daily) and children under 12 are free. All proceeds go to the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve for their alien control programme. For further information contact Helen on (031) 763 4435 or 072 218 2857. Garden 1 : 6 Tunzini Road, Hillcrest- Ed and Janet Weakley Inspired by the beauty of the Lowveld, Ed and Janet embarked on a project four years ago to transform their garden into a tapestry of texture, colour and interest, using indigenous plants. Classing herself as a novice gardener, Janet enrolled on a garden design course and later consulted with two other designers for assistance with projects in the garden. Family members too have added their contribution by transforming a dilapidated garden lean-to into a stylish utility shed. Already the family is delighted with the bountiful birdlife in their new garden. Directions: From the M13 to PMB, take exit 28 (Old Main Road/Hillcrest East). Turn right over the bridge along Old Main Road to the 6th set of traffic lights. Turn left into Hospital Road at FNB. Pass Hillcrest Primary School on the right, then turn left into Tunzini Road. Proceed to No. 6.

Garden 2: 10 Sandy Lane, Hillcrest - Douglas and Sheryl Gordon Douglas and Sheryl Gordon built a new home in Hillcrest six years ago and immediately began implementing an indigenous garden. Inspired by what they had seen at Twinstreams Nursery in Mtunzini, the Gordons decided to fashion a forest on the south side of their property. A year ago, they built a ‘reservoir’ style swimming pool which blends cleverly with the farm-style architecture of their home. Indigenous gardening is a passion for the couple and, they stress, their garden is the result of their own hard work and a lot of learning. Directions: From Garden No. 1, continue down Tunzini Road. At the yield sign, turn left into Shongweni Road. Turn first right into Warrior Road. Turn left into Sandy Lane where a marshal will direct you to the parking area. Please do not park in this narrow lane. Garden 3 : 17 Meadow Lane, Kloof - Bruce and Kim Thompson When the Thompsons bought their home nine years ago, the garden was smothered by a bamboo hedge, invasive weeds and creepers that all but destroyed its structure. They steadily cut back and removed truckloads of unwanted growth, granting a reprieve to the large trees that lend the garden its air of tranquility. Today, this beautiful garden is again spacious with cleverly placed paths guiding the visitor through different garden rooms. Luxuriant shrubberies of mostly indigenous plants have secured a wide variety of interesting birdlife. Directions: From Garden No. 2 continue down Sandy Lane and turn left into Hilldene Road. Turn right into Shongweni Road and continue to the traffic light. Turn right into Old Main Road. Pass two traffic lights and turn left onto the M13 to Pinetown. Take the next turnoff (Everton Road/Gillitts, exit 26). Turn left into Everton Road, continue along and turn right into Meadow Road. Turn left into Meadow Lane and proceed to No. 17. Again, marshals will direct you to the parking. Garden 4 – 7 : Cascades Complex - 38 Buckingham Road, Kloof Clive and Glenda McMurray; Glen and Margie Jackson; Paolo & Bev Candotti; Ian and Mal Grant-Stuart Cascades Complex spans approximately seven acres, housing nine units. It borders the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve in the north and has an unnamed tributary of the Molweni River running through it. The complex is fortunate to have established trees and abounds with a variety of wildlife that is a constant delight to the owners. Artificial barriers have been kept to a minimum creating a natural flow between the gardens. While the gardens are relatively young, four of the owners are delighted to share their gardens with you. Directions: From garden No 3, continue down Meadow Lane to the stop street. Turn right into Cato Road and continue to Kloof Falls Road. Turn left and then take the

second right turn into Springdale Road. At the stop street, turn right into Alamein Road where a marshal will direct you to the parking area. Walk left into Buckingham Road and up to the Cascades Complex. Tea Garden at St Mary’s DSG, St Mary’s Road, Kloof St Mary’s DSG is celebrating their Centenary in 2006 and generously offered their beautiful venue for the tea garden. Apart from books, botanical art and indigenous plants being on sale, plant specialists will be on hand to talk to the public about alien invasive plants, butterflies and much more. Well-known speakers, Dr David Johnson (Sat 11 am and Sun 3 pm), Geoff Nichols (Sat 3pm) and Elsa Pooley (Sunday 11 am) will discuss fascinating topics, and the St Mary’s Choir as well as the ‘Cool Strings’ will entertain you while you enjoy a cup of tea. Directions : From the parking area, continue up Alamein Road to the stop street. Turn right into Emolweni Road and continue past Kloof High School and keep left into Abelia Road. At the stop, turn left into Church Road. Turn right over the bridge. Keep left along Old Main Road and, at the second traffic circle, turn right and over the bridge. Turn right again into Village Road and, just past the Delcairn Shopping Centre, turn left into St Mary’s Road and continue to the Sports Field on the left. To return to the M13, turn right into St. Mary’s Road and left into Village Road. Centenary Benches The Environment Committee is appealing to all who would be interested in sponsoring a bench as a memento to their years at St Mary’s. These benches are made from recycled plastic and are durable and maintenancefree. Each bench will have a plaque with the sponsor’s details depicted. Not only are these benches for families to consider, but also, as it is the Centenary year, for sports teams, Old Girls, grades, in memory of someone special, etc (for example, Class of '76 or U12 hockey girls of 2006). The possibilities of this concept are endless for anyone who would like to leave their mark as our school turns 100. The costs are as follows: 3-seater Royal bench - 1.6m 2-seater Royal bench - 1.3m No back or sides bench - 2m No back or sides bench - 1.5m R1 725,00 (incl) R1 245,00 (incl) R 825,00 (incl) R 650,00 (incl)

There will also be a small cost of not more than R50,00 for the personalised plaque. The Brazier and Drummond families have already committed themselves and their benches will be on display in the school grounds from 17 January 2006. St Mary's are hosting the Indigenous Open Gardens during March 2006 and these benches would really finish off our gardens. Please think about this concept and, if you are interested, kindly contact Denise Phillips 0828948277 or Georgie Nolden 0825663749 Midmar Mile Both the Primary and High Schools were well represented at this event with a number of girls, parents and staff swimming on both days. The High School won the Girls’ School Team event for the third successive year (top 5 swimmers from each school in event 7 [Women’s 14 – 30 years] count towards this award) and they were : 7th 12th 20th 21st 32nd Kathryn Meaklim Lauren Bezuidenhout René Warnes Alison-Jayne Logan Lauren Green

There was a record number of entries from the High School in this, our Centenary Year – with over 65 pupils swimming in Event 7 alone! The St Mary’s tent, easily identifiable by the Centenary banners and blimp, was conveniently sited at the finish. All swimmers were asked to sign the register sheets and these will be used for the Photographic Collage to commemorate the Centenary Midmar mile. Great fun was had by all, swimmers and spectators alike!

Message from John Maxwell, Chairman of the Board of Governors We are delighted that our Centenary year has started so well from the school’s perspective, and full credit must go to the existing Senior Management for a job well done. The purpose of this communication is to outline what is happening regarding the identification, selection and appointment of a new Head for St Mary’s. The Board, in consultation with the Senior Management team, have approved the job

specification for the new Head. An executive search consultancy with specific experience in Head of School appointments has been contracted and a process is now underway. The position will be advertised both internally and externally and all responses will be co-ordinated through the consultancy. In addition, the consultancy will identify and approach suitable candidates. A shortlist of candidates will be drawn up and an interview panel comprising of Board, staff and external experts will be selected to review and meet the candidates. Due to the varying notice periods of potential candidates, it is not possible to specify exactly when the selected individual will be appointed but this will be done as expeditiously as possible. We will keep you informed of our progress, and look forward to being able to announce the appointment of the new Head to take our magnificent school into the future.

*** Teaching areas close to Jubilee Car Park I would like to appeal to parents to bear in mind that the Jubilee Car Park is directly adjacent to the Biology laboratories. It is disruptive to both students and teachers when parents hoot to attract their daughters’ attention. Campus Security/Security Discs Due to the rising number of incidents in and around the Highway area with criminals targeting schools for car theft, we ask parents and staff to please display their St Mary's Centenary access discs on their vehicles. These were distributed to parents in the end-of-year reports last year and to new parents in your information packs at the beginning of the year (resembles a white license disc with the blue Centenary logo). If you wish to obtain another access disc, please drop in at the Marketing office to collect one. Please understand that if you do not display your access disc, Security will ask you to sign in and wear a visitor's badge. In future, professional security personnel will be hired for functions held at the school. Parents attending functions are requested to use either Jubilee Car Park or Erasmus Ellis field for parking as car guards will be on duty here. Please note that the school is unable to provide car guards/security for any cars which are parked along road verges. Collecting pupils after functions/outings I appeal to you to collect your daughters on time after school events or outings. In the

past, teachers have waited at the school for anything up to one-and-a-half hours. I do not feel it is fair to expect teachers to wait any longer than half-an-hour, especially after evening functions when they still have to travel back to their own homes, and I would ask for your co-operation in this regard. Having said this, we would like to thank all the Grade 8 & 9 parents for fetching their daughters so promptly after the Kearsney Social on Wednesday evening. Illness If your daughter feels ill during class, she must report to Sister Miller in the first instance. She is NOT to telephone you without having first gone to the San. If it is felt necessary, Sister Miller will contact you telephonically. Would parents please assist us by NOT collecting their daughter in response to a call from her, please do this only in response to an official call. If your daughter has contacted you and you are concerned, please feel free to contact Sister Miller. Recyclying Waste paper generated by the school is taken by Mondi for recycling. The money we get is used for our indigenous gardens’ projects. Please feel free to place any of your waste paper, newspapers, magazines, etc but NOT cardboard, plastic covered paper or plastic bags, in our Mondi bin. This bin has been placed within the school grounds to prevent vandalism or dumping. Please use the intercom to contact Reception and they will let your car in so that you do not have to walk far. Cans – we recycle aluminium cans ONLY.

We do not recycle glass of any form. Please do not dump your empty bottles in our recycling area. B Kee and A-M Kuhn Mothers Who Pray A small group of mothers meet in The Lighthouse every Friday morning at 7.30am to pray for everyone at St Mary's and you are all most welcome to join. Please contact Debbie Longmore on 7670491 for further details. Processing of Books in the LRC The LRC is appealing to any mothers who can spare an hour or two per week of their time. We desperately need help with the processing of books. Please contact AnnaMarie Kuhn (7649845) or Radhika Singh (7649842) if you can help. Staff News Mrs Bronwyn Willemse (Catering Manager) and Mrs Ellen Pather (Receptionist) will both

be taking maternity leave. Mrs Lindi Davies will be taking over as Catering Manager on 20 February and will be assisted by Mrs Vivienne Subroyal until the end of the 2nd term. Mrs Pather will be on maternity leave from 22 March and will return in the 4th term. We wish them both a joyous time with their new babes! We send our congratulations to Miss Michelle Wood (HS Intern) on the news of her recent engagement. We welcome Mrs Mary-Ellen Blackman, who has recently joined St Mary’s as an Administration Assistant. Music Department Congratulations to the following High School girls who recently received their music certificates in Assembly: Grade 1 Nokukhanya Kamanga Nicola Strauss Nomthandazo Ndaki Gabi Schonert Letukile Mashego Victoria Eacott Kelly Evans Christine Drake Bronwyn Eacott Alice Cochrane-Murray Kelly Oliver Madeleine Smith Rebekah Charlton Piano Piano with Merit Theory with Distinction Saxophone with Distinction Piano Piano with Merit Singing with Merit Singing Singing with Merit Theory with Merit Singing with Merit Singing with Distinction Saxophone with Merit

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Shumikazi Lusu Hayley Minter-Brown Nicole Smit Nicola Walters Nicola Wills Lindsay Wills Maxine Naicker Kathryn Stevens

Piano Piano with Merit Singing with Merit Theory with Distinction Piano with Merit Singing with Merit Piano with Distinction Singing with Distinction

Grade 6

Grade 7

Ishara Bedi Tacey Burford

Piano with Distinction Piano with Distinction

and the Primary School girls : Grade 1 Grade 3 Paige Phillips Catherine Lin Piano solo with Merit Piano with Merit

We welcome Laura Jarvis as a full-time intern, and Petra Conrads who has taken over the PS Orchestra. Thanks go to Laura and Petra for their beautiful flute and piano music at the Centenary Opening Service. Heidi Paul is on long leave and we welcome Judith Hawthorn and Kari Harris as her substitute teachers. This term there are seven choirs at St Mary's! In the High School, we have a Senior Choir, Chapel Choir, Chamber Choir and Cinderella Choir; in the Primary School we have the SP and JP Choirs; and this term Ronel Laidlaw has started a choir with some of the kitchen staff. The Senior Primary Choir joined Melanie Louw for one item at the Valentine's Day Concert in the Botanical Gardens with the KZNPO on 14 February, and a wonderful evening was had by all those who attended the recital by classical guitarist, James Grace on Thursday, 16 February. Forthcoming events 3 March 7 March 15 March 24, 25, 27 & 28 March 25 & 26 March 5 April

Centenary Concerto Evening, featuring our best instrumental soloists - 7.00pm in the Green Room Student Recital at 6.15pm in the Green Room Easter Tenebrae Service at 7.30pm in the Chapel School Musical "Cinderella" Open Gardens with St Mary's musicians Televised opening of Kings Park Pool at which our AME Group and massed St Mary's choirs will perform "On Top of the World". Our thanks go to new parent, Tim Heintz, for making a CD for accompanying this item.

For Sale Saxophone Upright piano

Century Eb alto sax - R5000,00 - 082 886 3044 (Debbie Martin) Görs & Kaullmann, approved by tuner - R7500,00 082 268 4238 (Lorette Filby) Priscilla Crundwell

Matric 2005

We were very pleased with our matriculation results for 2005, and a brief summary is appended hereunder : % Number of candidates 81 Number of passes 81 100 Number of candidates entered for endorsement 81 100 Number of university endorsements (exemptions) 81 100 Number of A aggregates Number of B aggregates Number of C aggregates Number of D aggregates Number of A, B & C aggregates (1st class) Number of A & B aggregates Number of subject A’s Number of subject B’s Number of subject C’s 35 31 14 1 80 66 159 132 132 43 38,2 17 1 98,8 81,5

*** PRIMARY SCHOOL Disabled Parking, Robertson Road Two parking bays have been allocated for disabled visitors in the Robertson car park. Woods House With the assistance of the St Mary’s Society, air conditioning has been installed in Woods Cottage, the Primary School’s administrative home. The girls will also benefit from this as their music lessons, which in the past have taken place in hot and humid conditions in the upstairs section of this building, can now take place in conditions that are more comfortable for them. Remedial Teaching Mrs Meyer and Mrs Murch have moved into the annex behind Wood’s Cottage. Pat Gary, the Estates Manager, has done a superb job to make ready this facility for the unit. Internal reconstruction has been done on the building, new carpeting has been laid, walls have been painted and wiring re-done. It is indeed a bright and happy addition to the Primary School. * * *

HIGH SCHOOL High School Registration We would like to remind parents that the bell for registration rings at 7.30am each morning. At this time, the attendance registers are taken and notices are handed out to students. At 7.35am the bell rings again, and students go to Chapel on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Lessons commence directly after Chapel. It is in the best interests of the students that they arrive at school at 7.25am at the latest, as this gives them sufficient time to go to their lockers, get their books for the first two/three lessons and be in their form rooms at 7.30am. Students who miss registration due to late arrival MUST report to Reception after Chapel so that the attendance registers can be amended. Cell 'Phones – High School students only Please DO NOT LEND your own cell 'phones to your daughters because, if they are confiscated, they will NOT be returned. The rules regarding the use of cell 'phones are included in the Students’ Handbook, they are on display in every classroom and they are reproduced here for your information. 1. Cell 'phones may be used only during break times and after school. They may not be used whilst walking around. If they must be used, USE THEM DISCREETLY. Cell 'phones must be switched OFF at all other times. They may not be taken into class or chapel and must be kept LOCKED in lockers. Girls failing to observe the above regulations will have their cell 'phones confiscated for a period of not less than two weeks. Cell 'phones found left lying around will also be confiscated for a period of not less than two weeks. The school will not be responsible for cell 'phones which go missing. * * * Chapel News From a Christian perspective, we have enjoyed a very happy start to our Centenary Year. Our Bishop, the Right Revd Rubin Phillip spoke words of hope at our Opening Ceremony, encouraging us to go out and make a difference to a world in need. This, in itself, reinforces the Christian theme for the year: “Blessed to be a blessing” (Genesis 12:2-3).

2. 3. 4. 5.

In order to unite the many different Chapel services in our school each week, the concept a “sermon series” is being followed. The theme for the first term is “The Language of God is Love”. Each week, an aspect of this language of love is used as a focus in Chapel services, in the Primary and High Schools alike. To date, the languages of love which have been focused on include forgiveness, grace, reconciliation and peace. These aspects of God’s love are being reinforced in the classroom, wherever possible. Chapel collections have been in aid of Careways, an organization which helps mentally challenged people, and the Cheshire Homes in Queensburgh, which helps physically disabled people. I have been encouraged to witness an increased level of giving this year and pray that this will continue as we all reflect on the theme for the year and what it means to be a blessing to others. Besides a very successful barn dance, the SCA Committee has introduced their vision for the year, focusing on their desire to be a Spirit-led group who, through prayer, will consistently reach out with action-based love. Our guest speaker was Richard Leonard who spoke on “what it means to be a normal Christian ”. A “B&B” (Bible and biscuit!) break was also held, where girls were divided into groups across the grades and discussed a passage of Scripture, giving everyone an opportunity to participate. The worship has been led by a group, which seems to increase in size on a weekly basis. To God be the glory! Our Easter Tenebrae Service is scheduled to take place in the Chapel on Wednesday, 15 March at 7.30pm. Tickets AT NO COST will be available from the Marketing Office from Monday, 6 March. Please collect your tickets timeously to avoid disappointment. The service will last for approximately 1 hour. Our Lord continues to bless us abundantly, every day of our lives and is using our circumstances to refine us. Let us therefore continue to be “joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12 Gill Padoa *** English Department Poetry Institute of Africa 2005 Congratulations to Joanne Shadwell who is one of the winners in the Poetry Institute of Africa 2005 Contest. Joanne’s poetry has been published in the anthology, Eternal Reality. Well done, Joanne. Debating - Durban and Costal Debating League 1st round

The Senior Team (Alice Meyer, Mamofella Mphaka and Sinethemba Ngwenya) acquitted themselves admirably and won their debate, with Alice being voted Best Speaker. The Junior Team (Tatum Galway, Londiwe Goba and Nokukhanya Kamanga), narrowly lost their debate. Well done to Tatum for being voted Best Speaker. The Grade 8 Team (Taygen Edwards, Camilla Wolfson and Kate Woolley) also won their debate. Special congratulations go to Taygen for being voted Best Speaker. Environmentals : Grades 8, 9 & 10 Advance Notice : Tuesday, 22 August to Friday, 25 August Environmentals are an integral part of giving your daughters a full education. They are not syllabus-related. This is why all students are expected to go on the field trips. Please diarise these dates to ensure your daughter does not miss this vital part of her education. Grade 8 pupils will be going on a field trip to Umgeni Valley Environmental Education Centre for four days. It is compulsory for all Grade 8's. Details will be provided in the second term. The cost will be in the region of R600. Grade 9 pupils will be going on a field trip to Entabeni Environmental Education Centre in the Drakensberg for four days. It is compulsory for all Grade 9's. The project the Grade 9’s do will be an integral part of their assessment for GETC. Details will be provided in the second term. The cost will be in the region of R600. Grade 10 pupils will be going on a field trip to Twinstreams Environmental Education Centre for four days. It is compulsory for all Grade 10's. Details will be provided in the second term. The cost will be in the region of R600. E Kee *** PRIMARY SCHOOL SPORT Swimming Girls have been swimming at every opportunity and early signs are that our team will be a capable one this year. We lost a few stars at the end of last year but we have some excellent swimmers coming through the junior grades, and I look forward to this season of rebuilding that will be part of our team in 2006.

Tennis Hockey and netball practices are underway in preparation for Term 2 and our tennis girls are already hard at it, with matches taking place each Monday.

* * * HIGH SCHOOL SPORT Action Netball Congratulations to Chanel Venter who has been selected for the U15 Natal Action Netball team. This team will be participating in the Interprovincial Tournament which will take place from 28 March to 2 April in Elspark, East Rand. Rebecca Weineck has been selected to play for the KZN U14 Action Netball Team. This team will be participating in the Interprovincial Tournament in Gauteng from 28 March – 2 April. Well done, Rebecca. Matches have been played against Northlands’ Girls High and Thomas More : Team U15B U14A Matches Won 1 Matches Lost 1 Matches Drawn

Badminton Rachel Dixon and Melissa Johnson competed in the U15 Open Grading Championships in Stellenbosch on 3 & 4 February. In the Doubles they reached the semi-finals and Melissa won the Girls’ Singles title while Rachel reached the quarter-finals. Well done! Diving Captain

Deanne Walsh

Congratulations to Deanne Walsh and Cayley Goss on their success at the KZN Diving Trials held at Kings Park on 4 – 5 February. Deanne has been selected for the KZN U18 team and will captain the KZN team. Cayley has been selected as a member of the U15 Team. Equestrian Congratulations to the following riders who were selected to represent KZN at the 2005 South African Junior & Children’s National Equestrian Championships. This event took place from the 9 - 17 December at Sandringham Farm in the Western Province. Hayley-Jo Hawley Laura Thomas Junior Showjumping & Eventing Teams (1st and 3r d ) Junior Showjumping Team

Phillippa Rattray Indoor Hockey Captain

Children’s Equitation and Showing Teams

Bianca Kemp

Matches have been played against Collegians 3r d, Amanzimtoti, Natal Masters Dophines, KZN University, Old Girls’, Kloof and Westville : Team 1st Division 3r d Division Matches Won 3 3 Matches Lost 1 2 Matches Drawn

Matches have been played against Kloof High, Gelofte, Westville Girls’ High, Crawford La Lucia, Durban Girls’ College, Northlands Girls’, Maris Stella, Danville Girls’ High, Queensburgh Girls’ High, Thomas More College and Pinetown Girls’ High :

Team 1sts 2nds U16A U16B U14A U14B U14C

Matches Won 2 2 1 2 2 2 1

Matches Lost 1

Matches Drawn


Congratulations to the following Indoor Hockey players who have been selected for the KZN schools’ teams: A Team Catherine Drummond Sophia Fourie Kirsten Hood Nicola Walters B Team Samantha de Villiers

Special congratulations to Kelly Madsen who has been selected for the KwaZulu-Natal Under 21 A team to participate in the Under 21 Interprovincial Tournament in Pietermaritzburg over half term. Kelly is one of only two school girls in the team of 9 players. Well done, Kelly! Netball Captain Vice-Captain

Cayley de Witt Nonkululeko Madondo

Swimming Captain Vice-Captain

Kathryn Meaklim Alison-Jayne Logan Mia Grundlingh

At the end of last term, Kathryn Meaklim represented South Africa at the Pan Pacific games in Melbourne, Australia. We congratulate Kathryn on her excellent results. 1st 2nd 3r d 4th 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay 100m Butterfly 400m Freestyle 200m Individual Medley 200m Butterfly 100m Breastfly

On her return, she participated in the KZN Aquatics Long Course Championships at Kings Park in Durban and her results were as follows :

8 Gold Medals 1 Silver Medal 2 Bronze medals Kathryn attended a training camp at the High Performance Centre in Pretoria and then travelled to Berlin to participate in the World Short Course Championships. Her results are as follows : 6th 12th 14th 400m Individual Medley 400m Freestyle 200m Freestyle

Results from our Interhouse Gala: Well done to the following girls who received trophies: U19 100 yds Freestyle U19 50 yds Breaststroke U19 50 yds Backstroke U19 50 yds Butterfly Open Individual Medley U14 Champion Kathryn Meaklim Kathryn Meaklim Kathryn Meaklim Kathryn Meaklim Kathryn Meaklim René Warnes


U15 U16 U17 U19

Champion Champion Champion Champion


Nerine Grundlingh Sarah Green Lauren Bezuidenhout Kathryn Meaklim Baines A Baines A Baines A Butchers A Baines A Butchers Baines 3rd 2nd 1st Bishops Baines Butchers 202 points 239 points 256 points

U14 4 x 50 yds Freestyle Relay U19 4 x 50 yds Freestyle Relay U14 4 x 50 yds Medley Relay U15 4 x 50 yds Medley Relay U19 4 x 50 yds Medley Relay 5 x 50 yds Ladder Relay Spirit Award Overall Winners

KZN Schools’ Swimming Team Congratulations to the following swimmers who have been selected for the above team : Kelly Bester Caylee Botha Lauren Green Michelle Payne Tracy Payne Shara Robertson René Warnes Camilla Wolfson

Dimont Gala Our swimming team participated in the Dimont Gala in Pietermaritzburg on 8 February. They combined with Michaelhouse to win the event, beating Our Lady of Fatima combined with St Charles. Tennis Captain Vice-Captain

Emma Hay Liesl Hendry

Matches have been played against Durban Girls’ High, Kingsway, Durban Girls’ College, Our Lady of Fatima, Crawford La Lucia, Port Natal and Maris Stella : Team 1sts 2nds 3rds U16A Matches Won 2 3 2 3 Matches Lost Matches Drawn

U15A U14A U14B

1 1 1

Congratulations to Megan Morris, who has been selected for the South African Under-14 Tennis Team (consisting of 2 boys and 2 girls) which will be travelling to France and England to play in tournaments there. Megan will be away for two weeks – the first week playing in London and the following week in France. We wish her well in these tournaments. During the holidays, Claire Brayshay participated in the Boland Super 7 Junior Tennis tournament in Stellenbosch. Claire is an Under-15 player but played one year above her normal age group and managed to finish 20th overall. She is currently rated in the Top 20 in South Africa for the Under-16 age group. Claire and her partner reached the quarter-finals of the Doubles. Claire then went on to play the Slazenger Classic Coastal Nationals in Cape Town. This time, she played in the Under-15 age group. She managed to get to the semi-finals in the Singles, but lost to the number 1 in South Africa. Claire won the play-off for 3r d and 4th achieving a ranking of number 3 in South Africa – her best achievement so far! In the doubles she reached the semi-finals. In the most recent Slazenger tournament in Durban, Claire reached the semi–finals and unfortunately lost, after being very easily up. This leaves her in position 4 on the ladder. Claire and her partner won the Doubles tournament. Congratulations to Claire Brayshay and Abigail Davies who have been selected for the KZN Junior Tennis Squad. *** I wish you a most enjoyable and relaxing half-term. Yours sincerely

C A CHARTER (Mrs) Acting Head

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