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Investing in youth … Building capacity through the arts A


Investing in youth … Building capacity through the arts A

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									Investing in youth …. Building capacity through the arts A partnership between the Representation of Flanders and the National Arts Festival Recognising the potential of South African youth and the power of the arts to heal, transform and build the capacity of South African youth, the Representation of Flanders is proudly associated with the National Arts Festival by providing support for the following projects: The Remix Laboratory A 10 day residential programme of performances, workshops and life-skill seminars for 65 youth drawn from 5 provinces. Performances will be presented by the following sponsored groups : Ipelegeng Community Theatre presents Moments Written & Directed by Thabang Ramalie An African cultural journey embarked through music. Told through African drumming and contemporary African dance, this energetic production proves that Ubuntu still has its place in modern day society. 2 July 16:30 9 July 10:00 N G Kerk Hall Youth Development Bat Centre presents Vortex Directed by Bayanda Khwela Vortex is a collaborative performance utilising urban art forms such as spoken word, krumping, emcceing and live music. This production has been workshopped by the young artists who specialise in different disciplines of urban performance art. The result is a vibrant and heart wrenching music based performance that peels off the hardened scabs of urban living through they eyes of young artists. 3 July 20:30

8 July 20:00 B2 Arena Mmabana Batsha Jeugd presents Kububuga Written & directed by Orapeleng Phale and Kgomotso Mawasha Choreographed by Arthur Molema A story of hope. A story of love. When a young girl’s dreams are shattered, she receives a new lease on life when she meets a man who gives her the courage to fulfil her dreams. 5 July 16:00 11 July 20:00 Kinectics Nyanga Arts Development Centre presents Transforming Mindsets Using various genres, this community-based production focuses on transforming the mindsets of the youth towards self realization. This multi-media presentation uses poetry, dance, music and photography to tell its tale. 6 July 19:00 10 July 18:30 N G Kerk Hall Cine-Amazing An initiative aimed at encouraging the production and promotion of independent cinema at the National Arts Festival. Equipment for Cine-mazing at the Glennie Fest is sponsored by the Representation of Flanders. Guest film curator in attendance is Cis Bierinckx, the Artistic Director of the Beursschouwburg. 8 July 14:00 Glennie Fest Centre

Writing Beyond the Fringe A writer-in-exchange programme between South African writers and the Brusselsbased Huis deBuren and the Passa Porta Festival. South African writer Philippa de Villiers was resident-writer in Brussels. Flemish writer Jef Aerts is resident-writer at the National Arts Festival. Dorian van der Brempt, Director of the Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren will launch radio books by five South African writers. Kurt Egelhof & Jef Aerts 7 July 2009 17:00 Brink Scholtz & Niq Mhlongo 8 July 2009 17:00 James Cairnes & Philippa Yaa de Villiers 9 July 2009 17:00 All the readings take place at the Highlander. Free Admission.

Kamishibai Storytelling Project Aimed at promoting partnerships between visual artists and oral storytellers, the Project, partners graphic design students from Rhodes University, communitybased oral tradition storytellers from Grahamstown and the Belgian-based ABC Project. Education facilitators from ABC, Janne Daeveloose and Flore Deprez will exchange skills with South African counterparts. Watch out for the Kamishibai Street Storytellers busking at the Church Square, Village Green Market and the Transnet Container Village Daily from 2 – 11 July 2009

Promoting international cultural dialogue A number of curators, artistic directors and festival producers will engage with South African artists to explore possibilities for international collaboration. Bettina Massuch discusses the Springdance Festival 6 July 12:00 Oatlands School Hall Exchanges with Flemish Organizations Listen to South African and Flemish artists discuss their experiences of sharing and growing through each other’s arts experiences 10 July 14:00 Oatlands School Hall Representation of Flanders hosts a Creative Cocktail Meet and network with like-minded artists, thinkers, writers and intellectuals In attendance from the Representation of Flanders : Mr David Maenaut 11 July 18:00 Oatlands School Hall

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