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Yellow 1962 Triumph Spitfire 4 mk II Price negotiable but in high thirties. SPECIFICATIONS Left-hand drive (ex-Canada) Spitfire with Aircon!, central locking and alarm/immobiliser. Drive-train re-build by Allen Dickens of Supertune Motors. (apparently with a stage three performance cam ) Iinterior is still original but needs to be replaced. Paint job is not to bad but definitely not mint condition. Four new tyres. New soft top (locally made )and unfinished hard top that needs to be painted and glazed. Luggage rack. Registerred and licensed and in use every day. Contact: Pieter Venter Cell: 082 351 4123.



JA BROER—VAALTYN has come and gone. And the shops are telling us that Easter is near. In this newsletter Nols is invorming us about the where-about of the next Nationals—for those of you in the dark—the Pretoria centre will organize the 2008 nationals somewhere in the middle of the Free State. May you have a wonderful month of TRring. Groetnis Rory and Glaudina

Rory has been using the TR7 to ride around with, because of a lack of other transport — with the result that at last we have a TR that is running!!!

We would like to call on all members to provide us with some snippets to include in the newsletter. The house-captains are doing a sterling job, but we would like to hear from you as well. Thanks to Chris Smit for sharing his heartache with us in this issue.

ALERT!! Alert!!! A TR1 has been traced to South Africa! The Junk Mail is advertising it. Has the original prototype escaped???? Unfortunately it is stripped and half restored but complete. Every thing original for only R5000. Any takers??

In the next newsletter we will start a series of technical tips for TR owners. If you found news and innovative ways of addressing TR problems—please share it with the other members. Especially if you found interchangeable bits of engine — eg Landdrover pistons for TR7’s —it was still within the Leyland family at that stage.

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FEBRUARY 2007 nounced in Sabrina so that every club member in South Africa will have an equal opportunity to book the accommodation of his or her choice. We will not allow preferential treatment to any centre in particular because this is a national event. Groetnis Nols

CHAIR / VOORSITTER: Nols Pienaar 083 468 3145 SECRETARY - TREASURER/ SEKRETARIS - TESOURIER: Engela van Vuuren 084 603 6819 EDITORIAL TEAM/ REDAKSIE: Rory Dreyer 082 452 9289 Glaudina Loots 082 448 1686 EVENTS MANAGER / BYEENKOMSTE BESTUURDER Chris Gibbons 082-5531229 SCORER / PUNTETOEKENNER: Colin Richter 083 441 4779 SAMCA REP / VERTEENWOORDIGER: Wendy Hay 082 220 8447 REGALIA: Jaco van Vuuren 082-8232681 HOUSE CAPTAINS / HUISKAPTEINS SIDESCREENS: Jon Lewis 082 573 7474 MICHELOTTI: Johan Retief 084 713 9576 AMASEVEN: Eric Fletcher 083 461 0719 SPITFIRES +: Colin Richter 083 441 4779

Here’s a story about a red TR7 that never seizes to amaze me. It’s a ’79 convertible – most of you have seen it in the past three years, and will probably for a long time still. I bought it from a chap in Roodepoort, and immediately realized afterwards that I paid too much for the car. It looked fine at the first glance, but boy – that was it! There were so many surprises that jumped out right afterwards, that I filled three folio sheets listing them. No wonder the seller was somewhat on the quiet side…. Now here is the “amazing” part that I would like to share with you. First, do you know how unbelievable it sounds when we count all the TR2’s, TR3’s, and TR4’s that are still going well, and need not be repaired every month, and yet, this TR7 has a problem every month. The funny part is, the moment you fix the last thing, the next one goes either the same day, or during that same week. It never stops. I doubt if there’s anybody else that spends more time than me every month in his garage fixing his one-and-only beloved Triumph. Not to mention the fact that I’ve already overspent by far on this car – and yet every time I say to myself “this is now the last thing, from now on everything will be okay” The trend of misfortune on this TR7 has become so obvious by now, that I thought it would now be appropriate to let you all enter a “GUESS WHAT’S NEXT” competition. If any of you can guess the next thing that will break, then the reward will be for you to have the chance to fix this famous little red wonder, and let me enjoy a cold WINDHOEK at the poolside for a while…. So folks, just for the record, I am still a loyal and enthusiastic TRIUMPHANT, (got to be) who owns the most amazing little red one, and you know what – one day when I finally decide to sell the car, then the new owner will probably tell me that this is now an amazing car – nothing ever goes wrong with it!! Beste groete, en mag ons nog lank saam ry.


Chris Smit.

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Most of you are by this time aware of the fact that that our centre will be hosting the Nationals in 2008. There is, however, a new development I wish to share with you. You probably also know that I provisionally booked all the chalets at the Protea Hotel at Golden Gate for this purpose in April last year already. Towards the end of last year we discovered that SANPARKS took over the hotel and chalets because of its location in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. The takeover resulted in a steep increase in rates. We negotiated a 15% discount on accommodation but despite that the rate for a chalet sleeping 4 people increased to R690 per day, plus the compulsory conservation fee of R17 per person per day, which increased the daily fee to R758 per chalet. The accommodation cost per person would therefore be approximately R190 per day or R950 for 5 days. At the BGM of the Hermanus nationals last year I promised that the event that we hoped to stage in 2008 would be affordable and that we would try to pick a venue that has a central location geographically. Golden Gate, slightly less central, was our first choice because of its location in the very scenic Maluti Mountains. Our second choice, was Maselspoort outside Bloemfontien. I therefore started negotiations with Maselspoort who will be prepared to take us from Saturday, 26th April, to Thursday, 1st May, 2008 at this year’s rates. A chalet sleeping 4 will cost R500 per day and R125 per person, resulting in a cost of R625 per person for 5 days. The saving is obvious and substantial. Apart from a more central location, Maselspoort has better conference facilities with a larger hall for the dinner-dance and BGM. To me personally, the way that the Maselspoort staff and caterers in particular, went the extra mile to accommodate us in 2003 when we gathered there to celebrate 50 years of the Triumph TR, is something that could make the difference between a successful gathering and a mediocre one. At our committee meeting this week it was unanimously decided that Maselspoort will be the place. Incidentally, it will be exactly 30 years ago in 2008 that the first national gathering was held there in 1978! Watch this space. Chris Gibbons will open bookings as soon as we have all the costs (welcome function, dinner-dance, registration fee, etc) sorted out. All details will be an-

It does not happen very often that I have to pat myself on the back because a prophecy of mine came true. You will remember that I last month predicted that this year will fly past at a rate of knots. It is happening. As you read this, you will be entering the last week of February this year, and before you know it, it will be June and September with Christmas 2007 just around the corner. This brings me to what I actually want to say: it appears as if the majority of our members are still caught up in 2006 despite 2007 picking up speed in an alarming pace. The majority of our members have not paid their subs for the new year yet. Ken Boss, our national secretary and editor of SABRINA, wants all subs to be paid to him by the end of February to ensure that members will receive their issues of the national club magazine this year. We have announced that a number of times already. At the time of writing (8 February) only 24 members have paid. That leaves us with less than three weeks to collect and pay the subs of the remaining 58 members who appear to be caught up in 2006! Wake up, guys! Remember that you will be credited with extra points if you pay before the end of February. As you read this the annual Valentine Run will also be something of the past. On behalf of all of us who had a great time showing and enjoying the romantic side of our club, I wish to thank Chris and Dot for their effort in arranging this special event. And thank you to Grant Malherbe who organized the red roses for the ladies. Grant, jou ou doring, so met rooi rose en al! The February noggin will be hosted by the Spitfire Plus House. I cannot wait to see what Colin and his merry dragons (they ‘spit fire’, don’t they?) are going to conjure up in an effort to entertain us. And thank you to the Spitfire ladies (what is the female version of dragon in English?) for the tasty snacks and eats. Remember, the March run (Sunday 24th) will also be the annual Spitfire Run. I challenge the House to produce at least 10 Spitfires and GT6’s on the day! Cheers vir eers


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February 2007 This report is written early in the hope that it gets published. The last two never made it to the newsletter for various reasons, so third time lucky. Wendy and I spent the day at Zwartkops Springbok Series Revival watching some fantastic cars racing. A total of 41 cars came from Europe, the UK and one brave sole from Zimbabwe. Three sidescreens were spotted –John Fletterman, Italo Moranduzzo and I with John Roets in a modern. On the track, I was pleased to see a very rapid TR4 from the UK, a local GT6 and a TR6. In one race, the UK entered TR4 overtook a UK Austin Healy and with Ben Gerber the renowned Healy restorer sitting just in front of us, some good natured ribbing followed! What a pity the day had to be spoiled by some brain dead imbeciles with an AK47 killing three people while stealing the gate money. Wake up Mr Mbeki & Co! That’s it for this month – short I know but we’re off to Knysna for two weeks in the morning so cheers, Jon Lewis ____________________________________________________________________ (The missing January news—Sorry Jon—Eds) January 2007 A very prosperous new year to one and all. Having worked through the Christmas period, I am not fresh and as enthusiastic as I should be, but immediately after Zwartkops, Wendy and I set off for two weeks in Knysna to recharge our batteries! The SAMCA RUN to the Vaal was held on Sun 14th and more than 100 cars took part including a 1947 Triumph 200 Roadster. Three sidescreens attended; Nic & Denise Joubert from Delmas, Harry & Rose, Jon & Wendy and a TR 6 from Jhb Centre. The MG Club organise this annual event so we were overrun with plenty of them. Breakfast at R50.00 a head was a bit steep for what we got but a beautiful setting on the Loch Vaal sort of compensated for the price. tutions indicate the club is a non profit organization, administered by non remunerated personnel and in the event of dissolution surplus funds would be distributed to a charity. HMVC (Heritage Motoring Committee) represented by Craig Anderson of SAMCA was part of the liaison committee to Government.. Issues under discussion with government included; a) The possibility that import duty on classic cars would be abolished and only VAT be levied b) SABS compliance would not be required on vehicles over 40 years old. c) Possibility of exempting classic, vintage and veteran vehicles from compulsory road worthy testing of vehicles over three years old . With no further business to discuss the meeting was closed. May all TRIUMPHS CLUBS enjoy a safe and successful 2007 , until your next report Cheers from WENDY HAY National SAMCA Representative.

Congratulations to Colin Richter, captain of the Spitfire Plus House, on the purchase of a red Spitfire Mk4 with overdrive recently. Colin, may you enjoy very many happy and pleasurable kilometres in this pretty and zippy red sports car! Have you thought of a name for it? Baie geluk aan Pieter en Charmaine Vermaak met die geboorte van hul seun, Xander, einde verlede jaar. Ek vertrou dat Xander sommer baie in sy pa se TR7 gaan ry want dit is ‘n wonderlike voorreg vir ‘n kind om in ‘n Triumph sportmotor te kan grootword! Also congratulations to Chris and Dot Gibbons for stick it out together for 40 years! Dot, we admire you!! Chris, you are still a lucky man! Geluk ook aan Jaco en Engela. 14 jaar se sout later. Mik nou vir 21.

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FEBRUARY 2007 Had an offer this week for Michelin 165 X 15 XZX tyres from Vintage Tyres in the UK for GBP 104.00 each! That works out to about R1400.00 a tyre – Thanks bit bugger originality in this case. I am told that Emgee Workshop in Randburg have Coopers tyres at half the price so that’s where I’ll be buying my next set. The Michelins on my car at the moment are about 15 years old and still doing 120 kph comfortably in spite of what the tyre dealers say about a max of 5 years old. Lets see more sidescreens on the road this year.

January 2006 The SAMCA Council meeting held on the 25th January 2007. Issues covered were as follows; SAMCA Handbooks - Work in progress (Triumph Clubs will be sent an example step by step on a suggested way to handle Indemnities) Website development – Work in progress Insurance Matters – Public liability The issues relating to “claims made” versus “claims arise” were explained. Clubs that had paid their SAMCA Fees Invoice were thanked and Triumph Club was one of the first to pay in full for all the Triumph clubs represented. Forthcoming events – Names were given forward for Chief Judge for Concours D’Etat (Angela’s Picnic) following people to be approached Dick Sorenson,Peter Pozniak and Peter Noeth 5.i National Concours D’Etat will be held at the Jeep dealership on William Nicol Drive Randburg on the 24th March 2007 5.ii Judging forms will be distributed to clubs ahead of the event . 5.iii Each club participating to recommend a suitably qualified person to be available at the judging of the D’Etat event to resolve authenticity issues Guy McDougall from the Lancia Club has offered a Breakfast training session date to assist clubs with their electronic Newsletters. The Tracking System – Tracetec representative will be available at Angela’s Picnic to demonstrate the system. Tracetec will offer SAMCA members all over S.A. a special price to install the system and also special monthly premiums SAMC members cost R575.00 installation and R53.00 per month. See attached letter from Tracetec outlining the offer. Club Constitutions and Tax Law. Recommended all clubs ensure consti-

CLUB RECORDS If there are changes to any telephone, e-mail, or addresses members should please inform me as soon as possible. I have to keep track of you Ou’s somehow. Have you bought, sold, stolen, found, lost or acquired a Triumph? Want the details recorded in the Register? Send them in and we will update your record – electronically noggal. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE FOR MEMBERS ONLY. If Spitfire-plus members are unable to attend functions, they should send in an apology (for points, for points, NOT for blackballing!!) The Scorer actually gives points for saying you can’t be there. Of course you do get more points for a bit more effort ……. Thank you for your support and cooperation during 2006. We can make 2007 an even better year with your help. Spitfire-plus is lagging behind in the points race – NOW is our chance to catch up by: PAY SUBS BEFORE 28 FEBRUARY COME TO THE FEBRUARY NOGGIN COME ON THE VALENTINES DAY RUN Regards Colin Richter

It’s already February & very little to report since everyone seems to be still on holiday, or so it seems from non attendance at events & non payment of subs. On the matter of subs to date only 7 ( funny) Ama7evens have paid their subs the fact that this is 30% of the total subs paid to date makes it even more disturbing, The Zwartkop meeting on February 3rd saw some superb races and even more superb cars. Forget the spectacle of the Galaxie when you have seen and heard the McClaren M8E with its huge organ pipe inlet trumpets. A mini cleaning up Porsche 911’s and the superb dices between Alan Grant in his Protea Triumph & Stuart Grant in his Protea Ford. But, where were you all ? To the best of my knowledge there were only four 7 members there but only one 7 that of Megan (mine and Marius are still sick) . No names but the fourth 7 member was I believe billeted with the Alfa club. However it wasn’t only 7evens that were short on the ground . I counted one Spitfire, four sidescreens & one Michelotti. A really sad turn out. At least two seven members returned my SMS’s so maybe you didn’t receive. Come on lets have some action or do we roll over and die like the Bulls last Saturday? Eric Fletcher

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SUBS ARE DUE AT THE END OF FEBRUARY 2007 ONLY MEMBERS THAT PAID BY THE END OF FEBRUARY WILL RECEIVE SABRINA FOR 2007. The new membership fees for 2007 were ratified at the AGM in October : Full membership: Partner member: Country members: R200.00 R90.00 R170.00

Pensioners and students: R170.00 Ken Boss, national secretary / treasurer, requested all subscriptions for national membership and SABRINA to be paid not later than the end of February 2007. Members are therefore requested to renew their membership as soon as possible. You can also pay the fees electronically in the following bank account: Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club Bank: Nedbank Branch: Business Pretoria Branch code: 149745 Account: 1497110033 Reference: Your name and Subs Please let Engela know that you have paid: She can be contacted on: Cell: 084 603 6819 or e-mail:

A warm welcome is extended to Alex and Beverley Hime of Centurion who own a red Mk2 Spitfire. The car comes from Cape Town while Alex was introduced to the club by none other than Mr Des Rudolph himself!

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