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									Newsletter August 2008
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God Changes Our Plans
It is sometimes hard to distinguish between a natural obstacle, a divine redirection or a satanic hindrance. The outreach and Bible placement for July was planned for Nampula in Northern Mozambique. Everything was ready, planned and in motion. The churches were organized and waiting to receive teams, and then… Just before the teams were to leave, reports came in suggesting that it may not be a good time to go to Nampula. After working through these the teams left, but soon one thing after the other happened along the road until it became clear that God was speaking. Jonathan Hart, the outreach leader, had to take the hard decision to stop the teams in the Beira corridor and to hold the outreach there, 1800km short of Nampula.

The amazing thing was that soon other teams from other churches arrived, having the same clear message from the Lord, not to go on to Nampula. HIM is well represented in the area and within a day new arrangements were made to do the Outreach in the Messica, Manica and Chimoio areas. Churches in this area that had previously asked for Bibles, were contacted and the mission was soon up and running. Despite the redirection, many came to Christ, new churches were planted and 700 Bibles delivered to believers in churches. It is hard to understand how God works. Was He protecting the teams from possible danger? Was it always His intention to have the teams work in the Beira corridor? We don't know - what we do know is that HE is faithful. All praise to His name.

“The days are coming," declares the Sovereign LORD, "when I will send a famine through the land-not a famine of food or a thirst for water, but a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.“

- Amos 8:11 What a privilege it was to deliver 700 Bibles with 35 team members from Linden, Randpark, Noordheuwel, Balfour, Bryanston, Kuilsrivier, and the USA, to the Beira corridor. We experienced again the truth of Amos: God's children in Mozambique… where the harvest is so ripe and people are so poor, but long for God's Word, cried tears of joy as they received a Bible - some of them after 10 - 15 years of prayer. We have so much to tell. We again discovered that the 6000km round trip, often through terrifying potholes and bad roads was more than worth it. Some churches were so isolated that no vehicles had ever been there and we had to make roads to be able to deliver the Bibles. We saw how team members planted new churches in unreached areas and how new believers were taught how to use a Bible, searching though the Word for specific scriptures. We were able to make lists of everyone who had received a Bible so that we can pray for them. The inhabitants of Gwuingui, near Messica, had to chop a road through the bush so that the team from Linden could visit their village and work in the area. In this area we were able to give out 19 Portuguese Bibles to the church community of about 100 people. Only the pastor had a Bible. At Messica an old blind man who has been a Christian for 30 years and who has never owned a Bible, could not stop expressing his gratitude when given a copy. When asked about his blindness he said that his wife would read to him. He clutched the Word close to himself and kept feeling it and paging through it - clearly overjoyed. We asked Samuel, a local pastor, how people managed to grow spiritually without the Bible. He said that they meet three times a week and that his church wrote down one verse a week.

Bibles for Believers

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Upside Down World
In most Christian families, parents read the Word of God to their children. In many of the places we place Bibles, it is the children who read the Bible to their parents! Many older people are illiterate, but most households have someone who can read - often children who are in school. Again during this latest

trip, we encountered many who were overjoyed at receiving Bibles, even though they themselves cannot read, knowing that their children would be reading to them. The teams often saw younger people reading the Word to their illiterate family members. Sometimes the problem is eyesight. As we know, most people over forty need reading glasses, and in rural Africa none are available, again making it necessary that younger people read the Word to their elders.

hinking about missions in A f r i c a f ro m a We s t e r n perspective, I have always found it difficult to believe all the “stories” about what God is doing in the third world. Although I believe that God is sovereign, I have often been of the opinion that missionaries are hyping up their results. One of the statements I found hard to believe was the idea that you could put your finger on a map of Africa in any “harvest” nation, go there and share your faith and that for as long as you would be wiling to preach people would come out to hear and would respond to the Good News. This sounded a little far fetched until I experienced it for myself. At every village people came out of the bush for as long as we were there. They sat and listened to the message and when we made the invitation to accept Christ, they were more than ready to give their lives to Jesus. At one place an old


man, steeped in the traditional faith in forefathers, came to Christ and confessed that he had now completely rejected his former religion. He claimed Christ as his Lord and Saviour. This outreach and Bible Placement has been a life enriching experience. Tian De Beer Cape Representative, Bibles for Believers.

Bible Days booked for August 2008:
Baptist Rustenburg, Baptist Mosselbaai, Baptist v d Bijlpark, NGK Bellville, NGK Welgelegen, Emmanuel Church PE, NGK Kraaifontein Noord, VEK Randfontein, PPK Rewlatch, NGK Karatara, Kuierkerk Hartbeespoort, AGS Westonaria, AGS Randfontein, NGK Selcourt, NHK Culembeeck, Baptist Kraaifontein, NGK Doornkloof, VEK Fochville, Norwegian Settlers, NGK Wonderboom, Methodist Hibberdene, NGK Dalpark, Baptist Florida, NGK Pretoria, NGK Heidekoppie, NGK Rustenburg Moedergemeente, NGK Oudshoorn, NGK Valhalla, Pierre van Reyneveld”uitstalling’ NGK Kroonrand, NGK Krugersdorp, NGK van Dyk Park, NGK VanderBijlpark Tuine.

Prayer Requests
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Please pray for...
qAll the church members who received Bibles, that God will let his Word prosper. 700 Bibles were placed. qThe new churches that was planted. qT h e ex i st i n g c h u rc h es a n d t h e i r leaders. qThank the Lord for the safe return of all the Outreach members. qThe believers and church leaders in Nampula - where the Outreach would have taken place. qPray for more Bible Days in the USA and South Africa. qThe purchase of the Bemba and Chewa Bibles from the matching gift.

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