Registered Number 2922584, Charity Number 1038448

United Kingdom Council on Deafness
Annual Report
for the year ended 31 March 2003
United Kingdom Council on Deafness

United Kingdom Council on Deafness
Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2003


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Independent auditors' report .................................................................................................................... 7
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Charity information

Correspondence Address                                                              Registered Address
Westwood Park                                                                       Hill House
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COLCHESTER                                                                          CO16 0AG

Telephone Numbers                                                                   e-mail
01206 274075 (voice)                                                      
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Charity Number                                                                      Company Number
1038448                                                                             2922584

Bankers                                                 Auditors                                                 Insurance Advisors
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                                                                                                                 PR2 9RW

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Trustees’ report

The Trustees have pleasure in presenting their report together with the audited accounts of the Council for the
year ended 31 March 2003. The financial statements of the charity are prepared in accordance with the
Statement of Recommended Practice issued by the Charity Commissioners in October 2000, and the
Companies Act 1985.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness
The UK Council on Deafness is a company limited by guarantee registered under number 2922584 on
25 April 1994. It is also a registered charity under number 1038448. It is governed by its Memorandum and
Articles of Association.

The Council aims to improve and extend co-operation between member organisations in promoting and
representing the interests of deaf, deafened, deafblind and hard of hearing people.

The Council provides a forum for debate and a focus for action; the Council promotes understanding and
acceptance of the different perspectives on issues connected with deafness and works together to achieve
change on matters of shared concern.

Membership of the Executive Committee

The names of the persons who have served as Trustees during this financial year are as follows:

               David Buxton                  (appointed 12.11.02)
               Rodney Clark                  (Treasurer, retired 12.11.02)
               Sharon Collins
               Susan Daniels                 (Vice Chair)
               Tom Fenton                    (Treasurer, appointed 12.11.02)
               Jeffrey McWhinney
               Ruth Myers                    (Chair)
               Miranda Pickersgill           (appointed 12.11.02)
               Stephen Powell
               Fiona Robertson
               Stephen Rooney                (appointed 12.11.02)
               Paul Simpson
               Paul Tomlinson
               Ross Trotter                  (retired 12.11.02)
               Teresa Waldron                (appointed 12.11.02)

The Trustees have the powers and obligations of directors under the Companies Act 1985.

Income comes from four main sources for the 2002/2003 financial year: Membership Fees, Corporate
Sponsorship, Generated Income and Grants from the Department of Health (for Opportunities for
Volunteering and Section 64) and Lloyds TSB Foundation.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Review of the year
2002/2003 was a year of significant growth for the Council. Membership almost doubled from 38 to 66
organisations and the number of organisations affiliated to the Council more than trebled to 85. New sources
of income have been secured, most notably corporate sponsorship and generated income from the Conference
and Seminar programme.

In April 2002 we registered as an umbrella body with the Criminal Records Bureau to enable our member
organisations to make applications for Disclosure through us free of charge, over the last year this service has
been used regularly by many of our members. On 25th April we held the Human Aids to Communication
Conference, sponsored by the Department for Work & Pensions.

In May we started marketing the Care Management Video produced by the West Midlands Deaf & Deafblind
Forum. On 9th May we held the Deaf People at Work Seminar and on 23rd May a Council Meeting with guest
speaker Candy Whittome, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights.

In June we secured sponsorship from Boots Hearingcare for the first national Deaf Awareness Week to cover
the full range of deafness, to be held in May 2003. On 25 th June we held the Helplines Seminar sponsored by

In July we launched the weekly Parliamentary Report and on 11 th July held the Mental Health & Deafness
Conference sponsored by the Department of Health and SIGN.

In September we co-ordinated our members responses to the Department of Health’s Consultation Report, A
Sign of the Times and sent a letter to the Foreign Secretary, signed by 31 leaders of deaf organisations, calling
for the release of Ian Stillman from jail in India. On 26 th September we held a Council Meeting with the
theme Deaf Education: Raising Standards.

In October we launched the Deaf Awareness Training Campaign to encourage companies to use local deaf
organisations to train their staff and on 16th October held the Black & Ethnic Minority Deaf People

At the AGM on 12th November we were able to announce a significant reduction in the level of membership
fees as a result of the successful campaign to increase membership and secure additional sources of income,
our guest speakers were Malcolm Bruce MP and Elspeth Dugdale, sister of Ian Stillman. On 21 st November
we hosted a consultation day for the DTI on the proposal for a Single Equality Body, with guest speakers Bert
Massie, Chair of the DRC and Sir John Wall, president of the European Blind Union. On 7 th December we
were delighted to receive the news that Ian Stillman had been released from jail in India.

In January 2003 we launched our new website and secured sponsorship from Vodafone to develop our
Information Services and to work with them to improve mobile information for deaf people. For the 2003/6
funding period we negotiated an increase in the amount of money available to distribute to deaf organisations
 as Opportunities for Volunteering Grants from the Department of Health.

In February the new Board of Trustees held a Strategic Planning Day and agreed ambitious targets for the
coming year, including developing regional services. On 25th February we held the Trustee Induction &
Networking Day for Trustees of our member organisations.

In March we attended the announcement of the official recognition of British Sign Language by Andrew
Smith, Secretary of State at the Department of Work and Pensions, a landmark development following many
years of campaigning by Deaf organisations. On 27th March we held the Good Practice in Fundraising

The Deaf Awareness Training Campaign has been difficult to develop and we have not made as much
progress as we would like in the campaign to improve the provision of communication support for deaf
people that do not use Sign Language. At the Strategic Planning Day the Trustees agreed that making
progress on these two issues would be a priority for 2003/2004. In the coming year we will continue to
develop our role within the deaf voluntary sector as the national umbrella body working on issues relevant to
the wide spectrum of deaf organisations.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Member Organisations during 2002/2003:
  1. Aberdeen & North East Deaf Society
  2. Action for Tinnitus Research
  3. Asian Deaf Women’s Association
  4. Association of Lipspeakers
  5. Association of Sign Language Interpreters
  6. Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults
  7. BID Services for Deaf People
  8. Brent Deaf People’s Ltd
  9. British Association of Audiological Physicians
  10. British Association of Audiological Scientists
  11. British Association of Audiologists
  12. British Association of Community Doctors in Audiology
  13. British Association of Teachers of the Deaf
  14. British Deaf Association
  15. British Institute of Verbatim Reporters
  16. British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists
  17. British Society of Hearing Therapists
  18. Catholic Deaf Association
  19. Christian Deaf Link UK
  20. Church of England Committee for Ministry among Deaf People
  21. Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group
  22. Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People
  23. Cued Speech Association UK
  24. Ddeaf Equality Forward
  25. Deafax
  26. Deaf Broadcasting Council
  27. deafconnect
  28. DELTA Deaf Education through Listening & Talking
  29. Deaf Ex-Mainstreamers Group
  30. DeafMail
  31. deafPLUS
  32. Deaf Studies Trust
  33. Defeating Deafness (Hearing Research Trust)
  34. Dorothy Miles Cultural Centre
  35. The Ear Foundation
  36. Ewing Foundation
  37. Hampshire Deaf Association
  38. Hard of Hearing Christian Fellowship
  39. Hartlepool Deaf Centre
  40. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
  41. Hearing Concern
  42. HiYPE!
  43. Jewish Deaf Association
  44. Leicester & County Mission for the Deaf
  45. Lincolnshire Deaf Services
  46. LINK - the British Centre for Deafened People
  47. Little Signers Group
  48. London Ethnic Minority Deaf Association
  49. Ménière’s Society
  50. Merton Hard of Hearing Resource Centre
  51. National Association of Deafened People
  52. National Cochlear Implant Users’ Association
  53. National Deaf Children’s Society
  54. Norfolk Deaf Association
  55. Nottinghamshire Deaf Society
  56. Oxfordshire Deaf Children’s Society
  57. Reversed Youth / Children’s Provision
United Kingdom Council on Deafness

    58.   Royal Association for Deaf people
    59.   Royal National Institute for Deaf People
    60.   Scottish Council on Deafness
    61.   Sense - National Deafblind and Rubella Association
    62.   SIGN: The National Society for Mental Health and Deafness
    63.   Slough Deaf Centre
    64.   STAGETEXT
    65.   Telecommunications Action Group
    66.   West Sussex Deaf & Hard of Hearing Association

Trustees’ responsibilities
Company law requires Trustees to prepare accounts for each financial year which give a true and fair view of
the state of the company’s affairs at the end of each period and of its surplus or deficit for that period. In
preparing those accounts Trustees are required to:

 select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently;
 make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent;
 state whether applicable accounting standards have been followed, subject to any material departures
  disclosed and explained in the accounts; and
 prepare the accounts on the going concern basis unless it is appropriate to presume that the company will
  not continue in business.

Trustees are responsible for keeping proper accounting records which disclose with reasonable accuracy at
any time the company’s financial position and enable it to ensure that the accounts comply with the
Companies Act 1985. They are also responsible for safeguarding the company’s assets and hence for taking
reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities.

UKCoD will ensure that procedures are in place to maintain sufficient untied reserves adequate for its
working capital needs and to enable it to cope with foreseen and unforeseen crises, budget variances and
fluctuations, growth in demand for its services and any reduction in charitable income.

Internal Financial Control
The charity has in place systems of internal control. They are designed to provide reasonable, but not
absolute, assurance against material misstatement or loss. They include:

   A rolling plan and an annual budget and operational plan approved by the Trustees.

   A number of matters are specifically reserved for the Trustees’ approval.

   There is a clear organisational structure with appropriate lines for reporting.

   Regular consideration by the Trustees of financial results, variance from budgets, non-financial
    performance indicators and benchmarking reviews.

   The development of policy documents covering major strategic and operational activities. They are
    reviewed with appropriate regularity and consultation.

   The delegation by the Trustees to the Director of the management and identification of risks.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Structure of governance
The Chair is elected by the members at each Annual General Meeting to hold office until the ensuing Annual
General Meeting.

Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting for periods of three years.

Five new trustees were elected at the Annual General Meeting in November 2002, two were re-elected, with
two trustees retiring.

By order of the Board

Ruth Myers
11th September 2003

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Independent auditors’ report to the trustees of the United Kingdom
Council on Deafness
We have audited the financial statements which comprise the statement of financial activities, the balance
sheet and the related notes, which have been prepared in accordance with the accounting policies set out in
the statement of accounting policies.

Respective responsibilities of trustees and auditors
The trustees are also directors of United Kingdom Council on Deafness for the purposes of Company Law.
Their responsibilities for preparing the Annual Report and the financial statements in accordance with
applicable United Kingdom law and accounting standards are set out in the statement of responsibilities of

Our responsibility is to audit the financial statements in accordance with the relevant legal and regulatory
requirements and United Kingdom Auditing Standards issued by the Auditing Practices Board. This report,
including the opinion, has been prepared for and only for the company’s members as a body in accordance
with Section 235 of the Companies Act 1985 and for no other purpose. We do not, in giving this opinion,
accept or assume responsibility for any other purpose or to any other person to whom this report is shown or
in to whose hands it may come save where expressly agreed by our prior consent in writing.

We report to you our opinion as to whether the financial statements give a true and fair view and
are properly prepared in accordance with the United Kingdom Companies Act 1985. We also
report to you if, in our opinion, the Report of Council is not consistent with the financial
statements, if the charitable company has not kept proper accounting records, if we have not
received all the information and explanations we require for our audit, or if information specified
by law regarding directors’ remuneration and transactions is not disclosed.

Basis of opinion
We conducted our audit in accordance with Auditing Standards issued by the Auditing Practices
Board. An audit includes examination, on a test basis, of evidence relevant to the amounts and
disclosures in the financial statements. It also includes an assessment of the significant estimates
and judgements made by the trustees in the preparation of the financial statements, and of whether
the accounting policies are appropriate to the charity’s circumstances, consistently applied and
adequately disclosed.

We planned and performed our audit so as to obtain all the information and explanations which we
considered necessary in order to provide us with sufficient evidence to give reasonable assurance that
the financial statements are free from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud or other
irregularity or error. In forming our opinion we also evaluated the overall adequacy of the presentation
of information in the financial statements.

In our opinion the financial statements give a true and fair view of the state of the charitable company’s
affairs at 31 March 2003 and of its net incoming resources, including its income and expenditure for the year
then ended and have been properly prepared in accordance with the Companies Act 1985.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors
11th September 2003

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Statement of financial activities for the year ended 31 March 2003
                                          Note            General      Restricted         Total
                                                           Funds          Funds           2003           2002
                                                                £               £             £             £
Incoming resources
Activities in furtherance of the
charity’s objects
 Grants                                     1              44,440       145,300        189,740       158,000
 Membership fees                                           29,850               -       29,850         30,943
Interest received                                              498              -          498            571
Donations                                                      198              -          198            157
Sponsorship                                                35,574               -       35,574               -
Other income                                               20,358               -       20,358          9,167
Total Incoming Resources                                  130,918       145,300        276,218       198,838
Resources expended
Charitable expenditure:
Costs of activities in furtherance of
the charity’s objects:
Staffing                                                   59,834          5,524        65,358         55,352
Staff and volunteer travel and                              4,207            564         4,771          1,819
Rent                                                       14,789               -       14,789          9,315
Sundry office costs                                        18,315            964        19,279         10,345
Meeting costs                                              12,832            607        13,439          6,992
Grants to projects                          2                     -     133,200        133,200       119,098
Production of publications                                   7,166              -        7,166         10,835
Audit fees                                                   1,100              -        1,100            881
Management costs Sense                                       1,152             -         1,152          1,150
Management costs between core                              (4,441)         4,441             -              -
costs and projects
Total charitable expenditure                              114,954       145,300        260,254       215,787
Total resources expended                                  114,954       145,300        260,254       215,787
Net incoming resources/(resources           4              15,964               -       15,964       (16,949)
Fund balances brought forward at                           14,175               -       14,175         31,124
beginning of year
Fund balances carried forward at           7, 8            30,139               -       30,139         14,175
end of year

The notes on pages 11 to 14 form part of these accounts.
All the results included in the statement of financial activities above relate to continuing activities.
The company has no recognised gains and losses other than those included in the statement of financial
activities above, and therefore no separate statement of total recognised gains and losses has been presented.

There is no difference between the fund balances and the deficit for the year stated above and their historical
cost equivalents.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Balance sheet at 31 March 2003
                                                             Note                   2003      2002
                                                                                       £         £
Fixed assets
Tangible fixed assets                                         10                    5,933         -
Current assets
Debtors and prepayments                                        5                   16,441      385
Cash at bank and in hand                                                           67,268   32,647
                                                                                   83,709   33,032
Current liabilities
Creditors                                                      6               (59,503)     (18,857)
Net current assets                                                                 24,206   14,175
Total assets less current liabilities                                              30,139   14,175

Represented by
General fund                                                  7,8                  30,139   14,175
Restricted fund                                               7,8                       -         -
                                                                                   30,139   14,175

The financial statements on pages 8 to 14 were approved on 11 th September 2003.

On behalf of the Trustees

Tom Fenton

11th September 2003

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Accounting policies
The accounts have been prepared under the historical cost convention and in accordance with applicable
accounting standards. The principal accounting policies are set out below. The accounts have been prepared
in accordance with the Statement of Recommended Practice - Accounting by Charities issued by the Charity
Commissioners in October 2000.

Incoming Resources
All incoming resources are included in the SoFA when the charity is legally entitled to the income and the
amount can be quantified with reasonable accuracy.

No amounts are included in respect of services provided by volunteers.

Resources Expended
All expenditure is accounted for on an accruals basis and has been classified under headings that aggregate all
costs related to that category.

Fundraising proceeds
Voluntary income is accounted for when received.

The Council, being a registered charity, is not liable to corporation tax.

Fixed assets
Depreciation is charged so as to write off the cost of assets acquired evenly over their estimated useful lives
which are as follows:

Computers                                         4 years

Fund Accounting
General funds are unrestricted funds which are available for use at the discretion of the trustees in furtherance
of the general objectives of the charity and which have not been designated for other purposes.

Restricted funds are funds which are to be used in accordance with specific instructions imposed by the
donors or which have been raised by the charity for particular purposes. The costs of raising and
administering such funds are charged against the specific fund.

Investment income and gains are allocated to the appropriate fund.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

Notes to the financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2003

1        Grants received
The following grants were received:

                                                                                 2003         2002
                                                                                    £            £

Department of Health (Opportunities for Volunteering)                        145,300        130,000
Department of Health (towards core administration costs)                       26,000        28,000
Lloyds TSB (towards cost of Networking Meetings)                               10,440             -
Dept. of Health (Section 64 towards Deaf Awareness Week                         8,000             -
                                                                             189,740        158,000

All grants given for a specific purpose have been entirely expended on that purpose.

2        Grants paid
                                                                                   2003          2002
                                                                                      £             £

Grants to projects were made as follows:
DeafPLUS                                                                         4,300          4,800
Ann Lloyd Trust                                                                 11,300         11,800
Deaflinks, Staffordshire                                                        12,350         12,850
RAD Essex                                                                        9,300          9,800
Asian Deaf Women’s Association                                                   6,000                -
Home Counties CIG                                                                1,500                -
RAD Dorking                                                                     17,500          9,700
DeafPLUS South                                                                  14,250         14,798
Merseyside Society for Deaf People                                              14,300         14,800
Birmingham Institute for Deaf People                                            13,700         14,450
Cumbria Deaf Association                                                        13,800         14,300
Royal School for the Deaf, Manchester                                                   -       1,800
SIGN                                                                            10,700         10,000
Stoke Deaf Club                                                                  1,200                -
Hertfordshire HAS                                                                3,000                -
                                                                               133,200        119,098

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

3          Staff costs
The average weekly number of persons employed by the company was two (2002: one).

Trustees receive no remuneration.

4          Surplus for the year
The surplus for the year is stated after charging:

                                                                       2003          2002
                                                                          £             £

Auditors’ remuneration - audit fees                                   1,100           881
Depreciation                                                            848          1,517

5          Debtors
                                                                       2003          2002
                                                                          £             £

Trade debtors                                                              -          385

Prepayments                                                          16,441              -

                                                                     16,441           385

The above amount falls due within one year.

6          Creditors (amounts falling due within one year)
                                                                       2003          2002
                                                                          £             £

Trade creditors                                                      11,277          3,126
Accruals                                                             48,226         14,801

Taxation and social security                                               -          930

                                                                     59,503         18,857

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

7        Funds
                                          General Fund               Restricted Funds               Total
                                                     £                              £                   £

Opening funds                                     14,175                               0             14,175
Transfer from income and                          15,964                               0             15,964
expenditure account

Closing funds                                     30,139                               0             30,139

General fund.
The General fund represents the unrestricted funds held for the general purposes of the charity as set out in its
governing document.

Restricted funds
Restricted funds are funds held by the charity for particular applications, specified by the donor, within the
charity’s objectives, and can only be applied to those particular purposes. The restrictions may apply to
income or capital or both.

8        Analysis of net assets between funds
                                          General Fund               Restricted Funds               Total
                                                     £                              £                   £

Fixed assets                                        5,933                             0               5,933

Current assets/(liabilities)                      24,206                              0              24,206

Total Net Assets                                  30,139                              0              30,139

9        Company limited by guarantee
The company has no share capital. The liability of the members is limited by guarantee. The members have
undertaken to contribute such an amount not exceeding one pound as may be required in the event of the
company being wound up.

United Kingdom Council on Deafness

10      Tangible assets


As at 1 April 2002                       4,759

Additions                                6,781

As at 31 March 2003                     11,540

As at 1 April 2002                       4,759
Charge for the year                        848

As at 31 March 2003                      5,607

Net book amounts

As at 31 March 2003                      5,933

As at 31 March 2002                          -


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